Arc 6 – Chapter 81, “Pleased To Meet You”

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ーーDue to being left alone for umpteen years, the『Divine Dragon』Volcanica had met its『Death』of the mind.
Speaking tangibly, it had gotten Alzheimer’s due to being left as is for a long time, or its thereabouts.

Emilia: “But, it’ll be a problem for me if you’re such an oldie! Hey, Volcanica!”

Volcanica: [ーーThou, who hath reached the top of the tower. Step forth through the first floor, almighty petitioner.]

Emilia: “Geez! You’re completely hopeless!”

Emilia knocked its foreleg and called in desperation, but the response she got was the sensation of resilient scales and forgetfulness that seemed even more resilient than the former, a psychological barrier.
A『Trial』which brought back the dead from the time they were alive like Reid’s was quite a challenge, but thinking of it now, that seemed cute compared to this.
Though something like calling that thug Reid cute was like a joke in itselfーー,

Emilia: “Reid could be communicated to, and he also taught us what all we needed to know, but……”

That was not the case with Volcanica.
For Emilia, who must conquer the『Trial』of the first layer, the examiner having Alzheimer’s was pretty much the worst scenario.
Even though she needed to take back the good news from here to Subaru and the others as soon as possible.

Emilia: “Ugh…… what can I do what can I do, what should I do…… It can’t be, that I need to beat Volcanica like it was with Reid……”

For the argument’s sake, should it be the case then that could be expected to make for an extremely arduous『Trial』, but the difference in the content of the first and second layers’ trials made Emilia hold off on that thought.

The trial of the third layer of『Taygeta』required solving the set questions through brainpower.
Fortunately, Subaru possessed the knowledge of beyond the Great Waterfall thus they were able to solve them, but without that it certainly would’ve been incredibly onerous.

And, the trial of the second layer of『Electra』, as one may know, had Reid Astrea as the obstacle.
Emilia had won it by somehow doing her best and banging Reid’s head, but even that had the aspect of succeeding because it had been their first time challenging.
In any event, it was indubitable that both the third layer and the second layer had been won extremely narrowly.
That is why, a simple challenge alone was sufficiently difficult, and yetーー,

Emilia: “To think it won’t even specify the challenge……”

Volcanica: [ーーI, am Volcanica. In accordance with the ancient covenant, I ask the will of thee who hath reached the summit.]

Emilia: “Geez! I get it already! I want you to say something beyond that, you know!”

Though she expected it to say something beyond after a certain number of tries, she did not quite have the time to experiment that.
Whilst staving off the feeling of wanting to stomp the floor, Emilia turned her line of sight to her environs.
The『Trial』of the third layer was conducted in a white room, with a black slate where questions would be setーー there had been something which Subaru and Julius had been enjoyably invoking with the monolith.
Perhaps there may be something similar hidden in this first layer.
As long as Volcanica could not be addressed to, it was a good plan to search for the problem by oneself.

Emilia: “I’ve got to do everything I can right now……!”

Without clearing away the disposition of Volcanica’s mood, Emilia began sprinting in order to survey the first layer.
Firstly, the first layer was the uppermost storey of the Pleiades Watchtowerーー existing in a position whereby it was too high up to be visible from below. Within its space, in the surroundings were six pillars, and one mammoth pillar in the centreーー Volcanica was crouched by the central pillar as if leaning on it, and the vastness of the space was around a hundred metres in radius.
Though the space felt quite vast compared to that of the second layer, part of it was being capped due to the presence of Volcanica’s enormous frame.

Emilia: “Seeing below…… isn’t possible?”

Grasping one of the pillars enclosing the circumference of the first layer, Emilia confirmed what was beneath.
Inside and outside of the tower, Subaru and Ram and everyone else were supposed to be putting up tough battles, but thick clouds blocked her field of vision, rendering her unable to confirm what was below her.
Though on the other hand, it felt like should she jump into the clouds, it would be possible for her to join up with her comradesーー,

Emilia: “It feels like if one cheats and climbs up from the outside like this, they’d be getting a scolding…… no, in the first place, there’s no way it’s possible to get above the clouds so fast, just because I ran at my fullest.”

