Arc 5, Chapter 66: The Stage of Liliana Masquerade


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Liliana: “Gah! What a disaster! This fire is way too hot! Way too way too hot! Seven times hotter than normal fire! Being burnt by this will mean dying with seven times the agony!” 

The white wall of flame erected before my eyes! Since it was a flame that would not burn if touched, but seemingly only miraculously give heat waves, in truth being able to withstand the pain would mean that it was not impossible to breach. 

Thus, in order to keep the truth hidden from everyone who were too scared to rush forth, with desperation I pretended to be someone who suffered from having been suffered a fire blast, which meant I conveyed everyone surrounding the waterway of the dangers of the flame! 

Well, even with everyone’s mental state being a tad risky, it seemed that instinct had left them with the notion that the flames were dangerous. So my desperate act was perhaps not of much use, but even so not performing it was something I couldn’t justify. 

Liliana: “Although it was easy for Priscilla-sama to say to sing and dance to snatch the peoples’ spirits back.” 

In all honesty, taking snatching spirits back raaaaaa! As a mood to sing with, would entirely serve as an obstacle, and from its basis goes against the principle of song. 

As a result of frantic singing, to say that something airy was left within the hearts of those who listened was a natural intent of the heavens. And to feel something in that intent of the heavens, and giving a tip because of that would be such a gentle world! 

To begin with the attitude of wanting to earn a tip, in that case such a desire would make its way into the song. But a song with such a desire contained within was not what I wanted. 

And so couldn’t this plan be said to be a losing battle from the very start! 

Liliana: “Recalling back although this life was short-lived, but days filled with tumultuousness had been experienced. Father-sama and Mother-sama, although there had been resentment when being casted off into the cruel world at thirteen after declaring independence, but now remaining is only gratefulness that I was born so cute. Although I have all along been quite the unfilial daughter, the gratitude and wrath I felt toward the two of you (respectful) was something integral to my every way… Gu! Aaaaa, hothothot, a neverending summer!” 

While speaking of gratitude toward parents and various other whims, I felt as if those on the opposite the wall of flame were about to approach and once more put on an act of overheating. Really hoping you’ll react appropriately you bunch who can’t read the atmosphere! 

Butbut, now matter how realistic my performance was it would fall through sooner or later. And then if it were exposed, there would be no way to continue suppressing Priscilla-sama’s extreme endurance tactics. 

And there we go it’s done! It’s over! 

Sirius: “Oh my oh my, do you have the leisure to see? That the child who you have expectations of, is wearing an expression as if there is no path forward. I can with clarity feel the sorrow and exhaustion plaguing that child’s spirit. Aching back and forth, isn’t it rather pitiful?” 

Priscilla: “Not in the slightest.” 

Without regard to the me who had begun to clutch my head and count down the seconds to the end, in the center of the courtyard surrounded by waterways that had been set alight, and exchange of dialogue between Priscilla-sama and that freak Sirius was in progress. 

That said, the dialogue was entirely composed of Priscilla-sama mercilessly striking Sirius’s steady tone with a deaf ear! And setting aside Sirius’s manner of speech for now, that figure that rotated chains with both arms could not be called steady in the slightest. 

Air being slashed, atmosphere being sliced, the path of metal chains being swung through the air meandered freely! Tumbling, prancing, front back left right it struck toward Priscilla-sama as if a metal snake! 

The extending and retracting chain made an ear-piercing level of sound, continuous to the point that it seemed to me Priscilla-sama had been enclosed in a cage of iron. To the point of becoming a prison. 

The stone steps that took direct hits from the chain exploded mercilessly, caved in, the paring speaking volumes of that power. If direct contact with the skin were made, the result would be unsightliness caused as if by a snake’s fangs and tongue! If the recipient were someone like Priscilla-sama whose skin was white and delicate, to call the torment the most extreme would not be enough! 

But but, Priscilla-sama in fact ferociously attacked that metal chain—! 

Priscilla: “Tumultuous and yet tasteless noise, heedlessly exerting every which way without the slightest trace of release, a base weapon from which even a hint of elegance cannot be felt, superficial and yet unseemly idle talk… how truly fortunate that such a number of measures to diminish mine anger were prepared that mercy may be shown. Toward this profanity, there in fact remains only admiration.” 

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama is awesomeeeeeee!!” 

