Witch Cult Translations is Looking for a JP-EN Translator to Help Out with Arc Seven!


Witch Cult Translations is Looking for a JP-EN Translator to Help Out with Arc Seven!


Due to us being a bit short with hands on deck, we’re currently seeking out for a JP-EN Translator who can help us out with translating Arc Seven, so that we can aim for speedier releases. We’re looking for an individual who at least possesses intermediate knowledge (Approximately JLPT N2 reading comprehension, or thereabouts – qualification not needed of course, this is just a rough benchmark) of the Japanese language.

If you love Re: Zero and want to join us and help us out, this position will entitle you to a share of our Patreon monthly donations. Please contact me via Discord ([WCT] Ice#6557), or my Twitter: @LoremIpsumVerb. Or otherwise leave a message on this post with your Discord or Twitter Username and I’ll contact you there.

Meanwhile, as the recruitment process goes on, work on Chapter 7 of Arc 7 continues as usual!



8 thoughts on “Witch Cult Translations is Looking for a JP-EN Translator to Help Out with Arc Seven!”

  1. I would love work with you all. Unfortunately I do not have the requirements, I’m still starting to get N3 and I’m not even a english native speaker.
    Well, but who knows in the future

  2. I really appreciate the effort you guys put into translating this whole series, I only really fell in love with the series once I started reading arc 4. I’m really grateful for all your hard work and so although getting chapters out fast would be excellent, I’m ok with whatever rate you guys feel comfortable putting these out at. Longer waits just mean I have more time to mull over the most recent chapter lol

  3. Hi, I’m interesting in the joining the team – however, I must admit that I am an amateur at Japanese comprehension (I would place myself somewhere between N3 and N2). I am also not caught up with the Re:Zero novel so I do not know certain contexts of the story. However, if you need an extra hand, please feel free to contact me at PixelatedMike#4379

  4. Hola, me interesa unirme al equipo; sin embargo, debo admitir que soy un aficionado a la comprensión japonesa (me ubicaría en algún lugar entre N1.5 y N2). Pero si se trata de la novela Re: Zero, no me importaría tener que aprender más ese idioma ya que es mi novela favorita. Así que, si necesitan ayuda adicional, no duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo en twitter @Mongly_

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