Arc 5, Chapter 65: The Regret of Liliana Masquerade

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  • Nanashi

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Hey — this is Liliana live on the scene—!

Yesyes, currently we’re in the north part of the City of Pristella! Engaging in a battle to take one of the control towers—!

The four control towers taken over by the Witch Cult! In order to recapture the tower, the most capable ones in the city have made their move, conducting a large scale battle which hit all four at once!

Amongst forces who each did not pale in the slightest, for some reason a mere cute musician like me properly joined the battle as well, how unexpected! However, retreat wasn’t to even be considered!

Well then, next is to introduce the crazy face, who is going to be participating in this operation together with me, Liliana Masquerade!!

Priscilla: “That face is just about sickening already. Present your neck beneath mineself. Once that head has been severed, that skull will serve nicely as a candleholder.”

Alright it’s here~! Merciless words and vicious tactics! But if that’s used we’ll be finished too! I’ll die so please have mercy!

Light dancing in those slender red eyes, figure turning back akin to a flame! Even that difficult character was like the ever changing form of flame, obviously dangerous to the touch!

Wielding the Yang Sword in one hand was the champion of our offensive! Priscilla Bariel-sama!

Priscilla-sama crossed the ignited waterway by the side, in one breath waving the dazzling Yang Sword! Waving! Wavewavewaving!

Impact! Radiance! Sound! The one receiving it, was knocked back greatly~!

But then! Catching their step! And then glaring at Priscilla-sama!

???: “Aah, aah, aaaaaaaaaah! Really, really, really! Why is it that whether this one or that or all of them are all bunched and coming together! Do you mean to prevent me from meeting that person! Agonizing, agonizing, how agonized I am! Heartbreak rends my chest! Shaking those desperate feelings within the heart! Such agony can’t be held back—!”

Appearing was—! One who cried out while tears flowed free, a sobbing enraged lunatic wrapped in bandages!

Face covered in white bandages which looped and looped and looped and looped to cover eyes! Body completely covered in a cloak! In all honesty their gender was indistinguishable though from the voice was probably female! With that manner of dress which gave up the identity of the woman, with dangerous thoughts swinging chains that looped and looped and looped around her arms! Was one who whether I or anyone else had already lost track of what she was saying,

Witch Cult Sin Archbishop representing [Wrath] Sirius Romanee-Conti! Who had announced herself just now!

The covered face of the lunatic Sirius flowed with tears! Those tears were as if on fire, allowing tongues of flame to tumble in the courtyard beneath the control tower! Such a connection! Was inexplicable!

In addition to this there was the presence of a white hand of flame in the waterway, clinging to the people, people, people outside who found themselves unconcerned! People who should have been hiding in the shelters of the north, a majority of them had in order to see this battle gone out of their way to rush here — but not really! Since right now everyone was tumbling about on the ground and crying out sobbing! With the same feeling as the lunatic Sirius! This was the power of the [Wrath] that had spread chaos throughout the entire city—!

In the eyes of everyone who was sobbing and screaming remained not a trace of awareness! Should they be said to have been poisoned by feeling, or intoxicated by feelings, or manipulated by feelings, or tormented by feelings as playthings, well it was this kind of feeling! It’s incredibly clear, water, crystal what would happen if they’re left alone, so trying a little harder here would be good wouldn’t it!

Liliana: “Ui, uii… Come, come, this certainly constitutes a large stage!”

Atop a high platform! From above I surveyed the what lay burning below below this stage, and the still sobbing audience, and the actor who spread flames as if driven mad, raising her voice to take the stage as well.

In all honesty, due to leaving Priscilla-sama’s very powerful feeling vicinity, from just now my chest had been pierced endlessly as if attacked with sorrow and despondency and loneliness, but don’t think that due to that kind of reason I’d stop my steps, smooth my fingers, or lose my breath to the burning flames!

If you are forced to feel something like agony, if a song were to be directly experienced at least something would be done, so if the light came at a greater wavelength I would not be defeated!

In the end, I would introduce every last one of these people who had lost their senses, to the one who played a leading role~!

Liliana: “Come, come, those far away listen to the sound! Those close by watch the dance! Those even further away I’ll raise my voice so you can hear! Liliana Masquerade, is here to sing and dance and perform for you, so listen well! — Come, sky which transcends the break of day!”

Placing delicate yet bold force into the fingers which played the lu-lyre, throat opening to reach as far as possible, to have echoes reverberate close by, borrowing from the world sounds and rhythms, beginning to play—!

But well before that! Let’s take only a little flicker of time, to recall how this situation came to be!

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Liliana: “So, sosososo, Priscilla-sama! So, is this really fine?”

Priscilla: “To what do you refer?”

Priscilla-sama’s steps did not slow in the slightest.

Chasing that figure, I hurriedly tossed my words forth.

