Arc 5 – Chapter 30 – “Tiger and Cat Under the Moon”



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??: “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t expecting guests, so I haven’t cleaned.”

Mimi: “Hmm~! We don’t mind~! It looks clean~! Very clean~! Mimi’s room looks a lot more chaotic~!”

???: “Ah, ah, that’s no good.”

The woman casually stroked Mimi, who lay on the sofa, kicking her legs and looking very comfortable.

Immersed in this scene, Garfiel looked silently at the woman. Her long blonde hair flowed to her waist, her skin was the white of snow, her slim body retained a woman’s softness, and her soft face displayed a pair of clear, calm emerald green eyes.

She looked to be as young as 25, but Garfiel knew that she should be over 35.

No matter what, this didn’t match up to Garfiel’s expectations, which was precisely the source of his confusion,

???: “Mr. Gorgeous Tiger, does tea not match your tastes? I’m sorry, I didn’t even think to ask what you’d like to drink…”

The woman, who claimed to be Reala Thompson, frowned at the silent Garfiel, who was shaken back into awareness by her voice. He looked down at his untouched black tea and hurriedly picked the cup up.

Garfiel: “No, no, my amazin’ self was jus’ bein’ a bit silly… the spaciousness’f this room’s unusual, ‘s all.”

Reala: “Is that so? My family’s very big, and so is our house, but that makes it hard to clean. It looks like I was careless again.”

Reala accepted Garfiel’s hurried excuse without a trace of doubt, her charming voice light and soft. The large courtyard of her house and the exquisite workmanship reflected her statement. Her smile, her sweet tone, everything about her struck Garfiel with nostalgia.

However, Reala spoke not a word of Garfiel’s gaze. This detail alone gripped Garfiel’s heart with pain.

The woman who claimed to be Reala Thompson looked exactly like Reshia Tinsel, Garfiel’s mother, who was imprinted clearly in his mind.

Of course, Garfiel’s separation from his mother had happened shortly after his birth, and his memories of his mother were scant.

Even so, Garfiel knew every detail of her face, after seeing her in that detestable cemetery where the Trial had been hosted. There, he witnessed his separation from his mother.

Her face, her voice, her love, Garfiel knew them all from the Trial.

And that Trial had shown him the her unfortunate death shortly after her departure. So, to Garfiel, seeing his mother again is an impossible dream.

If so, now, the woman in front of him should also be impossible.

Reala: “Mimi-san, your ears look so soft. Would it be possible for me to touch them?”

Mimi: “Please go ahead~!”

Reala happily reached out, stroking Mimi’s ears with a look of contentment.

Mimi’s smile was one only a little girl could wear. They were an odd pair, a tiny beastman and a suspicious demi-human, but they had been invited in without a second thought. This woman had simply no sense of wariness.

Such attitudes were, to Garfiel, all associated with motherliness.

His mother Reshia had been quite the unfortunate woman. Her parents had lost everything to debt, and had sold her to a group of slave traders, who had been ambushed by demi-human bandits. They had made Reala their concubine.

Somewhere along the way, she’d become pregnant with Frederica, and the bandits had put her up for sale. She’d been taken by another band of thieves and had spent a long time with them.

Frederica had grown up in that thieves regiment. Although she rarely spoke of such times, she considered Reala’s departure something to be thankful for, indicating that it had been a rather poor environment.

Suffering misfortune after misfortune, she had fortunately been rescued by the curious Roswaal.

Roswaal had made her a proposal; he would take them to Sanctuary, where they would be given safety and shelter. In Sanctuary, Lewes had become their guardian.

Life’s treatment toward her could only be summed up as ‘cruel’.

However, his mother’s personality was unknown to those who only heard the stories. Those who really knew his mother would never give her life such an unfortunate evaluation.

Lewes: “Ah, Reshia. That child was always inexplicably, abnormally optimistic, and looked toward the future. Despite suffering through painful days where she could very well have died, she would always say, ‘Maybe something nice will happen tomorrow. Even if today is hard, tomorrow could be better’. Like a little child, she always looked forward to the little happy things in life.”

