Arc 7, Chapter 79 – “A Roar of Scarlet Laughter”


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――Priscilla’s sudden appearance had brought forth a whirlwind through the power of her words.

???: [――――]

But at that moment, a certain silence and blankness pervaded the hall, giving everyone the illusion that time had stopped.

It was a statement that could not be misheard, but she didn’t quite understand what it meant. She couldn’t get the meaning correctly from the sound, that’s the impression she had.

“Dear Mother”, it took some time for her to search her brain for the word that the sound means.


Emilia: [――? Yorna is Priscilla’s mother?]

Emilia tilted her head curiously, and as soon as a different sound for “mother” came forth from her, “Dear Mother” and “mother” connected, and she understood the essence of “Dear Mother” and “mother”. [1]

Controlling the fluttering sensation in his own head, Otto compared the two people who had his attention ― Yorna and Priscilla. Yorna who was staring at her, unable to move, and Priscilla who was looking at the former with a calm expression.

They had different hair and eye colors, and they were of different races to begin with.

Of course, in the case of mixed blood, there were individual differences in which the blood of a parent was stronger, but Priscilla and Yorna had no similarities in appearance.

If one could say so, they both had lustrous good looks but――,

Otto: [If we treated people like family at that level, the world would be full of big families.]

Concluding this, Otto held his confusion in check.

Still, hearing about Priscilla and Yorna’s relationship made some sense. ――Priscilla’s stern attitude and personality certainly gave off a strong sense of imperial style.

Priscilla: [I can feel the unpleasant eyes that are fixed on mineself, but that is okay.]

Otto gasped at the warning look in Priscilla’s eyes, reading the intent of her gaze. Leaving Otto aside, Priscilla looked at Emilia and said,

Priscilla: [Half-devil, it is as you say. To think that she had become one of the “Nine Divine Generals”. Since I was a child I supposed so, but how strange it is.]

Emilia: [Well, I’m surprised. But now that you mention it, I guess you both look a lot alike.]

Priscilla supported her chin with the fan in her hand, and Emilia nodded in reply.

Just before, Otto had denied to himself any similarities in external appearance between the two, so while Emilia’s unexpected judgment worried him, he had set that aside for the time being.

The problem was――,

Yorna: [――Wait.]

Priscilla’s words were deterred by Yorna herself, who had been unexpectedly singled out by her. She closed her eyes for a moment, and erased the apparent turmoil from her expression,

Yorna: [I was a little surprised, but that is an unacceptable statement. Why do you think I am your mother…]

Priscilla: [Stop making up trifling evasions. If you plan to trick me, you must change your soul. No matter how you change your appearance, you cannot deceive my scarlet eyes.]

Yorna: [――Hk.]

Yorna’s expression of feigned calm once again stiffened at Priscilla’s decisive response.

Priscilla’s language was conceptual and, in addition, held no intention to compromise with others. This made it hard to take in the exact meaning of what was said, but it seemed to have been fatal to Yorna.

Yorna was clearly flustered by Priscilla’s gaze and the sharpness of her tongue.

However, Yorna wasn’t the only one who showed strong turmoil on this occasion――,

???: [――Absurd.]

Clearly, the amazement towards the situation at hand spilled over.

It was faint, so faint that it could have been missed, but it was coming from the other party, and Otto did not miss the voice that spilled out from behind the Oni mask.

Abel, a man who seemed cool-headed rather than calm and unperturbed, made that one comment.

“Priscilla” he called out, while hiding the slight agitation behind his mask,

Abel: [Are you serious? Yorna Mishigure is Sandra Benedict?]

Priscilla: [――I see, you did not know that either, Abel. I do not blame you. I have no way of knowing except by my own words.]

Emilia: [But, you noticed that Priscilla isn’t being told anything, right?]

Priscilla: [Do not interrupt me. Shut up, you half-devil.]

Emilia: [You don’t have to say it that way…]

Priscilla, who responded to Abel’s question in a nonchalant manner, glared at Emilia, who had interrupted her, in order to silence her.

Whatever the case may be, this was an exchange that left out those in the Kingdom, including Otto, and those in the Empire who did not know what was going on. Otto was especially interested in the content that delved into Priscilla’s internal affairs, as she was also a Royal Candidate, but――,

Garfiel: [――Put off the unexpected reunion talk. Right now, the priority is this kid’s story!]

Garfiel snarled as he bared his fangs, undaunted by the change in the air.

The opponent who those green eyes pierced was Louis; still protected by Yorna and Medium. Garfiel was right, they could not move forward or backward until they decided what to do with her.

Of course, the conclusion in Otto’s mind that Louis should be restrained and deprived of her freedom was unassailable.

