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Those words were spoken with both intimacy and graciousness.

Hearing the bandaged figure’s opening speech, the crowd could only gaze up in stunned silence.

The figure standing high above them had a peculiar, striking appearance. Its voice was ear- piercing yet incredibly entrancing.

However, those notable features were secondary to something much greater.

The reason why no one dared to move their eyes from that figure was, in fact, incredibly simple. Calling that reason biological instinct would be no exaggeration.

— No one would be so foolish as to heedlessly look away from a life-threatening enemy.

“Huh, what?”

“What did that person say just now?”

“This a joke, right? The Witch Cult, what’s with…”

Delayed understanding gradually spread through the crowd.

However, no one took action. Everyone merely questioned the people near them, as if doubting what they’d heard.

Larkins: “Just now, what did that bastard say? Did you hear it!?”

Larkins, who’d raced back toward Subaru, shared that reaction.

Although he crossed the crowd while and approached Subaru while keeping an eye on the clocktower, Subaru, standing at a distance from the crowd, didn’t let his gaze waver for even a second.

A disaster would surely occur as soon as he looked away.

That figure’s identity being what it was, that was a doubtless fact.

— That is, that figure was a creature from the same species as Petelgeuse.

Subaru: “Also, claiming to be a Romanee-Conti…?”

The bandaged figure had given its name: Sirius Romanee-Conti.

Ridiculously enough, Romanee-Conti was in fact Petelgeuse’s surname, although it was impossible for that evil spirit to have blood relatives.

Subaru: “That can’t mean that all the cultists share that surname.”

An entire family named Romanee-Conti would be far too much of a nightmare to handle.

A wicked religion spreading the teachings of the witch, all under the name of Romanee-Conti? Even the thought seemed distorted and foul.

At the same time, an endless wave of anger rose inside Subaru.

Although this was not the Gluttony that he’d been pursuing, if this was someone who could give him a lead, then,

Subaru: “— I’ll try capture him and force him to explain everything.”

Although difficult, that could open a path to Gluttony.

Determined, Subaru calmed his blazing heart, and focused on finding his connection with Beatrice. Beatrice would appear for Subaru as soon as she was summoned.

This was an effect of the contract between a contractor his spirit.

Deep within himself, Subaru grabbed onto their connection, and prepared to seize it, when,

Sirius: “— Alright! That’s enough!”

Subaru: “—!?”

Just as he was about to call Beatrice, a shrill, dry voice called loudly from above.

That voice gave the impression that it could permeate the entire city. The bandaged person clapped his hands, and Subaru opened his eyes to see him watching the crowd beneath him.

Sirius: “Everyone took 22 seconds to fall quiet. However, thank you all for your attention. I’m very happy. In addition…”

Despite the irony in those words, the bandaged person, Sirius, kept his arms crossed as his entire body shook. Although he looked incredibly happy, the friction between the chains hanging from his arms and the walls of the clock tower created an uncomfortable sound.

Sirius: “You and you there, and the two buddies there, and you there too. I’m sorry, but please don’t be so angry. I’m very sorry to take up everyone’s precious time. Sorry, and thank you.”

Subaru: “What…”

Sirius twisted his body around, as if he were genuinely complaining.

Subaru had be prepared to yell “what a joke”, but, before the words finished leaving his mouth, he noticed that he’d been included amongst the four people who Sirius had pointed a finger at when he’d said “don’t be angry”.

Looking around, he saw the other people who Sirius had pointed out; they all seemed to possess some amount of skill. A beastman with a sword at his waist, a woman in a blindfold, and Larkins, who each wore a blush.

Those who had been named had all been people who had been prepared to take some action against Sirius. This was a warning that their plans had been seen through.

Subaru: “——”

Subaru felt cold sweat begin to bead his forehead, and he stopped calling for Beatrice.

He’d long understood how terrifying an attack by the Witch Cult was, and knew that survival was everything. In the square around Subaru, no fewer than thirty people had gathered.