Frederica: “Our honored mother… she may look like a foolish woman who threw things away too easily, and, to be honest, I believe that she never really grasped lessons on how to best survive… but she was incredibly kind. She’s my favorite person. With all my heart, I’m glad to be her daughter.”

Roswaal: “Is this about your mother, Reshia-san? Riiiiiight, although I never had too many chaaaaances to chat with her face to face, she was incomprehensible. Or maybe it’s better to say incredible? She was muuuuch more sensitive of happiness than most people. She was always cheerful, finding happiness in eeeeven the worst of situations. Yeeeep, that’s not something I disliiiiiike.”

Lewes, Frederica, and even Roswaal all spoke fondly of her.

Within Sanctuary, anyone who’d known his mother said the same thing. She was someone who was always relaxed and happy.

If that hadn’t been the case, she wouldn’t have foolishly left to look for Garfiel’s father, who had more than likely encountered misfortune.

And then she had immediately suffered another misfortune and died, and where was her happiness?

— He had never found the answer to where her happiness had ended up.

Garfiel: “If I don’t find it, it’s better to give up.”

Nails dug into the palm of his hand as he had clenched his fist.

He should have given up. But he’d never understood that. It had taken a long time, but he’d finally grown to accept it.

This was plainly the case, but why, now, had she appeared again? With her, as always, carefree, and cheerful attitude.

Garfiel: “——”

In order to keep her from noticing, he’d resigned himself to secretly observing her expressions and behaviors.

Nothing felt unnatural. His mother’s behavior of treating him as a stranger was completely natural, and the more Garfiel watched, the more fascinated she became.

Was this her answer?

She had a new life. Unaware of Garfiel, she led her happy life.

I don’t care to know about your affairs, was that his mother’s answer to—

Fred: “Moooom.”

Sister: “Mom, I’m hungry.”

Garfiel had been silent as Mimi and Reala played around. The brother and sister joined them in the living room after going to their rooms to change.

The sister cast a stern look at the Garfiel, and then immediately huddled close to her mother.

Sister: “Mom, tell the guests to go home, and then we can eat.”

Reala: “Sister, what are you talking about? Mr. Gorgeous and Mimi took care of Fred when he nearly drowned.”

Sister: “About that, couldn’t it be that Gorgeous was the one who did it? So he could come to our house and take advantage of our generosity. Maybe he wants money.”

Reala: “Hey now, that’s going too far. But you’re right, we have to thank him for Fred… should we give him money?”

Sister: “Mom!?”

The sister, who had realized that her words were about to become the reason for her family’s bankruptcy, flew into a panic. On the other hand, Reala, who failed to grasp the reason for her daughter’s rant, glanced around in confusion.

That smiling interaction between parent and child made breathing harder than walking barefoot on thorns. Draining his tea in one gulp, Garfiel set his cup down with a clang.

Garfiel: “Since my amazin’ self don’t seem t’be welcome here, we’ll be leavin’.”

Mimi: “Haauhh? Why~?”

Garfiel: “Ain’t no particular why.”

Although Garfiel wanted to leave, Mimi continued to resist. However, as if he hadn’t heard her, Garfiel picked her up. As he stood to go, Reala looked distraught, while her daughter cast a smirk at him.

Well, Garfiel would respect her feelings — and, with that thought,

Fred: “Don’t go, Gorgeous Tiger…”

Seizing the hem of Garfiel pants, the little brother blocked his way.

For a second, for reasons unknown to him, Garfiel hesitated to shake off his little hands. But,

Sister: “Fred, honestly, you’re…”

As Fred advocated for a suspicious criminal to stay, his sister placed her hands on her waist in anger. Reala clapped her hands, capturing everyone’s attention.

Reala: “Everyone, look, it’s not good to not get along. You’re pushing our guests to leave, Fred seems to want them to stay, so don’t force them to do anything, Sister.”

Sister: “But, mom…”

Reala: “But nothing. Mr. Gorgeous and Mimi, stay for a while, won’t you? I’d be delighted to share dinner with you, and tonight’s meal is my favorite dish.”

Fred: “Moooom, you call everything your best dish…”

Reala: “Mhm, shouldn’t that be obvious? Mom always tries her best on every dish for you.”

Although her ability wasn’t quite there, she made every effort to do her best. Everyone present wore a panicked expression, Garfiel moreso than anyone else.

