Arc 7, Chapter 91 – “Racing Across the Battlefield”


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She took off her robe and stretched out her arms and legs that always tried to stay ladylike.

???: [――――]

She kicked the ground strongly and sent her supple body flying forward. The feeling of the gallant golden hair cutting through the wind was pleasant, and she cautioned herself in her mind as she ran across the grass.

This was a battlefield, a place where many lives would collide with each other, a terminus for lives that would be scattered.

Even though she knew this in her head, the scent of blood that slipped through her nostrils and the numerous fighting spirits that reached her through the air threatened to embolden Frederica, who had turned into a beast.

Frederica: [It is unpleasant…]

Without looking away from her exuberance, Frederica muttered with an emotion detached from her instincts.

Fortunately or not, Frederica had not suffered any notable disasters despite being a member of the camp and standing beside the great vortex.

Certainly, no disaster had passed that was comparable to when the old Roswaal mansion burned, where she and Garfiel had met for the first time in over a decade, during the fight with Meili and her female partner at that time. In the truest sense, it was such a desperate battleground where she barely escaped with her life.

It was precisely because she had lived those relatively peaceful times, that she realized, whether she liked it or not.

That the blood that flowed within her, the mixture of human and beastly natures, was biased. Without sufficient awareness and consciousness, it would be easy to lose sight of what was important to her.

What troubled Frederica was a kind of fate tied to her half-beast body.

An instinctual appeal that her brother Garfiel could unconsciously control at a high level. Frederica was very annoyed with her own inability to control it.

The source of the blood that shaped her seemed terribly vile and merciless――.

Frederica: [――I do not have time to feel sorry for myself. When Garf and Emilia-sama, as well as Petra and Otto-sama, are doing their best.]

Finishing the conversation within herself, Frederica faced forward while snapping her animalized limbs.

Both the exuberance that swayed her and the anxiety about the uncertain future were negative emotions induced by Frederica’s own uncertain position within her camp.

――Naturally, Frederica and her comrades were represented by Emilia.

Although each one in the group had their own opinions on their strategy, Emilia would ultimately make the final decision. Moreover, Emilia herself was a powerful Spiritual Arts User and could be relied upon in a fight.

Garfiel was perfectly competent as a military officer, and Otto set the course with his excellent judgment even in a neighboring country that had entered a state of war. Both Garfiel and Otto were a little overwhelmed by Subaru’s absence, but the former sought opportunities to vent on the battlefield, while Petra handled the latter well.

Frederica: [If she becomes too dependable, I will feel desolate as well.]

Although she mumbled sulkily, Frederica was proud of the growth of the girl she loved like a little sister. That it was accompanied by a feeling of loneliness was kind of her being softened.

Otto, using his Divine Protection of the Soul of Language and listening to every living thing around the battlefield, had probably gained the most information in this great upheaval.

Petra, standing by his side, was applying her newly learned yang magic――which would improve both physical and mental functions, to herself and Otto, reducing the repercussions of overuse of his Divine Protection while also helping them discern the information he gathered.

Petra, who had been learning as a new maid under herself for the past year, had grown incredibly through her own tireless efforts, in addition to her memory and her ability to complete tasks.

In terms of her level of growth, she probably was the best in the camp, surpassing even Emilia and Subaru.

While still young and forbidden to step onto the battlefield because of her immaturity, she didn’t waste away and instead sought a role, supporting Otto, who was in peril, and fulfilling her unique role.

She was proud. While at the same time, reflecting back on herself.

Unable to fight like Emilia and Garfiel, she had neither the intelligence nor the ability to assist like Otto and Petra.

What could she, one who simply ran across the battlefield as a beast, suppressing her burning instincts, do.

Frederica: [――――]

Use your Divine Protection to the fullest and dominate this battlefield.

That is what Otto was prepared to do and, in fact, Frederica believed was happening. Thanks to Otto’s efforts, which leaned on Petra’s assistance and minimized thinking about the future, the collected information was brought to Abel’s headquarters one after another.

