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Over the past month, we conducted interviews with four prominent members of the Japanese Re: Zero Twitter and YouTube Community to find out what it’s like to be a Japanese Re: Zero Fan, as well as their thoughts on Re: Zero in general! We asked them a total of twelve questions, of which two were specifically tailored towards the interviewee. We hope you’ll enjoy this as an aside from our translations, and as an opportunity to learn more about Re: Zero Japanese Fans in general! Let us know in the comments below if you’d be interested in more of this sort of content.

The individuals interviewed were:

Make sure to give them all a follow if you have a Twitter, they provide great content with theories, Re: Zero discussion and such! And now, into the interview.

1. How did you find out about Re: Zero?


At first, I think I found out by watching the first season of Re: Zero. And before I finished watching the Anime, I started reading the Web Novel. By the way, I started watching the Re:Zero Anime because my friend recommended it to me.


Back then, I wasn’t interested at all in Anime, however I saw that the Re: Zero PV had come out in the YouTube Recommendations section, so I watched the first episode, and got really hooked into it.

(Me: When was that?)

In 2016! Around about October, I think.


By watching the First Season of the Anime.


I first found out about it around four years ago, thanks to the PV announcing it was being made into an Anime. I was totally into “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” back then, so I casually went in, thinking “I might as well give reading it a try” and now here I am.

2. How many Arcs were published, back when you started to read the Novel?


I don’t remember exactly, but I remember starting with Volume 13 at least! (Note: Volume 13 came out June 25, 2017, thus the Web Novel was on Arc 6, Chapter 35.)


It was at Arc 6, Chapter 24: “The Wicked Examiner”!


It was at the end of Arc 6!


It was up to the Kasaneru IF. That was already five years ago, right~. Man, I’m getting old… (Note: Kasaneru IF came out on April 1, 2016. The Web Novel was on Arc 6, Chapter 24 then.)

3. Please rank the Arcs from your most favourite to least favourite! (e.g. Arc 4 > Arc 6 > Arc 5 > Arc 3 > Arc 2 > Arc 7 > Arc 1)


Arc 5 > Arc 4 > Arc 6 > Arc 3 > Arc 7 > Arc 2 > Arc 1

Arc 7 is subject to change though…


That’s tough!

Arc 6 > Arc 5 > Arc 4 > Arc 3 > Arc 7 > Arc 2 > Arc 1
It’s really tight between Arc 6, 5 and 4!


Arc 5 > Arc 6 > Arc 4 > Arc 3 > Arc 2 > Arc 1


Arc 4 = Arc 5 = Arc 6 > Arc 7 = Arc 3 > Arc 2 > Arc 1

Isn’t this a bit unfair? (Laughs) Still, this is how it looks to me.

4. Which character do you stan for? And why?


Of course, Frederica, since she is very devoted. Despite losing her memories of Rem, she risked her life to protect her. In the Oboreru IF, she was worried about Roswaal until the end. Frederica is a very kind-hearted woman.


Pandora-sama! I didn’t particularly like her at first. However, after I talked to various individuals related to Re: Zero about stuff related to the roots of the story, the Gospels, the Books of Wisdom, the common enemy of the Witches, and Aldebaran, Pandora-sama was always the one that we arrived at, whenever thinking about all these things.

At first, I used to think stuff like “She can do just about anything, so bringing up Pandora-sama when speculating about Re: Zero is a waste.” However, the more I thought about her, the cuter she began to seem to me, little by little. (laughs)

She knows just about everything. The vibes she gives off are like that of an enemy, yet, the fact of the matter is, “She doesn’t understand people’s hearts” and such. So, I ended up finding her gap to be cute.

Her talking with Rie Kugimiya-san’s voice back in the Anime was way too cute.

(T/N: Gap is a reference to “gap moe”: the unexpected cuteness of a character when they do something completely different to their usual personality.)


Priscilla, Minerva, Julius

Priscilla is the sort I can’t stand in the real world, but she’s strong, and has affection for Vincent and Arakiya, making her quite the good-hearted person. I was especially moved by her fight against Sirius in Arc 5.