Well then, it was obvious. When clearly the next step was to contend with a Sin Archbishop, the only one who had been brought alongside was in fact me!

Wasn’t it? At the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, this wasn’t what I had planned on.

After the Witch Cult’s third broadcast, Natsuki Subaru-sama had made a, how to describe it, not firm but leaving imprints in the heart, well anyway a broadcast with that kind of feeling. And we had regrouped with those in the City Hall!

Around then, hearing that Kiritaka-san was perhaps in a state of unrest, something resembling worry had formed in my heart, but at that moment a shocking reality had surfaced!

Somehow or other, the Sin Archbishops who’d come to Pristella wasn’t just [Lust] alone. Sin Archbishops where one would have been enough of a disaster, there were in fact four! And the the four would each occupy on tower, was already strange enough.

Who was it that had spread some news like the Witch Cult was a group of deviants without commander couldn’t function as a group. Wasn’t this a perfect example of teamwork. And wasn’t this the result of doing so.

Was the only part in accordance with this the part about them being deviants. It can’t be — that leaves only fear—!

Butbut, gathered on our side were candidates of the Royal Election!

Though some of those valuable people present had suffered injuries in a prior battle, but no cloudedness lay in the eyes of those who were faced with the prospect of retaking the city! No matter how you looked at it at this time, all that remained was to send all those people filled with energy off.

Priscilla: “—There is nothing to fear so long as mineself and that musician are there.”

Suddenlysuddenly, with ears that flashed with Kiritaka-san’s requiem, I heard a decree which came from Priscilla-sama!

The midst of the battle against the Sin Archbishop of Wrath, wasn’t that in fact where I’d be brought.

Nono, isn’t that too forced please reconsider — although I’d bravely argued thus, with a frigid attitude as if she’d forgotten those hours we’d just spent together, Priscilla-sama stabbed at me with provoking words.

To receive words to such an extent, how could this be, I am merely a woman. A bard.

And then hearing that this [Wrath] had been the one who had sent the agitation throughout the city, with that shrinking back wasn’t an option.

Originally, Priscilla-sama had brought me to use the magical device in the city hall to spread my song to all those in the city. But since that goal had been overtaken by Subaru-sama’s speech, I hadn’t taken the stage and had been left with a feeling of defeat…

Should there be another chance to face [Wrath], that would make the perfect opportunity to do battle once again.

Rather, this was the re-opening of a war that had ended without battle, a battle of revenge that the opponent was unaware of.

Something like that, wouldn’t it practically make someone ignite.

Liliana: “Excellent! Miss Liliana! On the stage under Priscilla-sama’s order, with the lu-lyre and this throat, will sing with beauty!”

Tada! Done with grace.

As Priscilla-sama and Al-sama focused on the battle with [Wrath], I would, from behind, wreathe those who had been affected by [Wrath’s] incomprehensible power in song. A perfect setup!

That was, what I thought. Alright, with that the scene returns to the exchange from earlier. To Priscilla-sama responding to my shameful voice with ‘To what do you refer’.

Rightright, of course that would be said.

Liliana: “Why did you leave Al-sama back at the hall? With only two women, one being the adorable me and the other being the beautiful Priscilla-sama, isn’t this a bit uneasy?”

Priscilla: “It isn’t. From the start, mineself alone would already be surplus. After all, this is a state of affairs so lacking in personnel that even mineself must act. When mineself is pressed into making a casual effort, those of the Witch Cult must have believed themselves to be on the verge of victory.”

Liliana: “…? I really don’t understand what you’re saaaaaaaaa—! Priscilla-sama is amazing!”

Having only received a sideways glare from Priscilla-sama, the place that was glared at seared with pain! An optical illusion? Was it an optical illusion!? Was it from being too close and feeling Priscilla-sama’s burning passion, and my body thus having been conditioned by her!?

Priscilla: “It should be as thou heard’st. As long as a signal is sent to the control tower, certainly a cultist will take the empty base as a target and act. And when that happens, those left there will be free to be toyed with. Although that merchant seems to have realized so.”

Liliana: “Ah, and so you spoke to Anastasia-sama before leaving.”

Priscilla: “Although it seems that the option of taking only the magical device, and hiding in a shelter with the other non-combatants was considered… since the Witch Cult is coming either way, to choose to greet them with battle would be positively satisfying. The one to return will presumably be [Lust], but if it’s Al who is there he can manage something.”

Liliana: “Ah, so that’s how it is… Al-sama does indeed seem trusted eeeeeek!”

Hearing Priscilla-sama’s words, after nodding while trying to follow another glare was given!

But just then I hadn’t done any wrong! Becausebecause, something like leaving an ally at a place where the enemy would try to force their way in, that was certainly something that couldn’t be done without trust.