The tactics that could be assembled expanded once Abel was able to grasp the currently ongoing events and progression of things, and the battle of the rebel army progressed. ――Certainly, to his advantage.

Of course, Abel’s instructions did not reach all of the rebel army.

The other rebels, who had begun fighting without waiting for the arrival of his group, which included Emilia and her party from the fortified city, showed no signs of coordination or cooperation.

However, it was Otto’s and Abel’s opinion that this frustrating situation would not last forever, and signs of that were already beginning to appear.

Carried away by the momentum of the uprising, the ones who met the rebels that had attacked the Imperial Capital in one fell swoop were the elite chosen by the Emperor who ruled the Empire, the “monsters”.

The rebels would have been hit head-on with their strength and were shocked and horrified from it.

They’re holding the expectation that if they could only get them out of the state where they can only see the enemy in front of them, and the glory that laid ahead, they would listen to their side.

During the frustrating time until that happened, Frederica could only――,

Frederica: [――I found you! Taritta-sama!]

Taritta: [――Hk!? What!?]

A moment later, Frederica rushed over to the person she was looking for in the fast-changing battlefield.

Taritta turned around and widened her eyes in shock at the sight of the four-legged beast running furiously, kicking at the grass. However, her agitation was short-lived as she picked up her bow with a terrifyingly cold eye, the tip of the nocked arrow was pointed unhesitantly at Frederica and――,

???: [Wait, Taritta. It’s an ally.]

It was Mizelda, holding down her sister’s bow from above, who saved Frederica from being nearly shot through. Seeing Taritta’s eyes widen at her sister’s words, Frederica landed on her feet and apologized in a loud voice, “I am so sorry!”

Frederica: [Please excuse my appearance. I am Frederica.]

Mizelda: [I see, it’s you, huh. ――That is a beautiful beast transformation. If I didn’t know it was you, I’d want to skin you and display your fur in the village.]

Frederica: [I-, I should take that as a complement, right? Ahem, I have something to tell you. ――This is a message from the head of the main camp, Abel-sama.]

Facing Mizelda, who had crossed her arms, Frederica went straight to the point despite feeling troubled by her praise.

Frederica turned into a beast and ran across the hellfire raining down on the battlefield, to serve as a messenger. She had come to pass along the information that Abel had scrutinized which had been gathered by Petra’s supporter, Otto.

Mizelda: [From Abel… what did he say?]

Wary of the presence of the enemies guarding the star-shaped citadel and its five bastions, and fearing a melee with the rebels who had set out ahead of her, Taritta, who had been on the offensive, leaned forward.

Although the combat power of the “People of Shudraq” was threatening, their true strength lied in their ability to fight in groups, and they could only be truly effective when they were prepared for a situation that could be described as “hunting.”

They could not take full advantage of their strength in the field on open land.

If these girls could climb over the wall, the defenses of the Imperial Capital would be quickly reduced. For that reason, the selection of the wall to attack was considered important.

And that was――,

Frederica: [――At the headquarters they have concluded that the third bastion would be one we need to break through the most.]

Mizelda: [The third… over there?]

After receiving the message that had been handed down, Mizelda turned her eyes to the rampart in question.

In the distance, a group of rebels had taken the lead to topple the walls, one person after another, and attempted to get over the sturdy rampart that protected the Imperial Capital of Lupugana. However, seemingly slicing through that fervor, blasts and screams mocked these approaches of recklessly leaping in and showed them how mercilessly they would be cut down.

There was no doubt that powerful beings guarding the Imperial Capital were positioned at all five bastions. However, the reason the third bastion could serve as a breakpoint was――,

Mizelda: [――. Stone golems seem to be moving there.]

Taritta: [Is it the SteelmanHowever, there should only be one of the Nine Divine Generals.]

Frederica: [――――]

Frederica was struck speechless at the sisters that conversed nonchalantly as they gazed at the rampart in the distance.

