Arc 5, Chapter 75: “Fruits of The Battle for Pristella 2”

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After ending his conversation with Wilhelm, Subaru quietly felt relieved.

Along with Garfiel, the two of them that should have been tasked with “Lust”―― They were supposed to be the combination which should’ve had the most difficult fight.

In actuality, “Lust” had abandoned her control tower, and it had been Wilhelm’s wife, Theresia, along with the former hero, Kurgan, who’d ended up blocking their path. However, it was already guaranteed that there were no casualties in these three spots.

Subaru: “――――”

Of course, Garfiel and Wilhelm should have much to reflect on.

In fact, Garfiel had spoken about the reservations he had left, and it was easy to imagine that wounds too difficult to express in words lay within Wilhelm’s heart.

And yet, even so.

Subaru was happy that the two of them had returned safe and sound after finishing up their battles.

If there’d been casualties amongst his acquaintances, Subaru had resigned himself that he may have ended up having to use his “Return by Death”. That’s why he was relieved that the two of them had survived without him needing to use it.

However, that sense of relief from the fact that they hadn’t ended up dying was connected with another conviction of his, at the same time.

Namely that after all, he wouldn’t have to once again depend on an unnatural power like his “Return by Death”.

He’d made full use of his “Return by Death”, and challenged things many times to try and secure a better future. After depending so much on that power, at this point, maybe he could speak ill of it, however it was for this reason.

It was a conclusion that only Subaru could reach, precisely because it was Subaru who had died many times, and each time, he’d overturned the future.

To begin with, something like “Return by Death” should have been unnecessary.

Surely there was a way to secure the future he wanted, even without his “Return by Death”.  Like now where everyone worked together with each other for the same objective, so to secure that.

Emilia: “Subaru, was Wilhelm-san okay..…?”

Coming out to greet Subaru, who had returned, Emilia asked about the wisened Swordsman who had been standing in a corner of the shelter. To her words, Subaru jerked his chin into a nod, without looking back,

Subaru: “Yeah, I think he’s okay. He’s wounded quite a bit, but…. it seems like he managed to take care of the wounds within his heart, which were the most alarming.”

Emilia: “I see…… Although it’s obvious, he really is a strong individual, isn’t he?”

Subaru: “Indeed. He’s a strong individual for sure. That’s why he’s okay.”

Subaru nodded his head up and down multiple times at Emilia, who’d told him that. Emilia opened her eyes up wide seeing Subaru’s gesticulation, and then burst into a smile.

Seeing Subaru frown at her unexpected reaction, she placed her hand on her mouth, and said,

Emilia: “I’m sorry. Subaru’s behaviour around Wilhelm-san is reaaaally different in comparison to when you’re with other people. How can I put it, in truth, I think he’s pure as the driven snow.”

Subaru: “No one says pure as the driven snow these days……”

Subaru gave a wry smile at Emilia’s antiquated words which felt like they came from the Showa Era. Following that, he scratched his cheek with one of his fingers.

Even if it appeared like he was teasing her, he understood what Emilia was trying to say. And that was plenty enough for Subaru himself to be aware of it.

Subaru: “Wilhelm-san is, how should I say it, special. Because he’s an amazin’ person whom I can sincerely admire, well, that’s what I feel anyways.”

Emilia: “I know that he’s an amazing person too, but that being the case, Reinhard and the others have to know that too, right? And yet, despite all that.”

Subaru: “The perspective changes between someone of the same age and someone from a different generation. The disparity you feel with those of the same age has rather large implications on you that end up making you feel miserable. But, the differences you feel with those older than you can be set as a goal for yourself. Someday, when I’m a sullen old man, I want to be as imposing as Wilhelm.”

Emilia: “……Hmm, I getcha. Hehe. If you say so.”

Emilia nodded, with her face full of understanding, at Subaru’s frivolous manner which he’d broken into to hide his embarrassment.

Subaru felt defeated by that attitude. Speaking seriously about it, not even Subaru knew how he should express the deep emotions that he felt as words.

Though, probably, almost certainly, he thought that it was a good thing that he didn’t need to put them into words.