Garfiel: [My amazin’ self isn’t sayin’ to kill her, but I’m sayin’ to tie her up and roll her over. That’s the one thing my amazin’ self won’t compromise… “Tinos limbs are going away.”]

Al: [――That’s probably going to be something bro doesn’t want to hear.]

Garfiel: [Huh?]

Garfiel, who concurred with Otto, bared his fangs at the remark.

The person who interrupted them was Al, who had come up to the top level with Priscilla. He was still the same eccentric looking guy, scratching the nape of his neck with his one-armed hand in a somewhat unenthusiastic manner.

Al: [First of all, lemme apologize to you first. ――I’m sorry I couldn’t bring bro home after we went to Chaosflame together.]

Emilia: [Al…  no, thanks for apologizing. But I’m not the only one disappointed that I didn’t get to meet Subaru, Beatrice is the one disappointed the most.]

Al: [Oh, then I’m sorry to that child and to the others as well.]

Al bowed his head as he uttered an apology for Subaru’s absence.

Al’s usual frivolous attitude notwithstanding, his apology seemed genuine. However, a sincere apology does not necessarily lead to forgiveness or a good impression.

Otto: [If anything, an easy apology will only increase the number of people who will take advantage of you. In fact, if you’re willing to apologize, I would prefer that you don’t interfere.]

Al: [That’s harsh. But, as I said earlier, doing such a thing to this lil’ girl is something that bro… Natsuki Subaru doesn’t wish for.]

Garfiel: [So, why the hell!? You’re just sayin’ random things…]

Al: [――I too, tried to kill the lil’ one and was stopped by bro.]

Garfiel’s irritated words were drowned out by Al’s dry words. At this response, that caused Garfiel’s breathing to hitch, Al shrugged his shoulders and nodded at Louis,

Al: [You guys are like that. Isn’t it natural that I’d consider killing her? But even then…]

Otto: [Did Natsuki-san reject it?]

Al: [To be honest, I couldn’t believe my ears. Originally, I was thinking that he had some lil’ stranger girl with him, but then I found out that she was a Sin Archbishop. He was trying to protect her with his body. I thought I knew that bro had a lot of crazy ideas, but he exceeded my imagination.]

As he said this, Al’s gaze shot through his helmet at Louis. Under the gaze, Louis groaned “Uh―…“, but instead of hiding behind Medium and the others, she looked straight back at him.

The light in those blue eyes was neither dull nor feeble.

Otto: [――――]

As he watched, Otto examined Al’s testimony.

Otto himself believed that the reason Subaru was not able to get his hands on Louis was “naivete”.

The “naivete” that Subaru and Emilia possessed was both a weakness and a strength.

Once you let go of it, you can never get it back, and even though Otto felt like it was difficult to handle, he never wanted it to be gone.

Otto: [We, the people around us, can make decisions without such “naivete”.]

Al: [I understand, bro. But it’s hard now. After all, we’re talking in front of all these people. There is no going back from that.]

Frederica: […Otto-sama]

Frederica stepped firmly and called out to Otto’s profile. Her beautiful eyes flickered with concern and anxiety at the prospect of taking action here.

Otto also felt that it was a mistake to mention the identity of Louis here. ――No, to start with, the problem was that Louis had already been accepted by the people involved.

Taritta and Mizelda’s resolution became prevalent in the Fortress City.


Otto: [So, you are saying you are just going to let her roam free?]

Al: [Sure, I wouldn’t have forgiven her if she’d done something wrong. But…]

Medium: [Louis-chan was always trying to protect Subaru-chin. She never misbehaved while she was with us. She never will!]

Medium raised a frantic voice, taking in Al’s words.

Her statement was just wishful thinking, and Louis’s actions to date did not guarantee what Louis would do in the future. That was the biggest focal point of the issue.

Petra: [I watched Master do it, so maybe I can make a curse mark tied to an Oath…]

Otto: [――. We should not do that. I thought, for a moment, that was possible.]

Petra hesitantly suggested the idea, but Otto rejected it.

Petra spoke of a “curse mark,” a binding of the soul to make the recipient keep their word, something Roswaal has inscribed on his body that, if broken, would kill him.

Roswaal, as the mastermind behind the events that occurred in the “Sanctuary” and at the former Roswaal mansion, personally inscribed it to demonstrate his surrender to the camp.

As the words suggested, a “curse mark” was clearly “cursecraft.”

Superstitious as it may seem, some say that curses would eventually rebound on the user. If one continued to bind others through curses, they would eventually burn one’s soul as well.

He had no intention of having Petra take on such a burden, and even if she were able to do so and inscribe a curse mark that would bind Louis’ actions, it would be no more than insurance.

