Arc 7, Chapter 64 – “Magic Words”

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——An abominable technique left behind by the Vicious Old Man, Olbart Dunkelkenn.

By meddling with the Od of others, the shinobi’s secret infantilization technique could remarkably reverse the growth of one’s body.

All living beings were naught more than containers for that which came into existence from nothingness, the Od. Depending on the shape of the Od, the size and form of the container would vary accordingly.

Therefore, all living creatures would don different appearances, and establish themselves as unique life forms.

If this theory was correct, that the body only served as a container for the Od, then by altering the shape of one’s Od, the form of its container could be altered freely.

By compressing one’s Od, then the body, serving as the container, could also be shrunk——.

???: [Well, ta tell ya the truth, I’m not sure how the shinobi ancestors came up with those ideas. In the first place, not knowin’ the methods ta train yer body ta the brink of death, nor how ta ascertain that limit, must’ve been scary, huh?]

???: [And so, that’s what a shinobi is. When the time of tryin’ to become one arrives, you’re on the path of Shura, not ta mention that the tale becomes one of constantly walkin’ over a mountain of corpses, ya see.]

???: [There are lotsa techniques, but if ya don’t test them with yer own life, ya can’t leave them behind in a book of secrets, ya know? My secret technique’s… just one among several dozen, but even so, it’s no exception to that.]

???: [But, it’s amusin’ that the actual result and the effects deviate so much, ya know. I was sure they’d just shrink someone, ya know, but it goes as far as ta completely restore the brain ta its youthful state.]

???: [Unfortunately, I really don’t understand why either. Well, it’s ’cause the Od’s forcibly tampered with. Just as yer body shrinks ta fit yer Od, yer mind’d prolly shrink ta fit yer Od as well, yeah?]

???: [Well, it’s a technique I don’t use very often, ’cause I usually hafta kill the person I’m usin’ it on, so I’ve never bothered ta find out the reason why. In fact, it’s easier ta kill someone if not only their body but also the contents of their head shrink, so it’s a perfect solution, ya know?]

???: [Altho’, you’ll sometimes get guys who’ve already got some serious resolve in them, from the time they were kids! Ya can’t expect that trick ta work on those kinda guys, even if the stuff in their head’s shrunk. ——Ah, and…]

???: [————]

???: […Oh, it’s nothing. Anyway, I’m fond of it since it’s one of the more amusin’ shinobi techniques, ya know? It’s easier to deal with a weak enemy, isn’t it?]


――Anger, anger simmered up in Subaru, scorching his soul.

There was fear. There was also tension. Furthermore, there was also unease.

He thought that of all the negative emotions one could think of, he probably possessed them all.

But, all those negative emotions blazed, burning though every carefully folded and wrapped thing until naught, without exception, remained, his raging anger surged up.

Lizardman: [Shit, damn it, why am I in this mess…?!]

Shut up, idiot. No one’ll listen to your whining.

Rust-Haired Man: [I told you. I used to be a warrior. I can use it better than you can.]

Shut up, idiot. That’s a lie, you’re just trying to show off, it’s been obvious for a long time already.

Weitz: [I told’cha. I ain’t putting my life in someone else’s hands…]

Shut up, idiot. Like hell you can survive this alone. Look around yourself a little more.

――Yes, look around you, do so properly, at everything that you can put to use.

Subaru: [Weitz, take this! It’ll aim for the one who has the sword!]

The moment he grabbed the sword, a roar reverberated through the gladiatorial arena as the black lion broke out into a ferocious charge.

He already knew that it was aiming for him―― No, at the prey that wielded the sword. So, grasping the sword he had pulled out, he tossed it towards Weitz, who was standing still.

When Subaru ran ahead, breaking out into a sprint at the outset, the three members of his team froze in surprise.

Among those three people stuck in place, the one to receive the sword that Subaru had thrown over proper was the tattooed man―― Weitz, the only one to come to their senses in their last moments.

Weitz: [K-kid…!]

Witnessing the spinning sword lodge itself underneath his foot, Weitz immediately grabbed it by the hilt.

However, he had given a proper listen to Subaru’s voice, so he quickly understood that rather than being the key to defeat the lion, the sword was more of a flag to change its target.

The problem was――,

Rust-Haired Man: [G-give me that sword! I’ll take that Gladiator Beast and…!]

Subsequently coming to his senses, at Weitz’s side, the rust-haired man tried to snatch the sword the former had secured.

His mind riddled by tension and fear, the rust-haired man’s judgement was beyond repair. If this continued and became a scuffle over the sword, the two of them would both fall prey to the lion’s paws.