Beatrice: “Betty believes that growing out his beard wouldn’t suit Subaru, in fact.”

Subaru: “I didn’t think it was this sort of conversation, but well, whatever, it’s okay too. I’ll grow out a beard when Beako deems it appropriate.”

Beatrice: “……Well then, will such a time come, I suppose. The elaborate co-existence between furriness and adorable is an area that cannot be sustained without Bubby’s elegance, in fact. Devote yourself to it, I suppose.”

Emilia: “Yeah, yeah, I say”

As Emilia and Beatrice exchanged their feelings in a manner that was typical for them, Subaru―― pointed his eyes over towards a corner of the shelter which had suddenly grown noisy.

The evacuees who were gathered in a corner of the shelter, all of the individuals that were there had been released from their fear and unease that had been born from the city being occupied. However, they had inexplicably cheerful looks on their face. And that was because――,

Liliana: “Wellthen, wellthen! Allow me to sing again! Please listen, to my new song―― The Burning Song of the Flaming City!”

Subaru: “That racket is Lilliana, huh?”

There was a short, young girl with brown skin in the middle of that kerfuffle. He could see the lively figure of the bard strumming her Lyulyre, shaking loose her blonde hair.

Her appearance caused an unmistakable impact, it had an originality to it that shot out askew that he didn’t think even “Lust” could imitate; it was Lilianna without a doubt.

Beatrice: “She’s a truly strident girl, in fact.”

Emilia: “But, Lilianna was one of the people who fought against the Sin Archbishops too, right? Erm….. I can’t imagine at all how she managed to fight……”

Taking notice of the same thing as Subaru, Emilia and Beatrice relaxed their shoulders too.

If she was acting so lively, then no doubt Lilliana had made it back alive with no injuries as well. Her, and the others’ place of battle―― Their battle against “Wrath” was a place which he couldn’t imagine, neither the strategy nor the fighting strength needed, or the most proper result.

Subaru had already considered the possibility that Lilliana’s song would have been useful for confining Sirius’ authority, however, he didn’t know how they’d been able to put it into practise in reality. He was specifically determined in wanting to hear what on earth had happened in their place of battle.

Subaru: “It won’t be easy to get close to Lilliana right now. Let’s postpone it for later.”

Emilia: “Yeah……Besides, now is definitely the time where Lilliana’s songs are most necessary. Us taking that away wouldn’t be good. Let’s postpone talking to her until much later.”

Beatrice: “I agree, I suppose. Betty would like to pass on talking with that irritating girl, in fact.”

Subaru and the others made this conclusion whilst they watched Lilliana strumming out a tune, singing at the top of her voice with utmost passion.

In reality, if they only took into account her singing voice, she was worthy of the title of “Songstress”. He concurred with Emilia’s opinion that right now the city needed her.

???: “――――”

When he looked, Kiritaka’s figure was right next to Lilliana, as she gave her performance.

His expensive suit was covered in mud and blood everywhere, and there were also traces of rips left on it. It was the outcome of having fled through scenes of carnage, and according to Otto’s story, it’d been unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Subaru: “No one’s ought to have had a comfortable scene of battle….”

Taking note of Subaru’s gaze, Kiritaka bowed in his direction. Subaru waved at him, and started to walk further into the shelter once again, in search for the next of his companions.

Then, Beatrice, who was walking right next to him as he broke into a walk, said,

Beatrice: “It’s not too important, but it was that man that woke me up when I was sleeping, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Kiritaka?”

Beatrice: “That man even went as far as crushing some of his precious Great Magic Stones, in fact. Betty doesn’t care if it was down to his sense of responsibility, or if it was for someone, I suppose. But, that’s what happened, in fact.”

Subaru: “……I see, I see. That’s great, Beako. You did well to say it.”

Beatrice: “Hmph, I suppose.”

Having heard this story that help had come from this unexpected source, Subaru stroked Beatrice’s head. Beatrice puffed out her cheeks, seemingly in dissatisfaction, but it went without saying that this was just a facade.

