Arc 6 – Chapter 68, “The Woman of Scorpius”

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ーーWhen he had first heard of Shaula’s name, it’s not as if he thought nothing of it.

It was not because he had any emotional attachment to the name 『Shaula』.
It was because, Subaru had memories of that word.

『Shaula』 was the name of a star which glowed in the sky Subaru was acquainted withーー the single word which bestowed meaning to the Scorpius.
To think the true identity of the one who took upon the name of the Scorpius was the scorpion clad in a jet black shell, that answer was something truly straightforward and simple. So straightforward, that you would actually grow suspicious of the one who chose that name.
However, at present, the first candidate for that lack of sense was the one she referred to as “Master”, Natsuki Subaru.
The problem here was how unlikely it was that Subaru got the chance to bestow her with that name, regardless of the presence or absence of his memories, and how they had no flexibility right now to confirm that.


Before his eyes, the tag team of Emilia and Ram continued their fierce battle with the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, Louis Arneb. Interposing in the space of that battlefield, in the interior of the aisle, the jet black titanic scorpion let out a fiendish sound by clanking its huge pincers, staring towards them with deep red compound eyes.
The ominous huge pincers had evolved for the purpose of slaughter, wielding such sharpness which gave rise the conjecture that they possessed enough strength to easily cut apart bones or internal organs of the human body with a single clank of its edges.

Red compound eyes, two ominous huge pincers, multiple legs supporting its large frame, a shell boasting the strength as that of an iron armour, all of them were symbols of refinement for the purpose of destruction and violence.
The truth is, its fighting strength did not contradict the sense of ferocity its outer appearance gave.
Time and time again, Subaru had confirmed that with his very eyes, through the conflict till now, through the world he had seen till now, rather, he had experienced the true feeling with his own body.

Subaru: “Y……”

The moment that realisation spouted within him, certain happenings of a previous loop appeared before Subaru.
Driving away the brutal attack of the titanic scorpion, the moment they thought they had somehow managed to temporarily withdraw, Subaru and the others had bathed in the explosion caused by the parting gift of that evil beast, resulting in Beatrice and Echidna, the two of them being deprived of their lives.

The intolerable rage he felt back then, it was something he was incapable of forgetting.
The wrath he embraced directed resentment towards the powerlessness of his own self, and at the same time, he also had that rage pinning down the titanic scorpion who had been behind that slaughter.

ーーThe subject of that wrath, the titanic scorpion, its true identity had been of one who was supposed to be his comrade, Shaula.

Now that he knew that, what occupied Subaru’s mind was merely violent emotion with no place to belong, along with suspicion.

Why, had Shaula taken the form of the titanic scorpion.
Why, was Shaula attacking Subaru and the others, and trying to kill them.
Why, did Shaula reveal her true nature at this stage of the game, and was interrupting in between the battle.
Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, whyーー.

Beatrice: “ーーSubaru, calm down, in fact. First, take deep breaths, I suppose.”


Subaru was tormented by such thoughts after greeting such shocking truths. Softly calling Subaru’s name, who was in that state, and restoring him back from insanity was Beatrice, standing next to him.
With his hand grasped by her tiny palm, Subaru noticed, for the first time, that he had forgotten to even breathe. Slowly, abiding by the command, Subaru inhaled deeply, then exhaled.

Beatrice: “Keep it up, in fact. ーーIs it true, that that thing is Shaula?”

At Beatrice’s question, once again, Subaru affirmed to himself.
『Cor Leonis』 ーーthough the Authority, a characteristic unique to him, had just blossomed within him and he had only recently managed to get a grasp on it, it conveyed the whereabouts of his comrades to Subaru, and took over the inferiorities in the physical form of allies, that alone was unquestionable.
Henceforth, Subaru could vaguely catch onto the locations of all his comrades within the tower, Emilia, Ram, Beatrice, Julius, Meili and Echidna.
And, that faint, warm sensation he could feel from those comrades of his, he could feel the same from the titanic scorpion.

If the relative positions of all his comrades within​ the towers were to be considered, no other candidate came to mind.
Henceforth, that titanic scorpion was unmistakablyーー,

Subaru: “It’s Shaula for sure. I don’t know why but, she’s turned into a huge scorpion……”

Beatrice: “ーー. It is true that she was a girl with an uncertain true identity in the first place, in fact. That true identity, being that of a slightly big bug isn’t even worthy of astonishment, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Amazi~ng courage you have……”

Asserting the scorpion to be a bug, Beatrice warded it off with not the ability to comprehend but the ability to respond to the call. Coiling his tongue at that approach of coping with the situation, Subaru at that moment, for once, glared at the titanic scorpion.
Red compound eyes with the aim of their gaze unknown, stabbed by the scowl coming from the opposite direction,

Subaru: “How about you give some answers! Your true identity has been uncovered already, you bastard!!”


