Arc 5, Chapter 70: “Eclipsing”

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TL note: The Japanese title for this chapter is “食”, which can be translated as both “Eating” and “Eclipse”, both of which are equally correct under the context of this chapter.

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Batenkaitos, who should have had abraded away Felt’s name and commenced​ with his 『Meal』, vomited.
Moaning in agony, spitting out his gastric juices, 『Gluttony’s』 attitude held no dishonesty. So, though he did not put something with a real form in his mouth, he still squeezed his stomach when vomiting.
It was a mysterious spectacle, which gave rise to that impression, which had no absurdity in itself.

Felt: “Shit, that hurt…… Playing around with me……”

Caressing her scoured chest, Felt stood up in a grazed shape. Infuriation and displeasure comprised her expression, but she did not seem to have taken any lethal damage.

The ones she could see from the corner of her eyes, Beatrice and the others, too, had not forgotten about Felt.

『Gluttony’s』 meal had failed.

Ley: “Gha ~hk, ghehough ~hk, oghe~e~ ~tsu!”

Dynas: “Don’t know the reason for it but…… it’s a nice chance!”

Dynas waged a raid against Batenkaitos, whose consciousness was completely outside of the battlefield, as he spilled out gastric juices from the edge of his mouth.
Two swords swiped across, and mercilessly plunged into Batenkaitos.
Towards the defenseless neck, the silver blade of the katana proceededーー.

Ley: “Gh, o~o~h!”

Raising the voice of a beast, Batenkaitos sidestepped the blade.
His dodge was slightly late and some of his hair was subjected to the slash, but it wasn’t enough to pierce his skin. Rotating his petite body at an extremely fast speed, 『Gluttony』 escaped the attack’s span with nightmarish behaviour.

Beatrice: “Merchant!”

Otto: “I, know!!”

Responding to Beatrice’s call, Otto swung his right arm. The two Magic Stones cast from his sleeves, came in contact with Batenkaitos, who had escaped the former attack.
At that moment, light burst through, and the current of magical energy it wielded blew off that bodyーー however, Batenkaitos responded to it with miraculous nerve reflex.

Ley: “Huma~!”

As the rising light, amassed Batenkaitos within itself and its destructive might, at that moment, Batenkaitos cast magic, encasing the magical explosion within ice.
The explosion, resulting from the Magic Stones, lost its area to proceed, and ended up becoming a mere stack of shattered ice, falling down to the ground, giving rise to a noise. It was an extremely high class skill of obstructing colourless magical waves rapidly.

Perhaps even this, would be the ability of someone who was among those whose 『Names』 have been eaten by Batenkaitos till now. The mere thought of that 『Someone』, who must have had learnt that ability, was now amassed within his stomach without remaining in anyone’s memory was nauseating.

However, this was not the time for such feelings.
What was crucial here wasーー.

Ley: “Wa~h ~tsu! Dangerous dangerous…… but we pulled through ~tsu!”

Kicking the ice that had trapped the Magic Stones, and dropping them straight into the waterway was the laughing Batenkaitos. He swayed around his stomach, as if adjusting the contents inside, and wiping his mouth with his hands, angled his neck forward.
What those corrupted eyes were observing, was Felt, who was swinging around her hands and legs to confirm the extent of her injuries. Noticing Batenkaitos look at her, Felt snorted her nose.

Felt: “What. Just like you, I’m also feeling angry, you bastard.”

Ley: “Nothing like anger at all ~tsu, instead i~t’s impressive. We’re so~rry, to have thought of you not being so capable of intelligence, by just looks.”

Felt: “Hu~h? What are you say……”

Ley: “We never thought, that you’d have the cleverness to use only an alias against us. We got completely deceived. We had intended to avoid devouring greedily until the 『Name』 got disclosed but…… to~ thi~n~k, this unexpected twist would be harvested.”


Alias, hearing Batenkaitos say that, Felt went silent.
The reaction of Felt, furrowing her eyebrows, was one which suggested how much had she not expected to hear what she had heard. It could be understood at a glance, that she had no idea what Batenkaitos’ words meant.

Whereas Beatrice, after hearing this conversation, understood the reason behind the earlier failure of Batenkaitos’ 『Meal』.
Batenkaitos held the Authority of being able to eat the 『Name』 of a person, whose name he already knew or had gained its knowledge, by touching themーー however, it needs to be the person’s real name.

Alias, or nicknames, they do not suffice for its usage.
As just Felt’s name did not fulfill the conditions for the 『Meal』, Batenkaitos, who had tasted it, suffered.
With that being said,

Ley: “The onii-san over there and Felt-chan​…… there are two whose names are unknown, and both were determined to be eaten, how troublesome.”

Otto, whose name was purely unknown, and Felt, who seemed to be utilising an alias.
Dynas, whose name had immediately come to light, and Beatrice, who was known through Rem’s memories no longer had any impediments, is what the conduct of 『Gluttony』 suggested, which was infuriating but, naming himself Gourmet and being fixated over eating 『Names』, had its own disadvantageous gaps.

