Arc 7, Chapter 97 – “Arriving from Beyond the West”


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――The battle unfolding on the stage of the Imperial Capital Lupugana, had been approaching the climax in every location.

A Dragon, clad in the very clouds themselves, swooped down to the sky where white snow was falling, and the bright red flames burned the sky into a turbulent cloud. The stone golems were colliding against the soldiers who wore desperate expressions, and with the strong arm of the beast clashing against the crafty old malice in front of the collapsed rampart, the war situation continued to seesaw back and forth. 

However, at this moment, at this very instant, the greatest focal point of this battlefield was within the innermost part of the Imperial Capital――known as the Crystal Palace, it was the white light fired from the most beautiful castle in the world. 

The magic crystals used throughout the entire construction of the castle――even among magic stones, were purer crystallizations of mana, and while amplifying the stockpiled mana, the Magic Crystal Cannon was a strategic weapon which could mow down its target. 

To be precise, it was the trump card of the Crystal Palace, and the artillery of the highest firepower within the possession of the Vollachian Empire. Even in this battlefield, it was the ultimate blow which could quite possibly decide the outcome of the battle with only a single shot. 

In the first place, only a limited number of people knew about the existence of this Magic Crystal Cannon.

It went without saying that Abel, who had the seat of Emperor, and Zikr Osman, who was told the outline of the operation, would be aware of it. In addition to Priscilla Barielle, for whom it was not strange to know this information beforehand, alongside a very limited number of personnel on the side of the Rebel Army.

It would probably be generally the same on the Imperial Capital’s side. The fake Emperor Vincent Vollachia, who led the insurrection, and the Prime Minister Berstetz Fondalfon, who remained there. Along with Moguro Hagane, who was the Crystal Palace itself――it was a secret weapon that even the other Divine Generals had not known about. 

And then――,

Abel: [――The power of the Magic Crystal Cannon is limited to just three uses, but it will not be used more than once on this battlefield.]

That was Abel’s judgment, and therefore, it was an awareness also shared with Vincent. 

For a variety of reasons, the Magic Crystal Cannon was the trump card of national defense in every sense. The reckless act of using up all the remaining ammo was not something that could be done when thinking about the future.

Of course, if Vincent intended to use it all on this battlefield without any consideration for the future, then that was another matter.

Abel: [You could not possibly engage in such desperate behavior.]

Abel did not especially think about what to call that conviction.

However, conviction was conviction, and without discarding the budding of that, Abel had laid out the battlefield. So, he chose to give rise to a certainty that the Magic Crystal Cannon, which could only be fired once, would fire an empty shot.

That expectation had been brought out by the bundled “decoys” of Zikr, a valuable asset for war potential, alongside the soldiers with high morale under his banner, and the other various tribes. 

Abel: [――Use the elite as decoys. The enemy cannot turn a blind eye.]

Then, having seen the unfortunate turn of events at the third bastion, the Magic Crystal Cannon was directed to the battlefield protected by Moguro. 

The flaw of the Magic Crystal Cannon was that it may cause tremendous damage even to allies, but on Moguro’s battlefield, there was no need to worry about that. That was because the stone golems scattered across the battlefield, all of them that were parts of Moguro, and even the gigantic Moguro who had become one with the rampart, were not the main body. 

Therefore, the expectations of both sides overlapped, and the fired Magic Crystal Cannon would wipe out one group of rebels, however, it would also eliminate the possibility for the rebels to be defeated with nothing they could do about it. ――Or so it should have been.

Abel: [――――]

That instant, a large number of people on the battlefield bore witness to a black light swallowing up the fired white light. 

Just what had brought that about? Where had the tremendous shot disappeared to without doing a sliver of damage? Was that an action belonging to friend or foe? 

Countless thoughts flew about in the birthed emptiness, and everyone had been dumbfounded as they ceased their movements.

At the rebel command post, Abel was no exception, and that had been an incident outside of his hypothesis. 

He, too, was captivated by the unexpected phenomenon, and a brief emptiness was yielded in his thoughts. ――What was different about him was that from there, he recovered faster than anyone else. 

Who, how, where, he did not know any of it, but――,

Abel: [――Fire it up, just as planned!]

If one was met with a better situation than expected, there was nothing greater. 

In many cases, what was more necessary on the battlefield than a correct decision, was a quick decision. Then, updating based on the events that had occurred due to that decision, it could be transformed into the correct decision. 

Removing his gaze from the battlefield that the white light should have mowed down, Abel gave the order. At that voice of Abel’s, the stiff soldiers of the command post widened their eyes, and lowered their gazes. 

To the several gazes which could not conceal their trembling, Abel responded with his own black eyes through his Oni mask.

