Arc 7, Chapter 73 – “Weitz Rogen”



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――Weitz Rogen had never believed he could live or die honestly.

The thing called society tended to undervalue the word normal.

Normal was employed to convey the meaning of average or ordinary, things that did not stand out, but if that was especially from the viewpoint of subhuman, it was an unreachable standard.

The City of Iron and Blood, Glarasia, was the name of Weitz’s hometown, where he was born and raised.

It was an unhinged city where the weapons and armor used throughout the whole Empire, as well as the numerous tools necessary for battle, were manufactured, and where the craftsmen who worked diligently to make arms for the sake of wounding others, forged their steel day and night.

About half of the residents were involved in some form of arms making, and Weitz was no exception. He had no parents around at the time he was gaining awareness of the things around him, and was forced to do chores in a craftsman’s workshop, so he had neither interest nor pride in such work.

He did the job in order to eat, and performed chores at the workshop for no other reason than the fact that the place he was born was the City of Iron and Blood.

If the main industry was horse gear, he would help to make it, if it was agriculture, he would carry a hoe.

Without fixation or interest, Weitz worked silently under the sidelong glances of the craftsmen forging steel.  Unable to know what he was thinking, there were those who called Weitz, who was bad at socializing, a hard worker, but most probably thought of him as a mysterious and creepy guy.

Weitz too, was not concerned about that. He was not thinking of getting along with anyone.

He thought that since he had been alone since birth, it was natural to be alone when he died.

Such an ephemeral indifference, that way of life was probably loathed by others.

When suspicions arose that the materials stocked from the workshop he frequented were being sold through illegal channels, Weitz was the first one to come under suspicion.

Weitz, who often worked by his lonesome, having no partner whatsoever to protect him, had absolutely no means to clear up the suspicions that had been cast on him.

Ultimately, unable to clear up the false accusations, Weitz was tried for a crime he had no memory of committing, and he became a criminal. ――The first tattoo inked onto him was evidence of his punishment, in order for him to be recognizable as a criminal at a glance.

On both of his forearms, in the city constantly enveloped in a hot air from the forging of steel, since there were no people who wore clothes with long sleeves, his tattoos had constantly been laid bare.

Even if he were to wear long-sleeved clothes, it would have been immediately blatant that it was because he had something to be guilty of.

Once the evidence of his crime was inked onto him, he could no longer live the same life as before.

It may not have been an excellent life until then, but that was when he had given up the idea of being “normal”.

No longer able to work in a legitimately run workshop, Weitz had turned to thievery to earn his daily income, starting to steal materials and sell through illegal channels, in the end, he had become a real criminal.

――In short, his supposed sin had now caught up with reality.

When he had been suspected of selling through illegal channels, and no one had been willing to listen to Weitz’s side of the story, Weitz had not been a criminal. But afterwards, Weitz ultimately became a criminal.

That it was inevitable, perhaps it was that kind of story.

Weitz: [If I’m a repulsive fuck, then I’m fine with that…]

Inked with tattoos and becoming a criminal, in anyone’s eyes, he would look to be detached from the concept of “normal”. Even while he was committing crimes in order to earn money, the same as before, he was not able to get along with others.

If that was the case, from the beginning, he should have severed all troublesome relationships and the like.

The tattoos which had only been on his forearms, now inking shoulders and chest, had been enlarged by his own hands. Before long, they had covered his upper body, his legs, and had even reached his face and head.

Tattoos on the arms was evidence of a criminal, but a full body tattoo was evidence of someone dangerous, who should not be approached.

Make way, everyone, in fear and trepidation. The once pitiful man, forsaken by all and fallen to crime, was no more, what remained was merely a troublesome “subhuman” with nothing left to lose.

That was why――,

???: [――Halt, criminal scum! Don’t think you can get off unpunished!]

Encircled by the city guards with their weapons pointed at him, Weitz quickly surrendered.

By his feet, bloodstained and collapsed, was his former workshop’s―― at the place where Weitz first became a criminal, the man who worked as an apprentice craftsman.