Priscilla-sama yet wore an expression which spoke of listlessness, waving the Yang Blade to welcome the chain that forced its way close from every direction. Forget front up down side, how could a blow from somewhere unseen like the back possibly be intercepted. 

In addition perhaps this power was unique to the Yang Blade, but whenever the Yang Blade deflected the chain, the point of contact would be scorched white, with firepower that seemed not negligible, and yet the chain would burn and become gradually shorter and shorter! If this were repeated the chain would certainly lose its volume! 

Liliana: “Heheheh—! Priscilla-sama, please be rid of rid of rid of it—!” 

Priscilla: “Regard thus, ‘tis what is known as candid thoughts which forget to cover eyes. Although exposure of this level for a commoner is presumably difficult, it certainly inspires more pleasure than boring theory which ceaselessly contorts. Well, although merely one person in this world would be enough.” 

Liliana: “Eh!? Just now was a praise for me, a praise right!? To consider that praise would be fine right? I’m about to feel happy you know!! Amazing truly amazing. Yay!” 

Even if I were to be told that that hadn’t been praise, I’d already felt happy so it was too late! 

Accepting my support, Priscilla-sama also accordingly raised her dignity. She continued to advance, ceaselessly burning the chain away. The imposing atmosphere seemed to overwhelm even the Sin Archbishop freak, and was now entirely just waiting! Was a yam on the oven! 

Liliana: “No wait a second, Priscilla can’t solve this so effortlessly! If it’s done like this, we’re also be offed effortlessly eeeeeeh!?” 

Priscilla: “Mmm, that’s indeed the case. Too fun a time was being had.” 

How dangerous! If just now I hadn’t stopped her, that person would have been offed so effortlessly! The overwhelmed Sirius took this chance of Priscilla-sama stopping to leap far backward. 

Perhaps it was better to say, although Priscilla-sama’s noncompliant attitude was rather difficult, but the opponent who could match her was fortunately none other than a Sin Archbishop, perhaps it should be asked whether or not humans could move in such a way? 

Sirius: “Mouth clearly having been worked so hard, and yet a master so stubbornly refusing to open their heart is rare indeed. For what reason is your soul so tightly closed.” 

After gaining some distance, Sirius flickered her gaze to her two arms as she spoke thus. That chain had already been shorn completely short, but as the freak spoke she rotated her wrists to restore its length. It seemed that many chains were wound firmly on her arms, whether or not they were cutting off circulation was unknown. 

Sirius: “All hearts regardless of whose have a space. To live means to have feelings, yet no matter the color of the feeling that peeks out from there it’s something every person has… even to say a feeling you’ve staunchly bore all along, as long as its revealed it can be understood?” 

Priscilla: “——” 

Sirius: “You too have a soul that can anguish, feelings that disorient, although unwaveringly keeping weaknesses hidden from others is a condition to living strongly… but that is not merely a destination to reach on one’s lonesome. What one person can achieve on their lonesome has a limit. After becoming one with other people, there are occurrences that can be discovered for the first time. In order to allow other people to see that place, mutual understanding and shared feelings are necessary.” 

Sirius swayed her body, saying thus to the silent Priscilla-sama. 

That voice was as if wanting bleed into the soul. That attitude was dear as if flesh and bone. That manner was tender as if dissolving the guards of others. The content of those words was as if enticing others. 

Clearly as if a sweet poison melting with languor, yet even my extremities felt numb. 

Sirius: “Could you allow me to help you reach understanding with others? Truly your love is so deep, and loving of the world. Looking forward to being able to be loved. I can understand this. And hope that those other than me can come to understand. In order to keep you from spending a lonely night on your lonesome.” 

Priscilla: “Truly a shame to rely only on delusion and conjecture and prattle on without rest. If no doubts are held toward your own words, you are precisely what is known as a lunatic.” 

Sirius: “Oh my, thank you very much. That is a title commensurate with my husband’s. A criminal who cannot comprehend in the slightest how outstanding that person is, toward that person spits wild words of admiration envy jealousy.” 

Priscilla: “Not worth a mention. What belongs to mineself belongs to mineself. The narrative-like manner of your soliloquy are the wild words. For people like you, even the surface of mine enigma cannot be skimmed.” 

Priscilla-sama with self-assurance rejected that sweet enticing proposal with clarity. However, in terms of self-assurance Sirius did not lose. The freak’s head tilted as if having expected Priscilla-sama’s rejection, 

Sirius: “To say that even the surface cannot be skimmed, this is the epitome of stubborness… isn’t it. In that case, how does such an significance sound? [Iris and the King of Thorns].” 