Felt: “Hey! I’ve had enough of listening to you, now shut up and listen, the hell are you saying?”

Beatrice, who was in her own thoughts, and Batenkaitos, who was continuing his torment. While Otto and Dynas were observing the situation, raising a loud and rough voice was Felt.
She had been irritated by the repeated conclusions passed regarding her, and aimed for Batenkaitos with the Meteor, trying to strike him.

Felt: “An alias or whatever, don’t kid with me. I’ve already lived, for fifteen years, with the name Felt given to me by Grandpa Rom. Saying that’s a lie is no joke.”

Ley: “The type who is unaware of their own alias hu~h. That, means the parents that raised you up did a pretty good job, isn’t it ~tsu. For us, it’s a boundless nuisance but…… In other words, a name before that one had been pro~perly given, to you.”

Felt: “The name given by those shit parents who abandoned me in the back alley? Then I must be a  “burden” or a “wasteful​ meal” or “garbage”. With that being said, do you still want to stick out your tongue and eat and see it?”

Ley: “Don’t contradict Gourmet’s consciousness by calling it guesswork or something. ーーA~h, that’s it.”

Showing his protruding teeth, Batenkaitos raised his hand towards Felt, who expressed​ an enraged smile.

Ley: “After eating the rest beside you, we’ll take careful custody of you. And, how about we go to meet the one who gave you a fake name, Grandpa Rom? Grandpa Rom might know your true name. We are good at making people spell out what they know. You ca~n leave it to us.”

Otto: “……Taking your time out for even that. Do you not have the choice to give up?”

Otto thoughtlessly pronounced, at 『Gluttony』, who spoke of an offensive schedule. Hearing that, Batenkaitos put his hands on his mouth, and ringed his throat, as if enjoying,

Ley: “If the number of lives in the world is finite, then the number of worthy gourmet delicacies is a~lso finite. Then, we won’t​ miss any chance of meeting these limited gourmet delicacies ~tsu. Gluttonous drinking ~tsu! Gluttony ~tsu! Licking it chewing it slurping it, we will lick and taste unti~l the sauce on the plate lasts. Oops, of course onii-san is no exception either so why don’t you ju~st relax?”


Batenkaitos’ glare made it clear, that he had no intention of missing the four present.
『Gluttony’s』 fixation over meals, was out of understanding for Beatrice and the others, who had been evaluated worthy of 『Gourmet』. However, his look for vindictive impediments had no meaning more to it.
And, that blasphemer’s desire for eating continued to increase, and it brought Felt’s pique to itself.

Felt: “Is that so. I’ll​ have to do something here, otherwise you’ll ta~ke me to Grandpa Rom, huh.”

Saying that in a quiet voice, Felt swung her feet.
The shoes that she was wearing came off completely, and Felt was just like the other party now. Stepping ahead on the cobblestone with both her feet barefoot, she left the Meteor lying horizontally and drew out her dagger.

Ley: “ーー? That doesn’t​ make sense, Felt-chan. That, isn’t that the trump card?”

Felt: “Instead of devices that I’m not used to, this is much easier to use. There isn’t that much difference, in the first place. Instead of devices troublesome to use, it’s better to use those which are easy to use, okay!”

Her bare feet curled as if gripping to the ground, and the next instant, Felt’s body launched forward. She had gained such speed​ in the blink of an eye, like wind.
At this, even Batenkaitos widened his eyes, and forgetting the attitude of this just being another blade being held aloft, responded. He fought back by pulling out a physical ability of swinging the arms, handling his body, which had been submerged in memories.

Felt: “Ra~!”

The barefooted Felt’s speed was, surpassing any energetic dash by some agile young girl.
It was the support of a power beyond human intellectーー unmistakably, it was a Divine Protection. She swung the dagger several times, but it was met by Batenkaitos’ own dagger techniques.
Of course, Batenkaitos’ tactics in that technique were overwhelmingly superior, but, what had prevented Felt from being overcome was only because Dynas was also backing her.

Dynas: “Don’t push yourself too hard, with that vital body!”
Felt: “You too, uncle, just shut up, don’t be tardy!”

Skillfully handling two swords, Dynas somehow filled the gap of 『Gluttony’s』 counterattack. Within that time frame, Felt quickly positioned herself into 『Gluttony’s』 blind spot, reports of steels clashing echoed, as the shadows of the three intermingled, as sparks danced across.

An exchange where, again, the decisive blow could not be delivered.
However, this time, the decisive blow had been formulated outside of the battlefield​ーー.

Beatrice: “The attack…… has passed, this will hit hard, I suppose!”

Otto: “Both of you, please get away!”

While being left out of the event, they had been composing an attack, taking all the time they required.
The operation, which would normally be unnecessary, lengthened their work schedule because of its requirement of meticulous caution, thanks to the attachment of an extra filter.
The result of that labour, was finally going to take form.