Priscilla: “Do not carelessly speak of trust and reliance. Although mineself will not deny being supported by Al and Schult. Although that man does indeed play the part of a fool, he is in fact a useful man. Although he is a card drawn for his exterior particularity, placing him beside mineself does not serve as an impediment.”

With a derisive sound, Priscilla-sama spoke so in a low voice as if bored.

In truth, such words should not have been directed toward one’s foremost knight-sama, and in the end the degree of warmth in the evaluation of a trusted partner was zero, why was this.

Those words clearly containing only its superficial meaning and feelings, but for what reason would it have felt as if just that were enough.

Liliana: “Because evaluations for others are beyond low, so those evaluated as normal feels like they’re evaluated well, an issue of distribution…?”

Priscilla: “For thou to understand’st mine mannerisms is unnecessary. Regarding solely the results is fine. Nor does mineself expect thou to understand’st such. What mineself expects of thee, is solely what mineself acknowledges.”

Liliana: “S, something of mine can be regarded as useful to the point of acknowledgement?”

Priscilla: “It can be said to be useful to the point of having value of being brought alongside minself. Thou has’t an obligation to respond to mine expectations.”

Uhi, merely being regarded as such makes this duty heavy indeed!

Or, well, that is, in any case, setting that aside, I had just noticed something.

In the meeting in the City Hall just now, Priscilla-sama had indeed been referring to me as you there you there you there (kisama), leading to a feeling of distance suddenly being drawn, but now her referral had changed back to thou (sonata). Could this be…?

Liliana: “A special side you show only to those you deem amiable, juuust kidding… uhiiii!”

I clutched at my head, hiding from Priscilla-sama’s searing gaze. Huu, I had learned from these past several hours. How should it be put, that it was Priscilla-sama’s, or something like the atmosphere? Such subtle changes in Priscilla-sama, were all keenly caught by my sensitive ears, skin, et cetera…

Liliana: “Hmm? The anticipated sharp rebuke did not strike? How is it possible, for this Liliana’s expectation to be off…”

Priscilla: “Despite still being in the middle of this small play, interest in your farce extends only so far.”  

Liliana: “Ah, back to calling me you…”

Had distance, once again been created with that? As I held such slightly despondent feelings I raised my head to understand. Ah understood, this wasn’t a time to play around with me.

At some point, we had reached our destination of the control tower. Well then, that control tower that had become a problem, had some slight conflict with what I knew—.

Liliana: “Did you know, Priscilla-sama. According to my report on Pristella, the control tower shouldn’t be something that would randomly go up in flames.”

Priscilla: “Indeed. Despite being a decoration mineself approves of, the design of this hopeless performance is beyond crude. This burning scorching searing would indeed raise spirits, but enjoyment cannot be derived from relying on foolishness.”

Although Priscilla-sama was the very picture of composure, I could not regard this so cooly.

The northern control tower, that stalwart tower surrounded by various waterways, the entire structure was at this moment engulfed in flame. Since the tower was built of stone, this material wasn’t supposed to be something that could be so easily set aflame. Ah, seems a flash is about to come.

Liliana: “A flash. [Baked stone tower and baked yams]. Would you like to hear it?”

Priscilla: “If you would like to have only your footprints remain in this world then by all means sing it. If there is one slip up that will become reality. Mediocrity, banality, commonness, if mine glory is being relied upon then treat it with proper care, a group of fools can accomplish nothing. Do not expect mineself to be so merciful as to treat fools who harm themselves with mercy.”

Suddenly showing a mien of severity! Was this an indication that Priscilla-sama had entered a state of preparing for battle?

That’s right that’s right. Watching the burning control tower made the pressure increase as it grew. And then and then, welcoming the two of us, the one welcoming us, was a freak who stood before the tower consumed in flame with arms spread open! With this there was no possibility of having the wrong person.

Sirius: “Apologies, but would you mind perhaps being troubled to step forward? Thank you.”

The bandaged freak’s first sentence was unexpectedly placid, as if being considerate of us.

That combined with hands that had been spread from the beginning, and the manner of bowed head for some reason gave off a rather cute air. Was it due to the contrast with that appearance? Perhaps it came from that feeling.

Sirius: “Although this is perhaps a little too much for a landmark, but since the functions of the city were halted tonight, it feels as if there’s a lack of light, doesn’t it? To become lost in the dark, or to slip into a waterway by losing your footing, would be quite dangerous, and thus I tried to light a fire for light.”

As if considering this to be an excellent idea, the bandaged freak, nono, that was rude. Let’s go with bandage-san. Bandage-san informed us of the reason for that fire.

Mmm, so that was it. Feeling touched couldn’t be helped. The city known as the Watergate City of Pristella was certainly filled with waterways. And to be reminded to be careful when making nighttime expeditions was common. Especially when leaving to go to somewhere like a back alley. The main roads were for this reason of nighttime travels kept with backup illumination, but even so the waterways held a high degree of danger.