Abel: [Fire it up immediately! Give the order! Any delay will lead to the death of Zikr Osman!]

Soldiers: [――Hk!]

Abel: [Hurry, move!]

Soldiers: [Yes sir――!!]

The soldiers around and within the command center were all Zikr’s good subordinates. 

Originally, the plan had included Zikr’s life in the equation. It was hypocritical to refer to Zikr’s life, however, the soldiers accepted it and quickly began to move.

Rather than Abel’s decisiveness, it was Zikr’s accumulated trust that had allowed for this. 

Abel: [You have fulfilled your duty as suicide corps. Nevertheless, do not slacken your hands, Zikr Osman. If you have survived, it means that you still have a role to fulfill.]

In the distance, at the third bastion of the city walls that protected the Imperial Capital, a clash that should never have happened had occurred. A battle headed by Zikr, with the People of Shudraq and other various tribes accompanying him. 

The battlefield had become a true contest of strength to see who would be able to break past Moguro and into the Imperial Capital. 

Watching the unforeseen hard fought battle from afar, Abel touched his own Oni mask, and muttered.

Abel: [――Inevitably, the role I must play is also close at hand.]

Behind Abel as he muttered that, the soldiers had fired a Magic Stone Cannon into the sky as they had been ordered.

That was an indication of the situation’s development, a retaliation against the side of the Imperial Capital, who had used up their trump card of the Magic Crystal Cannon――it was a sign that the side of the Rebel Army had also played their own trump card.

With that light stored in his eyes, Abel shifted his gaze to the opposite side from the third bastion――,

Abel: [――Thou who seems to have entered the board from the west, who are you?]


Berstetz: [――Surely not.]

Berstetz Fondalfon’s old throat quivered slightly as he gazed at the distant battlefield from the top level of the Crystal Palace.

The usually unflappable Imperial Prime Minister was so bewildered and upset that it took the guards at Berstetz’s side by surprise.

Berstetz: [――――]

Berstetz instantly tightened his cheeks when he felt the gazes of these soldiers from the side.

Displaying any sort of indolence would make light of the empire. Even if those around him did not think so, as long as he himself believed so, he would not stand for it. That was the way of the Vollachian Empire.

This was exactly how Berstetz himself envisioned the ideal Vollachia.

Berstetz: [Naturally, if the Imperial City were to be challenged, someone needs to figure out some sort of countermeasure, but…]

Getting a hold of himself, Berstetz tackled the events that transpired head-on.

What spilled from his lips was a reflection of the previous incident――about the fact that the first blow of the Magic Crystal Cannon, the trump card of the Crystal Palace, failed to hit its mark.

The existence of the Magic Crystal Cannon was considered to be top secret, known only to very few people in the Empire.

However, since they had to take on the real Emperor, Vincent Vollachia, the secrecy of the Magic Crystal Cannon’s existence was completely meaningless. However, even if he knew of its existence, there was no way to thwart the Magic Crystal Cannon’s extraordinary firepower and value of its very existence in the first place.

Therefore, Berstetz surmised that Vincent would either avoid a decisive battle in the Imperial Capital or not deploy his army in a situation where the Magic Crystal Cannon would be used.

However, Vincent entered the battlefield; moreover, he took command of the rebels who had gone ahead of him in the middle of the battle and began to manipulate the situation. Presumably, it was his last resort to push the expendable forces all the way into the line of fire of the Magic Crystal Cannon.

Seeking maximum efficiency, Berstetz pointed the Magic Crystal Cannon at the third bastion.

Even if it was Vincent’s plan to have them shoot at the part of the battlefield with the highest concentration of rebel troops to minimize the overall damage to his allies, the fact remained that the opponents would still suffer.

To put down the sacrificial lambs and use the power of the Nine Divine Generals to crush the enemy’s plans. ――With this in mind, he asked the other Vincent on the throne for forgiveness.

And then――

Vincent: [Once each side’s chicanery is gone, only the sheer difference in troop strength remains. ――Do it.]

Being in agreement with Vincent, Berstetz ignited the Magic Crystal Cannon.

Once homed in on a target, the unleashed burst of enormous destructive power struck straight into the battlefield, vaporizing many heroes on its way, and should have sent them off into the distance.

Therefore, with victory and defeat decided after the Magic Crystal Cannon had mowed down the rebels, he already thought about the next steps after the battle situation had been redefined, however――

Berstetz: [The damage done by the Magic Crystal Cannon is nonexistent?]

Considering the track record of the restored Magic Crystal Cannon sealed in the Crystal Palace, it did not occur to him that Vincent might have some means of offsetting it.

