Arc 5 – Chapter 63, “The Passion of Liliana Masquerade”

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  • Nanashi

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Priscilla: “There seems to be some sort of unrest… Not following shall certainly bring regret.”

Emilia: “Huh?”

Pulling on Beatrice’s hand, Subaru-sama for some reason left the park in a hurry while muttering something.

The opening words were said by Priscilla-sama, who saw them off with her gaze. Because those were so sudden, Emilia-sama too widened her eyes. Beautiful woman and beautiful woman meeting gazes, created a beautiful sight.

Allow us to savor the atmosphere, as we admire the aura they give off with levity.

In their clashing gazes grew sparking petals of flame!

Slim red eyes both harsh and elegant, and gently sloped eyes of pale amethyst.

Caught in Emilia-sama’s gaze, Priscilla-sama’s graceful nose gave a huff, crossing her arms. Her chest, her chest was emphasized. At the sight of that large chest bouncing aggressively, I quietly stroked my own chest. I looked at my hands. Flat.

Emilia: “What does that mean?”

Priscilla: “Nothing, the meaning is literal. You should be able to see through something inconsequential to this degree. Or is your intent truly to question? In that case, it’s laughable to the point of hurting one’s sides.”

Emilia: “————”

Priscilla: “Even between master and servant, secrets are natural… to believe so is comedic. Servants need only hands and feet, there is no necessity for a head. If something like this is permitted, they will reveal attitudes unbefitting of the will of their master. Which is precisely the situation you are in.”

Faced with a razor tongue lashing out without pause, Emilia-sama revealed a pensive expression. That dismayed gaze and silver hair swaying with the wind together, inspired a truly indescribable emotion… In truth, it would feel super nice to rub and pluck those cheeks.

Liliana: “Hehehe…”

Anyway, Emilia-sama’s thoughts were in accord. She nodded toward Priscilla-sama with “Understood” as a response.

Emilia: “Okay, I’ll do it… Although I believe what you’ve said is correct, my thoughts on being a master and servant are a little different.”

Priscilla: “How truly presumptuous to raise objection to my thoughts. And dullness and foolishness are of equal demerit. Leisure for disagreement does not remain so, with haste, take your leave.”

Emilia: “Thank you. I’ll catch up to him… Though I’m sorry to leave Liliana behind as well.”

Liliana: “Hehehe… Uwah!?”

While quietly listening to this story, Emilia-sama gave me an apologetic blink. Pondering what it meant, I raised a fist at Emilia-sama.

Liliana: “Please don’t worry, Emilia-sama. Songstress Liliana here! Believes in Emilia-sama and Subaru-sama’s return, so relax and leave protecting this park from harm to me!”

Although energetically speaking about being a Songstress, calling myself in this manner was truly embarrassing! More embarrassing then had been previously expected!

Emilia: “I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, but I’ll leave it to you. Priscilla, don’t bully Liliana.”

Priscilla: “Refrain from carelessly calling out my name. My intent has all been conveyed. Leave at once, find that clown to play with.”

Emilia: “Really.”

Rather unfriendly terms, but Priscilla-sama seemed unbothered. Right until vanishing from the range of my gaze, Emilia-sama continued to glance at me with concern.

Ah, farewell, Emilia-sama. Although there were many more words that should have been said, merely being able to survey you from all angles was enough.

Liliana: “A flash. Please listen—— To look up from under your feet.”

Priscilla: “You fool, if there remains time for levity, use it to seek the supreme melody. This world cannot match your talent, and everyone’s lifespan is equally limited… And so, the value of the same second differs greatly between you and one of the mundane. The leisure of squandering as one pleases is the privilege of those wealthy. But lacking the discipline to better yourself, is the equivalent of flinging yourself into a sewer.”

Liliana: “Shamed by your praise, my spirits are rising rapidly, falling rapidly, too much for me to keep up with!”

Have I been praised? Scolded? Smart people are always disorienting and exceedingly incomprehensible when they speak.

I’m a wandering bard, rarely do I feel shame, without education without family and without grave! Wandering without end and without boundary on this world is my guiding principle! The path of song!

Priscilla: “That others are incapable of understanding your quirks, looking at the world differently, cannot be helped. Even so, to be ignorant is undeserving of pride. This affects the quality of your beloved song.”

