Arc 5 – Chapter 29, “Gorgeous Tiger”

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—Half a day before Garfiel had rushed into the shelter,

Mimi: “And then~ Hetaro was on the verge of tears, so Mimi had no choice but to hold his hand. And then Tivey looked lonely, so Mimi had no choice~ So I ended up holding both of their hands~!”

Garfiel: “…ah, ‘s that so?”

Mimi: “Yep, that’s right~. And then, after that~, Missy looked really~ happy!”

Even given that uninterested response, the petite girl walking beside him smiled, not discouraged in the least.

The naive girl had orange hair and round eyes. Garfiel had no idea why she had entangled herself with someone from a hostile faction — this beastman, Mimi.

She had been like this since coming to the city of Pristella. No, looking back, she’d been clinging to Garfiel ever since she’d gone to the Roswaal Mansion as a messenger.

Initially, he had suspected that Mimi had been trying to get a read on Emilia’s strongest retainer, but that hypothesis had been long since dismissed due to Mimi’s behavior. Now, Garfiel had no clue why she’d attached herself to him.

The ‘why’ was impossible to deduce, and Garfiel could only tilt his head curiously to the side.

—Now, they were walking along Pristella’s streets together in the dusk.

Neither had invited the other; rather, Mimi had just followed Garfiel as he’d skulked away from the hotel.

Although he’d hoped to be alone to mediate on his thoughts, Garfiel was too embarrassed to give that excuse to shake her off. Overwhelmed by Mimi’s eagerness, he’d fallen into this trite conversation, while trying to sort though his feelings.

Mimi: “Gar~f, your expression is weird~. What happened? Was it something~ fun?”

Garfiel: “If somethin’ fun’n happen’, wouldn’t my amazin’ self look happy? My amazin’ self don’t wanna talk ‘bout it, and there’s no obligation t’talk ‘bout it.”

Mimi: “If you keep talking about complicated stuff like obligations, you’ll end up like Joshua, yeah? Mimi thinks it’s better to relax and enjoy stuff! It’s better when Garfiel throws his head back~ laughing like an idiot~.”

Garfiel: “You sayin’ I look like’n idiot?”

Mimi’s exaggerated words really were too exaggerated, and Garfiel bared his teeth open eyes wide open. She gave an “ahh~!” and dashed away. She stopped a little ways away, giggling as she waited for him to catch up, seemingly having forgotten their previous interaction. Garfiel found it incredulous that she’d accuse him of being the one who laughed like an idiot.

An hour or so ago, before dinner, Garfiel had challenged the Sword Saint Reinhard to a battle.

The strongest in the kingdom — or, as some would say, the strongest in the world, was today’s Sword Saint.

Before their actual meeting, Garfiel had heard of his power from Subaru.

Reinhard was a friend, a benefactor, and, in a somewhat complex way, a rival to Subaru. Encountering him in this unexpected place came as a surprise.

Through their conversations, Subaru revealed that he’d more or less successfully resolved his embarrassment from before. Since that grievance had dissipated, Garfiel felt no particular obligation to sugarcoat anymore.

The title of Strongest held a very special meaning to Garfiel.

To be the strongest. To see becoming the strongest as a goal. To strive to become the strongest. Garfiel believed that as soon as man was born, his first cry would place that as his lofty goal.

Everyone, no matter who, had once longed and dreamed to be the Strongest as they walked the

long road known as Life. Everyone would eventually forget that distant dream. Everyone except Garfiel.

That dream had taken root in his heart, and had been a source of so much of his persistence along the way. To Garfiel, the title of Strongest was a combination of his goal, something he had been granted since birth, and indispensable condition allowing him to guard everything he wanted protect.

Therefore, in front of the man who stood at the apex of strength, Garfiel did not repress his restless teeth and claws.

He had gone to Subaru, and received permission to challenge Reinhard.

The Sword Saint seemed a far cry from the strongest; he gave off the impression of being a gentle, kind man who had no martial prowess.

However, Garfiel knew that the most powerful people were able to hide their own power. Setting aside his own tendency to act up, most strong people didn’t look strong as they went through their daily activities. Roswaal and Subaru were like that.

