Arc 6 – Chapter 65, “The Second, The Fifth, And Then–”

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Reid Astrea, the red-haired tall man elegantly appeared.
The coming of the unexpected man, who did not care about the surprise he caused, caused everyoneーー even 『Gluttony』, to be at a loss of words.

Reid: “Heyhey, what’re y’all gettin’ surprised for? Is my bein’ here somethin’ to be surprised from? It’s obvious, eh?”

And, looking at the frozen Subaru and the others, Reid touched the eyepatch on his left eye, stomping the ground with his sandals.
It was a gesture suggesting his access to the entire tower.

Subaru: “……That’s, completely for your own convenience, isn’t it. We are plenty busy over here already. Don’t complicate things even more.”

Reid: “Hang on for a sec! Is this young fish sayin’ somethin’? Sorry, but your voice is so low that it can’t reach my ears. We~ll, even if I hear it or not, it won’t change anythin’.”

Subaru: “Your personality makes me want to vomit……”

And, what was bad was not just his nausea, but the timing itself as well.
Accusing him would show their own weakness, and resisting him would be fruitless. As he said those hurtful and unforgiving words, Subaru realised that he had been intimidated by Reid, and clenched his fists.

His soul still wielded the sense of defeat caused by Reid.
Though it was still questionable, it was not only because of Reid’s appearance here that made him avert his eyes. In the previous loop as well, he had been exposed to his nasty attitude.
Till that time, Subaru’s heart did not hold any horror for Reid.

Then why now was there this odd, odd feeling.
That was becauseーー,

Subaru: “ーーBecause clearly, my soul has recognised as you as an enemy, huh.”

Reid: “Sure, young fish. I have no plans of supportin’ young fish either, though I’ll praise you for recognisin’ I’m no convenient ally to y’all.”

Subaru: “You aren’t someone I would be convinced by and accept, even if you yourself declared to be our ally anyway.”

Reid: “Wow! You sure said somethin’.”

Subaru concealed the chilling feeling he had in his chest in front of Reid, who brutally laughed, displaying his shark-like teeth.
Reid’s declaration just now, were words completely hopeless as well. However, the Subaru of before did not think of an ally or something at all.
It was just that it got confirmed. ーーHe was not misunderstanding.
And, just when the conversation between Subaru and Reid had broken down to thisーー,

???: “ーーUm we~ll, Reid Astrea.”

Yes, the person who returned to consciousness as soon as possible, 『Gluttony』, called Reid’s name.
In the middle of the frozen passageーー between Subaru’s side and Reid, stood the eccentric Sin Archbishop, with a gaze full of vicious emotions aimed at Reid, who snapped at that gaze.

Reid: “Oh, what is it, little boy…… What a filthy little boy. What is it, filthy-little-boy-chan.”

Gluttony: “Aren’t you, the first 『Sword Saint』? Then why is that here again? According to our memories, you, who takes the trials, shouldn’t be able to leave the upper floor, no?”

Ignoring how humiliating that nickname was, 『Gluttony』 fired his question at the provoked Reid.
That, though it was offending, the 『Memories』 he had mentioned were clearly Subaru’s 『Memories』, the question itself was the same as what Subaru and the others had in their minds.

ーーThe trial taker of the second floor, Reid Astrea, arriving in the fourth floor.

This was also something Subaru had witnessed and recognised as one of the obstacles that needed to be overcome.
That, the trick behind the phenomenon which made him able to walk freely around the tower was unknown. However, this phenomenon did not occur until only this phase. ーーIt can’t be, that he was always capable of leaving but just never did.

Gluttony: “Is there some unusual trick behind it, or did the rules of the tower itself change. Whichever it is, you doing this is out of calculations, and we’ll have to re~think our course again. The main dish after the appetiser, and after that the dessert is standard. Isn’t it?”

Reid: “Don’t spew such bloody nonsense around, filthy little shitty bastard.”


Reid: “I can’t come down, huh? Widen your eyes and look, you. Pretty sure ya’ll be able to see what stupidity you’re blabbering out, you, hey you.”

Saying that, Reid sulked at 『Gluttony』. Flashing his white fangs and glaring at his opponent, his look was exactly the same as a thug’s.
However, the pressure he released by his sole dissatisfaction was as strong as that of a thug in front of a convenience store before a police station, such that you start fearing for your life and thinking of the aftermath later.
If an example were to be given, then he was a monster made with the combination of a tiger, a bear, a lion, and a dragon.
Gesturing his violence, Reid displayed his fangs.

