Arc 6 – Chapter 77, “The Beacon of Counterattack”

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Abiding by his warm emotions, dashing with the entirety of his might, he stepped foot into that place.
Opposite to his heart sending out hot-blooded pulses within the depths of his chest, the outside air had become chilly enough to whiten his exhales, and within this glaciated world, he discovered the back he was looking for.


His gaze plunged towards the slim, supple back, and his heart voluntarily came on the verge of bursting.
Though affection lighted his chest, he narrowly managed to suppress his impulse. This was no time for him to let his heart explode and die.
Powerfully gnashing his molars, he looked at the face of the enemy opposing on the other side of the struggling back.

Long hair of a dark brown hue, and a crude outfit as though being wreathed in rags. What was the most impressive, outstanding of all, was the revolting glint in eyes that trampled upon the lives of others, and had turned them into literal food articlesーー,

Subaru: “ーーLey Batenkaitos!!”

Roaring at the absolute top of his voice, he asserted his existence, and attracted the attention of the opponent.
Even gaining his attention for this singular moment alone, was beneficial. Of course, there lay the possibility of his side sustaining equal blows, but it was nothing if it meant reducing the damage being inflicted upon her.
With affection filling his heart as fuel, he could even fly in the sky right now.

???: “If that could increase our chances of winning, even slightly.”

Halting his feet before the frozen floor, he poured strength into his abdomen and glared at Ley. He maintained a watch at his movements with all of strength, and no matter what move should he makeーー,

???: “Ah……”

Such preparedness of Subaru’s was robbed and shattered by the amethyst eyes that suddenly turned backwards.


His black eyes and her amethyst eyes intermingled with each other.
The wave of emotions that appeared in her eyes at that instant was enormous, almost washing him away. Her eyes had always, always, gripped his heart and sought to drown it within themselves.
Because he wished to somehow save the entirety of the multiple emotions levitating in her eyes.

???: “It’s dangerous so wait! Um, you may not, know about me, but he is the enemy! Leave this place to me! Even though you may not, know about me!”

His eyes twinkled upon seeing her call for vigilance whilst swaying her hands in panic.
Delayed by a beat, he gulped down the meaning behind her words. ーーThe『Memories』of being told this very same thing were certainly present within him. At the same time, he comprehended the turn of events.
And, he truly thought. ーーThat he was glad to have been the first one to reach this place.

He knew what he ought to say, how he ought to call out to her.
Furthermore, the thought of how he wanted to call out to her arose.

Subaru: “ーーIt’s alright, Emilia-tan.”

Sorry for causing problems for you, for making you worry, for making you wait.
Wielding those sentiments, though unbefitting for this place, he nodded whilst loosening his lips. And whilst looking at the young girl, whose eyes grasped comprehension by the few words he had said, he resumed.

With a finger of his right hand pointing towards the heavens, he posed with one hand on his waist.
Though there was no need for him to be doing this, doing this enabled him to solidify his resolve. For that purposeーー,

Subaru: “ーーMy name is Natsuki Subaru. Emilia-tan’s one and only knight!”

Emilia: “Subaruーー ~hk!!”

Subaru: “Bah!?”

The instant he declared so with a determined, smiling expression, the silver haired young girlーー Emilia dashed towards Subaru with fearsome velocity.
Colliding, Subaru was thrown backwards but he somehow supported Emilia’s frame. No need for concern, she was light as an angel’s feather. No problem at all.
But if there were to be something labelled a problemーー,

Subaru: “E-Emilia-tan!? This is so sudden I’m freaking surprised, and you’re also super light and smell so nice! Did you change your shampoo!?”

Emilia: “Stupid Subaru! Geez, you’re rea~lly so stupid! I was so, so worried! Yet just like that…… stupid! Stupid stupid!”