He judged Reinhard to be in the same field as them.

— The contest took place in a gravel-covered hotel courtyard.

Refusing Garfiel’s proposal to leave the hotel for the city’s fields for fear of the damage to their surroundings, Reinhard had settled for a fight located at a hotel, adding the conditions of Don’t Damage the Courtyard.

That could only be said to be humiliating. Even if he were the strongest man, he was underestimating Garfiel. Immediately wanting to force him to regret that demeaning arrogance, Garfiel had dragged him outside.

The confrontation took place in the courtyard, where Subaru had issued a command marking the start of the match. Garfiel had bared his teeth, thinking only of casting the metal on his wrists at the crimson hero.

Garfiel: “——”

That thought vanished almost instantaneously.

The man before him could move faster than one might blink.

Until that very moment, his gentle atmosphere hadn’t fallen away. Now, it dissipated to reveal a sharp blade and finely honed flame.

An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to feel how his natural state was razor sharp, as if he were a sword himself.

To a certain extent, if a person knew little about martial arts, that feeling would manifest as a sense of oppression which crushed their lungs.

But that wasn’t Garfiel.

Garfiel at least held the strength worthy of the Sword Saint.

Noticing that natural body and even trembling under the pressure to his organs, Garfiel howled away his hesitation as he flew at Reinhard.

Their match wasn’t meant to be lethal, and they had agreed to cause no serious injuries— forgetting that agreement, he had aimed at Reinhard’s throat with his sharp claws, striving for a decisive blow.

In that moment, before his blow could land, elegantly his body was caught in midair, and Garfiel truly understood the disparity in their strength.

Garfiel: “—I lost.”

After that, despite launching offensive attacks from various angles, Reinhard had still casually evaded all of Garfiel’s tactics.

On top of that, Reinhard had avoided them all without even taking a step away from where he’d first stood.

In other words, Garfiel had exhausted all his strength against only Reinhard’s upper body.

Having a sudden, heavy blow drill into him, tossing him into the air, Garfiel had declared his own defeat.

The Sword Saint hadn’t even drawn a sword, his area of expertise. He’d defeated Garfiel with only his bare fists.

What exactly Reinhard and Subaru had said after that, Garfiel couldn’t quite recall.

To be so ingracious or foolhardy as to not accept his loss wasn’t an impression that Garfiel had wanted to give. He’d left the hotel with only a few words.

He was unable to sort through his feelings as they were swept into a whirlpool.

Strangled by his the unanswerable emotions, Garfiel had sought an answer alone as he walked the Watergate City— which had led him up to here.

Mimi: “Gar~f! Gar~f! Look! Take a look~! The sunset’s completely reflected in the water! It’s super~ red! This is awesome~! Amazing! So beautiful~!”

The noisy girl led Garfiel around, pulling on his sleeve, yanking on his hair, settling on his shoulders, and he’d been left with no choice but to follow her.

Thanks to her, he’d accomplished leaving the hotel, but was left with no time alone.

Garfiel: “Oi, from th’very start, y’ve been so noisy. Can’y settle down a bit, midget?”

Mimi: “Ahhh… nope~!”

Garfiel: “An immediate answer?!”

She grabbed Garfiel’s wrists, running and spinning. Wrists gripped with an unexpectedly strong traction, Garfiel spun in circles with her.

The idea of extracting his wrist and fleeing at the speed of light had crossed his mind, but he didn’t know if Mimi’s beastman blood would provide her with a means to catch up. Mimi could be able to easily catching up with Garfiel’s escape.

He had to take into consideration how conspicuous he’d look.

Before leaving for Pristella, both Frederica and Ram reminded him repeatedly that troubling Emilia or Subaru because of his own quirkiness would set a bad example. The only one he could trouble was Otto, who was like an older brother used to cleaning up messes.

Garfiel: “Haha.”

Mimi: “Oh~ oh~, what’s wrong, Gar~f? Is there something voxing… vicing… vixing you?”

