Arc 5, Chapter 25 – “Leo’s Theatre”

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An enigmatic, white-haired youth suddenly entered the barren, chaotic battlefield that had been ripped asunder by ice and fire.

His white hair was neither too long nor too short, without any distinct style. His figure was also neither too muscular nor too slim; he had a medium build which gave off the weak impression that it would be immediately swallowed by the crowd. But,

Subaru: [Sin Archbishop… Greed…?!]

The mediocre young man’s self-introduction left quite an impact on Subaru. As long as Subaru’s ears had not failed him gravely, then that young man had in fact called himself a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult.

And perhaps that statement certainly had not been a lie. If that were not the case, then how else could he have been unscathed from Sirius’s final attack, like nothing had happened?

——Such an anomaly was impossible.

Regulus: [Even so, it’s great that I caught up. After all, my bride nearly turned to ash. Even I, who rarely express any particular expectations, do hope that my bride’s humanoid shape can be kept. More than that being a matter of merit, I think that it’s a matter of course. After all, I do not have the perverted habit to devote my love to a lump of ashes.]

In front of a trembling Subaru, the young man—— the Sin Archbishop, who had called himself Regulus, looked down at Emilia in his arms, weaving such words, bringing with him a fear that refused to dissipate.

Although he spoke smoothly and fluently, the contents of his discourse were empty, as if he were just repeating the same joke over and over. Emilia, who was forced to listen to that joke, did not stir. She seemed to have lost consciousness entirely, her slender form only lying prone in his arms.

Regulus raised a finger to the white hair on his eyebrows.

Regulus: [Although it’s gratifying to see nothing is wrong, it seems regrettable that I can’t reveal my heroism to my bride today. I think that a heroic rescue in the midst of a dead-end crisis brings two people people’s hearts to a very important place. Well, after all, that the two’s hearts shall be connected is already an established fact, and the only question is of the timing. Isn’t it great?]

Subaru: [You, what have you been saying…?]

Regulus: [Hmm?]

Regulus, who had been speaking his self-righteous truth, discovered Subaru and frowned upon him. He then gave a very tired sounding breath,

Regulus: [Don’t you understand basic concepts like politeness? The first thing I did was introduce myself. The reason why I did so, is because it’s the most important thing to do at the start of a relationship. No matter what kind of relationship, isn’t it necessary to start with an acquaintanceship where we both know each other? So, just because I’m someone who cares about such things, I often think that no matter whom it is, I will be as friendly as possible with anyone. I’m not saying that there isn’t a chance that the other party is shy. Even if you think you want to become well-connected, when you start by introducing yourself, sometimes you cannot help but hesitate. Out of consideration for those types of people, I try to introduce myself as much as possible, and act to create a space where they feel comfortable. Of course, I don’t expect this grace to be immediately obvious. However, I do have hopes that after some time, they will be able to detect the meaning of introductions. Or, rather, that they will become aware of it. Or is it natural to talk to someone you meet for the first time without introducing yourself? If that’s the case, then there’s a slight difference between my common sense and those people’s culture. In that case, although both parties feel a sense of obligation, it becomes necessary to refuse the other side in advance as to prevent a misunderstanding. That isn’t so different from what I said before, about taking being gentle with each other for granted. In fact, saying so feels impolite. That’s a lack of etiquette, and the other party is left with a lesser value. A false assessment of each other’s value imposes on others. This is a violation of the rights of others. From any rational perspective, this is an infringement of my rights.]

Subaru: [Oh. Ohh…? S-sorry… my name is Natsuki Subaru.]

A frenzied look rose in Regulus’s eyes as he prattled on, serving as a warning siren to Subaru. Acting on that fear, Subaru trembled as he gave his name.

Then, hearing Subaru’s introduction, Regulus squinted his widened eyes.

Regulus: […Yes, that’s fine. Because giving respect invites respect. Although the conditions for achieving a world that creates both comfort and respect are taken for granted, you are not obligated to seek the happiness of others. As long as you pursue your happiness, others will also correspondingly find happiness. Don’t get caught up in your desires, just accept your truths and feel satisfied with your everyday needs. That is the peaceful way of life.]

It would perhaps be worth questioning whether his smooth speech was serious or not. But his bright eyes proved that his words were neither joking nor ironic; rather, they were his genuine beliefs.

It was the same with Sirius―― Taking his words out of context would perhaps make them seem decent. But Regulus’s demeanor and words held the same superficiality and distortion as those of Sirius.

