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Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Anastasia seemed to be striking a preemptive blow. The atmosphere in the Water Plumage Pavilion tensed.

Emilia: “—Thanks for welcoming us in person, it really makes me feel at ease.”

Coming out to meet Emilia was certainly calculated. While Subaru was lost in thought, a slightly confused Emilia voiced a reply, grabbing his attention.

Anastasia cast a frown at Subaru, probably pondering the origins of Garfiel, who was standing next to him, and Beatrice, who was clinging to his sleeve. Subaru, having spent many days frolicking with them in the mansion, was steadied by their presence.

Anastasia: “—The same face as always.” (*she has a kansai dialect)

Her gaze left Subaru for Emilia as she murmured to herself, her light green eyes bearing a hint of ridicule. Her relationship with Emilia had changed little in the year past; a small conflict between them wasn’t unexpected.
Subaru: “Well, she’s just as cute as… no, she’s even cuter than before.”

Emilia: “Subaru, don’t kid around with such a serious expression.”
Hearing her response, Subaru rubbed his nose with an air of awkwardness, noting that Beatrice was paying close attention to the proceedings. The corners of Anastasia’s mouth lifted in a faint smile.

Anastasia: “Natsuki-kun, I heard that after the subjugation of the White Whale things went a bit awry. Are Roswaal’s border territories doing well?”

Subaru: “Sorry you had to catch such unpleasant news. Thanks to your troops, we survived the aftermath. As companions, we’ll mutually support each other, right?”

Anastasia: “Is that so? I’m glad you think so, too. The two of us were glad you could come. It’s been a while since you’ve seen Julius, yes?”

Anastasia clapped her hands together, taking an opportunity to tease Subaru, who immediately caught on and frowned. Emilia and Anastasia laughed simultaneously, as Subaru grew uncomfortable, thinking that neither of them understood his complex relationship with Julius. He’d tried to explain it over and over to Emilia, but each attempt inevitably ended in failure.

Garfiel: “Ah…’s bit strange. Guess the woman’s one of Emilia-sama’s enemies?”

The previously silent Garfiel voiced a question, making no attempt to conceal his hostility. Subaru scratched his head in helpless embarrassment, and Anastasia’s round eyes grew rounder.

Emilia: “Garfiel, you’re not wrong, but you’re putting it in a pretty extreme way. After all, weren’t we invited here?”

Garfiel: “Yah but still, won’t ya hav’t stab each other in the back one day? Th’s gonna sting after acting all buddy-buddy.”

Emilia: “That’s true. Garfiel’s a gentle person, so I’m worried about that…” Garfiel: “—hk! Who’s gentle! What’re ya talkin’ bout, Emilia-sama!”

As expected of him, Garfiel hurriedly tried to deflect Emilia’s words. Anastasia eyed him curiously, wondering why he seemed so embarrassed, when,

???: “Ah! Garf is here! Miss, why didn’t you tell me!?”

The wooden door of the inn was flung open with a bang. The racket was caused by Mimi, a catgirl whose lovely face shone brightly as she saw her audience. She flew into the room and surprised everyone by firmly grasping Garfiel’s arm.

Mimi: “Welcome! You’re tired, you’re tired, so Mimi will guide you to your room! That’s where you’ll be staying! Hey, you’re not budging at all!”

Garfiel: “O, Oi, wait, wait! My amazin’ self hasn’t agreed… you’re strong! What!?” Mimi: “This way! That way! Hurry!”

The petite Mimi clung to Garfiel’s arm and, though he should have been strong enough to break free, he was dragged along helplessly, nonetheless. Perhaps she was a using secret technique, but it’s more likely that Garfiel didn’t want to distance Mimi by shaking her off. After all, despite appearances, they were supposed to be the same age.

Anastasia: “Er…”

Garfiel allowed himself to be dragged away with little resistance and Anastasia had a rare troubled look on her face, as did Emilia.

Anastasia: “Hah, Mimi has always been lively, but even so, I was a bit surprised just now.”

Emilia: “Ah, that’s right. That’s good. I thought you might have felt she left you alone.”

