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Liliana: “————”

Fingers sliding across the strings of the Lyulyre, reproducing a movement that was completely bound with familiarity. For many years, for many tens of thousands of times, for as long as I can remember, these fingertips have played these notes.

For me, to sing was as natural as drawing breath, as natural as exhaling laughter when encountering amusement, far too difficult to remember when it had started…

Throat opening, diaphragm inhaling, intertwining rhythm with the melody I had started playing.

What I sang were all the words, all the feelings that emerged in my mind in the moment. All of those were overlaid atop the melody that would surface in my mind in a similar fashion.

Liliana: “————”

When creating a new song, although I would say “Inspiration flashes”, to truly say that it was inspiration flashing was rather absurd.

In other words, it was no sudden flash, but a discovery. Calling it that would perhaps be more suitable. In this instant, the melody and words emerging in my mind, were things hidden within this world in origin.

Discovering a melody somehow forgotten by the world.

Stumbling across it by coincidence, taking it up by chance, as if a gift had descended from the skies―― a tune concealed in the corners of the world. I have all along regarded it as such.

And thus I had told Priscilla-sama that even without learning anything whatsoever, music could be enjoyed. If one completely gave up all their wisdom, all their knowledge, it would be the same.

Because music was sung, even if not by a human being.

Ever heard birdsong? Ever heard a chorus of cicadas? Ever quietly listened to the wind sweeping across a stream, felt it raise a murmured voice?

Did they also have humanity? Perhaps, or rather, no, they shouldn’t have. At the very least I think they don’t! I don’t!

From the sun that illuminates all, from the moon that waxes and wanes, from the earth that diffuses its aroma, from the firewood that crackles, have you ever felt music? I have! I’ve felt it—— that is proof that music permeates this world.

That is proof that the world is constructed by music, this world is filled with music, this world is connected by music.

Liliana: “————”

Us bards merely borrow songs from this world filled with music. Music that was originally present everywhere, can be made slightly easier to notice with a little meddling.

Without shyness, without apology, we selfishly enjoy this exquisite melody alone.

It doesn’t matter if you think of it like that. It doesn’t matter that we think of it like that.

However, isn’t this music something lovely?

There is joy in sharing with strangers that which is interesting, and that which is fun. There is joy in laughing out loud when something is funny and when something is amusing.

Music is like that. Music allows you to do that.

Because the entire world is singing, who would scold those who sing?

Come, immerse, immerse, immerse your all. Come, devote, devote, devote your all.

Submerge in joy, fill your heart with glee, be imprisoned by happiness!

Use not only your ears, but also your eyes, nose, skin, heart, soul, all of those to “join” with the “music”!

Frenzy swallowed the audience, washing away the extreme Wrath in one wave.

Swaying in dance, raising their voice, and like that, they became one with the performance. Should their gazes overlap with those around them, they would notice they were now sharing the same feelings.

Of course. Music has always been by your side, an ever-present comrade, from birth to death. You’ve seen it, heard it, felt it.

We are always here, calling for such music——!

Liliana: “So, hell yeah! You weren’t quiet at all, but thank you for the attention—— Ahhhhh!”

Singing on, uwaaaah!

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Ehhhh~, so, how to put it, sorry for gleefully forgetting myself.

After the end of an extensive performance such as that, recalling the passionate demeanor I’d worn, my cheeks reddened.

Schult: “Um, onee-san was amazing! I was very moved!”

Teehee! How cute was Schult-kun’s cluelessly pure gaze! My heart was itching, aching! Those undirtied, wholesome, watery red eyes, made blood go drip-drip in my heart!

Riiight~, this kid was completely without malice, so it wasn’t sarcasm. He merely expressed with earnestness his childish feelings. Though aware of this, but because he was too cute, his praise couldn’t be accepted comfortably!

What a pity, Schult… As an adult, this purity would be dirtied.

Schult: “——? I couldn’t understand some of it, so apologies over my lack of studying.”

Hya! That dejected expression was unfairly cute!

This child gives off an impression that makes you want to do something terribly mischievous!? A little, just a little touch… Heeehehe…

Priscilla: “Liliana. That performance just now was not dreadful. You are worthy of my praise.”

Liliana: “Gyobih!”

Priscilla: “What was that horrendous sound just now? A girl… especially one such as you, their throat cannot be making such noises.”

