Arc 6 – Chapter 65, “The Second, The Fifth, And Then–”

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This chapter is currently under re-translation to improve its quality; make sure to keep track of our releases on our social media!

13 thoughts on “Arc 6 – Chapter 65, “The Second, The Fifth, And Then–””

  1. “There was one just by Subaru’s side, and two at slight distance from him. Strangely enough, Subaru understood there were lights behind him without even looking behind.
    Behind him, were four lights. One of them was at some distance from the rest, and, and, andーー,

    ーーHe realised that one was approaching overhead.“

    Subaru, are you going to figure out that Shaula is the scorpion this time? Interesting that Greed has given him a definite awareness of those who are His to protect. Now to figure out how to use it in a less forgiving time frame.

  2. Ohh so the save point has updated again. And that last “obstacle”, the shadow that destroyed the tower in the end, i wonder what that is…
    Thank you for the chapter guys!

  3. Spotted some mistakes:
    the swordsmanship who had faced countless battles.
    The alarm bell, sounded only because this issue.
    That voice struck Subaru, who was surprisingly to find himself be surrounded by books.

  4. I really thought that might be the loop Subaru makes it. I guess that;s a little too simple, eh? Seems like he needs to solve many mystery’s, as well as deal with different conflicting personalities. That Reid guy kinda feels like garfield, not evil, but sure as has can be an arrogant D**k. But it might be possible to move him to his side, or make him neutral somehow by “solving” his floor puzzle or something? Can’t help but think the situation resembles arc 4 in ways. Especially taking away most of Subaru’s character development. Tis a shame.

    Thanks for the chapter, Ringo!

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