Though she was quite athletic, even Emilia knew how high an altitude the sky and clouds were positioned at.
When she was little, she tried to extend her hand and grab the clouds, but failed. Even when she had grown up, that hadn’t changed. Should she reach around Reinhardt’s level perhaps she may be able to jump up to the clouds’ altitude, but Emilia did not have the ability to do something like that.
That is why, Emilia must have reached the summit of the tower because of some mysterious powers.

Emilia: “If that’s the case, then the『Trial』must be here or it’ll make no sense!”

Her thoughts encouraged, Emilia went around seeing the six pillars, knocking them, trying to climb on them. However, she couldn’t discover any befitting phenomena or writings whatsoever.
If there were to be another possibility, thenーー,

Emilia: “The big pillar in the middle, which Volcanica is close to.”

If the surrounding pillars didn’t have anything, then the central mammoth pillar possessed the greatest possibility.
Unlike the other six, that pillar alone stretched further beyond the first layer. ーーOtherwise, above even the first layer, the place which should be called the zero layer was perhaps situated there.
It felt that in that place there may be some means to cause any changes to this place, which remained ever unchanged.

Volcanica: [ーーThou, who hath reached the top of the tower. Step forth through the first floor, almighty petitioner.]

In order to investigate that pillar, she couldn’t avoid Volcanica, who continued repeating the same words.


Though she was ready to take on the『Trial』of the first layer, being ready to take on Volcanica was an entirely different subject.
Maintaining that nervousness, Emilia distanced herself closer to the central pillar, to Volcanica.

Emilia: “Volcanica, what should I do for the『Trial』?”

Volcanica: [ーーI, am Volcanica. In accordance with the ancient covenant, I ask the will of thee who hath reached the summit.]

Volcanica’s answer shan’t change.
Rather than being despondent or dejected towards that answer, Emilia instead felt relief. If Volcanica’s answer did not change, then just as when she had touched its foreleg, it must be uninterested in her.
Believing that, Emilia went around through the other side from Volcanica’s, in an attempt to investigate that bulky pillarーー,

Emilia: “ーーHuh.”

The moment she tried to touch the pillar, Emilia heard the sound of wind.
Before even confirming its cause, Emilia instinctively produced an ice wall overhead. In that juncture, the impact went through the ice wall and slammed into Emilia, throwing her slim figure afar.

Emilia: “Gah, hack.”

The impact pierced her chest from the back, and Emilia tumbled down the floor of the first layer, coughing violently.
Thinking just what in the world had happened, Emilia slowly raised her face, and noticed.

ーーThe tail of the『Divine Dragon』leaning on the pillar, was slowly being lowered to the ground.

Emilia: “……I was hit, by the tail?”

Upon expressing it in words, it could be noticed that it had been an extremely simple attack.
Dragons using their tail to express their emotions was something which often occurred between Patrasche and Subaru as well. When Subaru played any pranks, Ram and Patrasche would slap him as if competing with each other.
However, the attack by Volcanica’s tail wasn’t of the same kind as an expression of love between a dragon and a man.

She had taken only this much damage thanks to her sudden defence, but had Emilia’s response been late her neck would’ve gotten fractured, even her head being blown away wouldn’t have been strange.
On top of that, for Volcanica, this had been like nothing but merely brushing away an insect in a state of vague consciousness.
She felt as if she were a tiny insect being toyed around by the feet of a gigantic creature.


The moment she realised that truth, cold sweat traced Emilia’s nape and spine.
But at the same time, it also made another possibility emerge before Emilia.

Emilia: “So that pillar has something after all, right.”

Volcanica: [ーーーー]

Emilia: “After all, you are here for the purpose of the『Trial』. You have not forgotten that, even now when you have forgotten the『Trial』. That’s why, you’re explaining the same thing again and again.”

Volcanica appeared as if it had forgotten what it ought to do.
But the reason why the『Divine Dragon』still remained here like this, was its will to uphold promises exchanged before its mind had met『Death』, that alone was firm proof.
The『Sage』, the『Sword Saint』and the『Dragon』, each for testing wit, strength and motives.
If that was the caseーー,

Emilia: “ーーHalf-baked feelings won’t do. I’ll be doing it seriously as well.”

Premising on the existence of the opponent’s hindrance, Emilia declared the exercise of her true strength.
At that moment, the atmosphere surrounding Emilia slowly let out a note, and began to congeal. As if obeying Emilia like she was the queen, warriors of ice were created and summonedーー that was, Emilia’s new potential born through further growth from Ice Brand Arts.

