Arc 6 – Chapter 70, “The Earnest Star”

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ーーWithin the collapsing tower, basking in Reid’s decapitating slash, Natsuki Subaru’s​ life had burned out.

Quite literally, burning out had accurately been his moment of death.
There were various things which he was pained by and which he needed to confirm, such as the way to cope with the mass of the shadow drawing near, or what he intended to do afterwards, and above all, somehow or other confirming a scaffold within the crumbling tower, and all those of his efforts had gotten abandoned.

What alone was confirmed was that Reid’s final flash had swallowed Subaru, and vaporized him away.
Perhaps, it had not hurt, is what he thought.
Of course, he did not believe it had been Reid’s benevolence at all, but pain and fear not accompanying the moment of 『Death』 was an unexpected occurrence for Subaru, who had died several times within a short frame of time.

Yes, neither had he felt pain nor fear. ーーMerely 『Rage』 was what he held.

Subaru: “ーーI will”

For just how many times continue to pile up meaningless deaths, is what he thought.
Things he had taken with him, hints that would break him out of the deadlock, as long as those were present, Subaru’s 『Deaths』 would not be meaningless, and the 『Deaths』 he was continuing to pile up would not be put to waste.

That was, terrible deceit.

That was, merely an excuse to turn his eyes away from his own powerlessness.
He had died meaninglessly, powerlessly, without will, without heart, aimlessly, and he did not want to think that, that was all there was to it. That is why, for not having merely died, he desired meaning in his 『Death』.

If only he could have had been more strong.
If only, he could have had been more smart.
If only, instead of his current self, he could have had been stronger, smarter, bolder.

Subaru: “But……”

The only one here was merely the weak, stupid, pathetic Natsuki Subaru.
Because nobody, ever, tried to leave that Subaru alone.
That was, because they were supporting his current self’s wound-filled resolution.

Subaru: “That is why, I amーー”

That is why, Natsuki Subaru isーー.

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Subaru: “ーーIf I tell you to die, will you die?”

The moment he declared that, it was not as if he felt no hesitation.

That was because he had been unable to anticipate what kind of a reaction his opponent would give him the moment she received that question. ーーNo, if it was merely anticipation, then he had done so.
With various patterns of imagination, he had thought of what it eventually would be.
If so, then the faltering he had embraced while declaring that question, for what reason did he possess that indecision.
At any rateーー,

Shaula: “ーー? If Master-sama told me to die then I’ll​ die, you know?”

He felt his chest ache upon Shaula’s indifferent response, who had a finger touching her cheek.
As if he was being stabbed, to the point it would form cracks, painfully, he let out a shriek within the core of his chest.


Oozily, upon the painful optical illusion, Subaru gripped to the pit of his stomach and deeply exhaled.
Though he himself had voiced out those wounding words just now, he thought himself comical for feeling hurt. Looking at that Subaru’s state, Shaula rounded her eyes in curiosity.

With no ill intent, Shaula’s attitude seemed as if she had been asked about the menu for today’s evening meal and she had merely responded appropriately.
That reaction of hers, was the second worst in the patterns he had predicted.
With no pretence, selecting the option of accepting the instruction for her to abandon her life was Shaula.
That was no lie or humour, that was her real intention with no second thoughts, he was able to understand that by a single glance into her straightforward eyes.

Subsequently having caught a glimpse into her dark self-interests or plans might have had saved Subaru’s heart.
However, the reality was that Subaru had not prepared for such an escape route. Whether that was compassion or mercilessness, at this stage he would not be able to even differentiate between the two, butーー,

Subaru: “……Is that, so.”

Shaula: “Does Master-sama, want me to die? Hmm, if it’s Master-sama’s request then I’ll listen to anything, and I’m perfectly fine with it personally, but again, isn’t it quite a weird timing for such a thought? Right now, it’s a total fiasco inside the tower……”

Subaru: “I know. I know.”

Hearing Subaru’s husky reply, Shaula tilted her neck while having her finger remain on her cheek. Going along with that movement of her neck, her long braidーー scorpion tail swayed about.
Scorpion tail. If considered, that was quite an ironic naming as well.

Similar to 『Shaula』 which bestowed meaning upon the Scorpius, her name was expressed even upon her body. That was made apparent not merely through her name, but through various other aspects of hers as well.
That was surely because she had no intentions of concealing it.
That is whyーー,

Subaru: “ーーShaula, you, aren’t you capable of taking the form of a large scorpion?”

Lacking any sluggish phraseology, Subaru frankly cut into the opponent’s secret.