Otto: [Because we do not have a full picture of what we can bind to buy us peace of mind.]

The Authority of a Sin Archbishop, no one knew its full extent.

As long as they did not know what hidden curveballs would be thrown out, ultimately, no matter how they were bound, Otto’s wariness of Louis could never be lifted. That is, unless they took a life.

If so, then not making use of anything like a curse mark, which could lead them to carelessness, was what would keep their vigilance steady.

Otto: [Regrettably, that is my conclusion.]

Garfiel: [Ottobro! Ya sure about that!? That’s a Sin Archbishop!]

Hearing Otto’s thoughts, Garfiel raised his voice in a scream.

Even though he was absolutely right, Otto understood the frustration of being forced into a situation where he felt he was being stifled, wanting to empathize with his younger brother’s heartache.

Otto: [However, discussing it here will not get everyone’s approval. With the current situation in which there is still a lot left to be heard, I do not wish for things to break down with all of you.]

Priscilla: [Therefore, if we are to use force, it should be after hearing what they have to say, correct? How obstinate.]

Otto: [I do not intend to do such a rash thing, but I will take that in itself as a compliment, Priscilla-sama.]

When Priscilla brilliantly expressed Otto’s sentiment, he at least attempted to put up a good front.

Whatever the case, to Garfiel, the answer was a frustrating reality.

Abel, who has considerable influence in the city, and the “People of the Shudraq,” who have shown their non-negotiable stance on the treatment of Louis―― there was no way to dissuade them.

There was no basis for eliminating Louis beyond her being a Sin Archbishop.

Since that did not work, there would be no other recourse remaining on their side but to use force. However, killing Louis would not necessarily erase the effects of the Authority of Gluttony, and would it be worth it to have the disadvantage of turning all of the Empire against them thereafter?

Emilia: [Fighting like that just makes all of us a little less anxious. That’s how it is, right?]

Otto and Garfiel: [――――]

Garfiel, fangs gnashing, and Otto with one eye closed.

Emilia’s amethyst eyes flashed as she traced the flow of the conversation and came to this conclusion. Beatrice, in her arms, called out her name, “Emily.”

Emilia: [I’m sorry, …Lady Beatrice. You’re worried a lot, I know you are.]

Beatrice: […As long as you understand properly, good, I suppose.]

They exchanged glances and words very close to each other, and Beatrice’s round eyes were downcast. Emilia nodded her head, understanding Beatrice’s feelings, and turned her gaze toward Louis and Medium.

The girl who leans on her like a sister returned her gaze.

Emilia: [That little girl… Louis might be reaaally dangerous. That’s just what Otto-kun and the others have said, and you know that, don’t you?]

Medium: […Yeah, I know.]

Emilia: [But you didn’t see Louis do anything that was dangerous or bad; did Louis do anything to you or Subaru?]

Medium: [Hmm, she tried to protect us. It’s true; I’m not lying. Isn’t that right? Abel-chin, Al-chin, Taritta-chan, and Yorna-chan?]

Staring directly at Emilia, Medium was trying her best to choose the right words. As she decided, she asked those who had returned from the Demon City with her to agree.

Abel and Yorna, both still recovering from their earlier exchange with Priscilla, reacted sluggishly, but Al shrugged and Taritta nodded.

Taritta: [Yes, Louis certainly tried to protect everyone. She was very fond of Subaru, in my opinion.]

Otto: [I would say “As expected of the Lolimancer”, but the atmosphere’s not one that can be joked about like that.]

Beatrice: […That moniker, Betty does not like it very much, in fact! Be careful, I suppose.]

Beatrice’s disgruntled, low voice slightly relaxed the hostilities that had been present just up till a moment ago; perhaps Beatrice had decided to leave it to Emilia’s judgment as to how to proceed with Louis.

Even with the same conclusion, Emilia would softly adjust it to what Otto and Beatrice had presented.

Then, Emilia spoke, looking at Louis.

Emilia: [You were concerned about Subaru. I don’t believe that’s a lie. So, I want to believe in you as much as this girl who is trying so hard to believe in you.]

Garfiel: [――Hk, Emilia-sama, she’s!]

Emilia: [Even Garfiel was so biting towards us at first. But now he’s reaaally good friends with us, isn’t he?]

Emilia’s discourse was a bit disingenuous, given that Garfiel and Louis were in different positions and under different circumstances. However, when Emilia said it, it was true that it was hard to respond back.

As the situation progressed, Garfiel’s cheeks hardened in bitterness. Emilia’s response was a small apologetic “Sorry.”