The man, his ear bitten off, crying and shouting as the tears and blood flowed, on that day, falsely accused Weitz of being a criminal, hearing that rumor leak out over a drink, he retaliated.

Spitting out the ear he had been holding in his mouth, Weitz was seized by the guards and thrown in jail.

Weitz was notoriously known within the City of Iron and Blood. Without anything like a path of salvation granted to him,  soon after, it was decided that as a criminal slave, he would be sent to the infamous Gladiator Island.

Without the will to oppose, he accepted it. Without the intent to resist, he crossed the lake.

At the place where he was sent, put together with a group of poor-looking people in similar circumstances, he was forced to participate in a ceremony to fight an extremely dreadful Witchbeast.

I don’t care what happens. I ain’t got any intention of dying.

No matter who I must sacrifice, no matter who I must outsmart, I will survive, and then, one day.

One day, I would be treated――.

Subaru: [――Weitz! Grab the sword! I’m counting on you!!]

――I would be treated as a “normal” human being, that was my wish.


???: [Take cover…!]

The moment he saw the head belonging to the guard flying through the air, having been kicked, whirling around as it sprayed blood, Weitz immediately thrust Schwartz, standing next to him, towards Tanza.

Dressed in a kimono, this girl, contrary to that youthful appearance, possessed great strength.

However, she had not mastered that power. The strength of her body and her mind were inconsistent, and it was far too risky to rely on her. ――She was a good match for Schwartz.

Weak in body, but strong in mind, was Schwartz. If it was him, Tanza would probably be put to good use.

Therefore, at this moment, pushing him towards Tanza, strong in body but weak in mind, should have been the right choice.

And then, Weitz, who himself had done that――,

Weitz: [A-AHHHHHHHHH… Hk!!]

Running forward, he swung his arms up and slammed the guard’s head flying towards him into the floor of the passage.

Beheading his ally in an instant, then kicking that head away flying, such a shocking deed was a scheme that put the thoughts of Weitz and the others to a standstill―― But, it did not seem to be just that.

In reality, the judgment of the four other than Weitz were one beat too slow, but Weitz had made a move.

Schwartz had been so vigilant of that man, so it did not seem like that was all he was aiming for.

It had been the moment after Weitz had thought that.

Weitz: [――Hk!?]

Right beside Weitz, who had been glaring in front of him towards the man who had taken an axe into his hand, as it destroyed the wall of the passage, the monstrous black bird―― the Gladiator Beast had charged in.

Smashing the wall half a step behind Weitz, it laid waste to the passage of the island’s upper stratum right beside him.

Aiming for Weitz and the others, the flying Gladiator Beast approached with an onslaught―― no, that was wrong. It was not wrong that it was a Gladiator Beast, but that bird had not been aiming for Weitz and the others.

Gladiator Beast: [――――GYAOO!!]

Having smashed the wall and appeared, what had been pierced by the monstrous bird’s beak was the head of the guard that had tumbled to the floor.

The head of the decapitated guard, aiming for that, the monstrous bird crashed into the passage. Neither did he understand what that meant, nor did he have the time to think about it.

Weitz: [I’ll… Hk!]

The tremendous impact that had occured half a step behind him, while his back was showered with wounds from fragments of the wall bursting open and the sharp wings of the Gladiator Beast, clenching his teeth, Weitz did not take his eyes off the man.

Even when he asked about Schwartz’s lineage, he had not bowed down, but rather enhanced his intent to kill―― he was dangerous.

Different from Weitz’s tattoos, which created a sense of danger, this was a real threat.

No matter what it took, he would stop it.

???: [――――]

Seeing Weitz moving forward, the man ruthlessly narrowed his eyes.

Without saying anything, just from the look in those eyes, Weitz could tell his opponent intended on killing him. Without a pause, seeing the man raise the axe overhead with his left arm, Weitz raised his own left arm.

That was the arm first to become inked with a tattoo, becoming evidence of a criminal, it was the impetus of him drifting to this land.

Resolutely channeling all of his strength, he would try to receive the blow unleashed by that man――,

Weitz: [Guh, geh… Hk.]