Just as Schult was about to be reached by an adult’s sinful demonic grasp, I was caught up with a trickster like Priscilla-sama. No, I had no plans to do anything deplorable, really, none whatsoever.

By the way, the moment he saw Priscilla-sama, Schult’s face became sunny, sticking close to her waist. Though saying so, it wasn’t tight clinging, merely lightly holding part of Priscilla-sama’s red dress… the modest demeanor of an angel.

Now, we’d come to pick up this precious Schult-kun, and attempted to turn the Convention Center, about to become the very scene of a catastrophe, into a Festival Hall…

Liliana: “This result was unexpected… At some point when I wasn’t paying attention, it seems I reached the pinnacle of music. Indeed, a goddess of music without parallel!”

Priscilla: “Foolishness. To be aware of the difference between the mundane and your own ability is imperative. But to evaluate one’s self so highly lacks elegance. Your song was indeed worth enjoying, but the time to call yourself without parallel is yet to arrive. You were merely lucky, that they immersed so early was solely because they were suggestible.”

Liliana: “Suggestible?”

What did that mean?

With a listless expression Priscilla-sama fanned herself, as she scanned the faces in the Convention Center. I hurriedly followed her gaze, seeing many people.

People had finally been released by the sick feeling that had them insulting, attacking and fighting each other, had recovered their cool. Some extended their hands to those who had been shoved over, some offered apologies, some responded constantly with “it’s fine it’s fine”, some silently gave treatment to those who had been injured.

Oh, well then, my song was pretty amazing! The ones who had been arguing like that earlier, had in fact sunk into such a lukewarm state… Practically the talent of a master!

Priscilla: “Do not forget yourself with glee. The influence of unrest which played these commoners as if marionettes still persists. The sound of your song alleviated the commoners’ distrust and fear. However, without solving the root of the cause, they shall soon devolve to their previous state.”

Liliana: “Pfft!? Ah, no, but, think about it, every time their hearts are pulled into that tough spot, I’ll clean them away with my fervent…”

Priscilla: “In theoretical terms, that works. However, if you treat the symptoms, the root of the problem remains. And beyond that, this commotion is not occurring merely at this Convention Center.”

Liliana: “Wha-wha-wha-what!?”

This was the first time I was hearing of… No, earlier Priscilla-sama had said that such conflict had been avoided on the way here. Could it be that such disruption was occurring all throughout the city!? Isn’t that really bad!?

Liliana: “P-P-P-Pristella, we have to do something about it.”

Priscilla: “Well, that is how it is. To be frank, I do not possess any obligation to try to save this city…”

Schult: “Priscilla-sama…”

Once again, merciless, cold-blooded, iron expression! With his gaze trembling, Schult looked towards Priscilla-sama as she spoke. How to put it, it was obvious upon a glance that Schult-kun seemed so normal next to Priscilla-sama. Perfectly perfect wholesomeness.

Ah, this child is hopeless, completely in line with my preferences.

Not receiving a response from Schult-kun, not knowing whether he shared my feelings counted as my loss. Priscilla-sama shrugged helplessly, breasts bouncing with violence. I gazed at my hands.

Liliana: “How old is Priscilla-sama?”

Priscilla: “Nineteen.”

Liliana: “I see. By the way, just to mention, I’m twenty-two.”

Priscilla: “No one asked.”

I just wanted to mention it. What was this difference, something in diet? Did the disadvantage of being a wandering traveler, a bard, come into play here? Such suffering.

Priscilla: “Without even mentioning having Schult be trapped here, daring to display such disrespect during my stay, I am hardly as generous as to forgive it. Without regard of which Witch Cultist is involved, their heads shall roll.”

As my hands tightened, Priscilla-sama’s decree seemed to have been settled upon.

Although many excuses would be voiced, I well understood that she was really thinking to Schult-kun’s request.

Liliana: “Really, Priscilla-sama is truly, too, overprotective of Schult-kun …”

Priscilla: “————”

Liliana: “Gyah!? Burning, burning, it’s burning!?”

On fire!? Caught on fire just now!?

In the instant that I’d jabbed Priscilla-sama in the side with my elbow, fire had ignited over my head!? The tips of my hair were curling from burning!? There wasn’t even a “Ho” this time!

Sudden brutality! Genuine panic! Unforgettable nightmare!

