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*This takes place after the Tanpenshuu version of Golden Siblings*



Subaru: [I know the other day was a disaster, but today is the day to reaffirm the bond between you two! Just like me and Beako!] 

Beatrice: [Th-th-th, there’s no need to make a big deal about reaffirming your bonds, I suppose. You can make an ordinary outing feel rainbow-colored, in fact.]

Subaru: [Ha ha ha, you cutie. Are you always in a rainbow mood with me? It was just raining, wasn’t it!]

With encouragement from Subaru and Beatrice, who were aware of the whole story, it was decided that Garfiel and Frederica would have a second “date” ――the first one had been spectacularly interrupted, so it had to be redone. 

Nevertheless, the destination was the same as before, the Industrial City of Costuul, and the purpose was――,

Garfiel: [You’re talkin’ like this is somethin’ special… it’s just a shoppin’ trip.]

Frederica: [Oh my. Even if it is just a shopping trip, it can be enjoyed if one has the right mindset. That is exactly what Beatrice-sama said.]

Frederica walked next to him in an elegant manner while she spoke.

Unlike the other day, Frederica was dressed in her maid uniform, which Garfiel was accustomed to seeing at the mansion. Apparently, compared to the first “date”, she was less enthusiastic.

Garfiel: [Sis, ‘bout yer outfit…]

Frederica: [――Hk! Should I have gotten dressed up after all? But I thought it would be a bother for you if I put all of my effort into it every time…]

Garfiel: [No! Just ‘cause Sis ain’t all dolled up don’t mean I have to say anythin’ ‘bout it… First of all, just ‘cause you’re wearin’ yer usual clothes doesn’t matter; ya still did up yer hair and put on perfume.]

Garfiel’s eyes and nose could clearly discern the difference between how his older sister usually was and now. Frederica raised her eyebrows at his comment and then lowered the corners of her eyes, vaguely pleased.

Somewhat embarrassed by the reaction, Garfiel turned his head away,

Garfiel: [Even if she says it’s all ‘bout mindset, I don’t think you can count on what Beatrice, sama, Bea-ko… is sayin’ when she’s havin’ such a good time with the Captain like that.]

Frederica: [What are you so confused about? Please address her as Beatrice-sama out of respect.]

Garfiel: [I getcha, but…]

Garfiel frowned as the taller Frederica scolded him from above.

As his sister said, Beatrice was apparently older than Garfiel and was also a Great Spirit; Garfiel’s position was that of a military officer in the Emilia Camp. With Subaru being Emilia’s first knight and Beatrice being his contracted Spirit, it made her Garfiel’s superior, a position that felt like it demanded his respect.

Garfiel: [But ain’t she a pipsqueak?]

Frederica: […Garf, you should not judge someone’s talents by their physical size. Even if she looks little and so adorable that you want to hug her, Beatrice-sama is still a powerful Great Spirit.]

Garfiel: [I don’t think of her as bein’ weak. Just that…]

Frederica: [Just that, what?]

Garfiel: [When she’s with the Captain, it ain’t just how she looks that makes her small.]

Frederica: [Uh…]

Frederica was rendered speechless upon being told that by Garfiel. The fact that Frederica could not say anything back meant she had the same opinion.

The librarian of the “Forbidden Library” of the Mathers’ mansion, the Great Spirit Beatrice, wielded immense power. ――Still, Garfiel’s impression of her after living with her for a month was that she wanted to be pampered, either in accordance or beyond the scope of her appearance, but she was also a little girl who was not very good at being pampered at the same time. 

Garfiel: [Sis, ya know, you’re pretty much the only one who’s properly respectin’ Beatrice-sama, right?]

Frederica: [No, that is not true! Petra is a very well-mannered girl. She…]

Garfiel: [Next to the Captain, she’s the closest with Beatrice-sama.]

Unfortunately, Frederica’s rebuttal was not convincing enough if she was going to bring up Petra.

Petra was well-behaved for her age, but she was also seen playing with Beatrice in a way that was more appropriate for her age. They looked close in age, so seeing them get along with each other was equal to seeing two young children playing together.

Apart from Subaru and Petra, there was Ram and Roswaal, who both went without saying.

Frederica: [Ah! Otto-sama! There is Otto-sama as well! If it were him, surely he would look at the other person properly and adjust his attitude.]

Garfiel: [Don’t talk ‘bout him in such a sorry way… Ah, no, he probably won’t care ‘bout it.] 

Garfiel clicked his fangs at Frederica, whose voice perked up at the thin string of salvation she had found.

The slim, mild-mannered man that came to mind belonged in the same camp, and Garfiel considered him as a complex person.

In the sense that he lacked physical strength but was strong-willed, the impression he gave was not so different as that of Subaru. However, while Garfiel sensed a red heat from Subaru, the heat Otto gave off was blue.

To Garfiel, who had never known the existence of this blue heat until their clash in the Sanctuary, he could not deny the impression that Otto was an unknown entity and someone challenging to deal with.

Because of this, he felt Frederica’s statement was a bit crude, but he did not dispute it.