The five obstacles that attack the Pleiades Watchtowerーー one of those, the existence of the jet black titanic scorpion. Subaru had been halfway convinced that it had been Shaula.
However, for Subaru, that answer he had sensed was merely his interpretation of the feeling he got from the powerful Authority of unidentified nature, 『Cor Leonis』.

If he were to try and gain confirmation for that answer he had sensed, enquiring the opponent directly about it would be the fastest.
Of course​, if he had time to then he may have chosen a different option as well, and if he had been unable to trust his opponent’s response, then he might have been obligated to employ a different method.
However, Shaula kept her neck tilted at that inquiry of Subaru’s,

Shaula: “Take the form of, the nuance is a bit different from that, but yup I can~. Ah, but, it damages my PRETTINESS so I don’t really like it too much. I just think that the design given to me by mother-sama and Master-sama is the best.”

In spite of the question being one lacking any chain of logic, Shaula readily answered with no hesitation yet again.


She possessed no intentions of hiding anything.
And the nature of Shaula herself, it could be said that it had been established with this proof. At the same time, the titanic scorpion which made its appearance in the towerーー its true identity had been her, he had gained that confirmation now.
The effect of 『Cor Leonis』, the moment he perceived the positions of his comrades within the tower, the reason why the titanic scorpion had been indicated in that perception, that had indeed been the trick instigating it.

Shaula: “Master-sama? Are you okay? Your face has a pretty bad colour, you know? Would you like to REFRESH yourself with my lap pillow, arm pillow, chest pillow, hug pillow or something like that?”

Subaru: “……Don’t say things which dampen my spirits. First of all, we don’t have such time, you yourself said that, didn’t you.”

Shaula: “It’s true that it’s a fiasco inside the tower, but for me, Master-sama is on the top of my priority list, everything else can be kept for later. That’s why, if Master-sama slips into confusion and says he wants to be locked in a grapple with me, I’d welcome it super openly. I’m getting fired up.”

Subaru: “Don’t get fired up. Get some water.”

Shaula: “Just as always, geez Master-sama~.”

Sharpening her lips, Shaula made a pouting face.
His back and forth with her, along with her expression, if only these were to be taken into consideration, it could be misunderstood that the situation that had come up around Subaru and the others was seemingly one of peace.


However​, reality was not kind to Subaru and the others at all. It was the farthest thing from peace.
Whilst Subaru and Shaula leisurely conversed like this, Emilia and Ram were making efforts in order to hold off 『Gluttony』, and Beatrice had joined in with them for support. Julius was colliding with Reid = Roy on the second layer, Echidna had grouped with Patrasche, and must be evacuating to 『Taygeta』 along with Rem. And, Meili was holding off the hordes of Witch Beastsーー the very best they could do to strike the five obstacles.

However, even that was merely deceit for the sake of conversing with Shaula.
Because, in these surroundings, Natsuki Subaru wasーー,

Shaula: “M-Master-sama? Are you seriously alright? If you stare at me with such imposing eyes, I won’t be able to hold back this four hundred year old wait I have experienced, you know……?”

At Subaru’s gaze staring at her self, Shaula hugged her slender figure with her arms. It seemed to be the usual feign, but that was not it.
She truly was in a situation where she was feeling uneasiness by Subaru’s attitude. It was unlike herーー no, that’s wrong. Perhaps these were her true feelings.

She had not felt shaken even when Subaru had told her to die, but when Subaru acted abnormally, her fragile heart had shaken up, almost astonishingly. ーーAkin to, a baby bird innocently yearning for its parents.


When he had fired his first question at Shaula, Subaru had thought of several possibilities.
Amongst those, the worst one was that the instant she would get struck by those heartless words from Subaru, she might murder him impulsively at the very same pace. ーーIn the case that Shaula’s attitude till now had been mere acting, and anything and everything had been fabricated.

It was not impossible.
Though he had possessed no confirmation before that question, she had a track record of having changed into the form of the titanic scorpion and murdering Subaru, Echidna and Beatrice. Otherwise, in the tragedy where Subaru had been unable to find a single person alive in his surroundings, it was highly possible that she had a hand in that after turning into the titanic scorpion.

That is why, the first question, for Subaru as well, had been a gamble.
Once he said that, the instant immediately afterwards Shaula had gulped down that question, it would not have been strange if Subaru’s head had been sent evaporating, it had been that kind of a gambleーー he could now say that he had won that gamble.

However, merely once is never an end to gambling.
The debt Subaru had unconsciously piled up, the stakes prepared by 『Gluttony』 and the Pleiades Watchtower, in order to regain whatever he had lost till now, piling up such little victories would be far too lacking.

