Arc 5 – Chapter 54, “Combat Power of Non-Combatants”

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???: “Gluttony…… ~tsu.”

Before the nightmare that stood in front, Otto could not help but have cold sweat run down his back.

The opponent who identified as a Sin Archbishopーー the name of 『Gluttony』 had already been heard by Otto. However, that name was.

Otto: “From what I heard, the name of the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 was supposed to be Roy Alphard though.”

???: “Arere, you have already met us before meeting us? If so, then, onii-san, to be left uneaten and coming out normally is quite impressive indeed. Especially when a~nything is a treat for Roy of Bizarre Eating.”

The boy, who claimed to be Ley Batenkaitos, smiled and laughed at Otto’s question. Hearing that laughter, Otto knew that his terrible idea was affirmed.

ーーThere are two, Sin Archbishops of 『Gluttony』.

Otto: “No, to be accurate, at least two of them……”

Ley and Roy, rather, the duo of Batenkaitos and Alphard? At worst, it may be necessary to assume that they were a nightmare like the great rabbit of the myriads.

Julius and Ricardo were supposed to go and capture 『Gluttony’s』 control tower, but if the one waiting there wasn’t alone, then, rather than a tough struggle, it would be an inevitable defeat.

???: “Hey! Is this the time to talk and get along with that bastard?! This isn’t the time for all that!”

Otto had the nerves of his guts seemingly sharpened accompanying a burning sensation on his forehead. What interrupted his thoughts at that moment was an extremely feminine voice.

Of course, Otto also noticed the owner of that voice. Because he had noticed that there were puzzles as well.

Otto: “Why is Felt-sama here? I’m sure Reinhard-san told you to stay quietly in an evacuation centre!”

Felt: “When the city is in this condition, as if I would ignore that and go and sit in a small corner of the evacuation centre!”

The girl with blonde hair and red eyes said bravely. A person who stood out, with there being no possibility of mistaking her for someone else, that’s who Felt was.

Otto: “With that restlessness, what you first see after jumping out is an encounter with a Sin Archbishop, huh. Now that that has happened, my defeat is inevitable because of my bad luck……”

Ley: “You don’t need to be so pessimistic, onii-san. Fo~r us, any encounter is a spice to gourmet. We are supposed to be 『Gluttony』 but, we co~mpletely understand the importance of preparation ~tsu.”

Batenkaitos was at the centre, with Otto and Felt standing in a position that made a triangle. On the remaining vertice, stood another figure, with whom Otto seemed to be familiar.

Otto: “I am happy to see you again, Kiritaka-san……”

Kiritaka: “Quiet voice with dead eyes and unable to take things obediently, -kun! I don’t understand the feeling though!”

The figure of Kiritaka, who was covered in thin bandages and was in pain, stood in front of Otto. Despite his presence, Otto was not rejoicing at seeing him.

When Otto escaped the headquarters of Muse company, he ran into 『Gluttony』, making his fate uncertain. He is happy to have had survived that, but the actors on the current stage still made things uncertain.


And that is, Otto, along with Felt and Kiritaka, got the same thought at the same time. ーーProper combatants were needed here.

Otto: “There are three groups, all of which are non-combatants, who have encountered a main force among the enemy. What a bad joke this is. Please just stop.”

Felt: “I don’t think that my allies, would be coming anytime soon. Right back at you nii-chan, you rely on just yourself too much.”

Felt told Otto. Otto, as well, could not make any excuses at this point. Behind Felt is a humongous-looking servant who wore a tough appearance. Kiritaka also had some members of the 『White Dragon’s Scales』 with him. It was only Otto who was alone.

Ley: “We’re saying that it will be the same no matter how many people you gather. If it’s you guys, then this thirst of ours can never be healed ~tsu! A~h, where are you, we’re looking for you, we want to meet you, we want to meet you, let us meet you.”

Otto and the others were surrounded by pessimism regarding their fighting strength, but Batenkaitos arbitrarily displayed his selfish attitude.