If he couldn’t find an advantage somehow, then his situation was already deadly.

Subaru gave a wink to the other four who had been mentioned by Sirius, forming eye contact.

The beastman and blindfolded women both caught his eye, as did a sharp looking city resident. Only Larkins’s face revealed a vague confusion as he looked away from Subaru.

Larkins held the most powerful card; the ability to summon Reinhardt.

Yesterday, Reinhardt had cautioned Larkins to remember to signal him in case anything happened. So there was a well-established sign between them, and as soon as Larkins used it, Reinhardt would come. And as long as Reinhardt rushed to the scene, then whether it were with Witch Cult or Sirius or whatever, any enemy would be cut down without fail.

However, there would certainly be casualties as soon as Larkins made the signal. That was probably what led Larkins to hesitate.

If sacrifices were disregarded, that would be the best way to deal with Sirius.

But did they have to resort to that immediately? Would those sacrifices be worth it?

Sirius: “Okay, thank you. It looks like we’ve all calmed down a little bit. I understand your restlessness. Hearing the name ‘Witch Cult’ didn’t evoke a good impression, did it? So, I didn’t plan to do anything too special. The reason I took everyone’s precious time today is because I wanted to confirm a matter.”

“To confirm… a matter?”

Sirius: “I’m sorry, please don’t chatter so much. My head isn’t too good, so if everyone speaks at the same time, I’ll feel troubled. Then I’ll be very sad. That isn’t good, is it? If there’s anything bothering any of you, please tell me. I’m taking up everyone’s time, and I feel very guilty, so no matter what the question is, I’ll answer. Is that okay?”

Sirius, from beginning to end of that speech, spoke in an intimate, rational manner, but that attitude was off-putting, which was a given, considering the sense of disgust people would direct toward a bandaged figure who revealed only his teeth and eyes.

Presumably, everyone thought like this. Even at Sirius’s suggestion, the crowd remain silent and eyed the people near them. In that case,

Subaru: “With all due respect, can I ask you a question?”

Since no one raised their hand, Natsuki Subaru spoke up.

Subaru, detecting himself at the center of a wave of surprise, kept his gaze fixed intently on Sirius, who looked down to Subaru.

Sirius: “Yes, please do. Thank you. You were the someone who got a little angry just now, so I’m very happy that you’re willing to talk to me. What do you want to know?”

Subaru: “Although I don’t know what’s going on here, I’m keeping some girls waiting. Four of them, actually. So it’d be nice if you could let us go as soon as possible.”

Sirius: “Oh, my! That’s truly terrible, I’m sorry. But I didn’t expect that from you. Is it a man’s dream to have four girls to serve? That’s really bad. Isn’t it sad to leave some of them crying? We have to put an end to this unallowable disloyalty that absolutely can’t happen that must be completely banned.”

Subaru: “H-Hey?” (oi)

Sirius’s voice grew more and more energetic halfway through the speech, before dropping into a whisper. However, after hearing Subaru’s puzzled voice,

Sirius: “No, no, I just got a little emotional. Sorry. Although I try so hard to remain level headed, I always become unwittingly excited. Thank you for worrying about me. Well… you asked when I’d let everyone go?”

Subaru: “…Ah, that’s right. We would appreciate it.”

Sirius: “I’m sorry bother you, I’m really very sorry. But it’s okay. Even though I’m in the Witch Cult, I honestly hate troubling anyone. My compatriots often give people trouble, and I feel very sorry about that.”

Unexpectedly, dialogue was fairly easy to establish.

A soft waist, an extremely humble attitude, the dialogue they’d exchanged — taking all that into account, could it be that Sirius was a woman?

The bandage rendered that face invisible, and the body was covered with a coat, so it was difficult to discern. The voice was high, but rather than sounding feminine, it sounded mechanical, so that was also difficult to use as a criterion for judgment.