In any case――,

Frederica: […No, I have strayed from the main point. No matter what others do, we treat them with reverence and respect. That is our role.]

Garfiel: [Ya just went around in a circle and came back…Aight, I’ll be careful.] 

Frederica: [Yes, that is fine.]

Frederica nodded in satisfaction, but then she added, “and also” to the end of the exchange,

Frederica: [Garf, you stopped partway through your earlier conversation. You were saying something about my clothes, were you not?]

Garfiel: […Ya remembered?]

Frederica: [They are the words of my precious little brother. Please do not underestimate my hearing or my memory.]

The older sister, proudly puffing out her chest and looking at him expectantly, urged him to continue the conversation. Garfiel scratched his head roughly, wondering if it was really a big deal.

Garfiel: [It ain’t a big deal. You’re dressed like ya were when I ran into ya, Sis, for the first time in a long time. So, in my mind, ya look like that when I think of you now.]

Frederica: [――――]

Garfiel: [It’s just like “Gregorone’s identical mornin’”. It ain’t like ya have to get an answer outta me.]

With such high expectations, his response might have been a disappointment or made her feel as if he had dodged the question. As a rush of embarrassment took hold of Garfiel, his sister placed her hand over her mouth. 

Then, Frederica narrowed her emerald-green eyes, the same color as those of her sibling――, 

Frederica: [If you could do that to Ram as well, it would be a little less heartbreaking…]

Garfiel: [Huh!? Why did Ram’s name come up there!]

And then, feeling unreasonably pitied, Garfiel’s voice cracked in a high pitch.




Due to the recent incident, Costuul suffered extensive damage to various parts of the city.

Although Frederica did not have the opportunity to witness it firsthand, Garfiel and Emilia reported that oversized versions of the city’s unique creatures, the “Lightbugs,” had gone on a rampage.

Even after they had been subdued, as someone who had observed the devastation of the city, she was prepared for the suffering and hardship of the people who were forced to rebuild their homes, but――, 

Garfiel: [――Huh, it hasn’t even been a few days, but it’s goin’ pretty well.]

Garfiel said, impressed as he held a hand to his forehead to shield his eyes. Frederica could not put her admiration on display as frankly as her brother, but she shared the same sentiment.

When Frederica and Garfiel arrived at the city, they were met with the city’s main gate ――which had been half-destroyed the other day but had been repaired since then and was no longer in its previously saddening state.

Naturally, during the reconstruction process, the restoration of everyday functions was prioritized, and everything else tended to take a backseat. The appearance of the city’s main gate was no exception to this.

The fact that its main gate had already been repaired――.

???: [You appear surprised, Miss Frederica, Garfiel-dono.]

And then, a voice called out to them as they stopped at the entrance to the city.

Slowly lowering her gaze from the distant view of the city in front of her, she saw a man with a steely expression on his face standing there.

Frederica: [Leno-sama, I did not expect the City Mayor of Costuul to go out of his way to greet us.]

Leno: [The other day, your day off was ruined because of a unique feature of this city. It is my duty as the city’s representative to apologize and welcome you.]

Garfiel: [And that’s yer idea of a welcome after all that…?]

Leno’s hard-eyed face remained as still as a stone. Upon hearing Garfiel mumble out a comment regarding Leno’s attitude, Frederica gave him a quiet “Garf,” scolding him.

Before Leno had a chance to become suspicious of the exchange between the siblings,

Frederica: [Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Besides, the city is looking splendid…]

Leno: [Thanks to the hard work and encouragement of the populace. In addition, we received support from the Margrave in the form of manpower and supplies. As a city that has been granted the name of “Industrial City”, we can’t afford to fall behind.]

Frederica: [The Master?]

Garfiel: [Roswaal?]

When told of Roswaal’s contributions to the city’s rapid recovery, Frederica and Garfiel had opposite reactions.

Some aspects could not be helped, which could not prevent Garfiel from disliking Roswaal. However, presenting the discord in the camp’s relationships with outsiders was not a good idea, so Frederica would have to warn her brother about it later.

At any rate――,

Leno: [Spend some time relaxing. Since that happened, the chances of seeing Lightbugs near the Magicreation Tool factories have decreased drastically. No more irregularities like the other day――]

Frederica: [――? Leno-sama?]

As Leno attempted to fulfill his duty as City Mayor, faltering in his speech while informing them of the city’s safety, Frederica frowned.

Then, beside her, Garfiel appeared startled,

Garfiel: [S-Sis! Your fat leg…That hurts!]

Frederica: [It, it is not fat! It is average, I say, just average! …Oh?]

Slapping Garfiel on the forehead for suddenly mentioning the size of her legs, Frederica then looked down at her own body, and her eyes widened.

A shimmering pale light clung to the skirt of Frederica’s maid’s uniform. ――It was apparent that it was one of the same Lightbugs that had plunged the city into chaos the other day.

Garfiel: [Ya lil’… get away from Sis!]