Hearing what Otto had shouted, Felt and Dynas got away from Batenkaitos’ position.
『Gluttony』 instantly reached for Felt, but even after touching her, he was not prepared to be able to eat Felt’s 『Name』.

Felt: “Let, go!”


Fiercely swinging​ her ankle, which had been gripped onto violently, and using a single foot, Felt flew backwards to a great distance. Dynas too, as if rolling, left the place, leaving only 『Gluttony』 in Beatrice’s line of sight.
Aiming there, Beatrice invoked a magic which required the power of a “thousand”, and completed it while respecting the power of a “thousand”.

Beatrice: “This time it’s not a joke, really…… Ul Minya!!”

Subsequent to the chant, a torrent of violet radiance glowed, and the light drew a circle with Batenkaitos at its core. Batenkaitos raised his face, to see what was coming up, but that reaction was late.
Not preparing, but escaping regardless of its form was the correct answer.

Ley: “ーー~tsu!”

In a single breath, the light converged, and shut Batenkaitos down by forming a ring around Batenkaitos’ torso and arms. The ring of light acted like a chain and continued to further lock 『Gluttony』, whose movements of the upper body were in a bind.
At the same pace, if the entire body got encased by ring of light, he would no longer be able to escape Ul Minya’s might.

The crystallising violet light continued to tighten its grip on Batenkaitos’ upper body. At the same pace, the ring’s control reached out to even his lower body, and 『Gluttony』, who had been rendered immobile, collapsed on the spot.
And, the atmosphere made a noise, as if creaking, as humongous bluish purple radiance emerged overhead of the collapsed blasphemer, with its sharp tips pointing towards Batenkaitos.

Ul Minya’s might, to bind, and lash upon.
The attack Beatrice possessed slapped down in urgency, and the materialised destruction rained incessantly upon Batenkaitos.

Ley: “ーーーー!”

A roar could be heard, but in front of the destructive violet light, it had been muted.
The overwhelming light’s might tore away the cobblestone, the wind produced by the blast engulfed the plaza in light and smoke, with the skirt of Beatrice’s dress waving immensely.

Felt: “Did it do it!?”
Otto: “Did it manage to do it!?”
Dynas: “Did it really do it!?”

In the face of the explosion, the three, lying down, raised their voices at the same time.
Batenkaitos, at the very core of the hypocentre, had no ways of evasion. If he had truly taken the attack right now, then his body’s traces will all disappear, not even leaving behind a fragment of his bonesーー.

Beatrice: “It isn’t over yet, I suppose!”

With a loud voice, Beatrice warned them to be cautious, and the colour of the faces of the delighted three changed. Beatrice noticing the fault that had occurred, before the other three, was nothing difficult to conceive.
She could sense it.

Beatrice: “ーーFour, left.”


The large Magic Stone, which had been stocked over a long period of time, was unable to withstand the current Ul Minya, and shattered right before Batenkaitos could be crushed.
Although it had provided for the invocation, it had been incapable of its fullest utilisation. The radiance had been unable to erode away Batenkaitos, and the body of 『Gluttony』 wasーー.

Ley: “The one right now has probably made us a bit impatient ~tsu!”


Piercing through the plume, Batenkaitos flew towards Beatrice from a low angle. It must be the result of him judging who should be taken care of the first, based on the might of the magic just now.
Beatrice had exceptional ability as a magic user, but her physical abilitiesーー just as how it appeared, they were nothing beyond those of a young girl.

She did not have the skills, only for fighting at a close range with Batenkaitos, whose abilities were those of geniuses.
Henceforth, against his charge, Beatrice instantly utilised her third magic stone.

Beatrice: “ーーMurak!”

Ley: “Another trickーー”

Beatrice’s chant barely preceded Batenkaitos’ hands, who were on the verge of reaching her.
His upraised fingers only had one intention, to not let Beatrice escape, now that all obstacles were clear. However, it got missed yet again.

The instant he thought he had reached Beatrice’s dress, Beatrice’s body flew backwards, like a leaf floating in the breeze.


What Beatrice had chanted was 『Murak』, a Yin magic which obstructed with gravity. It was a magic which hindered with the power which attracts one’s body to the ground, or one’s own body weight, however Beatrice utilised it to reduce her body weight to zero at that instant.
Thanks to that, she was able to levitate in the wind, and greatly avoid the fingers trying to touch her.

Ley: “This, littleーー!?”

As per she had intended, Beatrice’s body distanced from Batenkaitos and jumped to the edge of the large plaza instantly.
Batenkaitos tried to follow her, but he then heard loud footsteps from the direction opposite to the one he was facing, and turned towards them immediately.

Swiping his dagger behind, he tried to slash down the inelegant intruders. However, that strike cut through the sky. For some reason, there stood nobody who could have had made a sound of footsteps.

Otto: “Garfiel or the 『Bowel Hunter』, such people would totally get struck down!”

