Arc 5, Chapter 80: “Leaving Behind Ripples on the Water’s Surface”

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Arc 5 – “Stars What Make History”
Chapter 80 – “Leaving Behind Ripples on the Water’s Surface”


???:  “――So, let’s start shall we.”

Emilia let her beautiful, crystal-clear voice echo throughout the room as she tensed her face slightly.  

She spoke to everyone in the room with her bell-like voice―― Or perhaps she’d said it to persuade herself, either way, she raised both of her slender arms.

Emilia: “――――”

Closing her eyes, Emilia started to concentrate her mana to both of her raised hands. 

Great magical power swirling around, and the utmost concentration to handle it with precision. If she lacked either of those, she’d be unable to achieve her goal, this was an endeavour which only she could do. 

Emilia: “――――”

Countless gazes poured down on Emilia who met her great sorcery head-on with a serious expression on her face. The women and children were huddled together, watching over her actions with bated breath.   

Some were holding each other’s hands, while others had closed their eyes as if in prayer or wishing; they shared only hope and anxiety as they trembled. 

Subaru: “……It must be tough on them.”

And, at the tail end of the same room, Subaru was silently observing Emilia, who was being showered in many complex emotions.

The area they were in was a part of the underground facilities in the City of Pristella.

Originally, it had been a cellar that had stored emergency provisions. Its current almost empty state was ideal for their intended purpose. There wasn’t anything placed in the stone cellar, and its spaciousness seemed to emphasise its bleakness and chilliness.  

But, it ought to be suitable for their current purpose, precisely because it was that kind of place.

Subaru: “Though, I wouldn’t say that’s a good thing.”

Beatrice: “Quit muttering sentimentalities, I suppose. It wouldn’t be good if someone heard you, and you’ll also end up messing up Emilia’s concentration, in fact.”

Standing beside Subaru, who’d let that mutter accidentally slip out, Beatrice gave him her advice. 

The girl, who held Subaru’s left hand with one hand and played with her drill curls with her other, stared at the white ritual that was being held in front of her eyes.

Her pale blue eyes seemed like they were holding back pain in some respect to Subaru. 

Subaru: “Since it’s Emilia, it will be okay. Don’t worry about it so much.”

Beatrice: “……Don’t get the wrong idea, I suppose. Betty is not worried about Emilia, but about Subaru, in fact. Empathising with the emotions of literally everybody is a bad habit, I suppose.”  

Subaru: “I see.”

The strength of her hand holding his grew stronger, and Subaru bent his lips into the shape of a へ at the girl’s concern.

He knew what Beatrice wanted to say, as well as what she was worried about. However, his decision after he’d understood that was based off his current determination.

On that point, he couldn’t yield. Even though he knew that it’d just be troubling.  

Emilia: “――――”

Away from Subaru and Beatrice’s hushed exchange of words, Emilia’s ritual continued on. 

Emilia, who was concentrating with all her might, had beads of sweat trickling down her forehead as she panted out misted breaths. She was giving it her everything in mind and body to control the enormous amounts of Mana.  

A pale blue light originating from in between Emilia’s hands began to faintly envelop the cellar. 

Although the cold air was cold enough to fog up his sight, the chill did not pierce into his skin, it was gentle as if it were embracing his heart exposed. 

He’d heard that people who fell into hypothermia and were on the verge of death forgot about the cold. Extreme cold took away from people the ability to tell the temperature correctly, and granted them warmth as a parting gift before snatching their lives away, he’d heard.

Subaru vaguely thought about whether something near to that was happening in this white world, but he immediately shook his head, dismissing it as plain stupid. 

Pale blue light filled the room, and the cold air converged to its centre. 

And, in the middle of the light, there was…

???: “――――”

A huge black creature, curled up with its wings folded―― A black dragon that was lying down.

The strange creatures didn’t stop there, there were also flies roughly the size of people gathered around the black dragon. In all they gave you the impression of a nightmarish scene.  

However, Subaru didn’t feel any revulsion at this scene.

――No. To be precise, he was strongly aware that he shouldn’t feel revulsion towards the black dragon and the human flies.