Frederica: [Hold on, Garf! If you hit me with that amount of force, you will create a new problem with my legs! Also…]

Garfiel: [What?]

Frederica: [These little ones do not have any ill intentions. They are just being playful.]

Frederica calmed the panicked Garfiel and shook her head. Garfiel blinked his eyes, seemingly not understanding the situation, and she couldn’t help but smile awkwardly.

This was probably due to the simple fact that the Lightbugs were freed from the clutches of the “blood sample collector” the other day. Having been set free by the effects of Frederica’s “rare blood”, they appeared to remember the blood’s owner.

Frederica: [Maybe it is… Ah, that is it.]

Without thinking, Frederica reached out her hand, and Lightbugs gathered at her fingertips. Combined with the Lightbugs’ characteristics, it reminded her of Emilia when she interacted with her Micro Spirits.

Frederica: [This makes me feel a little bit like a Spiritual Arts User.]

Garfiel: [O-oi, those guys ain’t gonna do anythin’ bad, are they?]

Frederica: [Yes, do not worry. I have assurances from Clind and the Master.]

Garfiel looked rather nervous, but he wrinkled his nose at the mention of the two names.

The hostility toward Roswaal was noted earlier, and the added hostility toward Clind was something that Frederica could understand, so it was not surprising that he would make that face.

Then, Frederica looked at Leno, who had been silent with a complex look on his face,

Frederica: [I apologize for startling you. But as you can see, the Lightbugs have no ill intentions. I am sure they will not cling to anyone other than me.]

Leno: [Surprisingly, that seems to be the case.]

Frederica: [Yes. …Um, are you really surprised?]

Leno: [Yes, I’m feeling quite ashamed, and quite sweaty. Why are you asking?]

Frederica offered a stiff smile at Leno, who said he was sweating, but did not move a single muscle of his face, nor did drop a single sweat. Her reaction was not noted, and Leno put his hand on his chin, his expression unchanged, exhaling as if he were pondering something,

Leno: [The Lightbugs have been successfully rendered harmless and subordinated… According to the craftsmen of the factories, the output of Magicreation Tools that caused the Lightbugs to go out of control was more than four times greater than during normal operation…]

Frederica: [Oh, um, Leno-sama? Is something wrong? Your eyes seem a little…]

Leno: [Miss Frederica.]

Frederica straightened her back with a “Yes” as Leno unexpectedly called out her name after a bout of muttering to himself. He bowed with his hand on his chest in front of Frederica,

Leno: [I informed you that I wanted to make amends for the recent incident as the city’s representative, but would like to rectify my statement. In addition to my apology, I would like to request your cooperation.]

Garfiel: [Oi oi, cooperation, huh? What do ya think my Sis can do? All she does is nothin’ more than a bit of housework at the mansion, nothing speci …Ow!]

Frederica: [Well, if it is okay, I want to hear what you say.]

Frederica nodded to Leno while tugging on the impudent Garfiel’s ear. Leno seemed satisfied with the answer ――no, nothing had changed in his expression. He just nodded back.

As it was, he indicated with his hand to the Lightbugs that clung to Frederica’s body,

Leno: [If you are capable of having the Lightbugs heed you, we would like to ask you to lend a hand to the craftsmen in the factories. There is a possibility we could discover additional methods of operation for the Magicreation Tools.]

Frederica: [You mean you want me to command these little ones?]

Leno: [Affirmative.]

Frederica inquired, puzzled, as Leno nodded.

Although the Lightbugs’ intentions could not be ascertained, Frederica would prefer to cooperate if it would lead to the development of Magicreation Tools. Having said that, today Frederica was in the middle of rearranging her “date” with Garfiel, and their contributions to Roswaal would also be significant.

Naturally, there would be pushback from Garfiel――,

Garfiel: [Well, why not?]

However, Frederica’s concerns were denied by Garfiel himself.

Frederica’s eyes widened in surprise, and Garfiel scratched his ear with a finger,

Garfiel: [It’s like “Ebion would rather pick ears of wheat than gamble”. Sis, I ain’t so stupid that my amazin’ self doesn’t know what’s important.] 

Frederica: [But, Garf…]

Garfiel: [Besides. ――It ain’t like this is the last time.]

Shrugging his shoulders, Garfiel clicked his fangs and grinned.

Garfiel: [Ya never know when that runaway bastard’s gonna come after ya again, Sis. So lettin’ ya go to the city alone ain’t a good idea. I’m sure there’ll be lotsa chances for me to tag along.]

Frederica: [――. That is true. There are plenty of opportunities for dates.]

Frederica smiled softly in agreement with Garfiel’s answer. She then turned to Leno, who had been waiting for an answer, and readily accepted his request.

The blood that coursed through her veins, and the existence of beings such as the Lightbugs and Hayden Garo who were drawn to it. She had a hard time deciding whether these events were good or not, but――,

Frederica: [But the blood that flows within me is bound to Garf.]

With a strong awareness of her certain bond with her brother, Frederica, and Garfiel set out together this time with a sense of pride, determined to see the end of their current date, which had undergone yet another interruption.


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