Arc 6 – Chapter 83, “Ram”

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ーーShe remembered, anything and everything being scorched, engulfed in red, scarlet flames.

The decadencing days, calm and stagnant, met an abrupt end.
Before that insanic violence, even the title of strongest Demi-Humans, even the position of the most feared headman in the village, even the ubiquitous love of parents who protected their child, all held no purport.

It was regrettable, that she had been late to take notice of the slaughter’s rampancy.
ーーNo, this time, perhaps the tactfulness of the opponent was worthy of praise.

They were detested, shunned, ostracised by the world.
Therefore, they lurked in darkness, erased their presence, silenced their noise, and had knowledge of techniques to draw near unnoticed.

It would be correct to say, that at the point of the first ambush, victory and defeat had already been incised.

Faint quiescence was mingled into the atmospheric mana, by the time her horn had sensed that aberration, it had already been far too late.
First, half of the village persons had been retrenched initially, leaving less than half of those capable of battle. Adding to that, further half of those had not come about, due to the exigent nature of pondering whether they had been mistaken.
To summarize, their hearts had been putrefied by peace and harmony.

The Oni clan, once named as the strongest Demi-Humans, even said to have been capable of bringing about change in the state of affairs of the Kingdom of Lugnica if they had taken part in the『Demi-Human War』ーー even had the “If” of that history occurred for the argument’s sake, the Oni clan unmistakably wouldn’t have bore great results either.

Anyhow, the half that had been abated by the first assault, were further reduced to another half by the following second assault.
By that point, blazes arose throughout the village, by the time death wails resounded into the night sky illuminated scarlet, all of the Onis in the village had inferred the aberration.
However, in those moments, only two had perceived so much as the fall of the Oni clanーー,

“ーーRam! Break out of the siege! It’s fine as long as you alone stay alive!!”

With two enlarged gigantic horns, her elder cried with all muscles of his body bulked up.
Her elder, carrying the longsword he specialised in, leapt out of the room, and vented that at Ram, as she slashed the ordinary combatants down using wind. Telling her to stay alive, but that was not because he possessed disquietude regarding Ram.
For it had been her elder who believed with the greatest undiscerning honesty, that Ram herself was the promising, dazzling, gleaming future of the Oni clan.

The reincarnation of the former glory of the Oni clan, the『Oni God』who had advanced domination and conquest in the era of the『Witch』.
That was the role expected of the prodigy named Ram, and must’ve been his ardent wish as the final patriarch of the Oni clan, which had all but forgotten battling.

“Hah ~hk!”

She felt like laughing it off with an exhale, finding it to be just ludicrous.
Even in this age, did the wish of the Oni who represented the village refer to entrusting the realization of an impossible dream to the future. He could nimbly consolidate his comrades, attempt to launch a counterattack at the enemy, the options he possessed for taking action were countless.
However, Ram did not intend to offer that as advice to the patriarch.

This night was not the cause.
For Ram had already, since a long time in the past, turned her back towards her tribe.

“Something like the glory of the Onis……”

Worthless. Worthless. Worthless.
Even the reality that the purest blood of that Oni clan was flowing within her, was repulsive.
Certainly, upon wishing for strength her blood boiled, enhancement reigned over her entire body, a sense of omnipotence as if the entirety of all and everything existed for her sake appeased her.
The truth was that had Ram grown into adulthood healthily, then that sense of omnipotence might have become genuine.
However, Ram did not wish for that.

Within this confined world, rather than putting on airs as the child of god, Ram had a future she seeked to choose.
It was, instead of being lionised as the reincarnation of the Oni God et cetera, instead of spending her lifetime as a shrine for her blood relatives who resumed to cling to a glory already met by ruin, something possessing far more worth.

ーーIt was, to live as the ■ ■, of ■■■.


Centralising her attention to her forehead, she encompassed the mana scintillating with heat into her entire body through her white horn.
Upon praying for it with might, Ram’s perception greatly, immensely magnified, hijacking the field of vision of all that was breathing and living in her environs, she grasped all happenings of the confined village with perfection.

The number of enemies was large, and they had taken positions encircling the village ensuring escape was improbable.
Correspondence at the first instance had been delayed, the only ones who had been able to oppose properly were the half of half, and they too had lost numbers such that the remaining ones could be counted on one hand, indicating the exhaustion of the Oni clan’s spirit.
One person, the elder seemed to be making strenuous efforts and battling, but the enemies who had assembled there were quite well-trainedーー the traces of the elder, as he fell into disadvantage, were enveloped in rich『Death』.


Cladding her small body in wind, Ram bolted through the village as if a gale.
What those lips enounced, referred to her one and only ■, whom she loved even within the slightest thought. This was not Ram’s heartlessness. She was simply renewing her consciousness.
For Ram’s parents had been within the first half of people assaulted, and no longer had any hope of their lives being saved.

ーーNever had she detested her parents.
However, both of them, for better or worse, had been born into this village, had been members of the Oni clan who chose to die within this village, and had unmindfully accepted a rather lenient perish was what she believed.
Hence, for them to lose their lives on this night was a certain kind of inevitability.

“ーーThis does not mean, they will not be avenged.”

The black shadow obstructing her way, the enemy with its entire frame clad in a robe.
Towards the underlings wielding and romping with the cross-shaped daggers, Ram delivered an unfaltering wind.

Whether they had made light of her as a mere child, or if they simply lacked ability.
Failing to accept Ram’s wind blades, the black shadows proceeded to be slashed down from one to the next, giving an atrocious rise to dead bodies in great count. Even then, Ram enveloped herself in wind and resumed her slaughter, as if dancing within the flares.