Emilia: [It might be difficult. But I think it’s best to start there, if you can talk about it properly, instead of going all in and just being so hostile at the beginning. Of course, sometimes you have to be hostile from the start…]

Garfiel: [――――]

Emilia: [I’m here with all of you, and I think it would be nice if everyone here could get along with me. I want to tell them that I want to be friends with them. For that, I have to open my clenched hand first.]

Saying this, Emilia looked down at Beatrice in her arms. Beatrice looked at her gently and then gave a small nod.

Seeing Beatrice’s nod, Emilia slowly stepped forward.

Right in front of Yorna, past the glaring Garfiel, and in front of the small Medium sheltering little Louis behind her back.

And then――,

Emilia: [This is reaaally a roundabout way of saying this, but… I believe in Zikr-san and Mizelda-san and others who have been so kind to Subaru and Rem, and I want to believe Medium-chan and everyone else who believes in them. So please let me believe in you, who Medium-chan believes in.]

Louis: […Ah, Uu.]

Emilia: [Not us, but for these children that are being very nice to you, it’s reaaally nice to know that there are people who believe in you.]

As she said this, Emilia gently held out her right hand to Louis.

With Beatrice being held with her left hand, Emilia lowered her waist, moving towards Louis. Emilia’s action made even Medium, who was trying to protect Louis, suddenly move towards her.

Emilia: [Louis-chan.]

And so she called out to them.

Perhaps it was her appeal that prompted Louis to extend her hand, or perhaps Emilia’s words had some meaning for the Sin Archbishop bereft of a human heart.

As Emilia held out her right hand, Louis placed her own right hand on top of hers.

Otto was momentarily concerned about the possibility of the Authority being activated on Emilia as a result of this, but Otto regretted this concern and felt that he should despise it with all his heart.

Either way――,

Louis: [Uau.]

Emilia: [Hmm, I’m worried about Subaru, too.]

Embracing each other’s hands, Emilia smiled in reply, and that was the resolution for both Otto and the Emilia Camp. The conclusion was “put on hold.”

――However, Otto was proud of Emilia, because even though the pitfalls were the same, the way Emilia said it and the way he would have said it would have been different.


Garfiel: [――My amazin’ self won’t take my eyes off of ya, y’know.]

Regarding the handling of Louis, it had been decided to be placed “on hold”.

In response to that, Garfiel, who until the very end, had declared that he could not accept it, asserted his stance towards Emilia and the girl she had shaken hands with.

Since Garfiel’s concerns and warnings were natural, Otto would not interject.

Otto: [A Witch Cultist, let alone a Sin Archbishop is not something I can imagine changing their ways, after all.]

Otto’s dry, pragmatic thinking came to that conclusion.

Even if it had been a touching historic exchange between Emilia and Louis. However, while he thought that it was not like himself, Otto had also thought this. 

――The defeats of the White Whale, the Great Rabbit, and the Sin Archbishops of Sloth and Greed had also been unimaginable.

It had been Natsuki Subaru who had, in little over a year, brought these things about many times. 

The world saw these as achievements of the Emilia camp, but everyone in the camp understood that Subaru’s contributions were especially significant. Therefore, he had to thoroughly consider the possibility.

It might have been that, once again, Natsuki Subaru had done something unthinkable.

Otto: [I do not like it…]

The question of how the people around them would evaluate Subaru, when that actually happened, had him feeling crestfallen.

He thought that others should also get to know Subaru’s true humanity quickly――.

Zikr: [Once the discussion has settled down, if I may?]

In the large hall where the mood of the discussion had relaxed, Zikr had raised his hand and, with those words, began to speak.

Having drawn attention to himself, he gave the preface of “With your permission” to his remarks.

Zikr: [Although I am very interested in the relationship between Miss Priscilla and General First-Class Yorna, there are some things I want to first confirm with Abel-dono.]

Abel: [――. You may speak.]

Zikr: [Yes.]

Abel, who had been keeping his mouth shut, assented when this topic had arisen.

Although he had not interjected regarding how Louis would be handled, it seemed he had put a brief pause to the shock from before. Having been addressed, he gazed at Zikr, his black eyes urging him to continue speaking.

Zikr: [I am aware that General First-Class Yorna’s cooperation has been acquired, and that the collapse of Demon City of Chaosflame… That as a result, Miss Natsumi has fallen into danger. What I wanted to inquire additionally was about a rumor that has spread over the past few days――]

Abel: [――A rumor.]

Zikr: [Yes. ――The rumor that somewhere, the child of His Excellency the Emperor, a Crown Prince of black hair, is present.]

Zikr reverently bowed his head, as he informed Abel.

That rumor――one which alluded to the existence of the son of the Emperor Vincent Vollachia, had been spread, and had even reached Otto’s ears.

