Arc 6 – Chapter 58, “That is That, This is This” – Part 1/2


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—Let’s look for Reid’s book in the library of 『Taygeta』.

This is what Subaru proposed as a necessity to immediately capture this tower as a part of his two-tier plan.
The moment everyone heard that, their expressions changed.

Emilia: 「Really?…… Are you serious?」

Subaru: 「Oh, Emilia-chan, you were always pretty serious about books, weren’t you. How interesting.」

Emilia: 「Enough, hk, Subaru!」

Seeing Subaru raise his eyes in reaction, Emilia’s cute cheeks turn red with anger. While happily looking at her loveliness, Subaru looks around at everyone in a gesture of saying 「get it?」.

Subaru: 「I think finding Reid’s book is the fastest way of capturing the second layer. Don’t you all think so too?」

Emilia: 「I asked this just know but, how? I’m not against searching for the book. It’s just that, I don’t know how we’re supposed to look for Reid’s book. And also……」

???: 「–Would Reid Astrea’s book be in that library in the first place?」

Following Subaru’s proposal, as Emilia tilted her head, Julius takes over the second half of her sentence.

At that, with everyone’s eyes at him, Julius, with his eyes covered in his long fringes, gazes over his head. Above that ceiling, lied the second layer.

Julius: 「Although it is hard to believe, a true jewel with his name etched into history, Reid Astrea is the one awaiting challengers of the 『Trial』 of the second layer. It cannot be questioned that he is a real person, and the same one as the one from 400 years ago…… but his death now, has room of doubt for me.」

Subaru: 「Since he looks quite lively like that, then that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dead, right? I didn’t really think about this theory, but it doesn’t really mean that train of thought is wrong too.」

The truth is, after hearing what Emilia and the others had said, Subaru was merely recognizing the death of a person from hundreds of years ago.
If you were to meet Reid without knowing his circumstances, you would not believe that he is actually dead. He is rather overflowing with strength. He is too energetic for a dead person.

Subaru: 「Nonetheless, it’s hardly a debate. I don’t think someone can live for hundreds of years, normally they should be dead by that time. No, Beatrice?」

Beatrice: 「Regardless, Betty has still been living for 400 years, in fact.」
Emilia: 「I think, around a hundred years for me?」
Echidna: 「If you consider my time of birth then I think I’d be around 400 too. Though the time I was up for was short.」
Shaula: 「Me too! Me too, Master! I’ve also been waiting for you here for 400 years! I missed you! I request a hug after these 400 years!」

Subaru: 「Well that’s a lot of long-living characters!? Even Emilia-chan!?」

He meant to seek consent, but he faced an unexpected objection.
To think that there were so many long-living characters. The average age of their party would shoot up largely, if not extremely, with this.
Especially, Emilia And Beatrice’s ages were jaw dropping.
But, there were still some things that could convince them.

Subaru: 「I-Is that so. Emilia-chan is a half-elf…… and I’m completely convinced about her extraordinary beauty. So half-elves are supposed to be beautiful and live long huh.」

Emilia: 「Um, well, that’s right…… Subaru is still not afraid of elves, even without memories?」

Subaru: 「If you’re asking whether I’m afraid or not, I’m afraid of that cuteness. It’s a pretty brutal weapon. If I look at it with my naked eyes I fear that they’ll go blind. I’m being honest right now.」

Emilia: 「……Enough, stupid.」

With slightly dyed cheeks, Emilia scolds Subaru, who had manage to lighten the atmosphere for the moment, but he warms himself that he must not create any such frivolous misunderstandings.

Emilia is extremely kind, so much so that she seems to unconditionally care for Subaru. It made his heart not only beat faster, it made his heart throb. But throbbing in a good way.

Subaru: 「Ha~…… At that, you sort of felt relieved at things being like earlier, yes, Beatrice?」

Beatrice: 「This is a feeling of being somewhat unconvinced, I suppose…… Though this head pat isn’t so bad in fact.」

When his heart was completely blown away by Emilia, it calms down when he strokes Beatrice’s head. Beatrice’s mood also seems to have been made better, she seems to like it so much that it may be possible to convince her.

Echidna: 「It’s not as if I don’t know the reason behind Julius’ concern, I also deduce to the theory that Reid is actually dead. When I came in contact in him, I sort of got an impression as well.」

Subaru: 「That impression is?」

Echidna: 「Firstly, just as Natsuki-kun says, Reid Astrea cannot be considered to be from a species that lives long lives. He is a human, even if he is exceptionally extraordinary, he is still a human. Second, his personality」

Subaru: 「Personality? Um, are you talking about how he’s so over-energetic?」

Echidna: 「I would say that is all well and good. I just do not think that someone with such a bright personality would just miraculously sit and stay in a tower like this for 400 years. Her…… If even Shaula had never met him then that means, that he has forever been stuck in that room of the second layer. It’s extremely hard to believe. Although it’s my arbitrary impression, I feel he’d leave in just three days.」

Subaru: 「Ah-「

Hearing Echidna’s opinion who shrugged her shoulders, Subaru responded with a calm yet surprised combination of voices.

Emilia and the others turn their heads and also think of Reid’s restless attitude. They were completely convinced about the credibility of Echidna’s opinion.
Looking at that, Echidna turned her innocent gaze towards Julius.

Echidna: 「Well, that was the impression that I got, is Julius convinced?」

Julius: 「I have no choice but to be convinced. Certainly, if we consider the impression of the actual Reid Astrea, he is certainly not someone who would stay for long at a single place. The reason he cannot do that is, he is indeed currently tied to the 『Trial』…… is what we should rightfully be thinking?」

Subaru: 「Well so, his existence is tied to the tower, huh?」

While listening to Echidna and Julius’ conversation, he thinks back to the ending of the last loop.
Reid freely walked around the tower when everything had become a total mess, and just casually strolled around. With an absolutely carefree attitude, he travelled from the second to the fourth layer and encountered Subaru.
Subaru could hardly see any restrictions on his freedom at that time.

