Important Announcement

Unfortunately, though we know we have thousands of eager readers waiting for new updates, we’re going to have to announce a delay with our Arc 6 Translations. This will affect the completion of Chapters 32 (though this remains a priority item, so expect only a delayed release on this one), 55, 57, 58, 59, 76, 77, 78, and 79. The Sword Demon Battle Ballad releases won’t be affected by this delay, though the pacing of their releases may be slower.

The reasons behind this delay are twofold. Firstly, and most importantly, we want to re-do some of our chapters we deem to be of lower quality. Though this has already been ongoing behind the scenes, we want this to be a greater priority so that everyone has a better reading experience and any egregious mis-translations in the affected chapters are corrected. Secondly, we are running short on translators for the Web Novel itself, so we cannot keep up fast release paces anymore by having people work on these tasks in parallel.

The delay should not last long, and shouldn’t take longer than 3 weeks. We hope you’ll all be able to understand, and of course, we also hope everyone will be able to remain safe during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

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  1. Well, i must say that i am a little bit dissapointed, at least if you translate chapter 32, we would be able to read many next chapters, but of course you are doing your own business without any salary or etc. Quality is important but if you dont have major mistakes in the translations it won’t effect too much in my opinion. I wish you all the luck you can get. Take care.

    1. We’ve updated the message, 32 still remains a priority chapter, and the delay for that should only be ~3 weeks at the very most. Apologies for the miscommunication

          1. Ooo my bad……it actually says on the home page where it shows latest updates that this message has been posted for 3 weeks

  2. If you need any help at all volunteer proof of translations I’d gladly reread all these chapters every day.

    1. It’s more of a matter of mistranslations than grammar (but we should be able to manage with correcting the TL mistakes on our own, hopefully, otherwise the chapters will be clearly marked as LQ)

      1. argh.. I already skipped over missing chapters by way of throwing the webnovel through Google Translate (not a pleasant reading experience I can tell you).. but now I’ve come to the very end at Arc 6 chapter 75 and I REALLY don’t want to read from the poorly-by-google translation of the webnovel! Such an impatient spoiled brat I am!

        I thank everybody for their efforts up until now and for the continuing efforts in supplying us with this lovely story!
        Wish you all the best!

        I shall be lurking here eagerly awaiting the continuation of this beloved story.

      2. Really? I have never had trouble reading or even spotting these “mistranslations”. To be honest, I think it kinda pointless considering your average diddly doo reader is 100% not going to care, as long as it follows through with the general message that the specific line is conveying; but, that’s just my thought on it. Been waiting for 76-79; 75 left a nice touch. Anyway, hope you see this.

        1. You are not going to spot mistranslations unless you are reading the English and Japanese simultaneously. Rest assured when I say there are, especially in the chapters that are marked LQ. I’m sure most people don’t care, but we’ve been trying to improve the quality of our Translations lately, by as much as we can.

          1. For shits and giggles I put the original Japanese (converted to romanji+ a literal translation) aside the WCT translation of Arc 6 chapter 75 and I gotta say I believe you completely.

            Even reading the literal translation coupled with the romanji I still couldn’t figure out most of the time what each sentence was supposed to mean. Gotta hand it to Google Translate.. despite it being a far cry from perfect (mostly greatly messing up sentence subjects/objects as well as genders), it’s much better than I myself with my ‘beginners’ level of Japanese could manage.. and even despite that I can see that it’d be quite easy to accidentally mis-translate even if you did have a good grasp of Japanese as well as English.

            As I am, after all, a greedy impatient little bastard I did read 75-79 by way of Google Translate simply because I HAD to know what was gonna happen.. but I will most definitely read the proper translation you guys are (eventually) going to do! I’m sure I must have missed out on some of the nuances in those chapters by way of not being able to infer it from Google’s poor attempt. Not to mention the fact that a ‘literal’ poorly executed Google translation misses out on practically all of the literary subtleties and niceties that separates great engaging writing and story telling from uninspired dribble.

