Arc 6 – Chapter 63, “Five Obstacles”

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ーーThe arrival of the Witch Beasts at the watchtower.

Subaru and the others’ cheeks stiffened and their expressions changed as Julius reported the Witch Beasts of the Augria Sand Dunes are pushing themselves inside all at once.
The feeling of the slight tremors running up their own feetーー were their footsteps, and that the scent of the Witch Beasts now poisoned the whole tower quite literally, all that made it impossible to not be disturbed.

Subaru: “Aside from it’s hugeness, I know barely anything about this desert though……”

Subaru’s only experience with the bare harshness of the dunes outside was in the loop in which he tried to retract away from the tower before he was charged of any suspicions, when his plan had failed at the very first step.
Just how it was only a sand-filled scenery as far as the eye saw, and that he was able to imagine it’s corresponding ruggedness.
Regardless, it was hard to believe that the desert was home to an enormous amount of living beingsーー,

Julius: “Originally, the Augria Sand Dunes were just a colony of Witch Beasts. What was more serious than the environment’s harshness were, however, the Witch Beasts which targeted any and every human which entered them, you see.”

Echidna: “It also seems that there was a military contingent dispatched with a plan of annihilating the Witch Beasts. Though, the result of that should be obvious from the sound of these footsteps.”

Julius and Echidna gave their respective responses at Subaru’s question.
In other words, Subaru’s hope of the rumbling earth being but mere paper tigers and that the number of enemies coming was at best at the level of a zoo was a gross miscalculation. To be exact, it was rather like the level of an entire savanna of Witch Beasts.
Understandably, it made you want to go despair.


Meili: “ーーSo, you realised that you should ca~ll me?”

And at that point sounded a voice, one of someone who was playfully fiddling with her fingers.
She was the only one here who had not shown any signs of 『Anxiety』 on the news of the arrival of the Witch Beasts. Her reaction did not mean a lack of surprise.
It meant she did not see the Witch Beasts as any form of threat.

Julius: “Although it sounds quite pathetic, it’s just as you say. I want you to lend us your strength.”

Julius stiffened his cheeks and nodded at Meili’s question.
Leaving the large number of Witch Beasts up to Meili, who possessed the ability to order Witch Beasts around. ーーJulius’ idea was understandable. Even Subaru had earlier come up with the same plan.
However, an alarm bells rang out in the depths of Subaru’s chest.

Beatrice: “Subaru? What happened, I suppose? Your face is a bit strange, in fact?”

Subaru: “……It was my fate from the moment I was born to have a strange face.”

Beatrice: “That goes just for your eyes, I suppose.”

Beatrice looked at Subaru with worry in her eyes, as she noticed the bitterness of Subaru’s expression. Taking a deep breath, he took in her gaze.

He exhaled out a large amount of carbon dioxide, along with something like his anxiety. That was indeed, not so easily comprehensible for others as always.

Julius: “Subaru, is there a matter of concern?”

Subaru: “Don’t hesitate so much while asking something from me. That being said, I’m so~rry for making such a strange, worrisome face. As an apology for that, I’ll let you in on something else. An exclusive scoop I picked up from the 『Book of the Dead』.”


Julius swallowed his breath, while Beatrice was amazed at his words. To be fair, though his response was predictable, he has to say it to explain what is going on.
The reason behind the sudden change in situation, why the Witch Beasts were rushing into the tower in such large numbersーー,

Subaru: “ーーIt’s 『Gluttony』. The Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, is sending the Witch Beasts towards the tower.”

Julius: “ーー~hk, why?”

Subaru: “That’s my fault. In Reid’s 『Book of the Dead』, one of 『Gluttony』 was present. Accurately speaking, I came across one of 『Gluttony』. It seems even yesterday night as well. That is……”

Julius: “The reason behind your loss of memories, is what you mean to say, huh.”

As Julius interrupted in his explanation and reached straight to the conclusion, Subaru lowered his chin.
Even though it was something which was hard to believe, Julius had high understanding of their power. The ability associated with the name of 『Gluttony』, using that knowledge, he wanted to reach the conclusion as fast as possible.