It was undoubtedly Vincent’s way to keep his cards in play until the last possible moment. Berstetz lamented over the fact he had been completely outwitted, but at the same time, he felt a rush of excitement in his heart.

More than anything else, he thought. ――What a shame it was.

Berstetz: [Your Excellency, I am regretful from the bottom of my heart.]

Since it was the way of the Vollachian Empire to revere the strong, Vincent’s approach to rule the Empire with wits rather than violence as the one at its pinnacle was a combination of boredom and horror.

To possess the political skills to avoid any major war was something that he himself admired and esteemed at the same time. Still, he had no complaints about serving Vincent.

As long as he would fulfill his duties as Emperor and protect the glory of the Vollachian Empire.

Berstetz: [What would you do upon your return, Your Excellency…?]

What would he do with the Empire after his return to the throne and the execution of all the people that rebelled against him? Would he leave the Empire as it was before, and once again relinquish his duties as Emperor?

Even the most outstanding Emperor had no right to remain on the throne if he was content with letting that happen.

Berstetz: [――Prepare the Magic Crystal Cannon for the next shot.]

Since the number of charges for the Magic Crystal Cannon was fixed, they were not allowed to run out now.

Nevertheless, if the situation needed to be changed, Berstetz would use all his authority. However, if the opponent had two trump cards to counteract the Magic Crystal Cannon, he could not make the same mistake again.

Until he figured that out, he could not see it through.

Soldier: [――! Prime Minister Berstetz! Look at that!]

Suddenly, one of the soldiers standing by Berstetz raised his voice.

Following the soldier’s gaze, one could see the light of the Magic Stones emanating in the sky far behind the battlefield――probably at the point where the main camp of the rebels would have been laid out.

It was some kind of signal.

It was terribly unreliable as the sky above the battlefield was dyed white and red, but it would be effective enough for anyone waiting for the signal to come.

Berstetz: [A signal…]

Behind his narrowed eyes, Berstetz surmised his opponent’s intentions.

After the magic cannon had fired, they thought the situation should have changed as well. If so, was that signal an instruction to the soldiers on the front line? However, if the intention was to inform the soldiers fighting on the front lines, that signal was way too unreliable.

Therefore, it was not for informing the soldiers on the front lines――,

Berstetz: [――Reinforcements.]

Meanwhile, Berstetz contemplated.

With the majority of the rampaging rebels who gathered from all over the country on the battlefield already crushed by the power of the Nine Divine Generals, what kind of forces could function as reinforcements?

Reinforcements are not pieces one simply withholds.

They should be a trump card in the proper sense, deployed to decisively change the war situation. Of course, they are meaningless unless they pack a sufficient punch.

Just what kind of forces could they possibly be? ――With those thoughts, Berstetz widened his slit-like eyes and turned them to the distant west.

Berstetz: [It cannot be.]

Slowly reflected in the vision of the meticulously muttering Berstetz were the shadows arriving from the western sky——unfolding across on a large scale, were the calmly approaching supreme rulers of the sky, a flock of flying dragons. 

Many of them resided in the Vollachian Empire, however, the treasured techniques and masterful skills required to tame a flying dragon——uniting the most of those wings under their banner, was the great noble who possessed preeminent power within the Empire. 

In this decisive battle of the Imperial Capital, the High Countess who had refused to participate on the grounds of maintaining order within her own territory, and the one in command of the Empire’s strongest Flying Dragon Squadron——,

Berstetz: [――High Countess Serena Dracroy, is it?]

The Flying Dragon Squadron approaching from beyond the sky, spotting a Dragon Ship sporting flaming red sails among them, Berstetz understood the threat of the reinforcements that the rebels had prepared.

In terms of controlling flying dragons, his camp also had one of the Nine Divine Generals, Madelyn Eschart. In front of said dragonkin, all flying dragons were slaves to her will. ——However, the only exceptions were the flying dragons that had forged bonds with a tamer through the technique of flying dragon taming. 

Berstetz: [Even so, it would merely be a struggle for air supremacy. No, if she has summoned the Cloud Dragon, then that presumption must also change.]

Despite the shock of the Magic Crystal Cannon being negated, Berstetz had not neglected his grasp of the battlefield.

During the fierce battles that had unfolded at the five bastions, even the colors of the heavens and the earth experienced erratic changes due to the various battlefields, and in one of those battles the descent of a mighty Dragon was spotted.

As a dragonkin, Madelyn was able to summon the Dragon which was connected to her ancestors.

Up until now, she had never called the Cloud Dragon Mezoreia to the ground——that call of hers, it would drastically change the flow of the battle.