She wasn’t able to even test it within the confined watchtower, but should her opponent be in a space so vast, there was no need for her to be merciful.
She had not told Subaru about this, so she hadn’t gotten it named.
Thus, she shall do the naming.

Emilia: “Ice Soldier-san and, Ice Brand Arts……!”

The seven warriors of ice born forth, having taken humanoid shape they all held respective weapons, and gallantly accompanied Emilia’s challenge until the point of their death.

Emilia: “ーーHere I come, Mr. Sleepyhead! If you want to wake up, then make sure to wake up fast!”

Whilst speaking so, Emilia, wielding arms of ice, approached Volcanica along with the warriors of ice.
Whilst lording over that with eyes ignorant to emotion, Volcanica opened its mouth.

Volcanica: [ーーThou, who hath reached the top of the tower. Step forth through the first floor, almighty petitioner.]

With its consciousness, buried beyond the ever unchanging infinity.




ーーDuring the same time, Emilia was not the only one facing a mighty enemy transcending one’s own strength.

One floor below Emilia who was fighting the demented『Divine Dragon』, the collisions of swordsmen being performed on the second layer of『Electra』also grew in vehement.
But, with the arbitrary truth unwavering.

???: “Comeoncomeoncomeon, whathappenedwhathappenedwhathappened! I’m jus’ havin’ to use one chopstick with one hand, ya know? If ya still ain’t reachin’ me, then you, then this ain’t gonna make for even jus’ playin’ ’round, you, you, aye you~!”

???: “Gh…… ~hk!”

Whilst pouring hearty jeers, the man making his long, red hair sway about fired an intense kick.
Receiving that with the handle of the knight sword in his hand, the knight with a refined side profile jumped far back by his own volition. He couldn’t destroy the impact. He merely scattered it. And before it could dissolve, the next one arrived.
Many a time, many a time, the repetition of that exchange was conducted on the battlefield of the second layer.

And though this had occurred many times as well, the knight was blown away by the swordsman’s strike, and as he retreated far back, the swordsman spat out a “Geez, damn it”.

???: “If yer mood changes then yer sword does too. I’ve expectations on you with these explosions, ya know? But still, how many god damn times’ll it take for ya to change, you. Or instead……”

Whilst saying that, the red haired swordsmanーー Reid, wrung his neck and distorted his lips.
With a magnificent posture of mockery as if looking down onto his opponent, the swordsman with expectations scowled at the knight who was his opponent,

Reid: “Are ya plannin’ on losin’ by fussin’ over yer manners, you. Are ya gonna be satisfied by that, aye you.”

???: “ーーWhat a, self-indulgent thing to say.”

In response to Reid’s objection, the knight, who was being told anything per convenience, loosened his lips.
Whilst confirming his knight sword numbed by the kick, the knight accepted Reid’s sharp gaze and stood up, directly opposite to him.
Julius Juukulius, who had relinquished being a nameless knight, and was resolved to battle destiny.

Julius: “Many a time, you have thrown such words at me. Unappealing battling, unmannered sword moves, lackluster amusement…… they are words, even I am familiar with.”

Reid: “Hah, figures. Even if it ain’t to my extent, pretty sure anyone’d feel that by takin’ a look. There ain’t anythin’ in your sword, but desperation.”

Julius: “……Desperation, huh.”

Reid’s careless remarks surely must not have been brought forth by noble beliefs.
He was likely stating what he thought, as is. The reason why it grasped reality, with one of his eyes purposefully concealed, was because everything was visible in plain sight to that blue pupil.
He could likely see Julius’ shallow ideals concealed above his true character.


Upon glancing behind, the form of a female watching over the fight between Julius and Reid could be seen.
For Julius, it was the guise of the female whom he currently esteemed the most in the world, however, the female’s substance had been changed to that of a different person.
Inevitability aside, it had been approximately two months since the events that had occured in that Watergate Cityーー they had managed to resume quite an empty lord and retainer relationship.

Julius: “Now that I think of it, both you and I should have further conversed with open hearts.”

???: “Julius……?”

Julius: “Had that been done, I’m sure I would have become good friends with you. Because we shared our cherishing, and admiration, for the same female.”

Letting his heart out, Julius challenged the『Sword Saint』once again.
Reid was wielding a short, slim chopstick in his right arm and assaulted the advancing Julius head-on.