Without mercy, the swinging axe took aim at Weitz’s head from the left.

Forcing his raised arm into its trajectory, Weitz’s arm did not meet the blade of the axe from up high, but rather from the side. At the moment of impact, the bone of his elbow was shattered, and the bones of his upper arm and shoulder were pulverized into his flesh.

Through the impact and pain, his vision turned a deep red, and his left arm was dyed with darkness completely different from the color of the tattoo.


Weitz: [I endured it! …Hk.]

He had not been waiting for it, rather, by stepping forth, he was able to slightly weaken the power of the axe.

That was the main reason it had not smashed Weitz’s head in, and it had not ended his life. From the start, he’d had the grit from being called abnormal, but he did not have the judgment to match that.

The unification of that grit and judgment, had been the result of encountering a child far more reckless than himself.

Hence, that encounter allowed Weitz’s arm to reach the man――,

???: [You haven’t.]

With his left arm destroyed, he tried to seize the man with his remaining right arm, at that moment, the form of the man had vanished.

――No, the form of the man had not vanished, Weitz had just become unable to see it.

Exiting his field of vision, he became unable to see the form of his opponent in the dark, blurred space.

Something similar to that had happened. However, it was strange. It had been strange. Suddenly, within the right side of Weitz’s vision, the part he could not see expanded in the span of a breath.

Just as if something had suddenly crushed the right side of Weitz’s vision.

???: [Weitz――!!]

Unable to find the vanished form of the man, Weitz harbored physical unease as someone called out to him.

Slowly turning to look behind him, there was the destroyed passage and plumes of smoke. Then, he saw the head of the monstrous bird that had destroyed the passage, sent flying by the downward swing of the vanished man’s axe.

???: [――――]

Beyond the man beheading the bird monster, he could see four people standing above the crumbling passage.

Retreating, there were also some who had fallen on their butts, but it seemed that all of them had avoided the monstrous bird’s interruption. That he himself was relieved about that, Weitz was a little surprised.

While surprised, there was one thing he wanted to tell them, who were watching him in amazement.

His broken left arm was painful. For some reason, the right side of his face had also become painful.

While he was using that pain to pull back his consciousness, which had somehow been getting distant,

Weitz: [It was the first time…]

???: [Weitz…!]

Weitz: [Anyone, has said, that they believed me…]

Muttering, Weitz understood that had been the thing jammed within his heart.

Understanding, Losing the strength in his legs, collapsing right then and there.

???: [Weitz――!!]

Once again, while hearing his name cried out with such emotion, he closed his eyes.

For some reason, it had been an awfully pleasant feeling.



As he tried to rush to the collapsed Weitz, he was stopped by the slender fingers reaching out to him.

Tears in her eyes, shaking her head when Subaru turned to look back at her, the kimono-clad girl did not allow Subaru’s impulsive behavior.

And then, before he could shake of those fingers――,

Frog Gladiator Beast: [ーーーーGWOGOBO]

There was a hideous, ear-splitting screech, and the ceiling of the passageway was crushed from above.

Above the collapsed Weitz’s head, the passage succumbed to the weight and collapsed with a violent screech, directly under the falling ceiling, Weitz was engulfed, and the floor was giving way.

The destroyed passage fell through to the lower floors, and Subaru witnessed Weitz, falling headfirst together with the gigantic gray frog which had crushed the ceiling.

To Weitz, who had taken an axe to his left arm, and suffered a blow from a knife to his right eye, he must.

Subaru: [Weitz―― Hk!!]

Subaru screamed as he reached his hand out towards the falling passage, towards the crumbling floor and ceiling.

Weitz had fallen. Weitz, who had jumped forward to protect Subaru and the others. Quickly, quickly, they had to jump down there and save Weitz.

???: [It sure is lucky that the second one fell. Witchbeasts are a pain to kill.]

In front of Subaru, whose thoughts had gone astray, Todd muttered, giving a sidelong glance to the collapsed passage.

At his feet lay the corpse of the decapitated giant black bird. It was the Witchbeast that had been killed by Todd with an axe after it had crashed into the passage.