Otto: “Want to meet? Just, what on earth are you saying.”

Otto tried to continue the conversation by picking up his words. On the margin of Batenkaitos’ reasonability.

If it came down to it, Otto could be knocked down in a moment. Buying even the slightest of timeーー there was a need to create that gap, at all costs.

Ley: “It would indeed be troublesome to explain it so many times, huh. We can’t afford to have our mouths broken by others either ~tsu. That’d be the worst, won’t that be the worst, it would be the absolute worst, wouldn’t that be the worst, isn’t that the worst is what we’re saying.”


With steep expressions, Felt and Kiritaka shook their heads at Batenkaitos’ words. Rather than being answered, it seemed as if they were being questioned by multiple people. And, as that conversation got unexpectedly established, Otto continued to stare as he was unable to talk to 『Gluttony』.

But still, Otto, with his 『Divine Protection of Soul Language』, could talk to even those beings which could not possibly have a human’s will.

Let’s negotiate. No matter what the challenge may be, it would still be better than the problem Subaru was surrounded by.

ーーPlease, lend me your strength, Natsuki-san.

Otto: “By saying that, I might actually become stronger. Please, try and talk to me. The one which was mentioned in the request, could it perhaps be that you are talking about the Artificial Spirit?”

Quite a dangerous step. That choice of words, that stubborn tone could easily ignite Batenkaitos’ fuse. But, Batenkaitos swung his head.

When the young boy received Otto’s words with the intention of responding to the conversation, he laughed joyfully,

Ley: “Who we want to know is only one…… the one, who did the broadcast from earlier. The hero who did it, is the one we are searching for.”


I take back those words.

After all, Subaru did not lend me his power, and neither do I want to lend away his name.

Ley: “That beloved, beloved hero seems to have come to cast his judgement upon us. This small chest, is hurting in search of hi~m ~tsu.”

Otto: “……The coming of a person of such a troublesome nature, can he even manage to do anything at all, that person.”

If he was really here, “keep on dre~aming!” is what he would have had said, but there is no point in citing curses on part those who aren’t present here in the first place.

At Otto’s reaction, Felt frowned,

Felt: “I told you that you will only waste time by talking! Who is going to sell away their family anyway. Even for my merciless self, there are no doubts in that, except for Reinhardt​, I’m not sure about him.”

Otto: “I am sorry to hear such an evaluation, but I won’t say anything because I saw Felt-sama captured in that descent!”

The rough Felt, did not say a word which answered Batenkaitos’ query. The same went for Kiritaka.

Both of them immediately knew that Batenkaitos’ request was Subaru, and immediately discarded it.


That judgment was good as a person, but was undoubtedly too hasty in this situation.

With this rapid exchange, Subaru ended up not being sold away.

Otto: “This person messed it up. This girl and the others are just impatient, and by hearing the speech of the hero you are looking for, got excited and jumped out of the evacuation center, it’s all just mere impatience.”

Felt: “Hu~h!?”

Kiritaka: “Shhーー”

Otto’s story made Felt float on the blue line. And, the one who quietened her was Kiritaka.

As expected of the head merchant of the Muse company, he immediately understood Otto’s judgment. At the same time, their gaze and line of sight match.

On his gaze, Otto drew in his chin.

Otto: “If you don’t want to answer any questions, then I shall guide you to the hero. I also want my life. I demand its security, however.”

Ley: “Really! You know? You know it? The place where our hero is! The figure of our beloved hero! That weak and fragile, unable to help anything unless he is supported, that person!”

Otto: “ーー? Yes, uh, yes.”

Otto nods, as he recognizes the sense of incongruity in the spirit of Batenkaitos’ words.

As if he knew a lot about Subaru. Calling out for his hero, and also taking such deep notice of the person named Natsuki Subaru.

Otto: “No, I will guide you.”