Anastasia: “Not at all, that wouldn’t be a problem. However—”

After their exchange, Anastasia’s briefly softened gaze sharpened into a freezing calmness, and Subaru unconsciously moved to stand in front of Emilia.

Anastasia: “I’d like you to tell me what kind of a child he is, the one who has attracted Mimi’s attention.”

The dangerous question was loaded with the quiet, burning rage a woman would hold toward pests who surrounded her cute daughter or little sister. It subtly conveyed that Mimi was loved, and, although they’d arrived early, the thought of dealing with this left Subaru exhausted.

???: “…why is it, Natsuki-san, that you suddenly have such a tired face?”

At that moment, Otto, who had returned from securing the ground dragons and their carriage, found Subaru in an exhausted state and joined their gathering.

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Pristella’s famed hotel, the Water Plumage Pavilion, was tiled with wooden floor boards resembling tatami mats. This place was clearly geared toward exhausted pedestrians like Subaru, who immediately seated himself on a cushion. Beatrice calmly took a seat next to him, but Emilia and others seemed puzzled at the notion of sitting directly on the floor. The long wooden desk and the large hall were all reminiscent of a Japanese style inn, excluding the lack of an actual tatami floor.

However, a true expert like Subaru found places to detract points.

Subaru: “For example, this place lacks a sliding door and a paper door, and, unfortunately, the employees are not dressed kimonos. It’s poor taste to outwardly resemble a ryokan when the atmosphere is not faithfully reproduced.”

Ultimately, Subaru can’t shake away the uncomfortable feeling that the setting is straight out of a fantasy in spite of the employees’ clothing and hospitality.

Subaru: “So, my grade totals to seventy points. This place is barely acceptable, but what is good is good, is how I would grade it. I hope you will work hard to improve in the future.”

Beatrice: “What are you talking about, in fact?”

Subaru: “It’s a kind cheap, spirited, and light-hearted kind of fun that relieves my frustration… so I’ll be fine even if you let go of my hand.”

Beatrice: “…just to be sure, I’ll hold it for a little while longer, I suppose.”

The grip on Subaru’s left hand slightly strengthens, and he said no more, instead turning to face Emilia on his right. Emilia, who had been examining the strange surroundings, noticed his gaze.

Emilia: “It’s so amazing, isn’t it? It’s only a little strange from the outside, but as soon as I enter it I feel sooo odd, sitting on the floor and taking off my shoes…”

Subaru: “I didn’t have a bed in my bedroom, I had a futon on the floor. I’d be surprised if this place doesn’t have any… would the employees let me have one?”

Otto: “What an unusual and unnecessary proposition… or, rather, is Natsuki-san familiar with Kararagi-style customs?”

Otto, sitting opposite Beatrice, joins the conversation. The phrase ‘Kararagi-style’ caught Subaru’s attention.

Subaru: “‘Kararagi-style’? Is this building a product of it?”

Otto: “That’s right, these Wafu architectural styles are designs taken from Kararagi, although their use isn’t widespread here. In Kararagi itself, designs similar to the Water Plumage Pavilion’s are considered traditional.”

Subaru: “So why is this hotel in that style? Is it a diplomacy thing?”

This building was doubtlessly of Japanese design. Subaru wanted to confirm his suspicions on why that was.

As if to supplement Subaru’s thoughts, Otto raised a finger and spoke.

Otto: “That would be because of Pristella’s history itself. Hoshin of the Wastes was responsible for its construction. I trust you’ve heard of him?”

Subaru: “Really, I’ve heard a bit about this Hoshin of the Wastes.”

Otto: “Despite being born in such a dark age, he managed so many achievements. Even calling him a Sage wouldn’t be a stretch. However, it was due to how dazzling he was that disputes ended up happening.”

Otto’s story took place just over a hundred years ago, when Pristella was split between Lugunican and Kararagian cultures. Pristella was geographically Lugnican, but it’s founder Hoshin considered himself and was considered Kararagian. Lugunica disliked the cultural influence of Kararagi and and tried to eradicate all traces of its culture, but the locals took offense and protested, which led to several territorial disputes between Lugunica and Kararagi. Eventually, diplomatic relations deteriorated to the point where both countries were on the verge of cutting off their relationship.

