Arc 5, Chapter 9 – “The Value of A Songstress”

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Liliana: [Then, let me introduce myself once again. Although I’m no longer a traveling minstrel, I’m still a free-spirited bard who goes wherever the wind blows me, crossing the continent with only my singing voice. My name is Liliana, please continue to advise me in the future—— Hk.]

Beatrice: [You bit yourself, in fact.]

One hand holding her instrument gracefully, Liliana smiled as blood flowed freely from her mouth. Beatrice gently wiped it away for her. It seemed her tongue had been wounded rather seriously.

Liliana: [Sorry. I bit my tongue.]

Subaru: [Have you heard of—— Ah, are you the famous Songstress? I know you introduced yourself with her name, but it’s probably kinda rare to just meet her on the street.]

Liliana: [Ah, um, I’m not fond of that title since I’m only a fledgling musician. It sounds so sophisticated. I’m so far from reaching my peak. If people thought I called myself the Songstress, they’d say I’m too conceited.]

Wiping at the bloodied lower half of her face, Liliana’s expression seemed almost coy, leading Subaru to hesitate over his interrogation of her. He decided that rather than interrogate, he would try to casually converse with her. Even so, considering the words she had just uttered, she seemed to have a very high sense of professionalism.

Subaru: [Although I can see where you’re coming from, I think you can accept some praise. That being said, I also sort of admire your attitude about it.]

Liliana: [No, no, it’s nothing so grand. Focusing on getting through each day is fine. So, please.]

Subaru: [————?]

Liliana stretched out a hand to a confused Subaru, who had been admiring her. Since it was empty, Subaru had no idea what she wanted and tilted his head at her smiling face.

Liliana: [Now that you’ve heard the voice of the Songstress, please give me something in return. Did you think listening was free? If so, then your attitude troubles me.]

Subaru: [Then give me back the emotions you made me feel! And take back your moniker as a Songstress too!]

Liliana: [What are you saying!? How do you think a bard ambitions to make a living!? Are you saying I should be giving out feelings for free and eat air as food!? I don’t think so!]

Liliana stomped angrily on the ground. What she said wasn’t wrong, but Subaru’s impression of the Songstress had been significantly lowered. Judging from how cold Beatrice’s large eyes were, he assumed she felt something similar.

Subaru: [Alright. Let’s discuss a tip. How much do you want?]

Liliana: [No, no, the tip should be for the customer to decide based on what his heart feels. Although the more the better.]

Subaru: [For fuck’s sake.]

Taking advantage of Liliana’s laughing, which showed her bloodstained teeth, Subaru pinched her chin with his cold hands. Her face was small, so it was incredibly easy to pinch, and Liliana had to run several laps around Subaru before he let her go. Stepping away dizzily, she muttered “It was just a joke” over and over to herself.

Liliana: [If you’re looking for the Chamber of Commerce in the first place, you should be Kiritaka-san’s guests, right? I wonder if you should be acting this rudely.]

Subaru: [You know, I don’t know you very well, but my impression is only getting worse. I think it’s about time we got going.]

The more he talked to Liliana, the closer Subaru came to reaching the limits of his patience.

When they had found out they were lost, they were already very close to being late, and if they delayed themselves any longer they would very likely miss a critical negotiation. After said negotiations, there would be more challenges and Subaru did not want to lose face by missing the critical first step.

Shaking her head, and her hair with it, Liliana ceremoniously announced, “I understand” and began to lead the way.

Liliana: [So why does the honored guest want to see Kiritaka-san?]

Beatrice: [You don’t understand your position here, I suppose. Stop nosing into matters that you are unrelated to and quietly take us to our destination, in fact.]

Liliana: [Eep!]

Faced with Beatrice’s intimidating tone, Liliana gave a cry resembling that of a small bird’s. Subaru pulled on one of Beatrice’s spiraled twin-tails.

Subaru: [You don’t have to be so angry. Then again, we can’t reveal everything, so a simple, clear explanation would be difficult to give.]

Liliana: [But, I’m Kiritaka-san’s confidant. Isn’t it just a matter of time before I find out?]

Subaru: [Well, if it’s really only a matter of time, then there should be no harm in me taking precautions.]

Liliana: [If you say so… You’re not a person with very good character, huh.]

Subaru: [You’re pretty straightforward, aren’t you? Without your talent for singing, you’d be in serious trouble.]

——There was a saying that geniuses were often strange people. Liliana was probably one such example. Singing was second-nature to her, but her social manners were lacking.

Liliana: [But really, I am a little worried. I’ve been out for a long time, so I’ll probably be scolded when I get back.]

Subaru: [When we’re discussing negotiations, please take care not to speak up. Alright?]

Liliana: [I got it.]

Subaru: [Huh, really?! Convincing you so easily was totally unexpected! You’re blowing my mind.]

