Arc 5 – Chapter 12, “Crushing Atmosphere of the Tea Room”

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Every one currently gathered in the tea room was someone who was exceptionally important.

Emilia: “Even so, it’s surprising that Reinhard and Wilhelm are related. It’s no wonder that they’re both skilled swordsmen.”

Subaru: “It’s natural that we didn’t know, we had no reason to. If families were based on similarities then they’d be too big, Emilia-tan.”

The wooden floor beneath the long table was covered with mats, in the style of a traditional Japanese living room. Emilia and Subaru were seated next to each other, holding a whispered conversation without discussing anything too significant. They were chatting to calm their nerves.

Beatrice: “Betty is already alert and won’t let anyone try anything, in fact. Subaru can stop staring at everyone so warily, I suppose.”

Subaru: “You know I born with a mean look, I’m not staring at anyone warily. Besides, I know what it’s like to be glared at with cold eyes.”

Beatrice was also sitting near Emilia, keeping a vigilant watch. Emilia sat with her legs folded underneath her, and Subaru had his legs crossed, while Beatrice sat with a rigid posture. It was a position she’d taken for Subaru’s sake, although she couldn’t resist fidgeting a little.

Subaru: “In any event, Garfiel’s here if something were to happen. And besides, no one here would act so rashly.”

Subaru’s gaze left Beatrice, whose knees were shaking, and directed his attention toward the corner of the tea room, where Garfiel was sitting. Although he noticed Subaru and wanted to wave at him, his hand was too busy being caught by Mimi.

Right now, several key figures in the Royal Election were gathered at the table, while the others were keeping an eye on the situation from the corners of room. In other words, Garfiel and Mimi were sitting together. Hetaro and Tibby were also present, glaring at Garfiel with dark malice.

Joshua was also seated in the tea room, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Reinhard: “I am very grateful for this hospitality. Felt-sama may be a little late in arriving since she’s out in Pristella, but she should be here shortly.”

Anastasia: “You don’t have to be so formal, especially since you accepted my invitation on such short notice. Oh, but it’s a strange coincidence that you all arrived so close together.”

Anastasia took a gentle approach to meet the etiquette conscious Reinhard. Reinhard raised his head and looked at Julius, who was standing by Anastasia’s side.

Reinhard: “It’s been a while, Julius. We last met face to face at the Chamber of Commerce.”

Julius: “Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry for asking everyone to come in such little time. But, it gives me peace of mind to know that you’ve all kept safe.”

After greeting his friend, Reinhard returned to his seat. If seating at the table reflected the positions of the factions, then Reinhard was seated at the bottom. Sitting at the head was the host, Anastasia. Next to Anastasia was Emilia and her faction, who Reinhard, representing Felt’s faction, was seated next to. Across from Anastasia was,

???: “It feels like it’s been a long time since everyone has gathered like this.” The speaker, who wore a dignified smile, was a beautiful woman with green hair.

Amber eyes which seemed to contain the very picture of harmony, dressed in a feminine navy blue dress, giving off an air of nobility. Although, if you’d known what she was like before, it would be hard to see her as the same person.

Emilia: “We haven’t seen you in a while either, Crusch-sama. You seem to be doing well.”

Crusch: “Yes, that’s right. I previously caused you a lot of trouble, so let me offer my thanks. I’ve also heard of quite a few of the deeds that you were involved in. When I received the news, I thought that they were things only you could do.”

Crusch replied to Emilia in a soft tone. Her old decisive self seemed to have disappeared along with her memory, and she had yet to recover it. She was no longer a savvy, brave politician, but merely a beautiful aristocratic lady.

If the aforementioned events that Emilia was involved in were to happen to Crusch’s current self, they would surely ended in tragedy.

Ferris: “Really, hearing people talk about nyou like that was surprising. Eradicating the Sizable Hare and becoming a spiritual arts user, who would have expected that out of Subaru-kyun?”

Next to Crusch, a feminine young man with cat ears and a coy manner spoke up. He was Ferris, both Crusch’s knight and the best healer of Lugunica.