Subaru: “Wow you’re really calling me stupid an astounding number of times! Well, I can’t make any excuses……”

Subaru was overwhelmed as Emilia pressed him with widened eyes within his arms. Since he was meanwhile also glued together with Emilia, Subaru’s heart was a total mess and even his vocabulary crumbled.
Putting all this aside, Subaru reluctantly parted, grasped Emilia’s slender shoulders and distanced her body.

Subaru: “I’m sorry for making you worry. But, I’ve returned……. I’ve been revived? Restored? Or should I say, I’ve become the complete Natsuki Subaru, either way, it’s alright, so.”

Emilia: “Ah……”

Subaru: “I’ll leave all of Natsuki Subaru in the past. ーーThis is Natsuki Subaru’s explosive birth.” [1]

Energetically talking on and on, he forcefully attempted to exert Emilia’s relief. However, in the midst of this plan of Subaru’s, Emilia blinked and lay a single finger on his chest.
A ticklish, gentle sensation. Subaru involuntarily shivered.

Emilia: “Did you, properly become one?”


Emilia: “Because, even the Subaru who didn’t have memories, was Subaru. So, even if Subaru remembers everything now, that Subaru, who worked his hardest and put his life on the line even for the short while he was here for, was……”

Subaru: “ーーYeah, hm. It’s alright.”

Whilst touching his chest, Emilia affirmed Subaru’s footsteps with faltering words.
There existed a Natsuki Subaru who, due to the unification of『Memories』, could be interpreted as having become one or even having disappeared, and a time wherein their hearts were touched by him also existed within them.

‘ーーYeah, thus, it was simple.’

Subaru: “The fact that『I』was within myself, and within Emilia-tan, certainly remains even now. So, it really is alright, Emilia-tan.”

Emilia: “……Hm.”

Subaru: “So please expect great things here onward from Perfect Natsuki Subaru. With all the frustration piled up in this time of turmoil as the trigger, let’s & go towards a bright future!”

Emilia: “Sorry, I have no clue what you’re saying.”

Emilia shook her head and responded, as Subaru smiled with a single finger upraised.
This unkind attitude of her’s was also so lovable and something he eagerly looked forward to, Subaru would prefer to spend countless minutes, countless hours, countless days just messing around with Emilia like this, butーー,

???: “ーーAbout time you kno~w, had enough of your moving conversation?”

Saying so, raising his voice and calling out to the timidly touching Subaru and Emilia, was the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』with a devious, malicious, vicious smile.
But Subaru raised his eyebrows, in response to the fact that he did not launch an attack in this interval.

Subaru: “Yeah. I didn’t think you’d wait so conscientiously. Did you become contrite?”

Ley: “Become contr”eat” you say, that would be outrageous ~tsu! It’s just that, you know, we are『Gourmet』you see~. From onii-san’s perspective that’d be what you call gourmet? A~s one who knows the delight of meals, wanting to be pro~perly attentive to the setting of the table is what it’s about. If the table is untidy then it’s a kill-joy. Isn’t that right?”

Speaking of table manners difficult to apply practically, Ley laughed with a shrill voice in a strange and frivolous manner. Whilst listening to the ear-hurting voice of his laughter, Subaru gave a deep nod.

Subaru: “I see, makes sense. I completely thought……”

Ley: “Completely thought?”

Subaru: “That you got all afraid, considering how ugly of a shape your little sister was left in.”

Ley: “ーー~tsu.”

The next instant, Ley’s expression completely changed from that of having a smile of leisure.
His smile disappeared in an instant, what appeared instead was scorching rage. Abiding by that intense fury, Ley’s body kicked the frozen aisle and plunged ahead in the blink of an eye.

Ley: “What would ‘you’, know about our Louisーー ~tsu!!”

Subaru: “I know nothing. I just arbitrarily had my body be entered by her. I have no idea what she was thinking, nor do I want to know.”