Subaru: “Making excuses, or flicking your tongue before the prey, there must be something​ you have to do…… ~hk.”

When he raised his harsh voice, he felt his head ache with the weight of the atmosphere and inferior physical form. However, Subaru ignored that pain, and sought a response from the titanic scorpion.
However, the titanic scorpion, maintaining its outward appearance which suggested its inability of will and communication, never even once tried to respond.

Subaru: “Are you, not going to make a single excuse……”

Murmuring powerlessly, Subaru thought while fighting his urge to vomit.
Just as the recollected memories of earlier, Subaru had been made to taste hardships time and time again, by this titanic scorpion.
With unruly naivete, the one who had continued to show her courtesy and affection to Subaru without ever attempting to conceal it, Shaulaーー having been cheated by her, deceived by her, that truth sharply stabbed through his chest.

How her smile, her words, her attitude, anything and everything had been made-up fakes.
How she had deceived Subaru and others, and had been a traitor.

Subaru: “No……”

Traitor, sadly expressing that notation, Subaru stiffened his cheeks with a dicey sense of unease.
Shaula betrayed them. ーーThat thought itself was a conclusion which could not be helped considering the existing situation. However, whether or not everything relating to Shaula had been truly been fiction, that had room for argument.
Of course, all of Shaula’s words and deeds till now had been acting, and it is plausible that her smile, bonding, anything and everything were all just swindles for deceiving them.
It was plausible. But, for whatーー?

If she intended to crawl into Subaru and the others’ trust by her acting, her intentions would pose her as an opponent to Subaru and the others.
However, if Shaula aimed to do that, even without doing something like diving into the battle at this stage of the game, she must have had obtained the timing to chop off their sleeping heads time and time again.
Precisely that, as she had crawled into gaining such deep trust from Subaru and the others, while doing so, she must have had infinite chances to slowly and secretly poison them as well.
Missing those chances, why did she unconceal her betrayal now.
That, could never be a completely rational enemy.

Going out of her way and putting up a dubious pretense, and becoming a comrade for Subaru and the others, what could be the point of all that.
Listening to Subaru’s requests, and even cooperating in stopping Meili, and displaying hyper magic against the hordes of Witch Beasts from the balcony, it was unknown what meaning all that held.
None of it, made any sense, did it.

Subaru: “The reason why I end up thinking that, is it because I got mesmerised by her white legs visible in her hot pants?”

Beatrice: “If Subaru’s thoughts are becoming blurred by that, then Shaula’s plan has not been discarded completely, in fact.

Subaru: “Right. My feelings are aligned with Emilia-chan…… argh, the end!”

Just when they jointly felt discomfort towards Shaula’s conduct​, suddenly he had his arm pulled by Beatrice. It was not objection, but an action of overbearing extrication.

Overhead Subaru, who had unintentionally stepped upon that foot bellow, a white corona striked through, and he picked up his life from within the breadth of his hair.

Beatrice: “It seems, there’s no time to sit and chatter, I, suppose!”

While saying that, raising Subaru’s hand other than the one which she had grasped, Beatrice’s environs gleamed faintly.
Clad in the violet light which evolved, along with sharpened pointed tips in large numbers. As if enclosing Subaru and Beatrice, the violet arrows unfolded, facing the titanic scorpion directly, they were shot.
At that moment, the white corona from the same frontward came flying and clashed with the violet arrows, and the light performed a boisterous dance.

Subaru: “U~o~o~o~o~o~o~!?”
Beatrice: “Duck down, in fact! It won’t be good if you receive a direct hit, in fact!”

The glittering violet light raged on, a sound like that of shattering glass beautifully chained through the aisle.
On the other side of the spectacle where the glitter seemingly grilled his eyes, the flash which was launched by the titanic scorpionーー no, that attack by the sharp tail stinger, had been established​ to relentlessly take away Subaru’s life.

The single arrow by that advancing intent to kill was warded off, repelled away by the hundred arrows stemming from the magic Beatrice had spun, making it protect itself by jumping.
However, that resource consumption had been overwhelming.