The events that occurred had happened far too quickly for him to digest.

What Todd had done, what had occurred before his eyes, anything and everything. Until he finished dealing with them, he could not think about anything else. ――About Weitz, he could not think.

What had happened with Weitz, what had become of him, he could not think.

He could not thi――,

Todd: [――For Witchbeasts, they’ll eat the corpse of the guy who broke their horn.]

Subaru: [――――]

Suddenly, Todd had said that, resting the axe on his shoulder.

Subaru, who had not yet fully accepted the situation in front of him, as well those other than himself, caught their breath at Todd’s words and turned to face him.

Receiving the gazes of those four people, Todd pointed to the dead body at his feet.

Todd: [When someone breaks a Witchbeast’s horn, they can make it obey them, but it seems that over the time they give it commands, it will surely stock up some resentment. When that person dies, the Witchbeast will eat their corpse in revenge. Disgusting, isn’t it?]

Shrugging his shoulders, Todd spoke about this little-known ecology of Witchbeasts.

Neither had Subaru wanted to know how Todd had known that, nor had the information itself been the type he would benefit from knowing in the first place.

However, it did provide an adequate explanation of what had happened there.

The reason the giant bird had crashed into the passage was because the beheaded guard was the one who had broken off its horn, and Todd had known in advance that it was going to go after the corpse.

Kicking that head into flight, while the giant bird was aiming for that, he had tried to get Subaru and the others engulfed in it.

But, that did not happen. Because, because, because.


Subaru: [Weitz.]

Todd: [He sure looked like a guy who cared for his companions.  ――That’s why he died.]

Subaru: [――Ah.]

Unbefitting of Todd, it was a careful explanation of the events that had taken place.

Without listening to anything, notifying anything, explaining anything, to kill without giving any information whatsoever, that was Todd’s way of doing things. Despite that, why had he incessantly let them hear all that just now?

Letting them hear, letting them understand, to let Subaru’s mind move on to the next question.

The relationship between the two guards who were killed and the Witchbeast who had charged in.

Once that was settled, Subaru’s thoughts could move to the next. Next, was about Weitz.

About how Weitz, to an already hopeless extent, had died.

Subaru: [Ah, AHHHHH―― Hk!!]

He should not have died. Weitz, should not have died.

Trying to protect Subaru and the others, facing this horrifying Todd, he should not have done it. This monster who would kill someone for opposing, he should not have opposed.

After all, if he died here――.

Todd: [Your expression has finally started to look like a brat’s.]

The moment he comprehended Weitz’s death, Subaru’s head was filled with regret and impatience.

Seeing that reaction, Todd smiled as things went according to plan, and raised his axe overhead.

The object of Todd’s careful explanation was to let Subaru put his thoughts in order.

The death of Weitz, which Subaru had unconsciously tried not to think about, forcing him to confront that, in order to crush his heart, in order to turn an unfamiliar enemy into a mere human being of flesh and blood.

???: [Schwartz-sama――!]

Subaru’s  legs had come to a halt in shock, and Hiain and Idra were still unable to mentally recover. Before the three of them, Tanza had been the first to move.

Tanza set her eyes on the approaching Todd, with her arms outstretched, she stood in front of Subaru.

However, Todd frowned at Tanza’s conduct and,

Todd: [Hey you, you’re doing it all wrong.]

Tanza: [Huh.]

Saying that in front of Tanza, who had been standing in the way, Todd dropped to his knees on the spot. While Tanza’s eyes had been captivated by that movement, the crouching Todd extended his arms up to her inner thighs, and raised her up.

Just as that happened, Tanza’s small body floated up and was thrown to the side. ――Destroyed by the giant bird, through the large hole in the wall which connected to the outside.

Tanza: [Ah.]

Even though she had physical abilities that were unthinkable for a child, she could not defy gravity or the laws of physics. Naturally, her body was not even heavier than an adult’s, as Tanza’s weight was that of a single little girl.

Instantly, Tanza reached her arms out, but her slender fingertips had nowhere to reach, and her body was thrown to the other side of the island.