Seemingly truly possessing sentiments and love for his younger sister, enraged Ley’s dagger inched closer towards Subaru. However, Subaru did not fear the approaching footsteps of『Death』.
Controlled by violent emotion, if Ley was not viewing anything but Subaru then that was precisely what he was aiming forーー,

Emilia: “ーーI’m also here, don’t, forget!”

Ley: “Gah, bgh ~tsu.”

Accompanied by a brave voice, Emilia’s beautiful, long legs drew an arc. Energetically rotating it to a large degree, she intercepted Ley’s face as he plunged straight ahead.
The instant of the direct hit, Emilia’s ice battle technique『Ice Brand Arts』activated and reinforced her toes, which were striking the enemy, with boots of ice as bonus.

Emilia: “U, riya~a~a~a~!”

Pouring strength into her fair leg, Emilia completely swung the leg which had struck the enemy’s frontal teeth. Despite somehow defending against direct damage, Ley’s petite stature was unable to withstand that force and was pushed away, as he slid on the frozen floor and landed towards the interior of the aisle.
Emilia subsequently pointed her palm towards that direction, and the generated stumps of ice mercilessly pursued Louis’ elder brother, having collapsed, icicle dust then engulfed the aisle, seemingly succeeding in inflicting enormous damage onto『Gluttony』.

Subaru: “That did it! This was a mixed attack of my instigation and Emilia-tan’s adorable intent to kill!”

Emilia: “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Subaru: “It is a compliment indeed! The best! So cute! I wanna marry you!”

Emilia: “Marr…… geez, no messing around.”

With her cheeks slightly red, Emilia’s reaction as she fixedly looked towards him was unexpected. He thought her refute would be more powerful, so the embarrassment rebounded onto Subaru as well.

Subaru: “No no, I’m acting way too merry since having met with Emilia-tan. All messing about comes after the problems have been solved.”

Emilia: “Subaru! I don’t know when another attack will come! So don’t let your guard down!”

Subaru: “I know! Though I’d openly welcome it if this makes for his defeat……”

Straightening out their minds at once, Subaru and Emilia turned towards breaking the deadlock of the situationーー Emilia concentrated on Ley Batenkaitos before her eyes, whilst Subaru concentrated on the problems encircling the Pleiades Watchtower.
The five obstaclesーー even after Natsuki Subaru’s identity problem had been solved, they still remained and exposed this watchtower and all of Subaru’s comrades within it to hazard.
But some conditions had changed. For example, the menace of the shadow that descended as though symbolising a time limit, swallowing the entire tower and bringing ruin to everything.
If that wasーー,

Subaru: “If that is, the penalty as the way I’ve imagined it till now……”

The event of the shadow swallowing everything, was the reappearance of the catastrophe he had formerly encountered in the『Sanctuary』as well.
The story behind why that happened was because he had spoken to Echidna within the『Graveyard』and had unburdened himself by telling her everything about『Return by Death』. If the happenings occurring in this tower were also of the same kind, then that shadow resetted everything in cases when『Return by Death』had been largely leaked outside.
In other words, it was surely because Louis Arneb had been within Subaru.

Now that Louis Arneb had been eliminated, and her existence had disappeared from Subaru’s interior, there was around a 50% chance that shadow would swallow the Pleiades Watchtower.
Hence he did not possess the option to rely on that and let the circumstances proceed slowly.

Subaru: “Emilia-tan! I have a plan!”

Emilia: “ーー! Got it! Then, let’s follow it!”

Subaru: “I haven’t said anything yet though!?”

Subaru arranged the options in his mind and accordingly called out to her, and the next instant came Emilia’s ready consent flying towards him without him having said a single word of explanation.
Subaru was surprised, as Emilia said “It’s fine!” in response,

Emilia: “Subaru’s plan must be one he came up with after thinking with all his might! I can trust it far more than having to think about a lot of things and coming up with an answer here!”

Subaru: “ーーAh, damn it! Makes me so happy you’d say that!”