Slashing through, clearing away, holding aloft, swinging down, striking in.
At times, Julius tackled whilst weaving together reality and myth through the grip of his sword or his footwork, which Reid defended against with ease and a striking lack of seriousness.

Reid: “This again aye. How many times do I’ve gotta tell ya this ain’t gonna work……”

Julius: “Even if! You were to call it dull, this is my sword!”

Reid: “Here ya go!”

Repudiating the rising yawn with a roar, Julius fired a sword slash which was met by Reid’s kick.
His stance destroyed by that kick, Julius showed an opening to which Reid’s chopstick strike attained a diagonal postureーー that instant, Julius overturned the mantle he was wearing and instantly hid his body afterwards.

Reid: “Heh.”

Reid smiled at that move, and slashed both the mantle and Julius, who was on the other side.
However, the moment the mantle was blown off by the chopstick strike, Julius jumped horizontally right behind and escaped the chopstick’s slaughter range.

Reid: “Hey, now that’s more like it!”

Julius: “No, you are wrong!”

Reid: “Huh?”

Reid praised the battling style of using the white outfit as a distraction, throwing off the righteous path. However, Julius immediately slayed that praise and ran up to the mantle that had gotten blown off.
And, picking up the mantle that had been torn by the chopstick strike, he put it on his body once again.

Carefully fastening its latch, putting the white mantle on with his white uniform, he personified knighthood.
Even if he gave up on being nameless, he couldn’t give up on being a knight.
Witnessing Julius’ attitude as if denoting that message, Reid once again clicked his tongue in displeasure.

Reid: “Hey you, when the fiercely frizzlin’ earlier n’ the hottie standin’ behind there showed up, I expected ya to change, ya know? That ya’d aim for victory without carin’ ’bout appearances. That I’d get to see that kinda you, aye. You, aren’tcha clueless ’bout yerself?”


Reid: “Ya act like ye’re sittin’ straight bein’ a knight, but your interior ain’t that. Your interior’s the same as me, that of a『Stick Swinger』. So stiff I can’t stand lookin’ at ya, god damn you.”

Whilst pointing his chopstick towards Julius, Reid spat out with a bitter expression.
Hearing Reid’s comment, Julius closed his eyes. And, keeping his eyes shut for some time, he whispered “Is that so” once.

Julius: “I feel like I finally understand.”

Reid: “Huh? What’d ya understand?”

Julius: “About why you are so, persistent and obstinate, about me.”

Despite being irritated, Reid never ceased his words for Julius.
His way was violent, and said person surely had no such intent whatsoever, but it was akin to that of a leader teaching, guiding Julius.
Finally, he now comprehended the reason behind why Reid pulled Julius around this much.

Julius: “ーーDid you see something, which was the same as yourself, in me.”

The reason why he, on multiple occasions, sneered at Julius, calling his battling style boring and his sword moves mannered, was because he believed there was a slumbering lion within the shell Julius put on.
Though Julius thought, to believe that was a lion was quite a excessively positive estimationーー,

Reid: “I ain’t got ‘ny idea ’bout the finer stuff, damn immature fool. I jus’ do stuff however I wanna do it. My instincts’re tellin’ me. That you’d, be more interestin’ with yer veneer taken off.”


Reid: “That’s why I’m tryin’ to peel it off. You get it too, right? That at this rate you ain’t reachin’ me, n’ neither will ya get to look cool before the hottie standin’ behind there, aye.”

As Reid turned his chin up and pointed Echidna out, Julius smiled bitterly.
Thinking that truly, Reid’s eyes were something else, they were observing well.
ーーThey had perceived well, that Julius Juukulius was a man of merely affixing appearances.

Julius: “That is precisely why, I will not depart from the fact that I am myself.”

Reid: “The hell’d ya say?”

Julius: “Your words are surely correct. Many things come to mind…… Though I never spoke about in a world where everyone had forgotten me, that I am not a legitimate child of the Juukulius family.”

He commenced speaking, ensuring Reid, possessing a frown, and Echidna, who was firmly observing the front, could hear him.
The unremembered history of Julius Juukulius which now, nobody remembered but Natsuki Subaru.

Julius: “My father, who absconded from a noble household, married my mother, who was a commoner, and I was born between the two of them. That is why, my origin is that of a commoner. My parents passed away, and until I was adopted by my current adoptive father who was my uncle, I had nothing to do with the refinement of nobles…… thus, my way is one that is fabricated.”