Should it be likened to, then perhaps it had indeed appeared as if a glamorous pirouette.
However, in reality, with the swing of an arm Ram robbed life, and each time she made what had shape disappear, dark joy cried for exultation through her youthful mind.

Kill more, so it howled, vehemently.
Her inner oneself urged her, to pillage blood, flesh, bones, soul, life.
This evening was not the first time she had lent her ears to that appeal.

ーーSince in the distant past, since the moment she had taken birth, precisely this voice allured her upon the slightest interlude.

It sought the awakening of her inner oneself, apprising her to entrust her life, to her blood, her flesh, her bones, her soul.
It appealed to her, that she could kill far more, that she could destroy far more.

Ram seemingly couldn’t comprehend, about simply what was so wonderful about this.
Neither the elder, nor her parents, no one, could comprehend this. Ram did not even feel inclined towards conveying about this, to those who sought of her a duty which departed from her being Ram.

It appeared as if she was being controlled by her horn.
Had she not possessed a firm self, her youthful persona would’ve gotten easily swallowed, demolished, and precisely then she surely would have become the reincarnation of the Oni God in accordance with the desires of her surroundings.
However, she did not become that way. The reason beingーー,


Called by a shrill voice, upon turning back there she saw ■■■, irradiated by the blaze.
During that instant, a surging wind dispelled the obstructive crowd of black shadows away, blowing them away into fragments in one go.
And, making haste, Ram headed to ■■■.


Gaze pervaded with fright, with no strength in legs, ■■■ had collapsed at that spot.
Extending her hand to her beloved ■, she helped stand up. In accordance with the elder’s wish, Ram must survive. However, not by herself, but together with ■■■.

ーーThat, had been the instant.

Ascertaining ■■■’s safety, for but a moment, she let her guard down.
By the time she took notice of the presences, she had been encircled, a situation arduous to make even an escape route through. By herself, it would not be impossible. However, if she alone were to survive, then that would be no different from dying.

She possessed no choice but to, come what may, break through the situation.
For that purpose, she shall unfasten all shackles sealing her might, and impel an enraged wind towards the enemyーー,


That must have been an interval within her heart, sired by the sense of omnipotence she abhorred.
The black shadow slipped through the blades of wind, the single burnish it fired tenaciously afflicted her forehead, her field of vision fulminating.

Reclining due to the enormous impact, whilst tasting an excruciating sense of loss, Ram gazed.
Steadily, swiveling, towards the scarlet night illuminated by the blaze scorching the village to nowt, gyrating, a white horn soared.

Apprehending that was her own horn, her slim throat gave way to a screech, begotten by agony and sense of loss.
Whilst screeching, however alongside, Ram detected.

Ever since she had been born, that voice which continued to eat into Ram, had become inaudible.
Ah, so it was something that simple, she thought, being amused by her own imbecility.

Whilst watching the horn paint a parabola into the scarlet nightーー,


ーーAh, it finally broke.


So spoke, her mind.





ーーDevoutly, fervidly, the black earth dragon absconded from the field of vision she shared through『Clairvoyance』.

On its back was the young girl, bound to be Ram’s cherished other half.
One of her wings, unremembered, absent, having bequeathed merely a gaping void of lossーー,

Ram: “ーーRem.”

Apprehending what meaning this held, Ram’s heart tremoured with rage.
Though exasperating to admit, Ram had managed to regain a part of her strength of heyday owing to Subaru’s cooperation, and that potency had overpowered the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, Ley Batenkaitos, slowly cornering him into disadvantage.
Ram herself could affirm that in terms of simply killing him, she had attained a countless amount of opportunities.

However, the vexatious Authority he had been endowed with, the existence of the power and ability to eat the『Memories』and『Name』of the opponent made Ram hesitate in imprudently taking the life of that blasphemer.
A judgement compelled by, not kindliness, but necessity. But, the result remained the way it was, the result.
Resultantly, Batenkaitos freely utilised his Authority and made a safe escape before Ram, and with the same momentum, headed to secure Rem’s person, Ram’s other half.
His aim was obviousーー because he possessed conviction that he shan’t win, even if he were to uprightly battle Ram.

Fighting face to face, and upon the instance of discerning drawback, withdrawing and altering the way of action.
Sin Archbishops were no warriors. They were existences who acted with avarice for the sole purpose of fulfilling their own desires, possessing not a single reason to be concerned with what path ought to be taken for victory.
Thus, he plotted revenge against Ram who had made him taste humiliation, and to further curtail the time limit placed onto the hornless Ram using Rem’s『Memories』which he had stolen as basis.
Infuriatingly, that strategy was the optimum solution.

Should he seize and gain control of Rem’s person, he could incapacitate Ram with ease.
Even should that not be, should he buy any more time then this camp’s war potential would suffer an immense loss. With the flow of time, her chances of victory diminished.

Ram: “Must catch up to Patrasche, as soon as possible.”

Fortunately, Patrasche, whom Rem had been entrusted to, was a Ground Dragon so intelligent, it could be said that amongst the battle array assembled within this tower, it was second only to Julius.
Subaru and Beatrice had foibles, and Echidna and Meili had far too many unknown aspects to them. Those like Emilia, who brandished an air of being unreliable, were outrageous.

And though complicated, Batenkaitos was evidently tormenting Patrasche.
Despite being capable of running it down in an instant at simply the thought of running it down, Batenkaitos had intentionally waned his onslaught, cultivating an interval through his pursuit, and had been taking joy in a hunt emaciating his prey.
All for the sake of sharing his field of vision, and scorching this spectacle into Ram’s memory.