But maybe it was a woman, Subaru thought indifferently.

In fact, judging from Sirius’s behavior and attitude, there wasn’t any particular danger.

Her abnormal appearance and the way that she’d introduced herself led to several people being on guard, but if these factors were disregarded, then she was easier to talk to than Priscilla.

In the surrounding crowd, the lingering tension gradually soothed, as people watched on curiously, as if waiting for her to make her point.

Subaru did so to, although he still felt slightly nervous.

Sirius: “Thank you. And I’m sorry. It looks like I scared everyone. But I’m very happy that you’re all willing to hear me out like this.”

Subaru: “It’s not like we won’t forgive you. But let’s get down to business already.”

Sirius: “That’s right, thanks for reminding me. Let’s get down to business. I appeared in front of everyone to affirm something.”

Sirius shook her body while rubbing her two chains together, creating a jarring sound.

In fact, rather than being off putting, that action looked entertaining. She seemed much more like a jester or performer than someone dangerous.

Subaru’s face eased into a smile, and his apprehension vanished.

He no longer found it necessary to call for Beatrice. He just hoped he could quickly hear Sirius out and leave.

Subaru: “So, what do you want to affirm?”

“Yeah, yeah, hurry up and tell us!” “Yeah, I’m about to be late for work!”

As soon as Subaru urged her on, a pandemonium of chattering began.

One man pointed at the tower Sirius was occupying and burst into laughter.

As the whirlpool of laughter spread, Subaru couldn’t help but relax even further. Sirius looked like she’d lost to the atmosphere and put a troubled hand on her head.

Sirius: “Sorry, I’m sorry. Really sorry. I know everyone is busy. I will finish my speech immediately, so please stay with me for a while.”

Subaru: “So tell us already!”

Sirius: “Okay! Well, I’ll say it. The matter I want to affirm is very simple. To put it bluntly, there’s something I want to affirm about Love. Wow, that was embarrassing.”

Although the bandages should have covered up any blushing, Sirius covered her face with a hand, trying to cover her shame up. As everyone laughed silently and infectiously, Sirius’s appearance began to seem increasingly out of place.

Sirius: “Although I expected that I’d be laughed at, it still makes me feel troubled. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you, and I also have a request.”

Subaru: “Request?”

Sirius: “I think, if everyone can stay with me for a while, I can affirm that Love. I’m sorry, I can really say some unruly things.”

Sirius stumbled through her words, rubbing her hands and chains together as she made her suggestion.

Faced with such a lovable sight, the crowd reacted with a “what, is that all?”. Subaru also crossed him arms, nodded as he felt the joy spread through the crowd.

Sirius lit up and begin clapping her hands.

Sirius: “Really? Thank you, thank you! I’m sorry. The world is really very gentle. Full of love and tenderness. Whenever I understand this, I cannot help but to want to express my gratitude. People are able to understand each other and care for each other. Maybe I always speak with ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ so that I can confirm that.”

“Yeah, yeah, we get it, Sirius! So what next—?”

Sirius: “Ah, I’m sorry!”

The blindfold female adventurer had cheered at Sirius. As if hearing the voice of a classmate who’d she’d been friends with for a decade, Sirius caught her gaze and began laughing with her.

Then, as if finally remembering her purpose, Sirius retreated into her clock tower and reached out a hand. Then,

Sirius: “I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Well, come here.”

???: “———!”

She spoke with a friendly voice as she pulled someone through a window.

A little figure moaned and writhed in her grip — a little boy whose entire body was bound.

He was only about ten years old, and his entire body, from ankles to shoulders, was wrapped around with a the chain. He was also gagged with that chain, the corners of his mouth dripping blood. Only his neck and above were free, and he desperately moved his head, crying as if pleading for something.

Sirius: “I’m sorry that you’re so scared. However, as a man, crying like this isn’t good. Although I wanted to keep that a secret for you, you look like you’re about to urinate yourself. It’s a hard feeling, and it’s sad when everyone can see it.”