This harmonious atmosphere. It cut deeply into Garfiel’s heart.

Reala’s words cast upon him a unique sense of happiness and helplessness. Accepting her invitation would be the worst possible thing that Garfiel could do.

Garfiel: “Sorry ‘bout yer invitation, but a few ‘f my companions’re waitin’ for me. They’ll be worried if we’re late, so we should be headin’ out soon.”

Reala: “……”

Suppressing the the pain in his chest, Garfiel prayed that voice wouldn’t tremble.

At his answer, the sister’s face became stiff, and Reala frowned with her eyes closed. And,

Reala: “I understand, there is no point in forcing you to stay if it bothers you.”

Garfiel: “—hk”

This was what had hurt Garfiel the most today.

Losing to Reinhard in that duel, the initial impact of seeing Reala, were, compared to how he was feeling now, trivial indeed.

Unconsciously, Garfiel placed a hand close to his chest, as if needing to confirm whether or not his body had been torn. And to that Garfiel,

Mimi: “Garfiel, let’s go.”

Mimi, who had until just refused to leave, gently taken Garfiel’s hand in hers and began leading him away. Facing her concern, Garfiel obeyed silently.

So, with their hands on the living room on the door handle, ready to leaving,

???: “I’m home! Oh, do we have guests?”

The figure on the other side of the door was a gentleman sporting a magnificent beard.

He appeared to be a man of detailed workmanship, and gave off an energetic atmosphere. From his tone to face, he seemed to be a man of accomplishments.

At the man’s appearance, the children scrambled to their feet with joy. Then, that man would be—

Dad: “Hmm… I haven’t seen this stranger’s face before.”

Fred: “Dad, this is Gorgeous Tiger.”

Sister: “He’s a suspicious scoundrel.”

Dad: “What?”

Faced with his son and daughter’s sharply contrasting attitudes, the father tilted his head in distress. He turned to Reala, who stood quietly in the living room.

Under the man’s loving gaze, Reala started to give a calm response.

Garfiel had hit his limit.

Garfiel: “It ain’t a big deal, we were goin’ anyway.”

Leaving that sentence, Garfiel grabbed Mimi and hurriedly pushed his way of out the room, scrambling toward the front door as if running away.

Fred: “Gorgeous Tiger!”

From behind, a sad voice called to Garfiel. However, Garfiel had no response to that call.

Who was Gorgeous, who was Tiger? He was Garfiel, not Gorgeous Tiger. A tiger was a strong, powerful creature who couldn’t be shaken by anything. Where was that tiger now?

A real tiger, wouldn’t be so affected by such things—!

Mimi: “Garfiel! My hand, it hurts!”

Garfiel: “——”

Too focused on his thoughts, Garfiel didn’t notice that cry of pain.

He didn’t notice until Mimi had broken free of his vice grip, extracting her hand from his nails, which had been digging into her. Her small hand was now swollen and blue.

Garfiel: “S-sorry… my amazin’ self…”

Mimi: “Gar~f, you were weird at that house too. My hand really~ hurts.”

Mimi mumbled quietly, and Garfiel smacked his forehead with his hand.

They fell into a discordant silence as the Watergate City’s moist air caressed their faces. The sun had fallen from the sky, and the city had been shrouded in magical light.

The sunshine on the water’s surface was replaced by light from the magical lamps, but he was in no mood to enjoy that scene mysterious and quiet beauty,

???: “Hey, you two, over there!”

Someone approached Garfiel and Mimi with gasping breaths.

Looking up, the magic light revealed the man from before, who had shed his coat. Finally arriving in front of the two, he put his hands on his knees, panting violently.

Dad: “Ah, I finally caught up… this won’t do… I used to be more energetic, but thanks to work, I’m completely out of shape now…”

Garfiel: “Do ya need anythin’ from us?”

Garfiel had clearly indicated that he wasn’t interested in the man’s words.

The existence of this man, although not to the degree of Reala’s children, also distressed Garfiel. His voice was full of harshness, but the man paid no mind to it, placing his hand on his head embarrassedly.

Dad: “No, I heard from my wife that you two were benefactors of my son. It’d be completely unjustifiable if I never gave you anything in return.”