According to the story he’d briefly heard from Anastasia, Beatrice’s actions after she’d woken up had also been an indispensable contribution in regard to the current results. If it had been Kiritaka who’d played a role in that, then it could be said that he’d fulfilled his duty corresponding to his role as a city executive.

Emilia: “Subaru. It seems like those who got injured are in the furthest part of the shelter.”

Emilia, who was looking towards that part of the shelter, told Subaru that as he chatted away with Beatrice. When he looked towards the dingily lit area pointed out by her, there in the middle of the bustle, was an area that was being used as a field hospital.

There were mats and blankets spread out directly on the ground and several injured people were laying there. This was supposed to be the first place which Ferris visited, so even though the people lying down hadn’t completely recovered, their lives probably weren’t in danger.

Subaru: “Does that mean that treating so many people to their full is difficult, even for someone like Ferris?”

Beatrice: “It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at healing magic, there’s a limit to the amount of mana a person can hold, in fact. If you go around healing everyone you see, then you’d run out of it pretty much at once, I suppose. It was a wise decision, in fact.”

Beatrice, who had replied, looked faintly vexed as they gazed at the rows of the injured. Even though she hid it on the surface, she was a tender-hearted spirit whose feelings ran deep.

Beatrice’s healing magic was quite effective, even if it didn’t even get close to Ferris’. But, even if we were to say she had any Mana, the quantity which Subaru supplied would never get anywhere near that.

It was inevitable that she was vexed, and lamenting her lack of strength.

Emilia: “In truth, I would also like to go around helping everyone with my healing magic, but….”

Subaru: “You have another role, Emilia-tan. That’s why for now, you need to put that aside.”

Emilia: “Yeah, I know.”

If they let themselves be carried away by the emotions of the moment, they wouldn’t be able to reach their goal, and would end up losing everything. Subaru called out to Emilia so she’d restrain herself, and as they walked in between people who were groaning in pain from their wounds, they searched for their companion amongst them. And soon after, they were able to find the guy they were searching for.

???: “Natsuki-san, over here!”

Subaru: “Heya, Otto!”

In the last row of the injured, there was a person who waved his hand. Noticing the young man’s familiar figure, Subaru and the others approached him with a sense of relief.

Lying on a ready-made bed, with a faint smile on his pale face, was the proud Warrior-Grade Head Internal Affairs Official of the Emilia Camp, Otto Suwen.

Otto: “Though now, it feels I was given an evaluation that I really can’t let by. ”

Subaru: “That’s your imagination, Warrior-Grade Internal Affairs Official. Once again with you, it’s the same ol’ story wandering around the city seeking blood, in search for foes. You love doin’ that dontcha.”

Otto: “Soon there’s going to be strange rumours again, won’t you stop with these completely false claims!?”

Instead of a greeting of reunion, Subaru exchanged jokes with Otto who was lying down. Otto shouted and dropped his shoulders in resignation, and Subaru crouched beside him to check his condition.

He didn’t seem to have lethal injuries, but both of his legs looked painful.

Emilia: “Otto-kun, how’s your wounds?”

Otto: “It seems that walking will be a little bit difficult until I have recovered, but apart from that there’s no visible trauma… When it comes to situations, Emilia-sama’s should have been more difficult, it’s rather too pathetic of me that I’m severely injured.”

Emilia: “That’s not true. It’s proof of having fought with all your strength, isn’t it? Otto-kun’s job isn’t to fight, so it’s good that nothing terrible happened to you.”

Otto: “So far, Emilia-sama is the only one who has decent common sense regarding the work of a Head Internal Affairs Official.”

Emilia: “Eh?”

Before Otto who murmured deeply, Emilia tilted her head with a confused look.

Putting that aside, Subaru asked Otto for an explanation of the situation in which he got injured. Initially, Otto was supposed to stay at the City Hall, and await the reports from various places at the rally point.

Subaru: “The injury isn’t because you got caught in the collapse of the City Hall, right? According to what Anastasia-san said, those who stayed at the City Hall were Anastasia-san, Ferris and Al.”