They were victims, innocents without any fault. 

They were victims of the malice from the Sin Archbishop of “Lust”, victims who had been transformed into inhumanities. 

Subaru, and everyone else, currently didn’t know a way to restore their re-moulded bodies back to normal. That’s why they’d chosen this measure.

Subaru: “It may be that we’re just postponing the inevitable, but……”

Beatrice: “It will get us time, and even just that can be a salvation, in fact. Since you’re trying to hurry things up, your outlook is getting narrower, so you can’t see the options that you’d normally be able to. Not being aware of that, or realising it later…… both of those are cruelties, I suppose.”

Beatrice replied with something of a monologue to Subaru’s mutters. 

Her small, feeble sigh contained an insightfulness and sentimentality which only those who’d spent a long, long time thinking could have. 

Feeling that at the end of her words, Subaru just silently stroked her head without saying a single word back.

Beatrice: “……What is it, in fact.”

Subaru: “It’s nothing.”

No matter how much time they took, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to make the right choice. 

Sometimes, even if you give it some time, there are cases where you wouldn’t be able to pick the right choice.

Nevertheless, you can act so that the option you choose is the best one. 

The answer which Subaru had produced to Beatrice’s 400 years had been like so. 

And so he hoped that time which would be brought to the tragedy that struck the city, would also be like so. 

Subaru: “――――”

The climax of the cold air that filled the cellar overlapped with Subaru’s strong emotions, and finally a sound like the air cracking, or so he thought, resounded throughout――,

Emilia: “……It ended up going safely.”

Emilia turned around whilst breathing out misted breaths. 

She quickly bowed her head at that place, a little out of breath――Behind her, with their whole bodies covered in white crystals, were the lives of all of the souls who had been encased inside of ice.  

Subaru: “――tch

The members of their family were weeping, and their significant others were sobbing in tears. 

Their sorrowful wails came out before any thanks, and they cruelly echoed throughout the cellar. 

For a very, very long time, their wails continued to echo throughout, as if their sorrow had no end to being separated until goodness knows when from their loved ones.  


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???: “For now, it seems like Emilia-sama’s proposal turned out well….. Would I be okay to feel relieved by that?” 

Having been informed about the conference at the meeting place, as well as Emilia’s subsequent work to freeze the mutation victims―― Otto nodded, looking relieved. 

They were somewhere away from the shelters, in a private room at a hospital, where he’d been carried to. 

His condition on top of his bed still hadn’t changed, with both of his legs painfully wrapped in bandages. Even so, at least he’d managed to leave from the Field Hospital’s treatment, and it was possible to say that his cramping legs looked like they’d improved quite a bit.   

In fact, Otto’s position was as one of the valorous people who’d contributed to the City’s Defence, so it would have been nice if he’d gotten higher quality medical treatment. However, Otto hadn’t told them that, so Subaru opted not to say anything, since he’d probably been considering those around him.

Subaru: “Hospitality that is presumed without saying anything…… That’s the true meaning of Wabi-sabi.”

(TL Note: For what Wabi-sabi means, read:

Otto: “Although you’re here, Nasuki-san, your mind is elsewhere; it’s the same as always, so it’s fine, but anyways……. Thank you for your hard work, Emilia-sama.” 

Disregarding the nodding Subaru, Otto thanked Emilia for her hard work, who’d come to visit him. She drew her eyebrows down on hearing his thanks, and said,

Emilia: “Nah, it’s alright. More importantly, I’m sorry for going through with it on my own without consulting with Otto-kun. But, it was because I’d thought it was something only I could do.”

Otto: “Ah, it’s fine. I’m not angry since your actions were undoubtedly precious, good deeds. Besides, they were very valuable actions even in a calculating sense.” 

Emilia: “Calculating……?”

Otto: “It probably would have been better if you understood what I meant, but if you don’t, even if you don’t…… No, how can I put it. Regarding that, honestly, it’s really difficult for me to decide which would be better.”  

Subaru: “Don’t think about it, feel it. That is E.M.T”

Emilia wasn’t quite aware of the result of her own actions. With some magic words, Subaru serenely brushed Otto aside, who lay perplexed at Emilia’s attitude. He then continued by saying “More importantly,”

Subaru: “Your legs, they seem like they won’t be usable for a while, right?”