Scratching his head, Subaru powerfully stomped the floor as though in response to the faith that made him feel uneasy. Afterwards, Subaru pointed towards the interior of the aisle, the space filled with icicle dust,

Subaru: “For now, Emilia-tan, another shot at him!”

Emilia: “Aye!”

With an explosive, dynamic sound, Emilia dropped the floe of ice onto the interior of the aisle.
It would be great if this merciless strike made for the finishing blow for Ley, but that would be a dim prospect. In reality, Emilia spilled out a note saying “Ah!” as she widened her eyes upon the impact,

Emilia: “Subaru! The Sin Archbishop from earlier……”

Subaru: “Tch, he’s a tenacious bastard. But there should be no way he took absolutely no damage.”

When Emilia turned backward, Subaru understood from her expression that Ley had erased his form from the course of impact.
He had gotten fed up of that tenaciousness, on the same level as that of a cockroach, but his characteristic of judging the situation to be unfavorable and ejecting accordingly was different from Petelgeuse of aggravated diligence and tactless frankness, or Regulus who did not possess the word “Humility” in his dictionary. ーーAmongst the Sin Archbishops, Ley Batenkaitos had the greatest survival instinct.
However, it was inconceivable that he would withdraw from the tower.

Subaru: “Emilia-tan! For now, we meet up with everyone else! We need to re-allot the deployments of our personnel! Everyone needs to do their best or this situation won’t be broken through!”

Emilia: “Right! But, is it okay if we let him escape like that?”

Subaru: “I’ll be honest, I would’ve preferred if the one from earlier would’ve finished him off but……”

Having retreated once, Ley would surely make the best use of this time to catch up on his breath as well. In that case, it would be difficult to calculate the necessary time and certainty for striking Ley.
Then they might as well prioritise planned movement in this situation, and take custody of his life.

Subaru: “No need to worry, he won’t leave the tower or anything. As he’s stimulated a lot because of Louis…… because of his little sister. The misunderstanding siscon bastard won’t back down.”

Emilia: “Sisskon……?”

Subaru: “It means one who is affectionate to their younger sister. Though in their case, it’d be being affectionate to the little sister in a negative sense.”

At the very least, it did not seem as though Louis deeply loved Ley or Roy, her true elder brothers, very much on her end. To devote themselves for the sake of Louis without even knowing that, they were either pitiable victims or just role-playing maniacs intoxicated with that duty.
However, ironically, only the unbending distorted ways of the Sin Archbishops could be relied on.

Subaru: “Someone who can adapt to circumstances and flexibly change methods to deal with something, wouldn’t become something like a Sin Archbishop in the first place.”

That was Subaru’s Sin Archbishop evaluation, having unwillingly repeatedly come in contact with the Sin Archbishops.
Hence, it was not easy to track down the dirtily living Ley Batenkaitos. Meanwhile, situations Subaru could not interfere with continued to head towards ruin.
Before that happenedーー,

Subaru: “Emilia-tan! We go where everyone is!”

Emilia: “Mhm, got it! But, I don’t know where everyone is……”

Subaru: “ーーIt is my duty, to SubaNavi ’em.”

Natsuki Subaru Navigation System.
ーーSubaNavi for short, referring to『Cor Leonis』, he activated.


Queer, deep emotions came to his mind upon the activation of the Authority wherein coexisted familiar and unfamiliar sensations.
Concentrating the whereabouts of his beating heart, he magnified everything within the close range of his radar with his beating heart at the centre. That was close to sonar, which grasped the surroundings based on the reverberation of sounds.
But, what he could feel was his comrades’ warmth and fleeting lights, thus it was a restrictive sensation.
ーーHowever, that which specialised solely in feeling the existence of his comrades, rather than being an omnipotent might, was presently the Authority of the most worth for Subaru.

Figuring the location of those fleeting lights, Subaru lifted his face.
Just as he had first hurriedly met up with Emilia, next, they shall prioritise meeting up with the members she had earlier enabled to run away.
In other wordsーー,

Subaru: “ーーFirst, we retrieve my cute partner!”