Garfiel: “Ya mean somethin’ vexin’?”

Mimi: “Yep, vixing! What happened~? Talk about it~, talk about it~!”

He was unable to speak candidly to Mimi and she hit him repeatedly in the side with an, “oi, ooiii”. Considering her petite, oddly sturdy form, Garfiel shook himself out of his daze.

He leaned into the waterway, appreciating the view.

Garfiel: “Ah… ‘s really is a movin’ scene.”

Mimi: “Right? This is awesome ~! Amazing!”

Although Mimi should only be listened to half the time, the reflection of the setting sun in the water was indeed a bright, inspiring scene. The glittering water was stained with white and yellow light, and the sky was covered in an orange sunset.

Having become aware of it, Garfiel sat on the edge of the waterway, watching the sluggish coming and going of sailboats.

Mimi: “Hmm~ hmm~ hmm~”

Taking a seat beside him, Mimi shook her feet happily as she hummed a tune through her nose. Although her character was one which couldn’t be silenced, right now, she was behaving rather well. Grabbing Garfiel’s half-clothed shoulders, she bobbed her head up and down.

Taking a sideways glance at her happy face, he discovered that the color of Mimi’s hair matched the orange shade of the sunset exactly. He subconsciously reached out a hand to brush her head, and Mimi seemed to be pleased, leaning into his touch.

Mimi: “Fluffy? Fluffy? Mimi~’s head is often touched by Missy too! She pets it and calls it something like a Healing Idol.”

Garfiel: “Ah, really’s kinda comfertable. That Healing Idol, or whatever, t’Captain sometimes says stuff like th… ‘r somethin’.”

Mimi: “Gar~f, do you still feel annoyed?”

Garfiel: “‘S ‘bout somethin’ else now!”

Mimi: “Huh?”

As Mimi tilted her head, her face the very picture of innocence, Garfiel laughed inadvertently.

Relief began to blossom in his chest, washing away the feeling he was someone cheap. A sense of humiliation was replaced by determination.

Garfiel: “…bein the strongest so sudden ‘s’not possible. My amazin’ self is still on th’journey there.”

Mimi: “Ohh, so you’re climbing the ladder to bein the bestest~!”

Garfiel: “Hey, y’understand pretty well. Yeah, ‘s the proper way t’becoming’ the strongest.” Mimi raised her first, and Garfiel touched his fingers to the white scar on his forehead in reply.

Although her chattiness was annoying, she had also cheered him up. If he was alone, he would probably still be moping morosely. Mimi’s company had turned out to be quite helpful.

Garfiel: “Oi, midget, while we’re here, how ‘bout we go to a stall n’grab a bite? It’ll be my amazin’ self’s treat.”

Mimi: “Gar~f, look!”

Garfiel: “Ah?”

With that invitation, Garfiel got to his feet, patting down his bottom.

Mimi was still seated by the waterway, and her cry caught Garfiel’s attention as he followed her gaze. Then, he narrowed his eyes.

On the other side of the waterway, the ropes of a sailboat had come undone, leaving the boat stranded as it began to drift down the waterway. It was empty, but the problem didn’t lie there.

Mimi: “Hey, kids!”

Mimi gave a loud warning cry in that direction— where five children playing in another boat were careening toward the drifting boat.

The children didn’t notice the approach of the other boat. If they collided, their boat could end up being overturned, throwing the children into the waterway.

At Mimi’s shout, other people around the waterway had taken notice. One of the boat owners flew toward the children in a panic, but he wouldn’t make it in time.

Hearing the shrill voices of the spectators, the children finally noticed their situation and panicked as the saw the sudden approach of the empty boat.


Garfiel: “Yo, kids. Thank the midget cat nee-chan who noticed you.”

Mimi: “Gar~f!”

He’d suddenly leapt onto the boat, keeping an astonishing balance as he landed. To the children, the silent Garfiel could only be considered a miracle from heaven.

With a crooked smile and a fiercy laugh, the children stiffened, intimidated by the scary blond stranger. As their panic died down, Garfiel scooped the five children into his arms, making another leap.

They landed on a sidewalk near the waterway as the boats collided violently, capsizing the boat that had been carrying the children.

Garfiel, by cleverly having kept hold of the the ropes connecting the boats, prevented a chain reaction of collisions that would have sank a series of boats.

Restraining the movement of the overturned boat prevented the detached boat from drifting further downstream and minimized the area of effect.

Garfiel: “ight, th’should do it!”

After anchoring the ropes firmly, Garfiel ended his struggle, with an uproar of cheers and applause from the witnesses.

One of the shipowners, who should have been monitoring the condition of the boat, bowed his head to convey his gratitude, which Garfiel waved off, scratching his head and looking shy.


Kid: “O-Onii-chan. Thank you very much.”

Garfiel: “Ohh?”

The rescued children gathered and poured grateful words upon Garfiel.

They had lost the timid expressions they’d worn on the boat, merely gazing at Garfiel with glittering expressions. As Garfiel met their gazes, their hyperactive clapping hands began to move even faster.

Faced with that, Garfiel felt his mood lighted as he rubbed his nose.

Garfiel: “‘S no need for anythin’ like that. Happen’d by chance… ah, ya by chance. My amazin’ self was guided here by a wind ‘f fate. ‘s the City of Water, surrounded by waterways… if anyone ended up sheddin’ tears, there’d be a flood, yeah?”

The applause began to calm as Garfiel gave his complacent response.

The cheers had also become intermittent. However, unlike the spectators, the children gave dramatic reactions.

Kids: “Wow, amazing!” “So cool~!”

“For tears, regardless of danger!”

“Never flinching! Never doubting! Never hesitating!”

Garfiel nodded with satisfaction at the excited children. Then, with an eager gaze, one of them voiced a question.

Kid: “Big brother, what’s your name?”

Garfiel: “It ain’t not worth mentionin’. However, ‘f pressed for it… my amazin’ self’s a tiger. Ya, a gorgeous tiger. GORGEOUS TIGER!!”

Kids: “Gorgeous! TIGER!!”

Garfiel stuck a pose, leaning back with his hands stretched obliquely to the sky. Eyes shining, the children gave hushed whispers of excitement as they imitated him.

As Garfiel shared his heart with the children surrounding him, Mimi rushed over, her eyes shining as well.

Mimi: “— Gar~f, so cool~!”

She ran over to joined the ranks of the children crowding around Garfiel.

The delighted laughter of the children, Mimi, and Garfiel rang through the twilit waterways.

—The applause and cheers had long since dissipated, leaving only the solitary shipowner regarding them with a smile.

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Garfiel bounced with energy as he shared snacks with the children at a stall.

Garfiel: “Them, my amazin’ self said, ‘Now, I won’t let ya take even one more step forward, y’inferior scum! ‘S the Captain’s territory, and y’ve already been trapped here!’ Hah!”

Mimi: “Amazing~! So cool~!”

Kid: “Woah! That’s so cool~!”

As Pristella was infiltrated by the glow of sunset, Garfiel shared stories of the past year with Mimi and the kids.

What he’d just described was one of the most impressive events that had happened, the Soil Spider Hunt.

A nearby village had an outbreak of a witchbeast known as Soil Spiders, and somehow Subaru, Garfiel, and Otto had been caught up in the crusade against them, in a perfect combination of Otto and Subaru’s scheming and Garfiel’s strength.

One of the rescued children happily listened to Garfiel’s recollections. He was a child with blond hair, only around six or seven years old age.

He had lovely features and a cute smiling face that would surely one day attract lovelorn sighs from women. But right now, he was just a child admiring Garfiel’s way of living.

After buying the children snacks, Garfiel had taken it upon himself to escort the children safely to their homes, one by one. Four of the five have returned home unharmed, which meant that this boy was the last one.

Garfiel: “With just a small group, ya went out pretty far t’play. Ain’t that dangerous?” As they undertook the considerate journey to the child’s house, Garfiel frowned.

The children’s adventure had taken them to the intersection of First and Second Street, near where the Muse Headquarters was located. As they walked, Garfiel couldn’t help thinking they’d wandered too far.