Otto: “With Pristella’s current state, it’ll be difficult to treat them more than this, won’t it? The number of Healing Arts Users in the city isn’t enough to take care of all of the injured. I think it may be better to move to a hospital in another city, but it seems that Kiritaka-san sent out as many messengers as he could to the neighbouring cities, and requested for Healing Arts Users. That’s why quietly waiting here for a Healing Arts User from one of those places to come by  would perhaps be more prudent than going back to the mansion.”

Laughing weakly with a Thaha, Otto would be forced to withdraw from the frontlines for a while.

Wounds as severe as Otto’s couldn’t be so easily cured without a Mage who could use healing magic fairly proficient. They had to be at Ferris-level or Beatrice’s when she was in the Forbidden Library.

Subaru: “Ferris is constantly attending to Crusch, and our Healing Special Attack Corps Leader is going around Pristella………The reason being is that family of course.”

Emilia: “Those three, the mother and two siblings, right? That person who had the form of a dragon is the father, so it was a family of four, I think.” 

Their Special Attack Corps Leader wasn’t here right now―― No, he shouldn’t refer to him like that, Garfiel is what he meant.

Currently, he was going around the city which was short of working hands, and working as hard as he could on the repair work. By nature, Garfiel was a kind, well put together young man. Even if he’d felt nothing for the city, if there were people in need, he’d end up helping them without hesitation.   

But, even so, his commitment to Pristella was second to none. And Subaru could more or less imagine the reason why.

Subaru: “That he didn’t tell us must mean that there are various complex circumstances, I guess.”

Emilia: “Yeah, that’s gotta be it……. Indeed, changing the subject, but don’t you think that Garfiel and that family resemble each other a bit? Their hair colour and eye colour are completely identical.” 

Subaru: “Emilia-tan, you know that the subject hasn’t changed right?”

Emilia: “Eh!?”

Putting the surprised Emilia to one side, Garfiel was in such a condition.

Under normal circumstances, he himself should have sustained damage that wouldn’t be possible to call minor throughout his body, but due to his “Divine protection of Earth Spirits” and his boundless physical strength, he had no intention of resting.

In addition, Mimi, who’d been a pain to her little brothers with her wounds reopening, was also tagging along with him, so there hadn’t been any ruckus around.

Otto: “Well, in regards to Garfiel’s true feelings, one day he will reveal them on his own I’d imagine. We don’t need to try and get it out of him. More importantly……”  

Emilia: “Hmm?”

Otto: “Ah, no, since both of you didn’t mention it at all, I didn’t say anything either, but why does Beatrice-san look so moody?”

Inclining the top half of his body, Otto turned the flow of conversation to a corner of the hospital room――Beatrice was there, puffing out her red cheeks, visibly shaking her head from left to right with a sullen look in her eyes.

Subaru nodded and responded with an  “Ah” to that question.

Subaru: “It’s because of that, you know. She’s in a bad mood because we went to the Restoration Artist on your errand and ended up being turned away…… When you look at it from multiple perspectives, wouldn’t it be your fault?”

Otto: “No! You’re going too far there……Isn’t that right, Emilia-sama?”

Emilia: “Mhm, you’re right. It’s a contractor’s natural obligation to take care of their spirit. So, the one who needs to cheer Beatrice up has gotta be Subaru.”

Subaru: “You mentioned cheering up, but even when you say that, I don’t have many memories of Emilia-tan taking care of Puck.”

Emilia: “Don’t nitpick with that! Besides, I’ve done tons of stuff when Subaru wasn’t there to see. Like grooming his fur, cleaning his claws, cuddling him to sleep…….”  

It was doubtful whether that could be referenced as a format on the way of associating with spirits, but Emilia’s expression when talking about Puck had turned cheerful.

Ever since his sudden parting back at the “Sanctuary” had stabbed her, she’d had a strong expression of grief whenever she recalled Puck, but it seemed that stage had passed too. 