Reid: “Don’t kid with me, you. I do whatever the hell I want to. As if I’ll accept anybody’s restrictions, you. Don’t joke around with me, you. Before that, right back at ya. Whose permission did ya get to loiter around here. Hey, I’m talking to you, you.”

Gluttony: “Ahaha~, how amazing, how irritating, we won’t ever be able to get talking.”

Changing the sword of ice he wielded into mere fragments, 『Gluttony』 shook his long bangs.
Even 『Gluttony』 did not go well with the opponent who had proven to be difficult to converse with till now. Emilia, who had long realised how pointless it was to argue, also showed some signs of distress, but even Emilia couldn’t negotiate with Reid.
However, 『Gluttony』 said “Though”, continuing his words with an opponent he didn’t go well with at all.

Gluttony: “It is indeed top-class that we have bee~n served a prey. Our appetite, the appetite as 『Gourmet』, is craving to binge again ~tsu! Eat it away! Tear it away! Lick it away! Savour the taste! Gluttonous drinking ~tsu! Gluttony ~tsu!”

Shouting out loud, the hysterical 『Gluttony』 stood on the frozen floor, glaring at Reid.
Through the gaps of his white canines, his long tongue peeked out, anomalously, with the 『appetite』that could not be comprehended by normal people, which commanded him to horridly take away people’s memories, his saliva dripped onto the floor.

Ley: “ーーWitch Cult’s Sin Archbishop representing 『Gluttony』, Ley Batenkaitos.”

Whether that was him boasting it or being haughty, in any case 『Gluttony』ーー  no, Ley Batenkaitos, said that and kicked the floor of ice the next instant, dashing ahead at the speed of an arrow shot from a bow.
It was the hunting ground of a ferocious quadruped beast, whose speed was wild enough to describe him as an illusive being.

Reid: “Ah, what a pain.”

That, seeing the attacking Batenkaitos in front of him, Reid sighed with a finger in his ear.

Reid: “Well then, I’m the swordsman, Hauroy Rallior.”

Subaru: “Who is that!?”

Reid: “The one who lived next to my house in my hometown.”

Reid answered to Subaru with a terrible attitude, who had questioned his dignified pseudonym. After that, Reid pulled out his finger from his ear and looked straight into the eyes of Batenkaitos.

Ley: “ーーLet’s eat ~tsu!!”

Reid: “Keeping aside the friendly-nee-chan, I’m not happy at all to hear that from a filthy-little-boy-chan like you.”

Ley: “ーーDzu ~tsu.”

At the end of the sentence, the body of Batenkaitos, who had wide opened his large mouth, got violently pushed sideways.
This was because of Reid’s raised up right leg, and his kick that had caught onto his central body from the side, which would slam him right into the wall of the passage subsequently.

Ley: “Ghu, ~egh…… ~tsu.”

Reid: “Don’t make noises like that of a chicken being squeezed, you. I’ll say it though, whether a chicken like you’ll even get to eat, I have no plans of eatin’ ya. Don’t care about gluttony and all.”

Ley: “Ghi, ~ah!”

Reid: “Learn how to be a flying fish from an adult now. I hope ya’re prepared for the spanking, yo~u!”

Saying that, Reid pushed Batenkaitos’ body onto the wall with a kick, and sprinted on the passage of ice with unfathomable speed using just one leg.
Naturally, as he made contact with the wall, Batenkaitos could not resist the ice’s ups, downs and edges and its slippery nature. That damage was immense, and destructive.

Ley: “Ghi, ga~a~a~a~a~a~a~– ~tsu!”

Reid: “Heyhey, don’t start cryin’ by jus’ that. We won’t be able to talk if ya’re like this. In my era, this ain’t even children’s play. The brats of now have not only become filthy, they’ve also become meagre huh, hey, hey, hey, yo~u!”

In a tone filled with boredom, Reid said that as he stopped speedily running and turned around halfway.
As the foot which kicked Batenkaitos’ body to the wall comes down, the Sin Archbishop’s body slid down as well. After that, his left foot had was skilfully lifted and swept through Batenkaitos’ body, creating an impactful strike on his side and sending him flying like a piece of rubber.


With atypical momentum, Batenkaitos’ body slid through the floor. The bleeding Sin Archbishop swept from between the standing Emilia and Julius at a fast pace, and, finally, rolled through the entire aisle, bouncing and stopping beside Subaru and Beatrice.
The figure who had rolled down the entire place was, just as the place was completely dustless, completely powerless.
So much so, that it gave off the impression that he had possibly died.