However, Otto got confused about it. It was regarding Subaru. It would not be surprising if two or three Sin Archbishops already knew about his face. Maybe all the members should not be included after all, 『Greed』, 『Gluttony』, 『Lust』, 『Wrath』ーーthey were all of them. But that was all of them in the first place.

Ley: “You have a face that is frowning badly, onii-san hu~h.”

Otto: “There is no need for you to care so much. Rather than that, what will you do. Killing every one of us at this place, or guaranteeing the lives of everyone here and encountering the hero in return. ーーWhat do you choose to do?”

Ley: “What a nasty way of talking, you are a dealer, aren’t you? Such kinds of things in which you have to use your brains, neither we nor us are good at it.”

Otto: “If that’s the case, then choosing what is recommended and seeing it for yourself isn’t so bad either. That is a saying among the merchants though.”

Ley: “……Hmm.”

There was initiative in the conversation. Batenkaitos was really obedient for a Sin Archbishop. It felt just like he was simply a child, and a distorted imbalance made him project himself as a monster. Maybe, he is just a pitiable young boy after allーー.

Ley: “ーーJust now, you pitied us, didn’t you?”

Just when such feelings gathered inside the inner part of Otto’s heart, Batenkaitos said that with a brisk voice in a low tone.

Otto: “huh?”

Ley: “Those eyes, we remember them. Those are eyes which look down upon. Those are eyes which are scornful. With those eyes, thinking that we are some product…… A~h, is that so. We were getting a nasty feeling since earlier.”

Otto continued to watch as Batenkaitos’ eyes became filled with complete disgust and hostility.

Ley: “You, are a merchant, right? Putting price tags on things, they are people who sell them to line their own pockets. Human values and opinions too, everything, everything! They are dead people who put them on a scale and calculate, aren’t they?”

Otto: “That is…… somewhat, I think there is a little difference in opinions here.”

As clouds of doubt began to form, Otto, whose mind was already tightroped, also got blindfolded. Did he manage to get his message acrossーー that was a question whose answer was clearly visible on the expressions of Felt and Kiritaka, who had done nothing but witness the discussion.

Ley: “Who the hell will listen to what you guys are saying ~tsu! After all, this world is gluttonous drinking ~tsu! Gluttony ~tsu! Until we have eaten it, licked it, swallowed it, we will not trust it!”

Batenkaitos shouted while stepping ahead, displaying his fangs.

The crisis could not be stopped. No explosion or word could get close to this explosive.

Felt: “So it did end up like this in the end, didn’t it.”

Saying this with dissatisfaction, Felt held her knife in her hand. Strangely enough, what Batenkaitos had were also short knives attached on both his hands.

Nonetheless, there would be a huge difference in the skill-level.

Kiritaka: “If it has come to this, the ones to rely on are everyone of the 『White Dragon’s Scales』.”

???: “Heyhey! For once, I’m saying we’re also here!”

The fellow who was next to Felt raised his voice, but Felt swung her head. Which means, it will be quite a lively show.

Someone like Subaru would only prove to be useless in this scene.

Otto: “Just by thinking that, the value of that person gets significantly reduced, huh……”

Ley: “Is your talking, do~ne?”

Batenkaitos, slowly, looked at the faces of Otto and the rest. An expression of fighting was on everyone’s face. Looking at that, Batenkaitos nodded with satisfaction.

Ley: “In gourmet, preparations and ingredients are important. Starting from assembling the good ingredients available, only then will the virtue of the dish be eatable ~tsu!”

Otto: “I sort of get it, I sort of don’t get it……”

Ley: “It’s fine even if you don’t understand ~tsu! Neither have we ever thought, that our aesthetics can be understood by anyone except us ~tsu! No~w, well then, about time. ーーLet’s eat!”

The conversation cemented the fate. Batenkaitos, opening his large mouth, approached Otto with a tremendously powerful jump. Otto, who was standing next to water, pointed his finger towards the blasphemer.

Otto: “I am glad that the assurance has been given!”

Ley: “ーーHu~h?”

Otto: “This is how it isーー!”