Huu, that a master from elsewhere could in fact recognize and take into considering something about Pristella like this, would lead to some lingering feeling of happiness.

Ah, no, it’s not at all that Pristella is some kind of hometown to me, but to stand as a representative of Pristella and feel grateful would be rather strange indeed.

Eh, since I’d seen Kiritaka-san do a lot of things related to the operations of the city, seeing the efforts of someone you’re familiar with pay off wasn’t dissatisfying in the least. Mhm.

Sirius: “But, everyone within this city is pretty amazing. Although this perhaps sounds like an arbitrary opinion, but the reaction to an emergency situation arising was truly excellent. Adults helping children, men helping women, husbands helping wives, elder brothers helping younger sisters, elder sisters helping younger brothers, even strangers helping those weaker than them. This spirit of mutual aid is ingrained deep in the bones. Upon seeing those figures rushing into shelters, I couldn’t help but felt that sight of mutual support truly is excellent.”

Clangclang. Upon closer inspection, those were sounds made by chains wrapped around Bandage-san’s two arms. According to Subaru-sama, those seemed to be Bandage-san’s weapons, but look, looking it at like this aren’t they rather fashionable?

The oversized coat that Bandage-san wore over her body… Think of it as a deliberate dress sense and it wasn’t bad… mmm, wasn’t bad at all!

Bandage-san’s tone was very polite, but that voice was a little, what was it, discomfiting? High though it was, there was a subtle feeling of fakeness that someone who worked with voices for a living couldn’t overlook, but that didn’t detract very much at all!

Looking at it holistically, well, couldn’t it be said that saying more was unnecessary!

Liliana: “This is a relief, Priscilla-sama. Seems that this is an opponent who can be communicated with smoothly. Regarding the situation if this goes poorly Priscilla-sama would have a harder time aaaaa, my eyes aaaaa!?”

My eyes were burning! Aaaaaa, fire spun into my eyes!

My eyes, my eyes would melt! Would melt and become incapable of seeing the lovely sights of this world!

Liliana: “Aah, damn it… if I’d known, that this would happen, I would’ve burned the look of those beauties in the city hall thoroughly into my eyes…!”

Priscilla: “Fool. Raise your head. Do not become so casually engulfed and lead mineself to disappointment.”

Hearing Priscilla’s warm that was not warm at all, I tightened my face blinked and raised my head. Ah, wonderful, eyes were still intact. I could still see the world, could see it all. Could see the red Priscilla-sama, and the white Bandage-san.

Really now Priscilla-sama, giving her usual severe expression toward Bandage-san. Bandage-san with gentle movements tilted her head toward that gaze.

Come now, in this case Priscilla-sama was absolutely in the wrong.

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama, you can’t. You can’t treat everyone no matter who with that manner of regarding them as if they were an ill-bred dog. So on account of my flat chest and face, on account, of, my flat chest… put on a manner of negotiation…”

Eeeh, why was this. For some reason tears felt on the verge of falling.

But it was fine. If I use this attitude of facing the reality of my flat chest, becoming a bridge which connected Priscilla-sama and Bandage-san’s spirits was possible, those tears would be swallowed down!

Liliana: “Come, on behalf of my flat chest, reach out your hands…!”

Sirius: “Indeed, this is something lovely. I am in accord with that miss’s warmth. People and people are able to mutually communicate, mutually understand, mutually experience. Face warmth with warmth, kindness with kindness, love with love! Doing precisely that, will yield happiness.”

Liliana: “Iiii! That’s what I was thinking too! Indeed, this is in fact love isn’t it. Priscilla-sama, it’s love! Even though I can’t deny that going along with it was due to influence, but going with the flow has its own flavor! Hey, this is the Watergate City, a city filled with flowing waterways! Hey, hey!”

Priscilla: “——”

Bandage-san’s speech word by word moved the heart. Uwu, it would pierce into the spirit, would pierce into it—.

Seeing that Bandage-san and I shared the same thoughts, Priscilla-sama’s stubborn determination accordingly disintegrated, revealing to us… a taut expression?

Priscilla: “To reach such an extent, mineself must admit that ‘twas an underestimation. There’s no other way.”

Liliana: “Huh—? Priscilla-sama, why would you have that expression…”

Priscilla-sama who had placed a hand on her brow as if thinking sighed. That sighing figure could have made a lovely portrait, but she immediately moved in front of me as if having figured something out.

Since my stature could be considered rather petite, so after Priscilla-sama who wore tall heels stood before me, I could only gaze upward at her. Annoying, why this sudden closeness.

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama fuuuu.”

Priscilla: “——”

After feeling Priscilla-sama’s chest shoving from the front, those white fingers firmly grasped my neck and chin. Then, Priscilla-sama’s face which drew closer met mine. Or rather, lips met lips eeeeeh—!?