ーーThrough the sensations being conveyed from『Cor Leonis』, Subaru grasped large sections of the happenings occuring in Pleiades Watchtower.

What he understood through the effect of the Authority was, at maximum, the individual respective conditions of his comrades and a vague sense of distance with Subaru at the centre. His comrades’ fields of vision could be shared, but he could not grasp their state with clarity.
But still, should they sustain an injury he could substitute for the injury, and should they be burdened with recoil, he could take over the recoil. That was the effect of Subaru’s Authority of『Greed』, and various usages could be mused for it

Emilia: “Subaru, are you okay? You look pale……”

Subaru: “Mhm, yeah, I’m good I’m good. Well, I’m acting strong a bit, but I’m still alright. I can still work hard at this level.”

As they dashed through the aisle side by side, Emilia worried for Subaru whilst he let out a heavy sigh. Her voice, like a silver bell, and her amethyst eyes tickled his heart, and Subaru revealed his honest thoughts.
It was agonising. But he could still endure it. Those were his true thoughts.


As pointed out by Emilia, Subaru’s paleness was also of course due to the chaos that had unfolded with Louis in order to recover the『Memories』. Mental abrasion is quite difficult to heal, and it is not an easy task to make a worn down heart stand up again.
But, what was presently making Subaru suffer was a much more simple, clear cause. ーーRam’s inferior physical form, because he had been preliminarily taking up the anguish she had always been experiencing on a normal basis.

Subaru: “Taking up her wounds without permission, Ram is sure not going to be happy……”

It would never sit well with Ram, who actually possessed a strong sense of responsibility, to let others substitute for her own recoil. Should he propose to her saying “I want to shoulder your pain together with you” at her face, she would simply laugh it off with a snort, and in the end stuff steamed potatoes in his nose.
So, he shall arbitrarily shoulder Ram’s inferior physical form. He shan’t let her refuse.
That is whyーー,

Emilia: “Subaru!”

By the shattered angle of the aisle, as she saw clearly ahead Emilia called Subaru. The meaning behind her call was known by Subaru, whose『Lion’s Heart』was beating.
The comrades that had escaped from the battlefield and taken distance, whilst Emilia preoccupied Ley.
The jet black Ground Dragon, and the blue-haired young girl on its back. Holding its reins was her elder sister possessing an identical face like two peas in a pod, and standing beside her was a little girl in a dressーー,

Subaru: “Beako!!”
Emilia: “Beatrice!”

Beatrice: “ーー~hk, S-Subaru and a god-knows-who girl are here, in fact!?”

Beatrice turned behind to look at Subaru and Emilia, who were energetically dashing towards them.
Paying no heed to her astonishment, Subaru and Emilia reached her at almost the same time.
At the same pace, he hugged and picked up the young girl as she shouted “Wakya~”,

Subaru: “Oh, Beako! Beako, you’re so light! You’re so cute! You’ve got such an intelligent look!”

Beatrice: “Wa, wa, wa, wa……”

Emilia: “Look, Beatrice! Subaru remembered everything! Ah, wait, you still don’t know who I am, isn’t that right…… but, Subaru remembered! That rea~lly made me so happy……”

Beatrice: “W-Wait, I suppose! Wait, in fact! It’s like both a known occasion and an unknown occasion have arrived, so Betty’s mind is all topsy-turvy, I suppose!”

Whilst being swung around, Beatrice was mutually knocked down by Subaru and Emilia’s words, as she darted her eyes about in confusion. However, she immediately pointed her palm forward, making Emilia shut up, and,

Beatrice: “……Subaru.”

Subaru: “Yeah.”

Beatrice: “Do you, truly, remember everything, in fact? About Betty, about the time you’ve spent with Betty as well, everything?”