The truth is, if that was indeed his last chance to survive, he could have had easily jumped out from the tower. –But, him not doing that is.

Julius: 「–? What is it? Do you need something from me?」

Subaru: 「No……」

Julius: 「Hm? I’m pretty sure my eyes, nose and mouth are still on my face, is there something wrong with that?」

Subaru: 「Ah, unlike Emilia-chan’s, it isn’t cute. Anyway……」

The conversation had driven away from the main topic, and Subaru looked at Julius.
Once again, he returns to the main topic, which was 「Reid’s book」.

Subaru: 「Then, so the first thing we concluded is that Reid is an energetic dead person. 『Taygeta』 has the 『Book of the Dead』, am I right?」

Ram: 「For the moment, we can recognize at least this much. The person whose book is being read, their memories will flow into the mind of the reader…… Barusu and Julius have confirmed this much. Sadly, it seems you have forgotten even that, though」

Subaru: 「I’m sorry, don’t hold it against me– well, that is the main focus of this conversation」

Lifting his fingers, he points the tip of it towards Subaru. Regardless whether that gesture was intended to be unpleasant or not, Ram twisted his fingers, and Subaru experienced pain as he let out a 「ghk!」.
Following that interaction, Beatrice loudly voices an 「ah」.

Beatrice: 「I see, so that’s what that means, I suppose!」

Emilia: 「Beatrice, did you understand what Subaru wanted to say?」

Beatrice: 「Well understood, in fact. I see, so that’s what that means, I suppose– in other words, using Reid’s『Book of the Dead』 as an advantage to defeat Reid, is what it means, in fact」

Subaru: 「That’s right」

Subaru confirms Beatrice’s statement with a pained expression as he continued swinging his twisted fingers.
Hearing that explanation, Emilia rounds her purple-blue eyes and muttered out an 「Is that so」.

–Capturing the dead person using his『Book of the Dead』.

Earlier it had been established that a『Book of the Dead』 is a record of a person’s life and at the same time it could be said that it was a 『Book of Strategy』 as it would have a glimpse of the person’s death recorded.

And if you ask Subaru, who is well experienced with 『Death』and has already died four times– the cause of death, cannot be avoided very easily.

Subaru: 「Like I said, by reading his『Book of the Dead』, we will find out how he died, which we can easily exploit to our advantage. Perhaps, the『Book of the Dead』 were there for that exact reason in the first place, you know?」

Echidna: 「That is…… something we don’t know about. But, if we go by what you’re saying then, certainly. They went out of their way enough to have a dead person take the trial. It would not be strange if that was their aim all along」

Subaru: 「No, you really don’t have to presume so much…..」

Subaru smiles bitterly at Echidna, who had rounded her eyes and given an unexpected opinion.

Regardless, it could not be denied that formulating a strategy or finding a loophole was difficult in this impossibly difficult situation.

Subaru: 「Though, there’s one thing, that I can say with complete confidence…… not just this amnesiac me, even the me with memories had tried this plan I think」

Beatrice: 「……That can be agreed to, I suppose. Such a way of action, there is no way Subaru did not try it, in fact」

Emilia: 「Mm, I guess so. Subaru is good at such things」

Subaru: 「To say I’m good at such things…..」

Subaru’s eyes shine at Emilia’s unexpected and sudden evaluation of 『Natsuki Subaru』. Subaru’s reaction was of astonishment, but Emilia quickly pins her fingers to his cheeks.

Emilia: 「Mhm, won’t do won’t do. The one working the hardest is Subaru. I need to care otherwise…..」

Ram: 「Emilia-sama, I understand your feelings but, his cheeks are reddening」

Ram, paying careful attention to her actions, took away Emilia’s hand, who was criticizing herself.

Lately, Emilia and Beatrice have been giving quite sensitive responses, perhaps because of their feelings for 『Natsuki Subaru』 that are still left within them that they feel.

Completely honestly, he felt bad for that. He wanted to return that Natsuki Subaru to Emilia as soon as possible.

Anyway, in accordance with Emilia’s impression, it was possible that the Subaru till yesterday arrived at the same conclusion of using the strategy of utilising the『Book of the Dead』.

After listening to Subaru’s suggestion, Meili puts her hand on her mouth and lets out an 「ah」.

Meili: 「…That reminds me, yesterday night, I saw onii-san in『Taygeta』 with lots of books scattered around him. That was because of this I suppose~」

Emilia: 「Last night, Subaru went to『Taygeta』? Hmm…..」

Subaru: 「Along with that, did you see what book I was reading?」

Meili: 「Um…… I don’t know that much. I’m so~rry」

Patting on Shaula’s knee, Meili strokes her head and bows her head.
Waving his hands towards the girl, Subaru thought back to 「himself」 who was not actually him,

Even though it was confirmed that Subaru had scattered around several 『Books of the Dead』, any further details could not be seen by her.

As a result of which, the disappointment of not getting the desired answer to that question was not too much. However, it is certain that something went wrong with 『Natsuki Subaru』 when he was in the library of 『Taygeta』.

Either before he scattered the books around, or immediately after that–,

Echidna: 「Possibly, what if those actions themselves are related to losing your memory?」

Julius: 「He scattered around several books, is it…… What if, the amount of 『Books of the Dead』 he read was past the allowed limit, and there was no space to store so much of content and his memory overflowed?」

Subaru: 「I want to think you’re wrong, but I can’t deny it. What the hell, amnesia!」


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