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Re: Side Content

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu exists out of both the Web Novel and the Light Novel. In addition to the former, the author keeps releasing side content with the story. Some of the side content may be more plot important than the others, but most of the Side Content which is released is canon.
Due to DMCA strikes in the past, we’ve decided to keep all Light Novel related content and short/side stories, away from our site.
However, all our translations can be found


Re: IF

Every year on April Fools/Natsuki Subaru’s birthday, the author releases a “What IF” Story.
These are stories that look into the decisions of Subaru, and what would have happened if he did something else in a loop.

Re: Story Exclusive

With every Light Novel release, the author, Tappei Nagatsuki, releases three Short Stories.
They’re released in different book stores, like Gamers.

  • Emilia’s Capital Tourbook
  • Emilia’s Starry Sky Classroom
  • Emilia’s First Date
  • Ram’s Flirting Refusal
  • Ram and The Night Study Group
  • Ram’s Sister is Complicated
  • Rem Meets Subaru
  • Rem’s Latte Art
  • The Best Date of Rem’s Life
  • Rem’s Maiden Heart is Super Complex
  • Felt-chan’s Job
  • Felt-chan’s Imprisonment Life
  • Felt-chan Saw!
  • Felt-chan Rises to the Center Stage
  • Felt-chan Gathers Thugs
  • Felt-chan Forms a Hooligan Squad
  • A Lone Wolf of the Slums, Felt-chan’s Noisy Days
  • Priscilla’s Cheers for Me, Entertainment Part
  • Priscilla’s Cheers for Me, Drunk Father Part
  • Anastasia’s Prosperity Record
  • Anastasia’s Moving Picture Scroll
  • Anastasia Rising in Life Memorial Day
  • Anastasia’s Most Important Travelogue
  • Stories of the Great Crusch-sama Opening
  • Stories of the Great Crusch-sama Prologue: Oath Chapter
  • Stories of the Great Crusch-sama Prologue: Ferris’ Sudden Emergence
  • Stories of the Great Crusch-sama Prologue: Blue’s Studies
  • Stories of the Great Crusch-sama Extra: Days Without her Follower
  • Librarian Beatrice’s Business Diary: Resumption
  • Librarian Beatrice’s Business Diary: Second Chapter
  • Librarian Beatrice’s Business Diary: Third Chapter
  • Puck SS
  • Puck SS 2
  • Puck SS 3
  • Emilia and Ram’s Very Bumpy Master-Servant Relationship
  • Emilia and Ram’s Very Very Bumpy Master-Servant Relationship
  • Beatrice and Rem’s Serious Cleaning
  • Beatrice and Rem’s Serious Service
  • Frederica and Petra Maid-san Days
  • Frederica and Petra Maid-san Days II
  • Frederica and Petra Maid-san Days III
  • Frederica and Petra Maid-san Days IV
  • Garfiel and Ram’s Twisted Twisted Love Circumstances
  • Elsa and Meili, Assassin Sister’s Journal
  • Elsa and Meili, Assassin Sister’s Journal KILL 2
  • Elsa and Meili, Assassin Sister’s Journal KILL 3
  • Elsa and Meili, Assassin Sister’s Journal KILL 4
  • Elior Forest Team, Waiting for the Season of Melting
  • Kremaldy Forest Team, Days That Will Never Return
  • Emilia Camp Great Evaluation Meeting
  • Witch’s After Tea Party
  • The Loving World Petra Saw
  • Mimi Pearlbaton’s Bite of Love and Passion
  • Petra’s Emilia Camp Struggle/Page1
  • Petra’s Emilia Camp Struggle/Page2
  • Petra’s Emilia Camp Struggle/Page3
  • Sword Demon Love Story: The Bride’s Father
  • Sword Demon Love Story: Earth Dragon Capital Flanders
  • Sword Demon Love Story: The Other side of The Honeymoon
  • Joshua Juukulius’ Careful Encyclopedia
  • Joshua Juukulius’ Careful Encyclopedia Second Verse
  • Otto Suwen’s Internal Affairs Struggle
  • Otto Suwen’s Internal Affairs Struggle Second Verse

Re: Gekkan Comic Alive

The author keeps releasing a Side Story in the magazine known as “Monthly Gekkan Comic Alive”.
All of these side stories are canon, and are drafts before they will be adapted into the Tanpenshuu of the EX Novels.
Some of these Side Stories exist out of multiple parts.

  • Liberian Beatrice’s Reluctant promise
  • My Fair Bad Lady
  • The World Petra Saw
  • Heroic Tale from Zero
  • The Day that Gave Up the Star
  • Emilia in Wonderland
  • Some Like It Cold
  • Red Snowfall on Orcos Territory
  • Rem’s Very Ordinary Happy Day
  • Operation Kokkuri
  • The Hidden Village Oni Sisters Ex Blessing Day
  • Blessing Day EX: Rem-rin’s Day
  • Blessing Day EX: Rem’s Birthday Party
  • Kararagi Girl Meets Cats
  • Sunlight on The Water
  • A Love Song for EMT
  • The Head Maid’s Unrestful Day Off
  • Ram is Order
  • Alcohol Panic
  • Otto’s Peddling Record of Joy and Sorrow
  • Felt-chan’s Royal Election Life From Zero
  • Royal Election Life From Zero: The Golden Lion and The Sword Saint
  • Royal Election Prequel: Successor of Blue
  • Royal Election Prequel: Imperial Diplomacy of Bloodshed
  • Royal Election Prequel: Reinhard vs Cecilus
  • Sword Demon Love Story: Wedding Day
  • Sword Demon Love Story: Their Later Tale
  • Sword Demon Love Story: Duel of Picoutatte
  • Sword Demon’s Battle Ballad
  • Three Idiots are Leading! Earth Spider Hunting
  • The Golden Lion and Sword Saint, Riot in Flanders
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Re: Limited Edition

During the airing of the anime, the production team of Re:Zero released Blue-Ray and DVD boxes, which some of them contained limited edition light novels. These light novels are all prequels of what happened to certain characters before the start of the story.
The first Limited Edition Light Novel, “Bond of Ice” will have an OVA adaptation.

  • Re:Zero Prequel: Bond of Ice
  • Re:Zero Prequel: The Oni Sisters of The Hidden Village
  • Re:Zero Prequel: Camp Formation Stories