Liliana: “Nnn—! Nnnnnnn—! Nnnmmmnnnh—!”

Slapslap, beatbeat, with face bright red I resisted with all my might. But the approaching force was overwhelming, and the pressing lips were too soft really what was this!!

Ah, huh, waitasec, flowing in from Priscilla-sama’s lips was something searingly lewd, ahi, hiii, ahu.

Liliana: “… Haaah.”

The heat ceaselessly flowing forth led to dizziness, once noticed I had already collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Priscilla-sama gave that me not a second glance, as she her crimson tongue ran over her lips.

Priscilla: “Well, that should be sufficient.”

Like this, like this, like this, speaking to to provokeprovokeprovokeprovoke!

I forcefully rubbed my moist eyelids, placing force onto my waist that had been stripped of all forcefulness to stand. Really now Priscilla-sama just now, aaaa, I’d express mutiny!

Liliana: “P, Priscilla-sama, just now, what was that! Please, please take responsibility. To have been forced into such a thing, I can’t be wedded off now—!”

Priscilla: “Allowing mouths to touch, didn’t mineself concede this as well. Although using the first time as an excuse is your prerogative, but isn’t it thanks to this that you could restore your sense of reason.”

Liliana: “Eh? Restoring reason referring to?”

After, after trampling upon the purity of another, Priscilla-sama truly still wore an unrepentant expression. Did she think that doing whatever to a bard was fine. Sob sob.

Priscilla: “How poorly behaved. Well, raise your head, look at that person.”

Liliana: “Sobsobsob-, eh?”

With the weakness of a woman who would obey those words I raised my head, and saw in their original positions Priscilla-sama and Bandage-san, no, huh, Bandage-san?

Nonono, how was this possible. Why would I have felt no discomfort, so kindly calling that person Bandage-san? Inexplicable, utterly inexplicable!

Sirius: “Both women and yet they… although, there are those of that form. Although the form of everyone’s love differs, even if they take different directions they will still love the same amount. That in fact better expresses the beauty of humans loving humans…”

Priscilla: “—Cease this ridiculous farce. How unseemly.”

Watching Priscilla-sama and I was that bandaged freak who pressed her hands to her face as she droned on, but those words rapidly made me feel discontent.

Up until now seeming to be trustworthy without condition were those words, that attitude, that manner, upon becoming able to accept with normalcy the conditions imposed by the bandaged freak, suddenly this reversed.

No, setting the tower alight due to the darkness to serve as a light couldn’t have been, to regard those lightly red dark and dirtied chains as fashionable was entirely in error, and at the end, the evaluation of those in the shelters truly evoked disgust! Just who was it do you think had made this happen!?

Priscilla: “Although in this world, extreme love and diffused superficiality aside those immersed in pleasure are many, but even amongst those your self-absorption is extreme. To call you a clown wouldn’t fit your overpowering repulsiveness, to call you a fool grants you too much power… value in your continued survival is impossible to find.”

Sirius: “Oh my, oh my my, oh my my my, is that so? Thank you for your consideration, apologies? With gratitude, apologies. My words seem difficult to communicate to you… but, this does happen.”

Priscilla: “My, rather reasonable. Willing to hurry and present your neck yet.”

Sirius: “Indeed, of course. To exhaust speech for the sake of mutual understanding, this too is an important ceremony in relationships between humans. Similarly, not long after hearts will soften, and merge into one. Love will thus become one, will become as one, will work hard to become as one. Love is exalted, all along I have been taught thus, and all along have lived as thus!”

Liliana: “Uwaaah! Although the realization was a bit delay I just realized, but for the first time I shared a kiss with someone else!”

Priscilla: “Solely the existence of this burning tower to welcome mineself, is deserving of the merit of praise.”

Wow! Although to me it was a little bit eh, but now, dialogue hadn’t been established in the slightest bit!

Calling to the bandaged freak who all along felt as if incapable of listening to reason, Priscilla-sama who strode forth to make her own way, and I who had been disoriented from the attack on my lips! Hey, wasn’t I completely unnecessary?

Priscilla: “Where thou art needed is after this. The mouth to mouth was for that reason.”

Liliana: “Please stop reminding me of it! Also, please try not to glance this way. It kinda feels like when Priscilla-sama looks over, my chest goes badump…”

Priscilla: “That the result was too effective can also be considered a problem. Mine beauty is indeed as sin.”

From beside me who tried to endure the thumping, Priscilla-sama sighed as if plagued by worries. That profile felt lovely to the point of being painful… eeeeeeh, it’s not the time to say such things. Priscilla-sama had from the start been filled with tenacity, yet the opposing bandaged freak showed no signs of backing down, and thus a battle was certain! And were I to stay here I’d be a liability!