As a half-beast, Frederica currently had better eyesight than usual in her beast form. Even so, she could see nothing other than the cloud of dust that hung over the wall the pair were gazing at.

Even though they were a tribe that hunted to survive, she had once again felt disgusted at her lack of ability.

Mizelda: [Frederica, what did Abel and the others say about the dolls?]

Frederica: [――Ah, yes, well, Abel-sama said that they were the troops of Moguro Hagane, one of the Nine Divine Generals.]

Taritta: [Nine Divine Generals…]

Gazing off into the distance, Taritta’s cheeks stiffened after she heard those words.

Frederica painfully understood the reason for the slight tinge of anxiety in her mutterings.

Naturally, since Taritta was going to participate in the decisive battle for the Imperial Capital, she must have considered the possibility of a clash with a member of the Nine Divine Generals. However, even if one considered the possibility, there was still a certain uneasiness that could not be dispelled.

In the same manner, the fear of the Sword Saint remains even if one knew for a fact he was not there.

Mizelda: [Taritta, don’t worry.]

Taritta: [Sister…]

However, it was Mizelda who chuckled at her sister’s tense appearance. She clapped her sister on the shoulder so firmly, her powerful eyes shining brightly.

Mizelda: [Even if it’s against a Divine General, we’ll never be outdone again. If it’s that Divine General, I’ll get my revenge, and if it’s not that one, then I’ll be mad. Any questions, hm?]

Asking Taritta with a shrug of the shoulders, Mizelda showed her right leg――which had been replaced below the knee by a wooden stick.

Frederica could not decide if these were words of true madness, or if they were meant to encourage her sister――,

Taritta: [――No, no questions.]

Taritta blinked once, then twice, and nodded, and the next moment, with blinding speed, she drew and nocked an arrow, and shot it right over their heads.

Immediately afterward, Frederica looked up hearing cries of pain high in the sky, and saw a flying dragon spinning and falling to the ground a short distance away from the three of them.

The arrow that hit the flying dragon under its chin pierced all the way through to the top of its head, killing it. While Frederica was amazed by Taritta’s overwhelming archery skills, Taritta exhaled and,

Taritta: [When the time is right, we will breach the wall ourselves. If we get past the walls, we win.]

Mizelda: [So, as expected of the Chief of the Shudraq. ――Frederica, what about you?]

Mizelda turned to Taritta, nodding her head in satisfaction at the determined look on her face. Frederica, who was almost overwhelmed by the pressure of the sisters, came to her senses at the mention of these words.

Frederica: [I will relay this message to the others. If all those who are willing to listen to me will gather in one place.]

Mizelda: [One hole breaks the dam.]

Frederica: [Yes. ――One hole for a new wind.]

That was the course of action the Emilia camp and Frederica must take.

Because she knew how her position still teetered on the edge within the camp, she was determined to do the best she could within the scope of the role she had been entrusted with.

Frederica: [Taritta-sama, Mizelda-sama, please have good luck in battle. Do not throw your lives away.]

Taritta: [Yes, Frederica, be careful too.]

Mizelda: [If you die, we Shudraq will pass on your pelt for generations.]

Frederica: [Unfortunately, I have no plans to give it to you!]

Freed from a little bit of tension, Frederica ran off accepting the send-off by the sisters.

Like a gale, she kicked through the grass and ran ahead to relay Abel’s instructions; the collaboration between Petra and Otto could not be in vain.

In turn, this would help Garfiel and Emilia in their struggle, and also Subaru and Rem, who might have been in the Imperial Capital.

Frederica: [But for now, I just have to keep on running.]


Leaving a slight trail of swaying grass and lingering shadows, the beastified Frederica disappeared.

She was a golden leopard, a four-footed beast that bore no resemblance to her original tall beautiful looks, yet was so refined that even a hunter would have to admire her beauty.

According to the information provided by Frederica, Taritta and Mizelda were ready to mobilize the Shudraq to challenge the third bastion.