Todd: [Have fun.]

Thrown into the air, Tanza’s screams quickly faded as she descended.

Thus, with Tanza, who had been standing in the way, now gone, there was no one left to protect Subaru and the others from Todd’s axe.

???: [His Excellency the Emperor’s…]

Todd: [Yeah?]

???: [He is His Excellency the Emperor’s son! Are you insane!?]

Glaring at Todd, who had turned around, Idra cried that out.

Eyes bloodshot, his friendly facial features burning with anger, he reproached Todd for not being swayed by the “lie” that Subaru was the illegitimate son of the Emperor of Vollachia.

However, Todd’s answer to that complaint was simple.

――Wordlessly, he merely swung his axe to smash Idra’s head in.

Idra: [Woaaah!]

Just before his head was smashed in, Idra, his clothes having been yanked, fell on his butt. The axe missed and landed behind Idra, whose eyes widened, while Subaru, who had yanked him up, shook his head hastily.

It was impossible, words would not get through to him. From the start, this threat itself had been a mistake.

Subaru had tried to rely on taking the easy way out.

As punishment for that, he had fallen into this situation.

Todd: [Did you dodge that, my bad, my bad. However――]

Readjusting his grip on the axe, Todd turned to the side with a disgusted expression. At the end of his gaze, nearby Subaru and Idra, who had fallen on his backside, Hiain had used his camouflage with the surrounding scenery.

Assimilating with the destroyed floor and walls, you would not be able to tell Hiain was there.

But, it was not like he would be able to quickly move.

Todd: [Disappearing right in front of me, what’s your plan?]

Hiain: [Schwa――]

Meeting eyes with Todd, Hiain flinched, and his camouflage was instantly disrupted.

Until then, it had been a perfect assimilation with the scenery, as if that part of a painting that had been ruined, it became something exceedingly unsightly that he was unable to look at.

This time, it was red paint that had been applied there, gushing out of Hiain.

Hiain: [――――]

Taking the blow from the axe on his shoulder, it cleaved through to his lower chest, and Hiain collapsed. As his blood profusely flowed out of him, the camouflage of his body was undone, and the remains of the gray lizardman fell over with a thud.

Weitz died, Tanza was thrown out, and Hiain had been killed as well.

One after another, before the eyes of Subaru.

And then――,

Idra: [I-it’s a duel… Hk.]

His voice trembling, taking his eyes off of the slain Hiain’s corpse, Idra stood up.

Pointing his finger at the man who, just a moment ago, had killed his comrade before his eyes, while gnashing his teeth, Idra’s face was red with anger, blue with fear, and not knowing what to do, his face turned white as he glared at Todd.

At the grounds of Sparka, he had told a lie to inspire Subaru and the others, and to encourage himself.

Different from Subaru’s cheap lies, the lie about his title carried ideals.

Idra: [If you’re also, a warrior――]

Perhaps too idealistic, those ideals of Idra’s were betrayed.

Todd: [Wow!]

Idra: [――Hk.]

There was no doubt it had been a faint hope, but Idra’s offer was frantic and earnest.

Shouting in a loud voice to cut him off, Todd attacked Idra, who he was trying to be strong, even if it was just a bluff, while he was unprepared. Thus, he thrust his blade during that unpreparedness.

Idra: [Gah!]

Todd: [I’m not a warrior, I’m a soldier.]

Idra, fallen to his knees, raised his trembling hands to his neck. Lodged In the middle of his throat was Todd’s knife, its sharp tip protruding from the back of his neck.

Even so, Idra’s hands grabbed the handle of the knife to pull it out. And then, before he could pull it out, the axe smashed through Idra’s head from directly above.

Idra: [――Ah.]

Idra fell forward, and Todd pulled the knife out from his body. Idra’s corpse, which had clumsily fell over, and Hiain’s corpse were lined up like something out of a nightmare.

Beyond that, Weitz’s body was buried in the debris of the collapsed rubble.

Had something happened to Tanza who had fallen from up high and had not returned? Come to think of it, the frog that fell together with Weitz should be down there as well.