Otto makes a high sound twice with his shoes in front of the doubtful Batenkaitos.

Hearing that sound, something was drawn closer–.

Ley: “ーー~Tsu!!”

Behind Otto, a flock of water dragons jumped out of the waterway and charged towards Batenkaitos in a single stroke.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

ーーOtto had managed to brainwash the herd of water dragons, accompanied by the immense influence of the Authority of 『Wrath』.

The Authority of 『Wrath』, with its ultra wide range, even if it didn’t cover the entire city, greatly shook the emotions of people, planting the seeds of faint spirit among the citizens, resulting in enormous disarray and suspicion.

Nevertheless, the recent speech by Natsuki Subaru raised the people’s morale, which was also the basis of Otto’s hypothesis of using the water dragons’ strength.

Ley: “Oh, o~hーー ~tsu!?”

Batenkaitos, mid-air, could not stop the largely numbered water dragons.

With their limbless and serpentine body structures, and weight that was not below a hundred kilos, the multiple bodies crush Batenkaitos. As they continued glaring with their blue and white scales, their fangs continuously aimed for the crushed Batenkaitos.

Ley: “Hunting water dragons is cruel.”

With their fangs on their prey, they spin and tear the flesh apart. That small body would turn into countless pieces of meat, even without such an enormous number of water dragons.


The aftermath won’t be good.

Due to the influence of the Authority of 『Wrath』, the water dragons were in a strong and excited state, and were skillfully deceived by words with the 『Divine Protection of Soul Language』.

Felt: “Amazing! This, was done by nii-chan!”

Felt ran up, as she rose to cheer.

Despite not moving a single eyebrow seeing this cruel scene, only now does it seem that she had been moved.

Otto: “What I did was to give just a pinch to the water dragons. Whether it’s a Sin Archbishop or not, he cannot win against nature.”

Kiritaka: “Possibly so but…… you are, a person who can do much more horrible things than what I thought.”

Otto: “Anyway, I am glad we’re okay. Kiritaka-san too, to think that you survived……”

Kiritaka: “I did indeed get injured on my back but, 『White Dragon’s Scales』, which is a famous mercenary group, helped me out with their expertise in medical treatment.”

However, it unquestionably looked painful. Still, what could be the reason for which Kiritaka was still on the move, even with such an injury. Understanding the meaning behind Otto’s gaze, Kiritaka put his hands on his chest with a look that reeked of seriousness.

Kiritaka: “It is decided, isn’t it. I have the position of executive in Priestella’s management. I heard the broadcast, but I cannot leave everything to it.”

Otto: “I believe that spirit is commendable but……”

Kiritaka: “Of course, there is a low possibility of me being able to fight properly and be of any help. But, for once, even I should be able to do something.”

Kiritaka shamefully made that remark after the effect of the Authority of 『Wrath』 and Subaru’s speech.

Indeed, it had been Subaru’s speech which provided a support to the citizens, and it was a medicine too strong for people who already had strong missions to complete. To the extent, that it disabled the fear and reason that would normally stop a person from doing such reckless acts.

Felt: “‘That’s just recklessness, don’t go about thinking such things.”

Reading Otto’s thoughts, Felt said this with sharpened lips.

Felt: “Everyone has the right to fight for the things important to them. Nobody can stop the feeling of someone who wants to do something for those things, even if it is not backed by a great reason, can they.”

Otto: “That is…… an individual opinion, and such a judgment should not be taken by someone who is in a responsible position.”

Felt: “It depends on the things! Also, I never said that this applied for this situation, did I. Both me, and those guys, came out only because we could win.”

Otto: “Win, you say?”

Following Kiritaka, Felt rubbed under her nose with her finger.

Felt: “I also heard nii-chan’s speech. That stupid Reinhardt​ too, along with you, went to the city government building. Everyone except me, isn’t that right?”

Unfairly enough, what Felt was feeling right now was a misunderstanding. In this world, just as there are right words to fit, there are also some things that can only be done by those humans who are apt enough.