Liliana: “Nonono! Not in the slightest?”

Priscilla: “——Oh?”

Liliana: “Eek!”

At the instinctive retort, Priscilla’s voice lowered in pitch. Her narrowed eyes were both beautiful and terrifying, but this Liliana here was not one to immediately yield.

Liliana: “P-please stop, Priscilla-sama… Defying Priscilla-sama wasn’t my intent…”

Priscilla: “Refrain from acting in a deplorable manner that does not befit your talent. To have your value decrease, would be an insult to myself, who has praised your song. You are forgiven.”

As with lines on one’s palm, paths to happiness were not shared!

Uncertain of why Priscilla-sama would care about something like this, eh… Asking a little shouldn’t be such a big deal, right?

Liliana: “So… to Priscilla-sama, one’s education and their song are related?”

Priscilla: “Indeed.”

Liliana: “Well, I believe that a person’s education has nothing to do with the quality of their songs.”

Priscilla: “Oh, and why would you think so?”

Liliana: “――Because there is no requirement for a song to move people’s hearts.”

Songs, are powerful.

It would be very arrogant of me to believe that my song possesses such power. I am still inexperienced, and though I am confident that my goals are lofty and that I am on the right course, I still have a long way to go.

Immature song, immature performance, but the heart that had been full of passion since youth was mature indeed.

Liliana: “Using song to express joy, doesn’t require much learning, using song to express sorrow, merely a heart is enough, using song to express rage, naked rage is enough… it’s like this.”

The Lyulyre, and this tiny body, were more than enough for use in song.

Complicated words were unnecessary. Desire to learn was precious, but the chosen path of a bard was not one of being unable to enjoy song without it.

A bard lives for song. But the song does not choose an audience. And so, neither should the bard.

Liliana: “To have my song contain my feelings is enough, I don’t intend for it to express anything complicated. As for what’s left in the heart of audience, is for the audience to determine—— song brings joy in such a way. Lingering in the heart, from time-to-time, unconsciously giving a sudden hum… If something like that were to happen in my song, then this life was not lived for naught.”

Priscilla: “――Hmm.”

Liliana: “Hah!”

Noble bard full of energy, but the opponent was a Royal Candidate whose aura could strike a flying bird down in midair.

Among them, Priscilla-sama was especially famed for her troublesome character. With only a relationship of singing and dancing together, to attempt to get closer to her was too arrogant!

Liliana: “Eh, it’s fine, at this moment today I’ll agree with you… This is an exception, mm, an exception. Hehe, although sorry for intending to ignore…”

Priscilla: “Excellent, you… rather, you are truly a good child.[1]”

Liliana: “Eh?”

The legs that had been intending to apologize and run, were caught by Priscilla-sama’s words.

On that note, had Priscilla-sama smiled just now? In other words, just Priscilla smiled? A pure smile without hostility, something like that, it somehow felt cute.

Priscilla: “I was the unreasonable one, you are merely following your steps forward. Do approach me should you find trouble, for you have value enough to receive my regard.”

Liliana: “Eeeeeeeeeh!?”

For some reason, this was an evaluation far higher than imagined!

Priscilla-sama then, unexpectedly and unhesitatingly, sat on the edge of the park’s fountain with leisure. Boldly crossing her legs, and what long legs, looking even longer! Or not.

Liliana: “I… can keep my life?”

Priscilla: “Even should this world come to meet its end, I shall guarantee your survival until the very last.”

Liliana: “I’m full of energy to live on with confidence even should the world be completely destroyed! Inspiration flahses, please listen―― The Woman of Utter Despair.”

Priscilla: “If this song is dedicated to mineself, surely it must be noble?”

Liliana: “…Bringing forth, a classic called the Record of the Blight Dragon Conquest!”

This refreshing atmosphere of being about to be beaten to a pulp amongst joyful sounds and laughing words, how lovely it felt.

Priscilla-sama sat before the rushing water, before a fountain that seemed as if it could swallow her up, as I tried my hardest, as if stepping on hot coals. Plucking the strings of the Lyulyre, immersing myself in the piece I had performed many times.

Raising focus to the extreme, this feeling of casting the world aside—— I call it the Singer’s Realm, I want to be immersed in it!

Come, immersion! Forget unrest and terror, along with every trouble!

Hyahya, all those troubles!!!