Otto: “Fortunately, this didn’t last. Gradually, regulations became more relaxed, and Lugunica and Kararagi mended their relations. During that period, the import of the customs of Kararagi slowed. It was probably due to that that Luguncia felt secure in letting its security measures become more lax.”

Subaru: “In any case, it’s good the problem was solved. So Kararagi customs can be traced back to Hoshin?”

Otto: “It seems so. Hoshin was a person with innovative ideas from the start. His influences on ideology, technology, and legislation were immense.”

Subaru: “—I see.”

Subaru had received his answer. Otto’s story confirmed that Kararagi’s founder, Hoshin of the Wastes, had the same identity as Subaru and Al, a person summoned from a different world.

Subaru now knew of three people who had been summonsed at various times; Hoshin from 400 years ago, Al from 20 years ago, and himself from one year ago.

Subaru didn’t understand the time gap, or why he was chosen, and it was meaningless for him to speculate wildly. But he certainly wasn’t alone. Just knowing that granted Subaru’s heart some small salvation.

Anastasia: “—It would appear that everyone’s enjoying the inn.”

A thin sliding door made of wood slid open quietly, and Anastasia, entering with perfect timing, stood at the other side with a smile.

And, standing next to her,

???: “Long time no see, Emilia-sama. I sincerely apologize for being late. I should have been the first to welcome you.”

A man with an apologetic face and a sweet, soft spoken voice. Just from hearing it, many women would assume it to be the voice of an angel. An amusing pipe dream, but the voice did have the necessary color, beauty, and strength. This was the voice of the Knight of Knights, Julius Juukulius, which existed solely to vex. At least, that was how it felt to Subaru.

Emilia: “Mm, it’s been a while, Julius. You look like you’re doing well.”

Julius: “I am grateful for your consideration. Likewise, Emilia sama’s kindness and beauty are ever the more polished. It’s as if the shade of your gaze alone strengthes this kingdom, while the rest of the world suffers a loss.”

Subaru found his speech, as always, pretentious and disgusting. Julius turned his gaze to him.

Julius: “It’s been a while since we’ve met face to face. You seem lively as always, Natsuki Subaru-dono.”

Subaru: “…Stop with your phony attitude, it sends shivers down my spine. Subaru-dono my ass, you’re so transparent.”

Julius; “It’s a well-known fact that you were recognized as Emilia-sama’s knight. Your former disrespect of the position should now be disregarded by both of us. First and foremost, as a knight, are you trying to behave accordingly?”

Watching Julius’s virtuous attitude, Subaru scowled.

Subaru: “Yeah, I’m her knight now. No one thought I could do it, but here I am.”

Julius: “I see. Although your position has changed, your attitude has not. —In that case, I will make due without the courtesy.”

Julius dropped his formal attitude and gave a slight smile before approaching and looking down towards Subaru who was sitting on the floor.

Julius: “Then, once again… long time no see, Natsuki Subaru. Do you work hard every day to be an honorable knight?”

Subaru: “Do you even need to ask? After all, I was beaten horribly by someone who thought I was dishonorable, or whatever.”

Julius: “It seems my reputation is being attacked. I recall it being an honorable duel.” Subaru: “Don’t oversimplify, you bastard…”

However, the one at fault was Subaru, and even if he tried to say otherwise it would only make himself look worse. So Subaru, rather than futilely defend himself, insulted Julius in a light exchange of banter. Seeing this, Julius narrowed his eyes as if to say “hmm”,

Julius: “It seems that your shortcomings have been rectified somewhat. If you learn to see things with a knight’s perspective, you would go far. Emilia-sama and Roswaal-sama have an eye for potential, it seems. Even so…”

Julius: “—?”

After appraising Subaru, Julius’s looked around until his yellow eyes stopped on Beatrice, who met his gaze steadily with her own pale blue eyes.

Beatrice: “What is it? You shouldn’t stare too hard at a lady, I suppose.”

Julius: “That was terribly rude of me. I did not expect that a high-level spirit like you would be present here.”