Regulus: [After all, is it really so hard to find the proper mood to establish dialogue? Why is it impossible for mankind to do this as a matter of course? Why is it acceptable to consciously, unconsciously, indifferently, continue to cause subtle harm to others? Subtle injuries hurt, don’t they? On top of that, if anything serious works its way in, it might grow into a life-threatening disease. The body and the soul are one and the same. I hate those who misunderstand life to the extent that they unconsciously threaten others. Don’t their minds seem warped?]

Subaru: […]

Regulus: [Obviously, they’re flawed as human beings, and it’s not okay for that behavior to remain unconscious. It is, of course, wrong to impose a burden on those who are discriminated against. Most people have common sense, but why can’t they consciously realize that the world is carrying on? Even without realizing that they’re trampling upon the hidden hearts of others, if they don’t become conscious of their twisted, flawed mistakes, then don’t their feet just keep trampling and trampling?]

As if unhappy with Subaru’s silence, Regulus repeatedly pressed for an answer.

Regulus’s speech was gradually becoming faster and faster, clearly conveying an increase in excitement. Even so, Subaru still could not respond. At the thought of giving a response, his heart flinched.

Subaru: [All that said, don’t you know…]

Sirius: [Thanks for the lesson—— BURN, SCORCH, AND DISAPPEAR!!]

A cascade of fire poured down from behind Regulus.

Sirius had waved her arms to summon a flame which mercilessly consumed her fellow Sin Archbishop. Subaru, witnessing this atrocity, found himself once again unable to move.

Beatrice: [Subaru…]

Subaru: [I… know. But, it’s okay.]

Beatrice, also trembling in fear from Subaru’s back, gripped his shoulders until they hurt. She too was worried about Emilia, who had been caught in that waterfall of flame, in the arms of Regulus.

It was impossible for Subaru not to fear for Emilia, who had been caught up in that display of violence. Even so, he held a steadfast belief.

Regulus: [——I say, to interrupt someone else’s conversation like that, how awful are you at reading the mood? If you want to say something, speak up, raise your hand. Do you think I have the presence of mind to just wait for you to speak up?]

Regulus twisted his wrist, and the vortex of flame vanished.

The heatwave dissipated as if dismissed by magic, while Regulus, standing at the center of the vortex, remained untouched. Naturally, Emilia, resting in his arms, was still in the same state.

Even engulfed by the flames of that intensity, not a single drop of sweat surfaced on his face, let alone a burn.

Regulus: [You and I share the title of Sin Archbishop. Since I know that your head is messed up, I could have turned a gentle blind eye if it were just a little mistake. Fortunately, there was no harm done. Only…]

Turning away, Regulus lowered his voice and glared at Sirius, who bore that gaze as she closed her coat, once again hiding the girl bound to her from the surroundings, gritting her teeth all the while.

Regulus: [You were planning to burn this girl along with me. I would be a little reluctant to say that I will forgive that kind of behavior. Ah, it’s better to say that it would be impossible. Since ancient times, no matter what the story or the morality of the characters, if one’s loved ones are hurt, then their anger is inevitable. Because that’s a right that everyone has, I am well within my rights to take revenge.]

Sirius: [Angry! Hah, did you get angry!? Don’t make me laugh! A superficial and insignificant man like you cannot speak so lightly about anger! Anger is mine! It’s what I got from him, and it’s more important to me than anything else. To…]

Regulus: [Ohh, I see. Are you still clinging to the idiot who died while he was ahead? How annoying, how disgusting. That’s neither constructive nor rational. Death is the end. This is a matter of course, isn’t it? Unwilling to admit even that and clinging to just memories… You really are flawed. If someone you love dies, find the next one. Rather than yelling about love, love, love, exercise the rights you have been granted. Disrupting that natural cycle, ah, you really are hopeless scum.]

Sirius: [You, who laughed at that person’s death, TO SPEAK SO ARROGANTLY!!]

Sirius, who had been relentlessly demeaned, flew into a rage.

The stone flooring cracked at the mercy of the madwoman’s stomp as she directed her twin chains of flame forward, which flew toward Regulus at an alarming rate. A burning, tearing sound accompanied the weapon on its lethal journey.

The chain hit Regulus’s flesh, striking his cheek to one side. However, neither Sirius’s fury nor the chain’s attacks had been calmed by that single blow. Left to right, top to bottom, front to back, Sirius’s copper chains beat relentlessly at Regulus’s whole body. On top of that, the chains, flying at incredibly high speeds, projected waves of heat as well, completing a cage made of flames.