――A crystal stone made of colourless Great Magic Stone adorned Emilia’s chest.

The same design that she always wore before she was separated from Puck, combined with the beauty of her expression, she had gone back to looking like the same old Emilia.

She touched the crystal stone with one of her slender fingers, and said,

Emilia: “I still don’t have enough power to bring Puck back right now, but….. Mine and Puck’s contract hasn’t been severed, so we can meet again when I accumulate enough Mana so that he can manifest. So, just a little bit more patience, eh.” 

Subaru: “That too was thanks to one of Beako’s achievements, and……. Well, thanks to Kiritaka’s kindness.” 

The reason why Subaru and the others had come to the city of Pristella in the first place had been to obtain a Great Magic Stone.

The reality should have been that he’d turn it over or not after some negotiation, but the negotiations had ended up taking an inconceivable detour. In any case, they’d gotten one at present, and were very satisfied. 

Subaru: “So you cheer up too, Beako.”

Beatrice: “I’m not moody, I suppose. It’s your misunderstanding, in fact. Hmph.”

Emilia: “Oh, Beatrice, how adorable……”

Going all the way to letting out an easy to understand sound effect, Beatrice turned her face away from Subaru who was trying to get her to cheer up. Subaru too was in agreement with Emilia, who was feeling the butterflies behind him; however, whether they could talk about her cuteness or not was yet another matter.

Otto: “It seems that Mr. Darts is a person with a craftsman’s temperament, doesn’t it? He can’t leave a job half-done once undertaken, I understand that sort of thing.”

Subaru: “But, still, let’s think about how his professionalism has been taken to too much of an extreme. It seems like this guy was working in his workshop all throughout the chaos, doesn’t it? He’s too much of a workaholic.” 

Otto: “That’s the craftsman in him, you see.”

Subaru: “The craftsman in him, huh?”

He didn’t really know why Otto seemed to be proud, but when he said that, it seemed to make him feel good; boys were such simple creatures. A craftsman’s temperament was cool.    

However, Beatrice directed an angered look at the nodding Otto and Subaru, and said,

Beatrice: “Yes, but that doesn’t mean he should completely ignore his client’s words, I suppose. Even when I said I’d pay him double, he didn’t say a single damn word, in fact.”

Subaru: “Giving any indications of listening to what a little girl is saying as she slaps your cheeks with a roll of bills would only work as a reward for those who aren’t professionals that are well versed in their trade. You tell her too, Emilia-tan.” 

Emilia: “Yeah, you shouldn’t think like this, Beatrice. If you are going to waste money, I’m going to have to end up confiscating your pocket money.”  

Beatrice: “What rude treatment I’m getting from both of you, I suppose!”

The indignant Beatrice grabbed one of the curtains, wrapped herself in it and hid herself behind it. 

Following that, Emilia couldn’t resist anymore, and hugged Beako IN the curtain, making her yell out, “GNNNYYYA, IN FACT!”

Putting aside their cheerful intermezzo, it wasn’t like he didn’t understand Beatrice’s feelings.

That which Otto had commissioned to the Restoration Artist Darts, and Subaru and the others had tried to recover was the damaged “Book of Wisdom”. It was the origin as to why its owner, Roswaal, had tried so hard to interfere with the future in advance of Subaru―― It was natural to be interested in its contents. 

Subaru: “Although his interference’s subtle, it’s since the slippery nature of that guy goes hand in hand.”

Even though his sabotage had been discovered, Roswaal’s attitude on the surface hadn’t changed from before. 

Of course, since he had schemed behind that easygoing attitude, remaining alert was essential. However, it was also true that he had an air to him that seemed like the poisonousness had slipped out. 

Nonetheless, it wasn’t the same as going as far as being able to call him a collaborative ally who’d take the role of a bystander. 

Subaru: “If we can at least see what’s lying ahead with the “Book of Wisdom”…….”

If they were able to hold belief that Roswaal was not planning anything, regardless of the past, it would be safe to walk the road ahead together. It’d probably also have a bit more of a positive effect for the future of the Camp.

Subaru: “That’s why I want to insist on it.” 