She could no longer allow him to take any further arbitrary action as per he pleasedーー,

Ram: “ーーAh.”

It had been the moment she was enveloping herself in wind, seeking to break into a sprint.
Her field of vision, aiming for the floor above the spiral staircase obfuscated, and for an instant,『Clairvoyance』came undone. Whilst maintaining the projection of Batenkaitos’ field of vision in her right eye, preserving her own field of vision in her left eye, the scenery blurred further.
That was not all. The heavy exhaustion she could not feel till now, and the gyp and affliction as if her organs were being churned by an invisible hand, descended upon Ram herself.

That was, indubitably, the effect of weariness Ram was ordinarily made to taste.
What Subaru a bombasted he shall take over through some kind of an Authority, the indemnification bound to eternally eat into the『Hornless』Ramーー it, rebounded towards Ram.

What dawned upon her forthwith, was the possibility of Subaru having died, vainly and uncouthly.
However, she could judge that wasn’t the case due to the lightness of the burden rebounding onto Ram. Though merely for a few minutes, taking the might Ram had brought forth into account, its indemnification shan’t be this meagre.
It was supposed to be such agony that it should be no peculiarity even if she were to literally vomit blood and oscillate.

The fact that that had not occurred, though an unforeseen circumstance had taken shape, implied Subaru had not unreservedly withdrawn from the war front.
Otherwise, a progression of events entirely contrasting the occured happenings also came to her mind.
Namely, a disaster which Subaru was obliged to take up had occurred onto someone else’s body, beyond the burden of Ram’s body.

Ram: “Beatrice-sama or Meili, knight Julius……”

Her mind drifted in that direction, but affirming that answer held no significance.
What was momentous was that it had now become onerous for Ram to bring forth the might akin to what she had earlier, which had succeeded in overpowering Batenkaitos. ーーIn terms of shackles, merely one was unfastened.
Should she strain herself, it would be feasible for her to unfasten the second one, though that too couldn’t be persevered for more than a few tenfold of seconds.

Thus, in this plight, would she truly even be able to win against Ley Batenkaitosーー,

Ram: “Why become so weak-kneed. ーーThere is no choice, but to follow the plan for winning.”

Even whilst she was spending her time this way, the possibility of her camp’s victory continued to be diminished.
Now for once, nearly missing her step, Ram stepped on the steps and darted upwards of the spiral staircase.

ーーWhilst feeling the void of absence throb, sensing as if she had also, in the past, whilst panting, chased after her younger sister being pursued, just like this.





???: “Haha~! Truly, it sure is ni~ce! You sure are doing your best holding out, despite being just a Ground Dragon, hu~h!”

Whilst continuing to lacerate its scales through the casted daggers, he commended the black Ground Dragon scampering through the narrow aisle.
It was bleeding through the slashed and gouged wounds, painful to even look at, however, the Ground Dragon decisively made a prudent escape, completely discarding its own conditions for victory.

The『Divine Protection of Wind Evasion』was a hallmark belonging to all species of Ground Dragons.
As long as the Ground Dragon resumed running, a large part of the adversity of external factors such as wind or footholding was nullified, affirming the deed of “Running” in order to achieve an objective.
Its grace also subsumed the carriage fastened to the ground dragon, or its rider.
In other words, the reason why the『Sleeping Beauty』, in an unconscious state, bound and fastened to its saddle had not been ejected off yet, mostly owed to the influence of the『Divine Protection of Wind Evasion』.
Had it been absent, the『Sleeping Beauty』surely would have already fallen into the hands of Batenkaitos.

Ley: “Amazing amazing, gallant gallant ~tsu! Despite all the hindrances done here and there in your dash so far, you sure have the nerve to still not halt your feet and keep holding out. Well, if you halt your feet then the『Divine Protection of Wind Evasion』will be rescinded, and we get the reason why you’d be so desperate, but you kno~w!”


Ley: “Ground Dragons, aren’t they nice, they’re indefatigable, and are devoted to their masters. Surely, had you been a human, we think you would’ve certainly made for one mouth-watering platter for us of『Gourmet』~tsu! But, but but, butbutbutbutbutbutbut! Though lamentable, our stomach can’t get filled by a Ground Dragon ~tsu!”

In possession of will, in possession of a soul, in possession of『Memories』, in possession of a『Name』.
Nevertheless, the Authority of『Gluttony』couldn’t eat『That』, belonging to all which nowise was human.
Thus, Batenkaitos could not adore and cherish the Ground Dragon directly confronting an enemy onerous to oppose with such desperation and earnestness, through what was the greatest medium of doing so for himself.

Despite him drooling over simply how delicious it seemed, he could not eat it.
That was, as though a meal illustrated onto a painting with the utmost supreme paintbrush. ーーRice cakes illustrated onto a picture couldn’t be eaten, though a phraseology like that did seem as if something he had come across.

Ley: “A~h, that’s it that’s it! That’s completely it! When the stomach is feeling so hungry and hungry and hungry and hungry and hungry and nothing can be done ~tsu! Something like the drawing of food this delicious looking is just letting live and then killing. Isn’t this completely what’s called child abuse ~tsu!?”

Whilst resuming his pursuit of the sprinting Ground Dragon, he spouted the clod of blood clogged within his nose.
In the immediately previous battle, his face had suffered damage, and his left eye ball was gurgling as if its retina had been shattered. His fangs marred, his tongue torn, blood ceaselessly cascaded down to his jaw, but, none of it mattered.

ーーContemplating that Ram, at present, was viewing this spectacle, his deepermost heart pulsated.

