Arc 6 – Chapter 26 **EXCERPT**, Witch of Gluttony Backstory


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ーーA woman, a sole woman existed.

The woman’s spirit had been violated. The woman lay deep in the abyss of insanity. The woman, was standing upon the farthest land of starvation.
Growling in the solitary castle, gnawing the unoccupied throne, breaking her teeth, ripping up her mouth, starving.

The woman had been a human when she was born, but at that point in time, she no longer remained human.

It all began a few years ago, when the man governing those lands fell victim to an incurable illness.
Weakening by the day, the man, frightened of his approaching death, stretched his hands to all kinds of means in order to prolong his life.
Before long he attained techniques which were taboo, and gathered a large number of lives for an outrageous immorality for the purpose of attaining a long life.

Abundantly, lives were sacrificed, abundantly, lives were rendered idle, and among those sacrifices was the woman.
Who she was, what her name was, what her birthplace was, who her family was, such memories of hers had already been burnt away.
Merely a tool was the woman. A seedbed, for the man merely awaiting his death, having been eaten away by the demon of ill health.
Idle lives only to be wasted, that was how it was supposed to be, yet the woman survived.

A body ruined, power gushing forth, the lamp of a life ostracized by what is called time.

The hopes, dearest wishes of the man trespassed by the demon of ill health, materialised upon the woman’s body.
The man was delighted at the fruits of his labour, postponing the memorial for those sacrificed, overbearingly unfastened the woman’s constraints.

ーーWhen she came to notice, the woman was alone, in the uninhabited solitary castle, anguishing and suffering with starvation.

Thoughts disappearing with cruel hunger, memories devoured into a void by violent thirst.
She had nothing in her memories. She had nothing within her understanding. Merely, her entire body had constraints, so she possessed no freedom either.

Eating away all food within the castle, vomiting out the content of her stomach, chewing and digesting them once again, she continued to repeat.
Ultimately for what remained of her starvation, she bit into the stone walls, crunched the throne, ate the carpets.

At that pace, she would starve to death. Her body, which cannot die, would starve to death.

“Grrgrr,grrrr. Grrgrr,grrrr……”

At the extremity of starvation unable to obtain trance, the woman finally saw an illusion.

Inside the solitary castle, bustling about with wilful freedom was a horde of dogs clad in beastial hair.
Even if it was a hallucination, she did not mind. If she was unable to be satiated physically, she desired to satisfy merely her heart.
With such wholeheartedness the woman crawled, devouring the beasts. Devoured the beasts. Ate them away.

She was being satisfied. The following instant, she vomited. She licked what had been vomited. She chewed. Vomited, ate.

In the illusion, in the mirage, in the hallucination, in her desire, there present was taste. There present was form. She could feel it on her tongue.
When she came to notice, the interior of the castle had become a den of repulsive beasts.

“Aha, ahaha, ahahahahahaha~.”

She was greatly delighted. Buried in days of eating and getting eaten, she was satisfied after she ate, and she vomited after she was satisfied.
Stuck between starvation and refusing food, the woman ate and vomited, slurped and spilled.

Given birth to by the empty skiesーー no, given rebirth to, were the beasts with a repulsive presence.

Before noticed, the woman’s constraints were exposed to the battle for devouring between the beasts and her, came loose, and she was freed.
Attaining freedom, the woman crawled, exited the castle.
The beasts as well, following the woman, exited the castle. Upon the earth, in all directions, they scattered around.

Hunger, starvation, unable to endure them, the woman devoured, and kept the castle she had grown tired of eating for later.
To visit it, when the day of the satisfaction of her hunger and thirst arrives.

ーーThe 『Witch of Gluttony』 gave birth to the horde of Witch Beasts, and continued to starve from inexhaustible starvation.


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