Arc 6, Chapter 2 – “His Way of Providing a Warm Welcome”

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Albeit this is late in saying, but the base for the Emilia Camp, had been moved to the main residence of the Mathers Territory, different from the mansion that had been burnt to the ground in the past.

However, the layout of the mansion didn’t differ from the layout the past one possessed, as it was formatted in a familiar way; the main building was placed in the center, and the west and east wing buildings were established to the left and right. It was also formatted this way so that the spaciousness would be just about the same, so they would seldom become confused when roaming it.

The only problem was that it was just a tad too similar, making it much easier to forget Arlam Village was no longer located nearby. There had been several occasions where Subaru would wake up energetically, seeking to perform radio calisthenics[1] in the village, and then somewhere along that long road, he’d realize he didn’t know which way to turn next.

Beatrice would subsequently catch up to him in a fuss, and she would be really angry.

Anyhow, they had arrived at Roswaal’s mansion, got welcomed by the same old Petra and Ram, and entered the parlor where Roswaal, the owner of the mansion, awaited them, but――

Roswaal: “Ohhh~, welcome baaack~. It’s great that you came baaaack~ safe.”

Roswaal sat on the couch as he clapped his hands, welcoming them on their return. Subaru and Emilia were reflexively taken aback by Roswaal’s smiling welcome.

They looked at his excessive and amicable smile, and then they looked at each other.

Subaru: “…Emilia-tan, was anything weird written in the letter?”

Emilia: “I-I don’t know, okay. Moreover, you didn’t even go as far as to prepare a weird gift? Because, you know, Subaru and Roswaal have secret talks sometimes, so…”

Subaru: “N-no way! And even if I were to plan on giving Ros-chi a gift, I’d put in my usual gratitude and consult Emilia-tan, Beatrice, Petra, Frederica, Patrasche, and maybe even Ram to help me think of a way to reduce the amount of time and money needed for the gift.”

Beatrice: “Those were only names of girls, I suppose.”

Subaru: “Isn’t it embarrassing for me to ask people like Otto and Garfiel about a gift from a man to another man!?”

Subaru responded to the displeased Beatrice, and then sent a wry smile in response to Emilia’s scornful eyes.

Incidentally, he had deliberately left out Rem’s name in order to avoid causing anxiety for the others, so not for anyone to misunderstand, he did feel guilty about it. Anyhow, Roswaal, who was witnessing the whole exchange, shrugged his shoulders.

Roswaal: “Whaaat~ a surprising reaction. I worry about you guys’ safety, so I wonder what’s so weird about me being glaaad~ that you’re all safe. It’s natural, right?”

Emilia: “That’s, true but… Roswaal, you haven’t really showed that side of yourself to us that much until now, so…”

Roswaal: “It meaaans~ I’ve had various changes in my way of thinking this past yeeear~. Shouldn’t Emilia-sama be a bit happy about me becoming cooperative?”

Emilia: “Hmm, you’re right.”

Emilia responded to Roswaal’s brazen rejection in a way that was typical of her tolerant self, accepting his change of mind. He nodded his head at Emilia, and just seeing her waving her palms back and forth made Subaru unable to leave it at this inadequate level of trust, but——

Beatrice: “Even if you were to try to understand his way of thinking, it wouldn’t be possible because it’s too odd, in fact. Subaru… Subaru is also a bit like that, but the like of that is more, I suppose.”

Subaru: “You’re being too vague with your words.”

Stroking the head of Beatrice, who seemed to have chosen to put in vague and senile words into her remark, Subaru now stepped into the parlor, following Emilia.

The cheery Roswaal—— they were skeptical about him, but were somehow aware of his ulterior motive. In reality, he actually had just spoken of his motive himself just a moment ago.

Roswaal was seriously glad about Subaru and Emilia coming back safe.

Now that his Book of Wisdom was no longer in his possession, being amiable was the best move he could take in order to fulfill the purpose that he had yet to reveal. His only objective was to have Subaru’s actions break the obstacles that stood in the way.

Subaru: “If you feel that way, then that’s fine. Though, it’d be helpful if you were a little cooperative.”