Ley: “Nee-sama isーー”

Pure, noble, perfect, an impeccable being concocted devoid of flaws.
That was what the『Memories』slumbering within Batenkaitos implored, and also believably his rational appraisal after having being half-killed, unable to undertake any resistance.
Against a serious Ram, Batenkaitos shan’t be able to compete. ーーNo, plausibly, whichever Sin Archbishop may it be, they would all get easily killed with a twist of serious Ram’s finger.
Though possibly Regulus, he might have been able to put up a fight due to the absolute nature of his Authorityーー,

Ley: “We~ll, there’s no way that idiot could kill nee-sama anyway, you kno~w. At most, if she couldn’t kill him then she wouldn’t have killed him, but ended it by just dropping him down the Great Waterfall or something, isn’t it.”

Even without having to kill, there existed countless ways of confinement.
Precisely how the『Witch of Envy』failed to die even to the hands of the Three Heroes, and was imprisoned in the Evil Sealing Stone Shrine at present as well.
In other words, no matter whatーー,

Ley: “For providing hospitality to the greatest, perfect nee-sama, we must arrange for suitable preparation as well or it’ll be quite rude is what it’s about you kno~w!”

Dilating his unsteady left eye, Batenkaitos expressed a melancholic smile dripping blood.
Though the Ground Dragon’s velocity was considerable, indoors it was merely inutile treasure. Much less, since Batenkaitos was capable of chauffeuring across space through a method of traipsing making practical use of『Memories』throughout times, even entirely nullifying the distance opened in between.

Ley: “As nee-sama’s little sister, must grow up without any embarrassment.”

With a rising sense of purpose seated in his chest, Batenkaitos hauled the『Memories』in the depths of oneself.
The Authority of『Gluttony』, in its types existed an ability called『Eclipse』. It could concisely be classified into two parts,『Solar Eclipse』and『Lunar Eclipse』, but its use was extraordinarily difficult.

『Lunar Eclipse』was a phenomenon wherein the moon was visible as waned. ーーOn one hand, it referred to hauling out the『Memories』of the eaten opponents, and recreating them in Batenkaitos’ own flesh body.
Normally, Batenkaitos browsing multifarious『Memories』, combining them, and practically utilising them as a hyper-level synthesis, could be stated as this『Lunar Eclipse’s』specialty.

On the other hand,『Solar Eclipse』was a phenomenon wherein the sun was visible as waned. ーーDenoting here, a technique wherein not simply the『Memories』of eaten opponents, but to cover oneself with their existence itself, utilising them in accordance with their original specs.
Naturally, the primal bodies of the techniques’ masters served with greater might for having a good command on those techniques.
However, upon transforming the flesh body into that of the opponent, there lied the fear of sustaining far too mighty influence of the opponent’s mind, having the possibility of it resonating on a sizeable scale in the future. Hence, unless a rigorous state of affairs, Batenkaitos or Alphard did not make heavy use of these.

What Ley Batenkaitos and Roy Alphard principally excercised was『Lunar Eclipse』.
What Louis Arneb principally exercised was『Solar Eclipse』. ーーIt remained as a last resort which Louis could buoyantly utilise for she owned no flesh body of her own, and possessed no firm self.

However, half-killed in his battle with Ram, the moment he reconstructed『Leaper』Dorkell in order to survive, Batenkaitos shattered the shell.
Acquiring a command of『Solar Eclipse』, which he had not utilised until now due to being apprehensive of losing his self, he had discovered a technique of maintaining a firm oneself.
He could now, better than before, with perfection and devoid of waste, enjoy the main dish named the『Life』of the opponent.

Ley: “To grow in the midst of battle, is something which originally wouldn’t have ever happened to a senile old fool like me, yeah. Haha ~tsu! This sure as heck’s a masterpiece! Ain’t that right, nee-sama!” [1]

Thanks to having established a tenacious self, he felt abundantly refreshed.
He wanted to properly show this awakened condition of himself to the wonderful nee-sama. For that purpose as well, he must opt for a method which exhorts her hatred even further.

Scent of rage, flavour of rage, texture of rage, full course of rage.
Should he not, with all of his might, surfeit the entirety of what he could experience through someone beloved, just what of him would be『Gourmet』.
Henceforth, to『His Self』atop of the Ground Dragon’s spine before his eyes, he shallーー,

Ley: “Speaking of, it’s something that’s never been done before, unexpectedly. Killing oneself by oneself, wonder if this would also make for discovery of new sense of values, you know.”


The instant he winked the world altered, due to the short distance spacial leap.
The Ground Dragon, erupting a screech from the depths of its throat, was flabbergasted by Batenkaitos’ arrival, who was supposed to be in the rear, and attempted to run past him directly horizontally without halting its legs.
Gallant, truly gallant. However, gallantness served to be nothing but a spice of the tragedies in future.

Ley: “ーーPalm of the Fist King.”

The oscillating strike of the fist, vigorously stabbed into the Ground Dragon’s flank.
Ordinarily, the strike would be fired by Batenkaitos’ petite stature, but that wasn’t how it was for Batenkaitos who had been awakened by witnessing the abyss of death, and had acquired novel strength by shattering the shell.
Neiji Rockhardt’s original body, drilled and penetrated the impact through the Ground Dragon’s torso.

The fist of the Fist King which had vanquished even enormous full-body armours in countless fights to the death, in the Gladiator Island.
Basking its potency, the Ground Dragon exuded a voice suggesting fatality, and was vehemently bashed into the aisle’s wall. However, the Ground Dragon continued to shield the young girl atop itself, from the fist, from the wall, from the floor, and from its own build as well.
Tenderly catching the body of the plummeting young girl with its extended tail, it gently dropped her off on the floor of the aisle.
Though supposed to be a female animal, its handling was with such smartness, all gentlemen could follow it as an example.
Involuntarily, even Batenkaitos couldn’t help but applaud.

