A statement regarding our releases.

As many know, we use a variety of different platforms to keep people up to date with our releases. Due to a recent trend in which the author has been writing content for the Light Novel exclusively before the Web Novel, we have been trying to make sure that all our readers can get the exact same experience as the Japanese Fandom, with having this extra content, that then gets added to the Web Novel at a later date, simultaneously. In general, our release strategy has always been to announce it on:

  • Our Discord
  • Our Twitter
  • The re_zero subreddit

Unfortunately, a majority of the people who moderate the re_zero subreddit currently do not wish for us to post translations that fall in this aforementioned category there, for the people who use Reddit to see, and we have been informed they will continue to be removed. It’s unfortunate that due to some fundamental disagreements on the future of this community, we are no longer able to keep the Reddit community updated on partial light novel releases.

As a result, we are currently encouraging people who want to stay up to date with ALL of our releases (and not just our Web Novel ones) to primarily follow our Discord and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any announcements. With that said, we hope you enjoy our translation for “Aldebaran“.

19 thoughts on “A statement regarding our releases.”

  1. Thanks for your work.

    I mostly use your RSS feed to know when there’s an update, then notify Novel-Updates so that more people are aware of them.

  2. Thanks for your efforts. But I have to ask. If the Web Novel is meant to be a draft, and the light novel the final product, if Tappei is writing the light novel before the web novel, does this confirm that the web novel and light novel are two different stories? Even if they don’t differ by much.

    1. Re:Zero is in a very unique spot. For a normal light novel, the web novel is supposed to be sort of a draft of the story. For example, for the Slime isekai, the web novel ended in 2019, but the light novel is still ongoing. That means that for any light novel, the web novel version is completely different from its light novel counterpart. It was actually the same for Re:Zero, until the end of Arc 6. At the end of Arc 6, the light novel caught up to the web novel, which means both versions are now written at pretty much the same time. This is why those two versions are pretty much identical starting with Arc 7. However, there are some pretty major differences between both if you look before Arc 7. In early Arc 6, there is a whole Subaru death that was cut from the light novel.

      1. Ain’t no way they censored the “hell” loop in the caves of the dunes?

        If I understood correctly what you said, does that mean there is a chance Tappei might discontinue the web novel just to focus on the light novel? Considering both are at the same spot

        1. Yes it is a possibility. It seems unlikely since Tappei didn’t stop the WN until now, but technically there is nothing stopping him from discontinuing the WN.

    2. The status of WN as drafts, same or alternate verions of the LNs differs a lot depending on the story. Same does the treatment of the WN.

      I know even of a WN that got age-corrected (as in, had its age restriction lowered from the WN to the LN version, but just from +15 to +13; for carrection of character ages you have KonoSuba), and yet the publisher first forced the author to bundle every 3 WN chapter into one big summary, then to delete the WN version, period. (Publisher is Alphapolis, aka the publishers that mess with the WN versions just because, making them change sites and removing big chunks of it without warning).

  3. Love your work bros I happy that you guys doing this just for us even though I never paid your patreon thingy

  4. Thank you. I spent a lot of time on the Re:Zero Reddit a while back years ago and likely found your site through there, though I recently deleted all of my posts and Reddit account in a bid to use less social media. I check this website directly from time to time in the hopes of a main story update, but I also appreciate the side content or LN content wherever it is possible to add. Re:Zero is one of my favorite series ever and I am grateful that you have been consistently updating it. I have been reading the web novel ever since Arc 4 after the first season of the anime finished, and hope to see more in the future – looking forward to Arc 9!

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