For that reason, he had to prevent that before it could happen.

Subaru: [Hiain! Behind you!]

Hiain: [B-behind me…!?]

Just before the rust-haired man grabbed onto Weitz, Subaru called out the name of the unaware lizardman―― Hiain, convincing him that he was cornered by the imminent danger behind him.

Being the most cowardly among the three, he turned around in panic at Subaru’s voice to ascertain what was about to attack him.

But, there was nothing there. Subaru merely wished for him to turn around.

With his body stiffening in fear, Hiain turned around and――,

Rust-Haired Man: [Guh!]

Instinctively extending his tail, Hiain struck the rust-haired man’s flank from the side. The latter was sent rolling at the unexpected obstruction, allowing Weitz to snatch away the sword.

Then, the lion came flying towards Weitz, who was properly standing on-guard, having changed its target from Subaru to him.

Subaru: [Get down!]

Weitz: [Tch!]

Hearing Subaru’s voice, Weitz crouched as the lion’s fangs bore down on the air right above him. Weitz’s tattooed face contorted into a grimace as he dove underneath the lion’s belly, releasing the sword before the next attack could come.

With a plop, the sword, thrown without force, settled itself atop Hiain’s chest, who instinctively grabbed it.

Hiain: [Huh?]

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

Hiain: [H-hyaaaaaaaaah――!!]

Naturally, the lion’s focus turned toward Hiain, who reacted poorly.

As if he did not fully understand the situation, Hiain turned his back to the lion with the sword held in his arms, and with his surprisingly fast sprinting speed, he immediately distanced himself from the lion.

The lion relentlessly chased him down, and proceeded to unleash an onslaught.

Subaru: [While that’s happening, I’ll…!]

While Weitz and Hiain were somehow managing, Subaru ran alongside the wall of the gladiatorial arena. What lay ahead of his gaze was a small handle installed in the wall―― something akin to a lever.

At first glance, his eyes had been drawn to the two swords, one large and one small, lodged in the ground of the gladiatorial arena, but upon closer inspection, he noticed that a lever of sorts had been inconspicuously installed on the wall.

Subaru: [If I pull this, what’ll happen!?]

The lever was a little too high for the child Subaru, so he jumped up and pulled down the handle. Putting his weight on it, he forcibly lowered the lever, and a heavy sound reverberated.

Gears were interlocking, and the sensation of something beginning to rattle and move sent a tremor from under his feet. It was the sensation of something mechanical being put into operation directly beneath the gladiatorial arena.

With this, the situation had changed, and Subaru looked back at the circumstances of the gladiatorial arena,

Subaru: [U-uwaaah――!]

The next moment, making a sound as it split the gladiatorial arena in two, an iron fence rose from the ground.

It was a wall that had been raised to divide the circular gladiatorial arena into two semicircles; if utilized properly, it was possible to force the lion into the other side.


Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

This time, he had failed, he had corralled it on the wrong side.

The lion was on his side of the raised fence, so the fence only narrowed Subaru’s room to escape. With its hunting ground having become smaller, it felt as if the lion’s body had doubled in size, and the remains of what used to be Hiain were caught in its blood-stained mouth.

Rust-Haired Man: [GUAAAHK!]

Furthermore, at the lion’s feet was the rust-haired man, crying out in pain as he laid down.

It seemed that he had been right above the fence when it was raised. Because of that, he had been sent flying, and in a stroke of bad luck, had fallen on the side where the lion and Subaru were.

In contrast, an uninjured Weitz was dumbfounded on the other side of the fence.

Rust-Haired Man: [S-sto…!]

Raising its paw overhead, it then trampled on the rust-haired man collapsed on the ground, mercilessly fracturing his head.

A sound similar to that of ice being smashed rang out, and the rust-haired man’s screams were cut off there. The lion, unable to climb over the fence behind it, turned its gaze towards Subaru.

The way it stooped down ever-so-slightly made his skin crawl as it charged at him.

The sword was on the other side of the fence with Weitz, but it seemed that if the attack were unable to reach it, the lion would not consider it as dangerous.

That was why, it then ferociously charged at Subaru.

Weitz: [Schwartz!!]

Weitz called out. At these critical moments, Weitz called Subaru’s name every time.

Of course, only when he did not die before Subaru.

While also keeping that at the back of his memories――,

Subaru: [――Next!]

As he howled that out, the Gladiator Beast’s sharp claws pierced Subaru’s chest.

In less than a second, together with the impact that felt like being struck by lightning, Subaru’s body was split in twain, and his consciousness went white――.