Liliana: “Is, isn’t it best if I back away a little?”

Priscilla:”Well then, ”

Hey, why are you messing with someone to such an extent.

And then, as soon as I’d thought that this happened. My keen and sightly ears caught sounds. Were those footsteps. Those were footsteps, without doubt. And not only without doubt, those footsteps were not only one pair, they were many… no, they went beyond many to excessive! Excessively excessive!

Priscilla: “So that’s it, gathering all the humans nearby and converging them here.”

Sirius: “All those people are ones that are in accord with my love. Although sometimes there are stubborn people like you present, but as the saying goes [once rainwater falls into a waterway all differences vanish]. If your hearts were to be consigned, the perspectives will change as well?”

Were something like rainwater were to be mixed in, unexpectedly there would be contamination — although the proverb meant something like this, now was not the time for such idle leisure!

The burning control tower! Surrounded on all sides by the waterways! Us in the courtyard facing the control tower! And the large crowd peering over at us from the other side of the waterway!

It truly was very large. Certainly not like the likes of the convention center which had one or two hundred people! This was a thousand, or perhaps even more? Indeed that many people did surround us, and although saying this is very impolite they glared at us with disastrous gazes!

Was this to say, this was the state of having one’s soul completely overtaken by [Wrath] that Subaru-sama had described!?

Priscilla: “It should first be mentioned, that the you of just now was wearing the same expression as those over there.”

Liliana: “Uweeeh, really!? How terrifying! Ah! Butbut, in that case if Priscilla-sama were to kiss each one of them, everyone would recover their consciousness isn’t that right!? If Priscilla-sama’s lips aren’t taken care of they’ll swell aaaa!”

Priscilla: “Who would give charity without regard to who is receiving. Would you like to be burned away starting with your rear, you.”

A turn of events that resulted in burning from the rear! To choose the wrong response would mean death! This condition was ridiculously unsympathetic to someone like me who often spoke without thinking!

Priscilla: “In any case, that’s your role. For what did you think mineself brought you here. To forsake your own duties and beg assistance from mineself should yield shame.”

Liliana: “No but, this is, I understand the reason but—”

What with this volume of people who have lost their sensibility, without sufficient preparation a song cannot be sung. And if the performance took place before her, that bandaged freak would presumably try to put an end to it.

Priscilla: “Thus, mineself will take the stage.”

As I retreated while squirming, Priscilla-sama spoke as if showing disgust.

No, although I would admit that Priscilla-sama was incredible, against such a crowd… huh wait, until now I had bore the idea of [Priscilla-sama is incredible!], but was Priscilla-sama truly so incredible?

Although I had seen the sight of her palm slamming away a fairly fit young man with a pow, but aside from that there weren’t any such memories of such feats! Eeeh, on that note even if [Wrath] were the only opponent, had following along truly been the right decision?

Sirius: “You mustn’t. Clearly the relationship between the two of you is close to the point of sharing a kiss, efforts should be extended to reach mutual understanding to achieve greater closeness. As long as desires become one, thoughts will be able to connect. Just like those surrounding this courtyard, like the majority, become one!”

As the bandaged freak took a step back, so did everyone surrounding the courtyard. Behavior that a thousand people repeated without a sliver of of disorder, could only have been described as resounding.

That was a force which made the courtyard tremor, the surface of the water sway, the already ignited tower seem to tilt… although whether or not this was love could be contested, but this was without doubt certainly a threat!

If that large gathering, were to approach to attempt to capture us as one—

Sirius: “Come, you too, will be enveloped by love, experience the ecstasy of becoming one—!”

Eh, gya! As soon as it had been said it was actually happening! It’s over!

A thousand against two, this was a disparity in numbers that even a true hero would be unable to overlook!

With a sound as if a roar of rage, as one the crowd swarmed forth. Ignoring anything like the waterway, like a horde of corpses they came for our virgin bodies—!

Uwah! Father-sama Mother-sama Kiritaka-san, apologies! Places aside from Liliana’s lips would be deflowered as well!

Liliana: “If I’d known this would happen then unrestrainedly with Kiritaka-san…”

Priscilla: “Whether the pessimistic you, or that optimistic crowd, each and every one of you just who do you think mineself is?”

Liliana: “Eh?”

Before my despairing self, Priscilla-sama moved. Before it had even been noticed, wielded in Priscilla-sama’s hand was a crimson blade — the Yang Sword. That which had already been radiant enough when seen at the convention center during the day, in this nighttime with the sun extinguished exuded a shiver-inducing beauty.

Almost as if it had revived the sun that should have fallen—.

Priscilla: “To tremble from mine arresting blade is right. This is the flame of the origin, the flame which first lit the seat of the emperor — although mine belief is that this scarlet radiance, is the same as what you lot recognize.”


Priscilla-sama solemnly dictating thus, flew upward while wielding the Yang Sword.