Schult: “O-onee-san, are you okay…!?”

Schult ran over towards me in a shock as I rolled with my head burning. Perhaps to try to extinguish the flame immediately, he withdrew a bottle from the parcel, intending to tip its contents into me, struggling to pour its contents on my body. In the meantime, my head had been engulfed by flame.

Priscilla: “Halt, Schult.”

Schult: “But, Priscilla-sama…!”

Priscilla: “This is my evening alcohol. As it my property, even a slight drop would turn the singer into a ball of flame. These sound like jests, but this is the reality.”

Liliana: “Owowowowowowow――!”

Before I could be ignited, I rolled back and forth on the frigid ground. Schult tilted his tiny neck to ask, “Can alcohol catch on fire?”.

Despicable, master and servant had collaborated to have me perish in flame… But! Even were I to die here, the soul of a bard would not rest, and my song would echo by your bedside nightly… Because song was everywhere in this world!

Priscilla: “If you would not mind it, doing so is fine as well by me. Speaking of which, kicking up such a fuss over singed hair tips, hurry and stand.”

Liliana: “Eh? Where’d the cursed flame go? I should be enclosed in scorching flame and turned to ash?”

Ah, for real, I wasn’t burning at all. That was so surprising that I completely lost it.

Laughing with embarrassment while wiping my clothing, feeling like people were staring at me, I walked to Priscilla-sama’s side. To talk to her directly.

Liliana: “Well then, Priscilla-sama! In order to save Pristella, please attack with a bang, gracefully giving your regards to the Sin Archbishop! I’ll be rotting for you!”

Priscilla: “Do not speak as if it were another’s affair. I have already decided to take you as well.”

Liliana: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh——!?”

Earth-shattering! Sky-flipping! Life-sucking beauty! Why nominate me at this moment!?

Liliana: “A bard like me, who only knows how to be cute, sing, and be cute… A bard without any specialties… Taking me, could only satisfy your eyes and ears, you know?”

Priscilla: “That candidness is not unappealing. As I have said before. I am fond of you. It would be a shame if that singing voice were to be lost. Not to mention leaving you in the company of the rabble would perhaps lead to misfortune. You should stay within the reach of my Sun Disk.”

Liliana: “Which is to say… I’m so cute you want to protect me?”

Priscilla: “——Ho?”

Liliana: “Wah! Priscilla-sama is truly kind to beat me when angry!”

Compared with the attack of setting my hair aflame without indication, how kind was the Priscilla-sama who only set me on fire after giving warning. Huh, chest tingling. What kind of feeling was this… Heartbeat quickening, sweat dripping, breaths toiling, blood vanishing from face…

Priscilla: “There are other reasons to take you. That irritating lunatic’s declaration… Had you not stated that the magical device is in the City Hall?”

Liliana: “Huh? Ah, right, it’s in the City Hall. Every morning I get up early, rubbing my sleepy eyes to do as duty asks… Ah! That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t sing because I wanted to sleep in. It’s true that I am sleepy, or half asleep, or more than half asleep, right up until the last moment, but when it’s time to sing, my eyes are open! My eyes are open!”

Priscilla: “Knowing the location is enough. All I require is that magical device… and you.”

Liliana: “You want…”

Priscilla: “Your throat.”

A change in phrase. However, thanks to that, I finally realized exactly what Priscilla-sama had meant to say. In other words, she wanted to say,

Liliana: “To have what happened just now in this Convention Center, spread across the city using the broadcasting magical device…!”

Priscilla: “————”

Liliana: “Eh, hm, Priscilla-sama? What is it?”

Priscilla: “Daring to be so ostentatious before myself. You fool, what have you done with the real Liliana. That person could not possibly be so intelligent.”

Liliana: “A clever and cute me being treated as an illusion!”

The kind of impression she had of me was, in truth, very disappointing.

However, I understand Priscilla-sama’s thoughts. If commotions similar to the one in this convention center were occurring all throughout the city, then that would perhaps be where my song would come in.

Being able to tour the city to give performances would be something wonderful, but there wasn’t enough time to travel around like that! In that case, my mind was made!

Liliana: “Alright, understood! That certainly makes sense. If that’s the case, then it’s only natural that Priscilla-sama’d want to take me with her! In addition, the City Hall would ve the place where the brains of the city would gather! Surely Kiritaka-san would be there, in an emergency like this, he can be relied on!”