Subaru: [Idra! The fence won’t hold any longer! How’s the sword over there?]

Idra: [I can’t pull it out! It’s too heavy! There’s no way I can move it!]

Suffering the powerful ramming attacks, the iron fence was being tremendously warped, and the lion was thrusting its body over to their side.

He had heard that even humans would be able to pass through most narrow spaces, provided their heads could pass through. Even though its form was considerably different, given the Gladiator Beast’s face gave off the feeling of a feline’s, it was probably able to get through even more easily.

Behind Subaru, who was gnawing his molars in alarm, the rust-haired man―― Idra, was desperately trying to pull out the large sword lodged in the ground, but it would not budge an inch.

The lever to raise the fence, and the two swords of large and small. What he had found after thoroughly searching, were just those two types of gimmicks. The rest would be a genuine contest of ability.

Idra: [Boy! What should we do!?]

Subaru: [Don’t be frightened! You’re the heir of your noble father, aren’t you!?]

Idra: [――Hk, t-that’s right! I’m… not going to chicken out!]

Panic ran through Idra’s voice, but Subaru’s words brought strength back into his eyes.

Idra was no warrior, nothing of the sort. He had drifted onto the Gladiator Island like this because he had become unable to repay his debts and was thus reduced to the status of a slave.

But, the reason behind his debt, was that he had taken it on to protect the family business he had inherited from his father.

Even though Idra was not a warrior, he wished not to be a man who would bring shame to his father; those were the true feelings on his mind.


The untalented son of a miller, applying his weight, leaned to uproot the large sword. Subaru too, rushed to Idra’s side, and applied his weight to the large sword in a similar way.

The lion was coming at them from the other side of the fence, and behind it lay the corpses of Weitz and Hiain, both of whom had already been killed.

Now, there was hardly a chance of anything like winning. ――Even so, Idra did not abandon Subaru and run away. This, was the first occurrence of that.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!!]

Subaru: [Idra, it’s coming!]

Idra: [I know!]

There was a violent sound of the iron fence creaking, followed by the lion finally coming over to their side.

Even if the broken fence had wounded the lion’s skin covered in black fur, it did not display the least bit of pain. Rather, blaming the pain on them, its motivation ignited as it charged at them.

Idra: [Ughk…!!]

Idra had somehow managed to get the tip of the large sword out of the ground, and through sheer force carried it on his shoulder. Subaru put his hands on the tip of the sword from below, and used the principle of leverage to help Idra to try and swing the sword, even if only a bit.

If Subaru pushed up the tip of the sword from below, the sword should be a little lighter to swing.

If that sword were to score a decent hit on the lion――,

Subaru: [GOOOOOO――!!]

Idra: [RAHHHHHH――!!!!]

Subaru and Idra joined forces to swing the sword at the lion’s face as it lunged at them.

The large sword, swung with the force of a shoulder throw above Idra’s shoulder, aimed true at the lion’s head with miraculous timing.


Idra: [――Oh.]

The obvious strike was repelled by the Gladiator Beast’s claws without a hitch, and Subaru and Idra were hit with the force of that ramming attack, blown away simultaneously.

Then, the two struggled midair as they slammed into the walls of the gladiatorial arena together, becoming one.

Idra: [Buh.]

Indistinguishable from each other, the blood from the two was spread out and stained the walls――.

Subaru: […Ne… xt.]


――Anger, anger simmered up in Subaru, scorching his soul.

Weitz: [I was desperate for food, so I stole… If I let ’em think I was a dangerous person, surprisingly, I could avoid deadly situations.]

Weitz said this as he stroked his skin, which was so filled with tattoos that there was no spot left uncovered.

It seemed like he was apologizing for giving a false impression, but Subaru thought it was proof that Weitz had opened up to him in his final moments.

Hiain: [Y’all are gonna use me as bait to escape as well anyway! I’m… I’m not gonna be used anymore! Like hell I’m gonna be used!]

While abjectly avoiding eye contact, Hiain had said this as if wailing.

He had the ability to run and hide by changing the color of his scales, seemingly well-known among his own people. He had stated that he had always been given the most dangerous roles, and in the end, he willfully became the decoy and was made into a slave.

That timidity had been instilled in him by his surroundings. Hiain was not at fault.

Idra: [People I trusted deceived me, stole my family’s business away from me, and in the end, I became a slave. If living honestly only makes me look like a fool, at least I’ll be the last one standing…!]

Biting his lip in frustration and embarrassment, Idra sobbed those words out.