Seeing Beatrice and Subaru’s satisfied expressions, for some reason, Liliana puffed out her cheeks in a pout. She raised the instrument in her hands, and began to play.

Liliana: [Inspiration just hit me—— Big Waves, Large Waves, Waves of the World!]

Subaru: [No thanks, we’re good.]

Before the solo could start, Subaru hurriedly snatched Liliana’s instrument out of her hands. Liliana made an “Ahh” sound and she stretched to reach it, but her tiny body couldn’t reach Subaru’s hands.

Subaru: [It’s not a human hostage, it’s a musical instrument. If you lead us to the Chamber of Commerce without derailing us, I’ll give it back to you.]

Liliana: [You’re terrible! Evil! Barbaric! Depraved!]

Subaru: [Hahaha, that’s such an overstatement!]

Having just been denounced as the world’s most wicked person, Subaru plucked a string on the instrument. The sound it made was similar to that of an acoustic guitar.

Subaru, who had had a lot of free time at home, had practiced until he’d become fairly skilled. He could play and sing to a 70’s folk song without much difficulty. If he introduced that music here, maybe it would take off and the music industry would be revolutionized.

Subaru: [Well, maybe it’ll be like it was with mayonnaise.]

Even though he had not considered the implementation of the plan at all, the idea had taken root. In original world, finding an application for a good idea was often taken for granted. In fact, Subaru had no idea how to get around to actually implementing it, just like he had no idea how to mass produce and market mayonnaise.

Subaru: [Playing guitar and telling stories to village kids are both within my skill range. Listen.]

Liliana: [Wait, wait, please stop! I can’t let an amateur play my instrument! If you break it, I can’t make a living anymore… Huh!? You’re pretty good! And I’ve never heard the song before! Eh, what is this?!]

As he walked, Subaru surprised Liliana with his folk songs, plucking some chords. Like this, Subaru and his friends began the walk to the Chamber of Commerce.

Beatrice: [Good grief, I suppose…]

An exhausted Beatrice trailed after the two.

However, her footsteps seemed like they had been set to the tune and rhythm of Subaru’s melody.

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The door of the Muse Chamber of Commerce was not very different from the buildings surrounding it. The First Street and the Second Street separated the residents of Pristella from the tourists and the Chamber of Commerce was located directly between the two.

In terms of convenience, it was only natural that the building was located in the First Street, which was directly accessible from the main gate, but its location in the city also indicated the influence of the building’s owner. It was both the innermost and the outermost building, highlighting its uniqueness in an almost exaggerated way.

Liliana: [This is it, the long-awaited Muse Chamber of Commerce.]

Springing over with a dance-like motion, Liliana indicated the building in front of her. Although there were taller buildings surrounding it, the four-story Chamber of Commerce seemed to stand incredibly tall. That said, Subaru felt a little regretful.

Subaru: [I knew it wouldn’t look as grand as it had appeared from the entrance of Pristella, but I’m still a little disappointed… It didn’t steal my heart the way the Japanese-style Water Plumage Pavilion did.]

Liliana: [The Water Plumage Pavilion, that weirdly-shaped place on First Street? If you use that as your comparison, even Kiritaka-san will look kind of poor. But, that aside…]

Liliana swung her body up and down in exaggerated motions and reached out the palms of her hands.

Liliana: [Weeell, now that I’ve fulfilled our agreement, can you give Lyulyre-chan[1] back to me? If I don’t have it back by tomorrow, then I’m not sure how I’ll survive.]

Subaru: [Ah, right, right. Here you go.]

Subaru had become tired of singing and playing the back-scratcher-shaped instrument halfway to their destination. Liliana hurriedly took it from him, breathing as if in a panic, and checked it for scratches, then began to rub her face against it and gave it a kiss.

Liliana: [Ahhhh, it’s good to have you back. I’ll never let you go again!]

Subaru: [It’s impressive that your attitude can annoy me this much. I think this is the most annoyed I’ve been at someone’s attitude since Petelgeuse.]

Liliana: [Hooo, I don’t know who he is, but he sounds similar to me. Tell me about him! If I ever meet this Petelgeuse-san one day, I can’t promise he wouldn’t be my lifelong rival!]

Subaru: [He’s a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult.]

Liliana: [Here he goes again! Stop being such a joker! That should be your new name!]

Liliana, dressed like a dancer with a lot of exposed skin, showered Subaru with an overreaction. However, she tilted her head at his cold response, and gradually began to assume a serious expression.

Liliana: [Wait, were you serious?]

Subaru: [That’s right. You probably won’t have many other opportunities to compare yourself to someone who’s dead and gone, so make what you will of it.]

Liliana: [Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute!]