Roswaal: “You will reach your goal with or without my help. That’s why I believe my cooperation is an unnecessary portion of your power. It really isn’t an eeeeven~ relationship.”

Subaru: “It feels like I’m suffering an arrangement in an RPG where I can’t use a support character normally, it does.”

It was an arrangement where the extremely powerful support character would do anything but participate in the battle.

Roswaal avoiding from participating in battles was much like such a condition; in his case, he would become more and more entertained while he continued to sit back and watch Subaru, someone who believed in his own power to change fate with his ability Return by Death, take desperate measures, continuing to drive himself deeper and deeper into predicaments.

He was a cunning fellow, which made Subaru want to click his tongue.

Anastasia: “——Ain’t it ‘bout time ya introduce us as well?”

Subaru: “Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Roswaal, they’re visitors. Allow them to seat themselves.”

Roswaal: “I’m listening. Nevertheless, those are some interesting faces.”

The girl who was waiting out in the corridor spoke out to the people having a conversation at the entrance. Subaru let out a light apology to them, and then made a hand gesture towards Roswaal, who was sitting at the couch, signaling him to let them in.

Roswaal stood up and then sat back down in the chief seat with dead silence, then directing the two guests over to the visitors’ sofa. Subaru and the others slowly took their places on the sofa that faced Roswaal.

Roswaal: “Welcome, from so far you have come. The last time we spoke to each other face-to-face like this was at the Recognition Ceremony.”

Anastasia: “That’s true. Also, it’s not like we’d spoken to each other in a proper conversation before… This essentially feels like the first time we’ll be speakin’ to each other.”

The Recognition Ceremony that had come up in this conversation was the formal recognition of the suppression of the White Whale, accomplished by a combination of the Emilia Camp, Anastasia Camp, and Crusch Camp, where they had been evaluated.

As the small-scale ceremony had been carried out in the Royal Castle located at the Royal Capital, naturally, every member available immediately after the resolution of the Sanctuary affairs had been present, as the representatives of each camp were to gather.

He had vivid memories of Otto having a tense, pale face, and of the castle shining within Garfiel’s eyes, and Roswaal had nonchalantly decided to participate, even after all the trouble he had put them through. What a guy.

Well he’d been nervous, yeah, but he couldn’t say Emilia was any better than him in nervousness and fidgeting. It made sense, considering how she was being praised for achievements she didn’t even have memory of achieving.

Anyway, that was a meeting from the past. Mutual greetings were carried out in a hurried manner.

And so, the conversation would immediately move onto the main topic, a report about the the city of Pristella——

Roswaal: “——And just like the letter said, Otto-kun and Garfiel have withdrawn because of their injuries. I see, undeeerstood~. These achievements are truly promising.”

A sigh of admiration escaped Roswaal, after hearing the report. This made Emilia raise her eyebrows, voicing a “Hey” with a slightly stern tone.

Emilia: “They were injured so badly they couldn’t even return. Yet, you still put it like that. What are you trying to say?”

Roswaal: “Let’s refrain from jumping toooo~ any hasty conclusions. Yes, it is heartbreaking that they were injured like that, and yes, their forced, temporary withdrawal is no less heartbreaking than their wounds. However, on the other hand, no one in the camp has suffered fatal damage. If you consider the other camps, and taking into account you have encountered multiple Sin Archbishops… Indeed, this outcome really is miraculous.”

Emilia: “――――”

Roswaal: “Naturally, the scars caused by the Sin Archbishops should be treated promptly, but Emilia-sama and everyone else who endeavored to protect the city did their best so that the damage was kept to a bare minimum. I think that you ought to recognize that for yourseeelf~.”

Emilia: “…Oh, thanks.”

Her face one of someone who had not been convinced, Emilia delivered her thanks.

In actuality, his words should have sounded like a sound argument. However, it was important to consider the impression one had of the speaker. Subaru had the thought that he was shady, and so all the others probably followed suit.

Roswaal: “Weeell~, putting the question of people’s thoughts on me aside, shall we move onto something else—— Incidentally, the person who summoned Emilia-sama to Pristella where such a ruckus occurred was Anastasia-sama, was it not…? What do you have to say about that?”