Unaccustomed to telling lies, he was unable to stick to them to the very end. In the first place, ever since he was brought to the Gladiator Island, he had been introducing himself as a warrior; that had been a lie, not much thought put into the consequences.

It would be exposed later, anyway. Sure enough, Subaru found out right away. Though it was the result of having cheated.

――Cooperating with a coward, a scaredy-cat, and a fraud, he would survive this Sparka.

Subaru: [Next…!] / [Next time!] / [Next!!] / [Next time for sure!] / [I’ll do it next… Hk!] / [Next is…!] / [I can do it next…!] / [Next!] / [Next is…] / [――Definitely next] / [Neeext――!!]

The contradiction of accumulating Deaths in order to survive amassed more and more.

It hurts, it’s difficult, it’s scary, it’s tough, I want to stop, I want to cry, I want to shout, I want to howl, I want to grieve, I want to scream, I want to resign, I want to refuse, I want to lament, I want to give up, I won’t give up.

He was nipping off the possibilities.

Out of those endless possibilities, crushing the paths which lead to dead ends, crushing them, crushing them crushing them crushing them.

He would twist his small body into that path unknown, laying ahead of the ones he was crushing.

Weitz, Hiain, Idra would die.

Of course, Subaru would die just as many times, and yet he raised his head still, and proceed forward.

Cecilus: [Basu, is there anything you want me to tell your sleeping companion?]

Subaru: [――Next!!]

Natsuki Subaru yelled back at the inconsiderate voice, and though his entire body was bathed in Death from the assailing claws, Natsuki Subaru still refused to desist.

Because, because, because――,

Subaru: [I won’t lose.]

――Because he did not feel like losing in the slightest.


???: [Oh? Just now, were ya hesitatin’ ta say somethin’? Jeez, you’re a clever fella, aren’t’cha?]

???: [Oh that, I told’cha ’bout the guy who was troublesome even when he got shrunk, didn’t I? Even if the mind shrinks, the effect’ll only be half as powerful on whose resolve was unchanged from before. Of course, guys like that’ll also get their body shrunk, so they’ll also become seriously easier ta kill, ya know.]

???: [――Altho’, let’s imagine here. Supposin’ there was a guy whose body and mind were instead both perfect since they were little, what do ya think’d happen if ya were ta apply this technique onta that guy?]

???: [Ahh, I know, I know. I also don’t think there’s a guy like that in the slightest, ya see. But ya know, I’m an incredibly pessimistic ol’ man. I’ve always imagined the worst, so I can harass my opponents in the worst possible ways. Right?]

???: [That’s what I think’s the worst possible scenario against this technique. When the guy gets more dangerous when shrunk, that’s really darn frightenin’.]

???: [It isn’t limited ta just me, but gettin’ older means ya gotta give things up and compromise, ya see. What if those things were ta disappear from a guy like that?]

???: [――Scary as can be, right?]


Subaru: [Next!]

――That outcome, it was way too ironic.

The Vicious Old Man Olbart Dunkelkenn’s technique, and the harm of the “infantilization” it brought about, had transformed Natsuki Subaru’s body into that of a child, regressed what little intelligence he already possessed.

Gradually losing both his knowledge and memories, Subaru was reshaped into a weak and frail young boy.

Taking away threats both physical and mental, was the purpose of that technique.

For the shinobi, who would utilize all means possible to accomplish their objective, it could be said that secret art was a rather fitting secret technique.

The truth was, as his memories faded as if flaking away from him, the faces of those important to Subaru grew distant.

Thus, befitting of Natsuki Subaru’s outward appearance, he had returned to being a young child of around ten years old.

Around ten years old―― before, to the times Natsuki Subaru had been a child prodigy.

Subaru: [Next!]

Before, Natsuki Subaru had been a child prodigy.

Actually, that he was an existence overflowing with talent to the point of being called a child prodigy, was not that important. The important thing was, it was none other than Subaru himself who possessed that level of self-esteem.

As a young child, Natsuki Subaru had been overflowing with confidence, and held no doubt in his belief that he could accomplish anything.

Drawing in the children around him, his belief that he could reach that starry sky was unceasing.

Subaru: [Next!]

In accordance with his growth, his self-esteem wore down in the face of reality, and ended up being lost altogether.

His number one truth had been erased in spite of whatever he would do, and what remained in Subaru’s possession were not feelings of almightiness, but rather feelings of uneasiness and powerlessness. Those shining stars were concealed by an overcast sky.

Together with the growth of his stature, Natsuki Subaru had lost his confidence.

Subaru: [Next!]

The moment in which Subaru‘s self-esteem reached its lowest, that had definitely been the day he was sent to another world.