Otto: “Even when I don’t endeavour to make such excuses, I and Emilia-sama have more or less the same opinions as Natsuki-kun, so on that point we’re fine. Just Garfiel, well….. He has his personal enmities, so even if he knows the facts, his attitude may not change.” 

By personal enmities was he really referring to the “Sanctuary” or Ram? 

Without touching that subject, Subaru gazed over at Emilia and Beatrice, messing about…

Subaru: “That book is no stranger to Beatrice either. So, I think I would like to confirm it if it’s even possible. Taking her out from the Forbidden Library, and leaving the past behind are different problems.”

Otto: “Did you know that many times I’d thought about trying to consult with you?”

Subaru: “I ain’t blaming you for that y’know.”

He thought that recovering the “Book of Wisdom”, trying to restore it back to normal and trying to do it all on his own was a good judgment on Otto’s part.  

And fundamentally, it was hardly ever that Otto’s considerations failed. He was fully aware that he was not a person who acted in self-interest.

Subaru: “You really ain’t suited to be a merchant…..”

Otto: “Could you leave me alone!? More importantly, what about Mr. Darts?”

Subaru: “It may be my greatest job yet, he said. You can defer the fee, so I would like you to let me work on this properly until the end, he said.”  

It was worrying that the deadline hadn’t expired, but that guy was a craftsman, so he couldn’t possibly say it was impossible. 

He wanted to believe that he was not the type of craftsman who’d grumble even after the deadline passed.

Otto: “So in the end, I’ll also have to collect the “Book of Wisdom”, I feel like me staying behind in Pristella has already been decided, don’t you?”

Subaru: “Garfiel also plans to stay for awhile for the repair work and the city defence. Them having been driven away is settled, but what if that’s a feint for them attacking again! Since they never quit, those shits.”

They looked like the sort of guys that’d make the same mischief over and over.

It seemed like Subaru wasn’t the only one who’d recognised that, everyone who was involved hadn’t let their guard down either. It was also possible that their aims were to force unnecessary feelings of tension so to torment them.

Subaru: “Even if I bring that up, nothing more can be done about it.”

Otto: “In any case, I think we need to wait and see how things go. As soon as my legs are in a better state, I will go around to check up on various things. However…….”

Otto broke his words off there, as he discussed his future plans.

He strenuously lifted the upper part of his body up from the bed, and looked up at Subaru, who’d closed one of his eyes. And, as he struck his temple with one of his fingers, he said,

Otto: “I shall say this clearly, I’m against this.”

Subaru: “……Well, I thought you’d say that.” 

Subaru gave a wry smile at Otto’s declaration.

That he would say that and be against it, was an attitude which Subaru had predicted. 

After all, Otto Suwen had evaluated Natsuki Subaru correctly.

Subaru himself was more aware than anyone of his own helplessness, but there weren’t many who clearly understood his shortcomings. 

At best, it was Beatrice and Otto. Perhaps Patrasche a bit. And although now wasn’t the time for him, Ferris mayhaps too. 

Therefore, he had anticipated that Beatrice and Otto, from their camp, would have been against it. He believed if Patrasche could speak, then she’d have probably been similarly against it. 


Subaru: “If you know me that much, then you should know my answer.”

Otto: “……In truth, Beatrice-san’s moodiness isn’t only because of Mr. Darts, right?”

Subaru: “Weeeell, I’m not so sure. As you might expect, even I don’t understand what’s in the depths of Beako’s heart.”

When Subaru feigned his innocence with a shrug of his shoulders, Otto’s face turned into one of exasperation. 

Of course, when it came to him and his sharp hearing, he shouldn’t be lacking in knowledge of legends/rumours. He must know all too well the riskiness of Subaru’s choice.  

Adding onto what he’d said, Subaru prefaced what he was going to say to Otto with an “I’m sorry,” 

Subaru; “I will go to see that Sage or whatever they are, with that White Fox Guide for a little while.”

He smiled as he said that.


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???: “――Come in”

When he knocked on the door as a courtesy, just in case, a calm voice replied to him from the inside. 

It was a familiar voice, but one that lacked in spirit. Subaru felt excessively annoyed at it.

