Arc 8, Curtain’s Close – “Priscilla Barielle”


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――The Great Disaster averted, the Sacred Vollachian Empire had at last escaped ruin.

With the Imperial Capital at its center, the hosts of undead that had been deployed throughout the entire Empire had lost their leadership, and fell apart; as they scattered and fled, the battle approached its curtain’s close. However, though their commander, Sphinx, was no more, though the Mana that had been provided to the Sacrament of the Immortal King by the Stone had been severed, until they were granted death once more, the resurrected undead still struggled onward with the entirety of their new lives.

Albeit the struggle against the Great Disaster had concluded in this manner, the scars it had been left behind would never disappear.

It was quite possible that, from here on out within the Vollachian Empire, the undead that had managed to escape would frequently cause trouble. Even without that, even with the war itself having ended, everything that had been influenced by it would never truly be put right once and for all.

Naturally, the towns and regions that had become warfronts, and the people and things that had become casualties, would all need to be verified so that they could be processed and returned to their pre-war state.

And sadly, things such as “heroic reveries” were of no use to the post-war recovery.

???: [So, it’s unexpectedly true that I’ve got nothing to do…]

???: [――What was that? Do you have complaints towards mineself?]

???: [It’s not that I’m complaining, it’s just, like, a strange feeling?]

As Subaru grumbled that out, walking alongside him was a beautiful woman―― Priscilla, the words he had directed towards her having been carefully selected. In response to Subaru’s reply, she used a fan she held to cover her lips, a small “Hmph” slipping from her mouth.

To that response, one he was well-accustomed to, Subaru tilted his head in wonder as he walked alongside her.

――Presently, the place in which Subaru and Priscilla were walking together, was within the walls of the Fortified City of Garkla.

The greatest fortress within the Empire, its ramparts had become extensively damaged by the advance of the undead hordes, with the citizenry and army unquestioningly working day and night to move forward the repair work. To walk alongside Priscilla in such a cityscape, it was a strange happenstance.

Both Subaru and Priscilla had been participants at the battleground of the Imperial Capital of Lupugana in the decisive bout against the Great Disaster, Sphinx, and it was their anxiety for the wellbeing of those that they had left behind, and the disastrous spectacle of the Imperial Capital, unfit for settlement, that had prompted their return to this city.

Priscilla: [The Crystal Palace, once extolled as the most beautiful in the world, is now naught but ash, and the water yet contained within the reservoir still threatens to cascade forth and sweep away the city. As things stand, it shall take a century to restore the Imperial Capital.]

Subaru: [Things there were on a pretty huge scale… hold on a sec, should the person responsible for turning the Palace into ash really be saying that?]

Priscilla: [As soon as it began to rampage as a golem, even without mine actions being enacted, the recovery of its Palace form was no longer a possibility. As such, mineself used it as a ceremonial flame to herald their send-off, for they had fully carried out the role of Great Disaster.]

Subaru: [――A ceremonial bonfire for Sphinx, huh.]

Priscilla responded calmly, and as Subaru thought about the enemy, Sphinx, he cast his eyes downward.

This was not something that anyone who participated in the battle against the Great Disaster could say, but at the very end, in order to activate the effects of Spica’s Star Eating, Subaru had faced off against Sphinx directly.

At that moment, Subaru and Sphinx had laid their souls bare to one another.

That was probably why. Subaru could not hate Sphinx, and regard her as evil from the bottom of his heart. At least, she was not an unforgivable enemy like the Sin Archbishops, that was what he felt.

And it was something similar to this, which he thought Priscilla may have felt――.

Priscilla: [It was a truly magnificent pillar of flame. After all, it is truly elating to see something burn.]

Subaru: [Nah, what if it’s just that you like to burn things!?]

Priscilla: [My, so noisy. Do not suddenly use such a loud voice. That is very much like Al, is it not?]

At first glance, it sounded like an insult, but Priscilla’s lips were curled into a smile as she spoke. It was a difficult relationship to grasp, but she cared about her Knight, Al, in her own way.

That much could not be questioned after the reunion of Priscilla and Al at the Imperial Capital.

Subaru: [And, on that note, Al wouldn’t want to be separated from you, so where is he right now?]