Otto: “I don’t know exactly what the three who remained did. When I left the City Hall, through the waterways of the city… I bumped into “Gluttony”. That’s why I ended up like this.”

Subaru: “… “Gluttony”…. That bastard. Damn, there’s also “Lust”, how much more do they intend to mock us…”

Subaru’s heart started boiling once again when he heard the name of his despised enemy.

The wickedness of the Witch Cult altogether had derided and undermined everything which they’d set up from their predictions. Their behaviour in ignoring the control towers was a mockery towards those who had gotten onto the stage.

Otto: “Fortunately, thanks to Felt-sama and the people of the “White Dragon’s Scales”, we managed to oppose them somehow. However, without the help of Beatrice-san, I don’t know what the outcome would’ve been.”

Beatrice: “Despite us outnumbering them, I couldn’t bear to see it, in fact!”

Emilia: “Yes yes. Thank you veeeery much.”

Emilia gently stroked Beatrice who had puffed out her small chest.

That exchange was pleasant, but what interested Subaru were Otto’s actions. Leaving aside the result of the meeting with “Gluttony” and why he left the City Hall in the first place.

Even if he had been out of the formation to intercept “Lust”, he should have stayed in the shelter and nothing more. It shouldn’t have been necessary to leave the shelter and walk through the city.

Otto: “There was a request from the Witch Cult… The priority of obtaining a certain book.”

Guessing Subaru’s doubt, Otto spoke quietly.

The book which the Witch Cult had requested, he spoke about it rather hazily, probably as a consideration that Emilia was listening in behind Subaru. Subaru nodded at his concerns,

Subaru: “The one that’s with the restoration specialist, what’s his name”

Otto: “It’s Mr. Darts. No one should know that it was commissioned to be restored by him…..But, to make absolutely sure, I tried to collect it. In the end, I encountered “Gluttony” before I met up with Mr. Darts, and this is the result.”

He understood the reason why Otto had left the City Hall and walked about the city despite the threat of the Witch Cult. Again, it looked like he’d tried to fill an area which Subaru hadn’t been attentive about.

He hadn’t thought thoroughly enough about the attack on the City Hall, and the recovery of the “Book of Wisdom”.

Subaru: “At least consult with me first. We’re friends right?”

Otto: “Emilia-sama was kidnapped, and you also carried the fate of the city on your back like a hero, did you want me to put another annoying burden on top of that? I’m sorry. But I didn’t intend to pressure my friends with these stupidities.”

Subaru: “Keh”

Though he’d intended to joke around, he’d unexpectedly ended up reciprocating with happy words, making Subaru grunt. Seeing their exchange, Emilia and Beatrice exchanged glances and gave a deep sigh.

Beatrice: “These guys aren’t honest, I suppose.”

Emilia: “I think it’s normal for them. But, then, that book….? It’d be better if we collected it. Erm, where abouts….”

Subaru: “Ah, I’ll take care of that. Or I’ll get Garfiel to. Emilia-tan doesn’t have to worry herself too much about that book.”

Emilia: “Yeah?”

He didn’t want to let Emilia get involved much with the “Book of Wisdom”.

It had backwards compatibility with the Gospels, and was also a sort of relic that a Witch had left behind. Not bringing it near to Emilia as much as possible was one of Subaru’s silent resolutions.

Subaru: “But, those who met “Gluttony” were Felt and the “White Dragon’s Scales”, right? Leaving aside the mercenaries in white, Felt didn’t end up hiding somewhere?”

Emilia: “But, I can’t really imagine that girl staying quietly in one place, perhaps….”

Subaru: “I agree with that.”

Felt and the others had arrested Reinhard’s father―― Heinkel, and he’d heard that they were standing guard over him. Therefore, they shouldn’t have participated in the recapture of the control towers, although there was probably no one to communicate that decision to.

Subaru: “So, Felt is?”

Otto: “She was exhausted, but she didn’t really have any injuries like these. She came rushing out of the shelter now, to pick up the subordinates she’d brought along. ”

Subaru: “Ton Chin Kan, right? I heard about that, it seems like those guys are doing surprisingly well.”