Beatrice: “Because Betty is Subaru’s partner, it is natural I appear here. I am on a completely different level than the quasi spirits who you have brought in. I wonder if you are afraid of me, in fact.”

Beatrice stands with her hands on Subaru’s shoulders and her chest puffed up. That grumpy attitude is based on Julius’s attitude toward Subaru, who is inferior to Julius in every way except one. Both are spirit knights, but Subaru’s contracted spirit is of a higher grade.

Julius was accompanied by his six quasi-spirits corresponding to the six attributes. Greater spirits were stronger than quasi spirits, who were stronger than lesser spirits. Taking that into consideration, it could be said that Subaru and Beatrice were the stronger team.


Subaru: “If you’re comparing actual ability, we have so many faults and are such a waste of potential that we can’t even compare to his quasi spirits.”

Beatrice: “Hmph. If he does not stop disrespecting Subaru… I will tell you what will happen if you disdain Betty’s partner, even if you are a handsome man who causes Betty’s heart to waver, I suppose!”

Subaru: “A handsome man who causes your heart to waver!?”

That was hardly what Subaru wanted to hear, but it was Julius himself, the cause of the crack in their relationship, who caught the reason for it.

Julis: “Do not misunderstand, your spirit is not going to betray you. Her instinct is merely being shaken by my divine protection.”

Subaru: “Your protection…? Seriously, you also have one? What kind of protection?”

Julius: “The protection I have is the Blessing of Gathering Spirits. Simply speaking, it is a kind of blessing that garners the favor of spirits. I also have a contract with quasi-spirits of six attributes. Only with the power of that protection am I able to maintain them.”

Beatrice: “Betty will not lose! Subaru is better than you… I suppose!” Subaru: “Thank you! Please, don’t hurt me any further!”

Although the bond of trust between Subaru and Beatrice was unbreakable, he was still disappointed at his lack of a firm response. Whenever Subaru faced Julius he would, without fail, become worked up over any of his own shortcomings. That was the main reason for his former hatred of Julius.

Anastasia: “As usual, our knight is attentive to Natsuki-kun.”

Julius: “Not at all. I am merely discussing the attitude of a knight as his senior. The knights of the kingdom of Lugunica may be judged from his behavior.”

Anastasia: “Well, Natsuki-kun already has a reputation as a knight, doesn’t he? That Julius really is dishonest.”

In response to Anastasia’s teasing, Julius lowers his head and nods silently. Anastasia probably would have won anyway, only to be smug about it later. Their motions had that air of familiarity.

—Beatrice patted Subaru’s left shoulder, while Emilia his right.

Beatrice: “Don’t be too worried, in fact. Looks aren’t everything, I suppose.”

Emilia: “I’m glad that Subaru and Julius are getting along, I’d be happy if you two became good friends.”

How would other people view this? All Subaru could receive from them was unhelpful comfort. He scratched his cheek with frustration as Anastasia took a seat across from him.

Subaru: “Come to think of it, why are only the two of you here? Mimi and Garfiel… are probably on a date, but…”

Anastasia: “It’s like you said, Mimi is with the blond child right now. Hetaro adores his sister and is probably keeping an eye on them, and Tivey is probably keeping an eye on Hetaro.

That’s why they’re not with me at the moment.”

Subaru: “Did Ricardo not come? I know that the kitten triplets are pretty strong, but isn’t it comforting to have a full grown knight around?”

It was odd that the triplets were here, but Ricardo, who usually handled their antics, was missing, as was Julius’s brother Joshua.

Julius: “Unfortunately, we’re not just in Pristella for fun. Ricardo and my brother Joshua have business elsewhere. You should have met him by now, yes?”

Subaru: “Yeah… and he’s a lot like you. If his frame were a little steadier, he could play you perfectly. Actually, he should do that anyway. You can leave now.”

Julius: “I’ll keep your interesting opinion in mind, but that would be difficult for Joshua. He’s not a child well suited for excessive travel. Frustratingly, I hold several concerns about him, as his older brother.”

To Subaru’s annoyance, Julius took him seriously and began worrying about Joshua. Otto interrupted Subaru’s awkward silence by clearing his throat.