???: “Mmm! Mmgh!!”

“Yes—! It’s so very embarrassing!” “If you’re a man then don’t cry!”

“Men only cry three times in their lives, and even then for only a moment!”

As Sirius coaxed the crying boy, the crowd below mocked that little boy.

Everyone had gone through a period of time where they cried over little things, so their teasing wasn’t malicious, but their lack of thoughtfulness was a clamor.

Sirius: “Alright, that’s enough, everybody! It’s true that this child is a little clumsy, but he’s in fact very brave. Isn’t that right, Lusbel-kun?”

Lusbel: “———!”

The teenager, who was bound by chains, couldn’t have been light, but Sirius held him up with one hand as she reproached the crowd while stroking his head.

Lusbel, as the boy was so called, desperately moved his head as if to place distance between himself and Sirius’s face.

That sight was rather humorous, and although knowing that it would be demeaning to the boy, the crowd still unconsciously laughed.

Sirius: “Excellent. Well, please pay attention. My apologies. This is Lusbel, a nine-year-old boy who lives in Pristella. His family name is Kallard, so his full name is Lusbel Kallard.”

Lusbel: “Mmph! MMPH!!”

Sirius: “His father is named Muslan Kallard. Muslan-san works to maintain the stability of the waterways. Ina Kallard, Lusbel-kun’s mother, is pregnant. Her stomach has just started to grow larger, and so Lusbel-kun is looking forward to having a younger brother or sister. The Kallard family lives on Third Street. They often go the city park with a family friend, Tina. Lusbel-kun and Tina-chan are childhood sweethearts, and they love each other dearly. Lusbel-kun’s dream is to have Tina-chan stand at his side and support him. Tina-chan is a girl with pale blond curls, and her growing beauty as she blossoms into adulthood is much anticipated. That Tina-chan also wants to support Lusbel-kun’s dream. Upon hearing of the song Delphin Betrayed by the Sunset, Lusbel-kun wanted to become an adventurer just like Delphin. It’s a very commendable dream for a boy of his age. Although there may be people who would laugh at that childish dream, I wouldn’t do so at all. Who could laugh at the manly spirit? I believe that Tina-chan also thinks so, which is why she gives Lusbel-kun her heartfelt support. Right, although Lusbel-kun’s dream is to be an adventurer, he’s also really looking forward to meeting the child inside his mother. His original plan was to immediately embark on the journey of adventure, but he put it on hold out of consideration for his newborn brother or sister. Because of the large difference in their ages, that child will certainly be very much loved. Lusbel-kun is a good kid who is considerate of others, so I think he will be a very good brother. I would also be happy if everyone could support Lusbel-kun’s feelings. Ah, yes, we can’t forget about Tina-chan. In fact, the one I originally wanted to bring here was Tina-chan rather than Lusbel-kun, because I think girls are closer than boys to the kind of Love that I want to affirm. However, my heart was impressed by Lusbel-kun’s desperate pleas. Sorry, I’m not a very strong-willed person. So I changed my mind… ah, although, being temperamental is just my usual attitude. When I talk about my love, I speak wholeheartedly. Oh, how annoying, I’m so embarrassed. Really, my business doesn’t matter. We should be focusing on Lusbel-kun and Tina-chan. Because they already love each other so much, I do not know how much they’ll come to adore to each other in the future, so separating them would make me very, very sad. So I decided that I’d respect Lusbel-kun’s feelings and help him. So, although Lusbel-kun was just slightly scared and even cried a little, he’s really a very brave child. Thanks, and, I’m sorry. I’ve finished talking in a way that’s convenient for everyone.”

Lusbel: “Mmph! Mmmph! Mmgh!”

Listening to that child’s, to Lusbel’s, life, everyone understood and agreed.