If so, Tanza, and also the Gladiators of this island――.

Todd: [What’s actually happening here?]

Subaru: [Eh…]

Todd: [You, are you really the child of His Excellency the Emperor?]

Todd, carrying the axe on his shoulder, looked down at Subaru, who had slumped down with empty eyes.

Having lost his comrades, lacking the willpower to run away, as the man gazed at his state, Subaru understood why he had been kept alive until he was the last person.

The lie Subaru had told, that he was the emperor’s illegitimate son, properly drove a wedge into Todd.

He, too, had been considering the possibility that Subaru was really the Emperor’s illegitimate son.

Subaru: [Then…]

Todd: [Hmm?]

Subaru: [Why don’t, you just surrender, or something? I’m the Emperor’s…]

If he had considered the possibility that Subaru was the son, then there should have been some room to consider the appeal of Subaru and the others.

With this strategy, Subaru decided to go along with Tanza and the others’ misunderstanding because he thought it would be the best way to revive the mentality of his Unit, and because it was a gleam of hope.

It was possible that Todd, instead of opting to kill each other, would choose to raise the white flag in order to survive.

But as a result, Subaru would have lost all his comrades, while Todd had taken hold of his life.

Subaru: [Why, what is it? You’re…]

Todd: [If I do something like surrender, I would get killed with a lazy reason, and there would be nothing I could do.]

Subaru: [――――]

Todd: [I’ve decided that when the situation is in my favor, it’s always better to inquire about the authenticity of a matter. I can devote my thoughts to making a decision, and it’s also harder to make a mistake. ――That and, it gives me peace of mind.]

At the last reason, which seemed to be the most important with the way Todd put it, Subaru took a breath.

Just as if all this time, Todd had been strangling his neck, that was what it felt like.

Todd: [Regardless of whether you’re the Emperor’s illegitimate son or not, it’s your name that I’m curious about, man.]

Subaru: [My, name…?]

Todd: [Natsuki Schwartz, that’s similar to the name of a scary guy I know. And to top it off, the way you smell is also really similar to that scary guy.]

With a small sniff, Todd looked at Subaru with cold eyes.

Something about his smell, back during the first massacre―― when he first came to know that Todd had arrived at the Gladiator Island, he had been told the same thing.

His smell, having been told that, an unpleasant hunch emerged within Subaru’s mind.

Subaru: [Do you know about the Miasma?]

Todd: [Miasma? Ah, no, that’s not it, that’s not it, don’t get the wrong idea. It really does smell, your body odor. I have a bit of a good nose. That’s why it’s so strange.]

Subaru: [――――]

Todd: [――Hey you, do you have a brother or something? If so, I’d be happy to keep you alive as a bargaining chip with him.]

Denying Subaru’s question, what had followed was a surprising proposal.

I’d be happy to keep you alive, to think such a thing would come from Todd’s mouth. Furthermore, the older brother Todd was spoken of, was in all likelihood none other than Subaru himself.

He had thought that the Subaru with longer limbs was the older brother of the shrunken Subaru.

Moreover, since Subaru seemed to remember introducing himself to Todd while he was dressed as a woman, he might be suspecting a relationship with “Natsumi Schwartz”.

In any case, if “not killing” had become an option in Todd’s mind.

Subaru: [――――]

The deaths of Weitz, Hiain and Idra had occurred right next to him.

If he closed his eyes, the deaths of Gustav and Old Man Null also came to mind. He could also see the many Gladiator’s deaths, their remains, that he had witnessed along the way.

Absolutely everyone, had ended up dead. They had ended up dead, thus.

――Thus, since Subaru absolutely must not die.

Subaru: [… M-my brother, do you know him?]

Taking advantage of Todd’s misunderstanding, he switched gears to advancing the conversation.

If Todd was somehow cautious of the Big Subaru, then by using that caution, the small Subaru could live.

If he could survive this place in that way――.

Todd: [――Wait.]

Subaru: [Huh?]

Subaru opened his mouth and tried to string together some words that would get him through this. At that face of Subaru’s, Todd outstretched his palm and grabbed it, Subaru could see his eyes through the gaps between his fingers.

