Arc 6 – Chapter 63, “Five Obstacles”

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ーーThe arrival of the Witch Beasts to the watchtower.

Upon Julius’ report of the Witch Beasts of Augria Sand Dunes making a collective charge inside, Subaru and the rest’s cheeks stiffened and a hue of seriousness dyed everyone’s eyes.
What they could feel at the soles of their feet, were tremors faintly jolting the tower’s floor and rumblingーー upon hearing that they were literally the footsteps and neighs of Witch Beasts echoing across the tower, it was impossible to not feel unrest.

Subaru: “Though I barely know about this desert aside faintly knowing how humongous it is……”

Back when he attempted to escape the tower upon being impelled to be suspicious of everything, and the desert’s severity which foiled his plan to flee at the first step, was something Subaru hadn’t actually experienced.
Merely the sight of unending sands spreading as far as the eye could see was difficult to forget, so he was able to make suitable imaginations.
Regardless, it was also hard to imagine that the desert was overflowing with living organismsーー,

Julius: “Augria Sand Dunes is a place where Witch Beasts live en masse, you see. Such that the Witch Beasts targeting any human that may enter the sands is a bigger issue than the severity of the environment.”

Echidna: “Formerly, there was a military contingent dispatched with the plan to annihilate the Witch Beasts. Though, the result of that should be obvious from the sound of these footsteps.”

Julius and Echidna gave their respective responses to Subaru’s question.
In other words, Subaru’s hope of the rumbling earth being naught but mere paper tigers and that the number of enemies coming was at best at the level of a zoo had been an immense miscalculation. To be precise, it was rather at the level of an entire savanna of Witch Beasts.
Understandably enough, it was sufficient to make one despair.

Meili: “ーーSo, you realised that you should call me~?”

Raising her voice, said Meili whilst fiddling with her braid.
The only one to not show any signs of『Anxiety』upon the report of the Witch Beasts’ arrival, was her. Though her reaction did not intend to imply that this wasn’t an abnormality.
Her reaction was the kind that she didn’t perceive the Witch Beasts to be a threat.

Julius: “Although it is quite pathetic, it’s just as you say. I want to borrow your strength.”

Cheeks stiff, Julius nodded in response to Meili’s question.
Leaving the Witch Beasts charging in great numbers up to Meili, who possessed the ability to command Witch Beasts. ーーJulius’ idea was understandable. The first thing Subaru came up with had also been this.

However, a queer sensation caused the alarm bell to ring depths of Subaru’s chest.

Beatrice: “Subaru? What happened, I suppose? That’s a somewhat strange face, in fact.”

Subaru: “……Having a strange face, has been my destiny ever since I was born.”

Beatrice: “That goes just for your eyes, I suppose.”

Immediately beside him, Beatrice noticed his bitter expression and looked at him in concern. He sighed a large amount of carbon dioxide out, along with something shapeless like unease. That was indeed, something ambiguous and vague, with no tinge of concreteness.

Julius: “Subaru, are you concerned about something?”

Subaru: “Don’t come at me asking questions one after another. That being said, I guess it’s my fault for making a face that’d give that impression. On top of apologizing for it, I have something else to say. An exclusive scoop I picked up from the『Book of the Dead』.”


Beatrice halted her breath and widened her eyes, having already heard those words. In all honesty, the reaction could be anticipated, but he couldn’t explain without stating it.
The reason behind the sudden change in situation, why the Witch Beasts were charging towards the tower in such great numbersーー,

Subaru: “ーーIt’s『Gluttony』. The『Gluttony』Sin Archbishop, is sending the Witch Beasts to the tower.”

Julius: “ーー~hk, why?”

Subaru: “I’ll have to apologize for that. I met one of『Gluttony』in Reid’s『Book of the Dead』. To be exact, I reunited with one of『Gluttony』. It seems I met last night as well. That is……”

Julius: “The reason behind your loss of memories, is what it means, huh.”

Subaru nodded in response to Julius’ immediate arrival at the conclusion.
Though difficult to say it was as per expectations, Julius’ ability to understand was immense. Associating the name and power of『Gluttony』, using that knowledge, he immediately reached the desired conclusion.

Julius: “I cannot say I’m not unsettled. I ask again, did you truly not get anything stolen away from you this time?”

Subaru: “Fortunately, aside from my whole life being stalked and shared, I’m still complete. Though, I just explained all that to Beatrice and the others.”

Julius: “I see…… Beatrice-sama?”

Beatrice:”Betty is also anxious about what you fear, in fact. For the time being, no abnormalities were present, I suppose.”

Subaru: “You really can’t trust me, can you……”

With a convinced expression, Julius immediately turned to Beatrice for confirmation. Though Subaru understood that it was a matter beyond helping, he still found himself at a complex state of mind.

Subaru: “It seems like, due to the incident last night, the enemy grasped that we are over here. After about half a day…… they’ve come here to meddle along with their pets, is that what this means, huh?”

Echidna: “Considering the normal speed of traveling, arriving at this tower in half a day is hard to conceive. Especially considering the obstacles Witch Beasts pose as during the course of the journey. However……”

Subaru: “However?”

Echidna: “Unlike the difficult journey we had, if『Gluttony』holds the power to make the Witch Beasts abide command…… then the issue would be merely the speed of traveling.”