For a huge victory, it is a necessity to make a huge gamble. Henceforthーー,

Subaru: “Shaula, sorry for having so many questions, but I want to ask something. From what I’ve heard, there are supposed to be some rules for the 『Trials』 of this Pleiades Watchtower, is that so?”

Shaula: “You ask that now at this timing when I’m getting all hot!? ……Well, yes there are? I had talked about it before Master-sama crashed his head into the urinal too, though……”

Subaru: “Tell me, about them.”

Without hiding her sulking attitude, Shaula gently positioned her fingers opposite to her chest. And, she immediately swayed about her positioned fingers, whispering “Umm”.

Shaula: “First, it is forbidden to leave without​ completing the 『Trials』. Second, it is forbidden to violate the rules of the 『Trials』. Third, it is forbidden to disrespect the libraries. Fourth, it is forbidden to do anything which causes destruction to the tower itself. ーーYeah.”

Whilst keeping her fingers folded, Shaula explained with an awfully fluent tone.
Of course, she was a girl proficient in speaking if she were to limit her thoughtless comments, and nothing felt odd in her explanation, which was lacking any pauses. Though nothing felt odd, there was a catch to it.

That went for the serious tone of her voice which was unlike her, at but the end of her gesture of counting with fingers, she had touched her final finger and then stopped there, that too.

Subaru: “ーーThe fifth one?”

Shaula: “……That’s not there. Master-sama, didn’t you hear me? I must have said up to four. Master-sama, can’t you even count numbers now? That won’t do~. Numbers aren’t my strong point either, but even I can count that much……”

Subaru: “Shaula.”


Staring, Subaru raised his voice and took a single step, shortening the distance between him and Shaula.
Those two had been facing each other head-on beforehand, but the distance between them now was enough that one could extend his hand and grasp onto the other one. ーーEven that action was a gamble for Subaru.
Of course, just because he had opened up the distance between them being only of a single arm, just because he had shortened the distance between them to that of only a single arm, the war potential of having the capability of doing something which belonged to both of them was nothing so superficial.

Shaula: “Master-sama…… could it be, you’re toying with my heart? Not my will, but Master-sama getting closer on his will, if you want me to open my mouth, then, it’s that. At the same pace and with the same energy, hug me and melt me……”

Subaru: “If your mouth really will open by that, then I’ll do it. That can even be said​ to be a side benefit…… But, if what you believe is my purpose based on your intuition isn’t actually my purpose, then that won’t be the case, I think.”


Subaru: “Shaula, I shall ask again. What is, the fifth rule of the tower?”

While accepting Shaula’s mild refusal, Subaru asked for the second time.
That was an action not inching closer to her physically, but instead stepping onto her heart. Those repeated words, although perhaps bitter, were something she could not make it seem as if she did not hear them.
Embracing that resolution, in front of Subaru who had clenched his fists, Shaula slightly exhaled, and,

Shaula: “ーーNG.”

Subaru: “……NG?”

Rotating her neck right and left, Shaula crossed her arms in front of her voluptuous chest, making a symbol of her discomfort.
Though her behaviour was childish, her eyes were far beyond seriousness.


Intently staring at Subaru, who was standing at a precarious spot, Shaula’s​ eyes had been filled with heavy emotions.
Those quiet, yet boundlessly deep, heavy emotions, which should be named as an appeal, were brittle and ephemeral.
With unwillingness, she once again rotated her neck right and left,

Shaula: “NG. No, I don’t wanna talk about it. The fifth rule? Does something like that, even matter. In my and Master-sama’s honeymoon, it has nothing to……”

Subaru: “As if it has nothing to do. I am, and everyone is challenging the 『Trials』 of this tower. I can’t be as optimistic as to think it’ll all be fine without even knowing the 『Trials’』 rules. That’s why, Shaula.”

Shaula: “……I’d rather not.”

Subaru: “Shaula!”

Like a disobedient child, Shaula covered her ears and averted her eyes. At that attitude of Shaula’s, Subaru declared with a strong tone.

Subaru: “You must be having your own duties in this tower. The tower’s Star-Keeper……? You must have been doing that all this time, right. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but for four hundred years! Thenーー”

Shaula: “ーーIt’s been, four days.”

Subaru: “……Ah?”

The spilled voice, as if a whisper, shortly halted Subaru’s thoughts.
The years Subaru was questioning, and the time frame too short to even be comparable. Surely, her statements had been lies, and the time Shaula had spent in the tower had always been shortーー something like that was not possible.

While retaining possession of the heavy emotions in her eyes, Shaula, with her lips shivering, continued.