After that, his encounters, his experiences, his conversations, and his actions, gradually wrapped Natsuki Subaru with new desires, and had also led him to the assessment that his own perseverance was not a bad thing.

And yet, he was still insufficient, his heart still lamented so.

Subaru: [Next!]

The things that Natsuki Subaru had gained through growth, the things he had lost with growth, had all vanished.

Together with their body turning younger, people would also regress mentally, so the person was supposed to become weaker. Physically, that was the case for Subaru. He had become weak. ――However, what about mentally?

Subaru: [Next!]

Before, Natsuki Subaru had been a child prodigy.

Never knowing defeat, never knowing how to give up even when his dreams did not come true, even when he did his best but could not reach, even when he mourned his own inadequacy, even when he lamented a dead end, even when he sulkily withdrew, he had never known those.

From just being insensitive, to being flat out reckless, he firmly believed he could accomplish anything.

He recklessly believed he was the ruler at the center of the world, that was the kind of boy he had been.

Then, the magic words that sustained Natsuki Subaru’s sense of self――,

???: [――He’s that guy’s child, after all.]

The unlimited power pouring from those words freed the heart of the young Natsuki Subaru from its shackles.

More than it was scary, it was revolting. More than it was painful, it was vexing. More than he wanted to cry, he wanted to smile.

In a country he hated, joining forces with comrades he had little emotional attachment to, in order to return to the place where the girl he liked and his friends should be waiting for him, just what point was there in hesitating?

Therefore, this time, because he had been summoned to another world――,

Subaru: [――Next!]

――As the strongest existence, Natsuki Subaru would trample upon Ginunhive.


Everyone: [――――]

Everyone was left speechless.

From the get-go, the gladiators had been under strict orders from the Island’s Governor, Gustav Morello, to witness the battle of Sparka quietly.

That was why, it could be said that it was inevitable that some sort of odd silence would envelop the gladiatorial arena.

However, this time the silence and stillness were not simply because Gustav had proclaimed it.

Even if Gustav had not given those instructions, no one would have been able to say anything. That bloodcurdling scene had overwhelmed them to such an extent.

Subaru: [Weitz! Idra! Scatter to the left and right! Hiain, I know you’re scared, but don’t run! Pick up the sword, draw its attention, then throw it!]

Ferociously roaring, the Guiltilaw, the Gladiator Beast, fiercely leapt around the gladiatorial arena.

The beast had been trained for use in Sparka, its horns broken off, now lost of its bestial obstinacy; in its place, the level of threat the humans known as gladiators posed had been thoroughly drilled into it.

That was why, it took the initiative to target opponents with weapons and eliminate them, since they were dangerous existences.

Only, since it had the bad habit of relentlessly following this devotion, one could imagine that the members of a Unit would be able to scatter its attention by passing the weapon between each other.

Although, it was not uncommon for Units to fail to recognize this at first sight, and consequently suffer total annihilation.

It could be said that once someone was able to recognize this, a certain level of excellence was guaranteed.

But even so, the scene this time was extraordinary.

???: [Hahaha! Amazing, amazing! You’re really doing your best, aren’t you, Basu!]

Among everyone who had lost their voice, welcoming the sight before him with a warm reception was only one boy, clapping his hands.

His long blue hair tied behind his head, he was a person whose charming face was adorned with a smile. Apparently showing indifference to Gustav’s commands, the boy cheered on the Unit fighting bravely in the gladiatorial arena.

Whether that cheering had any effect was unclear, but while dodging the Gladiator Beast’s onslaught by a hair’s breadth, the four men challenging the Sparka continued to fight desperately.

With no decisive blows, the progress of the deathmatch was, to a certain extent, boring.

However, one point was that even if it seemed like they were going to die, they would not forfeit their lives, and the other point was they were being supported by the continuous voice of the young boy; these two points made it unthinkable that the deathmatch was boring.

Following the boy’s directions, the three men that continued to move too were desperate.

That was only natural, but they had the freedom to ignore the boy’s instructions. However, the boy’s instructions had now saved their lives from the Gladiator Beast many times; hence, that freedom had been closed off.

Like that, with the young boy at their center, it was as if their Unit was a single living being with perfect coordination.

That which had become a solely defensive battle, was it caused by their hopeless gap in fighting power, or perhaps――.

???: [――Just what, are you aiming for?]

In the hearts of all the gladiators overlooking the battle, the same burning anticipation began to dwell.


――Anger, anger simmered up in Subaru, scorching his soul.

