Arc 6 – Chapter 59, “Smiles in the White World” [Ending Part]


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ーーThe feelings he felt at the time he read Meili’s 『Book of the Dead』, had become quite fuzzy.

The sight of seeing her traumas, and the life she had lived, was still just as vivid.

However, while witnessing that sight, one’s memory was vulnerable to become one with the memories of the person whose name is the title of the 『Book of the Dead』 being read, and follow their thoughts and opinions in future situations.

To summarise, the contents of the 『Book of the Dead』 were basically for assimilation of the journey of that person.

At that moment, Natsuki Subaru, who was reading the book, was 『Meili Potroute』.

That is why, at the corner of his consciousness, Subaru referred to himself as 『I』, and was accompanied by a strange shadow of Meili in his self-consciousness.

That was the effect of 『Books of the Dead』, they presented a series of thoughts which could not be comprehended, and right now, Subaru will see through the life of Reid Astrea.

What he thought, what he liked, what he disliked, what he loved, what he hated, what he did.

It was supposed to be that Subaru would become one with the beliefs of Reid Astrea, and see through his life.

Henceforth, Subaru started to notice some abnormalities.

ーーRight now, he was somewhere which clearly wasn’t Reid Astrea’s past.

Subaru: “…… Ah?”

He was standing in a white, white place.

The surroundings endlessly spread in the limitless unbelievable white, and not knowing where he was, Subaru was at a loss.

He could see his hands. He could see his legs. When he turned his neck around, he could also see his torso and waist.

In other words, Subaru’s body was present. This did not match with what happened at the time of Meili’s 『Book of the Dead』. He had been thrown into an unexpected and unnatural situation.

As visible, Subaru’s clothes were the same as those when he had tried to read the 『Book of the Dead』.

Was this, because Subaru’s spirit recognised the “current situation” and made him have this form, or because the book’s spirit intended Subaru to have this form, and hence reproduced it as the same?

Subaru did not want to think that, by any chance, his body was transported into the book when he read itーー,

???: “ーーWell well? Oh onii-san, you came again?”

Subaru: “ーー~hk.”

Fortunately enough, Subaru heard a voice that did not belong to himself, and his shoulders jumped in surprise.

As the voice came from behind him, Subaru unintentionally jumped and rolled forward, and looked behind him. Seeing Subaru behave like he was having seizures, that person widened their eyes.

Subaru: “ーーYou are.”

Subaru muttered in astonishment and confusion to that person.

This was a strange and unexpected encounter with someone strange, which Subaru could never have had imagined.

There stood a girl which Subaru had never seen before.

Beautiful hair, like long, extremely long transparent threads of gold. As they covered the girl’s feet and spread over the white floor, they seemed a sea of gold.

With large, round, blue eyes, and white limbs like clear, transparent marble. At the same time, her body wore clumsy clothes which seemed to be seams of low-quality thin cloth, contradicting her beautiful impression.


A girl, he had never seen. That was how it was supposed to be.

However, Subaru narrowed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids violently with his hands at that girl’s figure. It seemed to be a gesture for gaining the clear image from blurred, but her appearance showed no change.

Even if he looked at her again, a girl he was not acquainted with. ーーFor some reason, he felt as if she had been in his memory.

???: “Have you calmed down a bit, onii-san?”

Subaru: “Where am I…… No, who are you? Which one should I ask first?”

???: “How selfish, onii-san. But, we don’t hate your honest emotion of wanting to ask both of those. Because, we love selfish people.”

Said the girl to the astonished Subaru.

Yes, her smiling face clearly expressed that was all it.

Her age was about thirteen, but she gave the impression of being still a bit younger.

Her smiling face unquestionably suited her, going with her well-formed appearance.

In Subaru’s eyes, her smile was clear.

His instinct said, it seemed as if the soul of the girl had taken down several lives.

And, in front of the intimidated Subaru, she said.

???: “This is, the solitary lonely white, the final destination of the soul. The cradle of Od Lagna. ーーThe Hall of Memories.”

Subaru: “The Hall, of Memories?”

???: “Yes yes, the Hall of Memories. Andーー”

Subaru widened his eyes, at words he had not heard before.

Satisfied with Subaru’s reaction, the girl, said.

Louis: “ーーWe are Witch Cult Sin Archbishop representing 『Gluttony』, Louis Arneb.”


Louis: “Pretty sure, it’ll be just for a short while again but, nice to have you, onii-san.”

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