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Ferris: “Ah, really! Healing magic has no effect, so we can only use such a primitive treatment!”

Ferris, with blood staining his cheeks, clenched his teeth in irritation, waving a hand around.

Lying in front of him, blood still flowing from her chest, was Mimi’s unconscious form.

Wholeheartedly wanting to stop the bleeding, he’d been forced to bind her wound with a magic cloth and several layers of bandages.

This was something typically used for hand and foot injuries, but it could also be applied to the chest to maintain a wound’s closure and prevent bleeding. Only, Mimi’s chest wound was just above her heart.

The amount of time she had left could only depend upon her own vitality.

Subaru leaned against the wall, watching desperate treatment as he fretted about Garfiel. Looking down, he saw that instead of looking at Mimi, Garfiel had plunged his bloody hands into his short blond hair and looked down, a far cry from his usual optimistic self.

The blood covering his body was not only Mimi’s. It was plain to see that he had his own severe wounds. Blood stained the corners of his mouth, and the amount of blood still pouring his shoulders was particularly heart-wrenching. His trousers were torn near his knees, where flesh was missing and white bone could be glimpsed.

Subaru: “Garfiel. Mimi can be entrusted to Ferris, for the time being. You also need treatment for your wounds. Can you administer healing spells yourself?”

Garfiel: “…ah, yeah.”

Nodding, Garfiel slowly pressed his palms to his wounds began to deliver the healing mana into his own body. As he watched the slowly healing wounds, Subaru looked down at the conversation mirror in his hand.

Reflected in the surface of the mirror was a silent old swordsman, his wrinkled face bearing a complex expression.

In the depths of his own heart, what kind of confusion had risen? Undoubtedly, Wilhelm must have reached the same conclusion as Subaru.

Subaru: “The wound can’t be closed, which is to say…”

Wilhelm: “In all likelihood, that’s because of the Divine Protection of the Shinigami.”

Finishing Subaru’s words, Wilhelm came to the expected conclusion.

The terrible curse of incurable healing of a wounds was given by the death god’s blessing. That Mimi’s wound couldn’t be healed by magic was probably due to such a blessing.

Then, in Subaru’s mind, only one person could conceivably have done this.

Of course, while it couldn’t be asserted that no other person could possibly have the same divine protection,

Subaru: “Wilhelm-san. Although this isn’t a happy thought… your wrist injury, how is it?”

Wilhelm: “——”

Wilhelm briefly closed his eyes, then removed his coat and presented his left hand to Subaru.

The bandage wrapped tightly against it bore no bloodstains. Then there was no bleeding— so his attacker couldn’t be near.

Wilhelm: “Even assuming that the injury was given by someone who had the same protection as my wife, as long as my wounds have not opened, her life cannot be near. Although that should be a matter of course.”

Subaru: “Wilhelm-san…”

Was he frustrated, or was he relieved? Subaru did not know.

Wilhelm had lost his wife a full fifteen years ago. Even one year ago, he’d certainly not doubted her death.

Regardless of the hopelessness of any situation, looking at a favored result with unconditional hope and choosing to believe in any modest hope was a weakness of humanity. However, even if Wilhelm succumbed to that weakness, Subaru found no shame in it whatsoever.

Therefore, at this moment, Subaru found no words he could say to Wilhelm who but of course desired neither casual comfort nor encouragement.

Behind Subaru, a change in the situation had occurred. That was,

Ricardo: “Bro. Sorry, to take your time while you’re treating a wound.”

Saying so, Ricardo sat on the ground.

Near Ferris, desperately conducting his treatment, the beastman sat in front of the bloody Garfiel, eyeing him sharply.

To meet that gaze, Garfiel slowly raised his head.

Ricardo: “I don’t know what happened. But I know that if bro hadn’t brought her here, Mimi wouldn’t have made it. So,”

Garfiel: “——”

Ricardo: “Really, thank you very much. I’m deeply grateful.”

With two fists on the ground, Ricardo kneeled and bowed his head.

As Ricardo’s forehead hit the ground, thanking Garfiel for bringing his family here, Garfiel appeared shocked.

Mimi’s status was still not optimistic. It was understandable that Garfiel held some guilt for not being able to successfully defend Mimi. But that was by no means Garfiel’s fault. What good would it do to blame him?

Ricardo had, of course, hoped for Mimi’s safe return, and, having her back in that state, he couldn’t have been calm.

Even so, in Subaru view, Ricardo’s vaulted posture was completely sincere.