Subaru crossed his arms with a strained expression upon Echidna’s comment, whilst she shrugged her shoulders.
『Gluttony』possessed the power to make the Witch Beasts abide command, it would be appropriate to assume that as minimum. At the very least, there was no room of doubt in that the Witch Beasts were advancing towards the tower due to the enemy’s direction.
It should be kept in mind that they possessed such means as well.

Subaru: “What about the issue of the speed of traveling?”

Echidna: “……The vast sandy terrain. Even if the Witch Beasts were to not pose as an obstruction, the speed is bound to fall should one tread through sand. I would like to believe that it would still take a couple of days even if the path taken is straight to the tower and one never gets lost.”

Subaru: “But, are there any other possibilities?”

Echidna: “ーーIt would be a totally different story if an aerial route is used in case the overland route will cost time.”

Subaru: “Aerial route……!”

Subaru openly expressed his astonishment with his black eyes widened, upon the presentation of the unforeseen possibility.
An aerial route, if that was a feasible way then it would certainly reduce travel time drastically. A flying bird is faster than a walking man, that is how it usually goes.

Subaru: “Due to my arbitrary preconceptions, I thought means of flying would be an exception. Magic exists anyway, so something like flying in the sky is pretty normal, huh.”

Beatrice: “That is not the case, I suppose. Flying is a complex variety of magic, its procedure is very complicated, in fact. Considering the danger of crashing, normally nobody would be willing to take the risk and do it, I suppose. The one who would do it would either be an idiot or a genius, or otherwise an idiotic genius, in fact.”

Julius: “Though it was commonly said that Margrave Mathers makes attendance to the royal castle through the skies……”

Beatrice: “That would be the idiotic genius, I suppose.”

It seemed that Beatrice didn’t particularly like this Margrave, whom he hadn’t met.
Whilst looking at the cutely pouting Beatrice, Subaru tilted his head upon being told that flying magic wasn’t usual.

Subaru: “If it’s not magic then, a huge bird…… Ah, a dragon! They must have ridden on some flying dragon’s back or something!”

Echidna: “In fact, the technique of taming flying dragons has been established as a secret in the Vollachian Empire to the south. Though the Empire has full monopoly on that technique, with the evil techniques of『Gluttony』then simply usurping it would be simple.”

Subaru: “They could just get it by someone who knew that technique. By taking away their memories with a lick, huh.”

Should that be considered, the enemy owned far too powerful methods when it came to intelligence.
By eating the『Memories』, everything regarding what was intended to remain secret could become one’s own, and by eating the『Name』, that very happening, as a matter of fact, along with the opponent’s entire existence could be written off.

ーーIt is often said that, memories are what shape people.


Subaru thought that a person’s worth, path, is etched into memories and history.
Possessing the sense of values where he especially thought so right now, Subaru truly despised the power of the foul playing『Gluttony』from the very bottom of his heart.

『Gluttony’s』power, of plundering the memories of others, was evil that blasphemed against everything and brought ruin.
To use it for one’s own joyfulness, for one’s own pursuit of happiness was absurd. With mistaken methods, illogical ways, distorting and twisting fate.

ーーWell, is onii-san, who uses『Return by Death』, going to be saying that?

Subaru: “ーー~hk.”
Beatrice: “Subaru!”

Beatrice called out to Subaru who subconsciously bit his lip with force.
Feeling his arm being pulled, his line of sight and her deep blue eyes then intersected. He could feel a sharp ache at the edge of his mouth, and it was pathetic that this painful wound had been inflicted by his own bite.
Licking the blood exiting the wound with his tongue, Subaru lowered his head saying “Sorry”.

Subaru: “For a moment, her ridiculing face came up in my head, you see. Making that thing have a thoroughly tearful and sorry face is one of the biggest goals, but…… the problem which comes first are that thing’s big brothers.”

Julius: “It is already known that there are multiple Sin Archbishops of 『Gluttony』, but did you grasp something?”

Subaru: “It’s rea~lly confusing cause of the incomprehensible first person, but, probably. There’s one rolled up in the『Book of the Dead』, and that one has two big brothers, I think.”

In the『Hall of Memories』, Louis had frequently mentioned the bynames『Onii-chan』and『Nii-sama』. If that was to be taken at face value, then it would mean that Louis had two elder brothers.
Whether that were to be exactly taken as proof of『Gluttony』being three siblings was a separate issueーー,

Subaru: “At the very least, she was not the type who’d use such a tactic. We~ll, not that I, who slightly lost to the force of her personality, can say that.”

What would have had happened had he gone as per the enemy’s plan, and strangled that slender neck?
If it wasn’t for the voice of the young girl of blue hair that had appeared then, then by now he would’ve surely.

Meili: “ーーSo~, what does onii-san want to sa~y? Making stopovers here and there and beating around the bush is onii-san’s bad habit, rea~lly.”

Seemingly interrupting her drowsiness, Meili jolted her body and made a dissatisfied expression.
The young girl, who was supposed to have already gotten her role assigned to her since the beginning, seemed to be incredibly discontent due to being made to wait as is.
Comprehending her displeasure, Subaru said “I know” and commanded with his hand.

Subaru: “I understand how you feel, but this is the minimum necessary conversation. Beating around the bush is certainly my bad habit, but think of it as a part of my charm and be charmed……”

Meili: “Do you want to get chewed u~p?”

Subaru: “Sorry! It’s just that, a ton of Witch Beasts have come! Then, let’s request professor Meili, who is an expert in Witch Beasts! That kind of a flow is normal, right? I must’ve said. The enemies are the ones who stole my memories.”