Priscilla: “——” 

Sirius: “Or perhaps [The Rose Knight of Tieros]? [Maglitza’s Guillotine].” 

I didn’t understand the significance of Sirius’s words. Same with the intent behind the freak saying such words. 

However, it prompted an immediate effect. 

Priscilla: “—Better off dead.” 

As I thought I’d heard a low murmur, Priscilla-sama’s figure vanished from sight. 

As I expressed my confusion, the distance that had once existed between Priscilla-sama and Sirius became zero. Priscilla-sama swung the Yang Blade from above, arc mercilessly tracing toward Sirius’s neck. In an instant the world slowed to an extent that yielded incredulousness, and even I was able to see the path that Priscilla-sama’s blade followed. 

Just aiming it, would be as if caressing Sirius’s slender neck. 

If that were to happen, my neck, and the necks of everyone nearby would break in the same way. 

Could it be, that it was because I understood this that it seemed to happen so slowly? Say, if a life-threatening danger were to approach, humans would, with an intense focus slow their perception of the world down. 

Although, even with that, when the celestial scales of my own life were being tilted by others, what could I and the many people around me do about it. 

The crimson radiance of the Yang Blade, just like that with imposing manner which sliced through the atmosphere— 

Liliana: “—Eh?” 

Due to being unable to understand the sight before me, I couldn’t help but let out the voice of a dazed fool. 

The neck of I who had had made that noise was still firmly anchored upon this small body. 

That was a matter of course. My neck had not been severed. Whether my own, or Sirius’s. 

In substitution, Priscilla-sama’s body which should have leapt at Sirius was flung backward forcefully. 

Enduring Sirius’s metal chains from the front whose attack had served as a welcome, in a dangerous manner was flung backward. 

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama!?” 

I let out a cry toward that figure which had obviously not leapt of its own will. 

If Priscilla-sama were to be killed the the situation would become an irreparable wreck — I could scarcely even think of such a notion, crying out solely because a sense of disaster dawned. And yet, Priscilla-sama from midair suddenly spun back, halting the impact by stabbing the Yang Blade into the cobblestones. 

Priscilla: “Cease the racket, the true damage is yet to come.” 

Replying thus to my wail, with a resounding step Priscilla-sama landed. However, immediately following that Priscilla-sama’s necklace began to change. It had originally been a necklace with three jewels of green, but one of the jewels had disintegrated into ash. 

Almost as if taking Priscilla-sama’s stead in the attack from just before. 

Priscilla: “The repayment of mine necklace, has a rather high cost you know.” 

Sirius: “So that’s how it is. Is it that wounds you suffer transfer onto what is valuable to you. That is truly a manner befitting of [Pride]… nono, couldn’t be couldn’t possibly be.”  

Priscilla: “A deliberately demeaning speculation, is malicious to the extreme, a crime of ludicrosity reaching this extent cannot be redeemed with even ten thousand deaths. The manner of your death, is best fitting as a scorching heat that burns and burns yet never dies out.” 

Toward Sirius whose manner of accordance had not wavered in the slightest, Priscilla-sama’s rage shone. Rather than to say that the Yang Blade in her hand had increased its radiance, perhaps it should be said that the heat was increasing? Priscilla-sama’s regal attire even to me, appeared as if it swayed under the sweltering sunny day. 

Though gazing at it, there truly was no way to think that Priscilla-sama could stand at a disadvantage… but there was also that incomprehensible happening from just now. 

Sirius with her inexplicable words appeared as if meant to taunt Priscilla-sama. 

Although Priscilla-sama had seemed to rush forward as if falling for that provocation, since that movement had been so predictable it had been welcomed from the front — was not the case. 

Rather, this was the opinion of an outsider like me, in my regard Priscilla-sama’s movements had appeared fast to the point of disappearing from sight, but perhaps to Sirius this was not the case. Although this possibility could not be denied, but that shouldn’t have been. 

Because when the Yang Blade had struck out, Priscilla-sama’s movements had stopped. 

Appearing as if suspended, although such words did exist to convey the general idea, but this was on a different level of meaning from that, more precisely it was as if it had been completely frozen. 