At the same time, he held an unforgiving anger at those who left Mimi in that state. Therefore,

Subaru: “Garfiel. Although it must be troubling for you, tell me exactly what happened. Even you’re in such a state, which is unimaginable. Not to mention…”

As he asked Garfiel to explain the situation, an idea took root in Subaru’s mind.

It was earlier, as he sorted through their information with Julius and Wilhelm, contemplating the siege of Pristella, the idea had briefly crossed his mind.

Seizing the five control towers, the Witch Cult had turned the entire city as their hostage.

Each location must have been occupied by a mighty force. Assuming that was right— they were most likely guarded by Wrath, Greed, Lust. Then, the likelihood of Gluttony’s presence was also high.

——That Gluttony was precisely Subaru’s target.

Greed, who had Emilia, and Wrath, who regarded Subaru as Petelgeuse. Lust, whose ugly nature he’d heard earlier, and Gluttony, the target he’d been hunting.

Although the situation was indeed the worst of the worst, at the same time, there had never been an opportunity better than now.

Being entrapped in a spider web was precisely the right time to exterminate all the spiders.

Subaru: “Anyway, we have attack these guys eventually. After all, if we don’t, we’ll never be able to return safe and sound.”

Subaru: “——”

Garfiel stared at him in surprise.

Subaru nodded with encouragement, urging him to speak.

Garfiel: “…After hearin’ that broadcast, my amazin’ self and th’midget went t’the center ‘f the city. Both ‘f us hated that broadcaster’s annoyin’ voice.”

Ricardo: “We were also discussing a way we were gonna do that. Looks like you got the first chance.”

Garfiel: “On th’way t’tha City Hall, th’were no sentries, n’no appearance ‘f anythin gettin’ our way. So my amazin’ self headed straight toward the City Hall, where…”

Garfiel’s words stopped, as he clenched his teeth, his fists trembling.

This was not fear, but anger. However, Subaru believed that that anger was directed not at his opponent, but at Garfiel himself.

Issuing a fiery, angry breath, Garfiel continued.

Garfiel: “Two enemies appeared. One of ‘em was’n huge man th’lugged around two giant swords. Th’other was a thin woman’n had a slender sword. No matter what, ‘f they was serious about it, they’d match me one on one. No… they’d most likely be stronger than my amazin’ self.”

Subaru: “Even stronger than you…was one of them the broadcaster?”

Garfiel: “…most likely not.”

Subaru almost wondered whether or not there was a problem with his ears.

Garfiel was not only the strongest in Emilia’ faction, who was meant to face the Witch Cult if the need ever arose, he also sat at the peaks of strength in their combined forced.

That Garfiel had just judged two people to be individually stronger than himself. And, if his assumption was right, those people were only common cultists.

Garfiel: “Those two didn’t give off th’same malice as th’broadcast. Even though my amazin’ self left openin’s while I escaped, we still got away… they seem t’of some kind ‘f swordsman’s etiquette or whatever.”

Garfiel regarded his opponents with something like awe.

Unlike his usual lively self, he seemed to be in a sluggish state, clearly still affected by Mimi’s state.

Ricardo, who had been listening to Garfiel, slapped his knees with dull sound and stood. Then he grabbed Garfiel’s shoulder,

Ricardo: “Strong or not strong, I can already clearly tell. What I want to know is, who left bro in such a state? Who did that the Mimi? Who should I seek revenge on? Tell me that.”

Garfiel: “… My amazin’ self’s wounds are mostly from th’guy, while the woman was a distraction. However, because‘f that woman, Mimi…”

Wilhelm: “—that woman, could you please leave her to me?”

Ricardo was ignited by the vengeance for Mimi, and Garfiel swore that same goal, with shame. The one who had interjected was Wilhelm, who had been listening silently through the mirror.

To him, too, this was by no means something he could leave alone. But it was cruel to the two who didn’t know about Wilhelm’s reasons.

Ricardo: “Why? This has nothing to do with you, Wilhelm-san. Even you shouldn’t take my right to have revenge on those that harmed my dear family.”

Wilhelm: “I… can’t say for certain without having confirmation. However, if what I suspect is true, than that woman is a very important one to me. I must insist.”

Ricardo: “That’s… if you anger me, I won’t be able to spare you.”

Although Ricardo snarled in agitation, Wilhelm also stubbornly refused.

Precisely because he understood the situation of both sides, Subaru couldn’t determine who was right. Therefore, it wasn’t Subaru who drew an end to that quarrel, but,

Crusch: “—Wilhelm. And Ricardo-sama. Now, as companions, this is not for strife. Not when so many civilian lives are exposed to danger.”