Priscilla: “However, within the City Hall there certainly awaits a Sin Archbishop. Exterminating that pests is unavoidable. You would do well to avoid being caught in it.”

Liliana: “I’d forgotten!”

Right. Lust currently occupied the City Hall. Which meant that if the City Hall were serving as a base, the operation would have been stunted from the start.

Liliana: “No but, no but, no but! That Sin Archbishop might’ve emptied out the City Hall already! There are lots of rooms in there which are inaccessible for secrecy, so it’s not really a place to kill time. Maybe Lust got bored with waiting and left already.”

Fufu, indeed, a burst of divine reasoning. This was an idea unique to me, who was left there every morning after work.

In truth, everyone would be working hard in there, so there was no one who would deal with me. If someone didn’t understand numbers, they’d be kicked out, or something like that!

And so, certainly the City Hall’d be completely empty…

???: “Yahoo. Yahoo~. Yahohooo~.”

And it was right at that moment I heard the second broadcast.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

After listening to the second broadcast, we left the Convention Center feeling depressed (Priscilla and Schult did not look depressed).

Leaving the Convention Center took a while, since the people became anxious again after the second broadcast, and they had to be calmed down with my song. Frankly, that performance could only be called unintentional.

No matter what was sung, any behavior lacking reason could not be included. However, at its basis, adding extraneous impurity to the song was not permissible.

Becoming intoxicated by the song, becoming immersed in the song―― to sing with these feelings was what I had intended. But I didn’t want to think of song as a way to counter the psychological attack which unsettled people. But if it turned out that way in the end, if I, the singer, began to think of song like that, I would no longer be sincere when singing. I could no longer believe that I could rapture someone’s heart with song.

Priscilla: “Taking over the control towers and the watergates, leaving the demands to the next broadcast…”

After leaving the Convention Center, with steps which were as always self-assured, only I shakily followed behind. Rather than calling it a loss of assurance, perhaps it was a loss of identity?

Without doubt I existed for singing, but was it myself who was requested of by these circumstances, was it the song, or was it the consequence of the song?

Although all three originated in me, the three were not in sync. I couldn’t help but feel like that.

Priscilla: “A third broadcast has to happen, before we have access to the City Hall’s magical device.”

Schult: “Why is that?”

Priscilla: “The Witch Cult needs use of the magical device only once, to send out their request. Afterward, they shall only need to oversee the four control towers they occupy, and remain far away from the City Hall, in which there is no rationale in putting their main forces. However, for the sake of playing their twisted game, there is the possibility they may continue seizing the magical device.”

Schult: “Why can’t we do it?”

Priscilla: “That is not the case, as long as the one operating that magical device is Lust… Although she wears quite the vicious skin, what lies beneath is quite cunning. What a lunatic would become if given the opportunity to be clever would look exactly like that.”

Schult took the lead in asking Priscilla questions, ones that I had myself. Schult had instantaneously figured out the secret behind not enraging Priscilla-sama (perhaps he himself was unaware!). And because he was so genuine, Priscilla-sama politely answered everything she had been asked.

Because it was an explanation meant for a child, I understood it easily as well.

Which was to say, was the situation progressing as the Witch Cult willed?

Priscilla: “And so, after the third broadcast, when their requests have been made, if the magical device is operable, your song shall join the playing field. Should the city be in a state of unrest, who knows where the pests among the lions will gather.”

Schult: “Before it becomes something that complicated, is there no chance for Priscilla-sama to regain control by using that bright sword to finish off the Witch Cult?”

Priscilla: “The control towers from all four sides, should a single watergate out of any of them be opened, the city would be flooded. Even I, am a lone person. To raise a hand in counterattack is ineffective. In this city are a few capable others… they, too, shall try to recover the magical device.”

The capable others Priscilla-sama had mentioned were those capable of meeting the Witch Cult in battle.

As far as I knew, people who had extraordinary achievements against the Witch Cult were indeed in the city. Indeed, the Lolimancer, Natsuki Subaru-sama, and the Silver-Haired Witch, Emilia-sama, who accompanied him!

Liliana: “Oh, I get it! We’re waiting until the third broadcast before going to the City Hall.”

Fists clenched, breaths involuntarily growing wild.