Of course, the circumstances under which Madelyn would summon Mezoreia were impossible to intuit, meaning it was possible that simply driving her into a corner could suffice.

Berstetz: [Be that as it may, in case of flying dragons fighting each other for air supremacy…]

In both quantity and quality, Berstetz believed that they held the advantage.

The determined decision of High Countess Serena Dracroy to side with the rebels must have been a rage-inducing mistake for the men of Vollachia, yet――,

Berstetz: [――?]

Thinking this, Berstetz was staring towards the western sky as he realized something.

He was completely fixated on the slowly approaching flying dragon squadron, but that was not the only change that had occurred in the west.

――On the western hills, a closer look revealed the shape of a newly developing group.

For a moment, they appeared to be the forces of High Countess Dracroy, but Berstetz quickly changed his mind as it became evident that this was not the case.

The reason for that was simple: the flag that group was hosting.

It was neither the crest of High Countess Dracroy, a flying dragon with a scar on its cheek, nor the Imperial Crest of the Vollachian Empire, a sword piercing a wolf, but an entirely different flag.

Slightly troubled by what was portrayed on it, Berstetz said,

Berstetz: [――Is that, a star?]


???: [Hey, bro, what are you doing!? We’re already completely late!?]

???: [Stop with the fussin’ lizard bastard… Schwartz is in the middle of something…!]

???: [Sure, he’s in the middle of something, but Hiain has a point. What are we going to do? Should we join the ranks of the rebel army like this?]

???: [Wow, do you see that, Boss? The right and left are all over the place, it is truly a great decisive battle! Where should we go, I can’t stop my chest from throbbing!]

Subaru: [Ooh, shut up!! Can’t you see, I’m in a very moving scene right now!?]

As a group of familiar voices jumped at him, making a huge ruckus; Natsuki Subaru rebuked them as he was reminded how dangerously accustomed he had become to being Natsuki Schwartz these days.

Although Natsuki Schwartz was ultimately just an alias, he felt strongly about his real name being Natsuki Subaru when he was called.


Subaru: [I’m pretty sure you are aware that you’re calling my name, right?]

Louis: [Uau! Uau, Uau, Uauー!]

Subaru: [I get it! I get it already so don’t spill your snot all over me! Drop it!]

Subaru responded as he strongly pushed away the face of the blond haired girl clinging to him――Louis, as she drenched him in her tears and snot.

However, he could not shake Louis off resolutely since he was also greatly indebted to her for her valuable contributions.

Subaru had already asked too many things of Louis he could not make amends for.

Although he could exculpate himself for having no other recourse.

Subaru: [If I do that, I don’t deserve to face you. So I’ll do it right.]

Louis: [ Uー…]

Louis groaned as she rested her forehead while clinging on to Subaru’s back.

Whether that was her way of forgiving him, or whether she was just happy to be reunited, Subaru sighed as he accepted that she did not seem to harbor any negative feelings.

He not only had to apologize to Louis, but he also owed her many thanks.

But the one he was most thankful for――,

Subaru: [――Beatrice.]

Tightly, he hugged her and called her name, stroking her ample hair. The one true reason why this girl, with such a sheer volume of curly hair and a gorgeous dress, took the entire expedition to this unfitting battlefield upon herself was, without a doubt, Subaru.

She must have done something incredibly reckless for her to almost disappear like that.

That was why――,

Beatrice: [――Subaru.]

As those lips uttered his name, Subaru breathed a sigh of relief.

His name was truly “Natsuki Subaru,” once again――.

???: [――Excuse me, Schwartz-sama?]

Subaru: [Uwa!]

Feeling relieved, Subaru’s shoulders jumped when he heard an unexpected whisper close to his ear. As he reflexively turned around, there was a familiarly lovely face――Tanza.

The kimono-wearing deer girl, with her usual expressionless face, stared at Subaru who sat on his butt holding Beatrice in his arms while Louis clung to his back.

Tanza: [I apologize for interrupting your amusement. But Hiain and the others are correct. We don’t have enough time to spare for leisure activities.]

Subaru: [Leisure activities? Isn’t that a bit harsh…]

Tanza: [We don’t have enough time to spare for leisure activities!]

Subaru: [Sorry sorry, my bad…! I understand your feelings Tanza. Probably, Yorna-san is also somewhere on this battlefield.]

Rushed by a cold and tough voice, Subaru admitted his wrongdoing and showed such understanding. Thereupon, Tanza slightly lowered her round eyebrows and then muttered “Yes.”

Tanza, who had ended up accompanying Subaru following a series of events, was a girl who had originally been a servant to Yorna Mishigure, the ruler of the Demon City of Chaosflame.