Beatrice: “Gh, not good, in fact……! At this rate, our mana will get exhausted in no time, I suppose……!”

Subaru: “What’ll happen if it gets exhausted!?”

Beatrice: “Betty and Subaru will get pierced through by that single arrow together, in fact!”

Being together aside, he could not come to accept that circumstance.
Against the assailing attack, Beatrice’s remaining strength could not last for long, that was what she had reported herself. With their circumstances continuing to deteriorate, before they got crushed under pressure, there was a need to somehow defeat the situation.
And at the moment immediately after Subaru gritted his teeth due to the impending sense of crisisーー,

Emilia: “ーーSwishing right above someone’s head, it’s dangerous, you know!”

The sound of silver bells chimed potently, and a large rock of ice energetically struck the shell of the titanic scorpion. A hammering sound echoed, and surprise was reflected in the emotionless compound eyes of the scorpion.
The one who managed to draw out that reaction, was the one who created a wall of ice in the aisle and subsequently kicked it, and decisively plunged into the bosom of the scorpion, Emilia.
Her silver hair fluttering, leaping upon the scorpion with magnificence, she wielded a longsword of ice,

Emilia: “Targeting Subaru and the rest…… bullying the weak ones shows you are a coward!”


With the sword slash capable of slashing down anything with a single hit, she brushed away the large pincers, and the titanic scorpion made a speedy withdraw using its multiple legs, wriggling like a worm. However, Emilia pursued the retreating large build, and in the cramped aisle thus commenced the three-dimensional battle between the beauty and the scorpion.

Emilia: “Hiyah! Eyah! I~ya~h!”

The longsword, twin sword, lance, large hammer hence given shape to smashed a light report, and the falling, glittering ice shards flutter around the gracefully dancing Emilia.
The potent pincers of the titanic scorpion, the strength they had was their highlight, as they easily shattered the weapons of the enemy they had come to accept, and hid their herculean cutting strength. However, that destruction of weapons did not pass on to Emilia.

Emilia’s Ice Brand Arts, was an ability capable of creating countless weapons through her magical power.
The disposable weapons of ice, were no greater than trifling articles to Emilia. No matter how many times were they to be smashed, shattered, it neither hurt nor itch Emilia.

Emilia: “Hi, ya~h!!”

The pincers and tail stinger waving about, and Emilia, who had dodged them, launched the picket of ice floating midair. It collided head on with the corona shot by the scorpion, resulting in light scattering across.

It was the overwhelming offence and defence of two, one human and one inhuman.
What was worth admiring was Emilia’s sense, against an enemy for whom a coping method different from those used against people was required, having jumped in without any hesitation whatsoever, and was hanging on.
For Emilia, who readily took upon an instinctive battle style, the form and shape of the enemy were not absolute. Not by piling up strict disciplining, but the more than enough battle sense within her body told her of her enemy.

Henceforth, the offence and defence of Emilia and the titanic scorpion was taking alternately favorable and unfavorable turns, and gave rise to a stalemate.
However, with Emilia fighting the titanic scorpion, another progressing battle was unable to avoid remaining unchanged.
For example, if that battle, at maximum, had commenced with an attack by the both of them at the same time, the offence and defence with the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 Louis Arnebーー had been left to Ram alone.

Subaru: “Ram!!”

Ram: “You are audible, there is no need to shout every second. As it dampens the spirit.”

At Subaru’s voice, who was anxious regarding her body, she responded with an outrageously cruel reply.
By herself, confronting Louis in the middle of the aisle was Ram. Having her back face his side, she clashed head-on with the large build exerting tremendous pressure.
Of course, with Emilia’s fallout, the battle had turned worse, Subaru was able to see that, butーー,

Ram: “Kh ~hk.”
Louis: “Higyahah ~tsu! Nee-sama is just so harsh so harsh!”

With a smile glued to his face, the large build, shaking his head about, took a single step backward instead of jumping.
The rebuff he had experienced head-on, his retreat was to disperse its impact. In front of the large build who did that, Ram, who sharply gyrated her body, commenced a resolute extremely close combat with the expert who named himself as the 『Fist King』.
The unarmed martial arts Louis was using, had been endowed with immeasurable bloodshed to the name of the 『Fist King』.  However, through merely the sense of gaps, Ram was able to overwhelm those fighting techniques, which had been taken to the extremities, and their proper tracks.
Even now, as she unleashed herself, her white fist fired into the median line of the enemy mercilessly.