Wilhelm: “Crusch-sama…”

With a cool voice, filled with fortitude, Crusch scolded the two.

At the reproof of his master, Wilhelm bowed and scratched his head in shame. In the meantime, considering options that would avoid internal strife,

Anastasia: “Okay, okay. Let’s make a decision.”

Clapping gently, Anastasia took the mirror and pointed at Subaru. Laughing at the timid Subaru, Anastasia fiddled with her fox scarf,

Anastasia: “First of all, I want to bring up the raid on the City Hall proposed by Natsuki-kun and supported by Crusch-san’s faction. After all, if we attack any of the control towers, that City Hall’ll give everything away for us. And even if it isn’t retaken, the situation of the waterways could be improved a little bit, yeah? Although that might just be a bit of my wishful thinking.”

Subaru: “No, I’m thinking the same thing. Moreover, if the other side launches an attack first, it’ll cut our choices down. If we want to act, the sooner the better.”

Anastasia: “…what’s this, you’ve become reliable in this past year, haven’t you? In any case, it’s just as Natsuki-kun’s said. Thanks to the conversation mirror, our groups can collaborate, and, fortunately, about 70% of our total combat power can be dispatched immediately. It’d be reasonable to say that an attack on the City Hall would fare well, yeah?”

Subaru glanced at Garfiel and Ricardo.

In order to conquer the City Hall in one fell swoop, it would become necessary to split their combat forces.

A raid on the City Hall would entail, in their current situation, deploying forces from the closest shelter, Garfiel and Ricardo. Then, from other the shelter, Julius and Wilhelm would come.

Members of the Iron Fang, as well with both Ton and Kan, and the numerous adventurers who were staying in the city. Adding them to their ranks would improve their combat effectiveness.

Subaru: “Honestly, if Reinhard were here, everything would be fine… could we get Ton and Kan to summon him?”

Julius: “It’s strange that we haven’t located him, is that what you’re thinking?”

Julius, in response to Subaru’s attempt to maximize their combat power, shifted his gaze toward him.

Julius: “Before entering the shelter, the two seemed to have fired magic into the sky as a signal. However, Reinhard, who should have appeared instantly, didn’t appear. And, this isn’t a pleasant thought, but…”

Subaru: “But what? Really, are you still hesitating at this point?”

Julius: “Then, I welcome you to feel the same trepidation that I do. —Felt-sama’s followers were separated from her and Reinhard a little bit before all this happened. It seems that they were last seen speaking to a red-haired man.”

Subaru: “Red-haired man… that couldn’t be that damn bastard, could it?”

Julius: “I can neither confirm nor deny this.”

Subaru gritted his teeth indignantly while listening Julius’s elegant answer.

Felt and Reinhard had met, if Subaru’s speculation were right, Reinhard’s father, Heinkel. What would the two have to say to that man?

And now, why weren’t they taking action?

Subaru: “However, he showed up at Sirius’s speech in that previous loop… What’s the difference? Is it because of the broadcast? Has he taken action already?”

Which one after the last is what conditions are different, and Subaru can not clearly know the difference.

In any case, knowing that they couldn’t count on Reinhard to show up was a cause for alarm. Subaru’s shoulders dropped in contemplation. Meanwhile, Ferris had returned.

His feminine costumes were black blood stained, and full of sweaty faces,

Ferris: “Huu. That took quite a while.”

Ricardo: “So, how’s Mimi’s condition? Is she fine? Did you save her?”

As Ferris wiped his forehead of sweat, Ricardo questioned breathlessly. And Garfiel, from behind him, also cast him a panicked gaze without standing up.

However, at their sincere eyes, Ferris shook his head ruthlessly.

Ferris: “I can’t say that I’ve saved her, but the wound isn’t getting worse. That’s all thanks to her brothers right nyow. By strengthening their link, she’s barely managing to hold on.”

Ricardo: “That’s their Divine Protection of Triplets, right? In that case, what’ll happen to the brothers?”

Ferris: “Their blessing is mean to have three children share the burden of fatigue and injury. Their link strengthening allows the brothers to share the injuries of their seriously injured sister. In that case, although her life can be prolonged…”

Tivey: “—When sister’s life is exhausted, we’ll die too, right?”

From the mirror, a pained voice echoed forth.

Ricardo frowned and took the conversation mirror, which reflected Hetaro and Tivey, sitting side by side. The two brothers were also clutching their chests in pain.