Julius: “I cannot say I’m not unsettled. Once again, did you really not get anything stolen away from you this time?”

Subaru: “Fortunately, aside from a lifetime of stalking, I’m still beautiful as always. Though, I just explained all that to Beatrice and the others.”

Julius: “I see…… Beatrice-sama?”
Beatrice:”Betty shares your concern, in fact. For the time being, no abnormalities are present, I suppose.”
Subaru: “You really can’t trust me, can you……”

Julius, with an expression of being convinced, instantly turned towards Beatrice. Though Subaru understood that it was necessary, he still found it somewhat strange.
That asideーー,

Subaru: “It seems like they caught wind of us being here since yesterday night. About half a day after that…… They took that time to come here with their pets, huh?”

Echidna: “Considering the normal speed of traveling, it’s hard to think they could reach this tower in half a day. especially if we were to consider they would be obstructed Witch Beasts during their travel. However……”

Subaru: “However?”

Echidna: “Unlike the difficult journey we had, if 『Gluttony』 had the power to make the Witch Beasts obey them…… then it only comes down to the speed of traveling.”

At the comment from the shrugging Echidna, Subaru made a difficult expression.
『Gluttony』 had the power to make the Witch Beasts obey them, that assumption was the minimum and completely accurate. At the very least, it could not be doubted that the Witch Beasts were flooding into the tower because of guidance from an enemy.
It should be kept in mind that they had the means as well.

Subaru: “What about the issue of the speed of traveling?”

Echidna: “……The terrain is sandy. Even if there were no Witch Beasts to obstruct, the speed is bound to decrease on sand. Even if the sight of the tower is not lost and the the correct path is always taken, I believe it would still take several days to reach so.”

Subaru: “But, are there any other possibilities?”

Echidna: “ーーIt would be a totally different story if they took the aerial route, since going by land was quite time consuming.”

Subaru: “Aerial route……!”

As an unexpected possibility was presented, Subaru, in astonishment, widened his black eyes.
The aerial route, if that was possible, then the travel time would change drastically. It was perfectly reasonable to assume that a flying bird would travel faster than a walking man.

Subaru: “With my own ideas mixed up, I completely forgot about methods like flying. Is there some magic for it, or is it normal?”

Beatrice: “That is not the case, I suppose. Flying is a varied mixture of magic, it is a complicated procedure, in fact. Normally it would be too risky to be done if you considered the risk of crashing, I suppose. The ones who could do it are either idiots or geniuses, idiotic geniuses in fact.”

Julius: “There is a famous rumour that the Margrave Mathers comes to the royal castle through the skies……”

Beatrice: “That is an idiotic genius, I suppose.”

Apparently, it seemed like Beatrice was not a huge fan of unknown and risky techniques.
Subaru rotated his neck at the words of the cute Beatrice, who informed about the rarity of flying magic.

Subaru: “If it’s not magic then, a huge bird…… Ah, a dragon! They must have ridden on a dragon’s back!”

Echidna: “In fact, such a technique does exist in secret in the Volakia Empire in the south. Though the empire has full monopoly on that technique, there exists a different way for 『Gluttony』 to simply take it from them.”

Subaru: “Someone who already knew that technique. Someone who had their memories eaten, huh.”

If that thought was to be continued, it could be said that the enemy was too powerful, having the ability to snatch away all information in warfare.
If the 『Memory』 was to be eaten, then you could own all the mysteries your opponent wanted to keep secret, and if the 『Name』 was to be eaten, you could even erase the fact it even happened, along with the very existence of the opponent.

ーーIt is often said, that memories shape people.


Subaru believed that a person’s value is, a person’s achievements are marked by their memories and what they etch into history.
Because of the special beliefs he held till now, Subaru truly hated the power of the despicable 『Gluttony』 from the very bottom of his heart.