Priscilla: [It is as you say. As he did not wish to be separated from mineself, he was ordered to be a servant. At this time, he should be working hard as he salivates for mine praise. Just like you, who is head over heels for the half-devil.]

Subaru: [I can’t and won’t deny it, but I feel bad for how Al is being used…]

???: [――Priscilla-sama!]

Hearing a voice say “Oh”, Subaru raised his eyebrows, and with a small run across the opposite side of the street, a small boy―― Schult’s figure came into his sight. The small boy in shorts and a butler’s outfit was breathing heavily, coming to a sudden halt in front of Priscilla, and,

Schult: [Um, Priscilla-sama, thank goodness you are safe, that is the most important thing! I am… I really am, so… waahhh…]

Priscilla: [A child should not be concerned with such foolish trifles. If you are worried about mineself, then be so with dignity.]

Saying this, Prisicilla embraced Schult, who had come to a halt, the young boy’s head becoming buried in her breasts. Rather than a metaphor, the statement that he was buried in her breasts was a fact, so it felt like looking at a difference in biological species rather than a difference in gender.

Like Al, Schult was one of Priscilla’s servants, and he had been truly worried about her return from the Imperial Capital, his face turning red as he melted into her touch.

In fact, for him to be this delighted at the return of the Imperial Capital group―― the Rescue the Vollachian Empire from Destruction Squad, it had been worth hastening the dragon carriage for their return.

Subaru: [It was also worth it since as soon as I reunited with Patrasche in this form, she immediately hit me…]

Schult: [Natsuki-sama, I was hoping that you could convey my thanks to Emily-sama! Also, I would like to help Priscilla-sama more, so I wish to hear the secret behind how you grew up so fast!]

Subaru: [I’d love to see Emilia-tan’s smug face when she receives as much gratitude as possible, but my rapid growth is a cheat technique. If you go down the normal route but grow quickly, then I think you might die from the growing pains.]

Priscilla: [Regardless, you need not recklessly grow any taller. Stay the way you are for the time being.]

Schult: [Uuu, I am caught between a rock and a hard place…]

Caught between his own wishes and the desire of his master, Schult’s anguish was plain to see on his face as he was caught between these competing ideals. Subaru, understanding his feelings towards Priscilla which could not be attached to just deep affection or admiration, sympathized with his anguish.

Subaru: [Well, even if I sympathize with you, I can’t give you any advice!]

Priscilla: [Rather than a fool, you are a pitiful man. Schult, are you walking by yourself?]

Schult: [No, that is not the case! I was with Utakata-sama and all the Shudraqians, so I…]

In the middle of Priscilla’s breasts, the buried Schult glanced behind him. Following the lead of this glance, he discovered a recognizable, sour-faced man―― Heinkel.

Subaru was aware that he had come to the Empire, and that he had contributed to fighting against the Great Disaster, but.

Subaru: [Schult, that old man isn’t bullying you, is he?]

Schult: [That is not the case! Heinkel-sama is a kind personage!]

Subaru: [That’s definitely a lie.]

Spreading false perceptions, even regarding close associates, was sub-optimal. Saying that Heinkel was kind, was like saying that Roswaal was a good and honest person.

In fact, even Heinkel seemed to be bitter about Schult’s evaluation.

Heinkel: [Pipsqueak, don’t say needless things. I’ll cast you away.]

Priscilla: [Do not utter such nonsense, commoner. It is for mineself to decide how Schult is handled. Rather, it is you who ought be afraid of being abandoned in the Empire.]

Heinkel: [Guh…! This time, I, against that… against, that, I…]

Priscilla: [Was of use? If you wish to boast so, at minimum you must speak clearly.]

Towards Heinkel’s frown and mumbling, Priscilla spoke with a bored look. She then turned Schult away from her chest, pushing him towards Heinkel.

Priscilla: [Schult, there are many people I must still visit. It is late. Do not stay up into the night.]

Schult: [I… I understand…! I feel somewhat unable to sleep, but I shall do my best to get some rest!]

To Schult, who was still excited, Priscilla nodded with a “Very well”. After that, she looked towards the one close to Schult, towards Heinkel, who was unable to speak.

Priscilla: [It was a great service, Heinkel Astrea.]

Heinkel: [Ah?]