Shaula: “It’s​ been only four days, since Master-sama has come to the tower. Within those, as Master-sama was in bed for two days, that makes only two days since Master-sama and I have met with each other, spoken to each other, have been side-by-side with each other…… even though I’ve waited for even four hundred years! It’s been only two days……”

Subaru: “Shaula……”

Shaula: “I thought just a single moment, a single glimpse, would be fine.”

Covering her eyes, Shaula immediately ceased to have her gaze slumped downwards. Seemingly, as if she were saying she regretted to have Subaru out of her field of vision for even a single moment. ーーNo, upon considering, that was indeed the case.
As far back as Subaru could recall, Shaula had been in the same space, at the same time with Subaru, always watching Subaru. That was not for a shallow purpose like keeping Subaru under surveillance with minimal effort, but certainlyーー.

Shaula: “Four hundred years, I waited for Master-sama in the tower. I thought, I would be satisfied with a single glimpse. ーーBut, that wasn’t the truth.”


Shaula: “I mean, Master-sama is my everything, after all. Master-sama’s everything, and all of my feelings for Master-sama, are what make me. The four hundred years it took, I can’t​ convey them to Master-sama. All of it, in just two days…… I can’t, come to terms with that.”

Subaru: “……That’s why, you won’t tell me the fifth rule?”

Acute emotions enfolded the entirety of Shaula’s body, and moulded the existence known as her.
Four hundred yearsーー the weight of those words he had perceived through mere appearance of words, finally became an actual time frame for Subaru, and he stood at a disposition​ where he​ could feel that.

After all, her attitude had been too casual to speak of four hundred years.
He thought that perhaps there existed no instrument in her to embrace feelings such as hardship, sadness.
Perhaps she was inhuman like that scorpion, down to her very heart, down to her very soul.

Shaula: “I don’t wanna talk about the rules. NG. After all, if I talk about that……”


Shaula: “If I talk about that, Master-sama will notice the way to clear the 『Trials』. That’s why, if I talk about that, if I end up talking about that…… my time with Master-sama will end.”

Poignantly, Shaula hugged her body, and expressed her own true feelings to Subaru.
As if vomiting bloodーー no, as if restraining herself from crying, that tone of her voice stabbed through Subaru’s heart.

It was a reply, he had not anticipated.
Just as his initial question, Subaru had thought of some patterns regarding the answer to this question.
The true motives behind Shaula hiding the rules of Pleiades Watchtowerーー if she had colluded with the person who created the rules of this nasty tower, she had certain plans as well, is what he thought.
Otherwise, unrelated to such dark plans, the reason why she had not spoken about the rules was on a simple whim or had slipped out of her mind, and that may not hold any significance, he had thought that as well.

But, neither was the truth.
Shaula did have a reason as to why she did not want to speak of the tower’s rules. And that reason, was unrelated to the ideas of the 『Sage』 or whoever who created the tower, but rather, an earnest wish.

ーーFour hundred years, having lived that time in solitude, and had continued to await the reunion with the person she was waiting for, was Shaula.

That had come true, she had gained happiness, and that is why, she wished for that time to last longer, even slightly.
If it was for the sake of fulfilling that modest desireーー,

Shaula: “Master-sama, will you hate me, who lied to you?”


Shaula: “Hating me, not even wanting to see my face…… will you be like that?”

For what reason, was she making a face much more pained than when told something like “Will you die”.
For what reason, did she view being hated by him to be more crucial than losing her life.

ーーFor what reason, did she think of everything like a goal, despite waiting for four hundred years.

Subaru: “……I won’t, hate you or anything.”


Subaru: “Because you kept quiet, I do think I probably had to face really hard situations, and sometimes I honestly thought I’d never been cornered this badly.”

Facing the silent Shaula, Subaru spoke his mind.
There were no lies here. Those were his true feelings. Because Shaula hid information as per her true intentions, Subaru had been unable to make crucial investigations and had to repeatedly face mercilessly cruel deaths.
Not just Subaru. Aside from Subaru, Emilia and Beatrice had to, as well.

He could never forget the despair, discontentment, and hopelessness he felt during those moments.
That is why, if there were to be an existence who were the originator of all of that evil, Subaru would certainly never be able to forgive them, is what he believed.
Then, at this instant, in front of Shaula like this, was he going to do the same.

Subaru: “ーーNo.”

He did not think of Shaula, she, who had lived four hundred years in solitude, she, who had fulfilled the meaning of her being born in mere two days and was satisfied such that she gained happiness, to be the originator of that evil.
If there were to be an originator of that evil, it would be the unfairness of this world itself, and the one who created the circumstances where it was impossible to do anything about that, the “Master-sama” who commanded Shaula for four hundred yearsーー.