Sirius: [Disappear, disappear, disappear, disappear, disappear! TURN TO ASH ALONG WITH THAT DAMNED HALF-DEVIL!!]

The fence of flame converged towards its center, trapping Regulus in that raging pillar-shaped inferno.

The temperature of that storm was high enough to melt the floor tiles where Regulus stood, and the ground beneath him either evaporated or sunk to form depressions.

Sirius witnessed the blazing result, out of breath. Sharing her wrath, the crowd of wild-blooded people around her bled from their eyes and noses, making strange sounds as they congregated together.

Regulus: [I say, how many times do I need to tell you the same thing?]

Regulus stepped forward on the stone slabs, which were half-melted and glowing red, as if nothing had happened.

Whether it was his white hair, his clothes, or Emilia’s arms, nothing held a trace of injury. Only his expression had changed into one of childish dissatisfaction.

Regulus: [I’ve thought about it. No matter how many times the same thing is said, some people cannot understand. They don’t care enough to endeavor to understand what is said. Is that contempt? So, whether carving what they’ve learned in their hearts as commandments, or doing careful self-examinations, or remembering it was something to be thought about the next day—they don’t do any of that. They forget, and continue doing the same things. Saying the same thing over and over again is not only blasphemy, but also contempt which gives negative impacts to both parties. Both their own value and the value of the other party are fundamentally degraded. That’s how it is. It’s a form of violence that disregards words and actions. So, that is what I thought.]

Sirius: [You damn insect…!]

Regulus: [In the early days of the Witch Cult, its doctrine went like this, “If one cheek is hit, present the other cheek and ask why”. It showed the value of mutual understanding. Ah, but I’ve thought of this too. It’s also true that someone whose cheek has been beaten should fight back—— That’s especially necessary against those who don’t know pain.]

Only listening to the content of that speech would make it seem very stern and proper. But Regulus was a distorted existence.

Regulus: [————]

Regulus, who stepped out from that depression on the floor, wore a grim smile towards Sirius. That smile was certainly no friendly gesture; rather, it was closer to the licking of a tongue as a predator surveyed his prey.

It was still unknown how Regulus had defended against Sirius’s flame and chain. Perhaps his power was purely defensive in nature, and the Authority of Greed granted no means of attack.

Therefore, it could not be said that Regulus’s behavior would have fatal consequences.

——But, he could affirm. At this rate, Sirius would die.

And there was no way that Regulus was a holder of purely defensive abilities.

If that young man took any actions, there was no doubt that Sirius would die. If that were the case, there would be no problem at all. In fact, having the number of Sin Archbishops reduced due to in-fighting would be worthy of celebration.

However, although gratifying, Sirius’s death would drag most of the people surrounding her down with her. Of course, this included Subaru, as well as the crowd trapped in Sirius’s Wrath, and certainly Lusbel and Tina, who had surely prayed for one another’s safety and sacrificed themselves.

Subaru: [————]

Even now, fear was spreading all over the Subaru’s body.

His fallen knees trembled so much that even breathing became an abnormal act. But, even in this state,

Beatrice: [Subaru.]

In his ear, a weak, unreliable voice echoed.

Although the owner obviously could not hide her trembling fear, her warm voice still spoke up from behind him. It was conveying a message along the lines of “Rely on me”.

Subaru clenched his teeth and staggered to his feet.

He refused to be unable to do anything and delegate everything to the slight weight of the child on his back. Having said that, he would not be able to do anything at all without her strength. Therefore, Subaru refused to struggle alone, but also refused to throw everything to one person.

If Subaru were alone, then he would have remained on his knees in fear. The reason why Subaru could stand was because he was not alone. The other people engulfed by the madness were different. Only Subaru had someone close by; only Subaru was not by himself.

Tightly clinging to that real feeling, Subaru fought back his fear.

Subaru: [Beatrice.]

Beatrice: [I know, in fact.]

With only a single call, Beatrice could fully understand what he needed.

Confirmation with each other was unnecessary. Each of them doing their utmost to accomplish each of their respective responsibilities—— as long they did that, they should arrive at their desired outcome.

Both Sirius and Regulus, the Sin Archbishops had completely forgotten about Subaru.

They could only see each other and fully intended to kill one another. Sirius burning Regulus and only Regulus to ash was the best outcome, but that would be impossible.

Therefore, Subaru aimed to stop Regulus’s rampage. He had to attract Regulus’s attention to himself and take measures so there would not be a large number of victims.

