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It takes them three days before they set out for Pristella.

Roswaal: 「I respect Emilia-sama’s decision, aaaaaaand there’s nothing urgent for her to do here, sooooo I’m amenable to it. Though it iiiiiiiiiis worrying that their intentions are uuuuuuunreadable.」

The Meeting of the Western Lords—a conference between Margrave Roswaal and the other lords under that banner—will be taking place in the mansion of the most neutral lord among them. The lords are generally compliant to Roswaal’s beat, but some definitely do voice objection and unease about his support for Emilia.

Most of the lords are copacetic to Roswaal’s policy of demihuman favouritism, or really, equality for demihumans, but half-elves are not commonly regarded as demihuman. Over the past year, they have succeeded in getting some lords to superficially support her through discussions and deals. This conference is, in part, to establish a podium for her to speak with the lords who still stubbornly refuse her. Roswaal is leaving the mansion empty to set up that groundwork.

Emilia: 「I’m sorry. I honestly wanted to attend the meeting too, but…」

Roswaal: 「Iiiiiiiiit would backfire. The purpose of this meeting is so that you may speak with them later, meaning that it would be foul play to reveal you at this stage. ..Hoooooowever, if you could calm the confusion and silence the rebelling lords with some masterful piece of oration, that wooooooould be nice.」

Emilia: 「…I don’t think I can manage that yet. Okay. I’ll behave.」

Emilia purses her lips and casts her gaze down in frustration. Roswaal nods at her, satisfied. Subaru does want to object to Roswaal’s somewhat sarcastic tone, but at least it means the guy is speaking with her more sincerely. It’s infinitely better than last year, when Roswaal blatantly kept Emilia the Accessory away from the political issues—or so Emilia divulged to Subaru after he complained about it.

Roswaal makes a far more dependable supporter now that he’s being proactive. But since his motives are questionable, it’s only half as beneficial as it initially seems.

Subaru: 「Assuming that Petra’s definitely going to the meeting… who’s left in the mansion?」

Roswaal: 「Anne-Rose and her associates wiiiiiiill be attending. I doubt there will be any issues if Clind-kun is present, coooooonsidering his favouritism for Petra. I was intending to leave Frederica here, since she gets along poorly with him… what about you, Ram?」

Ram: 「I shall accompany you as you desire, Roswaal-sama.」

Subaru: 「You say ‘as you desire’ but it’s totally your desires talking…」

Ram is still an advocate for Roswaal, but is less hesitant to insist upon her own desires now. Roswaal seems to be accepting it without thinking it strange. Their relationship of one-sided dependency looks to have changed. The dependant atmosphere around them is gone, and it feels like they actually understand each other now. Though it’s unclear whether it’s beneficial to have someone around who empathises with Roswaal.

Ram: 「What are you staring at. Say anything thoughtless and I’ll mash your eyes to paste, Barusu.」

Subaru: 「Sister, in your mind, just how incessant am I exactly?」
Ram: 「…」

Ram makes an extremely complicated expression. It’s not because it’s a tricky question. It’s just the expression she makes whenever Subaru calls her ‘Sister’. She doesn’t dislike it, but it doesn’t feel legitimate. Since she has yet to recover her memories of Rem, those years of being worshipped by her little sister are still lost to the void.

Roswaal: 「It would worry me were it only Emilia-sama and yourself leaving, buuuuuuut I’m sure that you’ll be fine with Garfiel and Otto-kun accompanying you. Otto-kun will keep you from bumbling into any horrendously awful agreements, and Garfiel resolves the worst of problems by pulverising them while you flee.」

Emilia: 「But I think that’d cause sooo many problems too… I’ll do my best to keep it from coming to that.」

Subaru: 「Leave pressuring them to me, Emilia-tan. I’ll be right on them whether it’s Anastasia-san or Julius. There’s this chatty witch I know who’s taught me all about people dodging important topics in conversation.」

Emilia: 「I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about…」

Subaru shoots Emilia a thumbs up and grins, teeth sparkling. Naturally, Emilia knows that Subaru is joking around to relax her. They have build enough trust over the last year for that much understanding, at least.

Roswaal: 「Noooooooooow, Beatrice. I can trust that yoooooooou’ll look after them?」

Beatrice: 「Of course, in fact. You can’t rest easy about any of these people were Betty not with them, I suppose.」

Beatrice’s pigtails bob as she puffs out her chest. Her adorable attitude puts a smile on everyone’s face. Though she herself just looks displeased.

—Regardless, with this conversation over, they determine to leave for Pristella.