Unlike his incredibly different master, Ferris hadn’t changed in the slightest. It was reassuring, but, at the same time, he remained difficult to understand.

Subaru: “Well, becoming someone who people rely on has always been of the biggest goals in my life. As for my contract with Beako, well, it probably annoys you, but my life was in danger at the time so I had no choice but to make it.”

Ferris: “Even though I gave nyou such a solemn warning? Subaru-kyun will eventually collapse due to his excessive use of his gate. Without Beatrice-chan, it’ll crack open with a bang, so you’ll have be especially careful.”

Subaru: “I know. And there’s no other guy who can make Beako this happy.”

Although they both spoke in a relaxed tone, Ferris’s warning was meant as serious, heartfelt advice, so Subaru also responded with an equally serious attitude. Dropping a hand on Beatrice’s shoulder, he considered this the tuition.

Subaru: “Even so… I didn’t expect Crusch-san and her faction to also have been invited. I was already surprised to encounter Reinhard outside, but now I’m about to spray nosebleeds.”

Ferris: “Agh. That would be overdramatic. But, it is quite a surprise that we’d all coincidentally arrive nyon the same day, though.”

Wilhelm: “Since no specific date and time was established for the meeting, that we arrived together was the result of estimates. —It’s rare for us all to have a chance to gather together, so this is our good fortune.”

This was the last member of Crusch camp. Sitting next to Crusch was Ferris, who was seated in a woman’s pose. Next to him was the old swordsmen, Wilhelm, sipping his tea. He was dressed in the same butler outfit as always, but it suited his tea-drinking-look well.

Due to the seating arrangements, Reinhard and Wilhelm had ended up seated next to one another. Anyone who knew of their story, however, would feel uneasy.

Subaru: “They haven’t even met eyes yet…”

Subaru whispered his observation to Emilia, who quietly agreed.

Wilhelm and Reinhardt were, as grandfather and grandson, direct relatives, but, aside from offering mutual pleasantries, they had yet to acknowledge each other.

The tea room was dominated by silence, and Subaru took time to think their situation over. The members of Emilia’s faction were, whether due their attitude, nature, or childishness, all largely unskilled at reading the mood.

It was also hard to forget how Joshua, who had returned after being summoned away, had given a scared “Whaa” when he saw the situation.

House Astrea. The name was so well known that even Subaru knew a little of their family history. Sword Saint was a title that was passed from generation to generation, and the lineage of Sword Saints meant that the Astraa family probably had the history of greatest combat strength throughout of all of Lugunica.

Wilhelm’s obsession with the White Whale obviously came from the defeat of his wife, the previous Sword Saint. Connecting these facts would lead to one question.

—Why did Wilhelm choose to borrow the power of Crusch’s faction, rather than the power of his own house?

Taking the question further, why had Reinhard not participated in the fight against White Whale?

Wilhelm had said that he’d started chasing the White Whale about fourteen years ago. If the Royal Election had been ongoing, then Wilhelm could not cooperate with Reinhard, who was a member of the an enemy faction. That made sense.

But, when Wilhelm had begun his hunt for the White Whale, House Astrea had nothing to do with the Royal Election. Of course, then Reinhard would still have been a child, and would have lacked the ability to defeat the White Whale. But, considering his later growth, why had Reinhard never sought out the White Whale?

Wilhelm’s sentiments and Reinhardt’s thoughts, Subaru had no insight into either.

—If they were ever willing to discuss it, he’d love to listen.

However, asking directly would be like unscrupulously cutting an old wound and rubbing salt on the scars.

And although Natsuki Subaru was incredibly curious, he’d grown quite a bit in the past year. He’d come to understand that if he pressed the topic, people would find him annoying.

Reinhard and Wilhelm, though they were in hostile factions, were both valuable, talented people who Subaru had a stable relationship with. That single curiosity aside, the level of trust that they placed in him was hardly low.

So, all he could do was hope that someone else would bring it up.

Emilia: “By the way, Anastasia-san, why did you gather everyone here? I think you had some purpose… right?”

Unaware of Subaru’s preoccupation, Emilia directed a question at Anastasia, who titled her head with a smile.