With the use of Wind magic, Otto had “sent footsteps flying” in an attempt to make Batenkaitos turn around, and he subsequently cast even more Magic Stones.
The exploding wave of heat produced by the Magic Stones was directed straight towards his exposed back, and unable to evade this time, Batenkaitos received an impact.

Dynas: “This time for sure, it’s the end!”

Rolling down the plaza, with all of his limbs stretched straight, Batenkaitos collapsed. Swooping down upon that form, Dynas, who had prepared beforehand by tightening his grip onto his two katanas, intended to deliver the finishing blowーー,


In a scruffy shape, the collapsed youth whispered something.
Whether that was him pleading for his life, or words of regret, Dynas shall not hesitate. For him, who had lived through the life of being a mercenary, the scramble for life is the result of fierce competition.
There, the problem of being an adult or a child was trifle, and emotions of mourn and repent were feelings one could afford only after surviving, that was all.

Henceforth, it was clear. But, even though the movements of Dynas, who had that clear thought seated within him, held no hesitation, even still, he was unable to keep that mystery, which harboured in his chest, folded within it.
Because what Batenkaitos had whispered just now, sounded like this.

ーーLunar Eclipse, and.

???: “ーーOh?”


The moment subsequent to that sound’s echo reaching its righteous place, a voice, which had not been present in this interval, echoed.
The moment afterwards, the limbs of Dynas, who had been holding the two short swords aloft, spouted out blood all at once. On each of his limbs, a respective dagger was stabbing through extremely deeply, inflicting wounds, and the tendons had been accurately gauged.

Namely, it meant that the functionality of his limbs had been lost completely, and he was unable to prevent his body from crumbling down and falling.

Dynas: “Kuu, ah!?

Falling onto the cobblestone from his face was Dynas, with his head being stomped upon from above with all of its strength. With his nose crushed by the cobblestone, the consciousness of Dynas, who had gulped down the blow, was blown off.
Dynas was cut down and destroyed, and kicking his body, Batenkaitos stood up, and slowly, turned towards Otto’s position

Otto: “……Ah.”

It was not his first time, exchanging glances with those corrupted eyes.
However, in a single moment, Otto’s spirit had been entwined and eaten up within those corrupted eyes.

Because the whirling insanity and resentment, had considerable difference from those which were previously present, and was now even more dusky.


It was a single moment.
The distance between them was diminishing in the blink of an eye, and when he came to notice, scorching heat pierced through both of Otto’s legs. When he looked at it, at the frontage of both of his legs’ thighs, were daggers, as if gouging out cruciform wounds.

Like peeling of the skin of a fruit, with his tongue sticking out, he exposed the skin underneath his trousers. The red cross-section and the pink sinews undersurface the skin, and the white nerves and bones creeping within, all of the green blood vessels, had all been exposed, unwounded, and Otto’s throat became packed with out-of-place strong feelings.

He was dumbfounded. Till now he had never seen, a technique so beautiful.
The bleeding was minimalーー no, there was no bleeding at all. This truly transcendent handling of the blade’s edge, destroyed the human flesh with such aesthetical manoeuvre.


Crouching down, Batenkaitos kissed that wound. The rough sensation of that tongue underneath, licked all of the vital parts of Otto’s leg which lied inside of the skin.
Sinews, bones, blood vessels, nerves, he shivered as he felt all of them get licked, and at the next moment, both, in terms of his sense of vision and his sense of touch, Otto felt a repugnance difficult to bear and violent pain boil up in his brain.

Otto: “Ah, gya~a~a~a~a~ーー ~hk!”

No blood, was being shed. It was incomprehensible.
He could just feel the pain. That too, instead of blood gushing out, the naked bones or nerves were being brushed by the moist wind, and the extreme pain because of it, it felt as if his muscles were being peeled off violently by needles.
His vision flickered, and his brain burst open. The organ that was supposed to comprehend pain refused to comprehend it. The screaming throat trembled violently, as if vomiting blood, and with immobile limbs, he was unable to even agonize.

And, while Otto screamed, Batenkaitos, overlooking him, tilted his neck. With long, dark brown hair sliding down his shoulders​, 『Gluttony』 sighed, as if tired.

Ley: “Just when we thought it was rest after the meal, this circumstance. Even though gourmet and bizarre eating don’t even matter…… Really, nobody understands what eating is aside from us.”


Bringing a close to the insane smile and attitude, which had been there till now, it a voice terribly farsighted.
Batenkaitos​ slowly rotated his neck, and behaved as if he was mocking himselfーー just when that impression arose, he nimbly changed his expression,

Ley: “Don’t talk like tha~t. It certainly did get a bit problematic in playing around but, even still, a treat of Louis’ taste ha~s been found.”

Showing his fangs, Batenkaitos turned his neck around, and his line of sight was directed towards Beatrice. At that gaze, and Otto’s terrible spectacle, the two young girls thoughtlessly inhaled. But, seeing the reaction of the two, Batenkaitos’ expression, once again, changed into one that was empty and listless.