While suppressing her desire to meet up with Yorna as soon as possible, Tanza had accompanied Subaru on his journey, and finally their reunion was close at hand.

Being in such a restless state of mind, it was fairly understandable of her to feel the urge to interrupt Subaru who was getting a head start on his own joyful reunion.


Beatrice: […Subaru, what is the deal with this, this impertinent deer girl?]

In Subaru’s arms, the writhing Beatrice looked up at Tanza, declaring this in a somewhat dissatisfied voice. Tanza promptly gazed at Beatrice,

Tanza: [My name is Tanza. Due to a series of events, I have been serving as Schwartz-sama’s attendant.]

Beatrice: [Hmph, I understand, in fact. Thank you for your hard work, I suppose. From now on Betty and the others will take care of Subaru so you can consider yourself dismissed, in fact.]

Tanza: [You will take care of him? In that state? It appears like you cannot even move properly without Schwartz-sama holding you in his arms…]

Beatrice: [Subaru is holding onto Betty for the sake of his life; that is good enough, I suppose.]

Subaru: [Wait wait wait wait, why are we fighting!? As fellow little girls, shouldn’t you get along!?]

Somehow Subaru got caught up in a perilous outburst of auras between the two girls, and his voice involuntarily cracked.

For the typically composed Tanza, this attitude was both unbefitting and unendearing, but in a good way. Not that Subaru was unaware that you should not tell a young girl how immature she was. 

Subaru: [Tanza, Beatrice, don’t fight, you two. You’re allies, both of you. Come on.]

Tanza: [Beatrice-sama was poking her nose first. Also, Yorna-sama told me to respond in kind to contemptible people who act heedlessly.]

Subaru: [She really told such a Code of Hammurabi type of thing? I didn’t know that… Then, you should be sorry… Beatrice?]

Subaru tried to mediate between them as Beatrice’s round eyes stared at him motionlessly. Getting caught up in the characteristic pattern of her pupils, Subaru twisted his neck and asked “What’s wrong?”

Then, Beatrice’s trembling and quivering lips,

Beatrice: [Just now, you called that girl’s name before Betty’s. What were you thinking, I suppose?]

Subaru: [Eh? Did I?]

Beatrice: [You did! How utterly infuriating, I suppose! I will not stand for this no matter what, in fact!]

Her eyes flaring up in anger, Beatrice grabbed his collar and shook her head back and forth. Upon hearing this unexpected ruling, Subaru also became dizzy.

And then, getting fed up with this back and forth going absolutely nowhere,

???: [――Schwartz, even I, as the official, have limits to my patience. You should be aware of this, correct?]

Beatrice: [Mya!] 

Subaru: [Oh.]

As this deep, heavy voice passed, Beatrice screamed even before Subaru. Following Beatrice’s baffled gaze, Subaru understood her surprise.

Standing there, in a black overcoat with four folded arms, was a stern-faced Gustav Morello looking down at them.

Being the Governor of the Gladiator Island, he should normally have captured Subaru and his men who were now brazenly travelling outside of the island, but now he was a collaborator――No, a comrade.

This was not limited to just him. At this very spot were not only the large number of people accompanying Subaru from the Gladiator Island, but also his companions who had assembled together with everyone as comrades.

Beatrice: [S-Subaru, this man…]

Subaru: [That’s Gustav-san. He looks scary, but at his core he’s frighteningly diligent. Gustav-san, the one on my back is Louis, and this girl is Beatrice. She’s my…]

Gustav: […Your?]

Subaru: [Um… I mean, you know, that.]

Padding the back of Beatrice who was curling up, Subaru was at a loss for words coming up with an explanation for Gustav. Witnessing that, Gustav, Tanza and Beatrice were all frowning.

At the numerous stares directed towards him, Subaru awkwardly scratched his head and,

Subaru: […I’ll fill you in on the details later.]

Gustav: [Hey!]

Beactrice: [Wait, I suppose! Subaru, could it be that not only your appearance, but also your mind has been… slightly…]

While Gustav earnestly accepted Subaru’s overly sloppy misdirection, Beatrice was about to hit the nail too straight on head so Subaru covered her mouth.

Then, he heard a soft rattling of Beatrice.

Subaru: [It’s complicated when I have to explain to people about my shrinking. So I’m going to keep it to myself for now.]

Beatrice: […You do remember Betty properly, in fact?]

Subaru: [I love you so much, and that’s why I have to do this.]

At the suspicious look in Beatrice’s eyes, Subaru replied and then squeezed her hand, Beatrice’s small hand intertwining with his.

As soon as he did so, Subaru was momentarily struck by a dizzying sense of emptiness. But it did not last forever, just the first larger beat.