Ley: “How~eve~r~ ~tsu! Even if you’re to gently lay down on the floor and everything, hereafter the head will courteously be chopped off, and it will become a present for nee-sama, hopefully you do understand.”


Ley: “Alright alright, no violence no violence, it’s praise for doing your best.”

Even whilst toppling sideways, the Ground Dragon attempted to crunch him, whom he kicked into the jaws upwards.
Though he seemed to nearly tear up upon its will and maximal of efforts, regrettably, Batenkaitos and the Ground Dragon were mutual enemies. Even if he could extol its heroic endeavours, they could never look up toward the same sky of triumph.
Should one side be victorious, another side shall be defeated. Though lamentable, that was what is called reality.

Ley: “Let’s! Firmly ~tsu! Bear! That! In! Mind! Okay!”

A pause per word, a scrupulous clamour, he knocked that into the black Ground Dragon.
He must’ve now etched, alongside agony, a lesson into the crouched Ground Dragon, with shattered cheekbones and forelegs. Fortunately, Batenkaitos could not eat the『Memories』of the Ground Dragon.
Thus, nor did he hold any reason to rob its life. He wished for them to both remember this day, together.
What remained wasーー,

Ley: “For nee-sama’s sake, by Rem’s hand, nee-sama’s precious Rem shall be……”

???: “ーーStop pronouncing such eerie things.”

The moment immediately following the echo of the unyielding voice, his face, dangling above and towards Rem, was potently repelled.
The face raised upon the reverberating voice, it had accepted the direct hit of two heels approaching from the immediate front. Subsequently repelled to the rear, Batenkaitos glided through the floor on his back.

Ley: “A~hahahahaha~…… so you finally were kind enough to catch up, nee-sama. We…… huh? We…… Us……? ーーRem and we all, had been awaiti~ng.” [2]

Steadily, he got up from a sprawled posture through merely the strength of his feet.
And upon gazing at the facade of his beloved other half, he observed Ram making an expression as if her first instance of witnessing something.

Ram: “……In this short while, you certainly became considerably ugly.”





Ram: “……In this short while, you certainly became considerably ugly.”

That had been Ram’s candid impression, having caught up to a terribly foul and malevolent game of tag.
Batenkaitos’ field of vision remaining in her grasp, Ram had headed to the locus dragging her flesh body in a state of incomplete liberation, placing her trust in Patrasche’s tremendous efforts.
In that aisle shorty distant from the spiral staircase in the fourth layer, she had discovered the form of the Ground Dragon which had been tormented to the point of triturating, and Rem who had been put to sleep by its side.
And, the one who had been playing tag with Remーー,

Ley: “Ugly you say, nee-sama is crue~l…… we, so much, so much, so much you kno~w! Cherish nee-sama so much ~tsu so much somuchmuchmuchmuchmuch.”

Unascertained, his articulation revolved, speech and conduct of reason disarrayed into fragments.
The cause surely being it inducing abnormality onto his mind, Ram couldーー no, perhaps anyone could comprehend that with a single glimpse.
For Batenkaitos’ form, was in an equally distorted condition.

Ley: “ーーーー”

Reconstructing the hauled『Memories』in his flesh body, and facsimiling the shape and form of that opponent was supposed to be Batenkaitos’ ace in the hole, as she had priorly witnessed.
However, it seemed to be a forbidden card for Batenkaitos as well, and the form of『Gluttony』before Ram’s eyes, was any amongst all of the hauled『Memories』, yet none.

They were blended together, flabbily.
With a part of the bald old man who had leaped through space, with a part of the corpulent giant who had taken no damage from Ram’s blade of wind, with a part of the martial artist endowed with combat ability reaching holy precincts, as well as the physical features of variegated and profuse other humans, composed the ghastly, ominous appearance of his body.

The length of his right hand and left hand, the size of his hands was dissimilar, tactlessly, even parts of his face were disparate and appeared as if referring to that of someone else.
The remaining traits of the former Batenkaitos, if anything, was the expression of his eyes but even that may have become a borrowed article by now.

And, it rather seemed that Batenkaitos himself remained ignorant to this distorted circumstance.

Ley: “ーー?”

Batenkaitos had now come to be something, that was nobody.
Before all else, an existence who resumed to specialise ransacking the『Memories』of others, may have been deficient in having a firm foundation of what is called self. That being the cause of origin, he broke.
And what had taken birth in lieu was aーー,

Ram: “ーーMonster posing as Rem. To be truthful, never has Ram been this infuriated.”

Whilst glancing down onto the face of younger sister, whom she knew as fragments burying the damaged place of belonging, Ram embraced revulsion for Batenkaitos who had appended her traits in a part of his face as well.
Impressive how he could provoke someone with such precision.
Subaru and him would have made for a good competition of who could irritate more.

Ram: “You did wonderfully, Patrasche. Take Rem, and stand back.”


With even its responding voice frail, she covered for a bleeding Patrasche to the rear.
Whilst dragging its large build, Patrasche held Rem’s nape in its mouth and withdrew. Seeking to keep distance from the battlefield hereon, butーー,

Ley: “That shan’t do~, nee-sama. That is a valuable hors d’oeuvre…… because before surfeiting the main dish, garnishing is indispensable, you seーー”

Ram: “ーーKindly die.”

