Arc 8, Chapter 7 – “Todd Fang”


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  • Garcar

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  • Phantaminum

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――Todd Fang was a soldier of the Vollachian Empire, Private First-Class his rank.

He was the fiancé of Katya Aurélie, the younger sister of his colleague, Jamal Aurélie. Starting with when he was dispatched to the Buddheim Jungle in the east of the Empire, by way of the battle with the rebel army in the Fortress City of Guaral, he had currently taken up the official position of subordinate to the Spirit Eater, General First-Class Arakiya.

The siege of the Imperial Capital Lupugana, commenced by rebels who all simultaneously rose in revolt.

In this battle too, he participated as a foot soldier, fighting hard, wielding his weapon as he valiantly fought the rebels in order to protect the citizens of the Imperial Capital―― And above all, to protect his fiancée, Katya.

His true identity was that of an existence treated as abhorrent in the Vollachian Empire, that of a werewolf; subject to historic discrimination and persecution, he came to establish his own way of life as a being incompatible with others.

That was unmistakably the werewolf of the Empire known as Todd Fang.

――I have no intention of telling you anything more than that, man. 

64 thoughts on “Arc 8, Chapter 7 – “Todd Fang””

  1. Wow a human translation on this huge gargantuan dictionary of a chapter, that’s real dedication. Appreciation.

  2. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but also didn’t they reveal more about his backstory in some side stories? Why wouldn’t he just write about what he already put in those

      1. Christ I am glad they did not. Not every action someone takes need to be the result of what happened during their childhood. Sometimes it is best to just let the actions they take in the present to speak for themselves not every question needs to be answered.

    1. The only other thing we know about him is that he used to be a bandit who betrayed his fellow crooks to try to get into the army. Not really on the why and how he got on this path in the first place.

    2. Todd gets a named chapter probably means hes dead.

      Also the last line (I have no …) could be some people talking about why they should resurrect Todd

      1. I haven’t read the entire Web/Light Novel series of “Re: Zero”. Everything up to Arc 5, I saw in the anime, but in my experience, there are very few named chapters that contain the death of the character. Outside of the Ginunhive chapters & Chisha Gold, most of them are just the character’s backstory, but not their death.

  3. Man I love Todd. Bro refuses to elaborate and instead chooses to break the fourth wall. Thanks for the translation! Can’t wait for the rest.

  4. Man cut off his own obituary because he didn’t want anyone knowing any details about him paranoid to the end

    1. Pretty sure it’s not an obituary until we see him die. He’s been pretty damn hard to kill since his first appearance, so I wouldn’t expect him do die from drowning.

  5. I get the feeling Todd isn’t dead yet. He has serious “to driven to die” energy radiating off him. I’m not writing it off that he’ll die in the future, but he definitely isn’t a character you can just kill off in the background.

    1. I mean even if he is dies the current disaster gives him a 1-up (which neither him nor Subaru thought about during the death match) and then he’s on the zombie team and we have immortal Todd vs everyone

  6. I always thought that a chapter named after a character will be very long but this chapter is the shortest so far. Also it didn’t really reveal anything new about Todd. This looks like a troll chapter lol.

    1. i think the point of this is that todd’s instincts are so strong, he sensed the upcoming If routes and the observers that are a canon force in rezero. meaning todd is broken Af

  7. Todd is betting so much on being the victim of prejudice, I wonder what he says when he faces the full Subaru gang: the near-extinct onis, werecats, and spitting image of Satan – the half-elf?

    1. There’s being a victim of prejudice, and then there’s ‘if anyone finds out what you really are, you’ll be executed cause of some shit your kind did hundreds of years ago.’

      1. I feel like in the empire That kind of thinking should technically apply to Emilia as well but everyone in the rebellion giving her a pass because she saved them from dragons

    2. he only did that to distract subaru’s conviction and it worked so well that subaru started wanting to save todd too. to a man of the empire that kind of thinking rivals a sin archbishop

  8. Am I the only one who HATES Todd? Guy is a total psychopath, at least the archbishops are just loony tunes. Todd is a straight up bastard.

    1. Yeah. I’m not a fan of Todd Fang. He’s such a manipulative sociopath, and I question how he has the ability to feel love for anyone, let alone Katya. He’s been a great villain for these two arcs though.

      1. > I question how he has the ability to feel love for anyone, let alone Katya.

        He probably sees Katya as his ideal girl, at least going off of Death Unto the Weak, No Mercy 4. Why that’s the case will likely be elaborated on later in this arc, though it’s not hard to speculate.

        1. From what I understand (side story), Katya is the only person that Todd doesn’t consider like a threat due to the fact that she is not only weak, but isolated which mean that she can’t even plot against him. It’s why he finds her cute when she tries to hit him with objects but miss. It shows him that even if she intended him to hurt him she can’t so he feels safe with her. He’s only focused on survival and his survival isn’t threatened by her.

      2. Because Katya is weak, pathetic, and therefore controllable. It has all the hallmarks of an abusive relationship developing.

    2. It feels like there’s very few of us, doesn’t it? I feel like any part with Todd after the fortress city is a complete slog to get through. I personally feel like he’s a poorly written character which has failed to serve as a foil or anything else worthwhile. He is a walking contrivance, and is annoyingly hypocritical towards Subaru.

      There have been other characters introduced that have been irritating for a variety of reasons, but none have been so frustratingly dull as Todd Fang.

      1. I wouldn’t say dull. He’s a nice little minor antagonist. But he WAY outlived his welcome. Should’ve been killed off halfway through Arc 7 and Subaru should’ve gone back to Lugunica where he belongs.

  9. ✍️✍️✍️✍️
    Such a short chapter but it not only gets the job done, but also accomplishes even more

    1. Yeah. It definitely shows that Todd doesn’t even want the readers to know what made him the way he is.

  10. good, because i clearly don’t care about any random backstory. just kill him quick and move on with the plot.

  11. Literally peak writing man, generally “simply ruthless” villains are completely bland and boring or have only 1-2 appealing qualities- that too, their fighting capabilities like dio and freeza.
    THIS is how you write peak “simply ruthless” villains, no sob stories, understandable yet twisted reasons, and a formidable opponent.

    Todd is the best antagonist in re:zero for me yet.

  12. Todd Fang um verdadeiro vilão…
    Distorcido por ser caçado e temido por ser um lobisomem…
    Só desapareça, é o mínimo que eu tenho a dar pra ele agora.
    Obrigado pelo capítulo!

  13. Honestly, this named chapter was done perfectly. It gives me Aizen vibes. Sharp, to the point, precise summary of everything we needed to know. No need for a backstory. Honestly, a character like this, with no real rhyme or reason for the readers to latch on to and sympathize with, is what makes him such a great villain. We don’t need any sympathy for Todd. And with his actions alone, we can truly say, Todd was a despicable being.

  14. Terrible person, amazing character.

    The only issue I had with his character was the fact that he was able to read ppls thoughts with 100% accuracy based on facial expressions. This just seems too nonsensical for me to accept lolz.

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