Arc 5 – Chapter 33, “Stratagem on the City Hall”

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— The silent Pristella’s siege had, up until now, seemed to be naught but a fanciful story. Walking atop of the stone slab, Subaru glimpsed the flowing waterway.

The water running within was clear and pollution-free. Even now, it flowed on in its constant, well established path. The mechanism which split the flow between left and right was still alive and well. As long as the floodgates resumed, anyone could believe that the peril the city was under was little more than a nightmare.

Garfiel: “Captain, y’can’t drag ya feet, y’know.”

Subaru: “I know, I know. The danger levels that the City Hall Raiders face increases by 10% every second.”

Ricardo: “In that case, we’re doomed after the eleventh second aren’t we? Well, that’s probably true, actually.”

Garfiel, who had taken the lead, narrowed his eyes as Ricardo’s voice rang out through the air. However, the beastman’s expression wasn’t in the least discouraged.

Carrying his sharp machete, he strode forward with vigorous steps, but not even his cavalier attitude was enough to relieve Garfiel’s tension and guilt.

Ricardo looked no different from usual, while Garfiel had clearly discarded his usual demeanor.

Even so, three people who Ricardo considered family were hurt, and he couldn’t be in a calm state of mind right now. This had been made clear back in the shelter.

On the other hand, Garfiel’s self-confidence and recklessness had vanished and what remained was a cautious and more timid attitude, a change that emitted an ominous message.

Subaru: “…well, I can’t say that I’m any better off, either.”

It wasn’t only those two who couldn’t maintain their usual state of mind.

Subaru’s own injured condition, Beatrice’s unconsciousness, and, most importantly, Emilia’s safety; all of those weighed heavily on his mind.

Even if he focused only on seeking a speedy revenge, experience had taught him that doing so would hasten a terrible result.

This was the philosophy of the group, the City Hall Raiders, who were striving for the best possible result.

Having encountered no cultists along the way, they successfully arrived at the rendezvous point. And there,

Wilhelm: “Subaru-dono!”

Subaru: “It’s great to see you’re all safe.”

The forms of Wilhelm and Crusch drew near, as well as Julius, who elegantly stroked his hair.

Julius: “I’m sure you’re worried out of your mind for Emilia-sama, are you sure it’s okay for you to be here instead?”

Subaru: “In terms of overall priority, being here is more important, but I’m still anxious. But I don’t know anything about Emilia’s situation, and I can’t do anything that might jeopardize her even further.”

Julius: “I understand. Were Anastasia-sama placed in the same situation, I doubt I’d be able to remain calm.”

After nodding in response to his concerned words, Subaru turned to Wilhelm.

The old swordsman exercised his arms with his eyes closed, warming up his body.

How turbulent his mind might have been at that moment… was beyond Subaru’s understanding.

However, as if sensing Subaru’s gaze, Wilhelm opened his eyes, and reached into his coat. He withdrew a mirror and handed it to Subaru.

Wilhelm: “Subaru-dono, this is the conversation mirror. In the heat of battle, I doubt I’ll have any leeway to operate it, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Subaru: “Understood. Let’s move as planned.”

Placing the mirror carefully in his pocket, Subaru straightened his back.

He’d been entrusted with the responsibility of establishing conversation with the other two groups.

Subaru, who would be engaged in the least fighting, held one mirror, while the other was held by Ferris, who’d been traveling between shelters. The last one was held by Anastasia, who served as their source of intelligence.

Ideally, these three would be able to work together.

Crusch: “Then, to confirm again. We are moving to the battlefield identified by Garfiel-sama, where two demons are guarding the City Hall. One is a giant with two broadswords, and the other is a woman with a slender longsword, is that right?”

Garfiel: “Yep, ‘s right. Neither of them’re just common swordsmen. Even‘f they wasn’t fightin’ seriously, I’d prob’ end up sliced’n two by any one‘f ‘em.”

Going over all of their information once again, Crusch was the first to speak again. Nodding at Garfiel’s response, she turned back to Julius and Wilhelm.

Crusch: “The City Hall is occupied by Lust and those two. I imagine that others cultists will make an appearance there as well. Have either of you heard much about Lust?”