Lifting her leg up to her head, she commenced her sprint with her palm turned towards the face seeking to state an irrational line of argument.
The blade of wind swirling therein, was a minute storm concealing the potency to tear up everything atop of the opponent’s neck into shreds. ーーWith the matter having come this far, Ram abdicated holding back.

As a result of having tormented him without killing him, searching for a way to restore『Memories』, she had endangered Rem’s person, and as a matter of fact had invited a situation wherein Patrasche sustained immense injuries.
Ram shall accept the weight of that truth. ーーShe must offer her heaviest apologies, to Subaru.
And, in order to never repeat that err, she realized her intent to kill.

Even if she were to take the earlier utterance of a destroyed mind into account, the possibility of gaining a decent answer from Batenkaitos was slim. Putting two and two together, this opt seemed correct.

Crushing Batenkaitos, and taking the burden of her flesh body back from Subaru.
On top of that, returning Patrasche and Rem to the Green Room, and Ram should likely head to back someone else.
That was how far her plans went.

Ram: “ーーーー”

On the brink of tearing his face apart with the storm, Ram gazed at the yielded alteration, in awe.
It was not anything else. Once again, change had been generated in Batenkaitos’ outward appearance, that was all.
However, for nobody but Ram, that had been an alteration difficult to let pass.

ーーOn the forehead, of that face wherein a plurality of features had assembled, a single white horn was summoned.

Ram: “That is……”

Truly, from the bottom of her heart, had she been moving by her instincts, she shall vail before him.
For in their entirety, Batenkaitos’ deeds had been nothing but exasperating Ram.

Ley: “ーーNee-sama.”

That moment in time, with certainty, by a face the same as that of Rem’s, by a voice which seemingly nobody Rem would vocalise, she was called.
Subsequently, Batenkaitos’ behemoth arm hammered a strike, into Ram’s petrified face.





It was not, fatal.
However, neither was it a hit light enough to be optimistic about.

Her skull and brain undulating, blood cascaded down her nose.
Her underfoot becoming unsteady regardless of the floor, was the proof of her having sustained enormous damage and injury.
And, the one to have brought it forth, a touchingly lovely young girl with an amiable countenance and blue hairーー seeming a jest as it were, in this site had assembled three faces of the same aura.

Ley: “Please do cry, nee-sama.”

Wafting the ambiance of the plead, whilst inducing tears into those pale blue eyes, his fist swung.
In but a single strike, the impact entered into her bone medullas, or even the soul present in their depths.

Ley: “Please do get angry, nee-sama.”

Her face lowered once her abdomen was bludgeoned, and a punch impaled into her jaw. Though her tongue survived being crunched, her abdomen was bludgeoned once again and she was thrown backwards, falling prey to consecutive elbows into her cranium.

Ley: “Please do laugh, nee-sama.”

The deep affection that voice was subsumed in, abraded Ram’s heart with each word.
Rem, who had always continued to sleep within Ram’s cognisance. Her robbed younger sister, with her『Memories』erased, whom she was supposed to always be beside yet she wasn’t, anywhere.
She had been looking forward to being called by her for the first time, after her eyes opened, one day, eventually.

Though would Ram have regained the memories of her younger sister at that time, she did not know.
Even if they did not return, even if they did return, her words at that time, would surely be special like a baby’s cry.
That was now beingーー,


“Please cry.” “Please get angry.” “Please laugh.” “Please suffer.” “Please smile.” “Please ache.” “Please be sullen.” “Please get excited.” “Please be bashful.” “Please sleep.” “Please blush.” “Please take umbrage.” “Please be surprised.” “Please wish well.”

“Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.” “Nee-sama.”

Ram: “Don’tーー ~hk.”

Refer to her that way, as she was about to cry those words out, her mouth was plugged by the sole of his palm, rendering her unable to voice.
The monster given rise to by Ram, in the final stageーー his ability and strength, was immense and overwhelming.

He possessed no hesitancy. He possessed no restraints in what he hauled out. He possessed no awareness that he was losing himself. Yet, never did he sunder his form, from that of Ram’s precious other half.
Heedless of the moon and the sun being obscured, the darkness had painted『Gluttony』with flawless perfection.

Of course, Ram did not get complacent either. She made efforts to counterstrike.
Unfastening her shackles until the limit of what Subaru could shoulder, leaping over the limitation she had levied on herself that she shan’t use her strength greater than for a few tens of seconds, devoting strength capable of ending life with certainty this time.
It stood no chance. Seemingly, none of it could contend against him.

Ley: “Nee-sama, nee-sama, such an expression seems unbefitting of nee-sama.”

Ram: “ーー~hk.”

A fist by her younger sister, with tapered lips and a dependant expression, made her correct her blunder.
Her face perforated and knocked off, crashing into the wall behind, Ram somehow wielded the pride of not collapsing before the blasphemer. However, at present, that alone took the entirety of Ram’s might, this being the condition she was in.

Just how much time had passed since she had commenced fighting this monster.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, she had unmistakably far exceeded the time limit she had initially established. The time she felt sensation of held no purport, and the flexibility to count the actual time passed, nonexistent.
However, whether escape had been possible or not was what was utmost portentous.

Carrying through as a substitute doll which sustained all attacks, she had supported Patrasche and Rem’s retreat.
Perhaps that was what her objective had been, but due to pummeled in the head far too many times, even that she couldn’t recall with precision.
Her body was heavy. Her breath was worn. Her head aching, her throat parched, her limbs numb, the old wound on her forehead surging blood forth. From the colourless, white scar, blood rivulet down her face as if a longitudinal slash.

