Arc 6 – Chapter 66, “Second Chance to the End”

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ーーThe first thing he had to do was to make his heart accept that he had 『Returned by Death』.

While stroking Beatrice’s head, who was in his arms, Subaru thought back to the last thing that had happened to him, and the 『Difficulty』 that lay ahead of him in the future.

The fact that he had 『Returned by Death』 meant that he had been unable to prevent the crises around his life.
Abandoning the catastrophe he had met with, of which he was fully aware of beforehand, and putting​ the lives of his comrades at riskーー no, that would be a miscalculation. That was not what had happened.
He had not put their lives at risk. Subaru, had let Emilia and the others die.

He knew that this would end up happening, but yet he failed.
The existence of the five things which attack the tower, with not a single of one of them that could be neglected. Even though he well understood that, Subaru failed to prevent them due to his own weakness and miscalculations.

At the very last moment, what had perhaps decisively taken his life away was the colossal black shadow, capable of destroying this gigantic tower itselfーー that was, the greatest and the final obstacle.
Recognising that, he arranged the five obstacles in his mind again.

First, was the overwhelming horde of Witch Beasts which all push into the tower at once.
The second one, was the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, aiming for Subaru’s 『Name』 or 『Memories』.
The third was the titanic scorpion, which hid in the shadows and unleashed it’s attack on the tower.
Fourth was the rampaging Reid Astrea, who suddenly starts walking in the tower with complete freedom, ignoring all enemies and allies.
The fifth one, the last one, was the destructive black shadow which swallowed everything.

All these conditions proceeded at the same time, and missing even a single one of them causes the entire plan to collapse.
Could it be said that the overwhelming black shadow was a strange and unique way to offer a time limit to Subaru. Expressing or not expressing gratitude here was a tricky question.

Subaru: “The first one, leave the Witch Beasts to Meili and Shaula…….”

It could be affirmed that this choice was not wrong.
Last timeーー no, it was a bit more than a second ago, a bit more than a second ago, he had witnessed all five obstacles happen regardless of each other in the previous two loops. Subaru had also witnessed the scenario in which the Witch Beasts attacked the tower.
When that happens, crucial fighting forces like Emilia and Julius have to face the Witch Beasts to stop them. The loop just now was the only loop Meili had survived as well.

It was no mistake to say that Meili’s existence alone made them have a step ahead.
However, it was still not sufficient enough.

Even if the horde of Witch Beasts could be held back, Subaru and the others were helpless against the following obstacle.
The Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 that appeared had stolen away Emilia’s 『Name』, and though they somehow managed to have Julius successfully fight Batenkaitos, Reid then joined in on the fight.
Due to that, both Emilia and Julius had to face the frontiers of both 『Gluttony』 and Reid, and with the valuable time being lost, the titanic scorpion unleashed itself, and the time limit of the shadow was hit.

In other words, that balance was incorrect. It was not sufficient.
On top of that, Subaru was worried if the words of the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』ーー Louis Arneb were correct, two of 『Gluttony』 are supposed to come.
He had met Ley Batenkaitos. However, the other one was nowhere to be seen.

ーーThis is bad. This is bad this bad this is bad. Regardless, this is bad.

The situation progressed with every second, and though only Subaru had caught hold of all the problems, even after 『Dying』 so many times, not everything was clear.
He took too much time to make a move. Then, why was he taking this much time againーー.

Beatrice: “Calm down, I suppose!”
Subaru: “Ah ~yah ~hk!”

Suddenly, when Subaru’s brain was seemingly overheating and smoking, Beatrice strongly pinched both of his cheeks, and brought him back to the reality by inflicting pain.
With her hands still pinching his cheeks, Beatrice, with distance close enough to feel each other’s breaths, said.

Beatrice: “Subaru, tell what happened in the book, in fact. There is no helping in going in it alone, I suppose. Tell Betty and the others, and we think about it together…… because that is where their strength lies.”

Subaru: “What happened, in the book…..”

Listening to the serious Beatrice’s wishes, Subaru gave thought to the situation he was placed in.
He has accepted the truth that he had 『Returned by Death』. And, he must also recognise and admit to the point he had returned to as well.

This place was, the library of the third layer of 『Taygeta』.
With his self being surrounded among the bookshelves containing uncountable 『Books of the Dead』, Subaru’s consciousness confirmed that he had returned to the point right after he came back from the 『Book of the Dead』 of Reid.
And, speaking of what had been with Subaru in the bookーー.