It turned out that, although mixed with a little bit of shame, Lusbel’s courage was indeed commendable. With that in mind, Subaru wanted to hit himself for having such a ridiculous, demeaning thought earlier.

But this was not the occasion to blame himself. Showing support for the boy was far more important than taking the time to be self-deprecating.

And so,

Subaru: “Lusbel, don’t cry! You’re the best!”

Subaru shouted loudly, praising the courage of the young boy’s tears.

Knowing the true courage buried under those tears, how could he laugh at that shame? Larkins, who stood next to Subaru, joined in the encouragement.

Larkins: “Yeah, don’t cry anymore! You’re a man, right!? If so, show us your handsome side, kid!”

“Yeah, listen well, Lusbel! You’re Pristella’s pride!” “Lusbel—! Amazing—! You’ll be a great man!”

The audience cheered up, and everyone present began clapping.

That was not only a scene of praising a young man’s dedication and courage, but also a beautiful scene showing the kindness of human nature.

No matter how weathered or desperate one appeared, what mattered was their will to protect what they valued, and that light was what attracted people to them. For such a revelation, they could only pray.

Sirius: “Ah… thank you, thank you, thank you! Ah, this is amazing! I believed that we could all understand. I knew everyone would praise Lusbel-kun’s courage. Because, he demonstrated the will of Love with it! If you know him, you will love him. Because of this mutual understanding, everyone now has an in-depth understanding of each other’s Love!”

“Sirius—! Thank you, thank you so much!” “Lusbel-kun—!!”

Sirius’s eyes widened as tears began to flow freely. Seeing the bandage around her their eyes becoming stained with those tears, Subaru felt something hot welling in his own eyes.

His shoulder was gently nudged. Larkins, who stood by his side, was laughing at the crying Subaru. However, the tears in his eyes, even as he smiled, didn’t escape Subaru’s notice.

Looking around, the surrounding groups of people also seemed to share their emotions. Subaru thought of watching the World Cup. When the world the world stood together, people always wanted to share their joy with those who they weren’t were acquainted with.

And now, that peace and understanding was gradually spreading. There was indeed a solid bond.

Sirius: “Our inability to understand each other creates barriers between us. Our minds being unable to empathize leads to antagonism. Our inability to reach conclusions has us giving up on one another. That’s all very heartbreaking. In fact, it’s a tragedy. But now, everyone, are you sad? Do you feel heartbroken?”

“Not at all! Sadness or whatever, none of us feel that way!”

Sirius: “Thank you! So, do you feel happy? Does everyone feel happy?”

“Of course! It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy! Thank you, Sirius! You’ve worked so hard, Lusbel!”

With a splash, a whirlpool of applause formed, giving birth to a circle of gratitude for the exalted Lusbel. Now, the only focus of anyone here was in one place, thanks to the two standing on the clock tower.

Lusbel twisted his body and sobbed, finally opening his mouth, disregarding the chain and screaming through his broken teeth,

Lusbel: “Gu, gah! Wake up, save—! Please, …me! Hel… hk!”

Sirius: “I want to commend your courage, your love, Lusbel-kun! Please look below. Everyone, so many people are affirming your feelings! Ah, thank you! I’m sorry, Lusbel-kun. Although you were a last resort, I just want to affirm this scene. Ahh, ahh, the world is so gentle!”

Sirius held Lusbel tightly in her arms.

In the face of this beauty, thunderous applause began. Subaru put his hand to his mouth and whistled. The recipient of that warm applause, Lusbel, stared in surprise.

That was a man who had struggled his hardest. Even if he had no strength left to even cry, not a person laughed at him.

Sirius: “Sure enough, there it is. We have Love. It existed, here. Everyone’s heart is one, and in a scene of joy as well. We do not need tragedy. We are tired of a world which would have us cry. No one wants such a world. If our hearts want to connect, then they should do so through sharing joy and happiness. Whether it be tragedy! Or Wrath! We don’t need any of it!”