On top of that, the rumor said that the Emperor’s son had a rebel army――that is to say, he was the leader of the group gathered at the Fortress City of Guaral, and that he was flying the banner of revolt against the Emperor, or something of the like.

However, he did not remember seeing anyone who had looked like that in the city.

Zikr: [According to the reports, this rumor had spread from the East. It has already spread all over the Empire, but its source…]

Abel: [It is as you have guessed, it was spread from the Demon City. ――It takes power to threaten the throne. And power will only gather under a great cause.]

With his arms crossed and shaking his head slowly, Abel answered dispassionately.

That answer was convincing, but in the first place, an effort to threaten the Emperor’s throne was not an issue their camp really wanted to be involved with.

As for Otto, his focus had turned to how to curb the possibility that Emilia would say she could not abandon these people, having met them once.

Due to that, it could be said that he was late in noticing the possibilities he normally would have noticed.


???: […A black-haired, Crown Prince.]

Petra, who seemed to be pondering, was the one who had muttered that bit by bit.

She had been brooding over something, forming a small crease on her pretty eyebrows. Then, she timidly expressed her thoughts.

Those were――,

Petra: [Um, according to what Medium-san and the others had said earlier, Subaru became smaller right? Like me or Beatrice-chan.]

Frederica: [That is what has been said. I cannot really imagine it, but if it was Subaru, it is possible to have encountered such a misfortune… Ah.]

Otto: [――!]

Nodding at Petra’s words, Frederica’s eyes widened as she sorted through the information. Almost simultaneously with Frederica’s realization, Otto had also understood what Petra had been thinking.

And now, he had to curse how off-the-mark his own thinking had been.

Petra: [Could it be that the rumored child of the Emperor is Subaru?]

In the place of Otto, who had cursed that possibility, Petra had directly cut to the heart of the matter.

Unmoving, the girl’s eyes were fixed on Abel, and through the Oni mask, his black eyes met them. Without the slightest waver, Abel calmly nodded in assent to Petra’s questioning,

Abel: [Correct.]

Petra: [――hk, Something like that…]

With the look in her eyes sharpening at that short answer, Petra had tried to raise her voice.

However, faster than Petra could respond,

???: [――Ku, hahahahaha!]

Like so, a wholeheartedly amused voice resounded.

Laughter that had not paid heed to the circumstances, shattered the mood in the large chamber. However, the reason no one could raise their voice immediately after that outburst was because that loud laughter was Priscilla’s.

She held a fan to her mouth, as if to not show her teeth while she laughed.

Priscilla: [Of all things, that foolish commoner as the Crown Prince, that makes me laugh. Ahh, Abel, you, do you plan to kill mineself with laughter? You have considerably changed your way of doing things, have you not?]

???: [Princess?]

Priscilla: [What is it, you should laugh as well, Al. No, did you also take part in this conspiracy? If so, how skillfully have you made mineself laugh! I must say you have performed the duties of a clown splendidly.]

Turning towards a surprised Al, Priscilla looked pleased while commending him. The unpredictability of Priscilla’s reaction had temporarily taken away the zeal in the large chamber.

Of course, that did not mean it had erased all the confusion.

Emilia: [Umm, what do you mean? There’s no way that Subaru is the Emperor’s child, right? After all, Subaru came from beyond the Great Waterfall.]

Frederica: [Emily, that is one of Subaru-sama’s jokes.]

Emilia: [Is that so? Then, for real?]

Otto: [As for the question of whether he is a child of the emperor, it is not true. A fabrication.]

Emilia: [Eh? Eh? Eh?]

A dizzied Emilia expressed that she did not understand a thing.

In short, Subaru’s infantilization and the goal of Abel’s group had luckily aligned.

Frederica: [To be precise, I think it would be more proper to say they made use of it once it happened.]

Otto agreed with what Frederica had said, that this had been an effective use of the situation.

When Abel and the others had raised a rebellion, they wanted a good pretext like that. To act as a figurehead for that purpose, there was no one more convincing than the Emperor’s child.

Of course, it was quite possible that using someone who did not exist as the leader would be a double-edged sword.

Otto: [Since Natsuki-san does really exist, do you intend to use him as a double edged sword?]

Abel: [An insolent manner of speaking, but it is to my liking. In that case, you should also understand.]

Otto: [――Though, it is frustrating.]

Rightfully, Otto and the others would be justified in resenting Subaru’s circumstances being exploited.

However, although his reply that it was frustrating was not a lie, it was true that there was a certain noticeable value in the course of events Abel had devised.

That was because――,

Frederica: [――For Subaru-sama, whose whereabouts are unknown, it would cause the likelihood of him losing his life to be greatly reduced.]