Subaru: “Yeah, that’s right. Don’t make such an anxious expression. I remember everything, and if anything can just make up a lot of the stuff too. The historia of everything that happened and didn’t happen between you and me.”

Beatrice: “No need to make up what didn’t happen, I suppose! Agh geez!”

Raised up in his arms, Beatrice sandwiched Subaru’s face between her hands. Looking at the silent Subaru from an inch’s worth of distance, Beatrice let out a deep sigh.
Her eyes, with a peculiar pattern on them, subsequently quivered,

Beatrice: “Truly, all Subaru does is swing Betty around, in fact.”

Subaru: “The contract’s condition was that I’d be a contractor who’d never let you get bored, after all. And, you said that I’m no superman……”

Beatrice: “ーー?”

Subaru: “Looking at it objectively, I’m pretty superman-ly, am I not?”

Closing an eye, Subaru winked and smiled at Beatrice. For an instant Beatrice widened her eyes at his response, but then immediately pouted.

Beatrice: “Don’t get carried away, I suppose!”

Subaru: “Let me get carried away. I’m the type who gets things done when I get carried away. Along with that……”


Glancing sideways, he noticed Ram standing there with a dazed expression. She narrowed her light crimson eyes and looked at Subaru with a piercingーー no, stabbing gaze.

Subaru: “Ah, nee-sama?”

Ram: “That was quite the fast snowmelt, isn’t it. Ultimately, a pointless fuss befitting of Barusu.”

Subaru: “……Well, in essence, I guess it did last only for a day.”

Subaru couldn’t do anything but smile wryly, upon it all being labelled as a pointless fuss.
In reality, close to twenty deaths that Subaru had experienced, upon thinking of the mental recoil he had undertaken for the purpose of accepting them all as his own, it would be impossible to think that all of the happenings had been a matter of a single day.
From Subaru’s perspective, it felt as if the amnesia had lasted for several years.

Subaru: “But, I’ve come to terms with everything and made it back. The man who gives 150% of his strength for everyone, Natsuki Subaru, pleased to be in your company.”

Ram: “Hah! How nice. Kindly say whatever you would like. However, Ram’s exceedingly benevolent self shall overlook it……”

Subaru: “Overlook it? ……Bangladesh!?”
Beatrice: “Kya~, in fact!”?

Ram spoke deeply meaningful words and subsequently paused, and just as he tilted his head upon her words he was blown away by a tail whip that targeted his blind spot coming from the Ground Dragon, together with Beatrice.
As Subaru and Beatrice twirled around, they were caught by a soft sensation. Upon looking, it had been Emilia who halted their spinning. She softly supported Subaru’s body from his back’s side and smiled,

Emilia: “It looks like Patrasche-chan is also rea~lly happy that Subaru came back.”


Ahead of Emilia’s line of sight stood a jet black majestic figure, exhaling from its nose.
Having gotten a taste of one of its powerful tail strikes, Subaru readjusted Beatrice, whom he was carrying in his arms and,

Subaru: “You’ve always been such a tsundere…… no, my bad. I made you worry a lot too. In the first place……”


Receiving Emilia’s support, Subaru fixed his stance and faced Patrasche, who was looking at him with a sharp glint in its eyes. And, thinking back to the unchanging devotion of the affectionate dragon during the time he was devoid of『Memories』,

Subaru: “Really, you save me so many times. I love you.”


Subaru: “……So you’re not going to slap me away like usual, right?”

Every time he made a flimsy confession of love to her, it was standard that Patrasche’s lady-like self would discipline him, but that wasn’t the case with this time’s confession of his. Otherwise,

Beatrice: “Even this Ground Dragon can tell when you’re joking and when you’re being serious, is what it means, I suppose.”

Subaru: “……Yeah.”

Nobody knew when she had gotten so close to it, but Beatrice spoke for Patrasche’s true heart. The fact that she didn’t get struck by another tail whip meant that her interpretation was correct.
Now if Beatrice were to also learn the ability of deciphering and translating, then Otto could finally be dismissed of his duty.