A trio who had both a good and a bad impression, but none of that remained. They had an acquaintanceship where he’d been killed once by them, but instead of taking revenge someday, he’d tried to leave it in the past.

In any case, it was a good result that he was able to confirm the safety of that camp. After that, they would take care of the task related to “The Book of Wisdom”, so the next issue was――.

Otto: “Natsuki-san. ――Be careful in the next shelter.”

Subaru: “In the next shelter…..?”

Otto said that to Subaru, who was immersed in his thoughts, in a low voice. To the turbulent emotions which had been put in his voice, Subaru’s voice also naturally lowered in response.

Otto gave a small nod on hearing Subaru’s reaction.


Otto: “One of the Sin Archbishops is being held there.”

※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

???: “What’s this, is it you, commoner? How dare you show your wretched face in our presence. That impudence is worthy of admiration beyond awe.”

He’d left the shelter which had been made into a field hospital, and headed to the next shelter following Otto’s words.

Compared to the former shelter, the scale of that shelter was quite small. If the previous shelter was like the parking lot of a shopping center, this shelter was like a bicycle parking lot at best.

Immediately after he’d gotten the vague impression that its purpose, even if it was a shelter, was probably different, the woman in red who’d set herself up at the entrance of the building spoke that out to him.

The woman’s name was Priscilla Barielle.

Among the Royal Election candidates which had gathered in the city, she was someone who lacked a cooperative personality completely.

Even so, even someone like that was undoubtedly a reliable ally in this situation. In addition to that, it was Priscilla who was in charge of the unknown monster, Sirius of “Wrath”.

The ability to destroy that threat ever so splendidly, and make it back was a result that had to be praised sincerely.

Subaru: “That you don’t like my face is your personal subjectivity, so that’s okay, for now, good work to the both of us. I’m relieved that you came back safe. I’m not flattering you.”

Priscilla: “Mine personal subjectivity is the aesthetic sense which has to be respected the most in the world. It’s not even worth evaluating what you have to say….. Well, it’s fine. However, there are no words you can say in defence for your blindness in saying safe upon seeing mineself.”

Subaru: “Ah? Are you injured or something?

Priscilla was sitting on a chair at the entrance of the shelter, fanning herself. Looking at her upper and lower extremities, he couldn’t find any injures or anything like that.

No, it wasn’t about injuries or not. Priscilla’s white skin didn’t have a single scratch on it, even the dress she wore didn’t have a speck of dust or dirt. If there had been any differences before and after the battle, it would have been regarding her neck accessory and that her hair had come loose.

Emilia: “Your necklace and hair clip, have you lost them somewhere?”

Priscilla: “Hm. So even a commoner with such an undiscerning eye will take notice of it if it’s a woman? Even though I don’t like that boorish way of calling it a necklace. It seems to bring resentment.”

Subaru: “That you weren’t safe, in reality, you were talking about your accessories…”

To Emilia’s naive and innocent words, Priscilla snorted in response.

Certainly she’d now lost her luxurious gem-encrusted necklace, as well as the hair clip which kept her orange hair in place. The aroma of her charm had increased when she’d let loose her hair that was normally held in place, what a sinful woman she was.

To being with, Priscilla’s radiance was rather like that of a poisonous flower. If you approached, you’d end up getting stung.

Subaru: “So, I’ll pass on getting stung. Why are you bothering to stay at this shelter? I didn’t think you had such an admirable personality as to volunteer to keep guard.”

Priscilla: “Foolish japes. Mineself shouldn’t have to engage in these kinds of jobs that commoners do. It isn’t mine actual intent to be in a place like this, but I cannot allow others to gaze upon mine sense of beauty now. So I avoided the public’s gaze as a compromise. Besides, Al insisted.”

Subaru: “I think he’d try to quickly deny that if he were here.”

Whilst he imagined the exaggerated motions of denial from the iron helmet, Subaru directed his gaze towards the shelter’s entrance. He didn’t catch any glimpse of said iron helmet, but he’d heard that he was in this shelter. In other words, he wasn’t outside, but rather, inside the building―― next to the Sin Archbishop.