Freezing in such an unnatural position, I did not assume to be Priscilla-sama’s desire, nor that humans could consciously do as such. In that case, that stopping should have been connected to some kind of incomprehensible ability, but what could it have been? 

Sirius: “Please do not rage like that. Although you appear as if constantly raising your temper over something, but such a thing yields exhaustion, and will only parch the soul? Something like [Wrath], is the tomb of the feeling that should be most shunned in this world… if that’s the case constantly welling in the heart should be feelings of ecstasy and joy.” 

Liliana: “C, clearly holding such a philosophy, everyone outside doesn’t look very happy do, do, do they?” 

Sirius: “Hmm?” 

Huh!? Just now, could it be a voice had been audible!? 

The freak Sirius looked directly at me, eyes that were visible from a gap in the bandages coiling tightly around my body. Uhiii, what a disaster, to have done to myself! 

Sirius: “Indeed, within the hearts of everyone who is outside, unease and lament reigns. Although this too is something tragic, this is merely the result of human hearts overflowing with tenderness and compassion.” 

Liliana: “Wha, what are you saying?” 

Sirius: “Once within my sphere of influence, people become capable of opening their hearts to one another and resonating. And so, feelings that cannot be condensed into words can come to light. To be human is to be able to empathize, a precious existence which from which feelings can come to be. If tender love is felt for the hearts of others, when sorrow is witnessed, in one’s own heart sorrow will also bloom. And sorrow will also sprout in the hearts of those who witness that sorrow. As the cycle repeats, the drops of sorrow will become a pond, become a lake, become a river.” 

This person began to speak of such heavy things. 

This was to say, the more people gathered, to be by this person’s side would yield increasingly disastrous results. 

Such a thing which could rile up and spread suffering to everyone in the city… and it didn’t stop at creating unrest. 

This person referred to it as a connection of the heart. 

Priscilla: “If this seems a tragedy, by all means take the lead in saving everyone. Choosing not to do so and only sighing, is but an irritating noise for the commoners you know.” 

Sirius: “Mm, I can understand those words. I’m merely a victim of a onesided attack on my helplessness. However, I possess a means to save all those enveloped by sorrow!” 

Sirius clapped her palms together with a demeanor of going as far as to declare ‘what a wonderful idea!’. 

Although it was doubtful that the freak’s notion of a good idea could make the situation take a turn for the better, but neither I nor Priscilla-sama spoke up. Although I didn’t know about Priscilla-sama, rage boiled in my heart. 

A feeling that could not be described with words surging within my chest was – was igniting. 

Sirius: “A means to offer salvation to all those enveloped in sorrow… is to use delight, use joy to sweep away that sorrow. Which is to say that the I who is to be a conduit for such salvation must find happiness!” 


Sirius: “My my my. Within this city is the husband whom I’ve been separated with for quite some time. To confirm that love with my husband, with that person, to have it returned. A happily married couple is the emblem of happiness. If my heart is filled to the brim with such joy, all those who cry out in lament will be saved. By mutually enjoying happiness, the hearts of everyone will be saved—” 

Sirius spoke her discourse, Priscilla-sama wore a completely disinterested expression, and I who flickered glances at her was thinking of a great number of things. 

I could understand that this was the one time, when I could not escape reality by wearing a pretense of a disconnect in understanding. Or rather it could be said, I understood. Thoroughly and completely understood, the fact that this freak Sirius Romanee-Conti was our enemy. 


I raised my head, gazed across the surrounding waterways engulfed in flame. 

On the other side of the white tinged wall of flame, were the figures of people who stood in place without a means to cross the waterway. They had all fallen under a charm of feelings, lost their awareness of self. 

I could hear the sound of their corpse-like voices. 

Thanks to my peculiar ears, which as a bard, only sound and hearing were my specialties, to me those voices seem to echo without cease. 

— So terrifying, so sorrowful, save me, how painful, why, why, don’t. 

Resentment swept up as if in a vortex, wails drawn out as if for eternity, I could hear those kinds of voices. 

Was this to be the result of that so called empathy then. Was this to be the result of that so called becoming one, then. That so called unity, was it something like this. 

Liliana: “Have to, free…” 

To become one, and to have everything of everything become identical couldn’t be the same. 

Men, women, adults, children, infants, elderly, humans, beastkin alike, were clearly all different. 

To condense all that together, whisk into disarray, and call it ‘like this everyone will understand each other and become one—’ such words, were certainly no joke. 