Subaru: [I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you. Right?]

Beatrice: […You are trying to change the subject well enough, I suppose. Besides.]

Subaru: [Besides?]

Beatrice: [——. Subaru, something is off, in fact.]

Warmth flowed from within Subaru to Beatrice as they held each other’s hands in front of one another. Subaru was aware that this was not a bad thing, but rather a reassurance.

His memory of Beatrice was a bit hazy, with only some details being blurry and so he was somewhat optimistic he would be fine once his body was returned to normal.

In any case, while Subaru took such a positive view of the situation, Beatrice furrowed her shapely brow and appeared to be pondering something.

Subaru: [As adorable as your thinking expression is, what exactly feels off?]

Beatrice: […While separated from Betty, Subaru had no method of expelling mana, I suppose. So it was natural for mana to pile up, but this amount is…]

Subaru: [——?]

Beatrice’s long eyelashes trembled as she tightened her fingers as if to confirm. Her lips spilled a muttering voice in front of Subaru, who was tilting his head.

She had certainly muttered this. ——That it was “too much”.

But before the truth of the situation could be ascertained——,

Hiain: [——Ah, bro, bad news! That Cecilus guy got ahead of himself!]

Subaru: [Whaa!?]

Hiain’s shrill voice rose like a scream, and Subaru hurriedly turned his head to look as he pointed to a battlefield where fierce relentless clashes continued, and a cloud of dust continued to rage in that direction.

It was evidence of an impatient, unruly boy who was rushing down the hillside.

Weitz: [What now? Should I bring him back or…?]

Subaru: [No, as much as I appreciate your thought, but that would be too much for you, Weitz. To begin with, it’s impossible for anyone to stop Ceci… But with a flag.]

Weitz: [Got you, Schwartz.]

While harboring annoyed thoughts at the distant cloud of dust, Subaru considered the bright side of this rampage since he knew full well from his journey so far that he was unable to hold the reins.

Having regained his composure, Subaru made his next request, and it was Idra who moved keenly. He and Weitz slowly raised the flag in its place.

And this action was followed by a large number of their comrades in arms around them.

Flag after flag was raised, and it would have appeared to those around them that the group on this hillside was firmly united.

Subaru: [Louis, could you get off my back.]

Louis: [Aa, u!]

Subaru: [I’m not going to disappear out of the blue again, I assure you. I’ve made peace with what caused me to get whisked away.]

Subaru persuaded Louis, who was still traumatized by his disappearance and reluctant to leave Subaru’s back. Louis was still skeptical, but willingly left Subaru’s back after all.

Still, her reluctance was evident of a certain lack of trust.

Beatrice: [——. Betty has no intention of ever leaving, in fact.]

Subaru: [Yeah, you stay with me. ——Tanza, is everything ready?]

Tanza: [Yes. ——The Pleiades Battalion is ready to go at any time.] [1]

Behind the bowing Tanza, Subaru smiled as he watched his comrades raise their flags, their weapons, and their fighting spirits.

With high morale and brimming with motivation, the objective was in sight. All that was left was to seize it.

Subaru: [Since Ceci probably knows my plan without me telling him each and every detail, that’s just his usual amusement… Well, let’s get started, everyone!]

Everyone: [YEAHHHHHHH――!!]

Beatrice: [——Hk.]

There was a tremendous response to Subaru’s call, as Beatrice’s breath got caught in her throat.

If one were to hear it for the first time, this would come as a guaranteed surprise. However, Subaru’s ears had already grown accustomed to it, and it was a very important pre-fight ritual.

Louis: [Uau?]

Beatrice: [Subaru, just what do you intend on doing, I suppose?]

Louis and Beatrice, who had just joined Subaru, looked up at him, not knowing the details of the situation.

Subaru closed one eye to meet their gaze and took a step forward with excitement welling up from deep within his body, which he firmly contained in his slender legs.

And then, he declared.

Subaru: [Isn’t it obvious? ——We’re gonna ruin this stupid war that my shitty father started.]



Translation note:

[1] – In Japanese, Pleiades Battalion (プレアデス戦団) is actually a wordplay of Pleiades Star Cluster(プレアデス星団).

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            1. He was transported to an extremely close location to Abel, very recently thrown off the throne, at the time he was or had just been to the place he dug up his equipment.

            2. Got transported to Guninhive when a badge of newcomers are just about to do their “trial” when missing one person and is also conveniently the location of a Divine General who is suffering infantilization just like him. It’s also the place he’ll run into the guy that he’s been playing a mutual tormenting game the whole arc, making Subaru the one person who can stop Todd from killing everyone in the island.

            Just my thoughts. I really hope it’s not coincidence.

