Arc 6 – Chapter 23 **EXCERPT**, Witch of Pride’s Backstory


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ーーA woman, a sole woman existed.

A woman so young, one would hesitate to call her a woman.
Humble clothes upon a skinny figure, green hair along with a skin tanned in the shine of days.

The woman seemed to be at an age to be a called a little girl, however, her heart was commanded by unending distress.
Unable to find the answer for it by any means, for the woman, it was an inborn argument.


Evermore troubling her mind with it, was the unending supreme argument.
It was the logic omnipresent in the world, that contrast of white and blackーー namely, good and evil.

Righteousness, deeds of err.
Though there were innumerable choices in the world, all deeds are eventually decided to be on either of those positive and negative poles.

For the yet youthful woman, there was a reason to continue to anguish over that logic. It was inevitable for her.
The one who had divided the woman’s world into white and black, good and evil, the righteous and the sinners, was the woman’s father.


The woman’s father decapitated the necks of sinners, and made a living by delivering punishment appropriate for the errs.

Delivering the end of their life, the punishment suitable for their err, upon the sinners who had sinned, meant livelihood to her father.


The woman had seen the actions of her father, who was named that, and the state of affairs of the execution site, before even the days of youth.

The repulsive and cruel deeds, the death wails of the sinners granted quietus, the execution site ruled by blood and death.

ーーWhat made the woman witness 『Death』 there, was none other than her father’s own will.

Punishment casted upon the committed sins, evil deeds met their result through the means of evil deeds.
The father attempted to convey the rightful state of affairs he believed in, of the world’s good and evil, as an executioner, to the woman.

Noble was her father’s will, a pure ideology without question.
However, keeping the mind the woman’s youthfulness, it seemed to be conceited, it was yet too early to seek ideals.

The woman saw the deaths of many with her own eyes, scented the odour of blood, and burnt the punishment casted upon sinners into her memory.

The result, the woman, before she could study in depth the value of life, and the principle of life and death, learnt punishments befitting the sins.

Benevolence gave birth to good cause, wrongdoings called upon roots of evil, the souls of sinners were corrupted, worthy of punishment.

Comprehending the teachings of her father through that interpretation, the woman desired the rightful state of affairs for 『Punishments​ Befitting the Sins』. For that she seeked something which would become her guiding principle, the balance of virtue which would establish evil deeds as evil.


However, the balance which the woman seeked, existed nowhere within her sphere of search.
The good and evil of affairs had no simple answer, but the correction, sin and punishment possessed many factors determining them.


However, the woman, yet youthful and unknowing of compromise or resignation, did not to come to a halt.
She must obtain the answer. She must conceive the balance befitting good and evil in her heart.
She must present the answer to the undissolving doubt present within the interior of her chest.


Days of agony continued, however, she gained the answer suddenly, as if a blessing had been granted to her from the heavens above.

Shattering her father’s vine cup, the woman was greatly frightened by the sin she had committed herself.
Preparing herself to face beheading, the woman confessed her own sin to her father.

“ーーSpeaking up your own sins, and apologizing for them is correct.”

Said the woman’s father while expressing a smile, forgiving the woman’s err.
At the smile of her father and the sensation of his palm patting her head, the youthful woman came to understand.

ーーThe balance for measuring the weight of the committed sin was nothing else, but present within the heart of the sinner himself.

Even if nobody lies witness to it, the heart of the sinner himself knows of his sin.
Good and evil, she did not understand. They’re complicated. Corrections, have no certain guidelines. They can’t be found.

However, the consciousness of the sin is within one’s self.
There are no standards for punishments befitting the sins. However, the consciousness of sins deserving of punishments is within one’s self.

The woman understood, she was satiated, and finally obtained the balance.
Remaining ignorant of the value of life, and the principle of the life and death of people, the youthful woman disclosed punishments befitting the sins.


Under the light of days the woman walked, learning through observation from her executioner father, for delivering punishments befitting the sins.

For disclosing the hearts of those sinners, who had been judged worthy of punishment.


For the woman, the division of good and evil, corrections, sincerity and falsehood into two halves, was the natural order of things.

At the question​ the youthful woman asked, some smiled, some were troubled, some were bewildered.
However, the result of the answer to the woman’s question​, was the same for all.

ーーThe sins worthy of punishment, lied within their selves.

She looked around. Nobody was there. There no longer was anyone present here, aside from the sinners who had received punishment.

Trampling over the people who had been torn into tiny fragments, and finally over the fragments of her father, for the sake of fulfilling the longstanding desire bestowed upon her, the woman continued walking further, seeking sins worthy of punishment.

ーーThe 『Witch of Pride』 questioned sins, delivered punishment, and cast judgement upon sinners.

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