It was destructive.
The power of 『Gluttony』, of robbing away others’ memories, was utter blasphemy and evil that brought ruin to everything.
It was ridiculous to use it for one’s own well-being, for one’s own pursuit for happiness. Unreasonably choosing the wrong path and twisting your own fate.

ーーIs onii-san, who uses 『Return by Death』 himself, really saying that?

Subaru: “ーー~hk.”
Beatrice: “Subaru!”

Beatrice called out to Subaru who subconsciously bit his lip with force.
Feeling his arm being pulled, his line of sight and her deep blue eyes intersected. He could feel strong pain at the edge of his lip, and it was pitiful that this painful wound had been inflicted by his own bite.
Licking the blood coming of that wound, he lowered his head, saying “sorry”.

Subaru: “For a moment, my head started to hurt from her ridiculing face. Making her have a tearful face full of regret is one of my biggest goals though…… The problem before that is those brothers of hers.”

Julius: “We already know that there are two or more Sin Archbishops of 『Gluttony』 but, did you catch something?”

Subaru: “It’s re~ally confusing because of her indistinguishable way of referring to herself but, there is one holed up in the 『Book of the Dead』, and she has two brothers, I think.”

In the 『Hall of Memories』, Louis had mentioned the nicknames “onii-chan” and “nii-sama”. If those were to be taken at face value, then it would mean that Louis had two brothers.
That being said, whether it was proof of 『Gluttony』 being three siblings or not was a totally different issueーー,

Subaru: “At the very least, she was not the type who would be willing to negotiate. We~ll, not that I, who almost lost to her eating antics, can say that.”

What would have had happened if he would have had fallen for his enemy’s words and speculation, and strangled that slender neck?
Had the voice of the blue-haired girl not sounded, what would be of him now?

Meili: “ーーWell, so what does onii-san actually want to say? Saying all these disappointing things, and beating around the bush is onii-san’s ba~d habit.”

And, fidgeting around, Meili shakes her body and expressed her disappointment.
The young girl, who was supposed to have had assigned her own role to herself since the beginning, seemed to be dissatisfied by simply standing there and waiting.
Understanding her complaints, Subaru took control, saying “I know”.

Subaru: “I understand how you feel but, this was the bare minimum of information that I needed to share. It is certainly my bad habit to beat around the bush but, think of it as another one of my charms and love it……”

Meili: “Can I bite yo~u?”

Subaru: “Sorry! It’s just that, a ton of Witch Beasts have come! Well then, let’s request the Witch Beast expert, Professor Meili! Is that how I should have had normally said it? I needed to explain. That the enemies are the ones who stole my memories.”

Meili: “That is……”

Meili quietened again when Subaru shifted his tone to a serious one. What Subaru had conveyed were his true intentions.
And the same went for his comrades by his side, who also changed their expressions.
Looking at their expressions, Subaru scratched his head.

Subaru: “I will blame myself for the initial part of it. But, they have my memories. ーーKnowing our strengths, they will try to trap us. We, just have to beat them in their own game.”

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ーーThe ones who have the upper hand in knowledge, have the upper hand in battle.

Natsuki Subaru, who grew up in modern day Japan, poisoned by various game cultures, recognized very well that equation for victory in modern warfare.
Even if that didn’t apply, having your own cards shown to the opponent make victory in poker impossible, it was something so obvious that even children could understand the logic of it.

Subaru: “When the opponent has seen through your strength, they will also take note of your weaknesses.”

While leading the way, Julius narrowed his eyes at the words of the voice which came from behind him.
Having a partial understanding of the situation and ignorance in regards to the opponent’s​ character may be dangerous, such thoughts made him restless. Regardless, the idea of using your anxiety not as a disadvantageous factor but to tip the scales towards your side was not as bad of an idea as it seemedーー,

Beatrice: “Keeping important information a secret is way more scary, in fact. Subaru’s current idea is correct, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Really? It’s fine? You’re all not going to end up hating me?”

Beatrice: “Why are you so uneasy, in fact? It’s fine, I suppose. No one is going to hate Subaru, in fact. Rather, we li-li-li-……”

Subaru: “I get it I get it. It’s fine, I’ve calmed down. I’ll be loved.”