Anastasia: “It’s inexcusable that she was dragged right into that hubbub. If ya want me to apologize, I’ll do it properly, as I’m mentally prepared to do so.”

Roswaal: “And if you sincerely bow your head, this would end without having you paying back a single diiime~… Oh, but you do not need to apologize to me. Emilia-sama has already turned you down, correct?”

Emilia: “Because, shouldn’t the blame be put on the Witch Cult if they were the ones to cause mischief? Anastasia shouldn’t be responsible for anything, because she merely invited us there. Also, it’s not like we didn’t accomplish the goals for which we were summoned out to Pristella…”

Roswaal cast a side glance, to which Emilia responded by feeling the pendant worn on her neck.

A brand-new, large spellstone was attached to the pendant. At this very moment, a fast-asleep Great Spirit was quietly awaiting for its revival. Obtaining this highly pure crystal gem, which would become Puck’s Anchor—— that was something the camp had set as their goal, and something that had been achieved.

Emilia: “Also, isn’t it possible that the Witch Cult was driven back simply because we happened to be there? If you think about it that way, it should be seen as Anastasia’s achieveme…”

Anastasia: “To think of it like that’d be too favorable to another camp, so I’m gonna stop ya there.”

For some reason, Anastasia was being rescued by Emilia’s words of optimism.

However, Roswaal’s current questioning was just an attempt to keep people in check. In fact, it was plausible that most of the Witch Cult’s targets had been brought into Pristella by Subaru and the others. If that were to be pointed out, there was no doubt the atmosphere would become heavy because of the evil of the Witch Cult.

Thus, it would be in their best interest to solidify the opinion, “Let’s work together. The Witch Cult blows!”.

Subaru: “The other three camps have already agreed on that. One Sin Archbishop was killed, and one was captured… Man, one thing was happening after another with the witch’s cult.”

Roswaal: “Though, their organization skills are a bit dubious. In their case, they’re a group of outlaws that have nothing to do with words such as «cooperation» and «unity». Even if one of them was the last to stand having lost aaall~ of their allies and, that lone lunatic’s morale wouldn’t be damaged in the slightest.”

Subaru: “…I can agree with that.”

Roswaal’s opinion was the same as Subaru’s, so it was probably the correct one.

The so-called “organization” of the Witch Cult was now more of a ragtag gang of lunatics rather than an actual organization. They could not bring themselves to be naive now that they thought lacked organization; they would not be obedient from now on, simple as that.

The remaining Gluttony and Lust’s brutality would never be stopped.

Subaru: “That’s why we need to find a way to resist them. The next thing I’ll talk about is related to that.”

Roswaal: “…Coming in touch with Sage Shaula, hmm~.”

Subaru: “I know that it’s not gonna be easy. But there’s no choice but to try it as long as we can’t come up with any other measure. Finally, an omnipotent and omniscient… Or well, let’s say omniscient. If the Sage’s really like that, there’s no harm in just trying to talk to the person, right?”

Roswaal: “Aaalthough~, everybody in the past couple hundreds of years who’s tried that ended up suffering a big loss by paying with their liiives~.”

He presented this common knowledge, and it certainly was a disturbing view of the situation. However, they had something up their sleeves for that reason.

When Subaru exchanged looks with her, Anastasia replied with a gesture of slight acknowledgement using her chin. Then,

Anastasia: “There’s where I come in. Fortunately, I’ve got a way we can make it to the Sage’s Watchtower safely. So there ain’t a reason to worry about getting lost. Does that calm yer worries?”

Roswaal: “Well, should I truly believe your words just becaaause~…? First of all, if you do have this method, the people who would pay a great sum to know such a thing are many. So why are you the only one aware of it?”

Anastasia: “Money’s certainly important to me, as a merchant—— However, there are things in this world that money can’t replace. This is one such thing.”

Hand upon her thin chest, Anastasia—— Eridna proclaimed that with pomp.

Despite the fact she was pretending to be Anastasia, her word had a wondrous power; a power that astonished even Subaru, one who was aware that it was not her true self at this moment.