Meili: “That mea~ns……”

Meili lowered her tone once again, seeing Subaru speak cautiously. The true meaning of what Subaru wanted to convey had been conveyed to her as well.
And the same went for his comrades around them, who had changed their expressions.
Taking an extensive view of the faces of his party members, Subaru resumed whilst scratching his head.

Subaru: “I’ll introduce by saying it’s my fault, okay? But, they have my memories. ーーThey will lay traps knowing the strengths of our lineup. We will have to beat them at their own game.”

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ーーThe one who controls intelligence, controls the battle.

Natsuki Subaru, who had grown up in modern day Japan, poisoned by various game cultures, recognised that this saying was a formula of victory in modern day warfare.
Even if that were not the case, victory in a game of poker in which the opponent has already seen one’s hand was impossible, a logic obvious to even children.

Julius: “If the opponent has seen our war potential, then I shall agree with your concern.”

Whilst leading the way, Julius narrowed his eyes and conveyed merely the caution in his words behind.
He shared the cognisance that it was dangerous to not know the opponent’s move, as well as explaining the situation only briefly. Regardless, the thought of the balance being destroyed on top of not knowing the opponent’s move did not prevent him from keeping his head raisedーー,

Beatrice: “Keeping important information a secret and it being found out later is much more scary, in fact. Subaru’s current idea is correct, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Really? It’s alright? You all don’t hate me?”

Beatrice: “Why are you so uneasy, in fact? It’s alright, I suppose. Nobody hates Subaru, in fact. Rather, everyone li-li-li-……”

Subaru: “I get it I get it. It’s alright, I’m relieved. I love you.”

Whilst holding hands and walking side-by-side, Subaru nodded at Beatrice as she tried to somehow encourage him. In fact, the speaker got far more embarrassed than the listener.
Words of love are much lighter on the one telling, than the one being told. There is no need to doubt one’s own feelings.

Subaru: “So, where’s Shaula!?”

Julius: “Ah, just a bit more…… over there.”

Dashing in front of everyone, Julius pointed towards a stone passage. Though the passage appeared to be a dead end, a hidden sideway path was present on the right.
Lowering his hips, Julius passed under the wall and his body then arrived outside of the tower, welcomed by vehement winds filled with sand and sounds impossible to get accustomed to.

ーーThat, sounded like an innumerable amount of glass shattering on Subaru’s ear all at once.

???: “Ah, hiyah hiyah hiyah yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyah~!!”


That place was a space like a balcony installed on the wall of the tower.
Though it was something he knew thanks to the enormous spiral staircase connecting to the lower floors, but the fourth layer existed at a height far above several hundreds of meters.
Amidst the parched winds, dancing about in the lofty balcony was a stylish beauty with a long, lustrous braidーー,

Subaru: “ーーShaula!”

Shaula: “Ah! Master-sama, you’ve come here!? I’m so happy! My world stage, it feels like a workplace inspection! Since my esteemed master has come for inspection, take a good look and feast your eyes!”

Shaula replied to Subaru’s shout with a dazzling voice, whilst he covered his eyes with his arm to protect them from the sand. What she did with the same energy, was a fantasy difficult to believe in its own way.

For about the balcony’s width, countless gunports had been deployed horizontally that had been generated in the air.
Gunports would be a slight bit of exaggeration, but there were no other words befitting it that he could think of. Gunports, muzzles, shooting portalsーー in any case, they were openings for firing something for sure.
The white, great gunports, which had been deployed through forming something akin to a magic square in the air, their aims were tilted diagonally towards the ground.

Shaula: “ーーInfinitied Hells Snipe!!”

Subaru: “What the, that’s so cool!!”

Upon Shaula’s casting shout, the white gunports glimmered brilliantly.
The sound of shattering glass then repeatedly echoed through the sky of the sands, crushing Subaru’s howl. At the same time, the gunports lost their form and dissolved into the atmosphere.
This was the true identity of the high-pitched sound that had welcomed Subaru and the others upon their arrival at the balcony earlier. And, there was only one reason why Shaula was utilising them.

ーーFiring bombardments as much as possible, the coronas approached the ground with the speed of light.

Upon making impact on the sand, they released a violent lustre and blew away the ground. The same impact was also placed on the backs of the savagely rushing Witch Beasts atop the sand.
The Witch Beasts, which were aiming for the tower and gave rise to a plume of sand, received the coronas on their backs, their blood and flesh scattering across the sand subsequently. The thirsting sand sipped their flesh, the scattered corpses were trampled by the other Witch Beasts, the coronas’ carpet bombing heartily and unmistakably reduced the total number of the approaching Witch Beasts.

The number of coronas was close to a hundred, and each aimed for and struck down two or three Witch Beasts.
This was what Shaula had fired in rapid succession within a short period of time. Also considering the interval when Julius went to call Subaru and the others, just how high a number would be the total shots fired by her.
However, against the horde of Witch Beasts which submerged the environs of the tower like an army of ants, even Shaula’s carpet bombardment only provided resistance eventually bound to fall short.
That was how large an obstacle were the numbers of the Witch Beasts gathering from the sands.

Subaru: “Hey, hey, hey…… I don’t really want to hear about it, but could it be.”

Echidna: “From this footing, only a single direction from the tower is visible. However, the same scenery also spreads on the other side of the tower as well. That chain of thought is not wrong.”

Subaru: “It’s also possible that, just this side of the tower has been painted with luring sugared water, you know.”