No joke at all! 

Priscilla: “No need for you to be happy. Shut that pettily clever mouth of yours while you can, and die on your lonesome.” 

Sirius: “Don’t. Don’t insist on using the loneliness of disconnect to comfort yourself. If you are one who cannot recognize the form of happiness, taking a look at my happiness and giving it a chance isn’t so bad, is it? Or perhaps if you understand the joy of connecting with the one in your heart, then you’ll come to understand the joy of being a bride, isn’t that so.” 

Priscilla: “Unfortunately, mineself has already walked the aisle seven times. And each was nowhere approaching something like happiness. Apply not your paltry standards to minself, ‘tis nauseating.” 

Sirius: “Seven times… heeeh…” 

Priscilla-sama treated Sirius’s words as a jest, and brought the Yang Blade down from above. However, Sirius also commenced her own ferocious attack with chains of steel. Sparks ignited and scattered, the severed chain flew away, and the figures of the two were pushed away from the center of the courtyard by the clash. 

Cleft in two, the chain. Tinged with white, the inextinguishable flame. In a state of being unable to give voice, the people who wailed in agony. 

Within me, slowly it came together. Could it, be accomplished. 

If the theorized situation was indeed reality, was correct, in that case, it shouldn’t be unachievable. 

Sirius: “Even though I’ve clearly expended so much time on this for only the sake of that reaching the heart of that one person… you had seven chances, and wasted all of them.” 

Priscilla: “Don’t pin the blame for your own lack of allure on mineself. In this situation, even that pitiful man who has been imprinted on by you, would refuse to meet you—” 

Sirius: “I am intimately connected with that person, and thus are deeply in love—!!” 

This was fury that inspired a jolt of terror. 

Immediately after, bisecting the courtyard was a snake of flame which burned red! In the instant that Pricsilla-sama blocked chains striking from Sirius’s arms, the flames followed the chains to race up Sirius’s arms, and the surging flame swallowed Priscilla-sama’s body. 

The snake of flame reared open its maw, consuming Priscilla-sama’s slim body headfirst. Without a means to counter that fiery tactic, Priscilla-sama was swallowed, and tossed outside of the courtyard now seeped with flame. Just as she was about to plummet, she suddenly breathtakingly stabilized herself with her sword. And yet, after being submerged in such flames Priscilla-sama’s body remained — completely unhurt. 

But with a sound, the necklace’s jewel once again shattered. The two clasps of the necklace came undone simultaneously, landing on the ground with a resounding noise. 

Sirius: “I share a deep love with that person! That just and sincere person just can’t help that he hasn’t yet finished what he began! To misconstrue that person’s sincerity as pure love is just too obscene! Aaaah! Aaaaaaah! How irritating!” 

Priscilla-sama had once again survived at the cost of the necklace, but her demeanor toward facing Sirius had changed completely. The freak opened her mouth as if baring fangs, spitting ugly words as she violently expressed her temper. Her arms had swept up a vortex of red flame. 

Sirius: “Why is it that you so inconsiderately shake my heart to this degree! These violent shakes of the heart, another way of naming [Wrath] is passion! The trembles will give way to heat, scorching those who are sinners! Is this what you want for yourself as well, you pretentious lonely wench aaaaaaa!” 

Priscilla: “With that mouth, with those eyes, such fabrication…” 

The seething [Wrath] was igniting herself, a vortex of flame building overhead the Sirius who was slowly raising her arms. What had struck just now emanated from her arms, a pair of slim twin snakes. And as those arms crossed, the forms merged into one powerful snake. 

The arm struck vertically downward, and the enormous snake of flame rushed at Priscilla-sama. Rather than evade it, Priscilla-sama took a stance of meeting the attack. 

The Yang Blade flew from down to up, tip lodging in the head of that giant snake. 

With a sound that was not one of chain meeting sword, the snake missed its target by a wide arc! 

However, Priscilla-sama was sent flying by the impact and could not make a follow-up! 

After Sirius had summoned the snake in a fit of agitation, the flow of offense and defense had swerved sharply. 

Priscilla-sama had been forced on the defensive, and the metal chain and flame chased her retreating figure. 

Why was that? Although it was clear at a glance that Sirius’s abilities couldn’t be underestimated, but analyzing the fight would not point to Priscilla-sama being at a disadvantage. She had said that the Yang Blade consumed mana quickly, but was it that which was pressing her so? 