Shaula: “ーーAh.”

Suddenly, a hoarse exhale leaked out of Shaula’s lips.

Subaru: “Shaula?”

Shaula: “Ah, ah…… a~h, ah……”

Feeling abnormality in Shaula’s condition in front of his eyes, Subaru called out her name. However, Shaula, without responding to Subaru’s call, concealed her face with her palms.
A painfully trembling voice, unbefitting her, could be heard from that throat.

Shaula: “No, good…… no good…… Master-sama! Master-samaMaster-samaMaster-samaMaster-sama……!”

Subaru: “Shaula!? Shaula, what happened!? So suddenly……”

Shaula: “ーーSomebody, violated the rules.”


Rushing over, as Subaru jolted her white shoulders, his arms got grasped instead. And, while painfully​ gripping to Subaru’s arms with her slender ones, Shaula spoke.
Gazing intently into Shaula’s eyes, who had said that, Subaru inhaled.

ーーA queer change was occuring in the dark pupils​ and irises of Shaula’s​ eyes.

Within her spherical eyes, the dark pupil and iris of her eyeball split into three, turning red and pulsating. The transfiguration which occurred in the right and left eyeballs alongside, it meant that her dark pupils and irises split into six.

ーーSix compound eyes, three on the left, three on the right.

Shaula: “Master-sama……! Right now, I can still make it……”

Subaru: “Make it?”

Shaula: “Right now, if Master-sama commands me, then I can…… I can, still kill myself.”

With her eyeballs pulsating red, white steam started to arise from the entirety of Shaula’s body. Her white skin got engulfed with a tint of red, and even Subaru, who was standing right next to her, could feel the abnormal rise in body temperature.
The principle behind it was ambiguous. ーーJust that Shaula’s body was generating heat, and change was ensuing in it.
Perhaps, it was the initial phase of transforming into the form of the titanic scorpion.

Shaula: “If I transform, I won’t make it. I will become a KILLING MACHINE lacking any blood or tears, and kill Master-sama. I mean, I want Master-sama so much…… I want Master-sama so badly, so badly that I can’t bear it, that’s why.”

Subaru: “Before that happens”

Shaula: “Please tell me, to die…… If you do that, I will, for Master-sama”

Will come to an end before killing you, Shaula was unable to continue her words on to say that.
In place of words, her eyes, her shivering voice, her entire body and soul, were conveying the same.


An incomparable dread welled up in Subaru’s body as well. That was, surely the instinctive reaction of a human faced with otherworldly fear.
The 『Human』 known as Natsuki Subaru, was being frightened by the 『Monster』 known as Shaula, who was in front of him.
That is why, Subaru wasーー,

Subaru: “Shaula, tell me the fifth rule.”

Shaula: “Master-sama, this is not the time for……”

Subaru: “If you tell that to meーー!”

Subaru interrupted the words of the appealing Shaula with a loud voice. At that menacing glare, Shaula’s shoulders shivered. He grabbed those shivering shoulders. They were warm. Such that his palm could melt, Shaula’s body temperature had already risen to the level of a fire.
However, he did not let his hands go. Right now, he did not release her body, burning and scorching.

Subaru: “If you tell that to me, I’ll command you. ーーStay calm. Before you turn into a monster, I’ll command you.”


Hearing Subaru say that straightforwardly, Shaula widened her eyes.
She then called out to Subaru, saying “Master-sama”,

Shaula: “Master-sama, such a womanizer.”

Subaru: “I don’t remember being one……”

Shaula: “Then, Master-sama is a Shaula-izer. My favourite kind of -izer……”

Smiling weakly, Shaula softly overlapped the hands grasping her shoulders with her own hands.

Shaula: “ーーFifth, it is not forbidden to destroy the 『Trials』.”


Shaula: “Look, the colour of my eyes has changed. ーーAt my beloved, Master-sama.”

Saying that, Shaula thrusted away Subaru’s chest.
At that greater than expected might, Subaru was thrown back, unable to keep his grip onto her shoulders. When he looked towards the front while lightly coughing, Shaula, while​ hugging her own body, crouched downーー,

Shaula: “Ah, ah…… a~h, a~a~h…… ~hk!”

Red steam, like the colour of blood, ascended from the entirety of her body. The steam had changed its colour, it was a sign of danger. Shaula’s​ eyes lost its dark pupils and irises as well, and before one could notice, turned bright red.