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Priscilla: “——Cease the performance.”

Liliana: “Hehehe, can’t be done… Eh? What did you say?”

If there were too many troubles, Singer’s Realm could not be relaxedly entered, but just now the immersion had come without issue.

Then, even though the song had been executed perfectly, Priscilla-sama stood with a serious expression, why? Did the song sound unpolished?

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama?”

Priscilla: “Have you yet to notice? The city is strangely loud… As I relaxed, something malicious began to foolishly stir.”

Liliana: “Eh…”

The words that had left Priscilla-sama’s mouth were confusing. What exactly, had just happened?

Priscilla: “Seems that Pristella is facing a disaster. If it goes on like this… that clown’s intuition would have been surprisingly accurate. How unpleasant.”

The one called “clown”, was probably Subaru-sama. But what about intuition, what did it have to do with leading Beatrice away, and with Emilia-sama who chased after them…?

Subaru = “Lolimancer”, Beatrice = “Loli”, Emilia = “Amazing Lovely Girl With Magic”.

Liliana: “Oh no! What happened to Pristella?”

Priscilla: “Truly, for subjects other than singing, blood isn’t circulating within your head whatsoever. Unlike myself, exceptional in all regards, you are only exceptional in one. But I do find it to my taste.”

Priscilla-sama, who closed her eyes, began to fan herself with the fan she had taken out at some point as if she had a headache.

I would truly like to exchange more words with that Priscilla-sama, but this was not the time.

Liliana: “Indeed, everyone who was in the park vanished…”

Priscilla: “That was because you have revealed an uncouth attitude during your performance.”

Eh… I do hope you can forgive me for lying on the ground and playing the Lyulyre with my teeth.[2]

Liliana: “However, should any incident occur, the broadcast of the magical device in the City Hall should immediately reach the entire city. Kiritaka-san reminded me too, this morning I…”

Priscilla: “Is that which can spread sound to an exaggerated degree? Indeed, listening to your song throughout the city is enjoyable… But what about it?”

Liliana: “——?”

In addition to the regular morning broadcast, the Watergate City of Pristella was a place with high attention to safety because of the presence of the large watergates. Shelters were located all throughout the city, so the citizens should be well-aware of those.

So why——

Liliana: “Ah… what’s this?”

My chest, what made it suddenly start to ache? How strange. On my chest was nothing so dashing as an old wound.

So, this feeling——

Priscilla: “…Do not approach.”

My smile faltered, an “Eh?” of consternation escaping my lips. Priscilla-sama suddenly raised her head to look toward the sky.

——Following immediately, was the sound of the city’s broadcasting device.

???: “Well then, all you trash, rotting meats, please take care to pitiably die off and rot away, kyahahaha! The person making this broadcast here, is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Lust! Capella Emerada Lugunica-sama! Kyahahahahaha!”

Sharp, piercing voice cutting off all of a sudden, quietness coming afterward. Leaving only the sound of the wind, and that of the water flowing from the fountain. That sound had appeared far too suddenly, unnatural enough to think it was a dream.

Priscilla: “Really now, quite the conceited words.”

Ah, that wasn’t a dream. Seems that wasn’t a dream.

The nearby Priscilla-sama’s tone grew terrifying, scaring me into turning my head to confirm her words. My keen survival instincts were informing me, “This turn of events is no good!”.

Liliana: “Um, so, Priscilla-sama… so, perhaps it’s simply just an exercise… or maybe a malicious prank, that’s a possibility to. That’s what I think, but…”

Priscilla: “Desire and speculation are of different nature. If this were a malicious prank, who would call upon the infamy of the Witch Cult’s name? And in addition, the opponent claims to be a Sin Archbishop. You know those lunatics are a group who give no thought to time, place, or means.”

Liliana: “Uhh…”

Priscilla: “And within the city is that clown, the one who killed one such lunatic. That they would grow more frantic because of that is a matter of course. Who knows how many people are completely hopeless like you.”

Priscilla-sama’s words were still difficult to comprehend, but right now she seemed to be taking great pains so that I could understand.

With that, even someone like me with holes in their brain could understand. The attack of the Witch Cult led by the Sin Archbishop had already become reality, and in addition it was very likely the City Hall had been captured already.

In that case…

Liliana: “Is… is Kiritaka-san okay?”