With deaths piling up, and the pain and fear compounding with it, his arms, legs, and internal organs were all shriveling up. If he shut his eyes, on the back of his eyelids, the face, the fangs, and the inside of the mouth of the lion he had seen up close so many times would come to mind.

Unfathomable fear manifested. Though, while seething, together with it came something. ――Anger.

Those vexing thoughts, invigorating his cowering viscera and limbs, Natsuki Subaru opened his eyes.

Those attempts which he had already gotten sick of counting, were all for the sake of snatching even just one step closer to victory.

That he had not the slightest intention of losing, for the sake of proving that to himself.

Subaru: [Hiain! Throw the sword to Weitz, then head to Idra!]

Hiain: [Shit! I ain’t got a clue on what’s happenin’!]

Furiously running on all fours over the ground, Hiain tossed the sword he was holding over to Weitz. Like that, he accelerated as to come to Idra’s side by the large sword.

Weitz narrowly caught the sword whirling around and spinning in the air, and as Subaru tried to direct their next course of escape, his eyes widened in astonishment.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

The roaring lion, having chased the fleeing Hiain until just a moment ago, had its legs halted at the other half of the circular gladiatorial arena.

Meanwhile, rather than being positioned in the other half of the circle, they were all right before him.

Everyone was still alive, and on top of that, this was the first time they had gotten to such an ideal position.

Subaru: [Weitz, get ready! Idra and Hiain too!]

With vigor akin to blood hurling out of his throat, Subaru cast roles at the three of them.

Though that may not have been enough to get everything across, Weitz readied his sword and faced the lion, and Idra and Hiain hurriedly jumped to the large sword.

Then Subaru, too, clumsily ran with all his might, heading towards the wall.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!!]

One step, two steps; during his frustratingly slow-feeling speed, the lion howled from behind them.

And with that, the lion kicked off the ground with an explosion-like force and charged toward Weitz, who had his sword at the ready.

Straight at him, with no pause, Weitz was holding his sword at the ready, but if he were to collide with that force, nothing would be able to stop it. One hit and he would die. He was well-aware of this.

However, it was certain that only Weitz possessed the courage to square off against the lion until the very last moment.

Weitz: [Uu, RAHHHHH――!!]

The foul-reeking mouth letting breaths escape, the mouth embellished with sword-like fangs, the mouth that had masticated Subaru and the other three countless times, was charging right at the one brandishing a sword, Weitz.

And right before it could dispossess Weitz of his life――,

Subaru: [――GOOO!!]

The moment his fingertips were on it, Subaru used the entirety of his minute body weight to pull down the lever.

Immediately after, the sound of gears turning came from beneath their feet, and the iron fence that thrust upwards struck the lion’s head from directly below. Crashing into its jaw, the lion’s gaping mouth was forcibly shut.

The force of its charge slamming into the iron fence, Weitz, who had drawn the enemy until the very last second, with a “Woah!?” exclaimed his surprise at the shockwave and was blown away.

The iron fence was squashed by the impact, and the lion’s head emerged from the bent part of the fence. The lion, which had received a severe blow to the face, scraped the ground with its front paws, and after having stood back up somehow, seemed to be trying to break through the fence.

――But, it would not be permitted to do that.

Subaru: [Idra! Hiain!]

Hiain: [Uu, UAHHHHHH――!]

Idra: [RAHHHHHH!!]

In Weitz’s stead, who had just been blown away, Idra and Hiain rushed over to the iron fence. Clasped in the hands of the two, was a very unwieldy large sword.

It was a weapon that not a single one of them could utilize properly, however, there was no rule that they must use it alone.

There was also no rule that they could not use two people to lift it up and swing it down on an opponent  unable to move.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

With all their might, the large sword swung by the two men fell from directly overhead onto the lion’s neck, which was protruding from the iron fence. As the large sword pierced the beast’s thick neck, the lion’s shrieks echoed into the sky.

Blood spurted out, and as if rejecting death, the lion violently struggled.

Hiain: [Die, diediedieDIEEEEEEEEEE!!]

Idra: [Please let it end――!!]

Hiain and Idra applied their weight onto the large sword as they bawled, and the blade was buried deeper in its neck. If they continued and beheaded the lion, the moment of their long-awaited victory would come.

Over and over again, those claws and fangs had killed them and killed them and killed them――.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

Hiain: [Gah!?]

Subaru: [Guys!?]

They had been just one step away, however, just like them, the lion did not want to die.

With the large sword lodged in its neck, the lion forcefully twisted its body and pulled his right paw to their side of the fence. That paw swept away the bodies of the two men grasping the large sword.

He was able to witness Hiain and Idra violently tumbling along the ground, raising cries of pain.