Subaru: “ーーRem.”

On Patrasche’s back was Rem, her body leaning on the saddle.
Of course, it shan’t be possible to hear her eternally asleep self’s voice of delight upon the return of Subaru’s『Memories』. However, the emotion that arose within Subaru’s heart upon looking at Rem’s side profile was different.


What if, in that white world, persuaded by Louis Arneb’s cajolery, the instant he was truly going to fall into『Gluttony’s』poison fangs, had there not been the voice which kicked the hopeless weakling up.
The existence known as her, truly, shan’t let Natsuki Subaru loose, even should he forget himself.
That is why, once again, after overcoming a totality of 40『Deaths』, he ended up coming back.

Subaru: “I’ll save getting lost in thoughts for later. Anyway, my memories are back. I appreciate all of you wanting to celebrate it, but let’s clean up the situation at once.”

Ram: “Celebrate you say, truly, what an overestimation of oneself. Wonder what happened in this short duration…… besides.”

Emilia: “ーー. Ah, me?”

Snorting her nose upon Subaru’s lowered tone, Ram then turned her gaze towards Emilia. Levitating in her eyes was usual arrogance, and an equal sense of unease.
It was clear from Beatrice’s reaction, but indeedーー,

Emilia: “I’m Emilia. You don’t remember, I guess, yeah……”

Ram: “……The person who let Ram and others escape earlier, that is known. But, that is all, nothing further can be remembered. How do things stand for you, Beatrice-sama……”

Beatrice: “Same for, Betty, in fact…… the effect of the Authority of『Gluttony』, is what it is, I suppose.”

At Ram’s assent, Beatrice identically lowered her face.
What had occurred to Julius’s person in Priestella, had descended onto Emilia’s person within this tower as well. With this forming an omnipresent excruciating woundーー,

Emilia: “Right! I am Emilia, just Emilia. There’s lots of stuff I want to say, but I am family who is looking in the same direction as both Beatrice and Ram!”


Emilia: “If you can just understand that much, then for now, I will be fine. Ever since I got to know that Subaru remembered, I’m feeling rea~lly good.”

Emilia flexed the biceps of her fair arms, and stout-heartedlyーー no, she was not merely acting strong, but truly seeming to fear nothing, smiled. Not only Subaru but Beatrice also came at a loss for words upon her exceedingly confident conduct. Unusually enough, even Ram widened her eyes, unable to suppress her astonishment.

Emilia: “Huh? Did I say something weird?”

Subaru: “……Well, rather than weird, it was super-duper cool.”

Scratching his cheeks, Subaru answered upon Emilia’s slightly flustered reaction. Subsequent to Subaru’s response, Ram said “Indeed” and took a deep inhale.
She steadily affirmed Emilia’s conduct and,

Ram: “Emilia, was it. Enigmatically enough, upon looking at you Ram feels the nooks of her mind be awfully uneasy…… The same happened, on Rem’s instance.”

Emilia: “That’s……”

Ram: “Everything about you disappearing from the mind and being replaced by a void is difficult, is what it surely means. Though it is difficult to consider that Ram had someone like that other than Rem.”

Narrowing her eyes, Ram touched her head with a finger as though tracing Emilia’s disappeared existence within herself. Her words made Subaru remember something out-of-place.
Though Ram may say so, it was unmistakable for Subaru, who had been witness to the two’s relationship from the sidelines, that she cherished Emilia. Although with the vanishing of those spans of time, it was only natural that it would not come to Ram’s mind.

Ram: “The throbbing and aching of the mind Ram feels upon looking at you, is the answer for the relationship between you and Ram. So, rest assured. ーーRam, dislikes remaining defeated.”

Emilia: “ーー. The same, goes for me. We’re going to strike back, absolutely, no matter what.”

Ram: “Indeed, let the payback be a hundred million times greater.”

Emilia: “That many times!?”