Priscilla: “Well, that name is an unknown. If he is someone relevant to the city, and, furthermore, dwells in the City Hall, there is no way to assure his safety. Seems that now is no longer the time to remain here and enjoy music.”

As soon as Priscilla-sama finished speaking, she took up her fan, marching forward with unflinching will. Ehhh, but, that was in the opposite direction of the shelter.

Liliana: “Then, then, don’t you want to find a shelter!? Choosing a path differing from what’s expected in an emergency will lead to disaster!”

Priscilla: “Hiding in a shelter with head bowed, waiting for the trouble to pass as if it is merely a stream of water is indeed fine. But the issue this time is a different matter. For if I do not act this situation will not come to an end.”

Liliana: “Which is to say, you intend to kill a Sin Archbishop!?”

This Royal Candidate, who intended to slaughter her way into the City Hall——!

It was a matter of course that it was something to be witnessed, but to allow her to throw herself into a battlefield like this without a chance of victory would end only in tragedy.

Speaking of which, with Priscilla-sama so full of confidence, could it be that she was capable of doing battle?

Responding to my words so full of doubt, Priscilla-sama covered her mouth with a fan as she looked back, tilting her head slightly.

Priscilla: “No, before that, Schult must be retrieved. Al is fine either way, it doesn’t matter what becomes of that fool. But Schult’s adorableness is without substitute. If I do not take care to retrieve him, surely he will be crying somewhere.”

Liliana: “Eh? Eh?”

Priscilla: “As for the other one, presumably he followed what I decreed this morning, and is wasting his time at a tavern. A stroll in that area would perhaps locate him. Truly, what a troublesome man.”

As she rambled on, Priscilla-sama strode toward the park’s exit without hesitation. Though I clearly knew what was occurring, the way she looked at the situation, her decisions and actions were all too stunning.

Then, Priscilla-sama turned back,

Priscilla: “Though my request was not for you to follow, if you get too far from me, you shall no longer be in Sun Disk’s range. If you wish to refrain from mingling with frantic fools, you would do well to follow myself.”

What is this, it’s terrifying! Just what had happened?

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama?! What’s happening after you find the ones you are looking!? Wait, Priscilla-sama!”

Hurriedly chasing the silent shadow of her back, paying no mind to those who were fleeing for the shelters, with dignity we walked about the city. The shadow of her back gave off such a sense of security, that perhaps even Sin Archbishops didn’t need to be feared…

――Thinking so was a mistake, was that I realized soon after.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

I moved forward through the city, according to Priscilla-sama’s words. What was curious was that despite being unaware of where exactly her destination was, at every fork in a canal or street, Priscilla-sama chose her path without hesitation.

Because of those correct choices, I, who should have been guiding her, had no chance to give my performance!

Liliana: “Isn’t this Priscilla-sama’s first time in Pristella? Moving with such ease that it’s startling…”

Priscilla: “No, this is the first time. Because its name is similar to my own, and because the sights of the Royal Capital of Water are famed, I had thought to visit one day. This development was not expected in the slightest.”

Liliana: “Is that so, this really is a shame. It was supposed to have been a much more tranquil, lovely city, without a need to rush like this.”

The Watergate City of Pristella was certainly a place most interesting for touring. Someone like me, who’d been staying at this place an awful lot of time for a bard, a leisurely stroll through the city was happiness. It seemed that the Muse Company, which had its roots here, had been making efforts in that direction, especially since Kiritaka-san’s generation.

Well, it’s hard to say, because Kiritaka-san is more likely to spoil me than to tell me complicated things like that. Kiritaka-san, please be fine.

Liliana: “Speaking of which, we happened across no one! A city where you’d find people walking on the streets, where water dragons’d be visible on every street with a canal, where singing’d lead to meeting Kiritaka-san, is in such a strange situation!”

Ever since the Witch Cult had first made a broadcast, no sound had been made. In addition to the people and water dragons all going missing, the only noises that stirred were the flow of water and wind.

How quiet. But, it felt like more than just quiet. This stillness, wasn’t it too ominous?

Priscilla: “Don’t wander off, it should be a right turn here. Do you understand? Follow my directions.”

Liliana: “Eh, don’t you want to take this path? It’s clearly a shortcut to that bridge and cross the waterway… Really, how scatterbrained of Priscilla-sama.”