Otto: […Yes.]

Otto nodded bitterly at Frederica’s understanding.

Emilia and Garfiel were slow in comprehending Otto and Frederica’s thoughts. With the two showing their confusion on their faces, they racked their brains and asked “What does that mean?”

Emilia: [I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but…]

Garfiel: [My amazin’ self gets that Captain’s been given a weird title. But, wouldn’t makin’ him the Captain of the rebellion be even more dangerous?]

Otto: [No, it would draw attention, but the threats to his life would be lightened more or less. Because the value of the Crown Prince can only be effectively demonstrated while he is alive.]

The Crown Prince, a dissident threatening the reign of Vincent Vollachia.

This existence within the rebel cause had utilizable value to both allies and enemies of the current Emperor. It goes without saying for the rebelling side, but if he was kept alive there were many ways to use him on the Emperor’s side as well.

Executing him would dampen the spirits of the rebel army, while a living Crown Prince could be used to force them to give up their righteous cause.

Otto: [That is to say, no matter where Natsuki-san was hurled off to, and even if he was taken into custody, the likelihood of him avoiding being killed on the spot is high. Instead of that――]

Emilia: [Instead of that?]

Otto: […The struggle for the Vollachian throne, any way out of this rebellion has vanished.]

Receiving a blessing goes hand in hand with having to bear responsibilities.

Regardless of whether he wished for it or not, Subaru was right in the middle of the rebellion of the Vollachian Empire, at the highest position, placed as the figurehead.

For that reason――,

Priscilla: [――Well, how can you not help but laugh?]

And with those words, they could finally guess why Priscilla, who had gotten the answer well before, was cruelly laughing.


[1] What is happening here is that when the sound カアサマ (kaasama, mother) came out of Emilia’s mouth, she made the connection between the word Priscilla had said ハハウエ (hahaue, Dear Mother) and カアサマ (kaasama, mother). In that moment, she understood the meaning of 母上(Dear Mother) and 母様(Mother). Do notice how the katakana is used to refer to the sounds, whilst the kanji is used to refer to the meaning.

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      The times she complained about Subaru’s smell he was dying a lot.
      But there’s a possibility that she just didn’t notice.

        1. subaru didn’t lose his smell in the entire year he was alive and well, so it wouldn’t make sense for louis to lose her smell completely after a couple of days. Although there is a possibility that she may have lost the authority but retained the knowledge, or maybe she only gains smell when she eats someone (which hasn’t happened since the start of the whole arc).

    2. We don’t have any indication that miasma comes from using an Authority or from possessing a Witch Factor. In fact, the Gladiator Island phase would suggest miasma is not directly the result of Authorities or Witch Factors. Subaru’s scent only intensified when Satella found him. Prior to that, despite using RbD a whole bunch, it didn’t trigger any increase in his miasma. Louis likely used her Authority once before on Rem to help her remember healing magic, but it didn’t seem to cause any miasma to appear.

      Seems Louis simply isn’t doing the kind of things that would cause her to accumulate miasma. The reason Witch Cultists all put off a miasma is not really explained, but the principle of miasma as explained in Arc 6 was that it was some kind of polluted mana. Just because someone possess a Witch Factor doesn’t mean they will emit any contaminated mana. Of course, the original Witches all give off miasma, but this doesn’t mean this is by virtue of possessing Witch Factors.

      What seems more pertinent is that everyone who gives off miasma is deranged in some way with Subaru the sole exception as he apparently gets his miasma from Satella. Perhaps miasma is more about a person’s mind or soul and it is just that those possessing Witch Factors are usually the kinds of people who will emit miasma, rather than miasma being something specifically tied to Witch Factors. It is worth noting that Al and Clind are both confirmed as possessing Authorities as well and they have used them, but it apparently does not cause them to emit miasma.

      Granted, we don’t know if all Authorities are derived from Witch Factors either. It is an assumption based on the fact those who possess a Witch Factor also possess an Authority. However, unless the number of Witch Factors is understated, there just isn’t much cause to believe Al and Clind possess Witch Factors. Basically, the link between Authorities and Witch Factors is unclear. Since regular Witch Cultists also emit miasma, we know not everyone who gives off miasma possesses an Authority or Witch Factor either.

      My guess for why Louis doesn’t give off miasma is that it has to do with her novel origins. Until recently, she had been residing in Od Laguna where mana is said to be circulated and souls are filtered. Could well be that it cleanses mana just as it cleanses souls and so, even if Louis would normally have given off miasma, it was always being cleaned off. The current Louis, meanwhile, isn’t doing things that would cause her to give off miasma. Given miasma can have a corrupting influence on the mind, it may even explain why Louis is the least malevolent of the Gluttonies.