Being faced with that Anastasia, Roswaal responded by closing one of his eyes. Glaring at her for a brief period with only a single yellow eye,

Roswaal: “Ohhh~ myyyy~. This is why it’s difficult to deal with those who are cognizant of both fighting and gambling. Moreover, I am sure Emilia-sama has already agreed to this, anywayyy~.”

Emilia: “I’m sorry for making these decisions all by myself, okay?”

Roswaal: “But you won’t stop taking these decisions of your own accord. It is fine, however. You’ll dare to proceed in choosing this thorny path. That’s where he comes into the frame as well.”

Roswaal retorted in a half-hearted manner, though he was interested in how they would get there after all.

The height of the hurdle Subaru had to climb over would become be correspondingly higher, based on the difficulty of the road Emilia had chosen. This was, because he was now the hope that replaced the Book of Wisdom, for Roswaal.

Subaru: “Anyways, as per Anastasia’s information we’ll come across some sort of desert. Although it’ll take a few days.”

Julius: “It is not «some sort of desert», it is the Augria Sand Dunes. You have had this mistake corrected so many times so far, so how about you hurry up and remember it accurately already?”

Julius presented an input of his own as he let out a sigh in reaction to Subaru’s vague memory.

The person that had been watching in silence while sitting on the sofa next to Anastasia the whole time directed his intellectual gaze at Roswaal, and continued,

Julius: “I do believe that this might be a very difficult proposal to accept for Roswaal-sama. However, in the city of Pristella, there remain many who have been exposed to the Witch Cult’s barbarism, and the number of people who are still wounded both mentally and physically is vast. If we could somehow take any action that may pose as salvation, then I would like to wish to have permission to do so.”

Roswaal: “You have quiiite~ the graceful way with words. It appears that you are an owner of extraordinary abilities… But it makes no sense how I have no recollection of that. Which means, that. Riiight~?”

Julius: “――――”

Roswaal understood the situation based off his non-existing memories of Julius’s being. The gaze of Julius turned downcast, at which Roswaal rested his chin on the hand of the arm he had placed on the armrest.

Then loosening his lips with a sense of cheerfulness, he——

Roswaal: “You’ve been forgotten by everyone because of the Authority of Gluttony. It feels like you’ve been left behind by the world. In order to break out of the conundrum you find yourself in, you’re looking to pursuit the thin amount of hope that is Sage Shaula. You do not need to make excuses on how it’s for everyone else, you knooow~.”

Julius: “——Kh. By no means am I doing this for selfish reasons!”

Roswaal: “I’m not blaming yooou~. It’s actually a natural thing, and so, I find that way of being preferrable. Doing anything for yourself over doing basically anything for someone else’s sake is a desperate act. Even if other people were to be saved as a result with your actions, while feeling satisfaction and feeling achievement from doing so, there’d be no need to deny your condescending heart.”

Julius’ face stiffened as Roswaal continued slamming him with word upon word.

Under his clown makeup, the smile on his face turned even deeper.

Roswaal: “And even more, if you save yourself, then there’s a high chance that other people will be similarly saved as well. You even carry a just cause to act upon, so there’s no need for you to take a little blame, riiight~?”

Julius: “I…”

Anastasia: “——Margrave Mathers, may I ask ya to stop there?”

Anastasia restrained Julius with her voice, taking his place in confronting Roswaal. She let out an elegant smile and then tilted her lovely head. And then,

Anastasia: “I also ain’t got memories of him, but… even then, this boy seems to be my Knight. That’s why it doesn’t feel to watch him getting bullied while unable to do anythin’ ‘bout it.”

Roswaal: “You’re saying that the bond between a master and a servant still exists between you two, even when he has disappeared from your memories…?”

Anastasia: “I wonder. I ain’t too certain ‘bout that either. Though it did feel natural and pleasin’ that Julius cared for me during the trip… Moreover――”

Anastasia gently raised her finger and pointed towards the sofa facing her and,

Anastasia: “I wanna prevent ya from tearin’ your camp apart if ya keep doin’ that, yeah?”

Roswaal: “—―My, oh my.”

In response to Anastasia’s point—— he looked at Subaru, who was on the verge of eruption, and then promptly shrugged his shoulders. Subaru was on the verge of shouting. Naturally, Emilia and Beatrice were on the cusp of doing so as well.