Ley: “Certainly it doesn’t look bad but…… the vessel would be more guaranteeing than the insides, isn’t it. On top of that, the Gospel’s description hasn’t been read either.”
Ley: “Louis may not be able to see it but, the child inside us i~s informing us. The one over there, Beatrice-sama, is that, probably. If it’s done then both the mind and body will fill, isn’t she just the ideal opportunity ~tsu!”

Turning towards the right and speaking, turning towards the left and speaking, Batenkaitos exchanged words as if he was not talking within his self’s own chest, but with someone as if he could clearly see outside.
It seemed, as if he was conversing with someone else present within himself.

No, the truth is, that was possible.
Within the 『Name』 eating blasphemer, Ley Batenkaitos, present were an innumerable amount of souls. Then, it may be possible for him to converse with them, or even properly discuss.
If that was so, only then could his conversation with himself be somehow understood.

Beatrice: “Can you move, I suppose, pipsqueak?”

Felt: “Ah? Right back at you, I hope you aren’t scared, little girl.”

Calling each other out, Beatrice and Felt exchanged a few words. Glancing into the eyes of each other, they confirmed​ that the fighting​ spirit of neither of them had been shattered.
Felt slightly snorted her nose, and then glanced towards the edge of the open plaza. Beatrice confirmed the presence there, and reckoned their intents.

Beatrice: “……Now on, they will be coming after Betty, I suppose. They’ll be confined, in fact.”

Felt: “You’ll be stopping them? If it’s hurdling then I’d be……”

Beatrice: “You cannot have an idiotic expectation like making him vomit twice, I suppose. On top of that, regardless of determination, it’s something Betty cannot use. You must do it.”

Upon Beatrice’s proposal, Felt showed an expression drowned in thought. But, the next moment, she raised her eyebrows and rotated her neck, swiping through her blonde hair, she let out a voice saying “Ah!”.
And, she pointed her fist towards Beatrice.

Felt: “Don’t fall through, little girl.”

Beatrice: “You too, I suppose, pipsqueak.”

Nothing in particular was returned to the pointed fist, they only exchanged insults preceding the accepted decisive battle.
While Beatrice and the other’s conversation met its end, almost at the same time, Batenkaitos’ self-discussion came to an end. Beatrice did not have the confidence, to collide head-on with the combat power that had slashed down and defeated Dynas and Otto.

Ley: “Well, have your preparations been complete~d, Beatrice-sama~?”

Beatrice: “If the answer is they haven’t and you’ll offer deferment for that, then that is the answer, in fact. But, if that isn’t the case, then there’s no point in that question, I suppose.”

Ley: “That’s exactly how it is. Hm, well then, once againーー let’s eat!”

From the other corner, with his eyes locked with Beatrice’s, Batenkaitos flew straight towards Beatrice. His velocity, was not of the level of the nightmarish threat that had been witnessed earlier. Regardless, it was sufficiently threatening to Beatrice. Her disadvantage at close combat remained unchanged.
That’s why, as an expert of Yin magic, it was a convention to not clash head-on.

Ley: “Ta~ke, thi~sーー!”

Right before Beatrice, the body of Batenkaitos, who had his hands on ground, rotated vertically. The swinging launched heel drew close to right overhead of Beatrice, and the sharp strike pierced into the crown of her head.

Beatrice: “That won’t happen, in fact.”

ーーRight beforehand, Beatrice’s body, once again, tilted backwards thanks to the aerial force of the kick. It was the result of letting the effect of 『Murak』, which had been invoked earlier, to continue.
With her body angled backwards, Beatrice then jumped straight up at that point. Freed from the effect of gravity, freed from the effect of weight, the young girl softly levitated.
Folding her dress’ skirt adroitly, Beatrice’s body floated in the wind, moving about.

Ley: “Magnificently done! Howeve~r, the coping is sweet!”

Batenkaitos, with his tongue stretched out, reached the spot of landing, and without waiting for her descent, went towards the mid-air Beatrice and tried to catch her.
With the vigour and accuracy of a bird of prey capturing its prey, those fingers reached​ for Beatrice. However, at the same time, it was also the proof of the opponent having ascent to mid-air, where there was no way to escape.

Above the remaining count of exercising magic being possible, this was an illustrious focus for striking.
Beatrice pointed her palm towards Batenkaitos, who was advancing from below, and invoked the magic she had been utmost accustomed to, throughout her life of four hundred years, and this one year.

Beatrice: “Shamak!!”

Magic Stone shattered in her pocket, while following Beatrice’s chant, black haze effusedーー the leaping Batenkaitos met with it straight with his head, and got caged within a world of incomprehension.

Ley: “A~rghーー!?”

The black haze reached through, and Batenkaitos’ body fell onto the cobblestone, defenseless. He was supposed to be in a state where he was incapable of doing anything till it shook off but, Shamak’s effect was not so lasting.
The card left with Beatrice nowーー with the remaining one Magic Stone that could be utilised, if she were to land a fatal blow, he would not be able to take it. That is why, this was the moment of choice for Beatrice.