Or could it be, that perhaps, merely as a speculation. 

It wasn’t that Priscilla-sama couldn’t attack— 

Liliana: “Is it me!” 

A quick end, not just for me but for everyone in the vicinity as well. 

In order to avoid such a result, was this a battle for buying time!? 

Wait no hang on how could it be, that the arrogant Priscilla-sama who thought the highest of only herself would do something like that!? 

“You are to prepare your song. — Should a shadow fall across the Yang Sword, mineself will no matter what sever that abomination’s head. Before that happens, then.” 

At that time, something had shook in my brain! 

Right before the battlefield had truly opened, Priscilla-sama had told me. 

Before the Yang Blade met its limit, I was to prepare a song. And she had added that if that time were to approach, Sirius’s head would be mercilessly severed and everyone else along with her. 

But that was to say, before that time had arrived, to just wait for it— indicated that there was more to it than was initially suspected. 

In that case, Priscilla-sama was waiting. Waiting for me to ready a song. 

At the very least, to take responsibility for the time before those words. 

Liliana: “Guu, guuuu! Mmmm! Mmmmmmm!” 

How bothersome! That person, so damn bothersome! If there are feelings just confess to the feelings already! That person, absolutely has feelings for me. No, because I had been told I was liked, it had definitely been said before. Aaah what a pain, screw this, this was terrifying, was there no other way—! 

Liliana: “Priscilla-sama—!” 

If the situation was as I suspected, then to be fighting at a bothersome disadvantage, she must have understood what I was thinking right now. 

I pointed toward the stone tower that had been ignited by Sirius’s flames. 

Priscilla-sama turned her head at the sound of my voice, looked toward where I was pointing— 


She wore that terrifying expression with terrifying gaze, but with such a terrifying mien it inspired a feeling of reliability, she laughed. 

Too wicked, an expression which left it difficult to figure out just who the archbishop was here! 

Sirius: “Stop looking away—!!” 

Priscilla: “With the likes of you as an opponent, looking away is no distraction. Do not lecture mineself’s actions.” 

Priscilla-sama leapt back, while at the same time parrying an approaching chain with her sword. Her body gathering momentum, with speed that seemed fast than one motion would allow, she landed by the burning tower. 

Priscilla-sama gazed up at the burning tower as she directed the tip of the Yang Blade at its base, 

Priscilla: “Such an unsightly flame. Truly beautiful lights, are dazzling like this.” 

Differences in aesthetic between the lights of flame and such, were incomprehensible to an outsider like me. 

Although incomprehensible, even an outsider’s eye could clearly make out, a decidedly different sort of flame now surrounded the control tower! 

The white-tinged flames that swayed there were of the same type that surrounded the waterways. 

Even though the snakes originating from Sirius’s chains also burned crimson and scorched with a bright staggering heat, the flames emitted from the Yang Blade held a sort of sanctity that gave the impression of being untouchable. 

Priscilla: “The stage is prepared. —Ensure, that you perform your utmost.” 

Liliana: “Right right! Understood!” 

After smothering the burning control tower with another layer of flame, Priscilla-sama spoke one sentence. I replied with fervent confidence, rushing over to the control tower. 

With an air of being set off by anything that happened, Sirius who flickered her gaze toward this scene extended both her hands in our direction! 

Sirius: “The hell are you doing to the flame that I lit as an emblem of my love for that person!” 

Liliana: “Something like setting an entire building on fire to flirt, I think it’s best you don’t say such outlandish ridiculous things!” 

I said it said it said it! Wah ~hyahya! 

Rushing toward my back as I spoke while running, I felt that Sirius freak’s chain descending in one smooth motion! Burning chains! A heat wave, heat wave! 

In the instant of being attacked, I’d known from before the flame had been ignited that my head could be sent flying, but heedless of what was behind me I ran! And the reason is! 

Priscilla: “Whatever that one will come up with, this is a situation where mineself will not hold back until the very end.” 

Liliana: “Chiiiiiii!” 

As if taking the place of my fleeing self, Priscilla-sama landed where the chain would strike. The Yang Blade sliced downward as if licking, deflecting the entire tongue of flame! 

Hearing the intermittent sounds of Priscilla-sama and that freak clashing anew, I finally reached my destination of the burning tower of stone. 