Subaru: “ーーStand up, that.”

Beatrice: “Eh?”

Subaru: “No, I mean I was told to not give up and straighten my back. Shit, this is so pathetic. I haven’t made any progress.”

Subaru scratched his head in front of Beatrice, whose eyes were filled with confusion.
After that, keeping Beatrice within his grasp, he slowly stood up, and looked at the other twoーー Echidna and Meili. The members who had been patiently waiting for Subaru to wake up.
He was already aware of the absence of Emilia and Ram, and what Shaula and Julius were doing.

The situation was already commencing, there was no time to waste.
That was whyーー,

Subaru: “I’ll cut it short. The plan to see Reid’s memories in his 『Book of the Dead』 failed. Something got in the way. 『Books of the Dead』 were connected to a branch of the existence called Od Lagna, and that is where I came across that problematic bastard.”

Hearing Subaru’s short and quick explanation, the three widened their eyes in surprise.
Subaru gestured an apology for not giving them the time to halt and give thought to it, and continued his words.
That wasーー,

Subaru: “ーーThe Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, Louis Arneb has declared war on us.”

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Echidna: “Even so, we come to this far in the east and a Sin Archbishop again, huh. In fact, it seems that there is an unclear connection between Natsuki-kun and them.”

Listening to his explanation completely, Echidna shamed Subaru with such comments.
As they heard that comment, Subaru and the others descended the stairs from library, and started their move to join their comrades which had left 『Taygeta』.

Subaru: “Unfortunately enough, I have a complete memory loss. That’s why I have absolutely no idea about my relationships with these Sin Archbishops you speak of. ……Am I really that connected to them?”

Beatrice: “The least to say, they are the ones responsible for making Betty and the others come here, I suppose. Betty and the others travelled a long journey through the sand and came here, to find a solution to what all they had done.”

Subaru: “I thought once that the reason to come to this tower was just to visit it, so it’s because of them, huh. So it really isn’t my fault or something.”

Subaru frowned, being told that he was connected to some undesirable parties.
Although he had not pursued them about it explicitly, both Beatrice and Echidna did not take 『Gluttony』 to be the only enemy. If Subaru’s ideas were correct, there were probably a total of seven people holding the title of Sin Archbishop, hence, he theorised that the enemies involved were not just 『Gluttony』 .

Subaru: “That’s a shame, and I don’t want to talk about right now…… Oh.”

Julius: “Echidna! Subaru as well!”

And, just as Subaru and the others entered the aisle of the fourth layer, raising his voice of surprise while running towards their direction, was Julius.
Last time as well, Julius had come to 『Taygeta』 to inform Echidna and Subaru of the atypical situation that surrounded the tower. They had now encountered him a bit earlier.
Seeing Subaru’s safe return from the 『Book of the Dead』, Julius said,

Julius: “So you are safe, Subaru. Have you obtained the required information from the 『Book of the Dead』?”

Subaru: “Though I gave the same explanation to Beatrice and the others, that failed. I’ll give a detailed explanation later, when we are done with these unusual circumstances.”

Julius: “What do you mean, in other words?”

Subaru: “Just something about the situation right nowーー right now, are the Witch Beasts surrounding the tower coming?”

The moment Subaru voiced his question, a tremendous tremor shook the tower.
With consistency, it reached ever member in this tower. Seeing the truth of the fact that everyone trembled, Julius gasped lightly.
However, he immediately lowered his chin and nodded,

Julius: “Just as you say. Currently, this Pleiades Watchtower has been surrounded by a humongous number of Witch Beasts. At the outer edge of the tower, Miss Shaula is aggressively resisting and stalling the Witch Beasts’ takeover but……”

Meili: “If bad animal-chan’s were responsible for this tremor the~n, no matter how strongly the naked onee-san may stand, they’ll eventually go out of her control hu~h.”

Julius: “Henceforth, I want you to lend your strength. What will it be, Meili.”

Interrupting in between was Meili, and she was faced with serious words by Julius. Accepting his attitude, Meili landed a meaningful gaze towards Subaru.
That was, the gaze seemed to be asking the advantages and disadvantages of her actions, and at that, Subaru inhaled and nodded.

Subaru: “I’m requesting you as well. Meili, nothing will get sorted if it isn’t for you. I know it’s wicked to ask this of you right away, but you also cooperate with us for making a step forward.”