Otto: “Ehm — I don’t mind this casual atmosphere, but now that almost everyone’s here, could we all give introductions?”

Anastasia: “I’d like introductions too, since the only people here I really know are Emilia-san and Natsuki-kun. I especially want to hear more about this competent seeming officer and the powerful great spirit-chan.”

Otto: “Oioi, it’s really not like you to be lacking information, Anastasia-sama. Is something amiss in your reports?”

Anastasia: “I can imagine why you would have that impression, but I think it would be best if we don’t get into whose information is accurate!”

Dodging a question by the competent seeming officer, she gives a nod to Julius.

Julius: “Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Julius Juukulius of the Knights of the Kingdom of Lugunica, although presently I am only serving as Anastasia-sama’s knight.”

Julius gave Otto a slight bow, who nodded in response to his elegant gesture. Julius then moved on to an introduction of his master, Anastasia.

Julius: “I present one the candidates for king of the Kingdom of Lugunica, Anastasia Hoshin, the gifted businesswoman who runs Kararagi’s Hoshin Company.”
Otto: “Right… right, yes!”

Subaru: “Don’t bow to just an introduction!”

Otto: “—hk! It was a mistake, the momentum was overwhelming!”
Subaru gave the back of Otto’s head a whack, as Anastasia watched, pleased with Julius’s introduction.

Subaru: “Don’t be intimidated by titles! Our Emilia-tan is a wonderful candidate for the same throne, and she won’t lose to Anastasia!”

Emilia: “Mm, that’s right. I’m also a candidate, so I’ll do my best.” Subaru: “Ahhhh, you’re so cute. I can’t help but say EMT!” Emilia: “I’m somewhat troubled that I find your antics calming…”

Seeing their typical, pointless, banter, Otto regains his composure and faces the opposing camp.

Otto: “Thank you for your detailed introduction. I’m slightly late in saying this, but I’m Otto Suwen, Emilia-sama’s Minister of Internal Affairs… Yes, thanks to a certain circumstances caused by a certain someone, a Minister of Internal Affairs is indeed what I am.”

Subaru: “There seems to be bitterness about that decision.”

Otto: “Originally I was going to be a simple merchant, but now what has become of me…”

Although his voice echoed with lament, Subaru stood firm, refusing to give Otto the opportunity to escape. Anastasia stuck her tongue out, in a show of sympathy for Otto.

Next, everyone turned to Beatrice. Seeing their gazes, she presented her small frame openly and squarely then declared,

Beatrice: “Betty is the great spirit Beatrice, I suppose. I am Subaru’s contract spirit, I suppose. As you can see, I rank highly both as a spirit and in cuteness, in fact. I would appreciate some delicious tea and a sweet snack, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Maintain dignity until the end!”

It would always be in Beatrice’s nature to be a mascot character.
Subaru pulled her into his lap and began stroking her hair while she glared, displeased.

Subaru: “Well, that’s why she’s is in a contract with me.”

Julius: “I did believe you had a good compatibility with your spirit, and I wouldn’t call this unexpected, but I didn’t imagine a contract with a great spirit like Beatrice-sama would resemble this.”

Subaru: “Don’t praise my Beako too much. She’s just like her family, anything nice will just go to her head.”

Beatrice: “Hmph. I’m declaring my displeasure with that hasty treatment, in fact.”

Beatrice gave him a look suggesting that she barely accepted him, and Subaru patted her cheek in response. Now that things had calmed down,

Otto: “Well, introductions are over and the atmosphere seems to have calmed down for time being. So, let’s talk business, yes?”

As Emilia’s Minister of Internal Affairs, it was Otto’s role to take the lead in conversations like this and prevent them from being derailed. Anastasia answered while fiddiling with her white fox fur scarf.

Anastasia: “Eh…? Well, it is our job as the hosts to entertain our guests. If you like.” Otto: “Well then. First of all, what are your reasons for inviting us to Pristella?

Anastasia: “Don’t worry, you don’t need to be so on guard. I’m not planning anything. A year has passed since the king’s election started, and we haven’t had opportunities to see each other recently, so I thought I’d just set one up.”