Liliana: “Haah, haaaah…” 

Although the distance covered hadn’t been too long, drawing breath grew laborious, and my body felt fatigued! In all honesty, right now nothing would feel better than a drink of ice water before collapsing on a bed. Although this was something not meant for a travelling bard, but after spending so long in greenhouse-like surroundings, anything but a soft bed wouldn’t work! 

Liliana: “Aah, really… isn’t this all Kiritaka-san and everyone else’s fault—” 

Allowing me to reside in this city, offering me warm hospitality besides. Whether the [White Dragon’s Scales] or the citizens of the city, all expressed their love, and the likes of Kiritaka-san with such enthusiasm that even I was taken aback, it was all their fault! The fault of remaining in this city, that my ability to stay on the path of a travelling bard had been dispelled! 

Well then, just a bit of extra effort here — recall the ruthless determination of your waist and legs from before! 

Liliana: “Hi, iiiiiii!” 

Epiphany realized, teeth clenched, I held my steady lu-lyre in my arms, and rushed toward the flaming tower! So hot, so hot, so hot, so damn hot—! 

Anticipation of the scorching pain sent a sharp jolt through me. 

However, although clearly enduring an overwhelming heat wave, between skin and hair and lu-lyre, none of them had been burnt by the scorching flame. Although the heat of the flame could be clearly felt, nothing had caught fire. 

As with the flames over the waterways, there was painful heat but no burning. And thus I recognized this flame as the Yang Blade’s fake. 

However, it was different. Different indeed. 

The Yang Blade wielded by Priscilla-sama had indeed burnt through the metal chains. A sword clearly using the same flames, but burning only select things. 


Priscilla-sama’s flame, could choose what to burn. Which meant, that it could also choose what not to burn. 

Liliana: “Oooh—!” 

Well then! The white flame enveloping this control tower, would definitely not burn me! 

Even though it was so hot as to be disintegrating, so agonizing as to seem fatal, a pain that made whoever experienced it want to collapse and roll on the ground, it would not burn, it would not injure, it would not be deadly! 

Eyeballs melting, tongue withering, hair alight, skin festering, lu-lyre scorched, bones cracking, flesh burnt, consciousness eroding to nothing, was all an illusion—! 

Not hot, so hot, so hot, so hot, not hot, not hot, so hot, craving death, not wanting to die, so hot, not hot, hothothot even though it was so hot—! 

Sprinting up the stairs of the control tower, first floor, second floor, just how many floors were there!? Where was the roof!? The fire crept outward and extended its reach, looking left and right yielded only the sight of white fire, sohotsohot, how could such agony be, so hot, heat beyond heat, I—. 


I wanted to wail about the intensity of the heat, wanted to shriek until my throat split right this instant. 

Absolutely not. If this agony were given voice to, it would desecrate my throat in one cry. This throat could absolutely not be spent. These fingers as well. Wanting to scratch, want to express the suffering no matter how. But no, absolutely not, if these fingers were to be spent, they could not strum a melody. 

Whether eyes, or skin, or hair, if they melted, it couldn’t be helped. 

But not this throat, not these fingers, and these ears as well, were not allowed, because they were all indispensable for what would come next. 

Forcefully ascending the steps, slamming open the incredibly heavy door with a kick, appearing now was the night sky — the wind howling in frenzy, heat continuing to flow from beneath my feet, but there were no more walls, and sprinting to the highest point to glance down. 

The wind rose and fell, and below were a red figure and white figure waving dangerous objects, white flames surrounded by a wailing crowd. 

Although I was so hot, so hot, I felt as if I would die at any instant. 

Right now, the heat had not completely fled, the soles of my feet were still burning, and the white flames swaying in the wind were still slowly intensifying, sorrow suddenly rose in my heart, and tears threatened to flow—. 

Liliana: “Eek, eeep, alright, this is a once-in-a-lifetime stage!” 

Reaching the place I had dashed for even through heat and agony that inspired a craving for death, from here everything was visible, sound could be heard from everywhere. 

Even feeling drained to a deathly point, before I died there was still something left to do, and so. 

Liliana: “Come come, gather around, everyone far away make sure you listen! Everyone close by make sure you watch the dance! For everyone even farther away I’ll be even louder so just listen!! Liliana Masquerade, is here to sing dance perform for you! So listen well! —Sky transcending the light of dawn!!” 

—Just gather all those scorching feelings, and spit them all out at once! 

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