The Ongoing Situation with Russia and Ukraine, and the Unexpected Way it Affects Witch Cult Translations

First of all, and most importantly of all, our hearts at Witch Cult Translations go out to everyone affected by the current situation going on between Russia and Ukraine. We hope everyone can stay safe during these worrying times.

Now, why is a Fan Translation site for Re: Zero releasing a statement about geopolitical matters? That rests with the fact that our website’s servers are hosted in the Russian Federation.

Currently, international sanctions are being discussed against Russia, which may include Russia being removed from the SWIFT Banking system. As a result, that might affect Witch Cult Translation’s ability to pay for our hosting, if said sanctions expand to international Paypal payments to Russia. Since the situation is continuously evolving, we cannot say for sure if we would be affected by this. Furthermore, issues could arise if the Russian Federation were to impose sanctions on westerners being able to pay for Russian services – like our hosting provider. Other issues that could arise include potential internet outages in the Russian Federation, or the Russian government curtailing internet access to their country in general.

We think, at this moment in time, that it is unlikely that Witch Cult Translations will be affected by any of these, but as the situation is evolving we cannot say for sure. As a result, we have taken several preventative measures. We have rigorously backed up all of our content, such that it would be trivial to migrate in case we lose access to our servers, and we have been scouting out potential replacements in regards to VPS Server Hosting if the worst case does happen.

If any outages to the site occur in the following weeks which we believe are due to the ongoing geopolitical situation, we will make sure to update everyone via our Twitter or Discord and switch hosts as smoothly as possible, minimising any potential downtimes as much as we can.

Once again, we hope that everyone – especially for our fans in Ukraine caught in the war – can stay safe during these worrying times.

Witch Cult Translations.

15 thoughts on “The Ongoing Situation with Russia and Ukraine, and the Unexpected Way it Affects Witch Cult Translations”

    1. Don’t be angry, I’m just a little depressed that even the translators started talking about it, but after reading it again, I realize that I made a sharp statement. I also hope that this will not cause you problems with further translations.

      1. We would have preferred not to have made a statement.

        Unfortunately, since our servers are hosted in Russia, and with the chances of the site randomly going down because of this being a possibiltiy, we had no choice but to make one.

  1. Thanks for translations. We’re from russia, and don’t support war. And many people in Russia also suffer from it.

    1. if you are i would suggest you to be careful, i heard they are arresting people that are against the war, so don’t put yourself at risk

    2. Stay safe as well! WCT has people from all over the world in our team, and we all hope things can just resolve peacefully as well.

  2. Thanks for the translations to the WCT team and their great work. I hope this war will be over soon. With respect from Russia. Fuck Putin. Fuck the war.

  3. Besides continuous praise for the love given and giving love as well to all, I would like to throw the idea out there of using cryptocurrency if it is possible in this situation, or if any reader of this comment may find a use for this in case of anything.

    Cryptocurrency isn’t just an asset as it is commonly conceived of, there are currencies like monero which can be used for private (nearly) impossible to track transactions by anyone, additionally there is no in-between payment processing, banks, and so on, research fully if this actually interests you.

    I am not saying anyone should do anything, however, I think the knowledge of this option could prove of use at some point to one of you that is reading. I leave you in peace and love my friends.

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