Julius: “My apologies. Even as a member of the knights, my knowledge is scant. Sloth and Greed are much more famous, but both of those have been encountered by Subaru.”

Halfway through speaking, Julius had turned to Subaru. Subaru nodded, saying,

Subaru: “Although, having seen Greed for myself, I don’t believe that the stories about him are untrue. But… that empire. He took out it’s strongest knight? That seems a little suspicious. He’s strong, but, in terms of combat prowess, even I could match him. Although, he can negate any attack…”

Ricardo: “And that wasn’t due to your own combat strength?”

Subaru: “Not this time. Although Wrath engulfed Greed with flames, it didn’t hurt him in the slightest. His clothing was untouched. He didn’t even break a sweat.”

Regulus’s power could easily be called invincibility.

How convenient. If that were true, then the City Hall Raiders would eventually be forced to face the worst of enemies. Although he wanted to believe that such an unreasonable power couldn’t exist.

Subaru: “Obviously, we’d been in trouble in Greed were here, but we shouldn’t have to worry about that…”

Julius: “Reinhard would never be absent when innocent civilians are in such danger. I think perhaps that he is facing a problem that leaves him unable to move. Like us, he’s possibly caught in an encounter with other cultists.”

Only Julius seemed to understand what was passing through Subaru’s mind at the moment.

Prior to the start of all this, Felt and Reinhard had come into contact with Heinkel. He could only hope that the obnoxious idea which had taken root in his mind when he’d heard about their meeting was wrong.

Subaru: “Other than that, there’s something that I want to confirm. The name Lust gave,

Capella Emerada Lugunica. Why would she possibly call herself a Lugunica?”

Ricardo: “She had to be mocking us. Every member of the royal family is well known.”

Crusch: “It still might not be misinformation. It seems too early to dismiss it as just a prank.”

Ricardo and Crusch gave Subaru their differing opinions.

The Witch Cult being what it was, either possibility was worth considering. The poor character of this Lust could be clearly heard in her voice. A prank, as Ricardo had said, was likely indeed, but she could also prove to be an enigma.

However, in the face of those two proposals, Wilhelm raised a hand.

Wilhelm: “I do recall one thing.”

Subaru: “What is it?”

Wilhelm: “Although I don’t know of any Capella, I have heard a little about the reputation of Emerada Lugunica. That doesn’t mean that there’s any direct connection… but there was indeed someone named Emerada in the history of the royal family of Lugunica.”

Subaru: “——!”

Surprised by this, Subaru’s eyes grew wide as Wilhelm pondered with his hand to his chin.

Wilhelm: “Her name traces back to before the Demi-Human War, before I joined the army. So around 50 years ago. At the time, Emerada-sama was known as someone very beautiful and very clever.”

Subaru: “And Lust called herself Emerada? For what reason?”

Wilhelm: “As for her intentions, I don’t know either. Only, I’ve heard that Emerada-sama passed away due to disease at a young age. But… a state funeral was never held in her honor.

Neglecting to hold a funeral for the death of a royal was practically unthinkable. Tilting his head, Wilhelm frowned as he attempted to explain.

Wilhelm: “Times were hard, was the reason that they gave. However, the real reason was that the people didn’t want one for her.”

Subaru: “The people didn’t…?”

Wilhelm: “Although Emerada was very beautiful and very intelligent, she was… extremely cruel, with an immeasurable amount of darkness within her. Therefore, even the royal family of Lugunica regarded her as… a heretic, a fact hidden from the public.”

With only an unconfirmed testimony, saying such dubious words about the kingdom he served had probably left a bitter taste on Wilhelm’s tongue. His words had began to waver in the second half of his explanation.

And everyone had seen for themselves Lust’s harsh nature.

Subaru: “So Lust gave Emerada’s name… but for what purpose…”

Wilhelm: “If they’re trying to slander the royal family of Lugunica, the name of Emerada won’t be too significant. Hardly anyone remembers her these days.”

The result of Wilhelm’s conclusion was a sigh of relief.

Unlike the likes of Subaru, Garfiel, and Ricardo, there were those who loyally served the kingdom; Crusch, Wilhelm, and Julius’s feelings were unfathomable.

Such ungrateful, vicious ridicule toward the royal family was certainly not permissible.

Subaru: “In spite of that… Capella…”

Julius: “Any thoughts on that name?”

Julius turned his attention sharply as he spoke, seeing Subaru, who showed a bitter expression.

Subaru: “Nothing, it’s just…”

After a brief pause, Subaru scratches his head as he continues.

Subaru: “It’s not just Capella. Regulus, and Sirius too. And come to think of it, even Petelgeuse… but to say that’s this is meaningful is impossible.”

Garfiel: “Cut th’crap Captain ‘n tell us already. What’s so special ‘bout their names?”

Subaru: “It’s strange, you know? It’s just, you could kinda say that they have the same names as the stars of my hometown, or something like that.”

Crusch: “Name of the stars, is it?”

Subaru: “Come to think of it, my name, Subaru, is as well. No, it doesn’t matter. It’s a stupid thought.”

In response to Subaru, Crusch widened her eyes, looking deeply interested. Seeing that everyone else shared her reaction, Subaru scratched his head.

Subaru: “Don’t give much strange looks, okay? My hometown named all the stars, and the archbishops just happened to share their names. I quite enjoy learning about the stars and their stories, so I know some extra details.”

Crusch: “Really, that interest doesn’t seem to be in accordance with you. Stars, huh.”

Subaru: “My name, Subaru, also comes from the stars. That’s why. Sorry if it’s boring.”

Feeling embarrassed, Subaru neglected to delve into the details.

However, Crusch rejected Subaru’s attempts to end the conversation.

Crusch: “Please wait, Subaru-sama. Are their names really coincidentally the names of your stars?”

Subaru: “What do you mean?”

Crusch: “For example, could the names of the stars Subaru-sama knows be the roots of their names? From the reason of their founding to the activities they carry out, everything about the Witch Cult is shrouded in many layers of mystery.We can’t easily discard something that they may share a connection with.”

Subaru: “——”

Subaru, although surprised at Crusch’s unexpected questioning, was still lost in his own thoughts. Really, Subaru had always believed that the star related names had been mere coincidence. Why?

This was, after all, a different world. There would be no one else here who shared the knowledge of Subaru’s stars.

But could he say so for certain?

In this very place, Pristella, Subaru had bore witness to Japanese architecture. And deeply rooted in Kararagi’s culture, even reflected in the Kansai dialect, was Japanese influence, perhaps from Hoshin’s own hand.

Perhaps the establishment of the Witch Cult’s ideologies had some root in modern knowledge known to Subaru. The archbishops being named after stars wasn’t necessarily unrelated.

Subaru: “Petelgeuse. Regulus. Sirius. Capella…”

Julius: “Correct. Subaru said those were the names of stars. Are there any stories or anecdotes behind them? Maybe there’s a connection somewhere.”

Subaru: “Thinking along those lines…”

He dug through the thinning memories from his original world, finally recalling what he knew of the stars.

He’d once deeply loved celestial illustrations. Knowing that the origin of his name existed in the stars, Subaru had greedily immersed in drawings of constellations and had engraved a number of stars into his mind.

And, associated with the name of those abominable sinners,

Subaru: “The underarm of Orion, or the hand of Orion…”

Crusch: “Eh?”

Hearing the word underarm in a place she never would have imagined, Crusch tilted her head to the side.

However, Subaru didn’t register her reaction, gripping and shaking her slender shoulders, as he approached.

Subaru: “That’s right! It’s called the hand of Orion!”

Crusch: “Su-Subaru-sama? What… is this hand?”

Subaru: “Petelgeuse… the origin of his name is a star. His authority was the Unseen Hand, and that star’s other name is the hand of Orion!”

It was almost laughably far-fetched.

But were they only related by chance? Were this merely an amusing coincidence of symbolism?

Not Petelgeuse, but a star named Betelgeuse— that was a familiar name to Subaru. The small mismatch had been the reason he hadn’t yet noticed it.

Subaru: “Sirius is ‘shining’, and she can use fire magic, that’s not subtle at all. At most it’s a literal… Regulus is the ‘little king’. Isn’t that exactly like that bastard’s self-centered values!? Then, Capella is…!”

Crusch: “Capella is…?”

Subaru: “Little goat! A goat! Capella’s a goat!”

Digging through his memory, Subaru searched for some meaning relationship between the mythos of the stars and the archbishops of sin.