In all honesty, to be unable to protest against it was a bit disheartening. However, not going to the City Hall, would mean being unable to assure Kiritaka-san’s safety… Or rather, even being assured of Kiritaka-san’s safety, would not be useful as far as battle went…

However, if only for the sake of that person alone, I felt like I could sing even if devoid of feeling.

Liliana: “So until then…!”

Schult: “You’re going to go around visiting shelters with Liliana-sama!”

Liliana: “Yes, yes, take me to a shelter and―― Wait, ehhhhhhhh!?”

Schult answered with frenzied enthusiasm, what was this about!?!?

Priscilla-sama nodded with satisfaction. Seeing this, Schult grew happy, his entire face becoming bright red, although clearly I had been named, I was left all alone by himself.

Even though I was so close, but somehow still feeling lonely.

Priscilla: “Although aware of how your song has an effect on this unsettling wave, but first your mood should be calmed, before asking you to perform… Although just then you had been at a loss, right now, you have no leeway for such troubles.”

Liliana: “But, does this have anything to do with the shelters!?”

Priscilla: “Although using the magical device to dispel the curse is your duty, it shall last a while before you are able to do just that. In the meantime, the hearts of the commoners would be left in solitary, swaying with unease.”

Liliana: “Ah…”

Priscilla: “Before you can take your place and stand before the magical device, those who need your song are countless. To prevent this, you must meet their needs.”

Priscilla-sama’s proposal could finally be easily understood. Before the time for my song arrived, countless cases of people hurting each other, like the one in the Convention Center, would occur. By then, perhaps the delivery of a most valuable song of salvation might be too late.

I was certain that not all of them could be saved. But, to extend a hand to those who could would be no futile task.

Priscilla: “From my point of view, you have no small amount of courage on the stage. However, that wavering just now is somewhat dangerous. Perhaps it shall rear its head at a critical moment. Thus, you must increase the number of times you experience upon the stage.”

Liliana: “Times on the stage… is it?”

Times on the stage was already a countless figure. Although the phrase “courage upon the stage” had never been used, never before had the stage brought any feelings of shame.

What Priscilla-sama actually meant was——

Priscilla: “Your troubles are unknown. However, what is needed is not a song for yourself, but one for others. Understand that your songs are for the sake of others. And thus, you must increase your number of times on the stage.”

Liliana: “————”

Priscilla: “To be prompted by me, to such a degree, truly is arrogant. Repent with the results you shall bring.”

With that said, as if having made a decision, Priscilla-sama folded her two hands over her chest, vigorously sticking out her chest—— those large breasts bounced violently. My own, flat. I looked at my own hands, gripping them tightly

Song was a presence different from the self. To sing in such a way——

Schult: “Priscilla-sama is as gentle as expected! I truly understand that!”

Priscilla: “Too noisy, Schult.”

An exchange that couldn’t help but feel a bit facetious, but with this I’ll steel myself to begin a battle of touring every shelter to perform. For Liliana-chan’s future, a bard of song and play and dance, who lives up to Priscilla-sama’s words!




Well, while visiting the shelters with this enthusiasms, checking up on those who had succumbed to frustration or despair, there would be a third broadcast…

Priscilla: “——Hmm… someone else went first. How annoying.”

Priscilla-sama lifted her head to regard the darkened sky, murmuring to herself like this. As for what those feelings were directed toward, I had of course likewise heard.

Natsuki Subaru-sama had made a broadcast with the magical device.

Although those words had been clumsy and by no means could be called inspiring, but perhaps it could have imprinted something other than anxiety and fear in the hearts of the people within the city.

The same thing, as our desire to sing. In that case, it should be fine, no matter who’d done it.

Liliana: “Even if someone else went first, just as he said, the City Hall seems to be clear. For now, let’s meet up with everyone, and begin the battle to retake the city! I! Will sing my best!”

Priscilla: “Don’t display such a relieved attitude.”

Liliana: “No, no, no, I don’t feel anything like safe.”

To some degree there was a sense of assurance, but what was greater was a sense of shame. A chance being taken away, missing an opportunity to be the Songstress.

But in its stead, I had witnessed the place where a Hero was born, and gave me such satisfaction.

——But that feeling of satisfaction was short-lived, as the Hero’s recklessness had led to a suicide mission with Priscilla-sama!

Yay! There would still be a chance to sing! Well then!

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