Garfiel: “… ‘s not such a big deal, ‘f y’talk all exaggeratedly like that, my amazin’ self’ll be embarrassed.”

Garek: “Everything involving my kid, no matter what, is incredibly important, not to mention saving him from danger. Really, if you need anything at all… Ah, I’m really sorry, my name is Garek, Garek Thompson. Despite how I look, I’m Pristella’s Metropolitan Director, so if there’s anything I can do to help you…”

Garfiel: “Really, we’re…”

A man who knew what was going on— Garfiel, who had wanted to leave as soon as possible, suddenly paused. If he knew Reala, really knew her, then,

Garfiel: “My amazin’ self’s got only one question… would it be okay for ya t’answer?”

Garek: “Of course. No matter what, I’ll do my best to answer.”

Garek responded to Garfiel with a smile of only benevolence.

The same was true of Reala too, and their son Fred. This entire family was too kind for their own good. Only their daughter had any sense of suspicion.

Thinking of this, Garfiel was very cautious in his choice of words,

Garfiel: “Your wife, Reala… what’s her real name?”

Garek: “——”

As soon as Garfiel posed his question, the atmosphere shifted.

Garek pondered Garfiel’s question silently for a few moments, before replying in a level voice,

Garek: “What do you mean?”

Garfiel: “I mean the literal meanin’. No matter what, Reid plays a straight game, right? Playin’ with words don’t fit my style. Tell me, your wife, s’her name Reshia stead’of Reala?”

Garek: “—gu”

He responded awkwardly to Garfiel’s direct question, taking a moment to swallow before replying.

Garek: “You… you, my wife… Do you know anything about my wife?”

Garfiel: “My amazin’ self also wants to know about her.”

Garek: “——”

Garfiel responded sincerely to Garek’s trembling voice.

At those words, Garek fell into a silence, as if he were thinking. Waiting for his reply, Garfiel took Mimi’s good hand into his own.

Glancing up at him, she smiled as she usually did.

Garek: “… it seems that I should tell you the full story.”

As Garfiel looked at Mimi’s smile, Garek spoke with a sigh.

His voice was weighed with fatigue and powerlessness. Garfiel frowned, wondering and waiting for his next sentence.


Garek: “My wife, Reala… has no memories from before out meeting, 15 years ago.”

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Garek and Reala had met before he’d become a city director, when he had been a normal merchant rooted in Pristella.

On the way back from negotiations, Garek, who had been driving a dragon carriage, had found his path blocked by a collapsed cliff.

Having encountered such distress in having to repay a loan, and having met such an unfortunate accident on the road, Garek couldn’t but be angry.

— Then, he found a woman who’d been buried alive. A miracle. There was no other explanation.

Refusing to go the long way, Garek had been desperately wondering if he could still follow his original route.

Around that time, the heavy rain had finally stopped, and Garek’s full field of vision had been returned to him.

Shortly after the cliff had collapsed, Garek had come by, leaving the time that the woman had been buried fairly short.

As a result of the various coincidences overlapping, Garek had found and rescued the woman, who was still breathing.

She’d been covered in mud, and he’d found no luggage near her. Taking the unconscious woman to his dragon carriage, Garek immediately rushed to a nearby town, where she’d been taken to the hospital, and awaited her rehabilitation.

Garek: “At the time, her condition was incredibly unstable. She was running a high fever, and had various injuries and fractures from the landslide, and her heart even stopped at one point during the treatment.”

Both the Healing Institute and Garek had been struggling to help her, optimistically praying for her recovery. Why had Garek wanted so desperately wanted to save her? There had indeed been a reason, yet unknown to him, which explained his actions.

He thanked everyone’s efforts from the bottom of his heart.

Garek: “Hard work paid off, and although she was still heavily wounded, she’d finally woke up. It took a week… I stayed in the city, waiting for her.”

The failure of negotiations had made the future of Garek’s company dark indeed.

In that situation, wasting time equated wasting money. Garek didn’t understand why he had been restraining himself from his travels.

Then, after a week, the woman had woken up.

After her awakening, she spoke to the crowd gathered around her with a trembling, faint voice.

Garek: “Who am I?”, “Were her first words.”