    2. Well there are lor if answers to that question, in term of pure writing, there was the need for subaru to meet with cecilius as well as to have him be cornered by Todd, but in universe my personnal theory is that one of the power of the emperors of Vollachia is an uncounsious manipulation of probabilities, that would explain why Pricsilla does seem favored by the World and why Subaru was sent where he would be needed by Abel.

      1. Fair enough, then what is the especial power possessed by Emillia that made Subaru being thrown to her help on the Capital?
        I said that the same phenomenon brought him to this world to begin with.

        1. So you’re saying that everything that will happen since the beginning of the show is already predetermined and not just mere coincidences? you have a point.

          1. flugel already planned for stuff 400 years into the future. probably with novel reader’s help (echidna). So it isn’t impossible.
            and, fate is a canon phenomenon used to explain the absurd series of coincidences. just to give a small bit of solace

      2. Love this, “my personnal theory is that one of the power of the emperors of Vollachia is an uncounsious manipulation of probabilities, that would explain why Pricsilla does seem favored by the World”

        1. I think its just their powerful indomitable will imposed upon the world. That was the explanation given and I’m taking it literally.


  2. I could be wrong about this but I suspect that the sword might not be bound to the royal family but it could just burn anyone who is not accepted as leader by those surrounding them. The right of the royal family to rule would still fit this because if the population believes that sword must be wielded by someone of royal blood then they will not be accepted as a leader and thus burned to ash.

    1. No, he used the belief of the gladiators that he was the prince as a lie to get Gustav’s loyalty in Ginunhive. He has to maintain that pretense.

      1. I’m not so sure about that. I mean Subaru couldn’t even be sure about what his real name was until Beako told him in this chapter, so it wouldn’t be weird if he actually forgot who his real father was…

        1. Dude he’s trying to hide his real identity pls don’t make some stupid ideas that people will believe what you said

          1. How’s what they said a stupid idea? In the chapter he said that his memory of Beatrice was hazy, Cecilus had completely forgotten what a Divine General is, it is totally possible Subaru is forgetting his own father.

            1. He is basically saying that it’s common sense to hide his true name. It might confuse his allies trust and he definitely cannot use his Cor Leonis to them.

            2. The way that I understood it is that they are losing their teen/adult memories while their childhood memory is normal – With this logic, he wouldn’t forget his father. Even if it is affecting his childhood memories, I don’t think that he would forget his father – He didn’t forget beatrice, for example, and his Father has a big impact on his life.

              He also didn’t forget his name – He grew “accustomed” to being Natsuki Schwartz. It’s way more probably that he was joking about Abel/Vincent being his father.

              1. But the rules for the infantilization have never been that clear. Who knows how being from a different world would mess them up, he isn’t forgetting the people eaten by Gluttony after all.

                Also Vince mentioned that Subaru doesn’t realize he’s pretending to behave like he does, maybe the old dude made some string go loose and Subaru will convince himself into thinking he’s actually the son or something or whatever.

                Besides that, nobody knows where Subaru came from, he looks like Vincent, the gladiators are convinced he’s the prince. I think that would make for an interesting twist.

              2. Bruh being ‘accustomed’ to an alias could also mean that he is ‘confusing’ it with his real name. You can surmise it from the next part-
                _Beatrice: [–Subaru.]_

                _As those lips uttered his name, Subaru breathed a sigh of relief._

                _His name was truly “Natsuki Subaru”, once again–._
                You can totally tell that he wasn’t sure whether ‘Natsuki Subaru’ was his real name or not. And my point is exactly that if he can confuse his real name with an alias then he can also confuse his father’s name with someone else’s. Although I admit the possibility of it happening is quite low, it’s not nonexistent.

              3. ABC, that’s not what that line means. _His name was truly “Natsuki Subaru”, once again–._ means that finally someone around him remembers who he really is and the weight of being someone else, playing a part, is slightly lifted. I don’t see any implication here or anywhere else in the chapter to say that he was confused about who he is. Why would he even forget his real name or his real father or even where he really came from? It has been evident that he was losing memories, but it explicitly said that he was forgetting things about “this” world, things that he knew while he was his normal age, not about where he came from before or things from his infantilized age. As for Niki, about Subaru not even realizing he’s behaving the way he is, is because he’s forgetting what he was like before. Again, it explicitly had stated that mentally he had essentially reverted to being the perfect Natsuki Subaru that he was as a kid before his hopes and dreams got crushed as he grew up and he became an introvert who stayed home.

                I mean, the entire pretense that Subaru built up with the Gladiators was that he was the emperor’s child. Of course he’s going to say what he said about his “father”, that’s the whole point of the role that he’s playing. I don’t fault people for coming up with ideas but sometimes I swear people aren’t paying any attention to what IS in the story.