While holding hands and walking side-by-side, Subaru nodded at Beatrice, who was trying to somehow encourage him. In fact, the one who was going to say it was more embarrassed than the one who was going to receive it.
Words of love are much lighter on those uttering them, than for those whom they are uttered to. There is no need to have second thoughts about your own feelings.

Subaru: “Well, where is Shaula!?”

Julius: “Ah, almost there…… over there.”

At the very front, the walking Julius pointed towards the stone passage. Though the passage appeared to be a dead end, a hidden sideways path was present in the right.
Folding his body from the waist, Julius dove towards the path, and the moment his body exited the tower, it was welcomed by winds, sand, and unheard sounds.

ーーThat, sounded like an innumerable amount of glass shattering on subaru’s ear all at once.

Shaula: “Uh, hiyah hiyah hiyah yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyah~!!”


That place was, like a balcony which had been hung on the tower wall.
Though it was something he knew thanks to the enormous staircase which led to the lower layer, but the four layers were present at several ten-folds of meters from the ground, enough that the latter could not he felt at all.
In that balcony, in which winds deprived of all moisture blew, the one jumping around and dancing around, was a beautiful lady with a long lustrous braidーー,

Subaru: “ーーShaula!”

Shaula: “Ah! Did master-sama come here!? I’m so happy! My place of work suddenly feels as if it has been filled with sunshine! Like my father-in-law has come to visit, finally the time to meet him!”

Shaula loudly proclaimed, with her magnificent voice, in front of Subaru, who had covered his eyes to protect them from the dusty wind. The fact that she was able to say all that in this state, was an amazing fantasy in itself.

One side of the balcony had been turned into a field of weaponry among the fast winds.
Calling it bombing portals would indeed be a bit exaggerated, but he could not find a more fitting word for it. Bombing portals , muzzler, injection’s mouthーー In any case, it was undoubtedly a hollow space which would fire something from within.
The enormous bombing portal, wrapped up in pure white, with multiple of them floating in the air, aimed directly diagonally below towards the ground.

Shaula: “ーーInfinitied Hells Snipe!!”

Subaru: “What the hell, that’s so cool!!”

At the moment when Shaula loudly shouted that, the white bombing portals emitted a brilliant shine.
Immediately after the words of the fired up Subaru, the sound of repeatedly shattering glass echoed in the sandy sky. Alongside, the bombing portals lost their form and melted into the atmosphere, similar to a wound being closed up and healed.
This was, the true identity of the sound which had greeted Subaru and the others upon their arrival on the balcony earlier. And, there was only one reason behind Shaula’s actions.

ーーThe one-sided bombardment fires, and the white light dashes towards the ground at what seems like the speed of light.

Colliding with the ground, the white light shined brightly and blew away the ground. The same went for the backs of the running and raging Witch Beasts on the sand.
The Witch Beasts, which were aiming for the tower, received the white light on their backs, and their flesh and blood scattered onto the sand. The dry sand’s thirst was quenched with their blood and shattered corpses, as the Witch Beasts that remained stepped onto them, crushing them further, as the carpet of bombardment sharply reduced the total number of Witch Beasts and prevented them from overflowing.
However, even against that bombing by Shaula, similar to an army of ants, the only resistance the Witch Beasts had were their sheer numbers, which could easily even fill the tower itself.
Obviously, the total number of Witch Beasts in the sand dunes was nothing less than overwhelming.

Subaru: “Hey, hey, hey…… I don’t want to hear it but, could it be.”

Echidna: “From this outpost, only one direction from the tower is visible. However, the same scenery is spread in the other sides of the tower as well. That chain of thought is not wrong.”

Subaru: “It’s also possible that they are painting sugared water on just this side of the wall as well.”

Beatrice: “If someone does do such an idiotic antic, Betty will bash this side with full seriousness, I suppose.”