The woman had forgotten her name. No, not just the name. She’d forgotten everything.

Who was she, and where was she supposed to be? What had happened before that cliff had collapsed?”

She could not remember her family members, and had no choice but to stay.

All she had were the clothes she’d worn during the accident. From an emblem stitched onto them, the only discernible letters of her name were ‘Re’.

Garek: “Influenced by the name of a blossoming flower, I decided to call her Reala. Then, I planned to take care of her until her wounds had healed.”

Her wounds healed little by little, and the day of her discharge wasn’t far off.

Reala, even having nowhere to go, remained a cheerful woman. She treated the sadness of the accident as though it had never happened, and gave everyone she came in contact with infectious smiles.

In her situation, it would be impossible not to feel uneasy.

The loss of one’s own memories was almost equivalent to their own disappearance. But she could still smile because she felt it necessary to do so.

Or maybe she was concerned for the people around her.

But the most important reason was that she didn’t see herself as unfortunate.

Garek: “The nervousness from confessing to her is still fresh in my memory. That’s probably the most anxious I’ve ever been in my life, even more so than when I proposed marriage to her.”

So, accepting Garek’s proposal, Reala went with him to Pristella.

There reason he refused to abandon her, that he had waited so long for her to wake up, was incredibly simple.

Garek had fallen in love with her at the very beginning, at the moment when he’d dragged her from the cliff his dragon carriage, cleaning the mud from her face.

Garek: “My business, which had been unlucky until I took in Reala, improved quickly. The people around me said that that was all thanks to my talent, but really, it was all thanks to Reala. I was blessed with her, so now I can be a businessman like this, so I can be a better father.”

Garfiel: “——”

Garek: “I love my wife, and our children are both very cute. I used to care about her past, but, at this moment, no matter who she was before, I consider my wife my most important person.”

Garek finished speaking of their first encounter and concluded thus with embarrassment. Garfiel, who has been silent from beginning to end, listening intently, looked up at the sky. In the darkness, stars were scattered everywhere.

The glorious full moon and stars were probably contemptuous of his current thoughts.

Garek: “I’m very sorry to ask this of you, but I can’t help but do so.”

Garfiel: “——”

“What is the relationship between you… and my wife, Lira?” This — how cruel this was.

His line of sight fell from the sky to Garek.

Garek’s gentle eyes held a firm determination as he gazed at Garfiel. He was empathetic, and wouldn’t be so insensitive as to misunderstand what Garfiel would say.

And so Garfiel knew exactly which answer would be correct.

Garfiel: “——”

Opening and closing his mouth.

Breathing, exhaling, inhaling, breathing evenly.

A fast heartbeat. Dizziness. A burst of pain in his head, the need to retch.

The swirl of yet unformed emotions in his tight chest were on the verge of collapse.

—Mimi gripped his hand tightly.

Garfiel: “My amazin’ self, has…”

Garek: “——”

Garfiel: “Nothin’… to do with your wife.”

There. He’d said it, said it out loud.

With that sentence, the vortex swirling in Gafiel’s heart swiftly vanished.

He was left with only a sense of loss suffocation. Garek, who stood in front of him, lowered his head as if he’d made a mistake and didn’t want to look Garfiel in the face, speaking with a trembling voice.

Garek: “Sorry, I’m so sorry…”

With a look of unnatural pain, he bowed.

However, Garfiel didn’t want to see Garek’s reaction.

He had already had enough. He wanted to leave, wanted to stop being hurt.

What had gone wrong? Whose fault is it? Was it his own fault, or was it Garek’s fault? Who should he blame? Who should he attack, who should he strike, who should he send flying?

What could he go to end the pain in his heart, to make it vanish, disappear?

???: “Honey, this is great, Mr. Gorgeous and Mimi are still here.”

Garfiel “——!?”

Those words echoed with immense volume.

Grief and turmoil raised the intense noise as if it could kill. To Garfiel, it felt sharper than a knife.

Garek: “Reala, why…?”

Reala: “You left in such a hurry, but I didn’t want you to leave empty-handed, so…”

Reala blinked and strode past the shocked Garek.

Then, she approached the stunned, stiff Garfiel, stretching out her hand.