Priscilla: “Oh——?”

Liliana: “Eep! Apologies, I misspoke!”

Wanting to decrease the distance by telling her of a shortcut, but it was a failure! Speaking of which that “oh” was too scary! The gaze of a beast… No, the gaze of a beast that hunts beasts!”

Priscilla: “Follow my instructions, and nothing shall go wrong.”

Liliana: “Hehe, this lowly one will now completely obey Priscilla-sama!”

Following Priscilla-sama’s directions, after this we took several winding routes. For some reason, during this not a single person was encountered. Time was running out!

Liliana: “Let’s be cheery as we walk and sing?”

Priscilla: “You said that song chooses neither place nor its audience. But even if you do not opt for others to listen, others have the right to choose the song.”

Liliana: “——?”

Priscilla: “Allow your throat to rest for a time… it shall not be long until your opportunity to sing arrives.”

Liliana: “Ahhhhh.”

Like that, Priscilla-sama’s eyes held a hint of having predicted something. That twisting and turning manner of talking felt suffocating, to someone like me who took straightforwardness as a duty, but I shut my mouth and kept silent.

And so, this odd and silent tour through the city――

Priscilla: “――Here.”

Having paused her footsteps, what Priscilla-sama was regarding was one of the shelters in the city―— the Convention Center of Second Street. If the City Hall at the center was the a place of assembly for the entire city, then the Convention Center of each numbered street was where each of their standpoints would be discussed.

Kiritaka-san was not only the manager of the Third Street convention center, but he also had influence in the operation of the City Hall.

Liliana: “Oh, being unexpectedly taken somewhere safe! Quite honestly, I was even a bit scared on where I was going to be taken!”

Priscilla: “Hm? What are you saying? Hurry and get inside, blabbermouth.”

Since this was a Convention Center, inside were probably one or several extraordinary people. Besides, because it was a place where the people living in the area had escaped to, it was at the same time place to heal the loneliness of not seeing anyone—―

???: “You, the fuck are you saying? I’ll kill you!”

This lovely daydream dissipated like fog after being met by a cry of rage.

An enraged roar filled with real murderous intent, with no intent of letting off those words as a simple strongly worded threat.

Those uncouth men had cast aside their usual frivolity, to exude genuine killing intent―― I am a bard, but also a woman, and having wandered through so many places, taking not only safe paths, but having travelled dangerous ones as well… This was what was known as “rage”.

That which could not remain unfaced, the Wrath that accompanied violence and murder.

Liliana: “P-Priscilla-sama…? This is…”

I was about to break down, and without being aware of it, I clung onto Priscilla-sama beside me, but she avoided my outstretched hand, glancing around the convention chamber with an extremely listless gaze.

On my knees, with disbelief, I surveyed the scene that Priscilla-sama was examining.

――The sound of a scream.

Inside the meeting room, the crowd shoved each other and flung insults, voicing loud words of hatred.

They must have numbered fifty… no, a hundred? Two hundred?

In summary, a mass of people pushed over those beside them indiscriminately, male and female and old and young together.

Insulting each other… those insults tinged with hostility and malice, displaying violent behavior, full of intent to wound and kill. Many had fallen and shed blood, and, in the corner of the convention chamber, there were the quivering forms of children.

What in the world was happening?

Priscilla: “Hmph… Amidst such a mass of random people, finding just Schult is indeed difficult.”

Casting me aside in my astonishment and sense of defeat, Priscilla harrumphed, face calm as ever in the face of those annoying screams.

…No, but, this situation was a disaster? Why was she so unaffected?

Priscilla: “It is certain that this kind of event has occurred through the city. Perhaps you may have been too slow to realize it―― as I did avoid a path of trouble.”

Liliana: “Avoid…!?”

After saying it out loud, I finally understood, the meaning of those words.

The reason that Priscilla-sama had gone out of her way to take the long way around―— was to avoid those where people were coming into conflict with one another.

I alone had failed to notice, while leisurely complaining about things like the lack of people――!

Liliana: “Pushing and fighting each other like this… Does this have to do with the Witch Cult?”

Priscilla: “Were this just bickering because of their anxiety, I would have dismissed it as the extreme of the masses’ stupidity, but that is not the case. These people… No, the perimeter of this entire city has been covered in some asinine power. This is the result.”