“That’s right! Tragedies or whatever, we don’t want any of it!”

Sirius: “Ah, that forbidden Wrath that causes hearts to tremble so! Rage, that passion! If that passionate sin is rooted in our hearts, if we are unable to unroot that retribution, then we should fill it with joy! At this moment, everyone’s heart is connected as one!”

Sirius cried loudly, and once again lifted Lusbel into the air.

However, the movement did not stop there. Sirius, bathing in everyone’s admiration, tossed Lusbel into the air.

Sirius: “Please give! Thunderous applause!” Crowd: “——”

Sirius had given the flying Lusbel the best possible stage.

Watching the young boy soaring through the sky, as if flying into the sun, Subaru led the crowd into a round of applause.

Roaring thunderous applause, a heavenly blessing to Lusbel, who skated through that sky.

That little body spun and spun, but as soon as it reached the top of its trajectory, it began to arc downward. Lusbel headed straight to the ground.

The panicked crowd, vacating where he was about to fall. That was the triumph of a hero.

Endless applause, praise for the falling boy.


Lifting his head and seeing the ground rushing toward him, Lusbel moaned.

He desperately wriggled his small body that should have been exhausted, wanting to do anything that he could to avoid that rock solid ground, tirelessly fighting to his last moment.

Everyone shed tears at seeing the unwavering tenacity of humankind. Then,

Sirius: “— Ah, the world is so gentle!”

Before the fierce collision, Sirius let out a shout.

The applause of the crowd, who heard that voice, became louder and louder—

Crowd: “——”

As if eggshells had fallen to the ground, the sound of something breaking echoed, and everyone’s field of vision was dyed red.

The whole body was crushed by the hard ground, Lusbel’s body, which had once contained the breath of life, became a splatter of flesh in the square.

— But just after seeing that scene,


The sound of breaking eggshells echoed like a round of applause. The square became a pool of red.

That was an ending.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Liliana: “After the song ends and they chat again, shouldn’t we prepare food and drinks for them? Indulging in sweet snacks will certainly create a mood that will close the distance between them, don’t you think so?”

Subaru blinked at the dark skinned girl in front of him.

She put on a clumsy, flirtatious attitude as she stuck out her tongue and scratched her cheek.

As if in a trance, he turned his head to see a smiling silver-haired girl who was watching him from nearby, and a red-haired woman wearing an impudent attitude. And then a petite girl who held his hand—

Liliana: “…ah, ah, what’s going on? Ignored? Are you ignoring me!? P-Please stop it, don’t look at me with that bitterness. Ah, ah, stop it, stop it… d-don’t sigh like that after hearing my song… don’t look so disappointed, forgive me… hk”

Faced with his silence, the girl in front of him, Liliana, shuddered as if remembering something she was unwilling to recall.

Witnessing this situation, Subaru said bluntly,

Subaru: “…I feel sick.”

Liliana: “Huh!? Did that actually just happen!? Looking at a girl’s face so intently, at such a close distance, and the first thing you say is that you feel sick! I, Liliana, am even more ashamed of Natsuki-sama than your mother is!”

Liliana pretended to be tearful, turning her face away, still keeping an eye on Subaru’s reaction, but Subaru couldn’t even notice her annoying attitude. He shook as he stood, and couldn’t help but collapse on the ground.

Emilia: “Subaru? What’s wrong?”

Beatrice: “What’s wrong, I suppose. Subaru? Subaru?”

Beatrice, who was holding his hand, and Emilia, who stood nearby, looked down at Subaru with concern. Subaru grew so pale that the two couldn’t help but hold their breath.

Subaru: “—I feel sick.”

It had been a year since he’d Returned by Death, and the overwhelming incident that had just preceded his Death left him on the verge of vomiting as he held his shaking knees.

Thus, the spiral of Death began once more.

This time, the cycle of nightmares was staged in the city of Pristella.

— Once again, the curtain rose.


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