      1. Why would Al and Clind not possess Witch Factors? They both easily could’ve picked up Pride and Melancholy respectively.

        A lot of what you’re saying is dubious at best.

        1. The notion that Clind possesses the Melancholy Witch Factor is speculative and inconsistent with various details about his Authority. His warping ability is more like Satella’s powers, for example. Also, the whole “can only be used within Luginica” and “requires compensation” is seriously strange. It is completely unlike other Authorities. There are other details about Clind that are odd, such as his apparent longevity given that he was an associate of Roswaal J. Mathers. Basically, I think the explanation behind his nature is going to be a lot more than “possesses a Witch Factor” and there is no reason to think he has one other than him possessing some kind of an Authority.

          Plus, I just plain don’t think it makes sense for Melancholy to be dead, which is presumably necessary for Clind to have that Witch Factor. Melancholy was strong enough that Echidna said she couldn’t beat him and there aren’t many other beings that could have killed him. Also, introducing him in a major flashback only to announce he died off-screen some time ago is bizarre. If he is not dead, then there would have to be a reason why he is not causing havoc around the world. Pandora, it can be assumed, is just not much of a fighter and isn’t keen on revealing herself. My suspicion is that he was the one behind the Elior Forest seal, given it is practically identical to the apparent seal for Satella depicted in Arc 6.

          1. All this time I’ve assumed Hector to be dead and somehow merged with Roswaal, hence his eye color changing to what Hector had

      2. I agree that the connection between Witch Factors and Authorities is very vague
        IF Al is actually the sin archbishop of pride then it can be assumed that he has the witch factor like any other sin archbishop

        And Clind mentioned then sin of melancholy while using his authority, meaning that his authority most likely comes from the melancholy witch factor

        There’s plenty of reason to believe that both have their respective witch factors

        1. The problem here is that Al’s Authority is too similar to Subaru’s and there are far too many other similarities. One of those similarities is they both have some kind of connection to Satella, who clearly has something to do with Subaru’s Authority, even though he can use it independently of her. In other words, there is plenty of reason to believe Al’s Authority and Subaru’s Authority are connected and have something to do with Satella. We know Subaru possesses some kind of Witch Factor beyond Greed and Sloth, but we don’t know its identity. It is assumed that Satella is somehow sharing her Witch Factor with him or it could be he possess the Pride Witch Factor. However, it also stands to reason that Al in a similar spot to Subaru given the aforementioned similarities between them.

          As it stands, people only assume Al and Clind’s Authorities are due to Witch Factors, but Subaru also possesses an Authority and is confirmed to possess a Witch Factor that is seemingly related to it. You would be talking about three Witch Factors for Subaru, Al, and Clind, one too many unless Pandora is dead and that is highly unlikely to be the case. We also have to assume Hector of Melancholy is dead and we have absolutely not basis for assuming that other than assuming Clind possesses the same Authority and can only possess it with Hector dead. Basically, there is more likely some other explanation for these things and it is being deliberately kept hidden.

          1. My basic theory is that witch factors create the authority but they don’t actually have to remain attached to them for the user to continue to use that authority however without the witch factor the authority will weaken a bit (Al being cut off from his authority in chaos flame is his connection to the authority itself was cut by olbart technique like how Subarus connection to satella was damaged by it) and that’s part of why the authorities (except for sloth which is too slothful to change the way that it is from its own nature) change the ability depending on user (gluttony picks up multiple abilities at once since it can split and have multiple users) because they leave the previous abilities of the authorities with the previous user when that user dies plus the three great witch beasts all seem to have one or more ability from the authority of gluttony that the sin archbishops have so it makes it seem like they are also using that authority (by instinct rather than intelligently though)

    3. Rem also said she didn’t smell of miasma. One reason that might be the case is that her portion of her witch factor went over to Roy, but what is actually going on with her will likely be clarified at the end of the arc.

    4. I dont get it, where in this chapter she says she smell or doesnt smell the misama on her? start from that. I dont know, am I reading the same thing as you guys? 2 chapters ago someone in the comments also mentioned Flop telling how to take revenge on Abel to eschart, but nothing was mentioned in the chapter??? Im afraid im missing parts of the story somehow

      1. It’s from previous chapters Subaru said Louis should also have the scent of Miamasa but rem said she didn’t and flop getting revenge on Abel was just implied because of a conversation between flop and his kidnappers

  3. We all knew that it was coming to this end, but the fact that they know it now makes it great!

    Also, this chapter made me think about Louis being the way she was since there was absolutely nothing else for her to do and no one to relate to or care about. I understood she basically lived everything through Subaru’s senses and I feel like she’s learned about human interaction. Otherwise maybe the fact that there are no memories and simply relating to others as the first thing to do in a new mind just means her having something else to do. Idk how to explain myself it sounds better in my head lol.