Anastasia: “Of course, I have something that I’d like to discuss with each of you, but, to answer Emilia-san’s question, I had to think pretty hard to come up with something that would entice each of you here.”

Emilia: “We came for the magic stones, but what about the others?”

Anastasia: “Everyone has their own wants and needs. Using just those to gather everyone would have been fairly easy… but there are those odd groups whose wants are mysterious.”

Emilia: “I don’t understand…?”

Emilia frowned and crossed her arms as she considered the issue, although the problem wasn’t a difficult one. Just observing who was currently not present would pinpoint the faction that refused to be communicative.

Wilhelm: “Were Priscilla-sama and Al-dono not invited?”

Anastasia: “Those two are completely set on their own path and I wouldn’t know where to start finding out what they want. To be honest, even Felt-san treats land and money like they’re completely irrelevant.”

Reinhard: “Regarding that, Felt-sama actually volunteered to come on a whim. That said, I do wish she’d care a little more about those matters.”

Anastasia and Reinhard spoke of the matter plainly and expressed the same opinion. Upon hearing their words, Emilia, who could only agree with them, raised her hand.

Emilia: “I’d also like to know more about everyone’s circumstances. Although I’ve worked hard to learn, it’s difficult to understand everyone’s positions.”

Subaru: “Then let’s not talk about what happened today…”

Emilia: “Hmph, Subaru you meanie.”

Emilia’s cheek was being pinched by his right hand. His left hand still rested on Beatrice’s shoulder, where, either as reward or punishment, it had sat for a little too long.

At any rate, the positions of Priscilla’s faction and Felt’s faction were clear. Then all that was left was the reason, perhaps the weakness, that lead Crusch here.

Crusch: “As to why we came to Pristella, it was because Anastasia-sama seems to have some information regarding Gluttony.”

Subaru: “———”

As if reading Subaru’s thoughts, Crusch replied.

Crusch’s words struck Subaru like a bullet, and it was something that he could not overlook. Meanwhile, Anastasia caressed her scarf with a wry smile.

Anastasia: “I wasn’t keeping anything from Natsuki-kun, but, there is a matter of priorities. Under these circumstances, solving Crusch’s problems should take precedence. Isn’t that right?”

Subaru: “Gah, gr… shu-, fu-. F-Fine, that’s fine.” Julius: “I see you’ve grown up a little.”

Subaru: “Shut up! I’m already on the verge of exploding.”

Selling to the highest bidder was the basis of decision making in business.

Subaru managed to put the brakes on his fury at Anastasia’s explanation, which was fortunate, since Julius had begun to look uneasy.

Subaru: “Who are you, my parents? On that topic, my dad could beat me up ten times better than you ever could!”

Ferris: “Eh… Ferri-chan is scared…”

Subaru: “Don’t be shaken so easily! Are you scared of your own family!?”

Subaru snapped at Ferris, who had snuggled into Crusch, but he was joking rather than scolding. On that note, his words about his father, Kenichi were certainly true.

Anastasia’s reason was acceptable. However, it would be another matter entirely if the information were to be given to only Crusch and not Subaru. Information on Gluttony was crucial to restoring Rem, who was still sleeping in Roswaal’s mansion.

Even though he’d accepted the reason, he wouldn’t be so easily swayed.

Anastasia: “Even though you’re making such a scary face, you’ll feel more at ease after you’ve heard the full story.”

Subaru: “Then…. it’s true?”

Anastasia: “It’s not a lie, and I’m sure that Crusch’s faction has no intention of keeping it to themselves.”

Subaru turned to Crusch, who seemed to have some difficulty maintaining a composed expression.

Crusch: “It’s only natural. Of course, in order to retrieve my memory, I want the information on Gluttony. However, I also know that Subaru is also determined to defeat Gluttony for that young girl’s sake. Under such circumstances, I have no desire to monopolize the information.”

Subaru: “Crusch-san…”

Crusch: “In addition, the more comrades I find who share my goal, the better. The more people there are working against sinners like the Witch Cult, the more likely we are to win.”

Crusch, who spoke in a light tone, gave Subaru peace of mind.