Just as that theory, Otto stopped pursuing further, since he seemed to not know the reason why he was here.

Otto: “Is Heinkel-shi properly captured?”

Felt: “He is kept at Camberley’s shelter. Me and Gaston were going back to take what was taken.”

What was taken, saying that, Felt turned her jaw towards Gaston. Gaston held a white packet in his hands, and it looked like a long spear.

Otto: “That is?”

Felt: “Old man Rom…… it seems to be a secret weapon that he kept in our staff’s bag. It’s a magic tool, I mean.”

Otto: “Magic tool!? How convenient for such a timing!”

Ideally, the intimidating power of the magic tool would make it possible to have results that would normally not be possible.

After hearing that it was a magical tool, one’s expectations were bound to increase.

Felt: “The conditions for using it are a pain, but it’s worth it for its power. Even so, this thing can come in handy in cleaning up the mess nii-chan is in……”

???: “ーー~Hk.”

Felt’s words may not have had, but what entered Otto’s ears at that moment was a scream.

Otto looks back to where it came from, and Felt and Kiritaka react by widening their eyes. They didn’t hear that scream anymore. It’s obvious. As it was the scream of a voice incomprehensible to humans.

Ley: “They seem to be a much more fun opponent than we thought bu~t…… Mere water lizards are no food, are they. Whether it’s for us Gourmet or for any other gastronomer, they’re une~atable.”

A voice was heard, a voice that seemed to be able to beat up and defeat anything in this world.

At the same time, the flock of water dragons which should have had been jumping around and preying upon that prey. Their figures, with their tails, torsos, heads​ now disheveled, were extremely excited at the time of the initial attack, but their painful suffering and their flowing blood conveyed the abnormality of the situation to everyone.

Otto: “Felt-sama, this magic tool…… is powerful, right?”

Felt: “From what Old Man Rom said, even Reinhardt can’t avoid it, you know?”

Otto: “I see. That is certainly assuring…… Kiritaka-san!”

Kiritaka: “W-What is it?”

Felt, who received that answer, and Kiritaka, who had an expression of despair after seeing the water dragons. Him leaving behind the 『White Dragon’s Scales』 was still, for the non-combatant Kiritaka, very dangerous.

Otto: “Me, Felt-sama, and everyone of the 『White Dragon’s Scales』 will buy time. In that time, Kiritaka-san should go to the city government building…… no, first go to the eight evacuation centre of the town!”

Kiritaka: “Go there, is there something over there!?”

Otto: “ーーIf you go there, you will understand everything. The one who can win, which Kiritaka-san will subsequently send here, is present there.”

Seeing Otto’s determined face as he made that declaration, Kirtaka, changing his expression, nodded powerfully. He then turned back towards his guards,

Kiritaka: “It’s just as you heard. I will, from now, just as Otto-shi instructed, head for the evacuation centre. I want you to stay here, and fight along with them. To protect this city.”

???: “Our work is to be young man’s guard…… that’s what it’s supposed to be, when did it become such a bothersome position.”

Kiritaka: “That’s wrong. Your job is not to be my guard. Help me with my purpose, was the first contract.”

In front of the bitterly smiling faces of the 『White Dragon’s Scales』, Kiritaka answered with a face that showed utmost seriousness. The reason why his way of addressing his way of self reference became further polite, was because the city meant much more to Kiritaka than just having a responsible position in it.

Kiritaka: “Help me with my purpose, 『White Dragon’s Scales』. To protect our important workplace Priestella, and let’s fight to save our beloved songstress, Liliana.”

???: “Even though turning back would be impossible.”

Kiritaka: “It has nothing to do with not being able to smile again, or what lies in my thoughts. I love Liliana, and I need no more reason to put my life in danger.”

Saying that, Kiritaka looked at Otto and Felt. At the same time, he lifted the bag he was holding in his hands.

Kiritaka: “Without fail, let’s show that we can do it. Because no one knows the navigation of this city and Liliana more than me.”