Subaru: “That guy, he had been giving a good fight to Emilia-chan and Julius till now, right?”

Beatrice: “……No question in that, in fact. But, the risks have increased, I suppose. That’s why, the situation has only worsened, in fact.”

Subaru: “Isn’t it just that the fighting cards have changed.”

Beatrice: “That too, to a way worse opponent, I suppose.”

With sharp words, Beatrice, while holding Subaru’s hand, warned him about, not the immobile Batenkaitos who had fallen behind them, but Reid, who stood in front of them. That warning went for Emilia or Julius as well.
The situation of this battlefield had already changed, from the battle against 『Gluttony』 to against a newer, much stronger opponent.
Even though that happenedーー,

Emilia: “Thank you so much, for wounding the Sin Archbishop…… can’t you make up with something like that?”

The one to first speak with Reid in a friendly manner was Emilia. The girl had offered a proposal for peace, however, at that, Reid shook his head, shrugged his shoulders, and stomped the floor.
Responding to that offer with those three gestures, Reid fiercely scratched his head.

Reid: “Hah, don’tcha tell me to stay out, you…… Rather, the hell’s up with ya, you. Ya’re too friendly, the heck happened, it’s no joke! Aren’tcha being fiercely frizzlin’! Why’re ya sayin’ all this here, you. The hell are you doin’ in this situation. Playin’ around in this desert, let’s go for drinks tonight, you.”

Emilia: “Um, this is the second time though……”

Julius: “ーーUnfortunately enough, she cannot go for drinks with you. The reason is”

Reid: “Oh?”

Julius: “Nobody would want to come and see you at night.”

And, the man who solely stood, wielding his knight swordーー Julius, covered for Emilia and confronted Reid, and gestured with his sharp sword to dismiss his unneeded comments.
In front of those yellow eyes, Reid changed his expression slightly.

Reid: “……Huh, you. Haven’t ya gotten handsome. Did somethin’ good happen, you. It’s a woman, isn’t it, you.”

Julius: “There have unquestionably been changes in my attitude, I shall not deny that, however, I will state that they are not because of a female. The embrace of a female can heal a wounded heart, but an unforgiving friend’s yelling is an equally good substitute for it.”

Reid: “The beating-around-the-bush bastard part of ya hasn’t changed at all. The hell do ya wanna say?”

Julius: “In other words, the fact that I am able to hold my sword like this, is because of my friendーー!”

The moment after he said that, Julius jumped with his knight sword aiming Reid, who looked at the trail of the sharp and magnificent weapon’s tip with eyes filled with doubt.


The opponent had not shown any hostility yet, would be an uncalled for and wrong thing to say.
If you were to stand in this place, you would instantly come to realise Reid’s fiery ideaーー the moving swordsmen had little concern to give to the bystanders.
It was inconceivable that the wielding swordsman would do anything contradictory to his impression.

ーーReid was motivated. Same as the previous loop, without giving any regard to the surrounding situation.

Hence, Julius had no hesitation in making the first move.
His choice was correct. He was well capable in making a strike enough to capture the arrogant Reid, the first 『Sword Saint』.
The problem wasーー,

Reid: “ーーDo ya’ve any idea what it means to be calm and composed?”


Reid: “That’s, no matter how impossible a thing may seem, being able to do it, unrelated to all effort, idiot, is what it means.”

ーーThis resulted in nothing but Julius’ strike getting stopped in its tracks by the two chopsticks Reid held.

Julius: “Kh…… ~hk.”

Reid: “Well, it ain’t my bad, ya know? If I ain’t against ya, ya would’ve had at least eaten. ーーWell then, let’s go.”

Julius: “Shi ~hk!”

Reid laughed like a shark against Julius, who let out a distressed sigh at the failure of his attack.
At the same pace, Reid tightened his grip on the chopsticks one by one, pushing away it’s tip and firing the chopsticks as she stepped ahead. –The impact strikes the edge of the knight sword, and a sound echoed.


The short, slender sticks of wood did not go well with swords, but when held by someone as skilful as Reid, they too transform into murderous blades capable of causing damage normally impossible at their size.
The moment the violent sound echoes, the resultantly produced shockwave sends a tremor through Julius’ hair, clothes, and the entire frozen passage.

ーーTruly out of possibility, against common sense, a seeming bug in this world.