And, just when she had made up her mind to do so――,

???: [――Tsk, I can’t cut them down! There’s too many of them in the way!]

With a crude voice, a man with an eye patch holding twin swords dropped from the sky.

Dexterously handling his two long swords, the man slashed away the wings of a flying dragon and then jumped to the side of the other flying dragon that dropped down at the same time, cutting off its head as it tried to bite him.

A brilliant sword strike, and the one who unleashed it and turned around was――,

Mizelda: [Jamal, I guess?. Your face isn’t satisfying to look at.]

Jamal: [I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m so sick of this shit! If we don’t get into the Imperial Capital somehow, I’ll never know if Katya’s safe or not… Todd, you bastard, I hope you’re protecting her.]

Sputtering and swearing, Jamal yelled, scratching his dark brown, curly hair.

As an Imperial Soldier captured in the Fortress City, he was in the rare position of joining forces with Abel after learning of his true identity, but nonetheless he was a man of great ability――Unfortunately, his face was revealing his crude nature and did not meet Mizelda’s approval as someone caringly deeply about looks.

In any case, Taritta could not stay ignorant about how frustrated he was about his family being left behind in the Imperial Capital.


Mizelda: [Regardless of us, the other rebels will probably take what they can get their hands on.]

Jamal: [I already know that! That’s why I’m going to end this ridiculous charade​ by chopping off the head of this fake emperor as soon as possible.]

Mizelda: [Since you are so raring to go, I’ve got some good news for you. We’re about to head to the third bastion. Word is that we have a chance to strike there.]

As Jamal stomped his feet, Mizelda revealed Frederica’s earlier message to him. Hearing this, however, Jamal frowned dubiously with a ” ‘ay what?”

Jamal: [A chance? Who told you that…]

Mizelda: [Abel, it seems.]

Jamal: [Tell me about that quickly! Oi! You guys, get ready! We’re going to the third bastion!]

Jamal was quick to switch gears, and he harshly called to the other soldiers to start assembling―― those in the same situation as him who joined them in the fortified city.

His voice was loud, his will was clear, and he boasted some genuine strength. Surprisingly, he might have the makings of a “General”.

Seeing Jamal’s back, Taritta moved to catch up.

Taritta: [Sister, we also need to call Kuna and Holly to get ready… ah?]

When they called out, Taritta reflexively held her breath.

Eyes widening, she reached for something that fluttered and fell before her eyes. Just when Taritta gently reached out her hand, something white disappeared from her palm in less than a second.

It was a white light that slowly and furiously danced across the sky of the burning battlefield――No, it was a cold grain of ice, a snowflake.

Taritta: [Why is this happening?]

Mizelda: [――. Right, guess you didn’t see it, Taritta.]

Taritta: [Sister?]

Beside Taritta, who was stunned by seeing the presence of snow for the first time in her life, Mizelda nodded her head.

For some reason, unlike Taritta, Mizelda seemed to know exactly what she was seeing; in fact, she recognized it.

Mizelda: [It’s Emily.]

Taritta: [Emily…]

The name Mizelda gave belonged to a silver-haired girl in the same camp as Frederica.

It was still fresh in Taritta’s mind when she revealed herself as a half-elf, yet somehow she was the one who had caused this snow to fall. For what purpose was she doing it?

Perhaps because she had experienced something outside of her imagination, Taritta felt a slight shiver and softly hugged her own shoulders.

Mizelda: [The world out there is really that big, huh. The Shudraq’s chief and former chief come together too often, and we are left on the bottom. This snow is no differentBesides…]

Mizelda, who was looking up at the sky as snow fell, turned her gaze in the other direction. It was the grass Frederica had stepped on earlier, and the direction in which she had disappeared.

The thought of this outrageous duty to continuously carry the message of the latest information from Abel across this vast battlefield without losing your breath――,

Mizelda: [――A beautiful beast keeps us alive. Wherever we go, it is the hunter’s delight.]

And, she extolled that other person, who sold herself short way too much.

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