As for Minerva, I plainly just like her because of her looks. Meanwhile, with Julius, I came to like him in Arc 6. In fact, him being struck by the scene where Subaru professed himself as a self-proclaimed knight, plus his relationship with Subaru, the way he lives his life without bending his beliefs, and the fight with Reid were fantastic!


I feel like rooting for Characters who don’t get a lot of stagetime, so I’m going for the parent and child duo of Rachins Hoffman and Rickert Hoffman.

And Russel Fellow!

All three of them are super-smart characters, so I’m looking forward to their future appearances!

5. Please list your top three favourite moments in Re: Zero!


1.  When Subaru gave his speech in Pristella. (Arc 5, Chapter 42)
2. When Julius said “Nice to meet you” to Reid. (Arc 6, Chapter 81)
3. During the second farewell between Theresia and Wilhelm. (Arc 5,  Chapter 73)

It was very hard for me (to chose).


1. “――Choose Me” (Arc 4, Chapter 129)

Subaru: “Choose me! Beatrice!!”
Subaru: “You want someone to take you outside! That’s why you are always! Sitting opposite the
goddamn door!!”

2. “The Newest Hero And The Most Ancient Hero” (Arc 5, Chapter 42)

Subaru: “――My name is Natsuki Subaru. I am the Spirit-Arts User who defeated the Sin Archbishop Sloth of the Witch Cult”
Subaru: “My colleagues and I will do everything to take care of the Witch Cult in this city! So, please believe in us and fight on. Hold onto the hands of the people precious to you and cast away the cowering part of yourself that wants to surrender. And…”
Subaru: “Leave the rest to me!”

3. “From Zero” (Arc 3, Chapter 52)

Rem: “Let’s start from here. From one……no, from zero!”

I was really torn between between From Zero and Shaula. (laughs)


1. “――Choose Me” (Arc 4, Chapter 129)
2. “Shaula” (Arc 6, Chapter 89)
3. “The Newest Hero And The Most Ancient Hero” (Arc 5, Chapter 42)


1. Subaru: “Any time! Any moment! When you want to act! When you want to change! The instant you think that marks the starting line!!” (Arc 4, Chapter 113)

2. Subaru: “――My name is Natsuki Subaru. I am the Spirit-Arts User who defeated the Sin Archbishop Sloth of the Witch Cult”
Subaru: “Leave the rest to me!” (
Arc 5, Chapter 42)

3. “A mere 400 years…is almost like the day after tomorowww.”
    “Because I also loved waiting for you.”
    “Hey, Master. That’s why, someday, again…”
    “I hope you’ll meet me again someday.”
    “This time…is it my turn to wait for you? Instead of the woman doing the chasing, the woman is being chased.”
    “Master, this promise is…very, very important.”
    “This time…please don’t forget it.”

    “—I love youuu, Master.” (Arc 6, Chapter 89)

6. Which Side Story or Shop Special is your favourite? And Why?


“Frederica and Petra’s Maid-san Days” of course! Because they are very cute!! I considered Golden Siblings. (laughs)


I can’t go with a Tanpenshuu?

(Me: Tanpenshuus are okay!)

In that case, I particularly like the stories that take place between Arcs 2 and 3 that are compiled in Tanpenshuu 2! I keep reading and re-reading those peaceful moments of everyday life, given in comparison how much Subaru and the others suffer in the main story!


The Sword Demon Battle Ballad.

Wilhelm and Grimm are just too awesome. I was relieved that Roswaal J. died protecting Carol, as well as the fact Clind showed up for a bit. I also love Clind’s role in Golden Siblings.


There’s not many people talking about it, but I love the Comic Alive Side Story: “Very Very Rough Justice”. It’s tied up in one issue and is easy to read.

Above all, when the small-time crook who features in this Side Story saw Emilia, the first thing he reacted with was: “You’re the Royal Selection Candidate, Emilia!?”

Up till Arc 3, Emilia was feared as a “Witch” from first impressions; however, between Arc 3 and 4, people seemingly have begun to judge her as an individual called “Emilia”.