Priscilla: [Your way of life is too unsightly to bear gaze upon, but the ability with the sword that you have forged is a worthy sight. Absolutely, even if you are never rewarded, you must never forget your diligence.]

Heinkel: […Though, whether I get rewarded or not is up to you, Miss Priscilla.]

Saying this, Heinkel turned away, roughly scratching at his red hair as he walked away.

To that distancing back, Subaru called out with an “Old man”, and,

Subaru: [I heard you saved Garfiel. ――You looked after my little bro.]

Heinkel: [――Keh.]

With his foul attitude, Heinkel walked away without stopping. Schult bowed his head, hurriedly chasing after his back after seeing them off, while Subaru shrugged towards Priscilla.

Subaru: [You didn’t give me a proper answer when I asked this before, but why are you with Reinhard’s dad?]

Priscilla: [There is no such person known as the father of another. It is a question I have no inclination to answer.]

Subaru: [Ugh… When you tell me that so straightforwardly, my chest begins to hurt.]

When Subaru clutched at his chest, Prisiclla poked at his head with her fan and said “Fool”. As Subaru rubbed at where he had been poked, Priscilla lightly stroked her chin.

Priscilla: [Well now, are you trying to bore mineself? Perform your duties as a jester well, Natsuki Subaru.]

Once again she called him by his name, yet for some reason, he had no desire to go against it.


???: [Have the two of you come to engrave a frown onto my face while I am occupied?]

Thus asked Abel, brow as wrinkled as his words suggested, upon seeing Subaru and Priscilla arrive.

This room in the great fortress, albeit not sophisticated enough to call an office, had served as Abel’s workspace for a restless night of urgent planning in regards to postwar measures.

A great shift in tone from having brandished the Yang Sword along with Priscilla against the moving palace.

Subaru: [Man, it’s incredibly off-putting for you to be tough now. There’s no way we’d be able to have another catfight.]

Vincent: [I have never wished to partake in such bizarre rituals with you. If your purpose is to distract me with these trifles, exit at once.]

Subaru: [You say you want no distractions, but…]

Subaru glanced at the sofa beside the desk where the inhospitable Emperor tended to his task. There, Flop and Medium slept shoulder-to-shoulder in harmony.

The O’Connell siblings’ cozy reunion evoked a striking contrast next to the Emperor.

Subaru: [I don’t see you kicking those two out.]

Vincent: […They guarantee me further nuisances if I rouse them, that is why.]

Priscilla: [You do not disappoint with your pretexts, elder brother. Your leniency manifests in its full glory when faced with what is most precious. When you had allowed me to flee from the country, that too had been an act of love.]

Abel was silenced by Priscilla’s calm words, spoken as she fanned her face.

That could have been interpreted as a silence that would have emerged no matter what had been said, a silence that had emerged precisely because the words had hit the mark, or even both.

Subaru: [You siscon Emperor…]

Vincent: [Albeit I know not the meaning, I presume that those words of yours are the height of irreverence.]

Priscilla: [Cease with the empty threats. Due to the Great Disaster on this occasion, the Empire has forged far too many debts towards the Kingdom and the City-States. Especially towards the camp of Natsuki Subaru’s bunch, is that not so?]

Subaru: [Priscilla… it’s not my camp, it’s Emilia-tan’s.]

It was a rare follow-up on the part of Priscilla, but he had to firmly correct her on an important part. Priscilla returned a “You are quite well-trained” with an expression slightly taken aback, and Abel silently massaged his brow with his fingers.

“Woah”, uttered Subaru when he witnessed Abel proceed to close both eyes.

Vincent: [――What is the matter, Natsuki Subaru? Do you intend to pile up even more irreverence towards me?]

Subaru: [Nah, not this time. Not like I want trouble with you, and since you’re busy, I should just leave.]

Pouting his lips, Subaru did not point out the fact which he had noticed. He did not think Abel to be unaware of it, either. That was because the reason and impetus for that change, had occurred in a definite form.

And, it seemed that Subaru was not the only one who considered that a pleasant change.

Vincent: [I extend that to you, Priscilla. I have many matters due.]

Priscilla: [So you put the Empire above your dear sister? With a decade passed, have the scales within yourself finally come to a settlement, elder brother? If that is so…]

Vincent: [What?]

As Priscilla cut off her words, Abel made a slight frown. In front of Abel, Priscilla pinched the hem of her dress, and gave a deep bow where she stood.