Her true desire was, of course, to restore her memories and improve her flaws. But that didn’t interfere with her goodwill toward Subaru.

Holding an honorable nature which had not been dimmed at all by her amnesia was this woman named Crusch Karsten.

Subaru: “I’m grateful. Thank you, Crusch-san. I will cherish the opportunity that you’ve handed me. Definitely.”

Crusch: “That said, the information is our priority. We won’t concede that.”

In response to Subaru’s determination, Crusch straightened her back and met his gaze.

Of course. They shared a heated competition. But her benevolent smile was out of place for this occasion, so she and Subaru laughed together.

The one who interrupted the moment was Crusch’s knight.

Ferris: “Nyau. Seeing Subaru and Crusch-sama like this is really annoying, stop it. Subaru’s such a greedy man. Are the two girls at your side not enough? Really nyow!”

Crusch: “Ferris, that’s not a very courteous thing to say. Subaru isn’t someone who’d be swayed by temptations like that.”

Subaru: “Yeah, don’t say that. Certainly, Crusch-san is beautiful and very cute but I have a loyal heart… although it is split in two right now, but—owowowowow!?”

Beatrice: “That’s not a very loyal heart, in fact. You should just stay quiet and reflect on what you just said, I suppose.”

Subaru, who’d been trying to agree with Crusch, had his ear caught in Beatrice’s tight grip. His eyes watered in protest, but before he could complain, he noticed that she was pointing at Crusch.

Following Beatrice’s finger, Subaru saw that Crusch was wearing a bright blush. Thinking back, what odd words had he spoken?

Subaru: “Oh no, Emilia-tan, did I say something strange?”

Emilia: “Huh? Hmm, I’m not sure. Subaru, you just talked the way you usually talk to me…”

Subaru: “That’s right. Then what did I do? Holding Emilia-tan’s hand lets me think better, may I?”

Emilia: “Yes yes. Try your hardest.”

Subaru tapped his forehead with the hand that held Emilia’s, as he cast a gloomy look. Meanwhile, Ferris took the opportunity to whisper to Crusch,

Ferris: “See, it’s like that. Subaru-kyun is unconsciously excessively friendly to everyone he meets and always tries to play a cool and handsome act. It’s like he’s messed up in the head. Don’t pay it any attention.”

Crusch: “Yes, I’ll be careful. Ha, I was a little shocked.” Crusch placed a hand on her chest with a sigh of relief.

Subaru found this feminine action incredibly cute. Crusch and Ferris, who were unaware of his thoughts, held hands as if making a promise to each other. Anyone who stumbled across this scene would have assumed that they were girlfriends.

Now, everyone had revealed their reasons for coming to Pristella.

???: “Ehh, everyone’s here already. Originally I heard that I was supposed to just meet with the lady from Kararagi.”

The paper door was thrown open, revealing the girl standing behind it.

She was an agile, pretty blonde girl with large chestnut-red eyes and a crooked smile. Her small face was full of naughty charm and her slim but agile physique seemed a touch more feminine. Just as before, she was dressed in a outfit focused on enhancing movement speed, one that also happened to leave her navel and legs exposed.

Felt: “What, surprised that I still look this way? It’s only been a year, you know.” Reinhard: “Felt-sama.”

Everyone slumped their shoulders upon seeing her, and Felt caught their disappointment. Reinhard, however, stood up to welcome his master as she approached.

Reinhard: “I was sure I left a change of clothes on the dragon carriage, what happened?”

Felt: “Bah! I wanted to go sightseeing in something comfortable. Saying that, you wanted me get changed in the hotel, but who would wear something that looks so itchy? You should know that about me by now!”

Reinhard: “That’s really just like you…”

Reinhard placed a hand on his forehead, speaking in a helpless tone. Felt, who was dragging the kingdom’s strongest hero around like a plaything, looked happy to enter the room.

Felt: “Right, and here I am. —I’m grateful for your hospitality today and I hope that our discussions will go well. There, all done with greetings.”

For a moment, Felt resembled a noble’s daughter. She gave a naughty smile and mimed a curtsy without a skirt, and immediately reverted to her usual self.