Joshua: 「Ask for the Seasylph Lodge once you arrive. That is where Anastasia-sama awaits you.」

Mimi: 「Don’t keep her waiting!」

On that note, Anastasia’s subordinates leave the Roswaal Manor. They leave for Pristella first to tell Anastasia that the invitation has been accepted.

Garfiel: 「Yeh, take care.」

Mimi: 「You take care too, Garf! I’m gonna be super on edge waiting, so you better come!」

Garfiel: 「Hell about you’s on edge. But I get ya. These guys ain’t got a hope without my amazin’ self. We’ll settle this there. Get yer neck ready fer th’rope.」

Mimi: 「Huh? Okay! I’ll get it super ready!」

This cute little exchange between Mimi and Garfiel was particularly notable. Garfiel had been so wary of the two during their stay, but going by Mimi’s attitude, feels like his fears were misplaced. Or rather, feels like Mimi is extremely affectionate when making friends. She started calling him ‘Garf’ out of nowhere, so perhaps Anastasia’s invitation really isn’t hostile.

Joshua: 「You may have won Mimi over, but I… I myself shall not yield so easily.」

Says Joshua, trying to stay stoic while following his cheerful bodyguard. Mimi keeps a tight grip on his arm, yanking him down and forward as she bounds ahead. His expression is dead serious during all of this, which is kind of comical. But even Subaru has fostered enough kindness over this year to not inform him of the fact.

Emilia: 「Joshua-kun, will you be okay? You have such a lovely outfit, but the sleeve’s seconds from coming off…」

Joshua: 「P-Please don’t worry. There’s no need for concern!」

While Subaru can understand the poor boy’s feelings, the attending angel cannot. Emilia speaks with sincere concern for Joshua, who musn’t raise his voice and instead tries to pry Mimi off, looking miserable. But Mimi is expectedly stronger than Joshua and his efforts come to nothing.

Joshua: 「My brother may call you his friend, but I believe he is being far too kind. Which is one of his virtues. I believe it my job as his younger brother to compensate for that, so you best not expect any mercy from the Juukulius family.」

Subaru: 「What, you already stopped with the ‘I myself’ thing?」

Joshua: 「P-Please pay attention to what I’m saying! Trying to make a fool of me! Not a very pleasant man, are you!」

Subaru: 「I’m more worried about you and how you’re forgetting your place as your master’s servant. If you deride people in public, it’d probably wind up as a black mark on the Juukulius family.」

Joshua: 「—!」

Joshua’s face pales, but Subaru isn’t trying just to criticize him. And Subaru’s at far higher risk for insulting people in public anyway. Not that Joshua would know that, and Natsuki Subaru being Natsuki Subaru has reason not to tell him.

Emilia: 「Subaru, stop bullying younger kids. I’m so sorry, Joshua-kun. Subaru’s… he can be like that.」

Joshua: 「—. N-no… I was truly being impolite. I apologize.」

Subaru: 「Just ‘I’? Ow! Ow, that hurts, Emilia-tan!」

Subaru immediately starts criticizing Joshua again, when Emilia grabs his ear and yanks it. Joshua sees tears rise in Subaru’s eyes, and, satisfied, decides to leave the conversation there.

With a deep breath, Joshua files into his dragon carriage. But since ligers are pulling the vehicle rather than dragons it’s really a dog carriage, which he files into. Perhaps dog races are a thing here?

Subaru: 「Might be worth it to introduce some forms of entertainment, like horse racing and stuff…」

Subaru’s ideas that use his Unique Knowledge From The 21st Century never graduate from his imagination. But maybe he should more seriously consider utilizing his knowledge. First he needs to judge what the pros and cons of popularizing horse racing would be, and,

Emilia: 「What’s up, Subaru. You look like you’re thinking of something sooo devious.」

Subaru: 「Got a rare flood of ideas from my Unique Knowledge From The 21st Century. Like a burst of Subaruisms.」

Emilia: 「Oh, you thought of another new topping? I liked the mayonnaise, and I liked the tartar sauce too.」

Subaru: 「This time I’m thinking unique in a way that the populace would never conceive.」

Incidentally the Roswaal Mansion carries a stockpile of tartar sauce, just like it does mayonnaise. Basically everyone here likes it, but it doesn’t entirely satisfy Subaru.
While all this chitchat is going on, Joshua and Mimi get ready to leave and their carriage begins to move. They aren’t sitting on the coachman’s seat to drive, Mimi just mounts one of the two ligers and controls their course directly. Her white robe flutters as she smiles cheerfully.