In fact, they’d come all the way from Third Street. Without any detours, the journey would take nearly a full hour to complete.

The child grinned in response.

Kid: “Occasionally, the Songstress goes to the park on First Street. We were looking for her!”

Garfiel: “Uh… ‘s that so? Captain said her singin’s pretty powerful, too, but my amazin’ self’s kinda suspicious.”

Rubbing his nose, Garfiel found it difficult to agree with the child’s reply.

Garfiel had only met the Songstress Liliana once, at the Muse Headquarters. Even that brief interaction was enough to have left a significant degree of impact on him. Liliana was, beyond a doubt, a girl with a strong personality. However, that ‘strength’ was rather incompatible with the impression of a pure, honest bard.

Mimi: “Gar~f, have you never heard the Songstress’s singing? It~ really is~ very powerful!”

Garfiel: “Have you, midget?”

Mimi: “Yep~! I didn’t fall asleep until the end~! Mimi’s so strong~! Praise Mimi~!”

Garfiel obediently stroked Mimi on the head. She gave a “success~!” and happily dashed away, before turning back around expectantly.

Mimi: “So, did you hear her sing?”

Kid: “Nope, we missed her. However, since we’d gone all the way to that faraway street…”

Garfiel: “‘S that why y’were playin’ in the river? Well, ‘s good that my amazin’ self was there.”

Kid: “Gorgeous Tiger!”

Garfiel: “Ha!”

As the boy stretched his hand toward the sky, Garfiel mimicked his motion. That was a reference to Gorgeous Tiger.

They posed together energetically, but the child soon dropped his wrist with a tired sigh. Garfiel tilted his head to one side.

Garfiel: “Why’d’ya look so down? Don’t sigh, yer happiness will run away, y’know.”

Kid: “Well, that… when I get home, my sister will be mad.”

Garfiel: “What?”

As the boy revealed his fear of his sister in a cry, Garfiel overreacted by grabbing his shoulders anxiously.

Garfiel: “Ah, sorry. But, why’s she goin’ to be so angry?”

Kid: “…Because, I snuck out.”

Garfiel: “Ah…”

This boy seemed to have neglected to inform his sister that he would be out with friends today. As a result, his family was probably frustrated and worried sick.

That feeling was not unfamiliar to Garfiel. As a brother, the presence of a sister, would, no matter for how long, continue to exist as a terrifying barrier.

Even after ten years of separation, after he’d grown up, the fear of losing to his sister had increased rather than decreased.

Garfiel: “Got it. Leave ‘t up t’my amazin’ self.”

Kid: “…Huh?”

Garfiel patted his chest proudly as the little boy revealed his shock.

As if trying to ease his downcast, Garfiel laughed, showing his sharp teeth.

Garfiel: “The scariness of an older sister ‘s somethin’ my amazin’ self’s familiar with. ‘F yer scary sister comes rushin’ at ya, my amazin’ self’ll protect ya.”

Kid: “Big brother!”

The emotional child hugged Garfiel tightly. Mimi joined the hug, grabbing Garfiel from behind.

In this way, being held front and back by the little ones, Garfiel renewed his determination and struggled with them as they continued their journey.

The sunset really was approaching, and they wouldn’t make it back by dinner time, but today wasn’t a bad day.

No matter how he looked at it, he wouldn’t be able to calmly dine in the same hall as Reinhard. However, after a night of cooling down, he’d probably be able to manage it.

That was thanks to the children who admired the Gorgeous Tigers, as well as Mimi’s inscrutably infectious cheerful attitude.

???: “—Fred!”

A deafeningly high-pitched voice suddenly attacked Garfiel’s ears.

He lifted his head in surprise, and caught sight of the sprinting figure of a girl. She had long, elegant blonde hair, and was glaring intently at the boy with Garfiel.

The boy looked in her direction and opened his mouth. Then,

Fred: “Sister…”

Sister: “You, just how worried are you going to make us before you’re satisfied!?”

The girl leapt forward to deliver a flexible kick to her brother, whose body gently bounced back.