Ley: “A~h! Aren’t you doing it, Beatrice-sama ~tsu. As if, you are fighting just like that person…… Did you receive influence or somethi~ng!?”

Shaking off Shamak, Batenkaitos showed his fangs, turning his body. Looking through the plaza, his eyes were directly upon Beatrice, as if fixed.

The memories of the young girl within him, mustn’t have witnessed the spectacle of Beatrice standing by Subaru’s side. That is why, even after seeing his influence upon her tough fighting form, he did not realise how immense of a meaning it held.

Beatrice: “Here, lavishly feast upon the last Magic Stone, in fact!”

Shaking free from her sentiment, Beatrice pointed her palm towards Otto, who was lying down, with his legs rolling up. Using the magical power of the final Magic Stone,  a healing wave was directed towards the wounds of Otto’s legs.
It was far from healing it completely, but still, it just had receded the hopeless pain. The rolled down Otto, who was in tears, coughed violently mingled with sobs and groans.

Ley: “So useless, now, what will happen by reviving?”

Beatrice: “This will happen, in fact!”

Beatrice yelled the consequence of her action at Batenkaitos, who was laughing, saying that she had wasted her card.
The instant after he furrowed his eyebrows at her caustic words, at the rear of Batenkaitos’ legs, something snapped its teeth. As fangs thrust deep into his left leg, Batenkaitos’ stance crumbled.
Instantly looking down at his leg, seeing that, Batenkaitos widened his eyes.

Ley: “Ha~h!?”

Surprised by the thing beyond understanding, what was present there was a Water Dragon bathing in blood.
With its neck stretched out, the Water Dragon, having rushed madly across the cobblestone, crunched Batenkaitos. The Water Dragon, which had once been cornered into being unable to battle, was persisting to its final willpower.

Of the five Magic Stones, this is how the third one had been utilised.
The first one for the intense Ul Minya, which was unable to be completed, the second one for an urgent evasion through the use of Murak, the third one used for the recovery of the dying Water Dragon before the invocation of Murak.
The fourth one for using Shamak, and the fifth one for taking care of Otto’s pain.

That is how Beatrice’s five cards, her five Magic Stones for attaining victory, had been utilised.

Otto: “ーーA~h! Ithurtsithurts, it hu~rts!”

Crying such that his throat was seemingly going to explode, Otto, who had hid his call for the Water Dragon in his shriek, having fulfilled his role, now, finally, screamed for his own suffering.
Otto is truly sharp in things like this, the moment after he had received Beatrice’s treatment, he immediately understood what he was supposed to do under the current situation. Only he was capable of serving as the internal affairs official of the Emilia camp, who were often unwillingly dragged out to the battlefield.

Beatrice: “Well done, I suppose, this is your vocation, in fact!”

Otto: “I don’t really understand but I’m not happy to hear that!”


That was the response Otto gave, in tears, to Beatrice’s unusual compliment. And then, before the eyes of the two, Batenkaitos, who had been crunched upon by the Water Dragon, tugged it to the ground and threw it down, and somehow unfastening its fangs, tried to stand up.
However, their reactions were just before the trump card made it in time.

Felt: “ーーPreparations, all set. You worked hard, little girl.”

A voice elated with success echoed, and the rear of the Meteor knocked the ground, generating a particularly loud noise.
The staff, fabricated to deceive as if it was the back of a cesspool, its tip was pointed towards Batenkaitos by Felt. In her hands, the Meteor got tinged by faint light, and its after-effect blew off its package.

With the white package having come off, the slender white staff was revealed from within.
Its handle was long enough to qualify being the length of a spear, with no exquisite designs, or any eye-catching mechanisms.
It could be said that its dedicated utility and structure was, truly reflecting its creator’s spirit.

The very spirit of the 『Witch』 Echidna, who sought no further value of a device any more than what it was supposed to possess as that device.

Beatrice: “Mother……”

They truth is, Beatrice had never seen Echidna use the staff. Even still, she was aware of its purpose, and its might.
To pester the Divine Dragon Volcanicaーー to think it was a weapon, capable of obstructing even the Divine Dragon.

With that being said, there are some conditions to its usage.
Either fulfilling those conditions could be difficult, or there could be problems with the user, so clearly showing all of its limitless specs was arduousーー.

Felt: “A~ll right, the power which connected to even Reinhardt, have a taste and see~!”

With the condition fulfilled, if Felt still had stock of Mana, the expected amount should be sufficient.
Sucking out Mana from the user, Meteor limitlessly continued to drain power, and the radiance lighting at its stip had its aim set upon Batenkaitos.

Ley: “ーー~tsu.”

Even Batenkaitos was unable to prevent the might from coming down upon him.
Judging that there was a possibility of it proving to be fatal, Batenkaitos instantaneously attacked the snout of the Water Dragon constraining his leg, and the moment its fangs loosened, he unbound his legs, and flew, while carrying the gash.
At that moment, the Meteor twinkled conspicuously and potently.

Felt: “Goーー ~hk!!”