    Thanks so much for the translation!

  4. Yorna: [Well, I’m surprised. But now that you mention it, I guess we both look a lot alike.]
    Is it not Emilia who’s speaking ? We notice it when we read the following

  5. It’s now directly pointed out in story that Priscilla lacks any animal features for being the daughter of a kitsune. Is Yorna not actually her biological mother? Or did she somehow undergo a race change?

    1. Priscilla says that Yorna can’t fool her eyes and talks about her soul.

      Also if you read ahead with DeepL the answer is provided.

        1. I mean that the actual answer is provided in a later chapter, but is hinted at here with Priscilla’s comment about Yorna’s soul.

  6. I never thought about how Subaru being seen as a descendent of Vollachian royalty would make sense.
    You have this mysterious guy show up out of nowhere with the distinctive black hair and eyes of Vollachian royalty. with absurdly sharp intuition, luck and timing, letting this ordinary human pull off some crazy stunts despite their frailty. Who is also very vague about where they came from.
    Not to mention that Subaru’s personality is the opposite of the empire’s ideal, which would explain why he left.
    I could buy Emilia’s camp believing that Subaru is a descendant of royalty considering all the things they’ve witnessed him do.

    1. and at the beginning, I think arc2, in the mansion, Emilia noticed that Subaru’s muscles are not from working in the field but working out and his hands also indicate exactly that, in other words that he is from at least decently wealthy family or even royalty.

      1. yes, but as I believe, it would be funny if his camp really became that Subaru belongs to the Volhal family and Subaru would not reveal the truth because of the agreement with Abel according to which (Anyone from helping the Subaru camp to an alliance with Lugunica, you can insert anything here). Maybe it’s stupid but it’s funnier

      2. His hands being more delicate is because he was an average teen living in 2010s Japan and had never done hard physical labor before. I think you’re grasping at straws.

        1. No, you’re missing the point. The people in his new world don’t know that he’s really from another world. Right in his very first loop, Emilia looks at his hands and the only explanation she can come up with for his physique is that he’s the son of nobility.

  7. Just an odd thought, but I am starting to think that Louis’s lack of memory is probably self inflicted; possibly taking her own memory. As to why she would do this, it seems she was very traumatized after learning of and experiencing Subaru’s RbD in arc 6, though where those memories went afterwards could only be guessed. maybe to her sealed brother or lost entirely? As for her relearning her ability to teleport and whatnot, maybe it is a similar situation to Rem relearning how to use healing magic? Her odd fixation with Subaru could also he related to the miasma around him; possibly finding it comforting since she is a sin archbishop. Im sure we will eventually find out the truth, or maybe we won’t, as with the hundreds of other mysteries in the series ( wonder how the hell they plan to explain how volcanica somehow knows Patrasche).

    1. Patrasche could just be one of the older ground dragons since according to the in universe legends volcanica was the one who created the ground dragon species. Also Louis seemingly losing her memory was definitely self inflicted but I don’t think it was through gluttony I think the two sides of her mind either just destroyed each other and resulted in a new personality made from the stolen memories that she still had or merged in a way that she lost who she was before entirely and ended up merging with the stolen memories since in the chapter Louis who was part of Subaru and Louis who stayed behind fought each other it said the results of the fight didn’t actually matter all that much

      1. Well, it could also be possible its satella who take her memories.

        Remember sometimes when subaru meets her its seems like he knows her for sur and for a long time, then forgot everything when he spawns back.

        Why wouldn’t she take Louis memories ?


        1. I mean it’s possible she did that while Louis was in the shadow since echidna did use something similar to gluttony on Subaru back during sanctuary during the tea party (she did the hand licking thing like gluttony did before sending Subaru back the first time if I remember right) but I’m not sure if that was just a forced contract/oath thing as payment for the information he didn’t ask for or if it was part of an authority

  8. Ever so sweet Emilia…thats why you’re best girl!

    Anyways putting aside the Pricilla and Yorna realisation, took them awhile to figure out Abel’s plan for that rumour…

  9. Abel: [Você está falando sério? Yorna Mishigure é Sandra Bento?]
    não tem nenhuma informação de Sandra na internet por que ? é a primeira e última vez que essa Sandra é mencionada ? mesmo que seja a Yorna atualmente…
    queria imagens ou ilustrações dessa versão da Sandra como mãe da Priscilla… ><!
    finalmente o Subaru sendo falado como o filho do imperador kkk
    obrigado pelo capitulo!

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