Beatrice: “If there’s someone who actually did such an idiotic antic, then Betty will slap them with full force, I suppose.”

Unending tremors, and wriggling black lumps underneath.
Hearing that they were approaching the tower from all directions, Subaru got on the verge of collapsing due to this overwhelming reality. Digressing, he also wanted to object to the appearance of the Witch Beasts visible from afar.
Far too grotesque, ominous, inexplicable, a C-grade design by god.

Shaula: “What do you think, master-sama! Did you see my great service!? Also, that angle from behind was an appeal for Master-sama. What did you think about that as well!?”

Subaru: “You, such an unwavering nature even in this situation, it’s amazing, I ordinarily admire it! Since you seem the type on whom complimenting the process instead of the result works better, well what can I say, it was totally great! Nice bulk! Also, no matter which angle you decide on, I don’t have the leeway to be looking around, so keep concentrating and let’s go!”

Shaula: “Okay Google! Defense! Offense!”

The truth was, he bowed before Shaula’s unwavering spirit. Whilst throwing words rather iffy for being encouragement, he also felt guilty seeing Shaula respond gallantly.
He wanted to reward her once this battle ends safely, butーー,

Subaru: “First comes overcoming this place, that’s top priority……! Meili!”

Meili: “I know, no nee~d to shout like that. But……”

Subaru: “But!? But what!? “But, would you be fine if I fully annihilated the Witch Bea~sts?”, is that what you mean to say? Ah, it’s completely fine, rather, I request you!”

Meili: “Don’t have such cocky expectations, oka~y. Even I won’t be able to cope with thi~s many bad animal-chan’s.”

Meili looked down from the balcony with both her hands clenching her ears with a sullen expression.
Alongside, she ignored Subaru’s irrational hopes and touched her lovable, young side profile. And, licking her somewhat glossy lips,

Meili: “ーーThat’s why, I’ll make the children I had prepared move and strike them ha~rd.”

With that declaration Meili pointed her hand towards the ground and simultaneously, a huge mass jumped up, seeming as if the sand dunes had exploded.
From a point quite distant such that even the enormous Witch Beasts appeared to be tiny specs, the existence which had broken through the ground was clearly visible.
In other words, it meant that it was an appropriately gigantic existence. ーーWith the overall size of about twenty or thirty meters, a gigantic earthworm appeared and crushed the surrounding Witch Beasts with its frame.

Subaru: “That one is……”

Meili: “I figured that it may be needed, so I kept tamed and prepared. To be honest, I was intending to silently run away but running away in this kind of a place would be a fai~lure.”

With the gigantic earthworm before their eyes, Meili showed her tongue whilst Subaru inhaled.
Unfortunately, Subaru’s astonishment was not directed towards the earthworm itself, but to the fact that he had memories of that earthworm. That was the Witch Beast which Subaru had encountered once when he had tried to escape from the tower.
Thinking back to it, Subaru had also been victim to the earthworm, which jumped out altogether from the underground.
What was also in the nook of his memories was that the earthworm had been blasted away by a white lustre.

So Meili had been behind the earthworm and Shaula had been behind the lustre.
Tasting surprise and startlement upon the delayed convincement, Subaru, with a bitter expression, caressed her head with his hand and patted it rather forcefully, which she was unable to dodge for how sudden it was.

Meili: “Wah, ah, he~y!”

Subaru: “I don’t know if it’s just your nature or your habit but, you don’t have to act villainous. I’ll never believe that you tried to run away leaving us all behind, anyways.”

Meili: “Mgh, how can you say something like tha~t?”

Subaru: “That’s, cause I am you and you are me, everyone’s different and everyone’s nice, probably.”

Meili: “Huh?”

Meili stood with an expression of failing to comprehend, and neither did Subaru intend to make her understand.
Ultimately, Subaru, at the present stage, was able to see through all of the deceit in Meili’s words. For he had once inspected and read through the memories of her dead self as something which was his own.
Considering her self who was in the tower while she didn’t have a change in her sense of values at the very least, he could surely speak to her like he understood her.

And, while keeping his hand on Meili’s head, who groaned “Ugh” in displeasure, Subaru directed his consciousness towards the outbreaking situation at the present point in timeーー and the commonness of the happenings in the former loops.

The Witch Beasts advancing in great numbers perhaps coincided with the situation of burning centaurs inside the tower whose invasion had been permitted last time. In other words, the incident of the Witch Beasts being allowed to invade the tower itself had also happened last time. It had been Julius who put up a fierce fight in order to drive them out.
In that case, had Shaula been dealing with the Witch Beasts from the exterior of the tower like this time.
And since she was unable to suffice, the result was the Witch Beasts’ invasion being permitted.

However, the same shall not happen this time.
They now had an advantage at their side which made a huge difference compared to last time when it came to this large horde of Witch Beasts.
That was the existence of Meiliーー the very girl who had lost her life unintentionally at the hands of Subaru last time, was the existence who possessed the key to open through the deadlock of this situation.

Subaru: “If Meili fights the Witch Beasts alongside Shaula, then the situation will change. Does that mean Julius’ hands will be open? If that’s so, then……”

ーーIt would be possible to use the war potential named Julius, to deal with a separate problem.


The instant that thought dawned upon Subaru, he understood that it was essential to direct various people to needed deployments for dealing with the various problems that have repeatedly occurred in this tower.