Shaula: “Master-sama…… hurry. Before I, lose myself……”


Shaula: “Please tell me…… to die ~hk! If Master-sama says that, I will……”

With the same mouth which had argued being against Subaru and the others completing the 『Trials』 and leaving the tower, Shaula, using up her life, indicated the path where she could remain without killing Subaru and the othersーー no, Subaru.
Hearing that desperate voice of Shaula’s, Subaru inhaled.
And then,

Subaru: “Shaula.”

Shaula: “Master-sama……”

Subaru: “ーーMy bad. What I said just now was a lie.”

Shaula: “Eh?”

At Subaru’s informing words, Shaula rounded her eyes. Watching Shaula’s reaction for himself, Subaru halted his breath, and at the same pace, leapt backwards.
Having been pushed away by Shaula had been a blessing for him amidst all this misfortune. ーーHad Shaula kept his wrists grabbed, he would have never been able to perform this act.

ーーSubaru’s body crossed over the narrow open-air verandah of the balcony, and was launched into the air.

Shaula: “Ahーー.”

Shaula’s instantaneous voice got engulfed in the vehement sand gusts and was rendered inaudible. At the same pace, Subaru’s body, without any support, fell non-stop for several hundreds of meters.


Falling down, he possessed no plans to save himself.
He had not prepared any plans to save himself. What Subaru had done was purely throw himself to death. He did not desire to do this at all, nor did he want to speak of it butーー this was his intention from the very beginning.

If these surroundings, these actions could be excused, he intended to surely do this.
That is because, Subaru could then trust his choice without any indecision.
After allーー,

Shaula: “Master-sama!!”

Similarly jumping out from the balcony herself as well, Shaula chased after Subaru.
Widening those eyes, desperately stretching out her hand, Shaula chased the falling Subaru, and leapt trying not to take away, but save that life with her own hands.

ーーThe true identity of the titanic scorpion, was Shaula.
ーーShaula purposefully, hid the rules of the tower.
ーーShaula had repeatedly killed Subaru or his comrades, and stood in the way as the fifth obstacle.


Subaru: “ーーI just, want to save you.”


He could never forget her form, she, who had endured her transformation against her own feelings, and had requested to be ordered to kill herself so that she does not kill Subaru, till the very end of the end.
Though it was quite a nasty thing to say, he wanted to confirm that.

Whom he should save, whom he should not save, whom he should defeat, whom he should protect, whom he should love.
Because Natsuki Subaru believed he could not advance further unless he confirmed that.

He will no longer perplex over, whom he should love.

Shaula: “Master-sama~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~!!”

Shaula’s form, while she stretched out her hand and tried pursuing Subaru, changed mid-air.
Her hand stretching out enlarged, and transformed into large pincers clad in a jet black shell. Her white skin was covered with a rough shell, without leaving any trace behind, and her flesh body expanded, as if bursting open from the interior.
For a single moment, the seemingly painful transformation as if bursting open her blood and flesh, reached conclusion as if a tape being reversed, and finally, the immense ominous incongruityーー the titanic scorpion, had achieved completion.

And, that titanic scorpion’s tail’s tip nimbly established its aim at Subaru.
Perhaps, tail stingers similar to that white lustre would be fired from there, and burn Subaru’s life to nothing in an instant. The mid-air Subaru lacked any technique to avoid that.

Subaru: “ーーI won’t let myself be killed by you, because Shaula would cry.”


The tail stinger was firedーー but before that, arrived the terminus of his fall.
The two of Subaru and the titanic scorpion came falling down above the hordes of Witch Beasts fiercely advancing onto the sand tower.

The existence known as Natsuki Subaru did not have the ability to endure the several hundred meters long fall.
Bursting open, his life was shed.
However, on the verge of his life being shed, he said a few final wordsーー,

Subaru: “ーーI will, definitely help you.”

ーーHe got the meagre time, to convey the message to the sandy gusts, incomprehensible to the titanic scorpion.


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    I’m so eager to see how this will play out, Subaru the lolimancer/womanizer

    1. Her mother is “Daphne” – the witch of gluttony, tappie confirmed it,so she might be a scorpion at first and got that appearance from flugel

        1. I actually made a guess of that being shaulas origin, I think tappei foreshadowed this by basically explaining in great detail that shaula’s scorpion mode is a witchbeast, which beatrice confirmed she was a witchbeast in the chapter that they first encountered the Shaula scorpion (plus the whole glowing red eyes bit).
          This next part is still a hypothetical guess: So she was a scorpion witchbeast first created by Daphne-her mother, and Flugel-her father (aka future subaru) transformed her into another physical being with sentience through, probably, his future Lust authority that he will attain (or possibly gluttony or both…)

          As for why I think Flugel is the “future subaru”, for one is Shaula recognizing him as her master. Second is that Flugel is in legend a strongly powerful sage, and the witches said in arc 4 that subaru has the candidates of becoming a sage. Third is flugel being this powerful, omniscient being is probably the result of his present journey; conquering the sin archbishop’s and attaining all 7 authurities and then was transported back in time 400(plus?) years.
          How was subaru teleported back 400 years?
          -Well, he does time travel pretty frequently in this series, doesn’t he?

          Sorry I know you didn’t ask for this much info, but I couldn’t stop writing the theory once I started it. There’s actually numerous other things that link subaru to being Flugel but I think I’ve typed enough…

          1. ^^ That is a lot to think about. Thank you for your coment. We will see how Teppei is will play that card out later. Author have a habbit to change some plot points on the fly so if something is not comfirmed that is becose Teppei is not make his mind how it should be.

  2. Thanks for the hard work and by the way I think I’m gonna die and never see that glutton die my failure in life
    But I have that thing from depth of my heart

    1. honestly all this is because of him, the reason shaula is going crazy is probably because he is trying to take over Reid

    1. Re:Zero novel will not be finished no matter what. I appreciate the translation which confirm my sentiment against the writer.

      If you want happy ending you won’t get it ever, you’d better read fanfic to get happy ending.

      Re:Zero is disrespectful series against mentally ill people. How the characters such as bitch pink-haired maid Ram mock Subaru mental breakdown is beyond my imagination. They treated already mentally troubled people with torture, brutal beating, mockery, injury, soul torment is beyond me. Depressive people should be treated with understanding and compassion not with condescending scolding or blaming the victim.

      Otakunetizenreview wrote such excellent review and case of Re:Zero here

      1. The world doesn’t revolve around a single person you know. It’s not like, hey I am depressed so you should understand me and console me. And what about them? It’s not like Subaru has only problems. You must be surely a Naruto fan.

      2. This is surreal.

        You reply to what I’m guessing is the first comment you could find, not with anything to say regarding the comment, or even the chapter, but to air your (bizarre) issues with the author.

        Anyone who’s read this series to this point should know that a purely happy ending is very unlikely. Pretty easy to tell from the dark and bittersweet tone that “happily ever after” was never on the table.

        And holding it against the author because all the characters aren’t perfectly kind and honest with each other on everything is such an immature way to view writing. At no point in this series has the portrayal of Subaru’s suffering invited us as readers to mock and discredit that suffering. Rather the contrary. Very consistently it has asked us to empathize with him, even when his suffering is caused by his own mistakes. If you found yourself belittling Subaru’s suffering while reading, you got some serious problems of your own.

        It’s true that Ram’s mocking of Subaru is something she takes too far sometimes. But she is not the author. She is not the reader. She is a character. She does not entirely know to what extent Subaru is suffering or why. She does not understand Return by Death and has only a vague comprehension of Cor Leonis. When the author writes Ram mocking Subaru in an inappropriate time, he is doing so from her limited perspective. He is not asking you to agree with her actions as if they were your own. He is not asking you to self-insert as that character. You are not meant to be Ram, and Ram is not meant to be you. Please learn the difference between the reader and a character in a work of fiction.

        1. “Anyone who’s read this series to this point should know that a purely happy ending is very unlikely. Pretty easy to tell from the dark and bittersweet tone that “happily ever after” was never on the table.”

          You’re just as wrong as the guy you’re replying to. Subaru’s said from Arc 1 that he’s going to persevere and get his happy ending.

          You haven’t been paying attention. All the key lessons that Subaru has learned throughout the story- to love himself, to trust in others, to stand and grow and become a hero- these are the building blocks of a happy ending. If you think this is leading towards a Bad Depressing Ending, you haven’t been paying attention to any of what’s actually occurring to the characters. If you want to see what REAL Bad Endings in ReZero look like, check out the IF stories. They’re bad endings, precisely because in them Subaru deviates from the correct choices that he was supposed to make. The main Subaru chooses kindness and love at the correct places, and he will be rewarded accordingly.

      3. Dude, the author literally said that arc 11 would be the last arc (iirc). And, the ram doesn’t mock subaru’s mental breakdowns. In this very arc, if you’ve actually been reading, ram noticed Subaru wasn’t doing well and assisted him without much snapback. And part of the point of the series is Subaru suffering and growing.