Meili: “…….Hm? Geez onii-san, sti~ll so pathetic after saying all those grand words. But, I’ll accept it obediently and go. Be~ thankful.”

Subaru: “Ah, my heartfelt gratitude! I am in love with you!”

Meili: “How pe~tty……”

As Subaru spouted out words of gratitude, Meili strengthened her resolve to fight against the Witch Beasts. With this, one of the five obstacles had been cleared. Till now it had been the same as last time.

Julius: “Well then, let’s take her to Miss Shaula……”

Subaru: “No, we will be taking a different code of action from that. Meili, do you know where the balcony is? Work together with Shaula there, and somehow repress the Witch Beasts.”

Meili: “The end of the aisle, ri~ght? Really, you don’t know ho~w to treat people.”

Hearing that, Meili sighed and dashed off. Although it did not reduce the weight of the stress that came from the situation, it could be known from the way she was taking steps on Subaru’s command. That was, as fast as she could run.

Julius: “Subaru, the Witch Beasts aside, you seem to be confident about something. What are you aware of?”

Subaru: “I guess so. I’ll explain it the way it is. Just, come with me for now. ーーIf we don’t hurry, then it’ll be too late for helping Emilia-chan and the others.”

Julius: “ーー~Hk!”

Julius, with eyes widened in surprise, and Subaru, who ran after patting at his shoulder. He held Beatrice in his arms, and Echidna hurried behind them as well.
At that moment, the jumbled Julius shook his head, and caught up to his back quickly.

Subaru: “Just now, I told you that the plan of reading the 『Book of the Dead』 failed, didn’t I. I couldn’t see Reid’s memories. Instead of that, I came across someone else…… the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』.”

Julius: “ーーNo way. Why would 『Gluttony』, in the 『Book of the Dead』?”

Hearing the name of the enemy, Julius’ expressions froze. Seeing his face, and calling “Julius” out, was Echidna.
She raised a single finger, as she slowed down the speed of her legs,

Echidna: “According to what Natsuki-kun said, the 『Books of the Dead』 are the cradle of Od Lagna……. A device for preserving the memories of the dead, and for the recycling of life. And, the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 eats others’ 『Name』 or 『Memories』. In other words……”

Julius: “Their power, makes use of a part of Od Lagna’s power? ……No, didn’t you say that 『Gluttony』 was in the book. If that’s so, then, Subaru, the reason behind your memory loss is.”

Subaru: “Yeah, it isn’t the tower’s trap or stratagem. Absolute FOE…… it means that it was an accident caused by a random encounter. The same way you were victimised.”

It was unimaginable to even slightly expect encountering 『Gluttony』 in the 『Book of the Dead』.
If the idea of Subaru and the others was correct, who were at the bottom of this, the 『Book of the Dead』 which had the possibility of encountering 『Gluttony』, only one, only Reid’s book could do that as he had been duplicated in this tower.
How terrible must be the luck of the Subaru of yesterday. Enough that he now wanted to believe that he really did have a connection with the Sin Archbishops.

Julius: “In the end, it all comes down to their negative actions. …… However, if you had come in contact with 『Gluttony』 last night, then this attack by the Witch Beasts too?”

Beatrice: “It means that the opponent got the time of half a day for making preparations, I suppose. If Subaru had remembered…… Ah! The blame for that doesn’t go to Subaru!”

Subaru: “I know. But, it’s obvious I’d forget. The me of yesterday should have had been more of a hard worker, and the me of today should have had been sharper.”

If that would be the case, then they could have had faced the opponent in a better position.
But, that being said, there was no helping it now. They must fight with all the hands they have, that was necessary.
What was needed was willpower, determination and belief inーー yourself aside, in your comrades.

Subaru: “Just as it was said earlier, the horde of Witch Beasts is 『Gluttony’s』 doing. On top of that, 『Gluttony』 itself will come in it’s body…… and it will be aiming for Emilia-chan and the others.”

And, if Subaru and the others were too late to reach them, Emilia will fight alone and let Ram escape, and will resultantly have her 『Name』 get eaten.
That must be stopped from happening beforehand. ーーFor that, he had taken several shortcuts.

Subaru: “If we don’t let Emilia-chan’s 『Name』 get stolen away……”

ーーPerhaps, that would make Ram not retreat permanently from the fighting front.