A smirk emerged on Subaru’s face, as if he were saying “not bad, not bad”.

Instead, listening to Subaru’s answer, Crusch kept her brow pressed down while holding his shoulder. Then she looked to the other four people, they are also a complex expression,

Julius: “Orion’s hand?”

Wilhelm: “Shining?”

Ricardo: “Small king?”

Garfiel: “The hell’s a ‘little goat’?”

Subaru: “—Ah?”

At the reaction of the four people who turned their heads to, Subaru finally realized that his discovery was far more useless than he’d thought.

Crusch: “Subaru-sama, I apologize. It seems my thoughts led us astray.”

Yes, even Crusch looked sorry.


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The correlation of the symbolism of the stars and the archbishops’ names had failed spectacularly.

However, they had no time to waste lamenting that failure before launching a lightning-fast operation.

As a result, they attacked after they shared and discussed their abilities and combat styles.

The members of the Iron Fang, who had accompanied Julius and Crusch, went forth as a scouting force, ensuring that the way to the City Hall was clear. The six of them would arrive safely.

Garfiel: “Ya, ‘s just like last time, nothin’s changed…”

Nose twitching, Garfiel confirmed the lack of any new enemy presences.

According to what he had said, after crossing the straight road ahead, he had been ambushed as he’d prepared to enter the City Hall. But neither Garfiel’s nose nor Subaru’s eyes found the silhouettes he had mentioned.

If they weren’t here, they could just directly take the City Hall and move on. Just as Subaru wanted to celebrate a lack of enemies,

Garfiel: “——”

Garfiel equipped his shields and Ricardo held his machete in a battle ready stance. Wilhelm, on the other hand, watched the plaza with the calmness of a tranquil lake.

For those three, this battle would likely turn out to be rather personal. In particular, Wilhelm surely had much he needed to confirm.

Julius: “This area is completely open. Although my quasi-spirits have been sent to patrol it, they found no path we could sneak along. It seems that our only option is to approach directly.”

Julius had sent his spirits to scout out their surroundings. The geography of this location was difficult to launch an attack on and likewise difficult to defend.

Subaru: “Can’t you send your spirits inside to scout? Just knowing how many enemies there are and the building’s general layout would make our job that much easier.”

Julius: “Apologies, but my friends are still unable to perform an order that complicated. And the enemy isn’t necessarily unable to detect the presence of spirits, so that would be difficult.”

Subaru: “That wouldn’t be your fault. Still, that’s a shame, it would have been really helpful.”

Not knowing the circumstances of the City Hall itself again increased the danger of a direct attack.

That said, waiting would only cause the situation to worsen. Although the Witch Cult had claimed they were willing to negotiate over their broadcast, that was, in reality, extremely unlikely.

Subaru: “Then, just as we planned. Although the enemy has combat effectiveness, we have strength in numbers. It’s basically three on one for each of us. We’ll handle this quickly, and then get rid of the guy who’s occupying this place!”

Julius: “Although that’s optimistic thinking, I look forward to our success.”

Julius gave a wry response to Subaru’s speech, and the party took off.

Without needing a signal, they ran up the straight road, toward the plaza in front City Hall. Holding their breaths, they waited for their enemies to surface.

Garfiel ran in the lead, followed by Wilhelm and Julius. Ricardo followed them, and Crusch and Subaru held the rear.

His right leg felt, for all intents and purposes, fine. Although it was in a strange state of feeling no sensations, he could run without hindrance.

Garfiel: “—They’re here!”

Two figures fell upon Garfiel, who stood in the lead.

As the group watched the large blades and slender sword flutter in the air, a soldier among them courageously drew her own weapon. From the rear,

—The Hundred Man Strike was unleashed.

Crusch had drawn her sword, and, augmented with wind magic, unleashed a strike that cut toward the enemy.

Anything within her field of vision, even at great distance, could be struck by her. This was Crusch’s long range swordplay.

Her strikes had even made a dent in the White Whale’s magically enhanced defenses. The sound of steel on steel rang out, and the giant and woman whirled away.

Subaru: “Did you get them?”

Crusch: “No, they deflected it!”

Her well placed surprise attack had failed to make contact.

