About Us

Welcome to Witch Cult Translations!

If you’d like to find out more about us, then you’re at the right place. We formed as a community on Discord in an attempt to bring out more Re:Zero related translations. We work together to try bring out fan translations of the free Re: Zero Web Novel, its side stories and other unlicensed related materials.

Although we work as a team, different translators within WCT focus on different content to translate. Some of work on Arc 5, some on Arc 6, some on side content, some on the manga; the pace of one categories has no effect on the pace of another. Too many translators working on the same set of chapters actually makes TLs more confusing to do; the current system of only a few translators focusing on an area of content leads to the smoothest and most consistent translations.

Here we provide a list of the members of our team:

Our Translators:

Our Proofreaders:

  • Phantaminum

Our Transcribers:

Our Former Translators: