Elegant Lesson


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???: [Woahahhh――!!]

???: [Kyawawawawawa, I suppose――!?]

There was a ferocious scream, and two figures were thrown into the air. A large figure and a small figure were holding hands, sharing each others’ fate. Some people would see this as a friendly relationship, but that was not the right description for this situation. Because, a lapse in judgment would lead to the same end for both of them. 

??? & ???: [[Ahhhphew.]]

They spilled that out, turned their eyes, and rolled on the ground, knocking them out with a “Phew.” The boy and the young girl, who had no energy to fight back―― were completely taken care of as a set. A shadow suddenly appeared beside them without making a sound.

???: [――Unfortunately, there is no room for talk at all. Child’s play.]

Yes, it was the calm tone of voice that mercilessly commented on the two collapsed people. The owner of the voice tone was also a person with a neutral appearance who did not betray the impression of the tone of voice. 

His dark blue hair was carefully styled, and his sharp, intelligent eyes were adorned with a monocle, an intellectual item. His tall, slender body was kept in a breathtakingly beautiful posture, embodying a kind of perfection. 

This impression was accentuated by his cool, sweat-free profile. This was especially true when you viewed the out-of-breath, sweaty boy and girl ――Subaru, and Beatrice, at his feet. The two of them sat up weakly on their knees and looked down at each other.

Subaru: [Huff, huff, I, I can’t talk back.]

Beatrice: [Betty, is the Great Spirit Beatrice, and you call it child’s play, in fact… You’ll be howling in no time, I suppose…]

???: [Even your arguments against me are not unified. You can not possibly achieve your goal with that. Hopeless.]

Shaking their heads loosely, Subaru and Beatrice sagged at the words of the man who was the incarnation of serenity. 

Subaru could not even talk back. At least, not in this state of mind. 

It was Subaru and Beatrice who asked for training. But honestly speaking, they thought they could do a little better. Their hubris was shattered, and they felt bad about it. 


???: [Are we done here? End.]

Subaru: [――Hk. Wait, there’s more!]

Beatrice: [If you think this is where it ends, you’re wrong, in fact!]

At the question of resignation, Subaru and Beatrice shouted at the same time. 

Unlike the previous exchange, the only thing they shared in common was a sense of defeat, and upon hearing this, the person with the monocle ――Clind, nodded his head with a slight narrowing of his eyes.

Clind: [Splendid, So, again, please. Guidance.]

Subaru: [Your carelessness will be the death of you, Clind-san! Let’s do this, Beako!]

Beatrice: [Of course! Betty will let him have it, I suppose!] 

Subaru and Beatrice, who had gotten up and laughed at their bad impressions of each other, jumped at Clind, who was relaxed and ready to give them a shot.

Clind: [――Ill-prepared.]

However, the ingenious attack was easily seen through, and the two bodies flew through the air again.

Subaru: [Ahh! We’re both down again…]

Subaru & Beatrice: [Unyaaah――!?]

Blinking her eyes at the sight of Subaru and Beatrice being blown away while screaming, Emilia, waving her hands up and down, was both happy and sad.

It had been about ten minutes since this practice started, but Emilia already lost count of the number of times Subaru and Beatrice had tasted the ground with both hands. From the looks of it, Clind was doing a good job of rolling them around, but Emilia was on the edge of her seat, watching to make sure they didn’t get hurt.

???: [Emily, the change will not come so quickly. It is all about daily accumulation… etiquette, and study, is it not?]

Emilia: [Anne…]

It was a young girl with a prim face who advised Emilia to do so in response to her reaction. 

When she heard the words from a girl roughly ten years younger than herself, Emilia choked up a little and then slumped her shoulders. 

Emilia couldn’t argue with that. She knew she was right.

Emilia: [But I do get worried… I think it can’t be helped when you try so hard.]

Anne: [That is Emily’s virtue. But it is a groundless fear. Do you not think so, too, Frederica?]

Frederica: [――Yes, you are right, Annerose-sama.]

The one who responded to the girl’s question was Frederica ――an elegant maid with long golden hair, beautiful emerald-green eyes, and strikingly good looks. 

Accompanying Emilia to serve the tea party, she prepared the tea and turned her gaze to the garden beyond the balcony. That was where the practicing Subaru and Beatrice had been dominating the conversation for a while now. 

However, Emilia tilted her head at the attitude of the girl and Frederica, who seemed to understand each other.

Emilia: [Does that mean I’m worrying too much?]

Frederica: [Yes. But I think that can not be helped. Emilia-sama has only had dealings with Clind for a few days after the misunderstanding.]

Emilia: [It was a misunderstanding at that time… I made a reaaally embarrassing mistake…]

The topic of discussion was Emilia’s memories of unforgettable failures and experiences. 

When Emilia was once again embarrassed by the people who were sharing it with her, the young girl replied with a pout, “What do you mean?”.

Annerose: [That incident was my family’s fault. For me, it was the beginning of my meeting you, Emily, and having this relationship. It was the very important first act of our story.]

Emilia: [Anne…]

Annerose: [I can still remember it. You gave me that beautiful snowy scene as a gift to say goodbye to me…]

The young girl closed her eyes and talked as if enraptured by her speech. In contrast to Annerose, Emilia, however, lowered her eyebrows apologetically.

Emilia: [I’m sorry, Anne. It was Puck who did it, but now he’s gone to sleep for a long time, so I can’t show you the same thing.]

Annerose: [I did not mean to pressure you!]

Emilia: [Is that right?]

Emilia’s eyes widened when it was pointed out that the apology she had felt was misplaced.

While looking at it, the young girl ――Annerose Miload sighed, “Indeed…”, and gave Emilia a resolute look that was inappropriate for her appearance. 

If you did not compare their appearances, it was difficult to tell which one was older than the other. 

Of course, there was a difference in the way Annerose, who had survived the swirling aristocracy at the age of nine, and Emilia, who had spent her life leisurely in a forest with little change, had been polished.

In any case――,

Frederica: [I am sure the Master thinks it is a good opportunity for you to learn about these things as well.]

Frederica exhaled as she looked at the two girls, sensing her Master’s intentions. 

Frederica’s master, a man of many wiles, liked to use roundabout and distorted expressions and instructions. She guessed this was just another one of his mischievous tricks. 

Even so, for better or worse, Frederica had such a strong trust in him that she knew he was making plans that would lead to proper results.

Subaru and Beatrice: [Unyaaah――!?]

Subaru: [Ahh! I’m hit again…!]

With a flashy sound, Subaru and Beatrice shot up into the air again, and Emilia panicked as she watched. 

Frederica wondered how many times she would see this scene during their training and vaguely thought about the blue sky.




――This was about a month after the incident at the Sanctuary was resolved.

???: […Le-veil up?] 

???: [Yeah! I think that’s what we need!]

And to Emilia’s wondering face, Subaru held out his hands and explained forcefully. 

The location was the top floor of the building, which could have been called the new Roswaal Mansion, replacing the burned-down Roswaal Mansion. In its office, Subaru strongly emphasized the needs of the future.

Subaru: [It’s been fierce battle after fierce battle…! I know it’s depressing for me to say it myself, but you can feel the trouble coming and the level of enemies steadily rising.] 

???: [Of course, I had devised some creative adjustments to make that haaappen~.]

Subaru: [You’re making me feel worse than I already am! You should be sorry!]

The one who shrugged his shoulders when he was yelled at like that was Roswaal, whose remorse was hidden behind his makeup. 

In fact, on the day that Subaru was summoned to this other world, Roswaal, who seemed to have been planning for the hardship that befell Emilia in the Royal Capital, admitted his mistake and apologized, but even now, Subaru could not be too careful. 

If anything, Subaru even felt that the maliciousness of his antics seemed to be increasing every day. 


Emilia: [Roswaal, don’t tease Subaru like that. If you do, we won’t know if we can trust you, right?]

???: [Betty agrees, I suppose. It is, however, painful to see you being scolded head-on by the half-devil… Emilia like this, in fact. It serves him right, I suppose.]

Roswaal: [Grr.]

The two people who could silence Roswaal were on a roll. They were Emilia, who preached remorse with pure sincerity, and Beatrice, who put on the face of an absolute ally by Subaru’s side.

Roswaal seemed vulnerable to Emilia, who had grown up because of the Sanctuary and begun walking the path of the ultimate beautiful girl, and Beatrice, who had become active after leaving the Forbidden Library. Even now, Roswaal was able to say something back to Subaru in a relaxed manner, but he only clammed up at the two girls’ words. 


Subaru: [Roswaal’s shenanigans aside, I’m serious about my proposal. It’s imperative that we level up to counter future threats!]

???: [Does that mean you want to hone your skills and master your craft?]

Subaru: [Yes, that! That’s what I’m talking about, Frederica!]

Subaru clapped his hands and chuckled to himself as he finally got through to someone. It was Frederica, the last person in the group gathered in the office. 

Originally, Frederica was waiting where Emilia and Roswaal were talking. This was when Subaru intervened by pulling Beatrice’s hand. 

Subaru felt bad for interrupting Emilia and Roswaal, but this was also an important topic for the camp―― Subaru, who had been officially appointed as Emilia’s knight, had raised the level of his ability.

Emilia: [But Subaru works hard every day on special training. And look, you and Garfiel always get along well…]

Subaru: [It’s super lovely to see the world smiling in Emilia-tan’s eyes, but the reality of that training scene is not that harmonious.]

Emilia’s expression was warm and soft, but the reality was very different. 

She was right. Since moving to the new mansion, Subaru had sought to improve his skills and was trying to learn from Garfiel ――a new fighter in the camp. 

The new face in the camp had a hand-to-hand fighting style, so it was a long-awaited presence for the Emilia Camp, which had many magic users. Subaru, who was neither good at magic nor martial arts, thought they seemed to be the perfect person to ask for lessons.

Subaru: [But when we started training together, the material was so different that I couldn’t handle it… he overestimates me like crazy.]

Beatrice: [Betty didn’t see it firsthand, but she heard that Subaru defeated him with that ground dragon, in fact. That was a big deal, I suppose.]

Subaru: [We did, but it took four of us to beat him.]

To be precise, it was correct to say that in addition to the continuous battle between Garfiel, Otto, and Ram, Subaru had been cut down, and Patrasche had put the finishing touches on the fight. Simply connecting this to Subaru’s victory was a bad way of putting it, even before Garfiel turned out to be fourteen years old.

Subaru: [If we went head-to-head, I couldn’t do anything about it. He should know that, but he’s not very good at holding back…]

Roswaal: [Maybe he’s still upset about losing in the Sanctuary and wants to use this training as an excuse to kill youuu~.]

Subaru: [If that smile had any truth behind it, I’d lose faith in humanity!]

Subaru snapped at Roswaal when he said that about the straightforward Garfiel. 

Subaru could not continue the conversation if he was teased every time. While Roswaal gave Beatrice a glare, Subaru looked over at Frederica.

Subaru: [That’s why I want to take care of the situation. For example, have Frederica tell Garfiel to go easy on… Frederica?]

Frederica: [――――]

Subaru: [What’s wrong, Frederica? I’m not sure what it is, but your face is red all the way up to your ears.]

Frederica’s face was red as she remained silent in front of Subaru, who asked for her help. When Subaru and Emilia were worried about her face, which had turned red up to her ears, Frederica was the one who was worried. She shook her head, letting a weak “No, no…” escape.

Frederica: [You see, Garf’s poor technique is… possibly my fault.]

Subaru: [Oh, why? As a boy, did you beat his soul down from childhood to the point where he has to stand up to anyone he comes across with his full strength?]

Frederica: [Not really, but,… When we were young, there were no other children in the Sanctuary other than Garf and I.]

Subaru: [Because no one else was there?]

When Subaru asked her about it, Frederica put her hand shyly over her mouth and said,

Frederica: [I am afraid that I have been… I have been playing you.]

Emilia: [Frederica’s playmate? What’s wrong with that?]

Frederica: [No, I mean…]

Unable to understand Frederica’s sense of embarrassment, Emilia innocently asked back. Subaru also roughly grasped the situation from Frederica’s rough appearance. 

Although Frederica and Garfiel were siblings, there was an age difference of six or seven years between them. Whatever the case may be today, the impact of the age difference in childhood was significant. 

Subaru: [It’s the difference between first and seventh graders…]

Moreover, considering the number of years Frederica had been away from the Sanctuary, she would have been younger than a first grader when she played with Garfiel. 

The influence of the original experience is immeasurable. Otherwise, there would be no proverb like “A tiger can’t change his stripes.”.

Subaru: [In other words, Garfiel is in such a state because of his unrestrained sister’s influence.] 

Frederica: [Th-he way you said that! The way you say that, it was malicious! Even if it is true that I am an influence, I will insist it was!]

However, even if the jury acknowledged the validity of Frederica’s claim, it would not change the troubling reality of the situation. 

In any case, the balance of power was too great for Garfiel to compete with Subaru’s training. Garfiel could heal some injuries with his magic, but there was a limit.

Subaru: [I’m not going to let Otto teach me how to fight off thugs. But my pride won’t allow me to let Otto teach me how to fight off thugs the Suwen way…!]

Emilia: [Oh, you’re being so selfish. Otto-kun seems to be a good teacher.]

Subaru: [I know, but! But even if they taught me, the chance of me being able to use it would be too limited, and I wouldn’t be able to handle it!]

In addition, the Suwen style of fighting off thugs passed down in Otto’s family had already proven to be ineffective against Garfiel. 

So, it was far from the technique Subaru is looking for. What Subaru needed was a way to counter the threats that would continue to stand in his way ――ideally, a Reinhard-like power that could defeat any enemy.

Subaru: [I know that’s a tall order, so I’d at least like to have a little trick to buy some time to stall them until Garfiel can come running.]

Beatrice: [That’s another greed-free story, in fact.]

Roswaal: [I think it’s an appropriate idea, though, that you’re in your eleeement~.]

Beatrice and Roswaal made their own comments after hearing what Subaru wanted there. Meanwhile, during the same conversation, Emilia pondered with a, “Hmm…”,

Subaru: [Emilia-tan, what do you object to?]

Emilia: [No, it’s not like that. It’s just that if Subaru is in danger, I’ll protect him, and I want him to be able to rely on me, too.]

Subaru: [In case you were wondering, the way the situation was set up earlier, I was under the impression that I was fighting with Emilia-tan behind me, protecting her…]

In the first place, the idea for this case came from Subaru’s official appointment as Emilia’s knight. If a decision relied on Emilia’s power, it would all be for nothing.

Subaru: [Anyway! I’m a man who wants to be strong enough to protect Emilia-tan! And now that I’ve made a contract with Beako, I want new techniques or even a second form!] 

Beatrice: [Subaru can’t help making so much noise, I suppose. If you really want the second form, you can carry Betty on your shoulders, in fact.]

Subaru: [It’s not that kind of extended children’s game!]

While arguing back, Subaru picked up Beatrice by the shoulders and swung the little girl around with a joyful “Kyaa!”; at the sight of Subaru and Beatrice, Roswaal clapped his hands and said, “Okay”,

Roswaal: [I understand what you want, Subaru-kun. I don’t doubt your feeeelings~.]

Subaru: [Does that mean you have a guess who I am training with?]

Roswaal: [That’s right. Why don’t you ask Ram to do it for you?]

Subaru: [It’s not for nothing, but I wonder if sey’ll teach me right…]

Ram had a great deal of trust in Subaru’s abilities, but he didn’t think Ram’s personality was well suited for a leadership role. In terms of the way she treated Subaru, it was like a picture book lesson. 

Besides, this was selfish of Subaru, but――,

Subaru: [I don’t want Ram to have to deal with me for a while. I want her to stay with Rem.]

Emilia: [Subaru…]

After returning from the Sanctuary, the sisters Ram and Rem were finally able to see each other, but Ram still had not regained the memory of her other precious half. 

So, their relationship was still in the process of being rebuilt, with Ram coming to terms with it.

Roswaal: [I see, I see, that’s auspicious. But if that’s the case, I’m in a bit of a tight spooot~. I wonder if anyone else in our camp could teach Subaru-kun a lesson…]

Emilia: [Ah, you want me to try it? I’m a little bit strong these days, so it might be dangerous, but I’ll do my best to go easy on you.]

Subaru: [So if I’m bludgeoned to death or seriously injured by Emilia-tan’s slender arms, it’s going to look way too bad on the outside…]

Emilia made a suggestion on behalf of Roswaal, who was troubled by the idea. However, Subaru could be bludgeoned to death by her slender arms, and this was also a matter of Subaru’s pride. 

As someone who wanted to become stronger for Emilia, he struggled with the dichotomy if he begged Emilia to teach him――,

Frederica: [――Master, you have already made up your mind, correct? Please do not be mean and make trouble for Subaru-sama and Beatrice-sama.]

So said Frederica, her gaze sharpened, as she glared at Roswaal’s side. 

“Huh?” Subaru said, and Emilia and Subaru’s eyes widened. Roswaal closed one eye and narrowed his blue eye mischievously as he muttered, “Did they figure it out?”.

Subaru: [They figured it out? Oi oi, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is serious.]

Beatrice: [Subaru, there’s no point in saying it, I suppose. This man has always been able to keep himself youthful by messing with others in this way, in fact. He is such a creature, I suppose.]

Emilia: [Well, is that so? Then, the usual shenanigans…]

Subaru: [Emilia-tan believes!] 

Beatrice’s point of view and Emilia’s point of view were their own honest, believable opinions. Both of them were very cute, so Subaru was determined to watch over them without scolding them. 

Anyway, Roswaal interrupted with a single cough from that point of view,

Roswaal: [As for Subaru-kun’s request earlier, as Frederica said, I have an idea. I know a place like a vocational training center that can come in handy in times like this.] 

Subaru: [Yo-You have such a convenient place? Maybe like a temple for job changes?]

Frederica: [――? I do not know much about this “temple for job changes,” but Subaru-sama was at this place until a few days ago.]

Subaru: [A place I had been until recently…]

It had been said that the one that reached a certain level was not a temple where jobs could be changed, but a place in recent memory, and Subaru immediately opened his mouth with an “Ah”. 