Mimi: 「Okay! See you two and Garf later!」

They pleasantly see Mimi off, and wave goodbye to a wary Joshua through the window too. Two days after seeing them off, Subaru and the others leave for Pristella.

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Otto: 「It will take us over ten days to get there, even if we hurry. We have no real need to hurry, either, so let’s relax and take our time.」

Nobody has any objection to Otto’s plan. He is the one most accustomed to traveling among them, and he probably holds the median value in their group for physical resilience. If they travel at a pace that puts no strain on him, then everyone should enjoy a safe journey.

Otto: 「Considering the carriage’s load, we will have Frufoo and Patrasche-chan pull the carriage. And since we plan not to camp anywhere, we should be fine with only the bare minimum of emergency supplies.」

Garfiel: 「’S no good fer th’body t’just sit there in a carriage th’whole time, Otto.」

Otto: 「If that’s what you think, you’re always free to leave the carriage and run.」

Garfiel: 「Yup, that’s what’ll do.」

Emilia: 「That’s what you’ll do?」

With this little scene where Garfiel and Otto’s usual banter shocks Emilia, the journey to Pristella begins.

But, having said that, the journey itself proceeds without issue. They have some trouble when they cross borders into non-Mathers territory, or when passing through other lords’ gates, but the issue is more or less resolved by flashing the Mathers family crest or showing Emilia’s presence. This itself is liable to stir up trouble too, but they come across no one plotting anything nefarious because of this journey.

When wild dogs or witchbeasts appear on the road, foolishly trying to attack the carriage,

Garfiel: 「Perfect. Been wantin’ t’smack some critters around.」

Garfiel violently tears through the group, scaring away the instigating animals. His perfect work as a bodyguard actually makes the poor witchbeasts sympathetic. But even terrifying Garfiel has to kill downtime by chewing on a knife he brought, giving him a trace of gap moe. Also it’s always unnerving to see him chew the hard steel to bits.

Beatrice: 「Mm. This dragon isn’t bad, in fact. I’ll concede that much, I suppose.」

Says Beatrice, seated next to Subaru, who holds the reigns. Perhaps it’s a surprise, but Otto isn’t the only one tasked with driving. It took a year of trying, and a dragon that knows Subaru’s idiosyncrasies, but he can drive a carriage now. Is one thing you could say, but this is Patrasche and Otto’s dragon Frufoo. Though, the only other dragons that the Roswaal Mansion keeps are Rascal and Peter. Of course Subaru’s familiar enough with them to name them.

Subaru: 「How about less condescension, and more helping me with the reigns? Patrasche is abounding in maternal spirit, I’m sure she’ll be nice to you too, Beako.」

Beatrice: 「I’d rather not, in fact. Actually, that dragon is quite plainly glaring at me, I suppose. She doesn’t consider me a friend, in fact. What are these horrendous lies about maternal spirit, I suppose.」

Subaru: 「Hey, there’ll be no badmouthing Patrasche. I’ll never let anyone insult Emilia-tan, Rem, you, or Patrasche.」

Beatrice: 「You include me in your list, but still won’t let me, I suppose?」

Subaru: 「When it’s someone on the list, they’re being naughty!」

Beatrice tries to escape, but it’s impossible on the narrow driver’s platform. Subaru grabs her by the scruff of the neck and draws her near, setting her on his lap as she struggles. He attempts to sentence her to tickle torture, when a strand of her hair brushes across his nose, making him sneeze dramatically—and the carriage swerves.

Otto: 「Natsuki-san! Don’t let them do anything odd! If they exit the Windbreaker Blessing, we’re all going to have a terrible time with the motion sickness!」

Subaru: 「Sorry! Beako was being so much fun that I just…」

Beatrice: 「Don’t you try to make this Betty’s fault, in fact! Subaru just went and… stop tickling me, I suppose! Sto–pffweheehee!」

Otto sighs at the two as they play. Emilia giggles,

Emilia: 「They really get along so well. Not too long ago, I never would’ve imagined that Subaru and Beatrice would be so close.」

Otto: 「Personally, I can’t believe that they were ever apart. It’s almost sickly how sweet Beatrice- chan is and how doting Natsuki-san is.」

Emilia smiles solemnly, looking something like a mother or older sister to Otto’s eyes. But Otto isn’t tasteless enough to point it out, or to encourage Subaru’s antics.