Reid: “What a damn ugly paper tiger.”

Julius: “That may be true. My true essence must be clad in civilian clothes instead of ceremonial clothes, and must be the rustic child unaware of ideals from the time when I used to run about in open meadows, laughing with my friends.”

Ignorant of propriety, possessing no ideals to strive for, earnest in living day after day.
Precisely that way of being himself was the future that had been bonded to Julius.
However, that future was washed away along with his real parents by a flash flood, disappearing into the beyond.
That is precisely whyーー,

Julius: “That is why, I shall feign the knight. Being fixated over appearances, I shall confine my original oneself.”

Reid: “You……”

Julius: “My innocent, ignorant self was however, met by ideals. ーーI admired the knight. Admired the form of the knight, possessing gallance and integrity. Hence, I shall go through with my admiration.”

Fastening the latch of his mantle with a note, strength was poured into Julius’ yellow gaze.
Reid was in displeasure, his expression changed from one of irritation to dubiousness. That was his astonishment for his words being denied, yet not being snarled back at.
The man, like a painting of defiance, had his awareness eroded by Julius’ words.
Henceforth, Julius presumed with a grand voice.

Julius: “I am a gauche man. I perceive everything, based on appearances. Till now, I have believed that if I wield a splendid sword, if I wear dignified clothing, if I use courteous words, I would become befitting of them. Thus, I shall stick through with that obstinacy.”

He was aware, that there existed humans who despised words such as appearances.
Natsuki Subaru, whom he immediately thought of, was he not the epitome of that.
However, Julius also thought of something inverse.

Julius: “Correcting my posture, completing personal grooming, dressing up as the form wishing to be equipped with that, holding the will to persist through. That is precisely the paper tiger I am determined to wear for eternity.”


Julius: “I am sure there are those who mock appearances. However, I trust that there are just as many who find appearances to be dazzling. ーーJust as how I, continued to yearn for the way of the knight.”

He could not remember, who it was that made his admiration for the knight bud.
However, Julius became a knight.

The reason why Julius was called the “greatest” was not simply due to diligently studied sword moves, refined spirit arts, or the heights of his ability backed by those factors.
It was because the way of Julius Juukulius, had been thought of as the way of the knight.
The reason why it was the way of the “utmost” “excellent” “knight”, was because his form, putting up appearances, had been perceived as dazzling.

Making that declaration, Julius loosened his lips and turned towards Echidna.
Julius slightly shook his head sideways, towards her, who had borrowed the form liable to his utmost respect and affection. ーーTowards her, who was regretting from the deepest depths of her heart, that she did not remember Julius.
In order to convey, that there was no need to harbour such guilt.

Julius: “There was no need whatsoever for me to fear, console, lament being forgotten. Because the existence known as myself is present precisely within the chivalry which everyone knows, which everyone yearns for.”

And, he could say the same for “those girls” who were with him in this place.

Julius: “I apologize for everything till now, O buds of mine. Clinging to a lost bond, without parting ways with you all, I always made you anxious. I shall free you from that burden, this instant.”

Allured by Julius’ whisper, what visualised were fleeting lights of vivid huesーー they were beautiful spirits asserting six elements, Julius Juukulius’ quasi-spirits.
They were existences difficult to be distant from, having remained close to Julius Juukulius ever since prior to him becoming a knight.

They too, had forgotten Julius who had gotten his『Name』plundered by the Authority of『Gluttony』.
However, due to the indelible contract formed between the spirits and the contractor, along with the『Divine Protection of Gathering Sprits』which Julius was born with, they were captivated by the power and continued to remain within his vicinity.
Julius too, believing that their relationship would return should his『Name』return, did not let go of them.

How foolish that was.
He must’ve not wanted for what remained to change as well, after anything and everything had undergone change.

Julius: “You did well staying with my prior self till now, O buds. I depended on your love, and stubbornly remained without letting go of your warmth. I kept expecting to possibly return to those days, with no problems whatsoever. ーーI shall relinquish that weak, pathetic, uncool self of mine.”

As if bewildered, the six quasi-spirits swayed whilst enclosing Julius’ environs.
Facing them, Julius firmly presented his hand. The arm extended like a perch, upon seeing it the quasi-spirits gently gathered there.
And, Julius smiled towards the fleeting lights halted atop his hand.