Subaru was quite self-aware of his own disagreement with the aristocratic community, but Felt’s attitude toward them seemed to have worsened notably in the past year.

Felt: “Man, this is a really bizarre building. I’ve never seen one like it before, so I got curious and explored a little before coming here.”

Felt sat down on the mat originally occupied by Reinhard, who moved another one over and sat earnestly next to her.

By chance, Felt was now next to Wilhelm, separating grandfather and grandson.

Emilia: “Well, long time no see, Felt-chan. How have you been?”

Felt: “It’s weird to have -chan added to my name. Well anyway, I’ve been well. You, sister, have been… a little too lively, no? I’ve heard a lot of rumors about really scary things.” (she calls Emilia ‘Nēchan’)

Emilia: “It’s Subaru who’s been lively, not me. As for me, I’ve just been lucky to be saved Subaru’s hard work.”

Felt: “Ah! That’s right!”

Upon hearing Emilia’s reply, Felt leapt to her feet with a clap of her hands, her eyes fixed straight at Subaru.

Felt: “I’ve heard a ton of ridiculous rumors about you, brother. I’ve just got to know, how many of those rumors are actually true?”

Subaru: “It seems like you’ve decided that they were all fake before even asking me. Your level of faith in disappointingly low.”

Felt: “Because they’re so wild! I heard that you cut the White Whale in half by yourself, you crushed a sin archbishops skull to bits with you own two hands, and even the Sizable Hare was roasted and eat—”

Subaru: “I was really involved in all of those, but the rumors have been blown hundreds of times out of proportion!”

If Subaru really had done as the rumors said, then he’d be hailed the kingdom’s hero and would probably even have been put on the throne. With that authority, he’d have made Emilia queen and they’d be ruling together.

Julius & Wilhelm: “—Heh.”

Subaru’s reaction had drawn a small laugh from the audience. There two sources of laughter were from people sitting on opposite sides of the room, Julius and Wilhelm.

The two, both of whom seemed to have felt embarrassed at their unconscious reaction, sought each other out and relaxed when they found someone who’d given a similar response. Felt, whose eyes had been darting back and forth in confusion, asked,

Felt: “Why did the old man and the knight laugh? Me, did I say something strange?”

Subaru: “Everything you said was strange! You gave me too much credit. If I did that much then I’d deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!”

Although Subaru didn’t fully understand what he had earned, he knew that it was meant to be a symbol of honor. When he was presented with the medal he hadn’t fully understood its actual and symbolic value, so he’d never personally felt the merit associated with it.

In fact, the medal that he’d received was quite valuable in the kingdom.

Wilhelm: “Subaru-dono was indispensable during the battle with the White Whale. If he were not there, I have no doubt that we all would have perished. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it is no laughing matter.”

Julius: “The same is true of the battle with the Witch Cult. The one who developed our tactics against them was him. Were he not there, myself and the others who had helped would not have been able to bring down the Sin Archbishop.”

Subaru: “———”

Overwhelming faith from Wilhelm and Julius.

Their straightforward support for him struck Subaru speechless. The lively atmosphere left his entire body burning with embarrassment. His face was red from ear to ear, and blood was liable to spray from his eyes at any moment.

Subaru: “N-No, stop it! Don’t praise me so much! The higher you raise me, the more my ego is stoked, shouldn’t you all be clear on that!?”

Julius: “No, not at all. Although it is true that you made a fool of yourself at the start of the Royal Election, you’ve proven your worth time and time again. You have more than made up for that disgrace. You absolutely deserve to be so commended.”

Wilhelm: “There is absolutely no need for humility. You’ve had a hand in accomplishing great things. Those successes would never have happened had you not been present. I will be proud to have shared a battlefield with you until the end of my days.”

Subaru: “—Ah, um.”

So far, Subaru had died in a number of painful, gruesome ways.

However, this would be by the most horrifying. Being pelted with compliments.

Subaru, embarrassed to the verge of death, looked to Emilia and Beatrice, pleading for help. However, they merely smiled sweetly.

Emilia: “That’s right. Subaru has worked sooo hard. I’m truly proud to have him as my knight.”