And then――,

Priscilla: [――Seventy-Seventh Emperor of the Sacred Vollachian Empire, Your Excellency Vincent Vollachia. From the bottom of mine heart, I celebrate your ascendance to the throne.]

Vincent: [――――]

Priscilla: [To the utmost, laboriously endeavor to lead the pack of Sword Wolves. For the time being, the days bereft of respite shall only continue.]

Delivering words of congratulations with a serious expression, and then a warning with a bold smile, Priscilla spoke to her elder brother. At the attitude of his sister, whose tempo was as per her whims, Abel―― Vincent Vollachia heaved a sigh.

Then, glancing towards the O’Connell siblings, sleeping on the sofa with their shoulders pressed against each other,

Vincent: [Priscilla. ――In this entire world, only with you, sister mine, could I prescind from mistrust.]

Priscilla: [Ever so sinuous you are, brother mine, even in your confessions of love.]

Concealing a provocative smirk behind her noisily-opened fan, Priscilla interpreted Abel’s statement. Subaru found himself in total agreement with her.

If there was only one thing that a third party could add onto that――,

Subaru: [From my perspective, you two siblings resemble each other to an aggravating extent.]

And in saying so, Subaru took the brunt of those cognate siblings’ matching, unamused glares.


???: [Were you speaking with His Excellency Vincent, Priscilla?]

Priscilla: [Hm, Dear Mother, is it?]

After having their fill of two kinds of sibling relationships within the Empire, one team Imperial Family and the other team merchant, Subaru and Priscilla ran into Yorna in a passageway of the fortress, along with Eugard, who was accompanying her.

It appeared that they were heading to Abel’s room, as if they had business to attend to with him.

Yorna narrowed her almond-shaped eyes, and fixedly gazed at Subaru and Priscilla. Subaru had thought that it was because she found this pairing to be unusual, but he was wrong.

Yorna: [It is only my first time seeing it, but I find it will be quite the challenge to get used to seeing you with your limbs lengthened like this, child.]

Subaru: […Ah! Now that you mention it, Yorna-san has only ever seen me in my cross-dressing and shota forms!?]

As the astounding truth emerged, Subaru was shocked at his own abundance of variation within the Empire. At Subaru’s shock, Yorna placed the back of her hand to her mouth, and while smiling,

Yorna: [Your Excellency, this personage is a Knight of the Kingdom. Until just the other day, he had been shrunken down to the form of a child, and during our first meeting together, he was in the form of a beautiful lady.]

Eugard: [Hm. For Mine Star to sanction such an appraisal of beauty in thyself, I shan’t say that mine interest hath not been piqued.]

Subaru: [No no not at all, please stop with that kind of stuff. Though, Natsumi Schwartz is a noble-minded lady who wouldn’t be embarrassed at showing herself off to anybody…]

Priscilla: [Although your skills are praiseworthy for a foolish commoner, your self-esteem is quite distorted.]

At Subaru’s answer, which tread the line between composed and passionate, Priscilla gave a comment in a fed-up manner. Afterwards, she casually turned her attention towards Abel’s room,

Priscilla: [For what reason are you visiting mine elder brother with the King of Thorns, Dear Mother?]

Eugard: [‘Tis because the time that remaineth for mineself is meager. Before that reacheth its terminus, I wish to discuss matters pertaining to the wishes of Mine Star with the child of mine own children.]

Subaru: [Time remaining…]

At Eugard’s response, Subaru looked towards Yorna, who looked pleased.

――Eugard was present here with Yorna with a natural attitude, but he was still one of the undead. Like Sphinx, his appearance was by no means inferior to that of the living, but that fact would not sway.

Eugard: [In all likelihood, mine newfound sense of satisfaction towards mine own life hath borne an influence upon mine appearance. As for mineself, rather than sharing in an embrace with Mine Star via a body in which heat doth not flow, this is much preferable.]

Priscilla: [Albeit it may be a linkage of soul rather than blood, you unashamedly boast of your love towards a mother right before her daughter. I suppose that is exactly what one would expect from the King of Thorns, but… what is this about mine Dear Mother’s wishes?]

Yorna: [――. It is in regards to the shackles upon my soul, endlessly invoking its reincarnation.]