Subaru: “Is Al keeping guard inside?”

Priscilla: “‘Tis so. We don’t know what an evil thing like that would get up to were we to leave it alone. Hence why Al is keeping guard over them. When it comes to him, he ought to do a good job.”

Subaru: “……You didn’t think he’d try to kill them. That’s unexpected.”

Priscilla: “He can do so if he wants. Mineself wouldn’t stop him.”

Had she felt bored answering him? Priscilla yawned whilst covering her mouth with her fan. That seemed to be her way of expressing indifference at Subaru’s question.

She had no intention of stopping him if he entered the building. Subaru gazed at the entrance of the shelter, and placed his hand on his chest where his heartbeat had gotten slightly faster.

Emilia: “Subaru, if you’re scared to go in, you needn’t force yourself to….”

Beatrice: “Indeed, in fact. I don’t think we’ll get anything out of it, I suppose.”

Emilia and Beatrice both gently expressed their opinions to Subaru who’d stopped in his tracks. He felt like he wanted to let himself be coddled by their concerns. However, as soon as that thought popped into his head, he noticed Priscilla’s cruel gaze looking over at him from the corner of his eye.

It was a gaze that regarded all of Subaru’s doubts and hesitation as a boring farce.

Whether he went forward or backward, Priscilla’s evaluation of Subaru likely wouldn’t change. For Subaru, who’d still been given the lowest evaluation that was completely unsparing, that he did not care about.

He didn’t care about it, but he regretted that the two who were with him had also been evaluated that way.

Subaru: “I’m going. In any case, it isn’t a problem that I have to escape from.”

Emilia & Beatrice: “――――”

Subaru made up his mind, and the two of them didn’t give their opinions for or against it. They just stood by his side, so as to respect his will.

Then, with the two of them accompanying him, Subaru stepped into the dark shelter. Priscilla wasn’t even looking at their backs anymore. It was rather like her, he would say.

With the parched pitter-patter sound of their footsteps, they moved forward into the stone building. Soon, they could see the end of the passageway, ahead of the path which turned to the left,

???: “――Is that you, Bro? I heard the Princess’ voice, so I thought she was talking with someone.”

Crouched down in the passageway, carrying his Blue Dragon Sword on his shoulder, the iron helmet――Al was awaiting them. When he saw Subaru and the others heading towards him, he turned his attention to Emilia.

Al: “Oh, it seems like the Miss too is alright. Good work, Bro.”

Subaru: “It’s ‘cause Emilia-tan’s wellbeing was my minimum requirement for victory. Moreover regarding you, I’ve heard you ran into many problems. Priscilla’s irrationalities in particular were crazy.”

Al: “Ah, you’re being completely serious. Still, I too was wondering what was going on with her this time. Well, no, I’m almost always wondering what’s going on, so I’ve got no persuasive power.”

Emilia: “But, it doesn’t seem like you dislike that……?”

Al: “――――”

Al, who had grumbled out something like a complaint about his mistress Priscilla, was hit right on the nose by Emilia’s innocent words. He couldn’t see that which was concealed behind the helmet, but he felt like he’d shaped his lips into the form of a へ on the other side.

(TL Note: To make your mouth in the form of a へ is basically describing him frowning, as you can well see, from the Kana itself.)

In practicality, he was a man that was always dragged around everywhere by Priscilla, and despite that he still wanted to be her servant. He supposed they had a relationship that others wouldn’t understand.

For a little while, Al twisted his neck in an environment which felt like it had devoured him, he clapped his shoulder with the ridge of his Blue Dragon Sword and abruptly directed his gaze towards the back of the passageway,

Al: “It’s a little bit late for you having come this far, but….. Did you come to speak with the Sin Archbishop?”

Beatrice: “Do you think there would be another purpose, I suppose? Do you think we’d bother coming to chat with the guard, there’s no way we’d waste our time, in fact.”

Al: “This little girl sure is scathing, huh? Don’t get yourself so worked up, Beako…..was it?”