Ley: “ーーSomething so unclean, that shan’t do.”

The face traced with blood, was slammed yet again by the fist.
Bathing in the single strike, her body slid, and at last her knees lost their capacity to bear her body weight. Within the interval as she proceeded to topple sideways, a faint voice saying “No” split through in between, and a kick was fired.
Defencelessly receiving it by her chest, Ram crashed into the wall whilst her breastbone creaked.

Before one could take notice, the Pleiades Watchtower, supposed to be a firm existence, parted with its sturdiness and had altered into what had resilience befitting of mere raw material.
In other words, basking in the outrage and assault against Ram alongside, the wall shattered at last.

Ram rended through the stone wall and collapsed into the opposite side of the aisle.
Thick plumes of dust shrouded her environs, as she violently coughed up blood and something of floury texture. That very instant, her broken bones and shattered flesh commenced a great orchestra of screeches, each striving to be the greatest.
Turning her head, she attempted to confirm exactly what location had she been pummeled into.

Ram: “ーーAh.”

A muffled, husky breath spilled escaped out of her.
It may have been one mixed with despondency, or deficit sentiment.

In Ram’s line of sight, ahead of the aisle she had collapsed into, were the figures of Patrasche and Rem.
At a distance of a few tens of metres at bestーー the time Ram had bought had been markedly prolonged than the anguish Ram had tasted, being ten seconds which merely felt overlong.

Ley: “Nee-sama, nee-sama, are you unhurt?”

Barefacedly enquiring about her safety, without treading across the shattered wall, Batenkaitos took a detour of the aisle and headed towards her.
Ad interim, whilst hugging her arm, Ram somehow stood up at her place.
Entrusting her body onto the wall, the decrepit Patrasche and her mutually exchanged glances.


Ram: “……Yes, it is understood. Once everything is over, let us chastise Barusu together.”

The truth was, she was unaware of what Patrasche had stated.
However, the fact that the black Ground Dragon made no effort for revision, was proof that Ram’s response had been unmistaken.

Ram: “ーーーー”

Ram’s judgement, she was compelled to acquiesce it had backfired.
The fact that she did not kill Batenkaitos at the foremost, that developed to be the trigger for everything.
Attempting to rectify that err, she had waged combat aiming to instantaneously take his life this time, but Batenkaitos, having survived from the brink of death, ultimately resorted to what was the optimum solution for him.
Consequently, with her asleep younger sister’s living body laid hold of, Ram, as she plummeted into turmoil, faced onslaught.

She had used up all of the cards she possessed in her hand, and the card she pulled turned traitor to her as well.
Though Ram had awareness of being outstripping in multitudes of facets, she also possessed awareness of being helplessly dearth regarding one particular facet.

ーーThe serendipity of time.

Ever since the day she had her horn slashed off, and had failed the way of the Oni clan, that remained unswerving.
Above all, she did possess much attachment to its way. For Ram herself had been the one to find it utmost objectionable in the whole world.
Yet, as fate would have it, she couldn’t help but long for having her horn now.

ーーNo, that would not be veracious. Speaking with precision, she did have the horn itself.
The horn itself, presently was with Ram, within her reach. The wand of her habitual use which she always carried with herselfーー in that wand’s foundation, Ram’s broken horn was being utilised.
The horn was a crucial organ that efficiently congregated Mana required by the tenacious bodies of the Oni clan members.
Therefore, as a catalyst for exercising magic, there existed not another article which Ram was further accustomed to.
For that purpose, Roswaal had taken the pains of retrieving the horn, and had custom made this wand.

Whether in the wand or on her forehead, simply differing positions of the horn, made so immense of aーー,
So immense of aーー,

Ram: “ーーーー”

Incidentally, whilst pondering over her horn, a particular thought levitated in Ram’s mind.
The consequence of Ram mobilising her knowledge in order to connect possibilities of defeating this situation, through contemplating about the presence and absence of her horn, as well as the truth that she had once overwhelmed Batenkaitos.

Ram, whose horn was broken, and Rem, who remained asleep.
The latter concerned with consequence, but with regards the former. ーーWhy, did Roswaal retrieve Ram.

Ram was au courant of the duty Roswaal sought of her.
She was also mindful of what scheme Roswaal was seeking to carry out in its course.
Ram had also heard that she was necessary for that purpose, that it would be natural once the time arrived, and that he was aware of the means for it.

Thus, Ram purposively intended not to inquire into it until the time arrived.
However, in these moments levitated a thought necessary for Ram herself, for Rem, who continued to slumber, for Patrasche who fought for the sake of the sisters, to survive.

It was a dreadfully preposterous possibility.
However, it also withheld her chest, conveying it was also convincing and reasonable.

Had it been Roswaal L. Mathers, whom Ram had fallen in love withーー,

Ram: “He would’ve surely done it as well, with courage befittingly being called inhuman.”

Spilling those words, Ram withdrew the wand her thigh was equipped with, with juddering hands.
Intently gazing at the wand she had operated for ten years, and, she vigorously knocked it into the wall.
From the interior of the splintered wand, flew out that which she hadn’t laid her eyes upon for a long span of time.

ーーAs it swivelled and gyrated nearly to an unpleasant extent, just like back then.





Steadily, clearing away the colourless dust enshrouding the aisle with his hand, Batenkaitos stepped forth.
With an elegant gait brimming with graceful conduct, to not cause any noise greater than necessary was the etiquette of a maid, and the minimum consideration in order to not bring shame to one’s master.

Ahead of the smoke was supposed to be his beloved elder sister, collapsed.
He had wished to see, her various expressions. Conceiving potent emotions, her light crimson eyes set ablaze, he had wished to directly gaze back into them.