There was no telling just how deep the wounds that they had sustained were.

However, more so than rushing over to the two who had collapsed, jumping to that large sword was important.

Subaru: [As if I’d let you go!]

Not wanting to let it get away after coming this far, Subaru jumped to the hilt of the large sword. But he was too light. Taking the place of both Hiain and Idra’s body weight, the current Subaru was far too light.

The large sword dug a little deeper, but as if returning the favor, a paw swung back at him.

Just like the two before him, Subaru was also struck by its paw――,

Weitz: [Don’t think… I’ll just let’cha, ya beast… Hk!]

Its front paw was skewered to the ground by the downward swing of a sword.

The one who had thrust the sword was the one who had supposedly been blown away by the charge, Weitz. With all of his might, teeth clenched and facial tattoos distorted, he had used the sword to pin the lion’s paw.

And then――,

Idra: [Lying down here, just how can I call myself a warrior!]

Hiain: [Just die already, you shithead!]

Having gotten back up, Hiain and Idra leapt onto the large sword Subaru was dangling from.

With the strength of three―― or rather, of two and a half men, the large sword bore deeper into the lion’s neck. With Weitz also keeping the front paw firmly pinned down, the four members of the Unit joined forces to lop off the lion’s head.

Howling, the lion greatly writhed in pain, and the iron fence violently creaked.

No more chances would come around. He could not lose, he did not want to lose, he must not lose, gritting his teeth, Subaru desperately clung to the large sword.

And yet――,

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

Subaru: [UAHHHH――hk!!]

Shaking its head with all its strength, the lion’s huge body swept Subaru and his comrades away.

Tearing away the bodies clinging to the large sword, the three of them―― No, including Weitz, all four of them sluggishly tumbled to the ground.

Due to quite literally exhausting his desperate efforts, he had no strength left in his limbs.

Subaru: [I-I have to get…]

He had to get up, he had to jump to that large sword once again and lop off its head.

Despite these thoughts, his body did not listen to what he was saying. It seemed that not only Subaru, but the other three were also in the same situation.

Even after all this, the lion was still the most vigorous of them.

Gladiator Beast: [――――AROOOO!]

With the sword lodged about halfway into its neck, the lion groaned in a low voice.

Rather than weak, it was a voice that sounded like its stockpiled rage had reached its limit. Of course, it probably had bore effect, but its strength had not been depleted.

Subaru: [Darn it… Hk.]

Even after trying, and trying and trying, and finally being just one step away from reaching it.

Still, he could not reach it. Even though he had utilized everything he could think of, and reached this far.

That is why, next time, I won’t lose.

Subaru: [Next, time…]

He would definitely arrive at this same place and scene more quickly, Subaru firmly vowed so.

Oblivious to his vow, the lion slipped through the iron fence, raising its unharmed paw towards Subaru, and――,

???: [――Excuse me.]

The next moment, the lion’s thick neck was chopped in one swift motion.

Subaru: [Huh?]

Facing death, Subaru stared in wonder at the death of not him, but his opponent.

Its decapitated head falling to the ground with a thud, the lion’s body slowly fell sideways. The one responsible for that was the large sword that had been deeply lodged in the lion’s neck.

Like a surprise attack, a small figure had fallen from the sky, and, stepping on the large sword, pushed it in.

Thus, the lion had been decapitated.

And, the one to perform that deed was――,

???: […Um, why am I in such a place?]

And the girl―― Tanza, had a visible expression of worry on her usually emotionless face.

At the girl whose kimono had been removed, clad only in hadajuban, Subaru let out a soft breath. [1]

He was unable to respond in any way. However, when Subaru turned his head and looked back, the three others also seemed to have survived by a hair.

In other words――,

Gustav: [――That is enough! You have done well to survive Sparka! By my jurisdiction as the official, I accept you all as members of the Gladiator Island!]

A loud, booming voice resounded from high above, and Gustav’s declaration marked the end of the fight.

Immediately, having quietly watched over the battle until now, the spectators―― no, the gladiators stood up and, all at once, in praise of Subaru and his comrades’ victory, raised their voices.

???: [Well done!]

???: [That was a huge feat!]

???: [Ya sure got it in ya, lil’ one!]

As the voices of the excited men rained down, Gustav crossed his four arms and said nothing.

Hearing the cheers of the crowd, Subaru threw himself to the ground with a thud. Tanza, approaching with trepidation, peeked down at Subaru’s face.

Tanza: [Pardon me, you are…]

Subaru: [Natsuki Schwartz.]

Tanza: [Huh?]