Last time, the reason why Ram could not do anything was, as a result of Batenkaitos stealing Emilia’s 『Name』 away, and Ram had been unable to grasp back to Emilia as the memories of her existence had been erased.
If that threat was to be done away with, it would be plausible to expect the existence known as Ram to fight as well. The one she had with her, Rem, if she was to kept here, she should face no problems either.
And, if the tag team of Emilia and Ram could hold Batenkaitos down.

Subaru: “Julius! There’s a job you have to do as well! We’ll do something about 『Gluttony』. Someone who you’ve been against for a while. I understand your emotions to blast him away but……”

Julius: “But, what? In this place, an opponent more crucial than 『Gluttony』……”

Subaru: “ーーReid will come down. Everything will mess up if he succeeds in doing so. You have the job, to stop that.”


Faced with that explanation, Julius furrowed his eyebrows in surprise.
However, this time he was more puzzled than plain surprise.

It’s a matter of course.
The invasion of the Witch Beasts and the attack of the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』. He could easily explain both of them as things he heard in the 『Book of the Dead』 by 『Gluttony』.
However, it becomes a totally different issue if Reid gets involved in that. The existence of Reid and 『Gluttony』 have never come in contact with each other. At the very least, as the operations of the tower and the Sin Archbishops don’t connect to each other.
Hence, it was difficult to provide a reasonable explanation for itーー,

Julius: “……If that is true, we should presume for now that Reid Astrea will descend downstairs. In this situation, what are the chances of him ignoring them?”

Subaru: “Don’t you think so? Really? Does he seem to be the type of guy who would take regard of the surrounding situations?”

Beatrice: “……Sorry but, Betty doesn’t think so, I suppose. He is someone who’d prioritise what he wants to do at that moment, in fact. No matter how the situation is.”

Held in Subaru’s arms, Beatrice gave her negative impression. At her words, Julius rethought his words, and lastly looked at Echidna, asking her thoughts.
Seeing Julius’ eyes point towards her, Echidna shrugged her shoulders.

Echidna: “I agree with you as well. Regardless, it is hard to believe he would start walking freely in the tower out of the blue. I rather would like to not believe that but…… Nastuki-kun, that information too?”

Subaru: “ーー. That’s right. I heard that from 『Gluttony』.”

After hesitating for a moment, Subaru nodded and loudly lied to Echidna’s question.
The truth was, the possibility of 『Gluttony』 being involved in Reid’s freedom of movement was low. At the very least, Batenkaitos had been surprised by Reid’s existence, and looking at how they acted, the possibility of him being summoned as his ally is also not conceivable.
That’s why, Subaru already was in a position where he could not easily confirm his claims in full honesty.


Listening to the struggling Subaru’s answer, Julius dived into his own thoughts with a difficult face.
However, the clock was ticking while they were busy with their own worries. Unquestionably, with the hordes of Witch Beasts and Sin Archbishops, the situation of the tower was worsening.
Recognising that, Echidna called out “Julius”,

Echidna: “In the current situation, turning your back towards potential threats and existing enemies is something I want to do as well. But, Natsuki-kun said that……”

Julius: “I should place trust…… Ah, I know, Echidna. To be honest, I think that turning away from the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, my enemy on a personal level, may be something I may later regret. However”

Subaru: “ーーReid Astrea, can be left only to you. Just as it had been said earlier.”

Julius: “……If I don’t win, all calculations will fail, was it. Geez, such incorrigible deathly words.”

If their calculations went wrong, and gears of responsibility change, perhaps a great crisis would occur.
Seeing the seriousness in Subaru’s black eyes, Julius sighed.

Julius: “Let’s make a promise. I shall deal with the matter of Reid. ーーHowever, if he isn’t able to get past the second layer, then I shall join you. Any objections?”

Subaru: “Hey. It doesn’t mean that you continue of Reid stays there. I leave judging the situation to you, but it’s your duty to care of Reid as well, you know.”

Julius: “Very well, I understand. Echidna, Beatrice-sama, I shall leave the rest to you.”

Subaru: “Leave it to me……”

As Subaru twisted his cheeks as he saw the other two being left responsible instead of him, Julius’ palm went through his hair in a fabulous gesture, and at the same pace, he turned their back towards them.
As his white clothes got wrinkled, Julius made a huge leap and sprints towards the staircase leading to the second layer.

Echidna: “ーーI will not question the reason why you were so sure.”


Echidna: “What is important, is our trust in you. If you don’t betray mine or his feelings, I would be truly happy.”