That was a resolute initial desire, which could now be perceived as awakening of love.

Ley: “Oh dear.”


Beyond the dust, what was first in his sight was the black Ground Dragon dragging its feet.
During his confab and contact with nee-sama, before one could notice, the Ground Dragon had gone out of vision. Though not particularly a subject of his interest, he did have a task to fulfill regarding the existence brought along by the Ground Dragon.

He wished to erase that existence, which unpreparedly lured nee-sama’s mind.
Oneself being the only one to refer to nee-sama as nee-sama and yearn for her, was sufficient. Nee-sama belonged to oneself alone.

Ley: “Ah, there it is.”

On the opposite side of the Ground Dragon twisting its build, there lay the form of the『Sleeping Beauty』drooping by the wall.
With the body raised just ideally, it would be easy to aim for the throat to the heart. Immediately bringing an end to that lifetime, he must commence with the main dish, nee-sama.
Yes, as he distanced closer to the『Sleeping Beauty』, Batenkaitos took notice.

ーーThe head of the young girl with eyes cast downward, crowned with blue hair, that it was dimly and fleetingly glowing.

For naught but a moment, he was puzzled regarding the identity of that glow.
However, saying that wasn’t possible, he repudiated the answer arising from one’s own cognizance.
The possibility of the slumbering young girl performing that wasーー,

Ram: “To make a correction.”

Ley: “ーー~hk, nee-sa”

Ram: “Ram thought she did not possess the serendipity of time. ーーHowever, that was wrong.”

He attempted to call to the owner of the voice he had heard, but was unable to succeed.
A strike with velocity exceeding that, knocked Batenkaitos’ face. Astonishment, and the subsequent instant the shock wave pierced through him, pushing him towards the opposite direction in the aisle he had trodden.

Ley: “~~tsu!?”

Unable to kill off the vigour of the excessive might, Batenkaitos crashed into the wall twice and came to a halt.
Stupefaction preceded agony or anguish, he immediately stood up, then knelt upon the weight of the damage. A profound blow as if shattering until the very core of his body.

Wondering just what had happened, Batenkaitos made an astonished expression upon his lovely, amiable faceーー,

Ram: “It rather seems, even the heavens are head over heels in love with Ram and Rem’s cuteness.”

Dust enveloped the hole in the wall she had shattered through, and instant after he tried to concentrate his vision in that direction, his face was seized by her palm with velocity that deserted even sound.
And, from a close proximity, he gazed at the opponent possessing a tight grip of his cheeks and jawーー,

Ley: “Nee, -sama……”

Ram: “Unfortunately, Ram’s little sister is asleep in the interior. Ram knows with clarity, due to『Synesthesia』.”

Ley: “Synes, the……?”

Ram: “It is『Synesthesia』. Ram and Rem were chum sisters, isn’t it. Delight or rage, sadness or pain, things like those could be shared amongst. ーーThe reactivation of a broken horn, and its recoil as well.”

He did not distinctly understand, what meaning it held.
Merely, what Batenkaitos had witnessed with these eyes, had been affirmed.
Before being knocked off his feet, what he had observed on the forehead of the『Sleeping Beauty』leaning on the wall, was a white hornーー the singular asset preponderating her elder sister, that Oni girl possessed by birth.
Because that existed, because that glowed, because that communicated, what purport would it hold.

Ram: “Though Barusu’s plan being a hint is an annoyance, it is fine.”

Ley: “What did, Subaru-kun……”

Ram: “ーーKindly stop saying Barusu’s name, with that face and that voice.”

Ley: “ーー~tsu!!”

That moment, with his grasped face and body lifted upwards, Batenkaitos was slammed into the ground with vigour.
In nervousness, Batenkaitos swung his limbs. Ram opened and closed her fist, a gesture of seeming affirmation, whilst shedding immense quantities of blood from the scar on her forehead.
However, rather than perceiving the cascade of blood as irksome, she loosened her lips in its reception.

As though this blood and pain, proved the linkage of a vanished bond.

Ram: “Those born in a space of dark, are to kindly return to the space of dark. If you took birth in company of cries, then take company of cries and kindly die.”

Wiping off the blood on her forehead with her palm, eyes of light crimson looked down upon Batenkaitos.
Batenkaitos had assembled the plethora of everything until now, wishing for violent emotion to dwell within those eyes.

ーーUpon that Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, Ram looked down with eyes freezing cold.

Ram: “The reincarnation of the Oni God. Though Ram never liked it, Ram shall enact it just for today. ーーRam’s adorable little sister’s counterfeit, this time for sure you shall be ripped to shreds.”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Translation notes:

[1] – Here, for the first time, Ley uses a pronoun for “me”, being “儂” (washi) which seems to the pronoun of choice of Dorkell whom Ley transformed into. This emphasises the influence Ley is facing by the Memories.

[2] – Two things here, the first “We” uses the pronoun “あたしたち” (atashitachi), which may he the pronoun of choice of the corpulent man whom Ley had transformed, but is also one of the pronouns regularly used by Louis Arneb, the second “us” uses the pronoun “俺っちたち” (oretchitachi), which is likely the pronoun of choice of the warrior Ley had transformed into. And finally, for the “Rem and we all”, the pronoun used by Ley is “レムたち”(Rem-tachi), because “レム”(Rem) is what Rem uses to refer to herself. Though a literal translation would be a simple “we”, that misses out on too much nuance and this is how I’ve tried to accommodate the “レム” in the pronoun. This line truly shows the chaotic mixture of personas Ley is experiencing.

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