About Us

Welcome to Witch Cult Translations!

If you’d like to find out more about us, then you’re at the right place. We formed as a community on Discord in an attempt to bring out more Re:Zero related translations. We work together to try bring out fan translations of the free Re: Zero Web Novel, its side stories and other unlicensed related materials.

We are currently working on Arc Eight using a rigorous edited machine translation process to ensure speed and quality. We also translate Side Content from time to time, make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date!

 Heretic Division

Here we provide a list of the members of our team:


Heretics Division Head

  • SapphireComet

Our Translators:

  • Garcar (@garmadoncar)
  • GPMS
  • Senkel
  • vinicaian
  • Rageasu
  • Negi
  • Sin Archbishop of Pride, PaperLightning

Our Machine Translators:

  • Goldkills (@Goldkills)
  • Bruhseph
  • DatShazam
  • Akagami
  • Kiln
  • Kroatoan
  • Cast
  • Kazatashi Rintarou
  • beloved
  • dough
  • jazz man
  • Punibaba

Our Proofreaders:

  • Phantaminum
  • Cirdan Lunae
  • EternityShack
  • Phantaminum
  • l3ladeDragon (@I3ladeDragon)
  • AlphardHydra
  • Shadow (@ShadowKoto)
  • Ciel
  • Sscaide
  • Phantaminum

Our Programmers

  • Thevoidzero
  • Joseph (@rezidl)
  • Rolf

Our Inactive Members:

 Heretic Division