Subaru: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ll accept those words.”

Seeing Julius’ back, said Echidna in a low voice. The true intention behind her words was to point out how unconnected Reid and 『Gluttony』 were.
Drinking down that disparity, Echidna and Julius had trusted Subaru’s split up. He must respond to that trust, that expectation.

Subaru: “ーー~Ugh.”

Out of nowhere, just as his mind came across such thoughts, a chilling feeling rose at the back of Subaru’s chest.
Beatrice quickly responded to Subaru’s state, but looking Beatrice’s action, Subaru narrowed his eyes.

ーーHe had memories of this warmth.
It was the warmth he had tasted just before being swallowed by the shadow in the previous loop. As his heart rate increased, Subaru suffered the chilling warmth, and closed his eyes.

At the back of his eyelids, emerged a trembling dot of faint light.
It was in the direction he was facing, and right next to his armsーー.

Subaru: “Let’s hurry! We all have to go and meet up with Emilia-chan and the others!”

Echidna: “That is all well and good, but will we be of any help? Clearly, you of now and Beatrice, and me, we are all noncombatants.”

Beatrice: “Betty can act as a combatant if she wants to fight. Besides, Subaru does not aim to be just a reinforcement either, I suppose.”

Echidna and Beatrice voiced their respective ideas regarding the running Subaru.
Echidna’s worry was right, and Beatrice’s idea was correct.
Sadly enough, Subaru and the others could not back Emilia as combatants. Instead of them–,

Ram: “ーーBarusu! So you have woken up!”

Subaru: “Ram!”

At the edge of the aisle, the same scene as beforeーー appeared the figure of Ram, on Patrasche’s back, hugging Rem.
She jumped off Patrasche’s back in front of Subaru.

Ram: “You took too long to wake up! You are responsible for Rem now! You won’t be excused if you hurt her or touch her in a weird way, so protect her with your life. Ram willーー.”

Subaru: “Wait wait wait, you’re too fast! I know what you’re saying but, calm down! You are……”

Ram: “The Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 has come! Emilia-sama is holding him down, but that won’t go too well. If Ram does not return immediately, it will be too late!”


At that explanation, mixed feelings aroused in Subaru’s chest.
Ram wanted to return to the fight immediately, but it was delightful to see her say Emilia’s name, and anger boiled up within his heart when Batenkaitos’ hated existence had been confirmed.
Keeping that aside, Subaru gave what he was given to Echidna.

Subaru: “Echidna! I’m counting on you for Rem and Patrasche’s safety! The balcony or the second layer won’t do! You can’t go close to the Green Room right now either. Probably, 『Taygeta』 should be the safest.”

Echidna: “Natsuki-kun, what about you!?”

Subaru: “Me and Beatrice, along with Ram will go for the Sin Archbishop!”

Saying that, Subaru looked at the innocent eyes of the startled Echidna. In front of her heavy breathing, Subaru caressed Patrasche’s neck, and pointed his chin towards Rem and then turned his back,

Subaru: “Earlier, you had said. Don’t betray our trust. I’m counting on you for the same. I’m leaving Rem in your hands. She is, a crucial person for 『Natsuki Subaru』.”

Echidna: “ーーThat is quite an odd thing to say. Even though you yourself are supposed to be Natsuki Subaru.”

Subaru: “……I’m also trusting you for understanding my feelings a bit.”

He had that the existence of Echidna, had borrowed the body of a young lady named Anastasia. It could be said that it was similar to the current position of Natsuki Subaru, who was overwriting the existence of 『Natsuki Subaru』.
Receiving those words from Subaru, Echidna made an expression of relief.

Echidna: “Natsuki-kun, could it be that you areーー.”

Subaru: “ーーI’m counting on you.”

Echidna was unable to complete her words, and Subaru started dashing ahead, leaving her and the others behind.
Ram was already heading towards the front of the aisle. At the very end, he saw the sleeping face of Rem on Patrasche’s back, and used to that to stimulate courage within him.

Ram: “Why, did you come, Barusu. Rem is……”

Subaru: “Rem would, rather have us do what we have to do rather than being concerned for her! That was yelled at me in the book!”

Ram: “ーー~Hk! By Rem? What does that mean?”

Ram widened her crimson eyes in confusion at Subaru’s words, who was right next to her. It was just that, they did not have enough time for him to carefully explain the details of what happened in the 『Hall of Memories』.
That’s why, Subaru just shortly mentioned the most important things.