The outline of Yorna’s quiet words was something which Subaru only knew of on a surface level.

Yorna was formerly a girl known as Iris who was bound to unending resurrection; each time she died, her soul would return to the surface without receiving the baptism of Od Lagna, and she would reincarnate into her next body.

Therefore, what Yorna desired from Abel for her contributions in the civil war and against the Great Disaster on this occasion, was――,

Yorna: [――I wish to repeal it. To annul the decree of extinction put out by the Empire in regards to the wolfpeople and the molepeople.]

Subaru: [Eh…]

Yorna: [All along, such had been my desire… Though, when I became a Divine General, I had prioritized acquiring the Demon City, so as to have a location to welcome my beloved children.]

Priscilla: [――I see. In order to bind your soul, Dear Mother, the two races that are the wolfpeople and the molepeople, their bodies and lives, which have been piled up since times of yore, were being utilized, and if that supply were to be severed, the curse would disappear naturally.]

Eugard: [And in those days, ‘twas none other than mineself who had passed the decree. If a request cometh from mine mouth to the Emperor of the current age, matters shall be settled with no harm befalling the honor of Mine Star and the child of mine own children.]

Saying that, Eugard turned a tender gaze towards Yorna, who was hugging his arm.

In that moment, Subaru understood that deep within the eyes of the King of Thorns’s invariant expression, there were smoldering sentiments of shame and remorse that had spanned many years.

“Iris and the King of Thorns”―― within the tale recited in this world since times of old, he did not know just what sort of drama had occurred between him and her.

However, supposing it had ended in tragedy, this was its after story.

Subaru: [In that case, I think it’s good so long as you at least have an epilogue with a nice aftertaste.]

Priscilla: [Then we are of differing opinions. There are plenty of superfluous acts that can be taken in the afterlife to make things redundant.]

Subaru: [You! Listen! Here! Alright…!]

Priscilla, who was supposed to be the daughter of one of the parties involved, despite it being a complex relationship, had attempted to stir up discord, so Subaru was about to scold her to read the mood. But, before he could do so, she continued with “But”,

Priscilla: [If it is the King of Thorns and mine Dear Mother, no such tactless acts shall be taken.]

Eugard: [――. As ever, thou bearest Terriola’s likeness. Dost thou not think so, O Star of Mine?]

Yorna: [Now that you mention it… it is no wonder I find her to be so lovely.]

Priscilla: [Do not conduct such speech akin to comparing mineself with those other than mineself. If it were not you and your husband, Dear Mother, I would not pardon it.]

Being told so bluntly by Priscilla, a smile formed on the lips of both Yorna and Eugard.

It was a strange relationship, and although this was not the case in reality, from the outside looking in, they seemed like an intimate mother, father, and daughter, so Subaru scratched his cheek with a somewhat awkward feeling.

At Subaru’s gesture, Yorna smiled, saying “It seems we have caused you tedium”,

Yorna: [I shall go now with His Excellency. Priscilla dear, you mustn’t bicker with the child.]

Priscilla: [I do not treat him as a child. To begin with, if this foolish commoner angers me, I shall simply lop his head off.]

Subaru: [Don’t say such scary things! Well then, Yorna-san, Eugard-san, until we meet again.]

As Yorna and Priscilla had an exchange befitting a mother and daughter, Subaru called out to Eugard. ――He had said “until we meet again”, but he felt like this would be the last time.

The other party certainly had thought likewise. The former Emperor looked directly at Subaru, and spoke.

Eugard: [Thou ought spend thy days of virtue together with those whom thou lovest. May good fortune and happiness be upon both thee and thy star.]


???: [Wow, to see Subaru and Priscilla together, It’s reaaally surprising.]

???: [It truly is, ain’t it. There’s plenty that we need to get done, so it’d be trouble if it rains tomorrow.]

At Anastasia who, after saying so, had turned to gaze out the window at the night sky, Priscilla snorted with a “Hmph”.

Having had the opportunity to talk to many people, they had stopped by the lounge for a glass of water, and had unexpectedly come across Emilia and Anastasia, who were seated at a table, facing each other.

Since their adventure to the Pleiades Watchtower, such a pairing could no longer be considered peculiar. Rather, it was much more surprising that Subaru was with Priscilla, as per the lines of Emilia’s surprise.