              4. @Hiro, my guy, you are trying to read too much in that line to match your impression. Why not just take it literally? In the first place Subaru never once mentioned about being burdened by the fact that nobody knows who he is (at least I don’t remember it). And if you are saying that playing the role of the crown prince is exhausting him then you are forgetting that Tanza already knows that he is not the crown prince, although she doesn’t know his real name. So at the very least Subaru could always relax around her without worrying about his identity. But if what you are saying is true, that “it explicitly said that he was forgetting things about “this” world”, then their really is no place for argument. But then again I can’t remember any such thing being stated in this arc, maybe I skipped part or something. Can you tell me exactly where was it stated? That will clear some of my doubts

              5. @ABC Chapter 64 of this arc.

                “The Vicious Old Man Olbart Dunkelkenn’s technique, and the harm of the “infantilization” it brought about, had transformed Natsuki Subaru’s body into that of a child, regressed what little intelligence he already possessed.

                Gradually losing both his knowledge and memories, Subaru was reshaped into a weak and frail young boy.”

                “The truth was, as his memories faded as if flaking away from him, the faces of those important to Subaru grew distant.

                Thus, befitting of Natsuki Subaru’s outward appearance, he had returned to being a young child of around ten years old.

                Around ten years old―― before, to the times Natsuki Subaru had been a child prodigy.”

                “As a young child, Natsuki Subaru had been overflowing with confidence, and held no doubt in his belief that he could accomplish anything.”

                Mentally, Subaru is regressing back to his 10 year old self and the things that he knew as a 10 year old, and losing memories of the people that he knew since coming to this world “the faces of those important to Subaru grew distant” i.e. Beatrice, Emilia, etc. 10 Year old subaru was brazen, bold, and confident. He also knew who his Dad was. Also, several chapters later when Tanza and the other gladiators were in the cafeteria and asked Subaru about his father (thinking that they were talking to the Heir of the Emperor), Subaru started talking about his real father, not Vincent.

              6. @Hiro Ah I see what you are referring to. But nowhere in that chapter was it stated that he was forgetting things about ‘this’ world. All it stated is that Subaru is forgetting memories of his loved ones, but never once did it mention whether those loved ones were from ‘this’ world or the previous one. It just so happened that Subaru in his previous world was a shut-in loner who didn’t have any ‘loved ones’ other than his parents whom he had literally known since birth and thus only those whom you mentioned would be considered his ‘loved ones’. It has nothing (supposedly) to do with the world he is in. And if you are thinking that with that logic Subaru should remember his parents clearly then you are missing an important point, which is the fact that Subaru didn’t lose all his memories at once, he started losing them one by one. He said so himself, that “his memories ‘were falling out’ in large drops due to the effects of infantallization”, meaning he was ‘continuously’ losing his memories instead of losing them all at once. So it’s only natural that what he remembered in chapter 64 or 67 he may not remember them in chapter 97. And that is exactly my point.

  3. “Subaru, why do you have so much mana?”

    “The souls of the damned I consumed in the Demon City shall power my feet forward forevermore, Beatrice.”

    1. I think miasma is just mana infused with
      a will/authority, and Subaru is an at all time high of miasma right now with deaths reaching probably several hundred (going by what All experienced)

  4. Oh man, Subaru is a step away from exploding with Mana.
    This begs the question, where is it all coming from? Is it just him naturally absorbing it? Is it leftovers from when he was bigger? Is this to do with Authority shenanigans? WILL SUBARU EXPLODE?

      1. That would be great. It expands his skill set. Opens new options and opportunities for more physical development rather than mental development!! 🙂

        1. Al’s arm wasn’t a damaged Gate though, and the process of infantilization involves reshaping someone’s Gate. So it is very plausible in my opinion that Olbart infantilizing Subaru fixed his broken Gate.

    1. It is also possible that he build up mana over across all the times he re-wound time that or he can use
      Satella’s mana. Which would be interesting because most likely Emilia is doing the same thing.

    1. This is Re: Zero… You know the one where ‘return by death’ is a thing? They definitely were dead, just like pretty much everyone else…

      Jokes aside the conclusion of the gladiator mini-arc wasn’t very long ago.. Subaru called Satella to him and she showered him with love.

  5. It’s scary how this is a war between soldiers attempting to defend their positions, along with decoys and such, and the other side is just a small bit of people with half knowledge (because of Abel’s secrecy), but most of the people are fighting for different reasons overall. Some of them are even fighting just for the sake of fighting! They don’t even know that the Emperor is the one fighting!

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