That was an action which could only be described as flight. Although clearly appearing as if only a light leap, yet with such agility as if becoming the wind. Seeming to approach the edge of the waterway before the crowd that surged wildly forward, Priscilla-sama directed the tip of the Yang Sword to the water’s surface.

And following right afterward.


Before my eyes, the wall of crimson which rose — no, that was flame, a wall of flame.

Ascendant flames traversed the barrier of crimson, appearing even as white. As if to reject any description of ‘wavering’, mournful light scattered forth, a testament to the terror of that heat.

Scorching was the waterway, even the water itself. Water which should have been effective against fire, water which was fire’s natural opposing enemy — this was a sight which overturned such natural notions.

The flame of Priscilla-sama’s Yang Sword, could ignite even water.

And in addition — all of everything which surrounded the waterways around the courtyard!

Sirius: “This is…”

Before the sight which belonged not of this world, the bandaged freak — no, let’s stop that after all. [Wrath], indeed, even [Wrath] was lost for words.

This couldn’t be described by words like smouldering, a flame which but existed. Stopping the steps of the crowd attempting to cross the waterway, nailing them in place.

That was a matter of course. Although moths crowding around a flame was nature’s decree, humans bore a wisdom and instinct yet capable of resisting thus.

Priscilla: “Even if solely in form, your use of love as an excuse to name this not as dominance became a critical weakness. If this is a force that even obedience of instinct can overcome, something of this degree could never stop someone in their steps.”

Taking anew a stance with the Yang Sword, Priscilla-sama ridiculed the silent [Wrath] thus.

Ridicule, mockery, desirion, contempt — this was that which could only be termed, a malicious expression of beauty.

Aah, something so important, that I had overlooked.

I had all along only been watching Priscilla-sama’s dashing expression of severity, although that was beautiful in its own right, indeed it could not compare.

When clearly there could be nothing more beautiful than this malice that yielded only a beauty which caused shivers.

Priscilla: “Even if free will is curbed, if instinct is not restrained as well this is precisely what it will look like. Seems as if no one is willing to go to the extent of being consumed by flame, a testament to the love that you speak of.”

Sirius: “——”

Priscilla: “This is the result of your cheap love that you cried of. Such a scene is precisely what ridiculous defines, Sin Archbishop. How truly incapable of measuring up to that exaggerated title.”

Yet revealing ridicule, with momentum Priscilla-sama continuously chastised the silent [Wrath].

My hands couldn’t help but moisten with sweat, gaze flicking over to the scene. The thought of whether or not Priscilla-sama was truly so incredible that had persisted until now had been completely swept away.

Priscilla-sama is incredible! Priscilla-sama is powerful!

Priscilla: “In the end, words like love becomes one is merely superficiality. Mine peerless self is at the very peak, and thus no matter how much you struggle commoners like you could never become one with mineself.”

Waa, Priscilla-sama is amazing! Although she was amazing, but huh, wasn’t this situation weird?

Priscilla: “Even if capable of approaching mineself, to catch up with mineself is absolutely impossible. The love that you speak of is already defeated, isn’t it. And thus, speaking of to become one is naught but wild words.”

Liliana: “Uhm, Priscilla-sama, it’s about time…”

Priscilla: “Even as a misconception to become one is too erroneous. Born as something else, and wanting to become one is a denial of the self. Why would something you yourself lack have any value in proximity. What is flawed is the entire premise, and to act upon this incorrectness is to exist in commonness. — Something, so vulgar.”

Liliana: “Uwaaah! Why such an absolute rejection!?”

Something like this! Clearly due to blood rushing to the head! Clearly!

Although even if Priscilla-sama’s blood had rushed to her head perhaps there was still some margin of movement, but for someone insignificant like me the preference would be for your venerated self to refrain from doing so and end it as quickly as possible!

Perhaps she saw it, for [Wrath] who faced Priscilla-sama’s words had wordlessly bowed her head and was immersed in silence. Well, to have been met with so many arrogant words, anyone would be infuriated. Because to talk back felt like it would bring a multitude of words in response, so even infuriated silence would be kept.

It could be said to have been turned entirely uncomfortable, so if possible if Priscilla-sama could just beat down on [Wrath]-san and call it a victory that’d be a relief.

Priscilla: “Fool. To do so, would mean everyone but mineself would be bisected, isn’t that right. Although the sight of a city stained red with blood would be appealing, but there is no need to bring it about in mine country. Well then this opportunity should first be delayed, and you should fulfill your use as well.”

Ah — right that was the case. In the end my duty was just this.

To receive the influence of [Wrath], would be sharing the pain and even wounds inflicted on that person. Precisely for being rid of such a condition was why my song was required.

Liliana: “After seeing the actual scene, I’ve actually become quite unsettled so who knows if my song will actually work!”