Beatrice: “W-Well, since he’s Betty’s partner, it’s only natural that he’s so successful, in fact. He’s only going to be more and more amazing, I suppose. So it’s a good habit to get used to praising him, in fact!”

The situation having gone in an entirely unexpected direction, Subaru was stricken with panic. Then, everyone took turns speaking.

Reinhard: “Amazing, Subaru. Everyone praises you for doing something amazing, something no one else could have done. I’m glad to call you my friend.”

Crusch: “I would have lost so many loyal men without Subaru-sama’s help, even Wilhelm, who has been supporting me to this day. Allow me to thank you again.”

Ferris: “Although you don’t have any combat ability, you never lost heart during the battle with the White Whale. It allowed Crusch-sama to make the speech that changed the tide of the battle. In short, thank nyou very much.”

Anastasia: “Thanks to Natsuki-kun’s information, myself and countless other businessmen are no longer plagued by the White Whale’s fog. You have my gratitude.”

Mimi: “Oohh! Are we taking turns complimenting big brother? He’s very strong! He’s very handsome! The only thing he’s missing is Mimi! Your turn, Garf!”

Garfiel: “Ya, I dunno w’happen, but deservin’ th’praise, that’s th’Captain. Th’s my amazin’ bro. Th’s a, Fame comes with the right way and where in.”

People were taking advantage of the momentum and piling flattering remarks on Subaru, who was blushing from all the warm encouragement. Felt treated him with a laugh.

Felt: “It sounds like they were true, but… it looks like brother’s nature is hasn’t changed. That’s a relief!”

Subaru: “You guys, stop it! Everyone’s ganging up on me!!”

After Felt summarized the farce taking place, Subaru could no longer withstand it and exploded. The tension which had originally cloaked the tea melted away with the sound of laughter.

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Subaru: “Ah, damn, really I’m about to disintegrate and die…”

After the fun in the tea room had dissipated, an exhausted Subaru had left for his room.

Everyone had inexplicably showered Subaru with praise, before occupying themselves with cross faction conversations, as if forgetting about their opposition.

Of course, it couldn’t be said that no one had any intent of trying to delve into the secrets of the other factions, but most of the conversations were just idle, fun chatter.

Although the candidates could at any moment end up in a confrontation, from another point of view, they were all women of a similar age, so conversation on topics other than the state of the kingdom came quite naturally to them.

In fact, Emilia had been very much looking forward to having an opportunity to talk with other girls her age.

Subaru: “Well, it could be said that a conversation between Emilia-tan and Beako would be just like that…”

Beatrice: “Don’t bring up her real age, in fact. Do you want to start a war, I suppose?” Beatrice reprimanded the imprudent Subaru with a sharp voice.

Turning to see the source of the sound showed Beatrice sitting on a quilted pile of blankets in his room, desperately trying to ease her numb feet.

Subaru: “Even though you’re a spirit your feet fell asleep. Aren’t spirits supposed to not have circulation, though?”

Beatrice: “I have circulation, Betty’s body is designed to imitate an actual human body as closely as possible, in fact. Betty will feel the pain that humans can feel, I suppose. If I dive underwater for too long, I’ll lose consciousness, in fact.”

Subaru: “So you breathe, too?”

Beatrice: “Of course I do… hey, don’t try to sniff Betty’s breath, I suppose!”

As Subaru’s nose approached her, a somewhat embarrassed Beatrice pulled the quilts around herself. Subaru took the opportunity to flick her numb foot, which felt like it had sprung back to life. Beatrice’s eyes watered.

Beatrice: “That hurts, in fact… I’m about to cry, I suppose… Subaru’s a bully, in fact…” Subaru: “Okay, okay, my bad, my bad. Come here, come here.”

He patted his knees with a wry smile as he sat down, and Beatrice moved from the quilts to his lap. Caressing Beatrice’s twintailed head, Subaru said to himself, “but then again…”

Subaru: “The interior decor make it a nice room, and it looks like the staff did their best to match the rest of the hotel… but here are some subtle deficiencies.”

It was probably caused by woodworking technology developing differently here than it had in his original world.