Light distended at Meteor’s tip, and the corona was fired towards Batenkaitos.
Batenkaitos, who had escaped instantaneously from the restraint of the Water Dragon, somehow rolled away from its path with his injured leg. At the same pace, the light missed its aim, and collided with the Water Dragonーー at that instant, its trajectory warped. The light drew a complex trajectory, and approached Batenkaitos.

Ley: “Whaーー ~tsu!?”

With his self escaping from the chasing light bullet, Batenkaitos raised his voice. At the same pace, with carriage and jumping of his sharp body, he got out of the trajectory of the light bullet progressively getting closer.
However, it was futile. Even if Batenkaitos escaped away, rolled away, leapt away, the light bullet drew arcs, drew circles, inched closer, and aimed for a direct hit.

That was the greatest power of the Magic Weapon 『Meteor』, created by Echidna.
Once it had set its aim, it functioned so that it kept track of it.

The weapon created by Echidna to 『Pester』 the Divine Dragon Volcanica. If Echidna was truly serious regarding it, and wanted to engineer a device solely for the purpose of 『Pestering』, it is obvious she would not allow for any compromises in it.
Henceforth, that magic tool was, incapable of missing its aim,  did not let its aim escape, and became a weapon whose hit always landed.

Ley: “Nuu, ~tsugh…… Then, how about this!?”

No matter how much he ran, the unbound light bullet continued its pursuit, and with some observations cooking up, Batenkaitos launched his counterattack. An upsurge of magical power​, and Batenkaitos’ environs froze.
Various levitating icicles formed, with their pointed tips facing the light bullet, and the stormy barrage rained upon the coronaーー however, that opposition was a mistake.

The moment the icicles came in contact with the corona, they got reduced to mana starting from their tips, and before the could land a hit, they interspersed into smaller fragments and got swallowed up by the light bullet. Furthermore, the light bullet absorbed all of the magical interceptors that drew close,  and as that power enlarged its own scale, it continued to approach the enemy.

Ley: “Shit, no way…… no way ~tsu!”

Rolling, somehow getting out of its path, Batenkaitos let out the curse. However, the injury on his left leg was deep, and it did not allow for him to jump completely.
Otherwise, if could be agile enough, it may be possible for him to direct the light bullet towards Beatrice and the rest, or have it aim at Felt herself, but he did not have that much energy left.

The pursuing light bullet traced its path around the rolling Batenkaitos, and disabling the areas through which he could escape, it gradually enveloped the body of 『Gluttony』 in its destructive mightーー,

Ley: “No way, by something that looks so stupid, we will we willーー!”
Ley: “Shut your mumbling. Right away, Solar Eclipse should be started.”

At the instant of the strike, Batenkaitos raised a wretched voice, which got painted away by, again, a terribly cold voice. And, the light exploded.



The dazzling corona distended at the core of the open plaza, and gave rise to the largest crater till now.
The expanded light blotted the world in white, and the parts which got blotted vanished, as if losing colour.
The open plaza had been hollowed out spherically, and the water flowing in the waterway streamed into it.

???: “Whew, geez. Having an unskilled brother really causes troubles.”

Next to the destructive cataclysm, was a shadow peeping at the waterway.
Having lengthened brown hair, it was someone with a body covered in scars. Needlessly to say, the physical traits, were none other than those of the confronting Ley Batenkaitos.
How did he possibly, manage to evade the attack of the light bulletーー however, what was utmost astonishing in this place was not that.

Beatrice: “What does, this mean, I suppose.”

Beatrice’s words, did not stem from the confound of the attack not striking.
First of all, the attack failing to strike was not the problem. As the light bullet was supposed to strike Batenkaitos, and nothing or nobody aside from Batenkaitos.

That is why, it was obvious​ that it would not strike the muscular and brawny giant man, who had his back turned towards them. The problem was from just where had that man appeared from.

Otto: “Is that…… 『Gluttony』?”

Said Otto, raising his agonized face and glancing at the same. Though she wanted to deny it, Beatrice, right now, did not have any words for that. At the gaze of the silent Beatrice and the others, the giant man abruptly turned back.

The one there was the giant man, with a grim countenance, which resembled yet did not match well with Batenkaitos.
With an appearance that suggested he was close to his forties, there were no parts of him that even slightly overlapped with that blasphemer. In front of Beatrice, who narrowed her eyes, that giant man put his hand on his chin,

???: “There is no need to make such a puzzled face. We just, did this.”

And, saying with feminine words, contradicting his appearance, the man relaxedly sliced away his long hair with his sword. As the chopped off strands of hair fell to the ground, Beatrice understood how the light bullet had been evaded.

The Meteor’s tracking functioned till it has established contact with its target.
That was its power. Even if it came in contact with a single portion of the​ body, its might would be sufficient to amass the whole body. That point had been used in inverse.