ーーThe large horde of Witch Beasts covering the sand dunes.
ーーThe Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, who will launch an attack on the tower.
ーーThe titanic scorpion which will wander around the tower with an expression as if it owns the place.
ーーThe colossal black shadow which will swallow not only the tower, but the sand dunes as well.
ーーAnd, Reid Astrea, who will eventually start freely walking around the tower.

Subaru: “Our war potential would be me and Beatrice, Emilia-chan and Ram. Meili with Shaula, and Echidna with Julius…..”

Echidna: “Additionally, two ground dragons and the healing spirit of the Green Room, how about counting them too? It will only be an advantage to think of them as choices, I believe.”

Echidna shrugged her shoulders before Subaru, who was counting the strength of their side and the enemy’s. Nodding in response to her words, Subaru decided to include Patrasche and the large healing spirit of the lower layer to the cards in their hand.
Just as Echidna had said, it was not a situation in which they could afford to keep any hands free.
Subaru tilted his head, since the inclusion of all available cards was necessary, it was also necessary to fulfill their conditions for victory.
Even in that sense, he wanted to have a grasp on all of his comrades’ positions such that he could reach themーー,

Subaru: “ーーHey, wait a second. No matter what, this is way too late, isn’t it?”


Subaru: “Emilia-chan and Ram, went to the Green Room just to see Rem and the others, right?”

Subaru tasted the sensation of having his throat parched, upon the delay in uniting with the two female comrades who were not here.
The Green Room was on the fourth layer, the same layer Subaru and the others were on. The possibility of them not knowing about this place and going astray in the rest of the tower was also probable, but.

Julius: “It’s this situation. If they don’t know our location, then Miss Ram would surely use some way and find us. In fact, Emilia-sama is supposed to have broken the wall and shown herself.”

Subaru: “Ram aside, the hell is with your evaluation of Emilia-chan. There’s no way she’d break a wall with those adorable, slender arms of hers. Even if she does, she doesn’t have that kind of a personality, right?”

Beatrice: “Loss of confidence is good proof, in fact. But, Betty also has a bad feeling about this, I suppose.”

Subaru: “ーー~hk! Shaula! Meili! Can I leave this place to you!?”

Gaining Julius and Beatrice’s approval, Subaru called out to Shaula and Meili. Upon hearing that, Shaula, who was busy piling up the deployment and firing of even more gunports of light smoothened up, and Meili brushed away her braid and puffed her chest.

Shaula: “Leave this place to me and go on ahead!”
Meili: “If this keeps up, I’ll do whatever I ca~n. I won’t let it pass by if you don’t come back with onee-san and the others all sa~fe.”

With Shaula saying the line he’s always wanted to say at the best possible moment and discovering a side of Meili which allowed them to rely upon her, Subaru nodded towards Beatrice and the rest, subsequently sprinting.
Diving through the wall, he slid onto the aisle,

Subaru: “Even though Meili and Shaula are holding out, what’s the possibility of the Witch Beasts penetrating into the tower?”

Echidna: “It’s not as if it’s not possible, but the underground sand chamber we fell into…… right, Natsuki-kun does not remember it. There was the possibility of entering the tower from there. But, thanks to Meili-kun, that is.”

Subaru: “When the Earthworm was raging about, the underground collapsed?”

Echidna: “The subterranean tunnel had so many fork roads. I doubt it would’ve managed to withstand it in terms of strength.”

Subaru clenched his fists upon Echidna’s affirmation.
In other words, the doubly beneficial existence of Meili, had held the Witch Beasts’ stampede back. It was possible to have plenty of defence to ensure they didn’t enter either from the ground or the underground.

If the large horde of Witch Beasts had been dealt with, then that would largely leave four more problems.
Even though they were a sufficient matter of concern, there was still one left, one which must be overcome with certainty.
After overcoming those five perilous pathsーー,

Subaru: “By us, this tower must be……”

Captured, immediately subsequent to him having that word on the tip of his tongue.

???: “ーーBarusu!!”

Subaru: “ーー~hk! It’s Ram!?”

Dashing towards the Green Room, he raised his face towards the voice which had reached the other side of the aisle. Upon observing, rushing fiercely towards the four composed of Subaru and the others was a black shadowーー it was Patrasche.
The ground dragon with sharp looks, clinging onto its back was Ram who had the sleeping Rem’s body tightly embraced in her slender arms.

Subaru: “Ram! Along with Patrasche and Rem, are you alright!?”

Ram: “Yes, somehow, you see. Ram had a mountain of problems in the time Barusu was dozing off. How can you even sleep in this situation. Kindly stand up immediately.”

Subaru: “I’m sorry! Both of you sisters, don’t reproach me! Look, I’m properly standing! I’m running!”

Nimbly dismounting from the ground dragon’s back, with Rem still on the saddle, Ram’s cutting eloquence struck him.
Since her words happened to be similar to those of Rem’s when she had gone off like an explosion in his dream, a queer thought appeared in his mind that they were sisters not just by looks.

Ram: “ーー? While Barusu’s odd attitude is concerning, now is not the time for that.”

Upon hearing Subaru’s words Ram briefly furrowed her eyebrows, but immediately turned her head back and diverted her attention towards the rear.
That was, the aisle she just came fromーー the direction in which the Green Room was.
Subaru also felt uneasy about Ram having brought only Patrasche and Rem with her, and not Emilia who was supposed to be with her.

Subaru: “Ah, I also have things I have to ask about and tell you about. You, were supposed to be with……”

Ram: “ーーOn the other side of the aisle, Ram came across the opponent who named himself the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』.”