???: “It’s you, Subaru?”

Subaru: “Is it bad that it’s me?”

???: “It’s strange, now when I see your face, I feel terribly relieved.”

Subaru: “Bleeergh”

He walked into the room, wrapping up the reproachful words that he’d exchanged at the start with that action. 

Even while he showed that attitude, there was consideration in the way Subaru closed the door behind him. Closing the door without making a sound was the minimum amount of courtesy for those who slept inside.

???: “If they would wake up because of the noise, it’d be so much better.”

Subaru: “If so, would you give me a round of applause or something? That’d be a priceless scene. “Gluttony” who was let to be at large would get more and more pissed off.” 

???: “Hmph”

Giving a relaxed smile, Subaru inclined his head without meeting his eyes. Then he looked around the room and narrowed his eyes at the row of beds. 

A simple bed, and a thin blanket: that was all the charity given to the people who slept there. And Subaru knew that more than that wasn’t even necessary. 

The people who slept here were forgotten from memory, cut loose from daily life, and only remained left behind as imperfect beings that just weren’t dead.

Subaru: “Julius. I’m not one to say it, but you shouldn’t spend so much time here.” 

Julius: “――――”

Subaru: “Even if you keep looking at them, you can’t remember that which you can’t remember. That applies to both a beloved little sister, as well as someone who is truly like your other half.”

Subaru called out to the young man―― Julius, without using any words of comfort.

He was sitting at a corner of the bed rows, at one of the bedsides located the furthest away. He lifted his face up, him still full of sorrow which he couldn’t conceal from his handsome features,

Julius: “Knowing that in my head and knowing that with my heart are completely different things. I don’t mean to be conceited, but so far I’d never thought of myself as an emotionally-driven, big-headed person. Me not realising that until this happened is a lack in my self-awareness.” 

Subaru: “――――”

Whilst he spoke, Julius looked down at the bed right next to him.

Naturally, one of the victims of appetite who’d lost their “Name” was sleeping there as well, and their consciousness and memories had been completely cut away from the world.    

That’s why Julius Euculius didn’t remember this person―― The slender faced young man with long purple hair who was his own little brother, Joshua Euculius.

Julius: “Joshua, eh?”

He can call his little brother’s name because Subaru had told him his name, and the relation he had to him. 

The victims of the authority of “Gluttony”―― When it had been reported that many unidentifiable, comatose people had been found, Subaru had been convinced that they had suffered the same damage as Rem. 

And he himself may have not forgotten those forgotten. Relying only on that slim hope, he’d gone to the hospital room and discovered the sleeping Joshua.

Julius: “It’s strange. Although there’s enough in common to be able to conclude he is definitely a blood relative after listening to your story, within me there’s not a single memory of my little brother.”

Julius closed his eyes without showing any emotion on his face. 

Joshua was the only he knew from those who were found. Amongst the victims of “Gluttony”. He couldn’t find the other 30+ victims even in his memory, and thus they continued to sleep without anyone even mourning for them, or worrying about their wellbeing. 

If you thought about it, you could probably say that Joshua, who had his big brother worrying about him, was one of the lucky ones. 

Even in these circumstances, where he was forgotten by the big brother he loved so dearly, and said big brother went to the hospital room so to cling onto his brotherly love in name only, and called out to his little brother without true emotion.  

Even if he was forgotten, even if he forgot him, even if he wasn’t there in his memories, even if there were just facts, it was just heart-wrenching. 

Subaru: “……Fucking hell.”

He should have known. He really should have. 

That the Sin Archbishop of “Gluttony’s” authority was the most despicable evil in this world. 

Along with “Wrath”, who twisted people’s emotions at will.

Along with “Lust”, who broke people’s dignity as well as their form, before then trampling over them. 

Along with “Greed”, who denied everything besides himself, imposing his egocentric sense of omnipotence. 

Along with “Sloth”, who indulged himself in using the word diligence to paint over the lives of others with his selfish love.

They were the worst evil without doubt, not a single one of them deserved to live. 

How could he stand those beings that profaned the lives of absolutely everyone like “Gluttony” did.