Beatrice: “――――”

Before Beatrice’s cold, sharp gaze, Al deliberately shook his head. Keeping Beatrice in check, who seemed like she was about to grab him, regardless of their difference in height, Subaru glared at Al who’d started this unnecessary provocation.

Subaru: “I more or less get that you’re upset, but please, don’t provoke her. Beako, you too, don’t fall for them. Deal with it with the dignity of an adult.”

Beatrice: “Betty will only allow Subaru to call her that way, I suppose. The next time you call me like that, extremely terrible retribution awaits you, in fact.”

Al: “Yeah yeah, I understand. You couldn’t be any colder.”

As he spoke, Al moved to the side of the corridor, and made way for them. A door came into view ahead of them when they moved further into the passageway. Most likely, the Sin Archbishop was locked up in there.

Suddenly, the back of Subaru’s neck started to tingle, complaining out of a tense feeling.

Al: “The Sin Archbishop is within. They’re being restrained so that they can’t get up to no good, so for now, I don’t think it’ll end up becoming a massacre.  ――Also, I’ll give you just one piece of advice.”

Subaru: “Advice?”

Al: “Bro, the Miss and that spirit too. It’d be better if you went back home without talking to them. Nothing good will come from getting involved. Leave this be, and go back home.”

Subaru: “……There’s just no way we can do that.”

Dropping the tone of his voice, his opinion was an earnest one which he spoke with a serious voice. Denying those words with a shake of his head, Subaru replied that he couldn’t do so, and rejected his suggested.

And, to Subaru’s reply, Al spoke out “I guessed as much,” with a sigh.

Al: “No matter what I say, I don’t think I ever get much credibility. This time, my behaviour here was in the wrong, I ain’t got any excuses for it.”

Subaru: “That’s really not the reason why. Well, it’s true that you weren’t cooperative, but that doesn’t mean I’m saying I won’t listen to you. Don’t get the wrong idea.”

Taking into account Al’s terrible words of self-castigation, Subaru pointed at the door at the end of the passageway. The task he had at hand with the person within, was one that was Subaru’s problem only.

Whether his intentions had been transmitted, Al sat down with a plunk on that spot. And, whilst he pointed to the door at the end, only with his head, he said,

Al: “I hope you don’t lose sight of yourself whilst you speak.”

Subaru: “OK, don’t hesitate to help me if something happens.”

Al: “If that comes to pass, I’ll  send in the Princess, so no matter what happens, she’ll send them straight up to heaven.”

Exchanging a final conversation, Subaru and the others said goodbye to Al and headed towards the door. There was something drifting about that made them feel a strange sense of oppression in regards to the door which lead to the closed room.

Having arrived here, even if it was trying, he couldn’t avoid it, and so with that determination, Subaru grabbed the doorknob and forcibly pushed the door open.

――It was a narrow room in which the air flowing in it smelled of dust.

Its light source was small and dim, even for a shelter, it only had the barebones. It was a narrow room that could fit at most five or six people in it, if you jam-packed it; the lack of air could be felt inside it.

And, in the middle of this room.

???: “――Aha. So you came, my dear. I’m sorry for the inconvenience? Thank you.”

On top of an old chair, with her whole body completely bound by chains, was that monster―― Sirius was awaiting them.

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    1. Thank you so much! We’ve no plans of stopping, so perhaps the conclusion of the fifth Arc is drawing near!

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    1. The chapter is in translation right now, nearly 1/2 done. No estimate, but likely in 3 days time at an estimate.

  5. Not a single word regarding Julius… I suspect he got eaten by Gluttony, why else Otto would meet him running around town.

    And i am pretty sure AL uses death return, that’s why his master takes him everywhere (she knows and uses it), that’s how he won fight vs Lust without any real power.

    1. Are you dumb? Otto, Beatrice, Felt, Dynas, Gaston fought gluttony remember? There are 3 gluttonies, Lye Batenkaitos is the one that otto and his friends fought, while julius, richardo fought with roy alphard.

  6. i want to see how emilia and beatrice react to the weird love that sirius have towards subaru last time she got fixated on emilia.
    and it would have been awesome if her bandages came off but i doubt that that will happen

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