While swinging their bodies to the side, landing neatly on the stone, the two figures, dressed in black, drew their respective weapons in a well prepared defensive formation.

Two giant blades, and a single sharp sword. From top to bottom, they were indeed both clad in the despicable garb of the witch cult.

Appearing to have completely brushed off the impact of that blow, they tilted their bodies forward slightly, about to kick off from the ground.

However, before that,

Julius: “Although you defended against Crusch-sama’s blow, can you take this?”

Three different colors glowed from above, the light emitted by the spirits pouring down upon the cultists.

Julius’s six quasi-spirits, working in groups of three, attacked the giant and woman. Another light of magic, which Subaru had never seen before, applied an appalling pressure to their enemies, forcing them to kneel.

Against the unbearable pressure of their enemies, Garfiel and Wilhelm rushed the woman, while Ricardo swung his blade over his head as he pounced toward the giant.

Garfiel: “Take this!”

Wilhelm: “Haah—!”

Ricardo: “It’s over!”

In a flash of silver, emanating an overwhelming pressure, the Sword Demon took off.

Garfiel and Wilhem’s inhuman strength struck downward, ready to split the enemy’s defenses open.

If they could strike a kill at this interval—

Woman: “——”

The kneeling woman turned her sword in her grip and slashed at Garfiel and Wilhelm’s legs. They immediately dodged but the woman followed with the same trajectory, twisting to stretch a leg around Garfiel’s neck, moving him into the scope of Julius’s magic.

Garfiel: “Wha—”

Swaddled in Garfiel’s arms, the woman protected herself from any magical effects using Garfiel as a shield. Then, her knee shattered Garfiel’s nose as she grabbed his left arm with her free hand and used him as a shield against Wilhelm.

At this profound display of skill, Garfiel cried out in pain, while Wilhelm cursed.

Breaking their stalemate, she kicked at the old swordsman, releasing Garfiel in the process.

Although her movements should have been constrained, her blow was powerful enough to send Wilhelm flying. Just as he regained his balance, she had already made another half turn on the spot, delivering a swift follow up kick.

Giant: “——”

Meanwhile, Ricardo’s attack stopped short of the giant’s head.

Still kneeling due to the magical effects cast by Julius, the giant had readily discarded the big swords he had held in both hands. Then, he lifted his unguarded hands and brought them over his head.

Ricardo: “Idiot, you’re finished!”

As a result of his flawed judgment, his arms would be severed.

Even though Ricardo’s machete was blunt, it contained incredible momentum and power. The giant’s thick arms were amputated by the impact of the blow and his upper arms flew through the air as red and and white bone spewed forth.

Giant: “——”

Ricardo stepped back and swept his machete up, aiming to bring it down upon the giant’s enormous head.

However, the giant simply retrieved his swords with his extra arms, deflecting the coming blow that should have been fatal.

Ricardo: “What!?”

The giant then raised his arms, allowing a curtain of blood to spray forth, dispelling magic that Julius had cast. Now freed of that magic, the giant was again capable of the agile action that betrayed his enormous form. Having chosen to forego his arms he was able to do away with an even more crippling weakness.

Ricardo, unable to withstand the heavy blades the followed, had his arm caught by a blow as he barely managed to retreat from far worse.

He groaned as the giant’s fist collided with his face, sending the beastman’s burly body flying backward.

Woman: “——”

Giant: “——”

Against the three opponents who were now on the defensive, the woman and giant raised their weapons, weapons of special kind, with clear intent to kill.

Finally having caught up with those other three,

Julius: “Fell Goa!”

Julius’s incantation ushered in a wind, which swirled with red flames sprouting from within.

The resulting tornado of flame swiftly met the approaching woman, chasing her away from Garfiel and catching her in its wake.

Then, with a sound almost like a prayer, the sound of a slash and the whistle of a whip cut through the air.

Crusch’s blade of wind coupled with a strike of Subaru’s whip struck the giant’s body. His huge form finally having taken a beating, a wound marked his chest.

That injury was no serious matter for him. Even so, they had succeeded in stopping the giant’s assault, and the the fallen Ricardo kicked up at the giant’s jaw.

Ricardo: “Ha, you were asking for it!”

Subaru: “Is that the time to say this? Hurry back, Ricardo!”