Louis: “How amazing! So amazing! Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it too amazing! Nee-sama is just too strong, much more than what we knew ~tsu! What’s this what’s this, why are you able to move so much!?”

Ram: “Don’t talk as if you know anything, kindly keep quiet and die.”

Bathing in the vehement impact, passing his comment while writhing in pain was Louis.
Louis, right now, had his right arm broken, and was in a state of plugging the roots of his arm. In that state, even if it is the body of a man who had mastered in unarmed combat, it would not be possible to bring out those specs.
The experience points of the martial arts cultivated within the 『Fist King』, had been ruined in front of Ram, who had been released from her inferior physical form.
To such point, that the inborn natural specs Ram had were overwhelming the enemy.
However, as Ram continued to put up a hard fight, as much as she fought hardーー,

Subaru: “Gh, bhugh.”

Welling up of nausea, limitless rise in temperature. Within his head, the seemingly cursing noise of gongs being struck buzzing in his ears accompanied with a headache, while experiencing these, Subaru fought against getting distracted and letting his guard down.

This was, what Ram feels and tastes normally.
It was now, mercilessly scraping off Subaru’s mind and body with a rasp. Whether it was possible to get used to it or not, the chills continued becoming heavier with each passing second, and as Ram’s voltage rose, it’s​ weight rose accordingly as well.


However, that nausea, that headache, that sense of fatigue, Subaru kept them at the back of his molars and patiently endured them.
Thanks to this Authority, he could take on Ram’s suffering, and grant her the strength to fight. At this point, the recoil of Subaru having to suffer, was a compensation they must accept and pay.
His entire body felt heavy, limbs creaking, ears hurting of noise, the torn thighs aching, the struck abdomen screaming in agony, the rate of breathing rising due to the usage of all strength, and vision flickering in red and white.
ーーThis much, he should simply bluff and show it is of no concern.

Ram: “ーーFoolish, truly.”

And, glancing towards Subaru who had bent down behind Beatrice, Ram’s lips faintly murmured something is what it seemed like.
However, the Authority was only capable of taking on the burden, it could not convey everything regarding the partner.
The lightly whispered words went unheard, and the only result of that was Subaru furrowing his eyebrows.

Ram: “Kindly collapse already. If you drag this on for too long, the ones charged with our household chores will all faint.”

Louis: “How cold, so cold, isn’t it cold, because it is so cold! Nee-sama, nee-sama! Let’s play more! Let’s have fun! Even though we are sisters, we’ve never even once engaged in a bout like this, isn’t it ~tsu!”

Ram: “ーーThen, your wish shall be granted.”

Narrowing her cold eyes, Ram struck the side of the frolicking Louis’ face with her palm.
At the same pace, as if in flow, she struck countless blows on the entirety of Louis’ body, delivering rebuff to the receptacle in the same direction.
Louis turned completely​ defensive, and folding up that jaw with her palm directly underneath it, Ram grabbed her opponent’s collar and forcefully bashed his face into the wall on the side, and thereafter drove her lovely knees into his head.

Louis: “Pgh, gugh.”

With his face caught between the dry wall and knee, Louis had his nose crushed as he collapsed, bleeding. Towards that Louis’ naked nape, Ram turned her palm relentlessly​.
Within that palm was whirling an extremely small blade of wind. However, its size was nothing to be made light of. The swirl of the wind blade thus formed in her palm, had enough strength to gouge out any vitals of the body.
Grand destruction unneeded, a minimalistic attack to merely gouge out the vitals of the body and bring down the enemy. If the neck was to receive it, regardless of how thick the neck of even the 『Fist King』 may be, he would still be equally helpless.
And, Ram’s attack settled the battleーー,

???: “ーーGeez, alwa~ys doing things as how you please when someone’s sleeping. This is why, little sisters who are the youngest child can’t be selfish. As an elder herself, nee-sama must also think so, right?”

Ram: “ーー~hk.”

The moment when the strike to the nape was settled, 『Fist King’s』 form changed, and Ram’s palm missed its aim.
The moment initially afterwards, what seized Ram’s petite torso from the frontward, was the backwards kick of, with a strikingly short height, Louisーー no, Ley Batenkaitos.

Subaru: “Switch……!?”