Subaru felt Emilia and Ram to be reliable, as the two exchanged fearless smiles.
After all, originally, once the『Name』was plundered, the victim drowned in isolation as all relationships around them collapsed. However, Emilia did not give in against isolation and managed to retain the core of her heart. Thanks to that, the collapse supposed to commence from her, could not destroy the foundation of Subaru as well as that of Ram and the others.
On top of thatーー,

Ram: “Barusu, kindly give suggestions. However, do not think that just because your forgetful self managed to remember again, all of the missteps so far can be salvaged.”

Subaru: “I know without you having to point it out, but how many things do you plan to point out!”

But, he was grateful that they were willing to be cooperative without having to be convinced.
Anyhow, the dilemmas laid within this tower of the sand sea were far too impending for accumulating trust, explaining the situation, and confronting each one of the problems whilst tying bonds.

Subaru: “Let’s obliterate this overeating festival those utmost worst three siblings started with the power of our bonds.”

Emilia: “Yes!”
Beatrice: “Naturally, in fact.”
Ram: “Hah!”

The three parties gave their three respective answers directed towards three of Subaru’s greatest enemies, as he gave a deep nod to all of their words.


Subaru: “ーーIt’s still all over the place, but it feels like I’ve come back home!”

Saying so, he vocalised first and foremost a quiet, yet a valuable and definite deep emotion.



TL note:
[1] – This line is a reference to “Pokémon The Movie 2000: The Power of One”, known in Japanese as “Pocket Monsters the Movie: The Phantom Pokémon: Lugia’s Explosive Birth”

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  1. Time to get Married soon Subaru you already proposed can’t turn back now and she ain’t denying it

  2. Shit this chapter feels so epic while listening to straight bet . Im happy to see them back

    Thanks for translation btw

      1. The only possible explanation I can think of is instead of saying “Who uses benevolent in this day and age”, he said “Bangladesh” in a humorous way.

        Atleast this is what I think lol

    1. He yells out random gibberish whenever he gets yeeted somewhere. Been going on ever since Arc 2 when Beatrice started flinging him out of the Library.

  3. ​I really loved Subaru joking about marriage to Emilia even at a time like this, as well as the fact that Emilia doesn’t even deny it anymore shocking Subaru.

    It does make me worry though, as Tappai had an interview where when asked on the timeframe of Subaru marrying Emilia.

    Tappai questioned why we thought that those two would ever end up being married. With lines like the above, it is absolutely plausible to have the expectation so it sadly makes me 95% certain that he’ll either get sent back to his world or end up permanently dead. I mean Tappai’s not even pretending that Emilia’s not considering it after Arc 5 and then lines like this.

    1. That whole “I’m not sure if Emilia is willing to take Subaru as a husband” is just him saying ” I don’t know if Emilia wants to marry Subaru” because during that interview it was before even Emilia chapter on her view of marriage, he’s not spoiling the ending by saying ” Oh ya at ending of this story they get married”

    2. I think you need to reread the exact wording of what he said and then look at the date he said it.

      1. Are you messaging me about this or raj? If me, then yes, the date he said about that qna was before even him writing about Emilia’s speech to Regulus

  4. It’s refreshing to see an archbishop who actually cares about someone in a moderate manner (excluding Sirius crazy yandere ass)

  5. Can you smell it? The character development for SUBARU! He is more or less respecting himself now. At first, I am doubting whether this arc will be great or not because of the reason Subaru lost his memories along with the development he got from previous arcs. Guess what? I guess it did have a reason, I thought it was just a means to nerf him for more suffering but it turns out I’m wrong and I’m happy for it. Phew, my worries are justified. I really love this series. Can Subaru become a better person from here? We’ll see, the author mentioned that, he’ll develop more.

  6. If Ley ate both Rem and Emilia, why is it that Rem is in a coma while Emilia isn’t? I thought that Ley ate both name and memory, which induced a coma.

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