The sound that did not stop sounding, and the dark lumps under his eyes.
Hearing that they were approaching from all directions, Subaru was about to collapse from this overwhelming reality. That aside, he wanted to give the visibly approaching Witch Beasts a piece of his mind.
Unquestionably, their sheer creepiness and grotesque, their powerful designs were of C-grade.

Shaula: “What do you think, master-sama! Did you see my successfulness!? Also, being stuck at that weird angle was an appeal for master-sama. What did you think about that too!?”

Subaru: “You, even in this situation you can afford to be in such a mood, amazing, I’d normally admire it! Since you seem the type who improves your results at praises, it was great, it was totally great! Nice bulk! Also, I could not help but look at you at that angle, it really distracted me!”

Shaula: “Okay Google! Defense! Offense!”

In fact, his idea did work till the bottom of Shaula’s spirit. While acting cheerfully, he also felt slightly guilty at the back of his chest for Shaula, who responded even more cheerfully.
At the very least, he wanted to reward her at the end of this battleーー,

Subaru: “First of all, gaining domination of this place is our top priority……! Meili!”

Meili: “I know, no nee~d to shout like that. But……”

Subaru: “But!? But what!? “But, it doesn’t matter if I fully annihilate the Witch Beasts, doe~s it?” Is that what you mean to say? Ah, it’s completely fine, rather, I request you!”

Meili: “Don’t expect such positive things, okay? Even I haven’t dealt with thi~s many bad animal-chan’s before.”

Meili looks down from the balcony with both her hands clenching her ears and cheeks.
Alongside that, she kept her impressions on Subaru’s easily dislikable hopes within herself. And, somewhere within her glossy lips.

Meili: “ーーThat’s why, I’ll shake and bash these annoying children up.”
Subaru: “–Wowowow!!”

Saying that, Meili pointed her hand towards the ground and simultaneously, a huge mass jumped up, visibly making it seem like the sand dunes exploded.
There was considerable distance between, and the large Witch Beasts were clearly visible of the size of ants, as those existences blew off and scattered away in the ground.
In other words, that meant that a different enormous existence. ーーWith the size of about twenty or thirty meters, a gigantic earthworm appeared, crushing the surrounding Demon Beasts.

Subaru: “That one is……”

Meili: “I figured that it may be needed, so I kept it just in case. The truth is that I was going to use it for quietly escaping from here, so I kept it here and failed.”

Seeing the gigantic earthworm, Meili put out her tongue in front of the inhaling Subaru.
Sadly, Subaru’s reason for surprise was not the earthworm itself, but the fact that he had an earlier memory of the earthworm. That was the Witch Beast which Subaru had once encountered when he had tried to escape from the tower.
Thinking back to it, Subaru had also suffered at the hands of it once when it had appeared in the basement as well.
Along with that, there was another memory of the earthworm being blown away by a white light.

Did that mean that Meili was behind the earthworm and Shaula was behind the white light?
Somehow coming to terms with that, tasting those unexpected surprises, Subaru, with a bad expression, patted Meili’s head, which was oddly satisfying to her inexperienced self.

Meili: “Wah, ah, He~y!”

Subaru: “I don’t if it’s just your habit but, you don’t have to act villainous. I won’t believe someone like that you wanted to run away from us anyway.”

Meili: “Huh?”

Meili could not understand the meaning behind Subaru’s words, neither did Subaru intend to explain it to her.
In the end, Subaru could now easily see through all misleading in Meili’s words. Regardless, he himself had seen the memories of her dead self.
In this tower, if it’s her self that didn’t change her values, he could say that he perfectly understood.

And, while having his hand on Meili’s head, who was unhappily groaning out “Ugh”, Subaru was fully conscious of the current situationーー and something which had happened in his former loops.

The Witch Beasts getting into the tower, the centaurs being allowed to invade the tower, was perhaps normal. In other words, how they were allowed to enter the tower itself was the same as last time. Dealing with them and chasing them away at the lower layer had been Julius, last time.
If that happened​, did Shaula deal with the Witch Beasts outside similar to this time?
And since she was lacking, that resulted in the invasion of the Witch Beasts.