Ley: “No no no no no we’re telling you ~tsu! It wasn’t something we were aiming for and then did it or anything, by sheer chance, the moment we opened our eyes, little sister was in an unfavorable position, that’s all it is. Onii-san can understand, right? The feeling when your sibling is so bad at the game being played so you can’t stand it, and end up taking away the controller?”

Languidly stretching out his tongue, with his dubiously long dark brown hair, Ley smiled at Subaru.
With that evil smile of Ley’s, Ram, who had received the kick directly in her guts, had been pushed backwards to an immense distance. And, she distorted her cheeks at that singular counterattack, and inhaled a rough and large breath.
At the same time, Subaru took over the origin of what had stopped her in her tracks through the Authority.

Subaru: “Ghu, gya~a~a~a~a ~hk!”

Pain that was enough to make him give up springing forth in his abdomen, Subaru shouted at the scorching heat difficult to bear.
He was tormented by the extreme pain which seemed as if his guts has been stirred up and damaged with a blazing hot rod of iron. His field of vision whitening at the impact, he understood that his internal organs within were all screeching at once.

Ley: “Huh? Just as thought. So it was thanks to onii-san that nee-sama, for whom it should be impossible to move, was able to move, is what it means ~tsu! Geez nee-sama, in the time your little sister wasn’t​ there, you deepened your relationship with the one your little sister had feelings for, is that what it means!?”

Blurting out nonsense, Ley, while looking at the screaming Subaru, struck the floor with his heel. In his feet, peeking out from his heel was a hidden blade of short length, and its pointed tip had been soaked with Ram’s blood.
She had been stabbed. Subaru had taken up that pain and was now suffering with it.
Otherwise this scorching heat, the blade may have had been varnished with poison or something. His body temperature degraded at such vigour that it made him shiver, and the immense sweat all over his body started to flow.

Beatrice: “Subaru!?”
Ram: “Barusu, kindly stop!”

Beatrice was frightened by the screaming Subaru, and Ram shouted, seemingly having guessed the situation.
Stabbed, the wound in the abdomen letting out massive​ amounts of blood from the guts. It was natural to feel malaise if, by the loss of blood, it still had no effect on movement. However, Subaru desperately shook his head.

He could not return this agony to Ram. The moment he returns it, Ram would be rendered immobile.
It was an obvious flow. It is best if their pain settles upon Subaru. If that were to be done, everyone would still be able to continue without losing. He must assist those fighting.

Subaru: “Not yet……”

Ram: “Beatrice-sama! Kindly take Barusu and stand back! He is only an obstruction!”

At Subaru’s condition, who had his voice seem like incoherent murmuring, Ram prompted her quick judgement.
She rolled the tunic she had taken off around her wound in the guts and stopped the bleeding, and on top of that, decided to continue the battle. In exchange for that, she urged Beatrice to have Subaru withdraw from this place.
At that judgement of Ram’s, Beatrice abided by and pulled Subaru’s sleeve.

Beatrice: “Subaru, it’s just as how Ram says, I suppose! For now, get away from this place and……”

Subaru: “T-That won’t do……! If I, get away from here……”

Shaking his head towards Beatrice, who was pulling his sleeve, Subaru tried to remain in this place.
Right now, if he were to get away from this theater, the effect of 『Cor Leonis』 may get cut off, and the battle Ram was managing may collapse at once.
If that happened, then what would be the point of having Subaru withdraw from here.

Ram: “Kugh……! Emilia-sama! For once, come over here!

Emilia: “Eh? Ah, hm! I get it!”

Looking at Subaru, who was attempting to remain here, Ram called upon Emilia.
At that call, Emilia, who had been concentrating on her battle with the titanic scorpion, flew backwards greatly. The titanic scorpion tried to go after her, but that pursuit was hindered by a humongous ice wall which seemingly covered the aisle.
Of course, in front of the titanic scorpion’s pincers, the ice wall could stand for not more than a single second, but that single second was sufficient for Emilia’s retreat.
At that pointーー,

Ley: “Woahwoahwoah, justasecondjustasecondjustasecond! Even if you come back with such energy, did you think we’ll just say ah is that so and overlook you……”

Ram: “Keep quiet!”

Ley: “Woops.”

Ley, slurping on his tongue, swung his dagger towards the retreating Emilia’s back. Ram, closing in with a low stance, brushed it away energetically by sweeping it with her legs.
And Emilia flew overhead of Ley, who’s attack had been overturned, as if jumping over a hurdle. The result of that, as Ley stood in the aisleーー,

Shaula: “ーーーー~hk!”
Ley: “Tch~! Hahaha ~tsu! Well well, aren’t you doing it ~tsu!”