At the start of the Royal Selection, Emilia gave her policy speech and said: “I want people to look at me fairly”, so I really like this story a lot, since I can see this is becoming more and more of a reality.

7. In terms of Re: Zero theories, in a nutshell, what are your favourite ones?


Chisha sends messengers to Priscilla to summon her ⇒ He then sends Arakiya to Vincent ⇒  Priscilla, who’s made it into Vollachia, and Arakiya meet again ⇒  Arakiya changes sides.

Meaning, if he did so, he was able to dispatch reinforcements to Vincent without raising suspicions! This is one, I guess!

Echidna’s soul transference should have failed since the vessel wouldn’t have withstood the magnitude of her soul. And yet, the fact that Omega Dona succeeded implies that Tea Party Dona already had the magnitude of her soul shaved down.

I’m almost sure that what she removed then were her emotions, and the place she put them in was Eridna. I’m also convinced that the Echidna from the Tea Party doesn’t have the same kind of emotions as Sensei Dona does.

I like this one too.


The one where Clind is a half-Beastman and can turn into a hawk.

(Note from me: This is a really interesting theory that I’ve seen discussed between the likes of Yumiya-san and Rei-san on Twitter, one day I might do a write-up for it in a general Clind Theory!)


The “Farsale = someone who had the Divine Protection of Kotodama” theory I came up with.

8. Do you think Subaru = Flugel? What about Al? Do you think he is also Subaru?


This question is debated a lot in the Japanese community. I think “Yes”, Subaru = Flugel, and Subaru = Al. However, there is no conclusive evidence.

Also, it is questionable whether Nagatsuki-sensei will have such a simple answer to it.


For now, I think Al is a being who’s accumulated the memories of (a) Subaru who couldn’t, thus far, kill Emilia in a situation where he had to.

Maybe something like: If Emilia isn’t killed, then the world falls to ruin. Under these circumstances, when Subaru is unable to kill Emilia, the world perishes and a loop is triggered, with the memories of the failed loop being stored in Al.

Setting aside whether their bodies are the same for now, I’m pretty sure that Al has Subaru’s memories. I believe Flugel’s way of thinking is closer to Al’s than Subaru’s. I feel like Subaru wouldn’t say “Shoot down anyone who’s approaching” to Shaula.

This is really hard. (laughs)
A guess among guesses. (laughs)


I think Flugel is Subaru, but closer to Al if I had to choose, rather than the current Subaru. A Subaru who was living in a different world-line.


Subaru, who time-warped and went 400 years back in time, is Flugel, and I guess Al too is a Subaru who time of being summoned into the Isekai went out of sync. for some reason?

In all honesty, I have no idea. (Laughs)

What the heck is going on with this dude…

9. What are your opinions on the overseas community for Re: Zero?


I think it’s lively and fun every day! It takes time for me to translate into Japanese, so there are many things I can’t keep up with…
But it’s helpful to learn English, and it’s really fun to be able to talk about things related to Re: Zero in English.


The love shown towards Re: Zero and the characters they’re a fan of is truly, absolutely awesome! I’ve had the opportunity to make friends with many foreign fans of Re: Zero, and what we all have in common is that our love is truly great! I can tell that they really love Re: Zero!


Interesting people are always interesting. But, since I can’t understand their words, I can only understand people who speak Japanese.


I really dislike people who repost without due authorisation. Please make sure to put a link to the creator’s profile.

Also, I don’t understand the language, but it feels to me like it’s always full of energy, making up your own unique slang and stuff. It seems fun.

10. If you were summoned to the world of Re: Zero, what would you do? How would you try and survive?


Suppose I am summoned at the same time as Arc 1… In Lugnica, while working as a hairdresser in the Royal Capital, I want to serve under Miss Crusch. There would be many hardships, but I support her the most among the candidates for the Royal Selection.

To tell you the truth, I want to live with Frederica.


I’ll tag along with Reinhard as soon as I’m in the world of Re: Zero! ‘Cause I’d probably die if I were to wander about without any powers, (laughs), and I don’t want to die!