Subaru: “――Staying here will only make you feel depressed. Don’t make me keep saying it.” 

Only unpleasant things passed through his mind. 

He had put that irritation into words, and called out to Julius. When he heard those words, Julius stood up, and touched his forgotten little brother’s slender chest, and said,

Julius: “He’s… breathing. He’s alive. It’s strange.”

Subaru: “Yeah that’s right. But he doesn’t eat, nor does he need to go to the bathroom. He also doesn’t need to take a bath……. He doesn’t laugh either.” 

Julius: “He doesn’t feel the sorrow of being forgotten…. either. ――That may be a blessing.”

Subaru: “A blessing……?”

Subaru raised his eyebrows in response to that word which Julius spilled out.

Looking back at him, Julius slightly curved the crooks of his lips up, and whilst giving a weak smile, he said,

Julius: “If you don’t realise you’ve been forgotten, you needn’t fear the anxiety of being left behind. It’s really hard to bear having what should have been close relationships with people……. being cut off from one side.

Subaru: “――――”

Julius: “Subaru. Being forgotten, and forgetting….. I wonder, which of those is the most painful?”

Subaru: “How……”

Subaru’s throat clogged up at that question.

It didn’t clog up due to the answer. He’d had the answer ready in an instant. So what had obstructed Subaru’s words hadn’t been bewilderment. It had been fury. 

Subaru glared at Julius who had a cynical smile on his face. 

Subaru: “How would I know? Don’t mess about, stop absorbing yourself in these things.”

Julius: “……Subaru?”


Julius: “――――”

Julius became speechless at the sudden change that took over Subaru, who had raised his voice, jabbing his finger at him. 

Opening his eyes wide in surprise, he couldn’t say anything to Subaru who’d suddenly become enraged. And as he looked Julius keeping his silence, Subaru lowered his finger and shrugged his shoulders, 

Subaru: “Don’t make such a despairing face. I know you’re suffering, and I know that you were forgotten and you have nowhere left to go…… But, I’m sorry but I won’t let you show your weak side.” 

Julius: “――――”

Subaru: “Have you forgotten, Julius? ――No, do not forget, Julius.”

Subaru glared at Julius whilst he bit his lips in frustration. He placed his hand on his chest, and once again made a declaration like the ones he’d done. 

Subaru: “My eyes know your strength. My shame knows it. Even if everyone has forgotten.” 

Julius: “――――”

He couldn’t breathe, the feeling of his blood going up to his head didn’t vanish.

Really, how long had it been since he’d gotten this pissed off? Since Regulus. He was astonished that not even half a day had passed since then.

How much had this turmoil in Pristella burdened his heart and lungs? 

Julius: “Hh, Haha……”

Subaru: “Haah?”

Julius: “Haha….. No, you truly are a one of a kind man. I’ve realised that once more…..”   

Getting rid of the startled face he’d had up until now, Julius suddenly bent over in laughter. 

Giving in to the urge to laugh, Julius continued to laugh before the disgruntled Subaru. And when the urge gradually settled, Julius let out a long sigh.

Julius: “I see, you’re right. It doesn’t mean that absolutely everything was left behind, right?”

Subaru: “Rather than saying being left behind, I’d say you’re in front by around three horse lengths.”

Julius: “Is three horse lengths enough?” 

Subaru: “I’m gonna fuckin’ beat your ass! If it’s me and Beako as a team, it’ll be completely different for you!”

He flipped him his middle finger, and spat at Julius who was starting to get back to his usual manner. 

Julius gracefully dodged his spit, and gave him a bow, whilst saying “I see,”

Julius: “Then, I will try to have faith in those big words.”

Subaru: “……Mhm, do so. As much as you can too, do great deeds so that you surprise everyone when their memories come back.”

This time at that smuggish attitude, Subaru raised his thumb up and then turned it down in provocation. Faced with that coarse gesture, the “Finest Knight” that only Subaru knew, smiled gracefully,

Julius: “――So, first of all, more so than anyone else, I will try to strive to surprise you. You, who remembers me.” 

Saying that, he fortified his intent of accompanying him to the “Pleiades Watchtower” that awaited them.

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