Even though Subaru had seen this at least once before, seeing this ability again irritated him.
The fact that such a monster existed in this world, and the nastiness of the devilishly depressing designer of this tower who decided to include overcoming this monster as one of the conditions for this tower’s strategy, nauseated his chest.

Reid: “ーーOho, I’m actually seriously impressed.”

It was unknown how much strength Reid had applied in that stroke of his chopsticks.
However, it did not seem like Reid even expected that blow to be accepted, so, he praised the fighting​ Julius, who had experienced the impact of the chopsticks in his whole body, had put up.
Accepting it, Julius squinted his eyes, as blood seeped out of the edge of his mouth.

Julius: “Regardless, if I do not win against you here, our calculations will flunk.”

Reid: “Do ya think it’s fine to only blabber about your desire to win.”

Julius: “Indeed. However, let’s accompany each other in this!”

At that moment, Julius’ sword brimmed in light, and roared and dashed towards Reid’s chopsticks.
The sword’s momentum got deflected, and Julius’ body swam awayーー was not the case. Julius’ knight sword spun and successfully landed a blow as revenge. After that, he still continued.

Hence, he started a sophisticated sword dance like water, with not a single drop getting wasted.


With that, Subaru inhaled upon seeing the swordsman who had faced countless battles.
Subaru was merely looking at it, but he could understand the suffering and discipline it took for Julius Juukulius to compete with the utmost swordsman, the 『Sword Saint』.

ーーIf Reid’s swordsmanship was like the flames of fire, Julius’ swordsmanship was like the flow of water.

If we were to speak of basic compatibility, then water will extinguish the fire, however, the fire here was powerful, so powerful that it would simply evaporate the opposing water and reduce it to nothing.
Perhaps, many swordsmen had been evaporated away by the flames of Reid.
However, at the very least, Julius had no fear of throwing himself and getting himself evaporated, as he launched a destructive and unavoidable attack upon Reid.

Emilia: “Don’t think that your opponent is just, Julius!”

Reid: “Hah ~hk! I didn’t forget, fiercely frizzlin’! Your face’s too good to forget!”

Emilia: “Thanks for the compliment! But, there is only one who truly remembered!”

Emilia joined in on Reid and Julius’ sword dance, with mountain sized weapons of ice.
Due to that, Reid turned one of his chopsticks against Emilia and the other against Julius. Regardless of how successful that action would be, they had all intention of taking down Reid’s swordsmanship and overwhelm him.

Freezing ice interrupted the swords of flowing water and burning fire, and the battlefield’s colour got more vivid.
One changed his way of sword dance, and against Reid, who was the opponent now instead of Batenkaitos, Emilia and Julius continued their same mismatched cooperationーー no, that also changed.

Against the stronger enemy, both of them changed their styles and combined their strengths, though they were still a bit mismatched, they inhaled, and their cooperation became true cooperation indeed.

Beatrice: “Julius is matching in with Emilia, in fact.”

Subaru: “Do you get it?”

Beatrice: “There’s also their compatibility on the basis of their personality, I suppose. Emilia’s thought out actions became visible, and Julius was able to move like her, in fact. Probably Emilia dropping the need to change herself to be like him was correct, I suppose.”

Subaru: “What an amazing comment.”

Regardless of that, as long as it was working, it was the correct option.
In the end, Emilia doing in her own style, and letting Julius, who was capable of copying other’s movements perfectly, to match up to hers while not cutting down on his strength, turned out to indeed be the better option.

Reid: “Haha~! Good going good going, y’all! I’m havin’ fun too!”

Emilia: “Huyah! Siyah! Hah! Hiyayaya~!”

Reid laughed at the two, who saw their cooperation bearing fruit and were happy for it. There was Emilia going at it, continuously striking blows strong enough to kill while shouting, though her blow failed to become the decisive one.

A magnificently intertwining swordsmanship of water, fire and ice.
The knight sword of steel, the sticks that had been turned into seemingly steel due to the skill and force they were being used with, and the weapons of ice, which struck, broke, regenerated, and generated a high pitched sound.
As if truly there was a fascinating dance happening in this passage, so beautiful that it could well create this misunderstandingーー,

???: “ーーShi~ya~a~a~a~a~!!”

And then, a dissonant existence interrupted in between, unfamiliar to both eyes and ears in this performance.

Subaru: “You bastard…… ~hk!”

Interrupting the three fighting offensively, and disrespectfully​ barging in onto the space between them, was Ley Batenkaitos.
The young boy who had eaten Reid’s kick and rolled away into a state of half-death at the same pace. He rose again, joining in on the battlefield as if he had not suffered any damage.