Priscilla: “If unwilling, your head and those of that crowd are free to fall alongside that creature’s. If that scene is best avoided, without fail place your heart into song.”

I continued to clutch the lu-lyre, shrinking back now that such heights of responsibility had been cast upon me.

The burning waterway kept the crowd away, yet the crowd remained as hostages, and the method to free them was my song! Priscilla-sama’s duty was—?

Liliana: “So that’s to say that’s to say, until I’ve used my song to sway the captivated crowd, Priscilla-sama’s duty is to keep me from dying isn’t that how it feels!?”

Priscilla: “If you die, well, all that’s left is to sever their heads as soon as possible. Best to think of it as all their lives being wrapped around your throat.”

Liliana: “Ukya—!”

Priscilla: “Such slow understanding. Now then… mm.”

After I had covered my face with a sharp cry, Priscilla-sama’s expression changed. Priscilla-sama regarded the [Wrath] that had maintained her silence until now, frowning her brows.

With an uneasy premonition, I snuck a peek in that direction through the gaps in my fingers.

Sirius: “—How, amusing.”

Liliana: “Eh?”

Sirius: “How amusing, such joy. Perhaps this should be called delight. No, perhaps it isn’t possible to name this ascendant feeling in my heart.”

Saying so with a low voice, languidly [Wrath] raised her face. On that face obscured by bandages, impassioned declaring eyes swept back and forth.

Gazing at Priscilla-sama, at the wall of flame, at me, wait no please don’t look at me.

Sirius: “Apologies, I was scattered for a moment there. However, thank you. I have awoken. It’s like this, words such as to desire to effortlessly achieve understanding were far too selfish.”

Was that a laugh.

The monster’s mouth split open horizontally, revealing a smile which showed white teeth, the monster laughed.

Intimately, as if welcoming a friend or family, to be denied as such and even so!

Sirius: “Please allow me to once more introduce myself. I am the Witch Cult’s Sin Archbishop representing Wrath, Sirius Romanee-Conti. I do hope my affairs can be taken to heart.”

She bowed, politely giving a greeting.

And then the bandaged freak — the monster Sirius, undid the chains on her arm. Rotating wrists, untying bondage, lengthening the reach of the chain, the chains rotating, slashing through air, sound layer upon layer of metal becoming malice itself, cutting through the atmosphere.

Even so, the monster wore a smile.

Sirius: “This is [Trial]! Indeed, is without doubt [Trial]! For this city in which my husband was encountered once again, to meet him once more, to express love in words, [Trial] descending upon me! A testimony of my love which was fated to meet that person once more! You are such a [Trial] which stands in my way!!”

With a ringing voice, with the flourish of a maiden in love, the monster ceaselessly waved her chains, shortening the distance to here in one breath. Oh no oh no, just being brushed would mean death for me.

Priscilla: “After quelling the crowd, that creature’s opponent will be mineself. Do not make any unreasonable movements.”

Liliana: “Uweh? Priscilla-sama!?”

Priscilla: “You are to prepare your song. — Should a shadow fall across the Yang Sword, mineself will no matter what sever that abomination’s head. Before that happens, then.”

Even being given an arbitrary limit by you is—!

As if not hearing a trace of my words, Priscilla-sama and the monster Sirius exchanged opening blows, beginning their battle!

Listening to the fierce collision of chain and sword, I thought that I had to at least do something.

Rather than calling it a sense of responsibility, more like being urged onward by some indistinct feeling, I began to run toward the wall of flame on the waterway. Hopelessly.

Run faster! Damn it, wasn’t this being unable to think of anything!

Liliana: “And so for now, please listen for a moment. —Hoshin of the Wasteland huuuh hot!?”

Nearing the boundary of the waterway, I had prepared to whisk those in hearing range into a whirl of song, but immediately upon drawing close my face had been destroyed by flame!

It can’t! Really can’t! Although forcefully trying to put on the air of a performance, Priscilla-sama’s wall of flame was beyond hot! Extremely hot! Hotter than was normal!

But without drawing close to this extent, in truth no one would be able to see!

Liliana: “Uuuooo, hothothot—! My hands will be scorched! If my throat or lungs are burned, this will be a battle lost… wait, huh?”

Being licked by a tongue of flame, while cursing my precipitousness for the face that must have been scorched beyond repair, I discovered that the hands which should have been swallowed by the flame were unharmed… or rather, even the wooden lu-lyre hadn’t been destroyed by the flame, which was to say?

Liliana: “This is no, ordinary fire…?”

Nono, from the start it had been evident that this was no ordinary fire, but this seemed to be one which did not ignite? Although of scorching heat, it would not burn?

In that case then this! Would be crossed through in no time wouldn’t it! The hell was this! This was a bluffing imitation of a fire meant to scare people off!?

Following along was indeed a failure of a decision!

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