Fiercely, the titanic scorpion, trying to pursue Emilia, clashed with Ley, who had been left alone in the theater. Though the compound eyes of the titanic scorpion were originally turned towards Subaru, even still, there was no way it could merely ignore the one standing in between as an obstruction and be able to pass freely.

The pincers of the titanic scorpion swung, and Ley warded them off with a miraculous technique of the blade with his daggers. Though the brittle blades seemed that they would get shattered easily by a single strike, Ley’s ability was able to do that easily.
At the same pace, glancing backwards, seeing as how the enemy collided with the enemy,

Ram: “Emilia-sama! Take Barusu!”

Emilia: “Leave it to me!”

Hearing Ram’s shout while she dashed from the aisle, Emilia held the crouching Subaru in her arms like a baby. Shouldered by Emilia’s slender arms, Subaru have rise to a surprised voice saying “Woah!”, but,

Emilia: “I’m sorry, stay put for a second, okay!”

Subaru: “To be carried by a girl, my pride got hurt……”

Ram: “There’s no way there’s any pride even left to be hurt at this point. Kindly stay put and get treated like luggage!”

While shouldering Subaru, who blurted such thoughtless comments, Emilia’s speed did not decrease even slightly.
Behind them unfolded the clash between Ley and the titanic scorpion, and regardless of what the conclusion of it became, the two must be obstructing each other’s way for some time for the moment.
With that being saidーー,

Beatrice: “ーーShaula must be aiming for Subaru, in fact. The direction in which if you take your eyes off and lose sight of where it may come from is dangerous, I suppose!”

Ram: “That is the problem, Beatrice-sama. ーーIs that thing, really Shaula?”

Running alongside Emilia, who was shouldering Subaru, Ram and Beatrice exchanged thoughts on the situation.
What Ram had asked, demanded confirmation of what Subaru had previously convicted. Hearing that, Beatrice gave a sidelong glance to Subaru and nodded,

Beatrice: “That is what Subaru believes, in fact. That, attack of firing light, also coincides, I suppose.”

Ram: “……The attack seen from the balcony, or during the time of exiting the sand, is it.”

Hearing Beatrice’s analysis, Ram furrowed her eyebrows. She then glanced towards Subaru, speaking to Subaru who was being carried Emilia’s arms.

Ram: “Barusu, whatever you are doing, disconnect it. At that pace……”

Subaru: “I-I will have to endure it? I’ll say this, I’m a man, you know. Enduring and being patient, is the special right of us men……”

Ram: “Quite a thing to say, after being in such a tattered state and being carried by Emilia-sama.”

Subaru: “U~ghu.”

At Ram’s words, he was unable to voice even “Ugh” properly.
The truth is, due to the effect of taking over Ram’s inferior physical form, ignoring his spirit, even breathing was painful for him. The burden increased each passing second, and the exhaustion felt as if it were some curse that would eat away his life.
At the strong act being put up by that Subaru, Emilia whispered “As I thought”,

Emilia: “Subaru, you’re doing something​, right? Midway through, my body also became re~ally light, and the parts where I was struck didn’t hurt either…… Beatrice, if in case, you are having Subaru push himself.”

Beatrice: “It’s not Betty, in fact. This is what Subaru is doing by himself…… through an Authority, I suppose. Even Betty wants to stop him, if he can be stopped.”

Emilia: “Authority……?”

Against Emilia, who had offered her frank advice, Beatrice denied her involvement and made an astringent face. At what she had pronounced, Emilia and Ram furrowed their eyebrows together.
Calling it an Authority, Beatrice gave the impression that she had an idea about the power Subaru was usingーー,

Ram: “Beatrice-sama, what would be an Authority?”

Beatrice: “ーー. Something like an upgrade of a Divine Protection, I suppose. Subaru is pushing himself quite a bit and using it, in fact. The state of Emilia and Ram as well, that is the cause of it, I suppose.”


Hearing that, Emilia inhaled, and Ram sharpened her gaze.
Though she was physically supposed to be fine, what dwelled in Ram’s light crimson eyes was powerful rage. With such eyes, she glared at Subaru,

Ram: “Taking up Ram’s burden as how you please, when did you become so admirable?”

Subaru: “My bad…… I’m a gentleman. That’s why, I end up smartly taking the girls’ luggage……”

Ram: “And as a result of that, becoming a girl’s luggage instead? It can be said countless times, you’ve got it backwards.”