Crouching down while grabbing Subaru’s face, Todd gave him a terribly cold look.

And then――,

Todd: [――Hey you, you tried to manipulate me, didn’t you?]

With a dull thud, a sharp sensation slid into his chest.

Feeling the chill of the blade’s tip inside his body, Subaru widened his eyes. Then, one beat later, a pain so great that his limbs went numb screamed forcefully in the back of his head.

At the forceful scream, Subaru’s own mouth also screamed.


Todd: [My bad, my bad, there’s no room for carelessness or weakness.]

An oversized knife was deeply lodged within Subaru’s chest.

It was not a matter of pulling it out or not pulling it out, it was simply too big. It had pierced him. Having stabbed him, it was probably destroying the important things within his chest.

Blood frothed at the edges of his mouth, and while spilling red saliva, Subaru’s body trembled.

Coughing violently, a red-stained package fell out of his mouth.

It did not matter. It no longer mattered. He could not use it. It was not like he could use it. Die, he must not die. If he died, it would be terrible. If he died, dying would be, he must not die.

Todd: [Don’t move.]

Lying down, trying to crawl away from that place, Subaru’s abdomen was stepped on by Todd as he spoke. So that he could not move, so that he could not get away, he had been stopped.

Having stopped him, in front of Subaru, Todd raised his axe overhead.

It hurts, and it’s scary, and it’s terrible, and it’s dangerous, at least, at least, this red, this cold pain, this, at least this, I must, stop this. 

Subaru: [I must, not, die…]

Todd: [Ready, and!]

Weakly, he raised his hands to protect his head. It had been useless.

Subaru’s hands, the head beneath it, and his very life, the blade of the falling axe pulverized all of it――.


Subaru: [――Hk.]

As his head was smashed in, everything contained inside of him had spilled out.

Feeling as if he had been watching that horrific scene, a scream exploded from the depths of Subaru’s throat. Reaching out both of his trembling hands, he touched his own head.

It had not been smashed. A head that had not been smashed, a chest that did not ache, a life that had not died, it was all there.

When Subaru ascertained this, as he breathed a sigh of relief, he raised his head to the sky and――,

Subaru: [――ah.]

There was a man covered in tattoos, slowly, he turned to look back at Subaru.

His left arm mangled by the axe, his right eye stabbed out by the knife, he was shedding a tremendous amount of blood, Weitz was.

Weitz: [It was the first time…]

His lips quivering, the bloodied Weitz spilled those words.

Seeing that, Subaru let out an “ah” along with a truly, truly pathetic breath of air.

Weitz: [Anyone, has said, that they believed me…]

Subaru: [AAAHHHHHH―― Hk!!]

Spilling those feeble words, the body of Weitz collapsed to its side.

Even if he extended his hand, no matter what he did, Weitz’s body could definitely no longer be saved.

He should not have died. Subaru, should not have died.

He should not have let it become absolute.

Subaru’s starting line, restarting at the point of Death, continued to move forward――.

Subaru: [AAAHHHHHH――Hk!!]

――When people who could not be saved emerged, the “heart” of Natsuki Subaru would be shattered.

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54 thoughts on “Arc 7, Chapter 73 – “Weitz Rogen””

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          1. I think the original meaning from the source is that Subaru knows his checkpoint is moving, so he is scared that once he dies all the horrible things that happened will become “confirmed” due to his death. He isn’t thinking rationally here cause even if he doesn’t die these things still happen, but his mind is pretty much in denial

            Basically Subaru is scared to die here because he is scared of what will be confirmed by his death

            1. True, He doesnt want to die couse he will most likely relive the death of his companions like he did at the end. Though i have to say that the writer doesnt know what to do with this version of Subaru. He’s suposed to be the smart version as stated before and yet he takes the worst desition of trusting Tod good fatih

              1. Well that he is the smart version was stated from his pov, so i doubt that it we should believe it. Or did I got sth mixed up ?