      4. Ah the glories of Japanese literature not being touched by the liberal agenda. Tappei Nagatsuki you absolute legend, Thank you for this wonderful work of art. As for your conceited warped view of this story, I’m not sure how you got through the series with that victimizing mindset. Ram being snappy towards Subaru is just her nature, but she cares, that’s why she respected Subaru’s determination in Arc 2 when he bought time for Ram and Rem, that’s why she told Subaru to cut off Cor Leonis with her so that he wouldn’t get hurt anymore. Keep in mind Ram doesn’t know about RBD, so she doesn’t know how much he’s suffered. And i’m sorry, but I wouldn’t call Subaru “mentally ill”. Your argument that Tappei likes to torture mental people is BS. The only reason Subaru ISNT mental at this point is because of his experiences of getting the sense knocked into him with Rem, Otto, Emilia, Wilhelm, etc. If the author didn’t care about Subaru, why cure him so many times? One of the big points about Subaru’s character, is him suffering, and then getting over it, becoming stronger in the end. And your final point, about the novel never ending, is also false, as the author confirmed that there would be 11 arcs total, not including the IF stories and EX stories. Good day sir.

      5. Congratulations. You didn’t actually reply to the comment you replied to. Instead you spammed out a screed against the characters and story that displays a total ignorance of them, and pitched a link to your own website for further ignorance.


  3. “I just think that the design given to me by mother-sama and Master-sama is the best.”
    -> Shouldn’t it be: “I don’t think…” ? Because she says just before she doesn’t like the design

    1. No, she’s referring to her current figure by that, whilst showing dislike for her scorpion figure, I am pretty sure.

  4. Is it just me or this arc made subaru look really pathetic? I mean arc 4 definitely succeeded in making him a bit cool

    1. My man, he lost all of his memories. He just doesn’t have all that experience to act “cool”. He’s basically arc 1 Subaru thrust into this crazy story.

  5. Can someone tell me how many times Subaru has already told that he will save someone? I know he said it with Emilia, Rem and Shaula, surely with Beako too, but I’m not sure, if Beako’s did happen, would you tell me the exact chapter? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. You forgot Satella.

      He’s promised to save Emilia, Rem, Satella, and now Shaula.

      Never actually made the promise to Beatrice.

  6. Man i hope Shaula can go with Subaru after this Arc. I like her a lot, would be a shame to have her drop out in just one Arc. And she would make for an OP ally.

    1. It seems that each arc adds a person to his harem so, it’s likely. (Emilia, Rem, Patrasche, Beatrice in order of arcs btw. Arc 5 is an exception, I think)

        1. Like a little sister ffs. They are like foster brother and lil sis, since Beatrice at soul is still quite childish, acting as an adult (and subara see right through that).

          Its not a man-woman relationship, its a lolimancer and loli relationship

  7. I am dying to see how “destroy the trials” is going to be interpreted. It isn’t exactly clear. Saving Shaula means he needs to find out which rule being broken triggers her metamorphosis and prevent it from happening.
    Also, i see people complaining about how Subaru keeps saying he will save people. He obviously knows he can barely utilize his own minute strength to do certain things, but he is mainly reinforcing his determination and mental fortitude to suffer through these calamities until he reaches the desired outcome.

    I am self aware enough to know my psyche would have probably broken down half way through Arc 1 already if i am to imagine myself in Subaru’s place, so from that perspective Subaru’s super power is his excellent mental strength (although he does reach near breaking points at times).

  8. how many times did he have to die i think in this arc he died the most and in the last one he died the least . it aches my heart to see him die everytime i mean when he was murdered then its fine but suicide cmon. he can only do that for rem and emilia.

    1. He also did it for both Rem and Ram in Arc 2. He would also do it for Beatrice , and it’s pretty obvious he would do it for Garfiel and Otto as well.

    2. He’s already died twice as much as any of the previous ones and we’re not close to done.

  9. Subaru is kinda badass now, even when he lost his memories, doesn’t change the fact that he determined to save everyone, no matter how many times it takes.

  10. Amazing chapter, and that fucking Flugel who made Shaula wait for 400 years…. This is exactly like Echidna and Beatrice. That fifth rule, I wonder how he’s going to avoid that. Just how many times did he die in this arc wtf?

  11. This has to be the most epic death Subaru has had so far. Just imagine, Subaru and a giant black scorpion falling from a giant tower towards a sea of monsters in the middle of a desert, pbviously with STRAIGHT BET playing on the background. Man, I legit cried.
    I just love Re:ZERO

  12. Can someone tell me why half the screen is cut off? I cant even read it because of how bad the words are formatted.

  13. Nossa…se as bruxas do santuário ficam assistindo a história de Natsuki Subaru mesmo agora…elas se sentem como eu me sinto ?…❤️
    Obrigado pelo capítulo!

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