Ram’s continued sighs, somewhat felt that she had given up on Subaru’s attitude. She must have understood as well, that Subaru had no intentions of returning that burden.
Honestly speaking, possessing it forever would be tiresome, but even so, at least while they are in the middle of the conflictーー,

Subaru: “ーーThat’s, it.”

Thinking that far, at last, Subaru finally turned his consciousness towardsーー not the internal organs within the depths of his abdomen, but something else.
His consciousness passed through the body of what was his self, and largely spread out to the scope perceivable to him. And, grasping onto 『Cor Leonis』, he connected to the conditions and positions of his comrades.

Without any change, in 『Taygeta』 were Echidna and Rem, along with Patrasche. Slightly away from​ them was Gyan at a lower floor, and thenーー,

Subaru: “I knew it.”

Emilia: “I knew it? What did you know?”

Subaru: “Meili is, even now, obstructing the Witch Beasts from the balcony……”

Though faintly distant, the flickering, faint light on the balcony of the fourth layer was Meili. Though the situation was that Shaula had broken away, she was mobilising her own strength, and was dealing with the horde of Witch Beasts.
He had the deepest admiration for her hard fighting, and he felt grateful as wellーー,

Beatrice: “That girl, was not attacked by Shaula is what that would mean, in fact.”

Subaru: “Exactly.”

Subaru affirmed what Beatrice had stated, while on top of Emilia’s shoulders.
The moment immediately after the battles had broken out in each of the respective places, Subaru had left dealing with the Witch Beasts advancing towards the watchtower to the duo of Meili and Shaula.
Thereafter, with Shaula, in the form of the titanic scorpion, becoming visible to the attack of Subaru and the rest, of course, the well-being of Meili, who was supposed to be with her, became a matter of concernーー but Subaru could feel her safety.
In other words,

Subaru: “Shaula turned into that after parting with Meili. At any rate, Shaula hasn’t laid a finger on Meili……”

How relevant that was to the present situation, he could not think about that with an exhausted mind.
On top of that, even if they continued running at this rateーー,

Emilia: “We need to solve the problems rising up, otherwise we’ll just get cornered no matter how much we run!”

With a shout similar to a cry, Emilia perfectly expressed the present condition of Subaru and the others.
The first of the five problems, the horde of Witch Beasts, for that was Meili, the titanic scorpion and 『Gluttony』 were continuing trying to devour each other, and he felt no signs of the arrival of the jet black shadow.
However, equipped with absurd violence like the hammer of god, Reid Astrea wasーー,

Ram: “ーー~hk, kindly stop!”


Ram, who was running and leading the vanguard, stretched her hand towards the rear and restrained Emilia and the others. In front of the momentarily stopped three, an instant later, a shockwave pierced through.
The shockwave diagonally bisected the aisle seemingly made of stone, creating an entrapment of rubble and smoke. Seeing the destruction of the watchtower, which has professed itself as indestructible, taking into account Subaru’s memories, this would be the third timeーー but, if the crushing by the shadow was to be kept out of the picture, this would be the first.
And, the true identity of that destruction wasーー,

???: “Miss Ram…… along with Emilia-sama and Beatrice-sama, is it.”

Subaru: “Julius!?”

Evading the erupted smoke, flying backwards greatly, the figure with a white outfit contaminated by blood and dust was the good-looking man, Julius Juukulius.
Stepping onto that place and the cause of the shockwave, he quickly turned his yellow eyes backwards, and glanced into the dark-coloured eyes of Subaru, who was sitting atop Emilia’s shoulders,

Julius: “Though I believe it has only been a few minutes since we parted ways, it seems you were damaged quite harshly, isn’t it.”

Subaru: “Shut u~p…… For once, I’m unhurt.”

Julius: “I do not see the cold sweat of an unhurt human, though……”

Julius closed a single eye at Subaru, who had a pallid face and blurted out abusive words with a faint breath. Even he, who possessed good judgement, as expected, had not been able to understand the effects​ of the Authority of 『Cor Leonis』.
And unfortunately, no longer remained any time for them to calm down and converse about it.

Subaru: “I’m begging you, please say you slashed Reid’s throat……”

Julius: “Reporting what differs from reality, is an extraordinarily difficult​ choice as a knight.”

Beatrice: “……That, already makes for the answer, I suppose.”