The design of Water Plumage Pavilion felt quite similar to the design of a hotel from Subaru’s original world, but in spite of the presence wooden beams and paper doors, there was a certain something that felt off.

The beds probably took many painstaking attempts to figure out before the designers had decided on laying animal skins on a wooden bed.

The feeling wasn’t bad, it was just a slight deviation from what Subaru was used to.

Subaru: “I really can’t agree with not sleeping on the floor just because social norms dictate that blankets have to go on beds.”

Beatrice: “Putting a blanket directly on the floor is poverty, in fact. Betty can’t condone her partner becoming a man with no earnings, I suppose.”

Subaru: “I’m always working you so hard.”

Beatrice: “What’s that supposed to mean, in fact?”

Garfiel: “What’re y’two chatterin’ on about?”

Beatrice, who had been engaging in coordinated banter with Subaru, jumped up at the sudden appearance of a third voice. However, her feet were still numb so she lost her balance and fell into the bundle of quilts on the floor. Subaru quickly reached over and righted her.

Subaru: “Garfiel? Is your adventure over?”

Garfiel: “Th’midget finally let’m go free after an spendin’ th’entire day. Beatrice’s, why’r ya actin’ crazy?”

Subaru: “She’s never been so far away from home before, so she’s super excited! She even had trouble sleeping, isn’t she cute?’

Standing at the entrance to the room, Garfiel laughed hard enough to reveal his sharp teeth.

Because the guest room also had a paper door, Beatrice hadn’t heard it open and was scared at the sudden intrusion. Subaru, on the other hand, was sitting facing the entrance, so he’d seen Garfiel immediately.

Subaru: “So, what’s up? Dinner?”

Garfiel: “Nah, dinner prob’ won’t be ‘till later. Th’s nothing for me t’do alone in m’room, Captain, and ‘sides, Otto-nii still hasn’t come back yet.”

Subaru: “Well, Otto isn’t a kid, so you don’t have to worry too much about him. Even if we incur some debt here, I doubt he’d give us any extra trouble in solving it.”

Garfiel: “Right.”

Otto had left a few hours ago to go settle a debt. Garfiel has no objection to this, since, after all, he knew what Otto was like.

Of course, when it came to asking him for help, there was something incredibly reliable about him.

Subaru: “But those are different things.” Garfiel: “What’re y’talkin’ about now?”

Of course, Garfiel was used to Subaru’s frequent mutters to himself. Garfiel gestured toward the corridor with his chin.

Garfiel: “If y’don’t have anythin’ goin’ on, can the Captain tag ‘long with me for a bit?”

Subaru: “Tag along with you? Oh, a bath? A bath, right? You mean a bath? Open air bathing is too good to pass up on. I was looking around earlier and I found bathrobes, the thought of seeing Emilia-tan in a bathrobe is enough to raise my spirits! They’ve been raised already!”

Tatami and the architectural style were very difficult to reproduce, but the bathrobe appeared to have been commercialized. Subaru gave a mental tribute here to those in Kararagi who had been responsible for it.

However, standing before such an excited Subaru, Garfield wore a serious expression, one that was somber enough that even Subaru couldn’t continue to joke around. A worried look came to his face.

Subaru: “Garfiel. What’s wrong? Is there something you want to do?”

Garfiel: “No, ’s not really th’big ‘f a deal, but…”

Touching the white scar on his forehead forehead white scars, Garfield fell silent for a moment. Then he stared straight at Subaru.

Garfiel: “I jus’ wanted t’know exactly how strong th’world greatest hero is.”


36 thoughts on “Arc 5 – Chapter 12, “Crushing Atmosphere of the Tea Room””

  1. Perhaps I missed something but I thought it was natural, since his introduction in season 1 to assume that Willhelm was related to Reinhardt ?

  2. “I jus’ wanted t’know exactly how strong th’world greatest hero is.”

    Wow, garfiel’s just coming right out with it. Reinhardt V Garfiel HYPE!

    Will he be able to scratch him

  3. reinhard he is strongest one go fight him
    seriously that guy has so many divine protection and skills not to mention strength. he is practically like blessed by god.