Julius: “There existed a self of mine which feared change. However, upon having not the resolve to lose, there also exist things that cannot be gained. For example, the blooming of the buds named love. A future where I confirm with my own eyes, what flowers will the buds who remained by my side blossom.”


They did not answer.
However, it appeared they knew well, what was going to occur hereafter.
Hence, Julius moved abiding by that flowーー,

Julius: “O buds of mine! I liberate you all. I apologize for clinging to a fragmented bond for much too long.”

With those words, the quasi-spirits which had encircled Julius’ hands took distance as if strummed.
That which appeared to even possess a physical impact, pierced through Julius and the quasi-spirits alone with certainty, a sensation scathing like a flash of lightning.

The connection, the bond which existed for certain, the contract binding soul to soul, was severed.
That was the pain and grief of having forfeited an existence indeed bound to the soul, which only a spirit arts user could comprehend.

Though Julius would not know, this same pain had once made even Emilia move to tears and cower.
By his own volition, Julius experienced parting ways with his six spirits once, and a wound was born in his heart.
The sensation akin to distortion rended his mind and heart, and Julius tasted the detachment of his soul.

This was, a pain differing from when he had been forgotten by his buds due to the Authority of『Gluttony』, from its very origin.
Not Julius alone, but the quasi-spirits must’ve also experienced the pain, and repented.
They might have sustained a wound on their soul, conveying that they shouldn’t have made a contract with a human.

Julius: “ーーFurthermore, now once, I call for you all.”


Julius: “I love you all. If you shall accept the courting of this vain man, then let us bind it. ーーThe new contract, between myself and you all!!”

With a loud voice, Julius hollered with a hand raised towards the heavens which he had lowered once.
Hearing that call, the quasi-spirits which had dispersed as if strummed, quietly, flickered for merely a moment.

Faltering and indecision, those had been matters of naught but a moment.




Warm luminescence, enveloped the entire body of Julius Juukulius.
Gently permeating into the wound engraved on his soul, due to severing the contract.

There had been glee. There had been rage. There had been grief. There had been love. There had been hate.
These multitude of emotions had been there, in the time, greater than ten years, that Julius and those girls had spent together.

Repudiating it for once, they spun future.
Whether that was the correct answer, he did not know. However, he thought, that he wanted it to be the correct answer.

He may make mistakes, countless times.
Continuing in failing to choose the correct path, he may err.

However, she shall shape himself through that journey.
Even if he were to err, he was not alone. He was not by himself.

Should he decide to move forward, then there existed ideals moulded by splendid predecessors.
Should he halt his feet, then there existed the warmth of his buds who had continued to watch over him with deep affection.
And should he look beside, then there existed the side profile of his lord vowing to dedicate beliefs that shaped oneself.

Just what did Julius Juukulius have to fear, in the future.

Julius: “ーーThat must be true. O beautifully blooming maidens of mine.”

The six buds responded to that cryーー no, the blooming maidens gave their answer.
A light, was bornーー,




Julius: “From hereafter as well, profoundly, gently, whilst being hurt, I shall walk this path.”

The pain of the contract’s severing, was healed by the bond tied together once again.
Clad in six, exceedingly ever mysterious lights, Julius Juukulius looked forward.
There present was the form of the pinnacle as one who had dedicated his body to the sword, whom he admired.
However, Julius Juukulius’ jealousy was directed someplace different.
Hence, he shall slash through that longing and aspiration without faltering, through the lights of a rainbow.

Julius: “Thank you for waiting,『Sword Saint』Reid Astrea. ーーPleased to meet you.”

Shaking his knight sword, Julius grasped his mantle and bowed with elegance.
And lifting his face, completely taking shape of “that” which he admired the most in the world, he named himself.


Julius: “ーーI am the『Greatest Knight』, Julius Juukulius. The sword of the kingdom, that shall slash you down.”




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  7. I’ll be real, I thought for a hot second that all six of Julius’ Quasi-spirits were gonna evolve into Great Spirits and Julius was gonna have 6 near-Beako level partners following him around all the time

  8. julius juukulius o maior cavaleiro ><!
    nunca pensei que teria tanto carinho por ele depois de ter esmagado a arrogância do subaru naquela época kkkk
    obrigado pelo capitulo !

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