Ricardo: “You guys are idiots. Really, just a group of hopeless idiots.”

Hetaro: “…However, when I think that this is sister’s pain, knowing that we’re feeling the same pain together makes me a little happier.”

Tivey: “I’m not as strong as my brother. So, Chief. I believe that you’ll be able to do something for us soon. Because if I die, I’ll become a ghost and haunt you.”

Being assigned to aid the injury suffered by their sister, the two brothers experienced the same serious injury.

Seeing Hetaro and Tivey lying side by side in their shelter, Ricardo gave a deep breath sigh and took his machete in hand.


Ricardo: “…in other words, we have to move quickly, then. If we don’t there’s no point.”

Ricardo whispered in a deep voice that emanated his passionate feelings.

Anastasia: “Send the Iron Fang out and have them secure the road until you reach the City Hall. Then have our best break into the building itself, and try to seize it in one fell swoops. The enemies are the huge man and slender woman. Following them should probably be lust.”

Subaru: “The elites here are Garfiel and Ricardo. Then Wilhelm-san and Julius.”

Crusch: “—I’m going too.”

Those words came from Crusch, who had tied her hair into a ponytail.

She stood with sword in hand, having shed her dress for armor suited for battle.

Subaru: “Crusch-san, by saying you’ll go, you mean that you can fight?”

Crusch: “Although I’m not as strong as I was before, I’ve had Wilhelm as a teacher. In addition, I can use the Wind to augment my strikes. I don’t intend to be a burden.”

Crusch’s power, before losing her memory, was enough that her individual presence had made a difference in the battle of the White Whale. However, the strength of the current amnesiac Crusch was unknown to Subaru.

Honestly speaking, Subaru had thought that her newfound femininity had led to a seeming loss in her adaptability to the struggle.

Wilhelm: “Crusch-sama’s talent with with the sword has not declined. That, I can guarantee.”

Wilhelm’s words wiped away the last of Subaru’s discomfort. The old swordsman nodded, gazing through the mirror at his master’s side.

Wilhelm: “However, please be careful. I implore you, please place your safety first.”

Crusch: “It’s the obligation of the nobility to bear burden of and shed blood for the people. If innocent people weep, then I will shield them under my wing. I will fight, Wilhelm.”

Wilhelm: “…honestly. But, it’s because of this that I offer you my sword.”

Crusch spoke resolutely toward Wilhelm’s allegiance. Ferris raised his hand as he watched, face full of admiration.

Ferris: “Yes! Yes! Ferri-chan too! If Crusch-sama will fight, then please let Ferri-chan accompany you! Please!”

Crusch: “Ferris traveled between shelters to cast healing spells on those in need. I’m very proud of your contributions. But don’t mistake which battlefield you should be fighting on.”

Ferris: “Gah…”

Silenced in that manner, Ferris bowed his head, searching for any retaliation. Unable to find one, he raised a white flag with a tearful expression.

Ferris: “Wil-jii. Definitely do a good job protecting Crusch-sama, okay? Absolutely absolutely.”

Wilhelm: “Mmm, I understand. Even if my own life is in danger, even if it burns out — I will do so.”

That was Wilhelm’s answer to that trust, full of tragic determination.

Ricardo waved his sword gently, and Garfiel finished his own treatment and stood with his back leaning against the wall.

Through the mirror, Wilhelm stood with sword at his waist, and Julius wore his knight’s uniform leisurely.

This was the dawn of the decisive battle — which would also include Natsuki Subaru.

Subaru: “Gah, ugh, ahh…!”

Ferris: “S-Su-Subaru-kyun! What are you doing!?”

Biting his molars to endure the pain in his right leg, Subaru finally climbed to his feet.

Ferris, flushed in fury, slapped Subaru upside the head, glaring at his foot, which was still missing skin and muscle.

Subaru: “Ferris, that hurt!”

Ferris: “Of course it did! I’ve obviously said that you absolutely need rest, so what possessed you to try to get up? Do you want your feet to rot off?”

Subaru: “Even if it’s torn off, there are still things that I have to do. Ferris, you should understand my feelings. Do you think I can really stay here obediently and wait for results?”

Ferris: “…Muu.”

Ferris raised a hand to his mouth as Subaru pressed on.

Sending his companions to a place where survival was unlikely, then waiting for results. Subaru could never endure such a thing. If, by running around, he could come up with some clever idea and help someone, how could he lie here?

Subaru: “You can fight like this. Well, I must fight too. Beatrice protected me, and Emilia’s in danger from Greed. In this state, you want me to retreat?”