I couldn’t understand the most important parts of Priscilla-sama’s words. But at least I realized that the people hurting each other right now, were not doing so of their own intent.

Liliana: “Why, why am I untouched? Do I have the unique ability to counter something like this… Or rather, did I awaken in this moment!?”

Priscilla: “‘Tis the majesty of mine Sun Disk. Without it, perhaps you would have been swept along with it… But more importantly.”

Priscilla-sama narrowed her eyes, surveying those who shoved at each other. With the same gaze that she’d given me a “Oh——?” with. Which was to say that it was terrifying. Looking at those two eyes, her next words would presumably be equally terrifying.

That presumption was right.

Priscilla: “To find someone in this commotion, is practically the dream of a madman. With a small display of intimidation, they shall shut their mouths.”

Liliana: “…Eh?”

As her words fell, Priscilla-sama casually “drew a sword from the air”. No, to say it like that was wrong. To be more precise, the light became a sword?

Priscilla: “Be enchanted by the brilliance of my Yang Sword——”

The sword which Priscilla-sama held was decorated with a beautiful floral pattern, dyed in red from pommel to blade. Radiating sunlight from within Priscilla-sama’s hands, illuminating the entire convention chamber… How dazzling! How wondrous! A degree of illumination that regular light was incapable of reaching, scorching the eyes as if it were the sun. Ky, kyaaaaaaaaa――!

From up close, how damaging to my two eyes!

Ducking away to keep my distance, planning to raise a complaint to Priscilla-sama―— And then I noticed it.

The convention center had grown quiet, the people fighting now focusing on Priscilla-sama. But of course, if such a blinding light appeared, it was only natural that everyone’s quarrel would end.

And just when their hands and voices stopped,

???: “Priscilla-sama―― Hk!!”

A boy who had been sobbing near the wall approached running with cheeks reddened, as he jumped towards Priscilla-sama. Priscilla-sama caught the boy directly from the front, stroking his peach-colored hair with gentleness.

Priscilla: “To be so troublesome, only you alone could receive my attention like this. Schult, have you realized what a fool you’ve been?”

Schult: “I-I… I thought I wouldn’t make it…! But, Priscilla-sama… Priscilla-sama…”

Priscilla: “Well, crying easily is expected of children, they shall not be blamed for it.”

The sight of the boy having his hair so gently stroked was surprising.

No, Priscilla-sama had come all the way to look for this child, so I’d assumed she cared very much for him, but witnessing this showed that it was not the case, it felt very uncomfortable. Because Priscilla-sama’s attitude was frigid. Thinking about it nearly made my neck twist.

However, it couldn’t be assumed that with such a spectacle, it would be easy to escape. After all we’d become the target of the attention of this convention center!

The enraged crowd was now focusing on the radiant Priscilla-sama. And in addition, they had just noticed that the shining blade had disappeared.

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama, where did the sword from just now go?”

Priscilla: “Its consumption is high. So when not in use, it must fade back into sunlight. Hmph.”

Responding to my question, Priscilla-sama looked towards the ones who gazed at her. Her gaze was calm as always… Which was to say, apathetic.

Priscilla: “What are you lot staring at me for, you fools without reason? It is natural that you commoners worship my beauty, but understand time and place plus your own position. The first and most polite actions, would be to kneel.”

Liliana: “Why are you provoking them——!?”

Pressing Schult into her chest, with a fierce expression Priscilla-sama pointed at the ground, ordering everyone present to fall to their knees. Although as expected, the crowd, much more short-tempered than usual, became enraged and rushed forward.

The ground rumbled violently, and I hurriedly dropped my bottom to the ground as I tried to curl up. However, Priscilla-sama remained standing there. No, wait.

Man: “This woman! What kind of joke…”

Priscilla: “First of all is you―― At least soar with grace.”

The large man, in a fit of rage attempted to grab Priscilla-sama, but she immediately dodged aside, shoving his broad chest away.

A man who seemed to have twice my weight was blown away like a leaf. No, really, that easy, not exaggerating.

Man: “――Hk!?”

The body of the man flew away in the direction of the mass of people rushing in, causing a dramatic pitiful sight. One after another they were pushed back and knocked over, toppling like dominos.

And so, due to that initial loss, the crowd’s momentum came to a halt. The legs of those lined in front trembled upon seeing Priscilla-sama’s strength.