In any case, what was this pair with different roles, one the brains and the other the brawn, doing here?

Emilia: [Well, actually, Otto-kun scolded me, saying I shouldn’t work anymore today…]

Anastasia: [First of all, it ain’t all that good for us to be meddlin’ in the Empire’s post-war proceedin’s, now is it? So I thought, why not chat a tad before we rest… and whaddya know, Emilia-san’s been braggin’ ‘bout Natsuki-kun nonstop.]

Subaru: [Eh, talking about me? Emilia-tan has? Lemme hear, lemme hear.]

Hearing of some intriguing girl-talk, Subaru leaned forward. However, with Subaru’s collar having been grabbed from behind, he shrieked out with a “Gweh!”.

As expected, the one who had done so, quite capable of decapitating Subaru let alone strangling him, was Priscilla. She let go of Subaru’s collar, and glared at Emilia and Anastasia as if to rein them in,

Priscilla: [A half-devil and the she-fox, both fellow candidates in the Royal Selection, meeting face-to-face, and the topic of discussion is the exploits of a foolish commoner? Time is not to be spent so worthlessly. Even counting the stars would be marginally less objectionable.]

Emilia: [Ah, I get it. When I was alone in the forest, I would sometimes do that to pass the time…]

Anastasia: [As for me, I’ve spent long hours countin’ the money I’ve saved up.]

Subaru: [Hey, hey, it’s not good to let the topic of conversation veer off like that because of Priscilla’s thoughtless words.]

To say that one should be counting stars instead, was a rash comment on the level of telling them to just give up on everything and just go to sleep. Of course, if it were the stars, Subaru could spend countless hours searching for constellations, but that was beside the point.

As he tried to prevent that retort from rapidly spreading the conversation into the realm of the night sky, Emilia suddenly laughed with a “Hehe”.

Emilia: [Still, it feels reaaally strange doesn’t it. Me, Anastasia-san and Priscilla-san, we’re all candidates for the Kingdom’s Monarch, and yet all of us are in the Empire like so.]

Anastasia: [If only Natsuki-kun hadn’t been so careless as to be sent away from the Tower, none of this would’ve happened.]

Subaru: [That was beyond my control, besides, if I hadn’t been sent away, the Empire would likely have been destroyed.]

Although in no way did it make up for the event that started it all, considering the scale of the Great Disaster, those words were not far from the truth. It was not to say that he had enjoyed being sent away, but that it had served a purpose.

But then again, Priscilla would likely snicker and scoff at such a reasoning――,

Priscilla: [――Indeed that is so. Without you lot, the history of the Empire would have come to an end yesterday.]

Subaru: [Wah!]
Emilia: [Huh?]
Anastasia: [Oh?]

Priscilla: [No need to gasp like fools. It was but a statement of an obvious fact.]

That was all there was to it, was what Priscilla had said, but the fact that it was her who had said it, had surprised Subaru and the others.

At those unexpected words from Priscilla, Anastasia chuckled saying “What’s this now”,

Anastasia: [How darn surprisin’. Didn’t think ya’d be so upfront ‘n admit that we helped ya.]

Priscilla: [Do not misunderstand. In the first place, the Empire was Prisca Benedict’s homeland, and thus is no longer the homeland of mineself. The responsibility for the survival of the Empire rests upon the Emperor and the army that bows to him.]

Anastasia: [Had only just thought so, but there she is. Yep yep, if the Princess ain’t this way, she wouldn’t be a worthy rival.]

Emilia: [Geez, Priscilla is such a contrarian, so don’t tease her, Anastasia-san.]

Subaru: [Who even says contrarian these days…]

At that very Emilia-like assessment, Subaru chucked, with equal parts exasperation and admiration.

However, it was not as though he could not understand Emilia and Anastasia’s feelings. Previously, Priscilla had been such an entity unknown to Subaru, like an alien creature he could not fathom.

And although he had acknowledged her strength and insight, the nature of her humanity seemed like that of a carnivorous beast that could not be reasoned with.

That impression he held of Priscilla, he felt it had changed plenty, over these past few days in the Empire.

Subaru: [Right now, just like Emilia-tan and Anastasia-san, as well as Crusch-san and Felt, I can actually recognize Priscilla as a Royal Selection Candidate.]