Felt: “For a moment, I thought it was cool but it’s all disappointing in the end.”

Otto agreed with Felt’s impression, but he did not mention it, he nodded silently seeing Kiritaka’s preparations.

Ley: “ーーAbout time, are you prepared?”

The movements of the agitated water dragons had stopped, and stripped of their white eyes, they were close to dying.

Through the gap in that group, Batenkaitos slowly appeared. The blasphemer shaped like a young boy, embraced his shoulders and happily asserted himself as an adversary, and glared.

Ley: “Wasn’t that nice, that counterattack. Recklessness and braveness are different, and abandonment and persistence too are absolutely unlike! That’s a face that knows about that. We’re glad. Finally, you guys too, got the qualification to be taken to our dinner table.”

Felt: “Till now everything we did was just worth going into the trash can huh, this guy, has everything messed up.”

Otto: “Whether being recognized as the enemy is good or bad is again different. Personally, I think that those who get disdained, can still do a lot.”

Did he get this idea by being around Subaru. Or could it be that his thoughts had been influenced by Subaru. How bad would that be. Anyway,

Otto: “Kiritaka-san!”

Kiritaka: “ーーI wish for good fortune in the upcoming​ battle for you!”

Following Otto’s call, Kiritaka ran to leave this place. Just one person, Batenkaitos, tilted his head after seeing the figure of Kiritaka, who was trying to escape from the battlefield.

Ley: “Just sto~p. After how you’ve gently stimulated our motivation and this fee~ling of hunger!”

Following the back of the escaping Kiritaka, Batenkaitos’ body jumped forward. Fully using his small body, his aerial speed in a single direction was unbelievably fast. With the same pace, Batenkaitos’ fangs pass straight through and reach Kiritakaーー they were on their verge to do so.

Felt: “Gaston!”

Gaston: “If I die here, I’ll cry and come to haunt you after becoming a spirit!”

Felt’s voice ripped through the air and the giant, who jumped at almost the same time, interrupted Batenkaitos’ course. Crossing his arms in front of his face and curling his back, it was Felt’s servant, Gaston.

Ley: “Don’t get in the wa~yーー”

Swinging the daggers of his arms, Batenkaitos tried to cut down the hindrance. The steel blade shines brightly, and it’s blow struck Gaston’s exposed arm.

Sounds echoed, and Batenkaitos’ dagger broke.

Ley: “Hu~h?”


Batenkaitos’ questioning voice was accompanied by Otto’s. They had seen what had happened.

Gaston’s position did not change at all. With his arm, he broke Batenkaitos’ dagger.

Felt: “My giant is pretty tough. Enough to be my guard.”

The happy Felt, who seemed to think that they scared him off, threw the knife she held in her hands towards Batenkaitos. Batenkaitos avoided it with the same momentum as he avoided Gaston’s kick. Just as he somersaulted backwards towards the open distance, the “White Dragon’s Scales” changed their positions and blocked the road.

Kiritaka’s retreat, had become a reality.

Ley: “Hmm, he~y. We see.”

The overwhelming existence called Batenkaitos was outnumbered, but the pleasant smile that was sticking to his face did not cease.

With the same pace, Batenkaitos glanced at the opposing Otto,

Ley: “The number of people Louis is likely to be pleased with, is three huh.”

Whispering with a trembling sigh, he removed the broken dagger from his arm. Now his left arm was bare-handed, and only his right hand was armed.

Otto: “For some reason, I feel the gap hasn’t been filled at all.”

As usual, Otto’s warning bell continued to respond to this, the greatest of threats.

Ignoring that voice in his head, Otto looked at Felt. That unchanging face, determinedly, looked at the intense battle.

Let’s fight, without the option of running away.

Otto: “Considering the amount of opportunities of fighting I have gotten in the past year, what will I even do as a merchant.”

The voice that spilled from that mouth did not reach anyone.

Henceforth, no one noticed that the voice had a pessimistic tone not because of the content of the words in it.

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