Subaru: “We must fight and get Rem back. That’s why, I’ll go with you too!”

Beatrice: “Of course, don’t forget that Betty is there too, in fact.”

Ram: “ーー. Right now, it’s fine. You’ll be asked about it a hundred times later.”

Subaru: “Isn’t hundred a bit too scary!?”

In Ram’s case, that was no joke, so Subaru trembled with fear. However, her curiosity stemmed only from Subaru not explaining the most crucial part.
And, the situation that needed to be taken care of, was right in front of their eyesーー.

Emilia: “Ice Brand Arts!”

At the very next moment, in the middle of the frozen passage, the dancing back of Emilia was visible, armed with weapons of ice in her hands.
Opposing her was the dirty looking Sin Archbishop, Ley Batenkaitos.
Looking at that, Ram shouted.

Ram: “Emilia-sama!”

Subaru assured himself that she said Emilia’s name, and that they had made it in time.
And, at the same time, hearing her name being called out from behind, Emilia said “Eh, Ram!?” after turning back,

Emilia: “Why did you come back!? On top of that, Subaru and Beatrice too, I’m glad you’re safe…… but! But right now it’s rea~lly dangerous! Stay aside! Keep away!”

Ram: “Rem has been evacuated to a safer place. Now on, Ram will also assist you.”

Emilia: “But, Ram, you are……”

Ram: “Would you like to say something like get aside?”

Answering Emilia, Ram reached for her legs, and from there, took out a thin wand.
It similar to that which magicians are said to have. It looked to be quite small, but gave off a strange and mysterious pressure.
And, looking at the form of Ram who held that, 『Gluttony』, from close distance to Emilia, said,

Ley: “Haha~! What’s this what’s this, you came back, nee-sama! Ah, how manly! Why just why is nee-sama so cool? Truly, nee-sama is wonderful ~tsu!”

Ram: “ーーIrksome. You’re getting killed, Sin Archbishop.”

With her hand pointing towards him, Ram’s low voiced murderous intent stabbed through the laughing Sin Archbishop.
Right next, he said that to himself and glanced at the one he had not looked at yet, and Subaru felt immense anger run up chills in his spine at his gaze. He had made eye contact, but Batenkaitos did not flinch.

Ley: “How nice, so nice, quite nice, as it’s nice, isn’t it nice, probably it’s nice, perhaps it’s nice, as we think it’s nice! Gluttonous drinking ~tsu! Gluttony ~tsu! Sorry for arbitrarily and overwhelmingly breaking away this connection. Though it was actually supposed to be a mu~ch more grand reunion.”

Ram: “What are you……”

Ley: “To have the 『Name』 and 『Memory』 of a dear person stolen away, sort of feels like you would consider revenge and regard the one responsible as your greatest enemy, no? Even still, in the case of someone who was eaten by us, most of the time even that ends up being forgotten is what it means. Even though we love, we understand nee-sama so much, nee-sama can never understand even a bit of that feeling is what it means! This is, like wasting away a potentially salivating top-class ingredient by spilling it, isn’t it.”

Blabbering away, the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 started explaining situations which nobody could relate to.
The truth is, the power of stealing away others’ memories which 『Gluttony』 possessed, was the same as snatching away lives of people. If they were to attack family members, lovers, benefactors, and in worst case scenario, if they were to erase their victims’ existence beyond oblivion, the hatred that was supposed to be felt for them will also disappear.
That will work as somewhat of a safety measure for them, since nobody will plot revenge on them.

Ley: “ーーIsn’t that we~ll, the utmost level of boredom?”

However, Batenkaitos stated that it would be boring.


Ley: “Originally, the rich hatred that was to be attained, or the dormant and fierce rage, such freshly aromatic negative emotions are denied. That is a pretty big waste for us. ……That is, until the onii-san over there showed up.

Subaru: “Me……?”

Ley: “Sa~y onii-san, for some reason remembers those whose 『Names』 were eaten by us, no? We understand that there would be plenty of possible reasons behind it? Surely, onii-san’s birthplace must be a bit different from here but, what’s important is its result. Onii-san, is our saviour.”

Saying that, Batenkaitos opened his arms wide, and looked at Subaru, making an expression as if all this was a matter of course.
His gaze was completely genuine, he looked at Subaru with eyes so passionate that it gave the impression that he was in love with him.