Carried by the momentum of kick’s release, Ricardo spun backward, retrieving his blade and wiping his face of blood, before retreating to join with Crusch and Subaru, ready to confront the giant again.

Seeing that the woman had been enclosed in a cage of wind and flame, Subaru’s eyes involuntary widened.

Subaru: “What’s that!? You, you can actually use such spectacular magic!?”

Julius: “It’s merely a bluff. I’m not proficient enough to make it lethal yet.”

Julius replied bitterly, the spectacle before their eyes confirming his words.

As the woman bathed in that tornado of flame, the sword in her hand flashed— and the heart of that wind was pierced by her slight movement. Unbalanced, the cage collapsed.

That woman’s elegant, peerless swordplay. And the giant’s own special physiology.

Subaru: “… you’re kidding…”

The front of his black robe fell open, and the giant’s many arms were revealed. He nonchalantly picked his severed arms up from the ground and pressed them against his stumps, as blood and flesh knit with a sickening sound.

A mere moment later, the giant’s formerly missing arms were reattached, with only scant traces of the injury remaining. As if confirming that healing, he took his large blades in them again, proudly waving them around.

Both looked undefeatable.

Subaru: “By contrast, it’s clear that our blitzkrieg failed.”

Looking sideways, Julius and Wilhelm, protected by Julius’s magic, were having their injuries treated by Garfiel.

The reality set in that Garfiel and Wilhelm, working together, had been soundly defeated. That sense of despair, could not easily be erased.

However, it would be a mistake to say that their situation was completely hopeless.

Subaru: “Although close combat is unreliable… long ranged attacks could still be effective.”

Whether it was the Julius’s magic, Crusch’s blade of wind, or even Subaru’s whip, they still had a chance.

The last one wouldn’t be all that helpful, even if it did work— that sentiment was there, but the other two attacks could certainly have a chance to turn the tide.

Subaru: “——”

At Subaru’s comment and expectant gaze, both Julius and Crusch nodded.

Garfiel and Wilhelm also understood the power of their opponents in close combat. From the start, Ricardo had not held any designs to face either of them alone.

The melee fighters would temper their enemies’ movement, and any gaps would be filled with magical attacks.

This was likely the best way to minimize injuries and achieve victory. The unity of the entire party would start the pace of the battle again. Then, at that moment,

???: “Chaotically, grudgingly, this conspiracy has arrived! What kind of garbage pieces of meat like you~ can, so foolishly, ugly, superficially dare to live? In the words of this elegant, patient lady— Kahahahaha!”

Abruptly piercing the battlefield was an inconspicuously sharp laugh.

However, upon hearing that voice, everyone understood that the appearance of the owner meant the situation had taken a turn for the worst. Subaru shuddered and shifted his gaze around, searching for that figure.

Where was she? Where was that laughter coming from?

???: “Where are you looking, you dull, dimwitted pieces of shit? It’s because of this foolishness~ that you can’t be saved. Come one, open your dog eyes wide, and think hard with your empty heads. Then maybe this gentle lady will show mercy to your filthy souls!”

Crusch: “——”

From next to Subaru, whose gaze swerved around, Crusch had drawn a hoarse breath.

Her amber eyes were fixed overhead. With a sinking feeling of understanding, Subaru followed her gaze expecting to see Lust at the end of it.

His the line of sight pointed to the roof of the City Hall.

Loud ridicule poured down upon them from there, as if the owner of that voice were looking down upon ants from a great distance.

In fact, that was more or less the situation. That was because,

Capella: “Gahhahahahaha! Really, that face! That stupid face! Did you save it just for me? If so, this kind lady would give you foolish apes praise! Or would you prefer saliva? You’d be very happy with my precious saliva? For you pieces of rubbish, it must be a coveted treasure, right~!”

Raucous laughter echoed through the air as Subaru glanced upward.

The giant and swordswoman didn’t have the slightest reaction as an ally joined them against their fellow opponents.

The Archbishop of Lust made a sudden appearance on the battlefield—

Capella: “Then, once more! This lovely lady is the Sin Archbishop of Lust—!”

— As the name of Lust was announced, a black dragon looked down upon them with a smile.

Capella: “I am Capella Emerada Lugunica-sama! Die! You rotten slabs of meat!”

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