Raising both of his hands in surrender, Roswaal made his statement.

Roswaal: “Okay, okay. I’m sorry about this. Thooough~, I do think that I was just pointing out the possibility of a certain aspect.”

Subaru: “That was unnecessary. You really need to stop fucking around.”

Roswaal: “Was it though? You will most likely come across people who don’t care about how many people benefit from the outcome, and distrustful comrades who bring you down with abusive complaints. It seemed like you weren’t aware of that possibility, so I just thought to advise you to anticipaaate~ it.”

Not doing this for someone else’s sake, but for one’s own.

As a matter of fact, Subaru was experienced in being berated for such actions, which remained in the form of a painful wound.

That had been what he had told Emilia at the Royal Castle; that he was acting for her sake, but her response was that he was acting for his own sake. As a result, he would never be able to forget the heartache that ensued. That was a definite truth.

However, whether that had been the truth or not, there often would be times where people would mention it with the intent of hurting him. But that did not mean that――

Subaru: “It’s not as if the feeling of accomplishment decreases depending on the amount of people who approve of one’s actions. As if this person is like that. Stop it.”

Roswaal: “It cannot be helped, riiight~? Because unlike you, I’m not familiar with his personaliiity~… Although your relationship with him doesn’t seem like the sort a person would have after a few days on a trip.”

Roswaal turned to Subaru, who was about to lose his temper. In just this moment, Roswaal’s eyes, bordered by his long eyelashes, became overcast with a full-blown sense of tragedy. Then,

Roswaal: “This means that you’re the only one who remembers again. Just like in Rem’s case.”

Subaru: “Though, I do wonder what kind of fate this is.”

Roswaal: “It is proof your existence is a special one. You should care for it. You should treasure iiit~——Because there are many things out there that cannot be obtained even when one wished for them.”

Nobody besides Roswaal himself followed the second half of his emotionful statement.

However, even if he were to continue tp ask him questions until he shed light on it, Roswaal would not let out the truth; henceforth, Subaru quickly gave up on the situation. Anyhow, the things that needed to be said should have been said by now.

Next would be――

Subaru: “Just like the letter said, the Confinement Room and…”

Roswaal: “And the Sleeping Beauty will be taken out, yes. What a drastic measure. I was sure that you really hated people touching her, after all.”

Subaru: “A way to wake her up might be found, so I’ll try it. Isn’t that a given?”

Roswaal: “I was surprised to find out that you’d first try this measure with that girl. You give off the impression of a selfish person, but in reality you punish yourself. Somewhere in your heart, somewhere in the corner of your mind, ever since the onset, you believe that she should be the first to be saved?”

Subaru: “――――”

He had hit the bullseye, and Subaru reflexively sunk into silence.

Ever since they had set out on their journey towards the Pleiades Watchtower and up until the time they arrived at the mansion, Subaru had been constantly wondering if bringing Rem along as one of Gluttony’s victims was indeed the right approach.

Of course, he was not averse to waking up Rem, not at all. If there was the possibility that she would wake up, he wished that she would awaken as soon as possible, even if just for a day, even if just for a single second.

However, the certainty of Natsuki Subaru being the one to do it was a different matter.

All those people in the city of Pristella were suffering the same kind of damage as Rem. A situation where those who were sleeping were not even taken into account by their own families, unaware their existence had been stolen.

The more Subaru thought about it, the more he felt the piercing of a strange wedge in his haert.

It was the feeling of guilt from saving her first over a multitude of other people. This was why he had hesitated this time around, on the subject of bringing Rem out, but—―

???: “I’ve already convinced Subaru, so there’s no problem.”

Roswaal: “…My my, this is quite surprising.”

In the place of the stricken-silent Subaru, the one replying to Roswaal was Emilia.

Turning his gaze to Emilia, her chest puffed up with pride, Roswaal quizzically closed one of his eyes,

Roswaal: “You say that, but wouldn’t her awakening be troublesome for Emilia-sama? Subaru-kun has strong feelings for that girl, no matter how you look at it. In fact, they’re as strong as the feelings he holds for Emilia-sama…”

Emilia: “Yeah, I think that’s right. Subaru will devote himself to that girl for a while, and he might stop caring about me as well.”