Reala: “This is the dessert that I made, a souffle. Although it’s not a very expensive gift, I’m still proud of it. I hope you’ll accept it.”

Garfiel: “…m.”

Her smile held not a trace of malice. Stubbornly, Garfiel refused to speak.

His exchange with Garek had opened old wounds, preventing him from being able to speak to Reala. Anyone who understood this would also understand how to act.

And yet,

Mimi: “Oh! A dessert, that’s so much fun! Amazing, I’ll share it with Missy!”

Reala handed the container to a smiling, indifferent Mimi. There was a limit to how much someone could neglect to notice the atmosphere.

Garek looked shocked, and Garfiel was speechless. However, Reala only gave a joyful laugh at Mimi’s reaction.

Reala: “I’m so glad you like it, and please go share it with the one called Missy.”

Mimi: “Okay, got it~! Unter… understood~!”

After saluting with the hand which hadn’t been squeezed by Garfiel, Mimi took the container in her arms and clapped Garfiel on the back.

She applied enough power that he couldn’t help but cough, and Mimi smiled.

Mimi: “Well, this time, we’re really leaving! Gorgeous Tiger and Gorgeous Mimi will see you later~!”

Reala: “Alright, safe travels, and take care not to fall in the water, Mr. Gorgeous.” Mimi took Garfiel’s hand, and Reala waved as they left.

Smiling, Mimi turned back and waved energetically. Only the two men were left with pained expressions in this smiling farewell.

Garfiel: “……”

Like this, Garfiel was led along the waterways by Mimi.

Mimi and Garfiel didn’t speak until far after Reala had vanished from view.

Garfiel: “Hey, midget…”

Mimi: “Over~ here~!”

Garfiel: “——!?”

Garfiel had wanted to call Mimi, but was suddenly interrupted.

Mimi, still holding Garfiel’s hand, briskly leapt onto the three story stone building, ascending with the use of footholds.

Garfiel was pulled along, of course, forced to take the same pace as her. With a few leaps, the two had reached the top of the building.

Mimi: “Mimi~ feels so good~!”

Garfiel: “So Good’, my foot! What were y’pullin’, jus’ now…”

As Mimi called out her comfort while she bathed in the breeze, Garfiel went on to complain. However, he saw that Mimi’s smile had disappeared as she watched him.

He saw himself reflected in her round eyes, and Garfiel didn’t understand the unease brewing in his heart.

Mimi’s expression fell at Garfiel’s silence.

Mimi: “Garf, do you want to cry?”

Garfiel: “Huh? What’re y’sayin’, why would my amazin’ self be cryin’?”

Mimi: “I know that Garf is strong, but you shouldn’t put on that brave act. Since Reala is Garf’s mother, right~?”

Garfiel: “——”

At Mimi’s unexpected question, Garfiel held his breath.

She’d accurately grasp the flow of the things. If she’d known Garfiel’s past, then that conclusion would be easy to make. However, Mimi knew nothing about Garfiel’s family. Her ability for discerning the truth was really rather impressive.

That she had straightforwardly brought the subject up shook Garfiel, and he hesitated.

Garfiel: “Why… would ya… think that…?”

Mimi: “Garf and Reala smell super~ similar, and her children also smelled a bit like Garf, so I was wondering if that was the case.”

Her assumption wasn’t based on reasoning, it was based on something innate, and thus she could see the truth for what it was.

If Mimi had inferred her conclusion from Garfiel’s words, he could have made attempts to hide his past, but Garfiel couldn’t refute something like this.

His legs giving way, Garfiel looked up at the stars in a daze.

The stars and moon both were unchanged, looking down at Garfiel with the same gaze.

Mimi: “So, is that right? Is Reala Garf’s mother?”

Garfiel: “… My amazin’ self doesn’t know. ‘S that woman still my amazin’ self’s mother?”

At Mimi’s words, Garfiel covered his face with a hand.

He didn’t know how true that was. Reala was unmistakably Reshia.

Just as Garek said, as Reala herself had acted until now, Reala had completely forgotten that she was Reshia.

Forgetting everything, Reala had found a new start, raising her children, living happily.

Garfiel: “Ah, come to think ‘f it, that’d make those two kids my amazin’ self’s lil’ brother n’ sister.”