Declared Ram with absolute clarity, slashing down his question.
Daunted by the strength of those words, Subaru, along with Beatrice and Julius, sealed their mouths right. Thus the one to react the most differently was Echidna, who had been disturbed the least.

Subaru: “You just said the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, right? That, on the other side of the aisle?”

Ram: “Yes, that’s right. ーーAnd, someone is battling that Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』.”

Subaru: “……Someone?”

An explanation exceedingly unusual in impression.
Ram’s words did not change, brimming with ambition and confidence, and the existence of unintelligible portions itself yielded a terribly far-reaching unease.
When Subaru pressed those unintelligible portions, Ram nodded with a “Yes”.

She nodded, and said.

Ram: “ーーAn unknown person of silver hair, is clashing with the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』. Even right now, after telling Ram and the others to escape.”

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  1. Oh great. They consumed Emilia’s Name. Actually, I wonder if she won’t hate this development. She may have embraced the Royal Selection to a degree, but her initial action was to try and keep people out of it. Now even her own tie to the selection should be severed.
    So let’s see. Emilia’s Name taken, removing her as a candidate, Crusch’s Memory gone along with the dragon blood curse incapacitating her, Anastasia’s future difficult to guage with Scarfchidna’s posession. With Priscilla capturing one Archbishop, and Reinhardt eliminating another for Felt’s camp, this race is a bit neck and neck.
    Good luck Subaru! You’re going to need it.

    1. Politic world doesn’t works that simple. When 1 candidate goes out of race, someone else takes his place. It’s not like there is only 5 girls fighting for it, it is battle between countries. Definitely if Crusch dies there are other candidates from her faction to take place.

      And i am pretty sure that Wrath girl already freed herself from prison. Also Regulus not dead, so Reinhardt did nothing, in fact.

        1. Not only does Subaru have greed’s witch factor, but Regulus’ soul seemed to be present (along with Betelguese) when Subaru met with Envy while he visited the gap between death & return (that he doesn’t usually get to remember). Those two archbishops are definitely dead.
          I wondered if Regulus, akin to a back-seat driver, somehow took the reigns a moment and choked Meili – That or the miasma or soul erosion still lingered on the older Subaru. Or was it Louis Arneb that strangled Meili?

          1. I think it was definitely Louis who has been possessing Subaru: killing Meili, escaping the ice prison via shoulder dislocation, and the initial conversation with Meili on the night of memory-loss prior to Subaru’s memories being eaten by Louis.

            She has displayed the ability to possess those who’s memories she has. It seems most likely that she would put herself in Subaru’s shoes right after eating his memories to gain context of the situtation, maybe? And when she took over Ley’s body when he became weak and about to lose in Priscilla.

            Betelgeuse has not ever been able to possess Subaru other than the times in the Puck ice-death path and the path where Subaru had to be executed by Julius. Regulus has also never shown any ability to be able to possess people, while that was clearly a skill Betelgeuse had as some sort of a high-level spirit. I don’t think it’s just a skill that *all* Sin Archbishops have necessarily.

      1. The only candidates for this election are the five girls who got chosen by the dragon stone and regulus is dead. Consider reading arc 3 and arc 5 again.

      2. Regulus is dead, number 1, that is undisputed. Subaru even said that he felt something dark and evil enter his body when regulus drowned meaning he acquire the authority of greed. Now number 2 what do you mean. Someone from crusch’s camp will take her place. If the insignia does not shine when you hold it then you are not a candidate to become king.

    2. Yeah, gluttony’s dead. It’s been three arcs of no rem, Subaru lost his memories, Julius is forgotten, and Emilia is forgotten. The anime started with rem being eaten as well and it’ll probably cover 3 arcs like season 1. Emilia will be remembered in a bit. I hope. Maybe the author will pull a rem here and subvert the story arc.

    3. It matters not who or how many other Royal Selection “candidates” stand in opposition to fate. If it were two or a million the choice is obvious to even a child. Such fodder has little meaning when compared to the illustrious existence as mine self. Considerations that deviate from such are expected of things that creep and scurry.

  2. “An unknown person of silver hair”, bam,bam.
    Still, i thought that he can take all the memories not just few.

  3. “An unknown person of silver hair”
    But he still remember of subaru, did he can choose how much memory can stole?

      1. Don,t assume to fast. They did remember while on the balcony, but the fight happened at the exact same time. If Emilias existence was eaten moments later, by the time they run into Ram, nobody might remember Emilia anymore.

  4. Too many inconsistencies, give me a break!

    1) Louis told that witch will not attack Subaru for leaking info about death return, because that place was protected and forbidden. But this already happened once during trials! She even broke inside of a dream of dead person. Even if we assume Od Lagna is better protected, the moment when other 2 Gluttony got info about Subaru, envy should off started acting, since it’s Subaru fault they know about death return.

    2) Shamak allows to fly freely (defy gravity), it also uses mana only for casting, but not for sustaining. Which means you can easely transport their small squad over the air to get into Sage Tower. But here we are told that this is impossible and overall can’t happen… Why all of the sudden? How is it “complicated” to cast flying magic then?

    3) They never considered travelling undergound inside mouth of sandworm??? Or they could take some sort of gun with fast bullet travel speed, then cast shamak on themself and shoot the gun, while using string to rope themself with bullet… To travel with bullet speed? Seriously, it’s super annoying to have magic world fully separated from modern gun-world.