Otto: 「We’ll leave them to their merriment while we discuss something more important. That is, we will discuss the goals of Anastasia’s faction, and how we will respond to them.」

Emilia: 「They’re not trying to just put us in their debt.」

Otto: 「The first of the three years in the selection has passed, making this the final opportunity to establish definite groundwork. Once we establish our footing here, we will secure our support base at the Meeting of the Western Lords. If you ignore that the other factions had that issue resolved from the beginning, we should be about equal to them in our progress.」

Emilia: 「Where is Anastasia sitting right now?」

Emilia has been estranged from the exact movements of the other factions for a while. Because they needed to train Emilia from scratch on how to be a politician, and let her acquire the skills she needs, rather than panic her with unneeded information. Roswaal and Otto, the internal affairs duo, understood that as her reasoning for focusing her attention elsewhere, and also understand that it ought to be safe to remove some of those restrictions on this journey.

So Otto nods to Emilia and begins mentally organizing the facts.

Otto: 「First we will discuss the support for the candidates as of the present. Initially, Duchess Crusch Karsten and Anastasia Hoshin were generally understood as the sure winner and the competition. The other three factions, including yours… if you’d allow me to be blunt, they’re somewhat seen as space-fillers.」

Emilia: 「…Mm, I can’t deny that. But from what you’re saying…」

Otto: 「Exactly. Common opinion has changed over this last year. Because the other three factions, starting with yours, have made notable achievements.」

The most conspicuous achievements from the Emilia Faction, predictably, are the defeat of Sloth and the White Whale. Crusch’s Faction was the one leading the offensive against the Whale, but Crusch herself has publicly stated the greatness of Sir Natsuki Subaru’s contribution to the effort. Though the other factions were helping, Subaru headed the Sloth offensive. Both achievements instantly drew public attention to the previously-disregarded Emilia. Emilia also stands out negatively due to her heritage. For better or for worse, Emilia is widely acknowledged as the topic of much gossip and rumour.

The other unknown candidates, Felt and Priscilla, have also been given similar benefits.

Priscilla Barielle has done remarkable work. After inheriting land from her deceased husband, Leip Barielle, she used Lugnica’s unfortunate position as a nation bordering the long-hostile Vollachian Empire to her advantage, and instantly made allies of the neighbouring territories in the confusion. Almost like magic, she pacified Vollachia and made allies of the lords. Then she revitalized lands that had been ruined by war. In this short time frame, she has definitely shown good prospects. She also has her overwhelming attitude and her looks going for her. Southern Lugnica grows more and more supportive of her by the day.

Meanwhile, Felt has Reinhard Van Astrea and the territories of the Astrea family: relative to the other candidates, she is stuck in the shadow of her knight. The title of ‘Sword Saint’, as overwhelmingly famous as it is, is not especially useful when choosing a new Ruler. The attitudes of the local lords, including those in the Astrea domain, veer closer to distrust than caution.

But Felt overcame this poor situation quite unexpectedly. Rather than consult the powerful nobles who could stymie the other candidates, she assembled those who had resigned from office and commoners on the streets. Felt is stupidly good at picking out those with hidden aspirations, or talented people who were never given a chance. Never mind the rumours about her having royal blood, she can identify people’s talents and assign them to a post, which is perhaps the most important quality in a leader. From that small trigger, the Astrea household and its surrounding territories burst into activity, while the onlooking lords began to slowly change their tune. It’s still just a small spark, but she is definitely carving herself a place in history. Nobody important in this nation is ignoring her.

Otto: 「…is where each faction is now. Our faction is quite notable for its achievements, but the other two parties have a more stable foundation. Though, I believe that we could disregard that if the Sizeable Hare offensive were officially acknowledged.」

Emilia: 「Otto-kun, you’re saying the same things as Subaru. But maybe this means it’s safe to take a narcissistic view, and say that we’re about in the middle.」

Otto: 「For now. Yes. But… there have been some changes on Duchess Karsten’s front. Ones that are to our benefit.」

Emilia: 「To our benefit?」

Otto: 「Yes. Duchess Crusch Karsten, as if she’s a different person, has lost some of her lustre over this year. She used to be stern in both public and private affairs, someone that the supporters of the previous Duke Karsten couldn’t help but accept.」

Something has changed in her politics and policies. She has become less decisive, and plainly gives a soft impression. Rumours have spread that she attempted her best to serve the unwomanly role of Duchess, but finally her true colours have come through.
She’s apparently busy dealing with unsatisfied subjects and lords, even calling upon the previous, retired Duke’s assistance.

Otto: 「People were certain that she’d win the Selection, being that she secured the first achievement with the White Whale offensive… but, it’s unclear what exactly led to her downfall. Emilia-sama, be sure to keep vigilant.」

Emilia: 「—I see.」

Emilia lowers her eyes, full of gloom. She can’t help but feel sympathetic for her rivals, but Otto finds that stance dangerous and fragile. They’re eventually going to oppose each other. It’s disadvantageous to be unduly supportive. This last year has taught Otto that the truism applies in both commerce and politics.