However, the same will not happen this time.
Against this horde of Witch Beasts, they had an unforeseen advantage, unlike last time.
That was the existence of Meiliーー the very girl who had lost her life at the hands of Subaru previously, was the key to open the lock for breaking through this situation.

Subaru: “If Meili is fighting the Witch Beasts alongside Shaula, then the situation will change. Does that mean Julius’ hands are free? If that’s so, then……”

ーーThe strength of Julius could be used for dealing with another problem.


At the moment when that thought crossed Subaru’s mind, he realized that it was essential to deal with the problems that would occur in the tower and arrange the necessary people to deal with them.

ーーThe horde of Witch Beasts filling the sand dunes.
ーーThe Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, who will launch an attack on the tower.
ーーThe horrid faced humongous scorpion which will wander around the tower.
ーーThe colossal black shadow which will swallow not only the tower, but the sand dunes as well.
ーーAnd, Reid Astrea, who will start freely walking around the tower.

Subaru: “Our strength exists out of me and Beatrice, Emilia-chan and Ram. Meili and Shaula, along with Echidna and Julius…..”

Echidna: “Could you add the Ground Dragon and the healing spirit of the Green Room as well? It will only be to our advantage to include them, I believe.”

Echidna shrugged her shoulders at Subaru, who was counting the strength of their side and the enemy’s. Nodding to her words, Subaru decided to include the Ground Dragon Patrasche and the huge spirit of the lower layer to their number of hands.
Just as Echidna had said, it was not a situation in which they could afford to keep any hand free.
Subaru rotated his head, as the inclusion of all available hands was necessary, he must also fulfill their conditions for victory.
Even in that sense, he wanted to keep an accurate track of all his comradesーー,

Subaru: “ーーHey, wait a second. Regardless of here, isn’t it already too late?”


Subaru: “Emilia-chan and Ram, went to the Green Room to take Rem and the others, did they?”

Subaru feels the immense thirst for meeting the allies that are not present with them.
The Green Room was on the fourth layer, the same as the layer Subaru and the others were. The possibility of them not knowing about this place and being limited to the rest of the tower was also low.

Julius: “It’s this situation. If it’s just that our location is unknown, then Miss Ram would surely somehow find a way out. There is also the possibility of Emilia-sama breaking the wall and showing her self.”

Beatrice: “Confidence being absent is a good proof, in fact. But, Betty has a bad feeling about it, I suppose.”

Subaru: “ーー~hk! Shaula! Meili! Can I leave this place to you guys!?”

With the backing of Julius and Beatrice, Subaru called out to Shaula and Meili. Immediately afterwards, Shaula, who had been laying down more bombing portals, paused, and Meili turned back, with her braid twisting.

Shaula: “Leave this place to me and go ahead!”
Meili: “At this pace, I’ll do wha~tever you want me to. Do~n’t you dare come back and tell me that you couldn’t find onee-san and the others safely.”

As Shaula said the line which would be more appropriate for her death and Meili said her words of dependence and trust, Subaru nodded and turning his back, dashed out in front of Beatrice and the others.
As he dove towards the wall, and slid onto the aisle,

Subaru: “Even though Meili and Shaula are making their move, what is the possibility of the Witch Beasts getting into the tower?”

Echidna: “It’s not as if it’s not there, but the underground sand chamber that we fell into…… That Natsuki-kun does not remember. There is the possibility of getting into the tower from there. But, thanks to Meili-kun, that is.”

Subaru: “When the Earthworm appeared, the underground passage collapsed?”

Echidna: “It’s indeed doubtful for that underground passage. I doubt it will be able to withstand that magnitude of force.”

At Echidna’s affirming words, Subaru tightened his fists.
In other words, the doubly beneficial existence of Meili, was the way to stop the Witch Beasts’ stampede. She has done plenty to defence to ensure they didn’t enter, either from the ground or the underground.