Most people would be easily mislead by her gentle demeanor, but Otto was a veteran at negotiating. The conversation had turned into a battle between merchants.

Otto: “Taking our situation into consideration, we’re here because you lured us with bait. It’s only natural that we would be cautious.”

Ana: “Well, we did invite you here for a reason. There are souvenirs in Pristella that you would want, aren’t there? Think of this as a gift.”

Subaru: “…how did you know which gift we would want?”

Ana: “It’s sort of company secret, Natsuki-kun. We’ll just say that I’m an inquisitive gal and leave it at that.”

Anastasia covered her mouth while laughing. It would be a stretch to say she was making fun of Subaru’s frustration, but that was how it felt. Aware of his angst, Beatrice could not help but sigh, while Subaru wondered how Anastasia learned of their circumstances.

Emilia: “It’s not something I was hiding, so it was inevitable for that information to leak.”

Emilia’s frank admission assuaged a part of Subaru’s worries, and Anastasia blinked in Emilia’s direction, who responded by tilting her head.

Emilia: “From this point onwards, I think that it would be better if everyone would appreciate what Anastasia’s done, instead of being suspicious of her.”

Anastasia: “…to respond to your enemy in such a well intentioned way. Besides, I’m not helping you purely for your benefit, Emilia-san.”

Emilia: “But, thanks to you, I have a way to find what I’ve been looking for. Thank you. I don’t know how I can repay you, but I truly do thank you.

Anastasia: “————“

Anastasia’s eyes widened at Emilia’s smiling response. To her surprise, Julius, seated next to her, softened his gaze, earning himself a glare.

Anastasia: “Is something strange, Julius?”

Julius: “No, it’s merely that your surprised expression is so rare. I think that it is just as beautiful as your natural, unaffected face.”

Anastasia: “Trying to escape with flattery… well, I still appreciate those sweet words.”

With the help of Julius’s words, Anastasia shook off her surprise and regained her usual tone. Then she fixed a sharpened gaze on a curious Emilia.

Anastasia: “Emilia-san, it’s been a year and you still have a disadvantage that you need to work around.”

Emilia: “Mm, I’m lacking in many areas and causing everyone so much trouble, so I’m trying hard to catch up as soon as I…”

Anastasia: “One correction; your greatest disadvantage isn’t that. It’s that you resemble a the terrifying witch from the stories.”

Anastasia exhales deeply and smiles, causing Emilia to stiffen in shock at her sudden change in attitude. Disregarding her, Anastasia turned to Subaru and Otto.

Anastasia: “What about you two? Will you continue to support her? If you do, her reputation will affect your own.”

Subaru: “I will, and I’ll do my best to, because it’s my policy to praise and support her no matter what!”

Otto: “Because of that, most of the burden lands on me. Funnily enough, I have no way out either…”

Subaru throwing a thumbs up, Otto glaring with a bitter gaze. Seeing their conflicting attitudes, Anastasia readjusted her scarf.

Anastasia: “Well, it’s fine. You surely understand the value of gratitude, after all.”

Otto: “Gratitude, huh? Gratitude is great. You don’t have to keep it in the inventory, and there’s no deadline attached to it.”

Anastasia: “Yep, isn’t that right? And most importantly—”

Otto’s words matched Anastasia’s as the two each revealed the face of a merchant.

Anastasia and Otto: “—You don’t have to put a price tag on it.”

They spoke unanimously.

Anastasia clapped her hands as Otto drooped his shoulders. It seemed that this was an established saying. Their perspectives on gratitude were chillingly identical.

Anastasia: “Now, back to what Emilia-san needs… a colorless magical ore, one of the highest possible grade of purity.”

Emilia: “Yes, that’s right, can you tell me what you know?”

On the way to Pristella, Emilia, having consciously realized that she had been acting out of selfishness, had felt guilty and hadn’t wanted to involve Subaru and Otto and the others.

Nevertheless, with the opportunity right in front of her, she of course needed to act. She was closer than ever to seeing her precious family again.

Ana: “The best supplier of high density ore is Muse Company. The person responsible for it currently resides in this town, Kiritaka Muse—a man whose heart was stolen by a songstress.”

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