And, above all,

Subaru: [Don’t you dare touch Emilia like that…!]

Inexhaustible love pushed the fear away from Subaru’s heart, lighting it ablaze. If he did not address his dishonest heart first, then he would never be able to fight Regulus. At the moment, Regulus had his back turned to Subaru, and his attention was being completely diverted by Sirius, which was of great convenience to Subaru.

Beatrice: [——Shamak!]

As Subaru forced his trembling legs to move, Beatrice chanted a spell from behind him.

Her powerful spell, Shamak, covered Regulus’s body in black haze as it severed him from the world, beautifully hindering his gait. Right before Regulus was engulfed, Subaru took a combat position and fiercely whisked his whip forward where something had been.

He was aiming at Regulus’s neck.

His whip followed through as it attempted to ensnare Regulus. Surely with this much commotion, even Regulus, arrogant as he was, would have to pay heed to Subaru. Perhaps there was even a possibility that Regulus would fall victim without realizing what had happened, thanks to Beatrice’s Shamak.

Subaru: [There’s no response!]

Beatrice: [He’s coming, I suppose!!]

Beatrice’s warning had come after a heavy sense of anxiety had already hit Subaru. His whip passed through thin air; the missing presence of its target painfully obvious.

The next moment, a white-haired youth kicked off the ground towards Subaru, emerging from the black haze.

Regulus: [This has been messy from the very beginning. You’ve been stirring up my modest life with your magic. Could you evaporate off somewhere?]

Beatrice: [Mi… No, Murak!]

Regulus held Emilia with his right hand, as his empty left hand suddenly swiped at Subaru. Beatrice immediately gave up performing an attack in favor of casting a gravity-altering spell on Subaru. Subaru immediately affirmed Beatrice’s judgment and leapt upward to avoid Regulus’s reaching fingertips.

Murak was a type of Yin Magic with the effect of partially relieving a physical object from the tethers of gravity. Subaru’s flesh was now lighter than a feather, flying upwards, leaving Regulus behind.

Regulus: [Why do you want to avoid it?]

Subaru: [Why wouldn’t I avoid it, it’s scary!]

Subaru cast his whip at Regulus again, who had looked overhead at Subaru. Rather than aim at any particular spot, Subaru only struck, hitting Regulus’s head. His white hair floated outward from the impact and the head that should have been lacerated by the whip was uninjured. Almost as if his hair had merely been swept by a breeze.

Regulus: [What if my bride had been injured? Don’t you think that’s it’s a matter of course that girls should be treated gently, and that it’s not something that needs to be taught? Don’t you even understand this?]

Subaru: [Don’t be stupid! The person I want to treat most gently in this world is that girl. In the first place, what’s with the “bride this” and “bride that” that you’ve been going on about…]

Regulus: [It’s been decided. It’s destiny—— After all, I made a promise in my dreams.]

One hand bracing himself against the wall, Subaru was dumbfounded by Regulus’s smiling reply. Something felt awry, but Regulus clearly did not care.

Regulus: [She and I are connected. That’s fate, you know. I feel generally satisfied with myself, and I don’t want anything at all. And although I don’t particularly desire anything, I’m not so narrow-minded that I wouldn’t accept what’s given to me. Especially what fate’s given to me. Although most people do not expect this, I wish to protect my world, which is within my reach, at all costs. That would be myself and the people who are important to me.]

Subaru: [————]

Regulus: [I will protect her. I’ll welcome her as my bride and love her as she’ll love me, and together we’ll enjoy a peaceful life. Therefore, for the sake of that, I won’t refrain from exerting the power that I’ve been given.]

Subaru: [Then, what… Then what about her own will? Obviously, one of the parties has not consented yet, so aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?]

Regulus’s stern statement had just confirmed his ironclad convictions. On one hand, it was a straightforward, righteous, and harmless way of thinking. On the other, it was ridiculous to a deadly extent.

It was difficult to explain exactly why it was dead wrong, but it was something that had been clear from the very beginning. Because Regulus had fallen into a frenzy, everything had gone off track.

Subaru’s voice trembled, but not only due to fear. At his question, Regulus smiled and continued as though discussing a disposable topic.

Regulus: [Are you worried about me? If that’s the case, thank you. However, there is no problem. Fate is inevitable… In particular, either love or friendship, that cannot be established alone. If fate told me that she would be my bride, then I am fated to be her groom, and this is all something that’s already been decided.]

Beatrice: […Something is completely wrong with him, in fact.]