If the huge group of Witch Beasts was dealt with, then that would largely leave four more problems.
Even though these are plenty of a matter of concern, there was still one left, one which surely must be overcome.
After these five obstaclesーー,

Subaru: “By us, this tower must be……”

Captured, just as he was about to say that word, at that moment.

???: “ーーBarusu!!”

Subaru: “ーー~hk! Ram!?”

Dashing towards the Green Room, they raised their faces towards the voice which came from the other side of the aisle. From where they were, the four of Subaru and the others, was visible a pitch black shadow sprinting roughlyーー it was Patrasche. On top of the Ground Dragon with a sharp face, Ram was clinging onto it’s back, along with Rem’s body embracing her thin arms.

Subaru: “Ram! Along with Patrasche and Rem, are you alright!?”

Ram: “Yes, somewhat. A lot of problems happened while Barusu was simply dozing off. How can you even sleep in this situation. Stand up immediately.”

Subaru: “I’m sorry! Both you sisters, don’t blame me! Look, I’m standing! I’m running!”

Getting down from the back of the Ground Dragon, with Rem in her hands as it is, Ram’s harsh words bash him up.
Her words happened to be similar to those of Rem in his dream, and considering the similar appearance of the sisters, he felt a strange emotion rise in his chest.

Ram: “ーー? While Barusu’s odd attitude is indeed worrying, this isn’t the time for that.”

Hearing Subaru’s words, Ram briefly and gracefully shrugged her eyes, but immediately turned her head back.
That was, the direction she just came fromーー where the Green Room was.
Seeing only Ram be with Patrasche and Rem, and not Emilia, who was supposed to accompany her, Subaru felt odd.

Subaru: “Ah, I also have some things I have to ask and talk about. You, were supposed to be with……”

Ram: “ーーBeyond the aisle, Ram came across the enemy who claimed to be the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』.”


Blocking his question, Ram declared with absolute clarity.
Inhaling at the strength of those words, Subaru, along with Beatrice and Julius, exhaled from their mouths. The one who reacted the most differently, with most calmness, was Echidna.

Subaru: “You just said the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』, right? That too, on the other side of the aisle?”

Ram: “Yes, that’s right. ーーAnd, someone is fighting that Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』.”

Subaru: “……Someone?”

An explanation that gave an increasingly odd impression.
Ram’s words do not change, filled with will and clarity, and the existence of those parts which were not clear created a gap understanding and harmony.
When Subaru persuaded those unclear parts, Ram nodded with a “Yes”.

Nodded, and then said.

Ram: “ーーAn unknown person of silver hair, is currently clashing with the Sin Archbishop of 『Gluttony』. Told Ram and the others to escape, and right now too.”

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      And i am pretty sure that Wrath girl already freed herself from prison. Also Regulus not dead, so Reinhardt did nothing, in fact.

  2. Too many inconsistencies, give me a break!

    1) Louis told that witch will not attack Subaru for leaking info about death return, because that place was protected and forbidden. But this already happened once during trials! She even broke inside of a dream of dead person. Even if we assume Od Lagna is better protected, the moment when other 2 Gluttony got info about Subaru, envy should off started acting, since it’s Subaru fault they know about death return.

    2) Shamak allows to fly freely (defy gravity), it also uses mana only for casting, but not for sustaining. Which means you can easely transport their small squad over the air to get into Sage Tower. But here we are told that this is impossible and overall can’t happen… Why all of the sudden? How is it “complicated” to cast flying magic then?

    3) They never considered travelling undergound inside mouth of sandworm??? Or they could take some sort of gun with fast bullet travel speed, then cast shamak on themself and shoot the gun, while using string to rope themself with bullet… To travel with bullet speed? Seriously, it’s super annoying to have magic world fully separated from modern gun-world.

    4) A super top-secret Sage Tower with witch remains never in 400 years attacked by Gluttony, why??? They supposed to revive witch, so why didn’t they do just that? Even Regulus alone could conquire it. Moreover, 63 chapters done and we have yet to read a single line of text regarding withc of Envy, the main reason of tower being created in a first lace.

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