              2. Bruh, this is not suppose to be the smart version of subaru. This is a 10 year old subaru, who believe that he himself is a genius, there’s a difference (sorry for the bad English)

              3. He is not supposed to be the smart version, he is supposed to be more creative, more courageous and open minded, just like a child. Time and time again it’s show that either he miss things that Adult!Subaru wouldn’t or reveal things that Adult!Subaru wouldn’t. His memory is also breaking down, making him even more of a mess.

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    1. That I honestly don’t know. Subaru being able to seemingly stop someone’s heart mid conversation, or being able to punch or lift something up from a distance could honestly have been a really powerful bluff.
      Honestly, even if he only had enough energy to use it for one short punch, like in arc 4, that dirty trick alone would be a good difference in terms of fighting power. A pretty strong invisible gut punch.
      Or even just using it to hold up a sword seemingly telekinetically.
      Arc 6 even made it weirdly stronger, seeing how he was able to summon 4 of them to restrain Ram. Though, I imagine that entire loop added an entire layer of extra trauma to using it.
      Then he seemingly used the “Evil” authority again to just wipe away Beko’s tears as he died, which I imagine shows how he’s a bit more comfortable using it and is probably less traumatised by it.

      I can get Subaru being “Invisible providence takes too much out of me and isn’t useful here”, but it’s been shown that he’s been getting slightly better at using it in the past and it really just irks me how I don’t think it’s even been mentioned at all.

      I also get Subaru not wanting to use it encase of a dire emergency, where it’s worth losing the sanity, but after seemingly using it consequence free with Beko that one time. Even though I can’t find the exact chapter or proof that it ever even happened. You’d think he’d stop and consider using it again after that.

      Admittedly, it’s not like he’s had a spare moment since the start of Arc 6 to consider testing it out, so maybe I’m being a bit too harsh on ‘Baru. But considering just how desperate he’s been, it’s really weird how he never even thought about it

      1. You forgot about the part where Infantalizing locks off Authorities. Also that he has horrible match up with South and it actively shreds at his very soul, he hasn’t been getting better at using it, if anything compared to its first usage vs its most recent its become harder to control.

        Cor, which is also locked off is a similar situation, even if he could use it there isn’t much point to it, taking the pain from Waiz wouldn’t save his life. And unless Ceici is around the corner there are no allies, as it was stated there is a functional range to it.

        The only thing I could maybe see happening is Subaru unlocking Gluttony. which doubtful do to point A, infantalization.

        1. Tanza is actually a reasonably capable fighter. Cor Leonis could help even the odds and give her the push she needs to be able to take some of the threats they’re facing head on.

          It’s all hypothetical, though, and I doubt he’s going to use it at all.

    2. Agreed, though there are two possibilities as to why, both due to Infantilization:

      1. It was mentioned that Infantilization shrinks Subaru’s Od/gate which Invisible Providence heavily relies on, so Subaru naturally avoids using it as it might destroy him instantly although not explicitly stated by Tappei;

      2. Infantilization caused him to forget about his authorities, though it is a lazy explanation since everything important Subaru forgets from previous arcs can be explained away using this reason.

      No one really knows besides Tappei himself but these two reasons are the likely cause. Hope I helped!

  3. Whats the point of “not dieing” when the people are already dead? At least with him dieing he gets a chance to save SOME of them. The point of return will move forward if he likes it or not. I dont get it.

    Drama for dramas sake. Not that its not tragic but this makes no sense to me.

    1. yeah the mind of a child is always rational especially when all hell is breaking loose in front of them! complaining for complainings sake, makes no sense to me.

    2. He’s terrified, it’s not a rational decision. He’s running away. Deep down he probably knows that he’ll die anyways, but forcing himself to close his eyes and try to live is more acceptable in his broken heart than having to deal with the realization that he’ll fail to save someone even while using Return by Death

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    It’s a cheap move to garner sympathy for an otherwise lackluster side character.
    Obviously, who knows, maby Subaru will be able to deduce how his RBD can be fixed and if that will help him manipulate it more to his will?

    I guess iam starting to appreciate the Onepiece Mangaka for keeping most of the folks alive and an certain aftermath to them..

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