My next bet would be Priscilla. I reckon I’d be really happy if I were to be at her side, were she to take a liking to me.


It would depend on whether I have aptitude for magic or not. Regardless of that, I would live inconspicuously. In Lugunica.


No! I don’t want to go!!! I want to go to the world of KonoSuba!!!!

But, when it comes to a means for staying alive, I guess I’ll head over to Anastasia-sama’s side and offer her my modern knowledge of Japan so to guarantee food, clothing and shelter from her…

And I want to lay my eyes on Emilia-tan and Priscilla-sama’s countenances for one time.

The following questions were tailored specifically to the interviewee, and will be highlighted as such!

Questions Specific to Roki-san

11. Why do you specifically like Frederica holding a bat so much?

There’s a gang-trope called Sukeban in Japan. It’s just like Antena-san drew here. The symbol of a Sukeban is a bat, and Sukeban often wield a bat to protect people. I felt that it was similar to Frederica.

Of course, I want to be beaten!

(Note: You can read more about Sukeban here.)

12. From all of the Re: Zero events you’ve been to in person, please tell us some of your favourite experiences!

There are two answers to this.

(Me: Two are fine!)

[Twitter Link to his Event Post]

Number one is a small talk event! I got to see “Rie Takahashi” and “Yusuke Kobayashi” talking pretty close up! It was the first anime event I participated in, so I have a lot of memories from it.

[Twitter Link to a Rie Takahashi Post about this Event #1]
[Twitter Link to a Rie Takahashi Post about this Event #2]

Number two, UTAGE!!

I was excited to see Inori Minase, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and Kohei Amasaki in front of me from the front row. After watching the video with the cast, I cried. During the event, I was able to see how close the cast was, and it was really fun.

The reading performance at the end was spectacular, it felt like the imagery came rushing into my mind as if it were natural!

I was also happy to be able to meet so many followers at this event! (For instance, Gomadore-san (laughs) )

As well as Yumiya-san!

Questions Specific to Sakura-san

11. What’s your favourite Re: Zero meme?

I guess it’s still Greed x Ricardo! (Laughs). Rei-san’s memes in particular really crack me up.

(Note: Sakura-san is referring to this brilliant parody of a “Ricardised” Regulus speech done by the one and only @Clind_Rei !)

12. Have you ever attended a Re: Zero event? If so, what’s your most memorable experience from it?

I haven’t. There once was an event held near where I live, but I couldn’t go due to being busy with club.

Questions Specific to Yumiya-san

11. What inspired you to start making Re: Zero Videos on YouTube?

Seeing an already uploaded YouTube video, regarding an Al and Subaru being the same person theory.

12. Please tell us which video from the ones you’ve made is your favourite!

The one about Chisha being Capella’s subordinate theory!

(You can find a link to that here.)

Questions Specific to Gomadore-san

11. If you could meet Nagatsuki-Sensei and ask him one question, what would it be?

I would ask: “Do you know about my account’s existence?”

If he were to say: “I don’t”, I’d die of sadness.
If he were to say: “I do”, I’d die of happiness.

12. Please tell us the Top 3 Witchbeasts you like!

Number One: The Great Rabbit
Reason: Because they’re cute. I reckon it’s this icon that makes it easy to get more followers.

Number Two: Guiltylowe-san
Reason: Since it’s a loveable gag character. Also, those feathers sprouting a little from its back are cute, right?

Number Three: The Crimson Scorpion
Reason: Please grow up as fast as possible and transform… It doesn’t even need to be her adult form, just please come back… Please…

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  1. This was a refreshing interlude between chapter translations. It really is such a shame the language gap is so big, they seem like really interesting people!

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    My dream is to read a Q&A with Owari-san, but I seriously doubt that’ll be possible since she moved on from Re:Zero.

    Anyways, super interesting read. Thank you for making this!

    1. I’ll consider it, if there’s demand, I might be able to get some popular artists interested.

  3. Seeing the opinions of the Japanese folks are quite interesting. It opens a wider view of the community, which I find it wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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