Priscilla: “As you can see, were it what I will, all of you could be cut down with ease. Although it is bothersome, if you desire to attack, approach in turn. For only today I shall spare the time to thoroughly respond to your desires.”

Refugees: “————”

Priscilla-sama spoke in a regal tone, glaring at those surrounding her.

That said, there was no one who would approach after hearing those words. The enraged demeanor of before went who knows where… Or rather, the rage lingered on in everyone’s hearts. It was merely that they had yet to lose their minds enough to direct it at Priscilla-sama.

Priscilla: “It appears that there are none. Well then, there is no longer meaning in remaining here. My attendant has been found safe and sound. You lot are free to enjoy yourselves, once I have departed.”

Liliana: “Eh!?”

As soon as Priscilla-sama finished speaking, she took the hand of the crying Schult, striding toward the exterior of the Convention Center with lavish steps. She’s on her way, but is this really how she’s going to go? Is this really okay?

Liliana: “Ah, but! Just leaving everyone here like this…”

Priscilla: “After my departure, the quarrel will start anew… It would not be surprising if it ultimately led to slaughter. However, do I have any reason to terminate it?”

Liliana: “That is…”

It might be the case, but was it really fine like this? No matter how you looked at it, just leaving them behind was far too terrible.

Liliana: “P-Priscilla-sama is a candidate in the Royal Selection…”

Priscilla: “Even for me, there are things that I cannot accomplish. Without question, I am indeed in that annoying position, but to use it as an excuse is too forced.”

Liliana: “Guh…!”

She stopped me before I could finish, and I was no longer able to raise voice to any retorts!

But, but, once we’re gone, the quarrel would start anew. Could I really do something so ruthless such as escaping?

Something like this, I——

Priscilla: “Or is that to say, you’ll solve it?”

Liliana: “——Eh!?”

Just as I was hesitating, Priscilla-sama murmured in a low voice. What did that mean, that, uh, rather appealing proposal?

Priscilla: “Before, you told me. To enjoy song requires no qualification. Not selecting place or audience is the essence of that which you give the moniker of «song». If so, why do you not use your miraculous song to save that lot?”

Liliana: “…”

Priscilla: “You are within my Sun Disk. In addition, as I previously proclaimed, you are to approach me should you come across trouble. Although perhaps it may be early to play this card… But this is still a pleasure. Remaining here for nary a moment just to be able to hear your song, would be acceptable.”

As if provoking, Priscilla-sama folded her arms over her chest. Was it a quirk, to raise her chest like this?

That violent cleavage could be seen with ease. I brushed my hand over my chest. Flat. I stared down at that hand.

That palm was wet with cold sweat.

Liliana: “Is it… possible?”

Priscilla: “It matters not if you do it—— If that is what you believe, then it shall merely amount to wasted effort.”

If you don’t have the ability to sing, but yet think you do, then, so be it. If thinking that songs had no power, such a line of thinking was not wrong.

I’m sure I do, I’m sure I do, I’m sure I don’t――!

Taking up the Lyulyre from my back, I gripped it tightly with both hands.

The people who had yet to become my audience, people who had stored all their rage in their core, were watching! How dare they! When clearly from now, I was about to sing!

——To hope that, when everyone savored the sound of song together joyously, that they would not fight!

Priscilla: “Schult, wait for a little. You shall witness something entertaining.”

Schult: “Understood.”

Priscilla-sama and Schult stood behind my figure as I held the Lyulyre.

I don’t need to see what they looked like, ugh, despicable, it was obvious without looking!

The girl, Liliana! Wandering the world with only a Lyulyre, a bard who forever held heroes in her heart! If she failed here, both the woman and her life would be ruined!

Liliana: “Inspiration flashes! Please listen—— Ripples on the Surface of the Watergate City!”

Return to sanity, then show me a frenzy! If this takes away time that would be spent fighting, it’s all the more meaningful!

Translation Notes:

[1] – In this line, the first “you” is “貴様”, read “kisama”, which is rather rude, being used by someone of higher standing to refer to one below them, and the second is “そなた”, read “sonata”, which is quite polite. Priscilla almost exclusively uses “貴様” to refer directly to others. The italics is just really for emphasis.

[2] – As made famous by Jimi Hendrix.

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