Seeing the round eyes on Tanza’s surprised face become even more rounded as he laid down, Subaru let out a long, long breath, and continued.

Subaru: [First of all, I’m Natsuki Schwartz, so it’s nice to meet you. There’s a lot I wanna talk about, but…]

Tanza: [Yes, but?]

Subaru: […I want you to let me rest, just for a bit.]

He felt bad for Tanza, who tilted her head, but Subaru had reached his limit.

The strained thread of tension was severed, the heat that had been seething in his soul also fizzled out. Of course, his hate for this situation was still left smoldering within him.

Nevertheless, he had somehow managed to survive Sparka.

Subaru: [So please… Let me sleep for a bit.]

With that, as if falling straight down into a pit, Subaru’s consciousness slipped away.


Gustav: [――――]

Looking down, Gustav narrowed his eyes at the boy who had lost consciousness while sprawled out on the gladiatorial arena below.

That it was an incredible battle, with an unexpected outcome, that he could say.

He would have never thought that the boy possessed such talents.

???: [Weeell~, that was amazing, wasn’t it, Gustav-san. Picking Basu was bang on the money. It’s great that you kept him instead of throwing him away! Isn’t this a glorious achievement for me?!]

Gustav: […Segmunt.]

As Gustav was lost in his thoughts, Cecilus came over and relaxedly spoke towards him.

At the boy’s words, whose hands were crossed behind his head, Gustav rubbed his forehead and brow with his two right arms,

Gustav: [There was some truth in your proclamation. Is this what you had been anticipating?]

Cecilus: [I had my expectations, you know? I thought it’d be nice if this happened, and it did. It’s exactly the feeling where what you believe in is what saves you!]

Gustav: […Such a frail possibility, and you would stake your own life on that.]

Cecilus: [――? Yes, I did, so what?]

Tilting his head, Cecilus made a puzzled face.

It was an attitude as though he was wondering if he had spoken something strange.

If the two people who he had pulled up―― Schwartz and Tanza, could not be put to use, he would take responsibility for their lives, and pay with his own; he acted as if he had never even asserted that.

Cecilus: [Nothing really happened in the end, did it? It was a very generous offer from my perspective. I’m not the kinda person who’d succumb to idleness in a place like this!]

Gustav: [I, in my capacity, am unable to comprehend your logic. And aside from that, what did you do in that final moment?]

Gustav questioned Cecilus, who had puffed up his thin chest in pride while smiling.

In that final moment, in the midst of the Sparka that he had even staked his life on, only once, and only for a short amount of time, had Cecilus disappeared.

Given what happened after that, one could roughly imagine that――,

Gustav: [Did you go to wake the girl?]

Cecilus: [Oh dear, if you know the answer you don’t have to ask me. In the first place, since there are five people per Unit, if that girl didn’t wake up, they’d have to do it while lacking in people, it was Gustav-san who said that, you know. That means she could join in anytime after she woke up, right?]

With one eye closed, Cecilus looked up at Gustav, their heights not level, and gave an “Or”,

Cecilus: [Do you want to withdraw that now? Saying that this Sparka is found to be unjust.]

Gustav: [――. It is not unjust. His Excellency the Emperor shall be pleased with the birth of a magnificent gladiator as well.]

Cecilus: [Hahaa, it’s just my opinion, but it sounds like His Excellency the Emperor isn’t a decent person!]

Gustav: [Insults toward His Excellency the Emperor will not be tolerated. There shall be no second time.]

So Gustav commanded in a stern voice, as Cecilus shrugged his shoulders and backed down somewhat. Exhaling through his nose in that state, Gustav looked again at the gladiatorial arena.

Schwartz, the most meritorious, and three men were being carried out by the guards under Gustav’s command. In the healing room, they would receive treatment from a healer.

The young girl, seemingly aloof, also accompanied them for now.

Gustav: [Did everyone in the Unit survive, due to just one person?]

It was a conclusion that could not have been reached without everyone’s help, but it went without saying who had shown the greatest strength.

By not overlooking the weapons and mechanisms the gladiatorial arena had been prepared with, keeping an eye on his comrades in the same circumstances, and even observing the enemy’s movements whenever possible; they had crossed a fine thread.

As someone who had seen that final resolution――,

Cecilus: [You see? Don’t you just get the feeling that a grand tale’s going to begin?]

Like that, Cecilus proudly asked for approval; while keeping his face stern, feeling that answering in any way would be annoying, Gustav silently crossed his four thick arms.

Translation note:

[1] Hadajuban(肌襦袢) is a piece of clothing worn under a Kimono

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