The manーー perhaps Batenkaitos had, chopped off his hair, and made it seem to the light bullet that it had “come in contact with the body”. And, fleeing from the attack’s span with all of his strength, he had managed to evade the detriment.
On the other hand, the plan also had the potential to not be successful, but this time alone the result had been a perfect one.

By nature, for determining the Meteor’s target, it was necessary to align it towards what would become the target and 『Aim』.
Though it was best to connect to the target’s Od or Gate, but in this case, being utilised as an emergency measure, it got applied to Batenkaitos’ hair, that had fallen amidst the battle. Result of which, the light bullet strayed towards the decoy of the hair.


Thinking that much, Beatrice gnashed her teeth at how unfavourable the situation was.
She had not expected, at all, that the trump card, Meteor, would get dodged through such a way. Her Magic Stones had been used up, the only one left with her now was the one she wanted to save for Puck.
Otto and the other men could no longer fight, and Felt too, who had gotten the bulk of her Mana drained out by the Mana, had crumbled, breathing hoarsely.

There was nothing left that she could do nowーー though that idea came up in her mind, Beatrice horizontally shook her head.
It would be better to die rather than accept defeat. Just as Subaru found a way out of even the most hopeless of situations, her self must do the same.

That is why, Beatrice raised her face, and set her eyes upon the man.
Facing the gaze, Batenkaitos rounded his eyes. He then put one hand on his hip, and covered his face with his other palm. And,

???: “Nice, how nice, isn’t it nice, certainly it is nice, perhaps it is nice, possibly it nice, because it is probably nice…… we too, we too, see the value of 『Eating』 you.”

Beatrice: “ーー~hk.”

Before Beatrice could rebuke what babbling she had heard, Batenkaitos’ body started to change. His bones distorted, creating a particular sound, with blood gushing out that was painful to even look at, the body of the giant man wilted.
Shedding blood from the newly created wounds, regaining the form of a young boy, was Batenkaitos, breathing hoarsely.
Batenkaitos’ whole body was being wounded, however, he continued to express his insane smile. 『Gluttony』, looking towards this side while ringing his lowered throat, spread his two arms, in seemingly​ happiness.

Louis: “Our name is, Witch Cult Sin Archbishop representing 『Gluttony』, Louis Arneb.”

Beatrice: “Louis……?”

Ley Batenkaitos, that was supposed to be his name.

Without reading the intention behind suddenly giving a different name for himself, Beatrice furrowed her eyebrows. And, stitching that gap of confusion, Batenkaitos, with just his right leg, powerfully kicked the ground.
Beatrice toughened up her body, observing what he was going to do but, 『Gluttony』 flew to the edge of the plaza, recovering the tattered cloth that had fallen there, and wore it, as if hiding his scarred skin.
Above that,

Louis: “Unfortunately, that’s all for today. As both Ley and Roy are too exhausted. Any further will cause hindrances in giving birth. Let’s meet again, cute young miss.”

Beatrice: “ーー! Do you think, you will escape, I suppose!”

Louis: “Please stop acting strong. Though 『Eclipse』 cannot be handled decently in this body, it can still at least completely annihilate. The reason that won’t be done, is because the dinner table isn’t prepared.”

Batenkaitos shook his head and pointed his finger towards Beatrice, who tried to step ahead.
A terribly feminine gestureーー no, the truth is, the current Batenkaitos may possibly be a woman. At that part, there was the essence of something difficult to understand.
Batenkaitos nodded at Beatrice, who stopped her feet with unpleasant feelings and wariness.

Louis: “Both Ley of Gourmet and Roy of Bizarre Eating know nothing. After all. A meal is not “what you ate”. It’s “who you ate with”.”


Louis: “Well then. Next time, come to meet us along with the person dear to you.”

Beatrice: “Waiーー”

Wait, just when she was about to call that out, Batenkaitos slid into the shadow of the open plaza and disappeared. Going after him was something Beatrice could not do, in this situation full of the injured.
Following him, and diving into a situation where 『Gluttony』 was at a clear advantage would be reckless as well.

There no longer was anything that could be done, now that even the trump card Meteor had failed.

Beatrice: “……It’s about doing it, in fact.”

Enduring her desire to speak out, Beatrice glanced around.
The pain had eroded away much of Otto’s consciousness, the mercenaries and Felt’s attendant had fainted, swooned. Felt was making a frustrated expression, but she was giving the impression that she could collapse at any moment.

And Beatrice, too, was no exception.
In accordance with Kiritaka’s desperate appeal, its completion with no deaths, should only that be accepted as the result of Beatrice’s participation in the battlefield.

Beatrice: “It seems Subaru cannot even be asked for a hug confidently, I suppose……”

In the prey that was allowed to escapeーー in Ley Batenkaitos, slept the soul of a young girl.
Ascertaining the surety in that, how could it be conveyed to Subaru.

With terribly heartbreaking sorrow, Beatrice turned and stepped towards Felt, calling out to her faintly.

Ironically, the fight of this battlefield came to an end with the withdrawal of the Sin Archbishopーー,

Only a few battlefields now bequeathed in the Watergate City.

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