Towards Regulus and his flawed theory, Beatrice leaked a subconscious murmur of disgust.

Subaru held the same opinion. Regulus used pretty, smooth words to cover up the underlying madness of a stalker in his beliefs. Subaru did not even want to know the extent of trouble that the sentiments of a stalker would bring.

Subaru: [I’ve had enough. It’s impossible for us to understand each other. It’s disgusting to admit that such a horrible person is a rival for love.]

Subaru removed his hand from the wall and allowed himself to float back to the earth. Looking at Subaru, who fell silent, Regulus nodded as if he’d grasped the main idea.

Regulus: [I see. I understand. You know, I’m sorry to say, but… the fate of a lover can’t be shared. I find homewreckers to be quite unsightly.]

Subaru: [Shut it! Emilia-tan is my bride. I won’t give her to someone like you.]

Regulus: [Ohh, this is Emilia. A lovely name. Very suitable for love birds to call softly, very suitable for this adorable girl indeed.]

Subaru: [You don’t even know her name… yet you say you want her as a bride? What a joke! What made you…?]

Regulus: [Her face.]

Subaru was choked speechless with anger. Misunderstanding his silence, Regulus tilted his head.

Regulus: [A cute face. That’s all love is about, right?]

Subaru: [Die.]

Beatrice: [Drop dead, I suppose.]

Agreeing with Subaru’s assertion, Beatrice also denied Regulus his overly casual love.

Pedaling toward the ground, Subaru’s weightless body was still under the effects of Murak. As Subaru shortened the distance between them as he rode the wind, Regulus lifted his gaze, as if shocked. At this time, Regulus could not understand the implications of Subaru drawing within close-combat range.

Subaru himself understood how stupid it was to approach Regulus. Rather than being unintelligent, Regulus did not share the familiarity with battle that Sirius did. That was not to say that he was unprepared, rather, he needed no weapon. Therefore, getting close to Regulus would be nigh-suicidal. Even so, Subaru had one pressing reason to fight with Regulus at close quarters.

——Because his trump card could only be used in close range.

Regulus: [Why did you come here? I don’t really understand. Although it’s not necessary, I do hope that you can tell me. I don’t lack thoughtfulness, after all. I wish to understand even withering opponents.]

Subaru: [Thanks for the enlightenment—— Beako!]

Beatrice: [Ready, in fact!]

Regulus approached Subaru with his left hand extended. Each of those fingers was likely a fatal weapon that would reap Subaru’s life. Before that could happen, Subaru took a breath and shouted.

This was one of the fruits of the efforts that Subaru and Beatrice had accumulated over the course of the past year,

Subaru: [——E · M · M!!]

Regulus: […What?]

The high-pitched chant made the Mana inside of Subaru’s damaged Gate sensitive to Beatrice’s manipulation, and from there, exclusive magic which no one else had yet developed was casted. One of three original spells devised by Beatrice and Natsuki Subaru―― the magic of absolute defense, E · M · M, was activated.

Subaru’s body would be wrapped in an invisible magical field which would allow him to sidestep from the plane of existence, nullifying any attack on him, be it physical or magical.

Regulus’s fingertips did not bring any harm to Subaru upon reaching him. Upon witnessing this incident, for the first time, Regulus revealed an expression of stiff shock.

And then, Subaru aimed at his face and fiercely released his left fist.

Subaru: [Dora!]

Regulus: [——Hk.]

The side of Regulus’s face was struck.

Subaru had struck him with a hard blow, but not the slightest redness had been left on his face, which was pushed back. The damage had been completely invalidated. It seemed that the eternal and constant guardian of Regulus’s flesh had the same effect as what Subaru had done.

Beatrice: [Not ready yet, I suppose!]

Before Regulus could counterattack, Beatrice shouted that the conditions for the next move had not yet been reached. In close proximity, Subaru needed to avoid Regulus’s attacks. Being on the defense would make each action incredibly difficult. In that case, Subaru needed to give up part of his soul.

Regulus: [Don’t worry…]

Subaru: [Invisible Providence!]

As Regulus suffered a blow, his words were cut off. Because he had been sent flying.

Subaru looked over the scene as he coughed blood, roughly wiping at the corners of his mouth with his sleeve.

No one but Subaru could have seen the imperceptible will of the gods. [1]

But Subaru could clearly see a black arm protruding from his chest―― coursing with dreadful power, also known as his third arm.