    4) A super top-secret Sage Tower with witch remains never in 400 years attacked by Gluttony, why??? They supposed to revive witch, so why didn’t they do just that? Even Regulus alone could conquire it. Moreover, 63 chapters done and we have yet to read a single line of text regarding withc of Envy, the main reason of tower being created in a first lace.

    1. 1)
      a. this is way different from the last trials
      b. even if she does turn out to be wrong its not an inconsistency, its just her being wrong

      2) they are not strong enough to fly around 10 people and a dragon probably

      3)how is that an inconsistency? that’s just them not thinking of doing that

      4) keep reading to find out, and what do you mean she hasn’t been mentioned? Did you forget the time where Subaru, Ram, Anastasia and Patrasche went crazy and killed each other? That was the witch of envy’s tomb, and it was pretty obvious.

      1. Fly by murak (shamak is the blinding magic) in the sand dunes, even assuming that it can make they all fly won’t work on the sand dunes, simple reason: The wind, they would be tossed around by the sand storms, they would have just Ram as a possible propulsion source, not being the most reliable one.

        The projectile idea and the worm idea could work, but are dangerous as hell, the wind would detour they in a projectile and the sand would be a even bigger problem at high speed, the air resistence would also stop the projectile way before they arrived and, even if it didn’t, stopping without dying is a thing too.

        The worm idea would need just Meily fainting or betraying they and boom, every one is dead.

    2. 1: Envy breaking out here has nothing to do with Subaru breaking the NDA like in arc 4. She shows up even on runs where he doesn’t even consider mentioning RbD. Louis’ statement that the Hall of Memories is better protected still holds up.

      2: You’re thinking of a different spell, shamak is the blinding/shadow spell that Subaru spams out in the first few arcs. And as for escape, it’s against the rules for the participants to leave the tower. I’m pretty sure flying up and away breaks those rules.

      3: Again, no leaving the tower.

      4: The cultists don’t actually all worship Envy, and they aren’t coordinated between archbishops aside from what the gospel declares. Petelgeuse was the only archbishop obsessed with her. Sirius despises the witch, Regulus doesn’t care about anything besides his “quiet life”, and Ley and Roy seem to just want happiness for their sister. Capella’s an unknown, but based on her personality, it’s unlikely she’d be able to coordinate an attack of her own designs.

    3. Dude I don’t think you know what shamak is. Shamak is a yang spell that is meant to sever a person’s senses or connections to the world. You dont fly with shamak. The highest level of shamak – Al Shamak the most it does is remove you from this plane of existence and drop you in a different dimension. If you dont believe what I say please refer yourself to arc 4 – Subaru and Beatrice’s fight with the great rabbit.

    4. 1) Rui could be lying or wrong. We also don’t know why WoE is attacking yet, so it’s impossible to say either way. We also don’t know if WoE has access to AoG’s memories, or the memories of anyone besides Subaru for that matter. Too many assumptions here.
      2) You’ve got Shamak and Murak mixed up. Murak doesn’t last an infinite amount of time, so they would have to cast it multiple times. It’s also been shown that even with Murak, Subaru is unable to lift Patrasche. Patrasche was barely even able to sustain a short glide with her own leg power with just two riders. It is unlikely that Beatrice would have enough mana to cast Murak on every person as well as the fully loaded carriage and two dragons enough times to cross the desert, or that they would have enough physical strength to get off the ground very far if at all. Even if they could, they have no way of knowing what other obstacles they will run into, so they can’t afford to waste their mana and hope for the best. Flying magic is different because it can change direction and accelerate mid air. Murak leaves you stuck going in one direction until you make contact with another physical object. Also, it’s not as if Murak isn’t a complicated spell. Most Yang magic has been completely forgotten because it’s such a rare element to have, and Beatrice is the single best dark magic caster we know of, besides maybe Roswaal. Beatrice is probably the only being who can cast the spell.
      3) They didn’t even know about the earthworm until Meili revealed it in the middle of the Courtesan Bear fight, which Subaru got stuck looping through. Even if firearms existed here they would run into the same weight, time, and mana limitations of Murak listed above. Murak lowers gravitational force, but it doesn’t eliminate it entirely.
      4) Gluttony probably didn’t even know about how to get through Sand Time until Rui took Subaru’s memories. They also probably never had a reason to attack the watchtower before. The only Archbishop that was actively trying to revive the WoE was Petelgeuse. The other ones just do whatever they want and follow their gospels. We don’t know what’s written in their gospels, and I don’t see why any of them would want to attack the tower until now given their personalities. We’ve met the WoE multiple times this arc, and come into contact with things like the miasma and Seal that definitely relate to her. That being said, there isn’t much reason for them to talk about WoE. They didn’t come to the tower because of her at all, and Shaula might not even know about her. She seems to just be defending the tower because her Master told her to. Even if she does know, she’s probably keeping it a secret. The secret Floor Zero that was mentioned is likely has a lot to do with it, and she won’t even talk to Subaru about that. The only real way for them to learn more about her is to beat the Trials.

    5. 1) The dream is very different from this. Envy could spy on the dream, not Of Lagna. Even then, louis and the others already knew it from his memories. The penalty doesn’t apply to people who already know (as seen with roswaal)

      2) It’s murak, but ok. Murak is an ancient and forgotten yin magic. Nobody knows it except Beatrice and maybe roswaal. Roswaal flies with a combination of the magics, not murak. And murak is very inefficient. You’ll just be tumbling about in the wind like a leaf.