It was the place where the people who escaped from the Sanctuary, Subaru, and the others who lost their mansion temporarily took refuge before moving their home base to the new Roswaal Mansion――,

Emilia: [Anne’s house? Then maybe…]

Subaru: [That little girl is training with me…? You can’t simply accept that a little girl is a good training partner, no matter how much you want to… Ow, ouch, ouch.]

Emilia: [Of course not. It’s Clind-san, Clind-san.]

Subaru’s ears were tugged by Emilia, who gave him a look that meant stop. 

Not so much chastisement as the expected scolding, Subaru nodded his head and said, “Ahh.”,

Subaru: [Clind-san, huh? No, I talked to him a little bit while he was taking care of me at Annerose-chan’s place, but I don’t know him that well.]

Roswaal: [Clind was originally a servant of mine for a long tiiime~. Well, Frederica knows more about the details than I do. Isn’t that right?]

Frederica: [Huh? Eh, eh, yes, I guess. Reluctantly so.]

Frederica nodded her head, slightly upset, as she was forced to talk. While wondering about this reaction, Subaru remembered the appearance of a beautiful, thin-faced man.

Subaru: [But still, a vocational training center. A setting like… where the proper servant is the one who knows all things, is really cool, like a manga or video game.]

Emilia: [I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. But… it’s true that Clind-san is a good teacher. He has been a great help to me.]

Subaru: [Really, Emilia was taken care of by him… when? Why?]

Emilia’s words assured him of Clind’s abilities, but Subaru wondered if there had been any contact between the two of them during their recent stay that would have produced such a guarantee. 

Emilia shook her head and said, “No, it’s not that”,

Emilia: [In fact, before I came to the previous mansion, I was mistaken for a maid for a few days, and during that time, Clind-san and Frederica taught me to be a maid.]

Subaru: […Emilia-tan was a maid? In a maid’s outfit?]

Emilia: [Yes, I was. I know it was short-lived, but I did my best.]

Emilia, proudly beaming, slowly chewed on her words; Subaru understood the situation and then fell to his knees in a heap.

Subaru: [Why, why wasn’t I there, ahhh――!!]

Emilia: [Eh? What’s wrong, Subaru!? You look like you’re about to cry…]

Subaru: [I’m disqualified as a knight for missing out on Emilia-tan’s maid outfit…]

Emilia: [What does that have to do with anything!?]

Emilia’s eyes turned into a blank stare as Subaru burst into tears and sobbed. 

But it was not a joke. Subaru regretted that he had not been there. Emilia’s maid’s uniform must have been as beautiful as a goddess. 

Subaru: [That’s right! You can still wear it…]

Emilia: [Well, no, that’s not true. A maid’s outfit is a maid’s work uniform, so I can’t wear it since I am not a maid.]

Subaru: [Guaaah――]

There was a curt reply, and once again, Subaru slumped. 

Emilia is troubled by Subaru’s overreaction, but Beatrice and the others could only sigh. This was a Royal Selection Candidate, and her knight was at the center of the camp. 

Roswaal: [It’s really worth your support. Don’t you think sooo~?]

Frederica: [Unlike the… Master, I would like to realize it in a different way.]

Frederica replied with a bitter smile to Roswaal’s chuckling gaze. 

Aside from these two, Beatrice crouched down next to Subaru, who was slumped over.

Beatrice: [Look, don’t dwell on it forever, I suppose. If you want to see a maid’s outfit, I suppose. I-It can’t be helped; Betty can wear it for you, in fact.]

Subaru: [Ugh, Beako… I’m glad you feel that way, but that’s not the same thing as this.]

Beatrice: [How dare you, I suppose!]

Beatrice was outraged that her attempts to comfort him had been so disrespected.

Regardless, you could say that the direction of the story had came together.

Roswaal: [Subaru-kun’s level up… was it? I’ll leave that to Clind. By the way, Emilia-sama, would you like to accompany him to the Miload family?]

Emilia: [Me too?]

Roswaal: [Yes. Subaru-kun has officially been named a knight. I think it is necessary for you to learn how to act as a nobleman as well.] 

Emilia nodded, muttering the unfamiliar word “nobleman” as if ruminating on it.

Emilia: [All right. Do you want me to learn from Clind-san, too?]

Roswaal: [Of course, it would be possible to be educated by Clind, but it would be more in Emilia-sama’s nature to learn by seeing the real thing. It’s Annerose.]

Emilia: [Wow, from Anne?]

Roswaal: [I’m sure she’d love to meet you, Emilia-sama. A way to earn some poooints~… oops, for the sake of a good relationship between the two of you, surely.]

Roswaal suggested, with a deliberate rephrasing. Emilia’s eyes lit up at the thought, and she clasped her hands in front of her chest and smiled happily. 

In the background, Subaru and Beatrice continued their little play, and the impression of a disorganized pair could not be shaken――,

Roswaal: [I expect you can handle the reins theeere~.]

Frederica: [Me?]

Roswaal: [You are to accompany them to the Miload residence. You’re the right person for the job, aren’t you?]

Frederica’s master closed one eye and looked at her with his blue eye again. She sighed at Roswaal’s mischievous attitude, and then Frederica looked at Subaru and the three of them again. 

The burden was a little too heavy for her, and she bowed, not letting her inner thoughts show.




――And that was how Subaru and the others came to the Miload mansion.

As it was, Garfiel was disqualified from being Subaru’s training partner and was somewhat depressed. Otto, who was forced to help Roswaal with his extremely busy paperwork, was not along for the journey to the Miload mansion.

Subaru: [I’ve heard that you’ve had a lot of training too. The next time we meet, we’ll both have leveled up so much that we won’t recognize each other. ――Two years from now, in the Royal Capital of Lugunica!] 

Otto: [Are you planning to train until right before the Royal Selection?]

Subaru added that there was that exchange of words before they left. 


Subaru: [That’s why I need you to give me… no, me and Beako, some practice.]

Beatrice: [What? Betty, too, I suppose?]

Subaru: [That’s because Beako and I are one and the same. We’ll be together in sickness and health, in the rain or shine, in the wind, and in death!]

Beatrice: [That is not even funny, in fact!]

As soon as they arrived, without a moment to breathe a sigh of relief, Subaru asked Clind to practice. 

Frederica, who accompanied him, was impressed by his forward attitude. At the very least, there was no lie in Subaru’s intention to become stronger.

Frederica: [I do not know what the word “le-veil up” means, but…]

Emilia: [Oh, Frederica? Hehe, don’t worry. Ram says it’s called “Subaru-speak”.]

Frederica: [Subaru-sama-speak…]

While smiling at the boastful Emilia for some reason, Frederica also admired her protegee Ram’s sense of style, thinking that Subaru-speak was a straightforward and clear expression. 

Speaking of protegees, Frederica was worried that Petra, whom she left at the mansion, being annoyed with Ram. 

Petra, a quick learner and a good judge of character, was on the verge of graduating from her apprenticeship as a maid after just a month or so, but this was the first time she had ever left Frederica’s care in earnest.

Frederica: [If I may say so, I agree with Subaru-sama regarding Ram’s leadership ability.]

Emilia: [――? Frederica, are you worried about Petra-chan by any chance?]

Frederica: [Yes, I am sorry. I can not help but feel uneasy, but I am not sure I am comfortable leaving her alone with Ram to take care of the mansion.]

Frederica frowned and expressed her concern. But at Frederica’s words, Emilia put her finger to her lips and said,

Emilia: [I don’t think you have to worry so much… Ram is mean like that because she chooses her partners like Subaru, Otto-kun, and Garfiel.]

Frederica: […That just makes it sound like the girl hates men.]

But in reality, there was no such thing as Ram hating men. 

Frederica and Ram had known each other for a long time, but surprisingly, Ram’s attitude had not changed at all since before she turned ten. She saw them as equals, regardless of gender. 

The trouble with Ram was that she kept them slightly below herself.

Frederica: [In that respect, Petra has the personality to get along with anyone… Indeed, I may have worried too much.]

Emilia: [Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I’ve been worrying about Subaru and the others for a long time, but I wasn’t sure I could convince you.]

Emilia sticks out her tongue slightly, reflecting on what she said. However, Frederica had secretly bought into Emilia’s high self-esteem. 

There was no conceit in Emilia. 

There seemed to be a lack of confidence in the past, though after returning from the Sanctuary, humility or even modesty had become a virtue. 

On top of that, she was eager to grow. This would be a strong weapon for her in the future as she took on the high bar of the Royal Selection. 

However, other candidates for the Royal Selection also possessed that weapon. In some cases, their natural environment allowed them to continue developing it. 

It’s just that they were finally on the same stage――,

???: [――That is why Uncle sent Emily to my mansion, correct?]

Frederica: [Annerose-sama…]

So said Annerose, having read Frederica’s mind and tilted her cup. 

Still very young, less than ten years old, the head of the Miload family had an intelligence and judgment disproportionate to her pretty appearance. This was because her upbringing did not allow her to be a mere little girl. 

To be honest, Frederica once took pity on her for that. However, now that Frederica saw her sitting around a tea party with Emilia, she thought it was a sense of profaneness. 

Or maybe――,

Frederica: [Did the Master know that Annerose-sama would end up like this…?]

Roswaal L. Mathers, a man of all plots and schemes. 

He was a schemer who used the domain and people he was obligated to protect, and the Sanctuary and its inhabitants that he had been protecting for generations, as pawns in his plot, and he admitted his defeat to Subaru and Emilia and apologized for his past actions. 

But Frederica didn’t believe that Roswaal had been so resigned that he was willing to give up everything he’d built up over the years. 

Anyone who truly wanted to achieve something was unlikely to give up. 

Frederica believed that insatiable persistence and a willingness to work hard to make one’s desires come true were the most important qualities needed to make it happen. 

In this respect, was there really anything that could compare to Roswaal? 

If Roswaal is willing to make every effort to achieve his goal, he might even incorporate the existence of the girl, Annerose, into his plan. 

She was the daughter of a family member and a friend of Frederica, who has been her guardian since she was born. She thought she would be able to handle such an existence.

Subaru & Beatrice: [Unyaaah!?]

Frederica: [――Hk.]

Perhaps because she was so lost in thought, Frederica’s shoulders jumped at the renewed scream. 

If you looked at it, in the garden of the Miload mansion, Subaru and Beatrice had been defeated by Clind for the twentieth time in total. 

Frederica liked to say that they were doing a great job, but she did not think they were going to get much credit from Clind if they just kept plugging away in the dark. But that did not mean he would not politely explain everything. ――Clind was that kind of man.

Emilia: [Oh, again! They’re both lucky they didn’t get hurt, though.]

Annerose: [Emily, it is not that. It is not because they are lucky that Subaru and Beatrice are not injured. It is because of Clind.]

Emilia: [Huh…]

Emilia, who was worried about the upturned pair, widened her eyes at Annerose’s explanation. 

It must have been hard to believe. However, Clind, the all-powerful butler, was capable of doing just that. 

To not let the challenger get injured, and allowing them to challenge him as many times as they could without breaking down. 

He had decided that this was the role he was expected to play, and so he did that.

Frederica: [This is the kind of training partner Subaru-sama needs that Garf can not make up for.]

Emilia: [Clind-san, is such a remarkable person…]

Emilia exhaled in admiration, and Frederica narrowed her eyes at her surprise. 

In terms of trust, Ram was the one that Roswaal relied on the most. Having said that, this perception recently changed, and there had been times when Roswaal faltered in the face of Ram’s aggression, but Ram’s presence was still unshakable in terms of “trust”. 

However, when it came to being a right-hand man in terms of ability, that would definitely be Clind. 

He had been with Roswaal for a long time and was an all-round family butler who was heavily used in all situations. In the past, Frederica had heard that he and Roswaal were not a master and servant but in a contractual relationship. 

Frederica had a memory of a time when she used to ask him about every little thing to gain his attention as he worked tirelessly for Roswaal.

Frederica: [Shame… My memory of shame…]

Emilia: [What’s wrong, Frederica? Your face looks reaaally red…]

Annerose: [You can leave her alone, Emily. It happens sometimes. Frederica has a very difficult personality.]

Putting her hand on her burning cheek, Frederica confronted her shame. 

While Frederica was distracted, Annerose turned to Emilia and said, “Now then”,

Annerose: [I have a letter from Uncle to teach Emily how to behave as a nobleman. So, for a few days, you will accompany me to the nobility’s meetings and soirées. How does that sound?]

Emilia: [Umm, I’m fine with that. But are you okay, Anne? I’m…]

Annerose: [――The Miload family is a branch of the Mathers family. Of course, there is no difference in policy between Uncle and me. I am also supporting Emily in the Royal Selection.]

After saying that, Annerose continued with the word “However”,

Annerose: [I would have supported Emily even without Uncle’s support…]

Emilia: [Thank you… Anne, But make sure you listen to what the other candidates have to say. It’s reaaally important, so don’t just take sides just because I’m your friend.]

Annerose: [Is this not usually the part where an emotional Emily hugs me?]

Frederica thought she should say something nice, but Annerose would be upset if she was told so directly. 

She was completely knocked off the ladder. Emilia would not have such bad intentions. It was a sign of her good nature to make others think it over properly, even if it did not benefit her.

Emilia: [Hehe, sorry. But if Anne says so, I’ll take the opportunity to study properly.]

Annerose: [Hm… yes, that is better. I will tell you, I do not want you to be the fluffy, fluffy Emily you have always been in social situations. You need to look sharp.]

Emilia: [Sharp… I’ll do my best! Sharp!]

Emilia’s cheeks stiffened just a little bit, as if she was putting more effort into her facial muscles. Perhaps it was her own form of sharpness. It looked like she had a long way to go. 

However, Annerose put her hand on her cheek at Emilia’s healthy appearance and said, “Emily is so hardworking and cute…”, 

And with that, the policies of Emilia and Annerose were established――,

Annerose: [――It is about time there was some movement over there.]

Annerose, who had tightened her blurry expression and regained her sense of leadership, muttered. When Emilia twisted her head, she said, “Huh?”.

Subaru: [Hey, Beako! You’ve got to do better than that! We’re always getting beat up!]

Beatrice: [It’s you, Subaru, who should trust Betty’s judgment, in fact! Subaru is an amateur at fighting, so Betty’s judgment is more accurate, I suppose!]

Subaru: [Don’t be ridiculous! Don’t act like you’re a veteran after being cooped up for four hundred years!]

Beatrice: [How, how, how dare you say that, in fact…! It is unbelievable, I suppose!]

In the middle of the garden, Subaru and Beatrice, who had fallen to the ground on their butts, started arguing. 

They seemed to be having a heated discussion and clashed with each other. As it was, the two of them gradually heated up and began to blame each other for their failure. 

If that happened, there was only one place they would end up.

Beatrice: [Break up! Break up, in fact! Betty made a big mistake, I suppose!]

Subaru: [You…! Okay, okay! I don’t even want to understand if that’s what you’re thinking! Beako’s an idiot! You’re so stubborn! I won’t forgive you until you apologize!]

Beatrice: [That’s Betty’s line, in fact! Subaru, for your own sake, don’t think you’ll be comforted when you cry, I suppose!]

Subaru: [Right back at you!]

As their argument exploded, Subaru and Beatrice let go of each other’s hands. 

They turned away and started going in different directions. Leaving Clind behind In the middle of the garden to deal with the two of them.

Emilia: [Awful… The two of them got into a fight…]

Frederica: [It was bound to happen sooner or later with that partnership. It was a cute fight, though.]

Emilia: [What are you saying? There’s nothing cute or scary about a fight. They have to hurry up and make up…]

Frederica: [――Emilia-sama.]

Emilia was flustered by the breakdown between Subaru and Beatrice, with an expression Frederica never expected. Holding Emilia by the shoulders as she tried to stand up, Frederica shook her head. 

Frederica understood Emilia’s feelings, but this was not her place. This was a trial that Subaru and Beatrice would need to overcome.

Emilia: [Frederica, why?]

Frederica: [Subaru-sama and Beatrice-sama have only just entered into a contractual relationship… they are still getting to know each other. Emilia-sama must not intervene in what happens in such a situation. I am sure you will be able to understand that they need to figure it out.]

Emilia: [But, is that not enough?]

Annerose: [――What if they have a disagreement when Emily is not around?]

Emilia looked back at Annerose, her amethyst eyes flickering. Catching her gaze directly, Annerose gestured toward Subaru and Beatrice, who had walked off.

Annerose: [The two of them are destined to spend the rest of their lives together, yes? No matter how close two people are to each other, there are always going to be differences of opinion. But Emily can not be the one to mediate every conflict, can you?]

Emilia: […So, I shouldn’t help them make up?]

Annerose: [At least this time, I think. Emily’s presence seems too much for Subaru. So――]

And then, Annerose cut her words short and turned her narrowed eyes to Frederica. Emilia, who followed her gaze and frowned with a, “Huh?”. 

However, Frederica knew her role and quietly bowed by the waist.

Frederica: [Sorry to be so presumptuous, but I am going to take your place, Emilia-sama. Just a little help, I will gather their opinions.]

Emilia: [Yes, if Frederica says so…Then we’re in good hands.]

Frederica: [――――]

Emilia: [About Subaru and Beatrice, please. They’re both reaaally great and they both love each other, but they just can’t be honest.] 

Frederica was more surprised than disappointed when she was so easily entrusted. Emilia, however, did not notice Frederica’s surprise and patted her chest in relief. 

Emilia seriously believed that Frederica would be fine.

Annerose: [We must live up to Emily’s expectations, correct?]

Frederica: […You look a lot like the Master when you look like that.]

Annerose smiled wickedly at Frederica, sensing her hesitation. As a servant, Frederica was being very disrespectful to Annerose, as she had spoken to her in return. 

It was on point, and Annerose made a heartfelt, sour face of disgust with a “Hm”.

Emilia: [Hehe, that’s weird. Anne and Roswaal don’t look alike at all.]

Annerose: [Em-Emily! Right, right! Yes, of course!]

Emilia: [Hmm, yes… A little bit similar in the eyes, maybe?]

Annerose: [If you are going to comfort me, please make sure you comfort me thoroughly!]

In response to Emilia’s words, which were not meant to be offensive, Annerose’s voice cracked to complain. 

Watching the smiling girls interact, Frederica pinched the hem of her skirt and curtseyed.

Frederica: [Then I will fulfill my role.]




???: [――Frederica. Restraint.]

Frederica left Emilia and Annerose’s tea party and was about to fulfill her duties when she was stopped by a man who crept up on her without a sound. 

A calm, cool, unemotional tone of voice. 

Frederica closed her eyes and responded, “What is it?” without looking back.

Frederica: [Now I have to go and talk to the two of them who have gotten upset because of your unrestrained behavior.]

Clind: [I see, that would be helpful. Splendid. However, since when did the maids of the Mathers family change their customs; is it not rude not to look at the face of the person they are talking to? Inquiry.]

Frederica: [――Hk, please do not be so obstinate.]

Frederica was criticized for not turning around, so she turned around and bared her fangs. When she turned around, she saw the face of a man wearing a monocle right in front of her nose, and she recoiled.

Frederica: [Your, your distance is wrong!]

Clind: [My apologies. Unexpected. I forgot how much you had grown. Forgetfulness.]

Frederica: [Did you mean to be so sarcastic?]

Frederica’s gaze turned grim, as if she were being picked a fight with. However, when Frederica pursued Clind, he shook his head and said, “No.”.

Clind: [I am sure I do not need to tell you, watching from the sidelines, but the argument between Subaru-sama and Beatrice-sama was a spur-of-the-moment affair. Instantaneous.]

Frederica: […I understand. To be honest, I was surprised to see how well they get along.]

Clind’s advice was a fact that Frederica had seen every day at the Roswaal Mansion. 

It was hard to get used to seeing Beatrice, as someone rarely seen outside the Forbidden Library was now bonded to Subaru, no matter how many times she saw it. 

Such a relationship was precious. That’s why Frederica’s responsibility was so heavy.

Clind: [The Master expects you to fulfill that role. Cherished desire.]

Frederica: [Yes, that is why you are accompanying me. It is standard procedure for training new employees.]

Frederica shrugged her shoulders and wondered who was in a worse position, him or her.

――A big fight between Subaru and Beatrice, the emergence of such problems was to be expected. 

Originally, the Miload house was used to train new employees so that the demi-human talents that Roswaal would gather could be promoted as servants and taught manners and proper work habits. 

Naturally, Clind would educate them, but the next highest-ranking servant after Clind, who was the head of the household, would have an equally important role to play. That was Frederica’s role while he was with the Miload family, and she was probably the person Clind worked with the longest. 

Clind had an unrelenting outpouring of strict educational policies for new employees. Frederica comforted them, appeased them, and made them face the tasks again with renewed spirit ――That was a standard procedure for their interactions. 

The fight between Subaru and Beatrice was part of that――,

Frederica: [I know what I have to do. …What exactly are you trying to say?]

Frederica questioned Clind, confirming her role without needing to be told again. 

He went out of his way to point out the details of her work and ridiculed Frederica’s poor performance. ――As expected, Clind was not a person who would be so duplicitous. 

He was loyal to his work and fulfilled his duties. So, Frederica couldn’t blame him.

Clind: [――. I am the one who told the Master to send you over this time. Confession.]

Frederica: […Huh?]

That was why the unexpected comment was a bolt out of the blue for Frederica. 

Frederica’s eyes widened, and she stared at Clind as he said this. Clind, with his usual expressionless face, narrowed his eyes behind his monocle.

Clind: [The other day, when the Master stayed at our residence, you left immediately to prepare the new mansion. Thanks to that, we were not able to talk properly. Consideration.] 

Frederica: [You went out of your way to talk to me…?]

With her surprise still intact, Frederica pondered over Clind’s true intentions. However, she couldn’t think of anything. 

When Frederica’s mind was troubled by this, Clind took a breath and said.

Clind: [Frederica, I am glad you were able to liberate the Sanctuary. Congratulations.]

Frederica: [――Ah.]

Clind: [I know why you left your home and took my teachings under the Master’s protection. That is why I wanted to tell you properly. Conclusion.]

As he said this, Clind lowered the corner of his eyebrows just a little, only slightly. This was a change that only those who were used to seeing his face and had closely observed the changes in his expression could notice. 

It was a change so small that it was only noticed by those who had once followed Clind’s back, calling him “Nii-sama, Nii-sama.”.

Frederica: [――Hk, such an unpleasant man!]

As if to disguise the feelings that arose within her for a moment, Frederica raised her voice. 

The softness that had been there disappeared from Clind’s expression when he heard this. He sighed deliberately with a “Hmph.”,

Clind: [Why can you not even accept my congratulations? Your stubbornness disgusts me and makes my head ache. It makes me want to curse my lack of power to correct the situation. Incompleteness.]

Frederica: [Yeah, yeah! I know you do! I am sure you must have a lot of headaches seeing me as I am. Hmph! This serves you right!]

Clind: [Ha.]

As soon as Frederica snorted and regretted turning her face away like a child, Clind snickered at her. 

Her face became hot, but she could not look back with a red face now. With the momentum of turning her face away, Frederica tried to return to her original goal. 

In other words, Frederica had to persuade Subaru and Beatrice, which was her original role.

Frederica: [I-I think we are done here! I will be joining the two of them… ah.]

However, just as she was about to step away with a long stride, uncharacteristic for an elegant maid, Frederica noticed a hint of a gaze being directed at her and looked up to find,

Subaru: [Ah, ha, ha, hello…]

Beatrice: [It’s awkward to be found, in fact…]

In the corridor connecting the garden and the mansion, Frederica and Clind were being watched from a distance as they argued, and Subaru and Beatrice were leaning against each other with awkward looks on their faces. 

Before Frederica knew it, the two of them, who were supposed to have been in a heated fight earlier, were now holding hands.

Frederica: [Su-Subaru-sama, and Beatrice-sama, your hands…]

Subaru: [Hands? Yeah, we made up, you know. I was just a little pissed off, and I said too much earlier… Beako.]