            I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication everybody at WCT puts into their efforts! <3

            From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  3. After the release of Chapter 32, will you translate Chapter 33, 34, 35 or are going to read the translation of another translate for this Chapter? Also, the same goes for those marked as LQ at the table of Contents.

  4. I am quite disappointed but that’s perfectly fine. Besides I have all the time in the world with my school shutting down for 3 weeks so maybe my back to school gift will be chapter 32. Well anyways, goodluck to fixing some of the chapters because I agree, there are some that need to be fixed to make higher quality. This will always remain as the best place to read the rezero webnovel. Thanks for translating

  5. Thanks for your hard work. The web novel hasn’t had a new chapter in a few months (possible busy with the anime?) so I think this is a great time to take a break and get other things resolved. I hope everything goes well.

  6. I think that’s fine. I am a quality over quantity kind of guy, so I can wait a little longer. So keep up the good work I can wait. ☺

  7. Take as much time as you need just don’t decide to stop you’re all we’ve got. As always thank you very much for all that you do for your fellow fans.

  8. Well you guys are the best site for re zero wb, I just hope that you’ll translate more of the side stories
    BTW, does Tappei said when he will resume his wb, what’s your opinion on this?

  9. I’m personally waiting for the arc 6 new chapters 76 and onwards but I know from personal experience the more you crave the more u train your enjoyment of the thing u craved

    1. I meant I craved so much that when I finally got the thing I wanted I ruined my own enjoyment of it. Darn autocorrect

  10. This is not related to this post, but have you guys translated the side stories in which natsumi is there? I can’t find it anywhere else and i’d like to read it. Anyway thanks for all the translations up to now and I look forward for your future translations even if they take longer to be translated, take as much time as you need.

  11. A little bit disappointed but everyone has their problem so its okay btw i reaally love your work guys as long as it take years i will love re zero forever :3

  12. Can you first focus all manpower on finishing chapter 32 tho and only then focus on already translated chapters? I don’t mind other chapters getting delayed, after all we’re getting over 20 chapters after 32 finishes, but delaying right at 32 X.X Blue balls hitting hard, it’s like an adult video buffering on the best part. We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close

      1. zPride to be fair all he has to do is acquire the rest of the authorities from the archbishops of sin and then go through the big door that grants access to Satella/Envy and then save/defeat her.
        That’s the overarching story, as far as I know, and considering he’s already acquired 3 (if you count his Return by Death to make up the 7th) he’s basically half way… o

        Oh wait, 11 arcs makes sense then considering this is the end of Arc 6 and he’s half-way, lol 😀

        1. Its not actualy a spoiler, though. It did’n happen yet, but we can suppose, looking overall at the history, that this is what gonna happen.

  13. It’s okay do it at your pace. We are very grateful for the translations and are able understand the problems that you guys face.
    You guys stay safe too.

  14. any news on the next update? it’s been 3 weeks now, I hope the WCT team are ok considering the current conditions…

  15. I agree with your decision.
    Arc 5 itself has hundreds of mistakes I spotted when comparing them with that of the Japanese one especially in the Theresia’s chapter.
    In arc 6 Remonwater’s drafts are full of contextual and translation mistakes and they are so bad that it even changes the story itself.
    I think it’s a very good decision you guys took.
    Please keep up the good work and thanks for the translations.

  16. “The delay should not last long, and shouldn’t take longer than 3 weeks.” *4 weeks ago on main page* sad reader noises

  17. Wait. Do you guys have the power to ban people from accessing this site? Saw an admin arguing with some toxic dude. Claimed that further behavior will result in an IP ban. If so that’s pretty fuckin cool.

  18. Wait. Do you guys have the power to ban people from accessing this site? Saw an admin arguing with some toxic dude. Claimed that further behavior will result in an IP ban. If so that’s pretty fuckin cool.

  19. First of all..Thank you.. I have been reading your translations for years chapter by chapter and it been amazing.. i would like to point out that many readers have jumped the gap and are with you at the latest chapters..i wonder when should expect at translation for those?

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