Garfiel, who’d witnessed that action, was frozen by shock and too slow to respond to the beautiful girl, who’d landed neatly.

During that time, she fixed Garfiel with a sharp gaze and dug into his foot with her heel.

Sister: “You suspicious person, what do you want with my Fred?”

Garfiel: “Gah… first ‘f all, move your foot, midget.”

As he faced the maelstrom of her attack and angry words, Garfiel replied in a steady voice. Seeing that her preemptive attacks hadn’t caused any harm, the girl retreated backward with a timid expression.

Although she’d thought that Garfiel would be angry, Garfiel hadn’t reached a state of anger yet. Rather, he was still surprised.

He had never imagined that there would actually be a sister who indiscriminately delivered fierce kicks to her younger brother.

Incidentally, the young boy who had been kicked had had his impact softened. With a “hey~!”, Mimi had flown toward him, hugging him and landing gently.

Now, they had gotten to their feet, brushing each other off.

Seeing that through the corner of his eye, Garfiel issued a sigh. And at his reaction,

Sister: “What’s, with that attitude… If you have something to say, just say it, and don’t do anything to me or Fred… I, I’m terrifying when I get mad…”

Garfiel: “First of all, ‘s misunderstandin’ here. Also, don’t fly toward yer brother like that. Y’might accidentally cause a heavy, injury, got ‘t?”

Sister: “Hah…”

Squatting down, Garfiel spoke quietly to the girl.

The boy’s sister was also young — only around ten years old, the age of precocious puberty where she’d try a little too much. Her initial sharpness had faded, and her expression morphed into one of tearfulness at Garfiel’s calm and steady response.

What she said was surely a bluff, but she’d gathered her courage to go up against Garfiel. In a sense, her courage had rendered her even more afraid, in an unfortunate turn of events.

Fred: “Uwa, Gorgeous Tiger… Please don’t get too angry with my sister.”

Then, unable to bear seeing his trembling sister, the boy patted his body clean of dust and stood at her back, pleading with Garfiel. His sister’s expression revealed that her self-esteem was hurt over his pleas on her behalf, but she still had the dignity to try to protect her brother from Garfiel. Although he didn’t know what had happened at first, they didn’t seem to have a bad relationship.

Garfiel: “So my amazin’ self looks like a bad guy. ‘S kinda displeasing t’hear.”

Mimi: “A bad guy! Being a bad guy isn’t good~, Gar~f, be Gorgeous Tiger instead!”

Mimi leapt up and gave Garfiel’s head a poke. Although it didn’t hurt, it was a rather puzzling blow.

The pointless confrontation between siblings and Garfiel then continued. Just as he wondered how long this would last,

???: “Sister, Fred, where are you two?”

The voice that broke the stalemate came from someone else.

Hearing that gentle voice, the siblings caught each other’s gaze. Garfiel watched as the two ran in its direction.

Sister and brother arrived at the corner of the road, where a woman had appeared. They flew toward her without hesitation.

That blonde woman was more than likely their mother.

Fred: “Mom!”

Sister: “Mom, that suspicious person, something about gorgeous, and Fred…”

The elder sister held onto her mother, sobbing, and the little brother defended Garfiel’s innocence. After listening to the children’s rambles, the person in question smiled.

Garfiel: “——”

She stepped forward, her children still clinging to her, revealing her face.

Mimi: “Gar~f?”

Garfiel froze, and Mimi turned around, surveying him.

However, Garfiel was unable to respond to Mimi’s concern. His heart, chaotic with waves of confusion, had no such energy to spare.

After all, the person who stood there was,

???: “Well, my children seem to have been taken care of, my apologies. If possible, could you tell me what happened?”

She spoke in soothing, gentle tones which held not even the slightest sign of malice or suspicion.

With a few strides, she’d arrived in front of him. Even as Garfiel trembled and shivered at her presence, she tilted her head, as if confused.

That expression, that attitude, that voice, they all seized Garfiel with abject shock.

Garfiel: “—Mom?”

A hoarse murmur escaped his throat.




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