Subaru: “No, under no circumstances would that…”

Happen. It should not happen.

His feelings towards Emilia had never wavered, and he swore they would never either.

However, a different part of him possessed intense feelings for Rem. That was a fact, and just like Emilia said, if she were to wake up, there was no doubt that he’d become devoted to her.

However, Emilia turned to Subaru with a “It’s fine”, then resuming her words,

Emilia: “If it makes Subaru turn away from me, that just means that I’ll be the one this time to do my best for him to turn my way. I’m going to be troubled if Subaru isn’t here after all that. Therefore, I’ll also have you come my way, no matter how madly in love you are with Rem with how cute she is.”

Subaru: “Eh? Emilia-tan!?”

Emilia: “That’s my resolve and that’s what I have decided. And nobody will complain about you saving her—— So it’s fine. Let’s wake up Rem.”

Emilia supported Subaru’s decision with her strong words.

Those words somewhat sounded like a confession. It surprised Subaru and caused his knees to shake. On many occasions, Emilia had told him things that sounded like affection. That had indeed happened, but in none of those times did she go over the level of deep affection——

Emilia: “Me, Rem, Beatrice, Petra, Patrasche, Otto-kun, Garfiel, we all want you to be reaaally reaaally happy!”

Subaru: “Though you did mix a ground dragon and men at the latter half of your statement.”

She had mixed in a loli at the middle too.

Anyhow, he accepted this, and then Beatrice, who was sitting beside him, poked his shoulder. An “Oh, eh” escaped Subaru’s lips, looking towards his side right after. Beatrice had her usual indignant look plastered on her face.

Beatrice: “It’s not like I’m going to complain about Subaru’s tendency to fool around with girls… But one of his hands should be always free, I suppose. This is Betty’s exclusive special privilege, in fact.”

Subaru: “…You’re ridiculously cute.”

Beatrice: “That’s a given, I suppose. Betty’s adorableness resounds to the gods of heaven and earth, in fact.”

He didn’t go as far as to care about what the gods of heaven and earth thought of the issue, but it did resound in Subaru’s heart.

Backed by both Emilia and Beatrice, Subaru would endeavor to wake Rem up.

——He longer hesitated about doing this.

Subaru: “So that’s that, Roswaal. Sorry for being loved so much. Rem will be taken out.”

Roswaal: “You’ll just surprise Emilia-sama and Beatrice-sama when you make them sound like alternates like that. It’s fine, do whatever you want. I never planned on stopping you anywaaay~.”

Subaru: “Alrighty, then about the talk from before.”

Roswaal: “I was feeling concern and just wanted to make sure that you understood the meaning of those actions. I also hurt your guys’ incredible, nameless Knight, so my apologies.”

Subaru: “It’s okay.”

Roswaal spoke in a way that felt like banter til the very end. Julius on the other hand inhaled slightly, and took turns exchanging looks with Anastasia and Subaru,

Julius: “I am Julius Juukulius. This only remains within his memory as of right now, but I am an Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Lugunica. I am not so inept that my heart would be perturbed by something of this caliber.”

He makes his declaration in such a manner, a splendid job of brushing aside the pestering from the wickedly evil mage.

Subaru: “…Not very firm.”

Julius: “Just whose side are you on, really? I feel like I have been stabbed in the back just now.”

He sneaked in his last statement just after their conversation had been brought to its conclusion.

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The conversation had ended, and Subaru and the others had left the parlor.

They were heading towards the Confinement Room that resided in the east wing of the mansion. Over there, they would come in contact with a person who was possibly one of the key factors in reaching the Augria Sand Dunes.

A year prior to this or thereabouts, a person had been brought along with the residents of the mansion’s migration and had been kept inside the Confinement Room ever since then.

That really was not the type of acquaintance one would wish to come in contact with, nor was it really safe to do, but——

???: “I’m really wondering what kind of results they’ll bring. Making me having that sort of expectations, I wonder if theeey’ve~ perhaps influenced me yeeet~ again.”

Roswaal rested the weight of his back onto the sofa, sinking deeper and deeper into it as these words trickled out of him.