Although he had only just realized it, his half-siblings had a similar relationship with himself and Frederica. In other words, those siblings were his own lovely younger siblings. It had been a relationship he’d longing for ever since he’d been little.

— Wouldn’t it be nice if he could enjoy that relationship without the circumstances surrounding it?

Garfiel: “Even‘f my amazin’ self tells her ‘bout my heritage, nothin’d change…”

Reala had forgotten her time as Reshia.

Even if Garfiel told her everything, her fifteen years as Reala would still remain unchanged.

Only, Reala would then carry an unnecessary fifteen years of guilt, feeling as if she’d lost Reala. Garek could only witness his wife’s depression, and their children would only watch their mother’s pain without understanding it.

Doing so would only be for Garfiel’s own sake.

Having Reala accept that she used to be Reshia would serve no one but Garfiel.

Fredrica and Lewes both had no idea that Reshia had survived. If Garfiel said nothing, the two of them would never know.

Reala’s family also weren’t bothered by her past. If they learned of it, those happy times would most likely be lost rather than preserved.

If Garfiel hid everything and let go, this could all be successfully resolved.

Garfiel: “Why is my amazin’ self…”

Didn’t he even have the courage to bury this deep in his consciousness, to bury this within himself?

Tiger, where are you? Show me the right path.

If he could bear everything, take on everything alone, where would he find that strength?

Tell me, tiger… tiger. A true tiger was the strongest existence that would not be lost to anyone.

Garfiel: “——”

Holding his head, biting down on his overflowing, lamenting the feelings swirling back and forth mixing together, losing them and finding them.

Mimi: “It’s okay…”

In the next moment, he noticed that his head was being gently stroked.

Garfiel: “——”

Mimi grabbed the collapsed Garfiel from behind in a hug.

Resting her chin on his head, her small palm stroked Garfiel’s head. That tender touch on his back, moving back and forth, gradually eased the pain and agitation in his mind.

Garfiel: “What, what’re y’doin’, this is…”

Mimi: “Hmm, if Garf needs to cry~, I think there’s a specific place where boys are allowed to cry! Although I forgot where, I remember Missy telling me about it~!”

For a moment, she seemed to be giving an answer, but her train of thought drifted away.

In order not to keep his heart from shaking, in order to keep his voice from shivering, Garfiel chose his words carefully.

Like this, holding Garfiel, Mimi giggled.

Mimi: “Well, although I’ve forgotten~, is it the feeling of a woman’s chest? Is it like that? That’s it! It’s alright for a man to cry on an interested woman’s chest~!”

Garfiel: “…who’d be interested in a midget like you.”

The one Garfiel was interested in was a woman who was never kind when he wanted her to be, but kind when he least expected, after which she would beat him with her fists, a woman who was incredibly difficult to deal with.

The girl in front of him didn’t resemble her at all. However, Mimi was still smiling.

Mimi: “That’s fine! Even if Garfiel’s not interested, Mimi’s already fascinated! I saw~ and became interested in Garfiel! So! Mimi’s chest~! It’s okay to cry there~!”

Garfiel: “—Ah…”

What a foolish notion.

What was this. Some kind of language game? It was only a child’s excuse, loaded with nothing but assertiveness.

There was obviously nothing, so stop kidding around. Tiger… tiger, where are you?

Right now, come back to my heart. Howl your deep, ferocious roar, beat this slouched back, force me to wake up, do something to my feelings

Otherwise, otherwise… otherwise, it would be too late.

Garfiel: “Mother…”

Enough, enough, stop talking.

Crying with a weak voice, don’t make such a weak of voice.

He was a tiger, the most powerful, the strongest, stronger than anyone. The Strongest of Shields. However,

Garfiel: “Mother… mother… mama… mama!”

Mimi: “Good boy.”

Garfiel: “Why! Why’d ya forget me!? Seein’ ya after all this time! Even callin’ you mom!”

Mimi: “It’s alright, Garfiel’s good boy, a good boy!”

Garfiel: “Mama… mama… mama…!”

Tiger, tiger… where are you?

What did he resemble now? Stars, moon, sky, tell me. What did he resemble now?

If he couldn’t be a roaring tiger, then, right now, he merely resembled —

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