Batenkaitos wielded daggers attached to the wrists on both of his hands, and further using his acquired combat abilities, he used his short legs masterfully, and launched a fatal attack against the three simultaneously.
Emilia, Julius and Reid avoided the problematic threat.

Julius: “Quite unreasonably stubborn you are, Sin Archbishop!”
Ley: “Haha~! Shunning us and then having fun, stop doing such nasty things, nii-sama! Always and always having it just to yourself? How unfair, truly!”
Emilia: “Reid! You must have had gotten it by now! It can’t be helped that we fight here! Will you please help us, just stay still at the very least!”
Reid: “What a clueless woman ya’re, fiercely frizzlin’. I’m enjoyin’ things the way they’re​, ya know? Even if the stars fall from the sky, my plans ain’t changin’!”


The four, muttering each of their wills, violently clashed with each other.
This was clearly, a scene filled with incomprehensible amounts of odour of blood that came with the battle, something which could not be approached easily.

Who was advantageous, disadvantageous, superior, inferior, was difficult to judge from the outside.
All he could do was to hope for their allies’ victory, howeverーー,

Subaru: “ーーGh.”

Beatrice: “Subaru!?”

And, Beatrice was astonished to see Subaru, who could do nothing but watch and hope, knelt down while grabbing his chest.
Beatrice lied down, touching the shoulder of the hoarsely breathing Subaru, and looked at his face.

Beatrice: “Subaru, Subaru! What’s wrong, in fact. What happened, I suppose!”

Subaru: “……No, what, is, this?”

Beatrice: “Subaru?”

Against Beatrice’s desperate calls, Subaru tightened his grip onto his chest and repeatedly blinked.
There was no possibility that he had made a mistake, or a move. However, even Subaru did not understand this. Oddly unusual, painーー unbelievable heat swelled up at the back of his chest.
His heart beat at a rate which made it seem like it would explode, every single drop of the blood flowing within his body could be felt by him, it was an awful feeling which he did not understand, as if a red alarm bell was sounding off.


He did not know. Right now, what was happening to his body.
This was, something that did not happen in any of the loops till now. Some sort of chronic sickness, or even worse, some sort of magical interference, happened.
Running through all the knowledge he had in his mind, he went thought of the worst case possibilities, and shook his head.

No. This was perhaps, not something negative. The alarm bell, it sounded only because of an issue.

Subaru: “Wah, ~ah……”

Inhaling deeply, he then exhaled.
Till now, Subaru’s brain had not been getting smoked by just the worry for Emilia and Julius who were fighting Reid and Batenkaitos in front of his eyes.

In terms of situation, he could do nothing but helplessly watch alone.
In that situation, what smoked Subaru’s brain was the proceed of the five obstaclesーー that was, the two of the remaining obstacles.

ーーThe five obstacles.
One was the horde of Witch Beasts who surround the tower. Another one was the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, who would launch an attack on the tower. One was Reid Astrea, who starts freely walking around the tower. ーーIn the current situation, there were three.
The remaining two were, the horrid faced enormous scorpion which wanders in the tower, and the black shadow which swallows the tower at an alarming rate.

In dealing with those two, he could do nothing about the collapse of the tower.
At the moment, with Emilia and Julius were before his eyes, he wondered about the collapse of the tower, this heat in his chest started to rise, and Subaru knelt down.

His heart was beating extremely strongly.
While being conscious about his heartbeats, Subaru breathed slowly, and repeatedly closed his eyes.
He felt he should do what his body felt like doing. Following that, he closed his eyes.


Seeing Subaru’s condition, Beatrice stopped her calls.
Perhaps, she was not supposed to come to terms with it. But, he managed to do that. Understanding comrades were a blessing to Subaru.
And, that odd feeling, now climbed up into the back of Subaru’s eyeballs.

ーーThat was, the slight emergence of faint lights within the blurring darkness.

Subaru: “ーー?”

Faint, warm and blurry light.
There was one just by Subaru’s side, and two at slight distance from him. Strangely enough, Subaru understood there were lights behind him without even looking behind.
Behind him, were four lights. One of them was at some distance from the rest, and, and, andーー,

ーーHe realised that one was approaching overhead.

Subaru: “ーーBeatrice!”
Beatrice: “Hya ~hk!”

