Arc 4: Everlasting Contract

Arc 4, Everlasting Contract, has been fully translated!

Credit for these translations belongs to the Summary Anon, whose only known identity is his email address,, as well as his Mega Archive. (This site is not affiliated with Summary Anon). As Arc 4 has 130 chapters, Summary Anon divided the Arc into phases, with each phase featuring a certain amount of chapters.

The Season 1 adaptation left off at the end of Arc 3, without having adapted the interludes bridging Arc 3 and Arc 4; if you’ve just finished the anime, you’ll want to start with those, then proceed to Arc 4. If you are interested in reading the Web Novel version of Arc 4 and beyond, consider checking our Cut Content page, you can find several important plot points from both the Web Novel and Light Novel that were skipped by Season 1 of the Anime; this will prevent confusion when some of this cut content is referenced.

At the end of the page, you will find a downloadable, proofread version of these translations.

All credit for header art goes to HaruSabin.

Arc 3 Interludes

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6

One Day II

Following Arc 4 is a series of interludes colloquially designated as Arc 4 Interludes, which take place between Arc 4 and Arc 5 (One Day I was the series of interludes between Arc 2 and Arc 3, the stories there are linked on our Side Content document).


Our proofreader has independently compiled the available translations of Arc 3’s interludes, Arc 4, and Arc 4 Interludes aka One Day II into neat little Volume-sized chunks, available in PDF and Ebook formats. These volumes do not follow the Phase division of this page, instead following the Light Novel’s volume division. These are the sources used for the compilation:

  • SummaryAnon (MEGA link) – Arc 3 Interlude I, Fragment, Arc 4 Chapters 111 to 130, Interludes and Appendix, One Day II Chapters 1 to 6 & Final, and double-checking for TranslationChicken’s translations;
  • TranslationChicken (website) – Arc 3 Interludes II and II, Arc 4 Special Intermission, Chapters 1 to 110.
  • DiscountAnon/Nanashi-tan (MEGA link) – One Day II Special Parts 1 and 2.

The volumes are available via the following links. Be sure to check back, as they are updated frequently because of mistranslations, grammatical errors or convention misalignments:

  • Full Arc Download
  • Volume 10, which holds Volume 9 post-anime content and Arc 4 Chapters 1 to 23;
  • Volume 11, which holds Arc 4 Chapters 24 to 49 (partially);
  • Volume 12, which holds Arc 4 Chapters 49 (partially) to 75;
  • Volume 13, which holds Arc 4 Chapters 76 to 117;
  • Volume 14, which holds Arc 4 Chapters 118 to 123A;
  • Volume 15, which holds Arc 4 Chapters 124A-130, Arc 4 Interludes and One Day II Series.