Arc 6 – Chapter 25 **EXCERPT**, Witch of Sloth Backstory


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ーーA woman, a sole woman existed.

Oppressed was the woman. By her family, by her clan, by her race who should have had loved her, she was disdained and alienated​.
Prior to being born, expectations were laid upon that woman. Her birth turned traitor to them.

What remained was despondency and disappointment, what bestowed upon her merely scorn and ridicule. Those were the sole possessions of the woman.

There existed a dearest wish of her clan. The symbol of their former glory and prosperity, the second coming of their founder whom they called god.
All types of secret arts and all types of inhumanities, unbeknownst of the number of taboos committed, the fruitification of it all was the woman.
However, the born woman betrayed their dearest wish, and the clan abandoned the woman with disappointment and despair.

“Go somewhere and live and die. For that is your iniquity.”

Abandoned by her family, by her race, released into the fields was her child self.
Cast into the fields with no means of survival, the child woman was not supposed to survive.

However, even if the woman lacked means of survival, she possessed the strength to survive.

Ironically enough, it was the feast of what betrayed the dearest wish of the clan, the taboos and offences they had committed.
Unknown to words, lacking all wisdom, merely abiding by her instincts, the woman survived to live a long life in the fields.

Killing beasts, sipping on their lifeblood, crawling on the earth, tasting muddy water.
Before long time passed, the child became a young girl, the young girl became a woman, and it became difficult to live in the fields.

Hearing the rumours of a woman laying waste to the mountains as if a beast, men aimed for that life, and the woman was captured.
The captured woman appeared beautiful, the men abstained from taking away her life, and the woman proceeded to be kept by them.
While becoming a yes-man of the men, gradually the woman’s consciousness descended onto a human environment from the fields.

Losing the indispensability of struggling to survive, exposed to the desires of the men, days of merely living.
Eventually the woman, upon the bed, came to acquire things unacquainted from the men.

Words, wisdom, way of life, and emotions.

Eventually her treatment altered, conferred with things to adorn her body, the woman was treated like a precious jewel.
Among those days, the woman embraced queer thoughts for the men.
Whether that was something resembling gratitude or obligation, the woman then had no lead to understand that.

While embracing those thoughts, the woman snapped the necks of all the men dwelling in the residence.
Easily, in one breath, without making them suffer, in an instant, grouping them all together, she consigned them to oblivion.

Sneaking away from the residence, proceeding towards the fields, lacking all doubt, the woman returned to her own hometown.
The woman attained queer thoughts regarding the race residing there, the clan possessing the same blood as her, the people who had bodies distantly larger than hers.
That was the feeling of hatred and desire for revenge, the woman then did not realise.

Merely, their weeps and wails, voices begging for forgiveness were quite thrilling, for the first time, the woman smiled from her heart.

“Fall apart here and die an unsightly death. ーーBecause that is, your iniquity, you see.”

For the sake of attaining that felicity, from one after the other, the woman pulverised the dearest wish of her race, her blood relatives, her clan by herself.
Politely and courteously, not leaving a single one, not sparing a single one, taking her time, one by one, with certainty.

Before long, when all of her race died out, when anything and everything had come to an end, the woman returned to the residence where she had lived with the men.
Though she had abandoned the corpses of her race, she buried all of the corpses of the men courteously.
And once merely she alone was left in the residence, the woman took a deep, deep breath.

That was relaxation, that was tranquility, the woman, for the first time, experience​d blessedness.
Nobody would interfere with her now. Thinking, taking action, both lay in futility, she shall merely fall asleep.

ーーThe 『Witch of Sloth』, continued to indulge in everlasting inactivity, untiring peace.

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  1. So Sekhmet was born from giants? And her family was disappointed that she wasn’t a giant and abandoned her? I saw somewhere that she exterminated almost the entirety of the giant race.

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