Subaru’s wish, which seemed more like a prayer, had been implicitly repudiated by the excessively serious response. While feeling his hope turn into despair, Subaru made a bitter expression.
He felt his earbuds hurt, by a sound as that of crushing of the wall’s fragments,

???: “Hah! So you’re greetin’ all the women you’ve gathered up here, you. It was jus’ startin’ to get a bit borin’ after walkin’ around freely. So are y’all gonna be my opponents, huh?”

Ram: “……The worst progression of events, isn’t it.”

Following Julius, the one who showed his form through the smoke was, the great man with long red hair, casually dressed on only a single side, with a tall figure built with muscularity​ーー red violence, Reid Astrea.
At the form of Reid, boldly stepping into the aisle of the fourth layer and not the second layer, Ram commented with a low voice. With identical astonishment, Emilia said “You……”, with a quivering voice.

Emilia: “Why are you on this floor? Aren’t you supposed to be unable to exit from there……”

Reid: “Heyhey, don’t make me laugh, fiercely frizzlin’. I live where I can live, slash down those whom I can slash down, and sleep with women I can sleep with. As if I’ll be abidin’ by the customs of others.”

Beatrice: “……Just how cheap is this guy, in fact.”

Beatrice, while trembling with fear, smacked her lips at Reid’s self-centred philosophy.
However, it was fact that Reid had appeared in this place, and was standing in the way of Subaru and the others and obstructing them.
With this was, Reid at the main gate,  and 『Gluttony』 and the titanic scorpion at the rear gate. ーーThis was the location of a tremendous battle.

Subaru: “Though it may be useless to just talk…… Right now, everything happening in the tower is……”

Reid: “Ah, I know it’s becomin’ quite a ruckus, ya know? But, it ain’t concernin’ me. If the ones that got in will be gettin’ in my way then I’ll slash ’em down, or if they’ll open my way then I won’t kill ’em at least. ーーWoops, well those takin’ part in the 『Trial』 will be a special case. Though, that still ain’t different from pickin’ a fight with me.”

Subaru: “Then……”

Reid: “ーーHey, young fish. Don’tcha say anythin’ borin’ now.”

Twisting his words, somehow trying to extract information​ out of Reid was Subaru. With his spirit of the sword losing its proper way, he made him shut his mouth.


As if an electronic shock, pressure which caused physical numbness, jolted Subaruーー no, not only Subaru, but all four standing in the aisle. Otherwise, it may have had jolted the entire tower itself.
This merely brought the displeasure of the lone man. So this was just his sense of intimidation.
Upon Pleiades Watchtower, were threats aside from this giant manーー,

Subaru: “The way to deal with one of 『Gluttony』 and that shadow hasn’t been found either, and still……”

Julius: “ーーSubaru, regarding that, I have a good news and bad news from my side.”

Said Julius, preparing to use his knight sword, commencing with his words. At his commencement, with words as those from some overseas drama, Subaru stiffened his cheeks.
Good news and bad news, though it was an expression common in literary works, but hearing those words in reality like this gave a terrible feeling of his chest being scratched apart.
Gulping down saliva for once, Subaru affirmed the words “Good news and bad news” in his mouth,

Subaru: “Then, say the good news first.”

Julius: “Regarding the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』 nowhere to be seen whom you are getting anxious about, there is no need to be on the lookout for him. I can assure you regarding​ that.”

Subaru: “ーー? I don’t know on what basis you’re saying that, but it’s certainly good news. Then, what’s the bad news?”

Whether he found his tracks, or whether he got his hands on proof of him having not arrived in the first place or having exited the tower, at what Julius had pointed out, Subaru raised a single eyebrow.
If there was to be only one Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, then certainly, the problems they had to deal with would reduce by one.
If the cards in their hands and the cards in the hands of the opponent were to be seen and compared, what would be the ideal course of action, Subaru considered that with his body in a horribly bad state.
Against that Subaru, Julius softly exhaled, and continued.

Julius: “The Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, Roy Alphard is over there.”

Subaru: “……Ah?”

With an earnest tone, Julius turned the leading edge of his knight sword towards the front.
What stood ahead of the pointing tip of that knight sword, was only the great man with the smile of a ferocious shark.
It could not mean anything else. ーーThe man with the smile of a shark, was standing there.

However, Julius continued his words, as Subaru and the others stood stunned.

Julius: “The one before our eyes, the first generation 『Sword Saint』, Reid Astrea. ーーHe is, Roy Alphard.”


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