      3)A bullet? How? It would be incredibly dangerous with all the witch beasts and shaula. And earthworms stink. You’ll probably get some disease as well. If you mean gluttony’s crew, they don’t know murak nor would the earthworm idea be sensible with the size of the army.

      4) Louis already said it. The witch cult is barely an organization. Just a collection of insane people who are compatible with witch genes. Sirius hates envy, gluttony is clearly not concerned, regulus doesn’t care in the slightest, and only petelgeuse was actually infatuated with the witch.

    6. 1/The technology used to make the Tower should be way more advance than Echidna’s Sanc. Also, Witch of envy only punish Subaru (and ppl he love) when he leak the infomation bout RBD thus violating their secret.

      2/That is Murak, not Shamak, which is supposed to be lost technique of the past, along with Minya and such. Such magic are exceptionally powerful yes, but imagine the world most powerful computer have to runson 2 double A batteries. Subaru’s Mana is no where enough to either consecutively use it or use it for a long time

      3/Murak negate Gravity, not mass. Thus if they tried to do so, they would definitely break their neck anddie instantly. Also, for a bullet to reachsuch velocity, tieing a rope around it would either make it not a gun, more like a glorified marble shooter, or will slip/tear the rope to shreads die to the insane amount of acceleration.

      4/the Archbishops do not share the same goal. Petelgeuse and most of the hood wearing cultists are devout for Satella’s res, while Regulus just want to be content withhis greed, Sirius want Petelgeue senpai to notice her, Glttony want to be filled and have a “fake happy life”, Capella is a bitch and yeahthats bout it. Regulus could overtake the tower, but he doesnt have the motivation to do so. Also also, they had briefly mentioned that the “sage” Shaula had kept all atempt to aproach at bay, including the various attacks of the cultists as well as Lagunica’s attempt to get the cure for the Royalties.

  5. Shaula knows about Google wtf? I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if the reason Flugel was considered powerful and a Sage is because he had acces to the internet lol

    1. The only time she becomes a scorpion is when someone breaks a rule. And as she said, she will show no mercy to anyone not even subaru. So nah I doubt she can be tamed. Lol

  6. Hi guys,

    I really appreciate the hard work you all have been making on translating these chapters. Is there a MEGA link where I can read the chapters that have been taken down for re-translation? Specifically chapters 62-67.

    PS: Is there any way I can support you guys financially? I think you deserve money for all this hard work, and I’m willing to be a Patreon supporter or something similar.

      1. Wayback machine doesn’t have this chapter crawled. Feels bad man. Why couldn’t y’all just leave the LQ translations up and then just replace them with HQ versions? I read the LQ version of 62 and compared it with the newly released HQ version of it and I didn’t spot any major change.

    1. Click “Support Us” at the top right, our Patreon Link will be there.

      As for the taken down chapters, I heavily recommend you wait for the quick re-translations, they were taken down on translator request and the newer versions are definitely worth the wait, rather than reading an old version which has more mis-translations.

  7. You guys are on a roll. Between these chapters coming out so quick lately and the arc 1 chapters flying out almost faster than I can read them, along with season 2 of the anime coming up. It’s a good time to be a Re:Z fan. Thank you all so much for all the work you do.

    1. Everyone is feeling the season 2 hype! I’m guessing that is why translations have hyped up! The same thing happened at the end of season 1,before the hype slowed down translations were buzzing through.

  8. Wow this chapter! Hype clinhanger at the end too. Since subaru is the only one who remembers Emilia, how will they react to him, with his half hearted memory? How will emilia handle it? Does she had the character strength to deal with it? That glutinous b*stard! Let’s hope things will work, but I love how the author writes it in a way that feels like it might not if something goes a bit off.

  9. As far as i can tell, it seems not every Gluttony Archbishop has the same power. Considering the various effects of their Authority, one of them can eat Names, the other can eat Memories. That’s why Crusch has forgotten herself yet is remembered by everyone, but Julius is forgotten by everyone and yet remembers himself. Rem’s condition probably comes about when you lose both of them.

    1. Nah. Ley was fighting against the white armour guys and he ate both memories and names. Roy erased Julius name but he wasn’t present when rem was eaten. It’s probably something like some conditions or them just choosing to eat only one.

      1. I think it’s because Rem said her name before Ley ate her so that’s why he was able of eating her memories and her name while Roy didn’t know the name of Julius so he was only able of eating the memories.

  10. I dont think subaru realized that giant scorpion was Shaula, and FUCK Emilia’s name got eaten? There are only 2 options for this, either abandon this loop and try to save emilia, or FUCKING MURDER GLUTTONY and take EVERYTHING back

  11. if shaula just said “Okay Google! Defense! Offense!” that means Flugel isn’t from 400 years ago japan. he’s from somewhere from about 20 years at the most ago. Which means time must pass different in the re:zero world compared to the earth world. or fLugEl iS tIMe tRAvEl SubARU

    also rip emilia

    1. Or my personal theory… Subaru was originally summoned as Flugel to 400 years before the main story. His whole flugel life happened or whatever, but then something yeeted Subaru back to earth, + reversing his body to that of his 17 year old self, and placing him right where he was just before he was summoned, with his memories of his time in the Re:Zero world erased. And then, a second later, the Satella from 400 years in the future summons Subaru to the Re:Zero world. So to him he was just summoned to this other world randomly one day when in actuality he was summoned there twice in 1 second (on earth), just that he doesn’t remember the first time

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