At Subaru’s words, Liliana objected with amazing momentum. Her reaction surprised Subaru, who wondered if she was angry at being compared to a Sin Archbishop. Her next words threw Subaru off even more. They were,

Liliana: [What you said just now, why did it sound like you met a Sin Archbishop?]

Subaru: […And if I did?]

He did not know what she had meant to ask, but it was definitely something important. He had not expected such a reaction after telling her Petelgeuse’s identity as an Archbishop. Although, it wasn’t impossible that she had encountered the poisonous, insect-like Witch Cult before, since they seemed to appear everywhere.

Subaru stiffened up, alert, and Beatrice also paid close attention to the situation, ready to act immediately if need be. One slow reaction, and it would be too late for them.

An oppressive feeling atmosphere, with two people looking to see how she would react, Liliana spoke. She said,

Liliana: [Are you perhaps the… Lolimancer[2], Natsuki Subaru-sama?]

Subaru: [Ugh.]

Beatrice: [Ugh, I suppose.]

Under Liliana’s shining gaze, Subaru and Beatrice replied at the same time.

That was the most dishonorable name that Natsuki Subaru, who had been knighted and allowed to call himself Emilia’s Knight in name and reality, had earned in the past year.

――They say, the half-elf’s Knight is a mysterious person who always has a little girl beside him.

Liliana: [You were indispensable in slaying one of the Three Great Witchbeasts, the White Whale, alongside Duchess Crusch Karsten, with the Sword Demon Wilhelm himself calling you his benefactor! And immediately after, you continued to make the world tremble! With help from the famous businesswoman Anastasia-san of the Hoshin Trading Company and the Duchess Crusch, you defeated the Witch Cult’s Archbishop of Sloth! And there are unconfirmed rumors that you are also the hero who defeated the Great Rabbit, which has been plaguing the world for four-hundred years!]

Subaru: [Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy!]

Liliana: [What a terrifying reputation!]

Liliana, with two hands raised, wore the expression of a girl who’d found her dreams as she listed Subaru’s merits. Some were accurate, and a few were exaggerated, but he could find no real error in her list.

Even so, her words embarrassed him enough for his entire body to itch, while Beatrice wore a seemingly dissatisfied but happy expression.

Liliana: [And the one being followed loyally by a little girl whose skill in magic is legendary! You’re that Subaru-sama! Aren’t you?!]

Beatrice: [Haha. Betty’s partner Subaru will surpass even the most outstanding figures in history, in fact. He will become the brightest star known to man, I suppose! [3] You should respect him more, in fact!]

Subaru: [H-hey!]

Beatrice, sticking her nose out proudly, and Liliana, bowing down. The two caused more headaches than any troublemaker, and it seemed like their show at the entrance of the Chamber of Commerce had attracted attention of the staff there. Upon seeing them and finding the kneeling Liliana, they all promptly returned to their work.

Subaru: [You, do you always act so exaggeratedly? Everyone here has a strange ‘oh, it’s Liliana, as always’ kind of expression on their face!]

Liliana: [Ah, please stop. Seeing a legend in front of me, my heart is racing! I’m glad to have a chance to witness you in person. Hehe.]

Subaru’s previous unease had all but disappeared, but Liliana grew more and more frantic, saliva even dripping from her mouth.

Liliana: [Well, could—— Could the people you’re meeting with in the Chamber of Commerce really be the ones I’m thinking of!?]

Subaru: […Who are you thinking of?]

Liliana: [No, it’s just that I’ve made a lot of songs based on the famous Emilia-tan. I know she’s a real person, but in my mind, she’s always been a fictional character! If it’s who I think it is, it’s Emilia-tan! Oh, hehe!]

Disregarding Subaru completely, Liliana flew into the Chamber of Commerce. After falling still for one shocked moment, a dumbfounded Subaru could only chase her into the building.

Beatrice: [Subaru! That girl, she even dropped her instrument, in fact!]

Subaru: [Should she really be treating her lifeline like this!?]

Hurriedly grabbing the Lyulyre from Beatrice, Subaru ran into Chamber of Commerce. Seeing the reception staff gawking at the upper floor, he deduced that Liliana had just run up the stairs.

Receptionist: [Y-you are…?]

Subaru: [We’re with Emilia-sama, who should be with Kiritaka-san right now. They told you we would be late, right?]

Receptionist: [Yes, they’re there right now… but Liliana-sama…]

Subaru: [I know the way, can I go up?]

Seeing the receptionist’s stiff nod, Subaru hurried after Liliana. There was no real reason to be in a rush, but the thought of Liliana and Emilia meeting face-to-face made him uneasy. Or, rather, perhaps it would be better to say that their meeting could bring about a troublesome atmosphere.

Even more frightening was that Liliana’s exceedingly strange personality would clash with Emilia’s, and Emilia’s experience and skill in interaction were overwhelmingly inadequate.

Beatrice: [Liliana was acting strange, Betty wonders if she will stay like that!]