His entire body creaked, his soul weakened, and something venomous flowed through his body, materializing as black blood in his throat. After paying the price for the ability, Subaru was able to summon a full-out attack. That blow, which consumed so much from Subaru, probably would not match up to a kick from Garfiel.

Even so, that invisible attack should have a corresponding effect to the effort needed to cast it.

Beatrice: [Subaru, are you okay, in fact?]

Subaru: [Cough… somehow. And as for that guy, he’s powerful, but his attacks are kinda flat. Among all those I’ve faced so far, it’s about the same as Larkins.]

Spitting out the remainder of the blood clogging his throat, Subaru pointed out Regulus’s poor fighting skill. Regulus’s ability was so inexperienced and amateurish that even Subaru could face someone of his level. As long as Subaru kept his concentration, maybe those murderous fingertips could be continually avoided.

Beatrice: [————]

Subaru’s shoulder was knocked. That was Beatrice’s silent report.

Because of its potent effect, their original spells had short durations. In addition, their spells had daily limits, and overuse would result in loss of potency.

Subaru: [Although the effects of E · M · M have ended, in this case, there’s a chance even without magic. So if I can get closer…]

Beatrice: [Victory could be waiting, I suppose. There’s a glimmer of hope in sight, in fact.]

Regulus: [There’s no such thing. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I dallied for longer than I should have, being that you’re not so interesting. But that’s not the issue here. It’s not good that we’re having a disagreement. This is a violation of rights. Since I’ve been hit twice since we started, if I don’t land an attack, that would be unfair, right?]

Regulus landed from midair, glaring at Subaru and Beatrice, who had renewed their determination.

His expression had lost its original calmness, first becoming moody for a moment, and now reaching outrage. At last, he had recognized that Subaru regarded him as an enemy. But as he thought about his original purpose――

Subaru: [Wha!?]

Regulus: […What are you up to?]

The ground between Subaru and Regulus suddenly ignited. Subaru was pushed backward by the wave of heat which bathed him, while Regulus bore the hot air as it blew past his face.

Obviously, the two turned to the culprit for this―— Sirius.

So far, for whatever reason, that madwoman had not involved herself in the fight between Subaru and Regulus. Although the intent behind her inaction was unknown, Subaru would have preferred her to have remained silent. Her actions resulted in a very abrupt change.

He had no means to combat Sirius’s flames, and strongly preferred to deal with Regulus, who could only engage in close combat. Even worse, he had yet to find a solution to defeat her as well.

Subaru gulped as the situation deteriorated.

But things got worse, far worse than what Subaru had imagined.

Sirius: [—―I’ve found you.]

Subaru: [―—?]

Standing unsightly, Sirius stared at the two men glaring at her―— no, at only Subaru.

The madwoman had completely forgotten her desire to kill Regulus, merely staring with single-minded obsession at Subaru. Her gaze was filled with madness, and Subaru’s throat suddenly caught.

Then the monster lifted her previously lifeless, drowsy hands and pressed them to her face.

Sirius: [I’ve found you, found you, found you, found you, found you. Ah, ah, ahahah! Aaaah! Yes, it is really you! My apologies, I didn’t notice at first. My apologies, my greatest apologies. This is great. It really is. Sure enough, you came back for me!?]

Subaru: [What…?]

Sirius: [Darling, where have you been!? No matter where I looked, I could not find you. Even after I tore your spares open, I still could not find you anywhere. Even though I had always, always always always always always always always always always been looking… And you noticed how I had been searching, and you came back!]

Her high-pitched sonorous voice overflowed with obvious enthusiasm.

Keeping her hands on her cheeks, she wriggled her body and gave a series of pleased sounds. It was truly difficult to put into words the state of this monster, so strangely it looked in front of Subaru.

However, if pressed for an answer, one would say those were the actions of someone who had been searching for a lover for a long time. Of a woman who had been consumed by blind love.

Sirius: [Because my thoughts have arrived! Because I want to be one with you―— you finally noticed the wish that I have always been praying for! Because my Love finally reached you!]

Subaru: [————]

Sirius: [I’ve always been waiting for only you… My dear, dear Petelgeuse!]

Speaking with a frenzied smile, Sirius Romanée-Conti called the name of her bereaved lover, as she cast a tender, affectionate look at Subaru.

Translation Notes:

[1] – If you do not remember, this was the first name Subaru considered for Invisible Providence. The Kanji itself is very similar, just one character is different: “不可視なる神の意志” (Arc 4 Chapter 115) vs “不可視なる神の意思” (this usage).

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