Ley: “No, it must be said this way! Onii-san is our hero ~tsu! Pitiable, hard working, uneasy unless someone is by his side, mean, thinking about that makes our chest squeeze and hurt and hurt more than we expected, on top of that, a hero who understands those feelings……!”

Subaru: “Stop saying such horribly creepy things! What the hell do you want by doing all this……”

Ley: “Of course, they are feelings from our heart. How rude, how miserable. Even though we, with such braveness, we, with only this way left, think about onii-san.”

Subaru was completely clueless, about how much what he had said, with such mixed emotions, was actually serious. He couldn’t even imagine, neither did he want to.
But, if Batenkaitos’ comments till now were to be considered, it became clear.
The existence he had captured, his impressions of Subaruーー No, they needed to be turned away from.

Those were, the thoughts of Rem, who had been captured by himーー.

Ley: “How about it! Let’s repeat that impression from back then once again! Let us start from here, onii-san ~tsu! From square one, no…… from ze”

Emilia: “ーーHiya~!!”

Ley: “Ow ~hk!?”

At that moment, Emilia stalked right behind Batenkaitos’ back, and struck him with the powerful ice hammer she held in her hand without any hesitation.
The unforgiving strike, seemingly from a manga or something, cut off Batenkaitos’ words midway, and at that moment, made his white eyeballs fall towards the front.


Subaru: “……Eh, did we win?”

Emilia: “I did it!”

The silent Batenkaitos, and Emilia, who made a pose with her fists up in the air. Looking at both of them, Subaru rubbed his eyes at the terribly anticlimactic ending.

Beatrice: “……The curtain fell really quickly, in fact.”

Ram: “……Well geez. Where should Ram take her emotions of wanting to tear him up into bits and pieces now. Emilia-sama!”

Emilia: “Eh, what? D-Did it not work?”

Ram: “ーー. No, it was splendid. Yes yes, truly, it was magnificent.”

Beatrice, who was hugging Subaru, and Ram passed their comments about the fallen 『Gluttony』.
Ram, who was surprised herself at the enemy’s fate, and Emilia who had accomplished quite a commendable feat, the situation was quite complex.

Subaru: “No, I have tons of things to say, but first comes Emilia-chan, good job! With this, 『Gluttony』 has been……”

???: “ーーUnfortunately, that cannot be allowed to happen, onii-san.”


In front Subaru, who thought that the second one of the five obstacles had been unexpectedly cleared up, Batenkaitos, who was supposed to stay fallen in defeat, suddenly got up rapidly.
Subaru, vary, looked at his abnormal movement, while Beatrice stiffened her body.
Of course, Emilia and Ram too had alertness in their eyesーー

Ram: “Did he go mad by getting hit in the head? Even his courteous words to Barusu, then the situation surely cannot be turned away from……”

???: “Ah, ah, all that’s fine. We have already conveyed our thoughts, neither do we intend to hold back or something……”

Intervening Ram’s words midway, the standing Batenkaitos, who had previously fallen flat, murmured something, as his long, dark brown hair covered his face.
Overlapping with his murmuring, repulsive sounds of distortion echoed in the aisle.

Emilia: “No way……”

At that, Emilia widened her purple-blue eyes at the abnormality occurring in front of her, along with those terrible sounds. What was reflected in those beautiful eyes of hers was, the meagre body of Batenkaitos letting out sounds as his skeleton distortedーー the small body of the youth, transformed into that of a huge man with thick muscle. It was a scene which could be called a nightmare, but what followed was the true nightmare for Subaru.

???: “Wa~h, onii-san, were you surprised? This is 『Solar Eclipse』…… we~ll, something like a piece of our trump card? Unlike earlier, we’ll make you ours through force this time.”

Subaru: “You’re saying,  some pretty weird things, transgender bastard. You are……”

Thinking back to his nightmarish terror, Subaru asked as cold sweat ran down his back. Receiving that, the huge man smiled, and bowed, without any effort to conceal the strange pressure he gave off.

Louis: “ーーWitch Cult’s Sin Archbishop representing 『Gluttony』, Louis Arneb.”


Louis: “We cannot stretch this for too long. We must clean up everything, everything, we will secretly eat while onii-chan sleeps.”

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  1. So I’m guessing the 3 sins of gluttony share a body?
    Ley is base
    Louis is solar eclipse
    Roy is lunar eclipse

    I’ve literally binged the anime and all the LN/WN I can in the last couple days so maybe I’m missing something

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