One person was left in the parlor. The sorcerer thought over the lingering memory of the previous discussion, had someone come to mind, and then let out a slight laugh. Then,

Roswaal: “Does this mean that I’m becoming one of his favorite members too? What do you think?”

???: “…You sure say some disgusting things I suppose, is what I think, in fact. You really have no limits to the point it’s frightening, there’s no other way to put it, I suppose.”

Roswaal: “It’s not like I lack principles to go as far as to get close to him with thiiis~ body.”

???: “You were a woman before as well, in fact. Betty is just adequately staying on-guard, I suppose.”

Roswaal made an increasingly cheerful smile, and then the little girl who had responded to his statement—— Beatrice, began playing with her own hair by pulling on it, keeping a composed expression.

It was possibly because she was bored, or perhaps it was a habit she would adopt when starting to get irritated.

Roswaal: “Subaru-kun and the others are going to the Confinement Room, you know? Don’t you think it’s unsafe without you byyy~ his side?”

Beatrice: “A stray that bares its fangs is less troublesome than a pet dog that polishes its fangs, in fact. Which is why I thought to keep that in check properly, I suppose.”

Roswaal: “Calling him a pet dog is truly cruel. But being Teacher’s dog would be something I’d yearn for.”

Beatrice: “You are a deviant beyond saving, in fact… Roswaal, don’t test Subaru too much, I suppose. Betty won’t allow you to provoke him too much, in fact.”

Roswaal let out a smile containing a hint of obscenity, and was properly rebuked by Beatrice and her bitter face. Roswaal removed his smile afterwards, and just like always, he closed his one eye—— his blue eye, returning Beatrice’s look solely with his yellow eye.

Roswaal: “You and I view things a different way. You act carefree, while I act with a single purpose in mind.”

Beatrice: “That would mean that you see a side of me that is completely different from Mother, the Betty that holds Subaru’s hand is several hundreds times better than that, I suppose.”

Roswaal: “That is what I’m refeeerring~ to. It’s fine for you, who put on the airs as the Guardian of the Forbidden Library, to becooome~ as happy as possible.”

Beatrice: “That’s a given, in fact. Which is why I’ll have you allow me to act in order to protect that happiness, I suppose.”

Roswaal, still seated on the couch, and Beatrice standing right before him; with the two’s line of sight at the same height, sparks flew in all directions. Roswaal squinted, as if to attempt to peek into the heart of that round-eyed girl, and,

Roswaal: “With one of the Sin Archbishops being killed, a second one should’ve entered Subaru-kun.”

Beatrice: “…There should be candidates other than Subaru, in fact.”

Roswaal: “But none of them come close to him nor do they overlap with him. Which one will be chosen is a matter-of-course, between the one who only grazes him and the one who overlaps. Cease with the dull pretenses.”

Beatrice: “——I won’t let you say much more, I suppose.”

Beatrice responded to Roswaal’s argument with a voice coated with determination that she had previously hidden.

She grabbed tightly onto her arm’s sleeve, then glared at Roswaal.

Beatrice: “Betty is Subaru’s, in fact. Therefore, Subaru will remain Subaru, I suppose.”

Roswaal: “I don’t mean to hinder yooour~ efforts. The lower the number, the more convenient it is more me. That’s aaall~.”

Beatrice: “――Tch.”

At the very end, Beatrice sent a scathing look towards Roswaal, heading towards the door.

This was the end of the discussion.

Roswaal: “Beatrice.”

Roswaal called out to the girl’s back as she moved away.

Beatrice stopped walking, but did not turn around.

Roswaal: “I want you to be happy, at least much more so than the others. You are… like a younger sister to me, that’s why.”

Beatrice: “——A pretty disgusting thing to say, in fact. Also, you’ll never be like Mother, I suppose.”

Roswaal: “Isn’t that what love iiiis~?”

There was no rebuttal.

There was merely the sound of the door opening and closing, echoing quietly in the parlor.

And after that, there was no further sound being made within the parlor.

Translation Note:

[1] – Translation note from Remonwater: “Warm-up exercises popular in China, Taiwan, and Japan. For more information, see here.”

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