Otto: 「Try not to brood on it. More conversations like this will have to happen in the future.」

Emilia: 「Mm. Thank you. I know you’re just looking out for me.」

Otto: 「Excellent. Now, let’s finally get onto the topic of Anastasia’s faction. They have nowhere to call their base in Lugnica, but have the backing of important merchants in Kararagi. Stores that had originally been considering the idea are now springing up across Lugnica, all with Hoshin Enterprises’s backing.」

Emilia: 「But what does that mean? Maybe there are lots of new stores, but that doesn’t mean lots of new suppor… oh, there’s more people who know her, so she’s more visible?」

Otto: 「That would be a side-effect, I think. Her goal is more simple than that. —She can use far much more money. And since money is so simple, it works on anyone. There is no creature of society out there who lives in peace after economic downfall.」

Making allies of merchants means making more friends in the world of business. And being that economics supports society, holding economic power means she can attack and defend that society. She’s making allies all over the place, making it nigh impossible to counter her, a businesswoman who prioritises her economic strength.

Otto: 「I believe that Anastasia’s faction is the one we must be most cautious of. And then we get an invitation from them… and it all feels like we’re going to wind up in their debt. Do you understand how immeasurably troubled I am?」

Emilia: 「…It’s finally sunken in sooo deep. I’m sorry for acting so rashly.」

Otto: 「Nothing to worry, just as long as you understand. You’ll never do anything careless again I’m sure… I’m sure… because I’m sure that you understand!」

Emilia bows her head, and Otto shakes his in submission, then sighs.

Otto’s clear explanation of matters makes it very easy to understand. Emilia nods over and over.

Indeed. The world of politics is complex and tricky.
She already knew that her thoughts of ‘I’ll do my best’ and ‘Let’s do our best’ wouldn’t secure her the victory, but it dizzies her to think that she has to pay mind to what the others are doing. She’s glad that he’s revealed these secrets to her, but it also makes her far more uneasy.

Otto: 「You don’t have to agonize over it alone.」

Says Otto, imagining how Emilia must feel. Emilia looks up. Otto fiddles with his grey hair.

Otto: 「You may be the central figure, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. You have this whole carriage with you.」

Emilia: 「This whole carriage?」

Otto: 「Natsuki-san is at the reigns. Beatrice-chan is on guard to make sure he doesn’t slack off. Garfiel is keeping lookout atop the carriage, and I am the one who planned our itinerary. What you do is thank all of us for our work, and we’ll bumble our way to Pristella.」

Emilia’s eyes widen, comprehending what Otto means. And it’s funny, because this indirect phrasing reminds her of someone else.

Emilia: 「Otto-kun. You sound sooo much like Subaru.」

Otto: 「What!? Truly!? Oh no… he must’ve infected me over all this time spent with him… n-no, please no, this terrifying thought just—」

Subaru: 「Hey, Otto! What are you talking so cheerily about with Emilia-tan? Emilia-tan smiles are my diet, so you better not steal any!」

Otto’s shoulders hitch up as the person in question butts into the conversation. Otto’s reaction makes Emilia smile, and Otto smiles back, looking defeated.

Subaru: 「Come on! What’s so interesting!? This isn’t fair! Beatrice, take the reigns. I’m busting in.」

Beatrice: 「Auh! No, in fact! Stop, I suppose! I can’t… I-it’ll flip over! It’s going to flip over, in fact! Look, she’s going to flip it over, I suppose!」

Hearing the yells from the driver’s seat, Otto resignedly gets to his feet. A certain impatient knight must be hitting his limit. Time to swap places and visit the dragons.

Emilia: 「Otto-kun.」

When Emilia calls Otto from behind as he prepares to move to the driver’s seat. He glances back at her, and his breath catches. Emilia’s trusting smile stabs him through the chest.

Emilia: 「I know I’ll cause some problems, but I’ll still do my best. I’m counting on you.」

Otto: 「—Yes, please do. I’ll take my own enjoyment in the scraps.」

Emilia: 「That also sounded kind of like Subaru.」

With a bitter smile, Otto steps over to the driver’s platform. Subaru and Emilia are both devious. For Otto, stricken with an illness where he must answer to the expectations upon him, they’re a lethal combination.

While all this banter unfolds, twelve days pass from their departure. Emilia’s group safely arrives at the Watergate City, Pristella.

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