    1. basically, if he wants a power he gets it, he is basically a god, and he could solve any issue requiring strength.

  4. Everyone talking about Garfiel…but really, the scene with Subaru being praised by everyone, it legit made me tear up.

    After all the hell and suffering he’s been through, it is now it sinks on him the weight of his actions. He never thought these people would think so highly of him.

    One of my favorite chapters so far.


      1. Seriously people how can you talk about something else

        When the hell Subaru has been through died so many times literally suffered through hell amd yet nobody gave him even the slightest praise he derved

        And how can the narrator called him pathetic is his eye sight okay?? But maybe it is to make things intresting
        Still they at least did priased him a bit

    1. Yeah, that give some different sensation in heart. Subaru getting some of the credit of his hardwork but it still fell sad that except witches no one knows the hell out of suffering in the process.

  5. Subaru being praised felt like a dream come true. I felt to happy for him, it made me emotional. And of course, Subaru and Beako interactions are always the best.

    1. Whenever a character mentions about Barusu’s scary eyes, I wonder if they will ever find out that he’s been through hell like a thousand times!

      1. Something to note is, Subaru eyes aren’t scary cause he died a bunch of times. He was born with those eyes. He inherited them from his mom, he always had Sanpaku eyes

  6. As Rob said, yeah, it’s amazing to finally see Subaru’s suffering paid off. He deserves it, and it’s been a long, long time coming. (4+ arcs)!

    Even the mentioning of taking down the Great Rabbit is nice. I was worried it wasn’t going to be recognized, as in an earlier chapter it was mentioned that it had to be confirmed that the Great Rabbit was dead first.

    Also Garfiel seems to be a bit jealous. Hope things don’t get too out of hand.

  7. My eyes watered, and I’m smiling vigorously! I’m proud, happy, to the edge of jumping!
    Subaru MY MAAAAN!!! Not to mention, Garfiel’s feeling towards Reinhardt seemed to be with jealousy. Of course not with admiration as we saw in bus first encounter with Reinhardt. I actually read What IF Greed story, and Garfiel had huge enmity towards Reinhardt.. well I don’t want to spoil.
    Great chapter one of my top top 7 so far Oh almost forgot, I’m worried about Otto!

  8. This was so heartwarming to see Subaru getting group appraisal. He deserves it. He’s spearheaded 3 monumental tasks in the span of one year that the Re:zero world couldn’t do in hundreds. He has already defeated 2/3 of the 3 great witchbeasts and defeated a sin archbishop (coming up on 2 probably with this arc). I am curious if Subaru will ever makes the connection between Betelguese being “Juice” and having to break the bad news to Emilia.

  9. Seriously people how can you talk about something else

    When the hell Subaru has been through died so many times literally suffered through hell amd yet nobody gave him even the slightest praise he derved

    And how can the narrator called him pathetic is his eye sight okay?? But maybe it is to make things intresting
    Still they at least did priased him a bit

    1. cut content from season 1

      Al originally revealed that he was from earth in the carriage ride with Priscilla. They likely cut it so that they didn’t have many unanswered questions when the season ended, as they didn’t know whether or not they were getting a season 2.

  10. I don’t know why but I feel like the purple hair girl the one that starts with a A is planning something terrible no way she is going to give out that kind of info becuase if that crusch defeats him that’s going to boost her chances of getting picked by like 100x I don’t know mabey it’s just me getting to anxious but I am happy to see Subaru getting praised like that after the hell he been troughs even thought I don’t agree with some of the actions he made with the presses for example killing himself to save one person and he did it twice but it depends I wonder if him killing himself just creates a new timeline or he stays in the same one becuase if he does not emilla and the others have to experience him dying from the other timelines for example like I said the timelines where he kills himself but mabey I might have done the same thing if I had a chance to save the people I love lol

  11. “i just wanted to see how strong that world’s strongest Hero is”

    Oh garfiel you don’t wanna know how strong Reindhard is, man literally one shoted a great spirit to the moon

  12. “the thought of seeing Emilia-tan in a bathrobe is enough to raise my spirits!”
    You sure the spirit is the only thing that’s raising?

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