Beatrice: [Well, Subaru apologized to me, so he is forgiven, I suppose. Betty was just starting to think that he wasn’t listening well, in fact.]

The two of them replied, lifting their joined hands in front of the trembling Frederica. 

Unlike the previous training sessions for new recruits, the two of them made up easily, and Frederica could only be stunned with an “Is, is that so.”.

Of course, it was a good thing that they had reconciled. The original goal was to improve the relationship without Emilia’s intervention, so that was no problem. 

The problem was that――,

Subaru: [Hey, Frederica… are you and Clind-san on bad terms?]

Beatrice: [Betty and Subaru can talk to him, I suppose. You should compromise, in fact.]

Frederica: [――Hk.]

Sure enough, the subject of their earlier argument was brought up, and Frederica choked up. 

There were many things Frederica wanted to say. In the first place, she didn’t want to be told this by the two people who had been fighting just before or take it out on the people who had made this situation happen.

Clind: [Subaru-sama, Beatrice-sama, I am glad to see that you two have reunited your hands. Fortuitous.]

Frederica was at a loss for words as she struggled with her many emotions. Clind, who stepped forward to take her place, praised the two for naturally overcoming their challenges. 

When he said that, Subaru and Beatrice both said, “Re-Really?” looking at each other with no ill-will.

Clind: [If the two of you could learn to compromise, things would have been different. Then, you will be able to see the next steps ahead. An amazing rate of growth. Shook.]

Subaru: [Hey, you hear that, Beako? Clind-san is shaking at how much we’ve grown.]

Beatrice: [Hmm, of course, I suppose. With Betty and Subaru, any challenge will fall apart in a flash, in fact. The fear is yet to come, I suppose.]

Subaru: [Aww, that’s some big mouth!]

The fact that they accepted the obvious flattery without questioning it was proof that they, like Emilia, were good at heart. 

Despite the unexpected commonality between master and servant, Frederica’s humiliation at being maliciously berated has not been resolved in the slightest. 


Clind: [Then let us consider the next step. Do you know my way of overcoming obstacles? Trial and error.] 

Subaru: [Oh, that’s the thing. I think it would be better if I could use some tools, too, instead of relying on Beako all the time.]

Beatrice: [Y-You don’t think he can count on Betty alone, in fact…?]

Subaru: [That’s not true! I don’t want to slow you down. I want to help you…!]

Beatrice: [Subaru…]

Beatrice’s eyes sparkled with admiration at Subaru’s determination as he clenched his fists firmly. 

It was good that they’re getting along, but was it Frederica’s imagination that Beatrice, who used to look so dignified and intelligent, seemed to have lost a lot of her wisdom?

Clind: [You want a tool, Not a sword or a bow, but a tool. Novel.]

Subaru: [You can’t expect me to be able to compete with Reinhard and Julius even if I trained hard with a sword now. If that’s the case, it’s better to learn one technique… that will surprise at first sight so that I can handle different situations…]

Clind: [Well, that is an interesting idea. Creative.]

Subaru: [Ha ha,… Well, the surprise at first sight is an idea I got from a guy I don’t even like to remember.]

Beatrice: [Whatever the source, it is to Subaru’s credit that he found a way to use it, I suppose. Betty is also proud to be his pa-pa-par-par-part partner, in fact.] 

Despite this ongoing drama, Subaru and Beatrice were able to assemble a plan for the future. 

With his serious and thoughtful attitude, Clind would probably find the most optimal answer for Subaru and Beatrice. In fact, immediately after, Clind held up a finger, and,

Clind: [I have come up with a few candidates. Let us take them out of our storehouse.]

Subaru: [Oh, really? Well, since you’re here, we’ll go with you.]

Beatrice: [Betty will see if it is worthy of Subaru with my own eyes, I suppose.]

Subaru and Beatrice appeared to be very motivated, and Clind led them as they began to walk away. 

The destination was the Miload family’s storehouse, where they had a set of tools to train their servants in martial arts. The idea was to find a weapon suitable for Subaru――,

Clind: [Frederica, when you have finished throwing your tantrum, go back to Annerose-sama and Emilia-sama. Hospitality.]

Frederica let out a long breath, as she watched his back disappear. Frederica hated the way he had just said that. It was a quick way to divert the attention of Subaru and the others.

Frederica let out a long breath as she watched the detestable man easily divert Subaru and Beatrice’s interest and then disappear from her sight.

The plan was to accompany Subaru, Beatrice, and Emilia to their “lessons” at the Miload’s residence for ten days.

Frederica: [So, Clind and me… for ten days. Is it the Master’s plot, too?]

Did Roswaal think this humiliation and resentment were some plot that would lead to a better future? Frederica was not sure if Roswaal was hoping that she was aware of his intentions and was trying to figure out what was best for her. 

If that’s the case――,

Frederica: [――Very well. If that is what the Master wants, then I will try to break out of my shell and take on the challenge. Yes, Petra and Garf are also doing their best, but it would be shameful if I were to stand with them with no growth.]

With that decision made, Frederica made up her mind. 

It would be a big mistake to follow them as if they had the mindset of a bridesmaid, a servant, or even a bystander. 

In the Emilia Camp, which was lagging behind the other camps, those that couldn’t move forward couldn’t keep up the fight. What they needed was growth, or――,

Frederica: [――A le-veil up, was it.]

When Frederica said the words out loud forcefully, they seemed to give her some kind of energy. 

Energized by these words, Frederica began to walk away from the weak, infantile tossing and turning of her mind that she had been doing until just before and to obtain a self that was unfazed by anything. 

The Royal Selection had just begun ――The Emilia Camp, which was participating in it, had just begun.

As a result of this ten-day lesson, Subaru began to walk the path of an unusual knight with a little girl in one hand and a whip in the other, and Emilia, who participated in many soirées and meetings with Annerose, was recognized not as a “silver-haired half-devil” but as a soirée crasher. 

While Frederica, enthusiastic and determined to do her duty, was doing her best, Roswaal sneezed back at the Roswaal Mansion.

Roswaal: [She’s always had a tendency to assume things, doooesn’t~ she?]

However, the pink-haired maid who heard this did not mention it, so it never reached Frederica’s ears.


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