Ferris: “…is that to say that you won’t regret losing your foot?”

Subaru: “Of course I’m bound to regret it. But I’d regret not fighting more.”

Ferris: “Heh… then, Subaru-kyun also wants to play a cool role.”

With an exhausted expression, Ferris held a hand to his forehead. After that, he pressed his hand to the wound on Subaru’s leg.

Ferris: “What I’ll be doing now is giving you a bit of solace!”

Subaru: “Solace is… ah, wait a minute, Ferris-san. The injury kinda hurts, so rubbing back and forth like that is going to really hurt…?”

His hands on the wound, Ferris ravaged Subaru’s leg — was what should have happened, but, instead, a brilliant line shone from the injury, ending the pain which had been piercing through it like a sharp blade.

Subaru, shocked at the effects of that magic, looked Ferris in the face. Then,

Ferris: “You look murderous!?”

Subaru: “No, no! Although, if you have such convenient magic, don’t be so reluctant to give it to sooner! This is great, I can move!”

As Ferris’s sharp tongue bit into him Subaru jumped lightly with his right leg. While enjoying the joy of his new freedom of motion, he began to dance in place. Pain was no longer a problem.

His palm hit the wound with a smack as he celebrated the amazing change. Then, Subaru looked down, feeling something sticky and wet. His hands were covered in red, and his foot’s wound had ruptured.

Subaru: “Hey, hey, hey!? Didn’t you heal it!?”

Ferris: “I nyever said I healed it. I just asked if you’d regret it if you lost your leg. Ferri-chan removed the pain from touch. As long as you’re careful, you can keep your leg if you limit your running around.”

Subaru’s bleeding legs shook as Ferris re-bandaged the wound and cast fresh spells. The blood stopped; however, Subaru felt even more uncomfortable, realizing that he could feel nothing from his leg.

It was similar to anesthesia, but he didn’t feel quite as sluggish. Aside from not being able to feel touch, his right leg’s actions were almost normal.

However, pain itself is a necessity to avoid destroying one’s own body. For the sake of convenience those sensations have been revoked, but,

Ferris: “Of course, I’m doing this reluctantly. When we meet back up, there will definitely be some residual effects. I want to see that they’ll be very slight, so be careful!”

Subaru: “…understood. You’ve been a great help, I’m grateful.”

Ferris: “…Subaru-kyun is absolutely, certainly planning to ignore Ferri-chan’s words.”

Ferris sighed as Subaru reexamined his leg while nodding.

Although he’d like to say something like “I’d never do such a thing”, if the situation arose, he couldn’t promise that he’d comply with Ferris.

Unable to make any promises, Subaru could only thank him once more before heading back toward Garfiel and Ricardo.

Subaru: “Right, I’m coming too. It’s useless to try to stop me. I don’t think I’ll be too much help in combat, but there must be something I can do…”

Ricardo: “Why would I stop you? You’d bring with you the strength of a hundred men. I’ll be counting on you.”

Subaru: “I can do things like… huh?”

Although he had been waiting for a rejection, he had been eagerly welcomed into the party. Subaru wondered what in the world was happening as the beastman opened his mouth.

Ricardo: “The White Whale, and Sloth. Both times, I saw your efforts for myself, bro. You’d be wrong if you think only Wilhelm sees your value. I also see someone worthy of praise.”

Subaru: “Really, truly?”

Inspired by Ricardo’s words, Subaru invited himself in without any problem.

Before leaving the shelter, Subaru approached Beatrice’s bed and gently touched the forehead of that quietly sleeping girl.

Subaru: “Beatrice, I’ll be going out. I messed up and left you like this, so now it’s my turn to work hard. I’ll take care of that cult and take back Emilia. You just stay here and rest well.”

Beatrice: “——”

Silence. Comforted by her peaceful breathing, Subaru stood up.

Meanwhile, Garfiel and Ricardo spoke to Mimi, who looked miserable as she lay unconscious. Although she also gave no response, the two men showed an opposite expression, a strong determination that they would pour into conquering yet unknown territory.

Subaru: “We’ll leave the shelter and join up at the large waterway leading to the City Hall. —So, cheer up, alright?”

Before their departure, everyone exchanged glances, determination fueled by their respective oaths, fierce momentum propelling them onward.

The war to regain Pristella would commence with a central attack on the City Hall. The two swordsmen in their may, and the Sin Archbishop of Lust.

Inscribing those targets in their minds, the soldiers marched toward the battlefield.



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