Subaru: [I really don’t want to think about what will happen if we don’t stop her.]

Registering Beatrice’s words, Subaru sped to the third floor. Although he had yet to catch her, he’d saw the back of Liliana’s clothing. Now he just had to aim for his goal! Time to show off his parkour skills!

Subaru: [Come on!]

Flying up the stairs, Subaru began to skip steps entirely, using his hand to do an elegant horizontal rotation, drawing ever closer to Liliana, before finally catching her in front of a room near the staircase.

Subaru: [Liliana, wait!]

Liliana: [Uwaah!?]

Liliana, who was still salivating, yelled in surprise as Subaru reeled back, gasping for breath. He had caught her standing upright.

Liliana: [Oh, you caught up, but I’m not quitting so easily. I’m not giving up!]

Subaru: [If you want to meet Emilia no matter what, I’ll ask her for a private meeting, but she’s in the middle of a very important meeting right now.]

Liliana: [Uh… Well. I guess I got a little carried away.]

Hearing Subaru’s serious tone seemed to cool Liliana off a little. She relaxed her shoulders, and Subaru shook his head and handed her the instrument.

Liliana: [Ah, thanks.]

Subaru: [The tool you make a living off is incredibly important. Don’t just throw it away and run. It wouldn’t have been surprising if the instrument used by the Songstress had been taken and pawned off at a high price.]

Liliana: [Don’t worry, Kiritaka-san gave it to me. He loves shopping around.]

Subaru: [Your sponsor is really not ordinary!]

Speaking to Subaru with a bitter smile, Liliana held her cherished instrument to her chest. Her expression was one of sincerity and disbelief at being able to abandon it so easily. Since she’d thrown it down for her ambition earlier, Subaru didn’t know if he could believe her smile.

Liliana: [Well, I’m fine with saving my meeting with Emilia-sama until later… But first, can I discuss something with Natsuki Subaru-sama?]

Subaru: [Drop that bothersome honorific, it’s itchy! Well, what do you want to talk about?]

Liliana: [There’s so much! I want to know how accurate the stories are. Not just so I can hear them but so I can sing about them, too. I can write so many songs from that inspiration, maybe even a heroic one that will be passed down for generations! Just thinking about it makes my heart race!]

Holding out her clenched hand, Liliana’s eyes shone with energy.

While this puzzling scene was happening, Beatrice finally caught up and stumbled upon Subaru and Liliana’s proximity.

Beatrice: [Ah, you, strange girl. Don’t stand so close to Subaru, in fact. Move away, I suppose.]

Liliana: [Don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal. Speaking of which, I also have some questions for the young girl who follows Lolimancer-san!]

Beatrice: [Betty is not a young girl, I suppose! She is a proper lady, in fact! How rude!]

Subaru: [You two are so noisy, always arguing like that! Shush! Emilia-tan is doing negotiations inside…]

Beatrice, who was in an awful mood, and Liliana, who failed to recognize that she was the cause. Subaru was caught in the middle of their argument, and, in his frustration, inadvertently raised his voice. And, at that moment——

Emilia: [——Subaru?]

The door opened unexpectedly, and Subaru’s name was called from the inside.

Looking through the open door, Subaru saw what looked like a reception room, where everyone was sitting on a chaise longue[4], looking at him with surprised expressions.

The Emilia Camp, Otto and Garfiel, as well as Emilia herself. Sitting opposite of them was a lean statured young man who was wearing fine-looking clothes. The one who had opened the door was a middle-aged man who was probably with him.

Subaru: [A-ah… Emilia-tan. What a coincidence.]

Emilia: [A coincidence? Why were you being so loud… Uh, Kiritaka-san?]

Seeing Subaru making an embarrassed gesture, Emilia wore a look of confusion as she turned to the young man sitting opposite of her, who stood and grabbed something from the table.

Then he turned where Subaru was standing,

Kiritaka: [Do, do, do, do, do, DON’T TOUCH MY LILIANA!!]

Suddenly raising his voice, the young man hurled a glowing blue piece of magic ore.

Pure, concentrated energy exploded in front of Subaru, whose vision was momentarily engulfed in blue. Seeing it, he faintly registered a thought of “Wow, how beautiful”, before the impact swallowed him.

――Like that, the first day of formal negotiations broke down.

Translation Notes:

[1] – Liliana’s instrument.

[2] – Kanji is literally “Little Girl User” (幼女使い).

[3] – Oh, the puns. Subaru’s name comes from the Japanese name for the Pleiades (昴), the Seven Sisters from Greek mythology, and a well-known star cluster in the constellation of Taurus (see here). To cap it off, the official title of Arc 5 is “歴史を刻む星々”, which has been translated as “Stars What Make History”.

[4] – A long chair proper for a lounge. One of these.

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