For some reason, Subaru blindly trusted his sensation, and without any hesitation, jumped away with Beatrice and flew away from that spot.
Lightly holding the young girl’s body in his arms, Subaru rolled on the floor without any second thoughts– at that moment, he could sense burning heat embrace his right thigh, making him moan in suffering.

Subaru: “Gha, gho~o~o~o~o!”

He instantly realised that the burning sensation was coming from a deep wound. Perhaps, in an attempt to turn his eyes away from his wounded leg, Subaru looked at Beatrice while hugging her.
And, forcing his eyes to open through the pain and tears, he saw.


Subaru: “I thought, this’ll come, this damn scorpion…… ~hk!”

Disgusted down to his very spirit, Subaru looked at the titanic scorpion, making this his second encounter with itーー with a black shell, and eyes like a dot of red light, climbed up on the wall using it’s numerous legs, glared at Subaru and the others.

Beatrice: “ーー~Ah.”

In front of the horrifyingly humongous creature, Beatrice widened her eyes. What Beatrice could see in front of her was, the pincers of the scorpion which had deeply gouged out Subaru’s leg. The scorpion ecstatically​ upheld Subaru’s flesh in it’s pincers, dropping a large amount of blood in the passage.

ーーHe was worried, about the obstruction of the titanic scorpion.

The five obstacles he had to overcome, had all assembled here.


This was bad. This was bad this was bad. This was bad this was bad this was bad. This was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad this was bad.

Understanding how unfavourable the situation was, Subaru tried to look for a way of life which would brim through his pain.
However, as to what would correctly change the situation, nothing dawned upon Subaru in regards to that.

Batenkaitos was there, Reid was there, even the titanic scorpion had appeared.
If Meili and Shaula do manage to stop the horde of Witch Beasts, the hands here had already failed. This would not do.
This path, will not do. With a more, different way of action–,

“ーーSubaru!” “Subaru!” “Subaru!!”

Subaru, who was gnashing his own teeth, could hear three voices hit his eardrum, calling for him.
Beatrice’s dejected voice, Julius’ tensed voice, Emilia’s pleading voice, respectively call for Subaru as he hears them, and.

Batenkaitos, Reid, the titanic scorpion, then moved towards each of them respectively.
Seemingly for blocking the road of, the actions of Natsuki Subaru and the others, but, before that–,


ーーAn impact struck the tower with intense momentum, and the entire tower roared and shook violently.


That with the same pace, leaving Subaru’s fallen body as it was, blew away the fighting Emilia and the others, and crushed the titanic scorpion alongside, fragmented the world.
There was a small body beside Subaru, hugging him seemingly in order to protect him. That, hugging back that soft body, Subaru opened his eyes within the impact.

“ーーI love you.”

ーーThere was, only the darkness which wielded blind love, as it tried to swallow Subaru.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


ーーAt that moment, everything in the world, white and black, men and women, love and hate, had been consumed by the shaking impact, but solely Natsuki Subaru escaped it.

???: “ーーSubaru.”

Subaru: “ーー~Hk!”

???: “Uhya ~hk!”

As if sensing it, Subaru hugged the owner of that voice.
As the body within Subaru’s stiff arms struggled, it turned its face upwards and looked at his face.
That wasーー,

Subaru: “Bea, trice……”

Beatrice: “Yes, yes, I suppose! This suddenly surprised me, in fact. Well it’s not as if Betty doesn’t like it, I suppose. But, just the worry of returning from the book……. but, seeing Betty’s name being called first was relieving, I suppose.”


Yes, Beatrice muttered these words in Subaru’s arms. Hearing her words, Subaru looked around himself.
What had happened, just before now, he had fallen in the aisle, his leg had been wounded, and then in that dark, dark shadowーー.

Subaru: “…….Library?”

???: “For the moment, if you could clear whether you are still asleep or not then we could also proceed to what we have to do, Natsuki-kun.”

That voice struck Subaru, who was surprised to find himself be surrounded by books.
Looking at that, smiling bitterly with purple hair, was Echidna. Behind her was the shelf she leaned on and Meili, who raised her hands gesturing “so you’re fina~lly up”.


Beatrice: “Wah, wah wah! Subaru! Subaru, what happened, in fact! Are you not feeling well after all, I suppose? Can you tell what you saw in book?”

Subaru: “Ah, well, um. That too, I must do but……”

Subaru tightly hugged Beatrice’s petite body, and enjoyed her warmth.
And, recognised the reality that he must recognise.

ーーHe came back. To this moment.

At this moment, the need to overcome the five obstacles came upon Subaru once again.

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