Priscilla: [For what reason would I be in need of your recognition? Watch your mouth, foolish commoner.]

Emilia: [There you go again with that harsh way of speaking… but, we also had briefly spoken about that. Right?]

Emilia had clasped her hands before her chest, and Anastasia, whom she had called out to, smiled softly.

Anastasia: [Y’know, that whole thin’ at Pristella? At the time, I hadn’t invited the Princess over ‘cause I felt there wasn’t a reason to, but…]

Emilia: [Then next time, let’s invite Priscilla too. Especially since she’s a Royal Candidate, like us.]

Priscilla: [Foolish commoner, it seems your master is unaware of what sort of event the Royal Selection even is.]

Subaru: [She’s cute, isn’t she? Behold, my angel.]

Although a vacation had not been the intention behind the meeting of the candidates in Pristella, from the way Emilia would see it, she must have felt bad about Priscilla seemingly having been excluded from the gathering.

That said, rather than a situation in which the Witch Cult went on a rampage, a vacation would be much better.

Subaru: [If it does come to that, let’s go someplace where we can have a swimsuit vacation next time.]

Anastasia: [Ain’t Natsuki-kun a straightforward child ‘bout his desires. Well, not like I ain’t gonna consider it. Of course, if the Princess says she’s fine with not bein’ invited, we ain’t gonna invite her, right?]

Emilia: [Priscilla… What do you think?]

Anastasia had been provocative, while Emilia had been timid like a small animal. As expected, at the invitation from the two beautiful girls who were also Royal Candidates, Priscilla shrugged her shoulders.

Priscilla: [Do as you please. If it shall amuse, then very well, if not, ‘tis poor. No reason in particular for mineself to refuse.]

Emilia: [――! Yes, let’s do that. We’re all in a difficult position, and we all have very many things that worry us but… I don’t see any reason why we all can’t get along.]

Anastasia: [Whenever Emilia-san’s involved, everythin’s all mellow, it’s a bit troublesome.]

Priscilla’s answer could not be taken as being enthusiastic, but the way Emilia had taken it, made it sound like she had been chomping at the bit, and Subaru nodded in agreement with Anastasia’s thoughts.

Priscilla as well, seemingly not bothering to correct her, looked up at the night sky――,

Priscilla: [――A lass from the slums and a Duchess, as well the she-fox of the City-States and an amethyst-eyed half-devil.]

Emilia: [――? Priscilla?]

Priscilla: [‘Tis no matter of significance. I merely had the thought that, when listed out like so, it sounds akin to characters starring in a poorly penned tale.]

Subaru: [That “poorly penned” was unnecessary. In the first place, I don’t think you’re in any position to talk.]

Priscilla, basking in the wind, held the position of a supposedly deceased Princess of the Empire. As for a title that could spice up the story, hers was more than flashy enough.

After responding in that way, fearing his words might have truly angered Priscilla, Subaru’s heart had lurched. However, that was a needless fear―― Nay, it was far from a needless fear.

Priscilla: [――No doubt about that.]

Saying so, Priscilla brought the tip of her fan to her lips and smiled.

Just like a girl in the midst of chatting with her friends, she smiled in a relaxed manner.


Somehow losing the chance to part ways, Subaru continued to walk around with Priscilla through the Fortified City.

Subaru had worked far too hard during the current day, by his own admission, and the same could be said for Priscilla and the many others who continued to move energetically around the city.

Of course, most of them, like Subaru, were probably in too high spirits to sleep.

Subaru: [Don’t tell me that they’re all undead who don’t know what it means to be tired…]

???: [――What stupid things are you talking about?]

Subaru: [Woahoa!?]

In a daze, he looked out over the stone walkway to the cityscape below, where his comments were overheard by the people passing by.

Moreover, someone whom he did not want to overhear him―― glaring at Subaru, was Rem.

With a pail of water in her hands, Rem seemed to be one of the people who could not sleep either.

Subaru: [So, are you still assisting in treating the injured? I know you’re working hard, but working too hard isn’t good either. You should learn from Nee-sama, who takes a rest as soon as she gets tired.]

Rem: [I could say the same for you. No, rather, if you don’t have work to do, isn’t it your job to return to your room and quietly rest?]

Subaru: [What a shrewd argument…! I mean, it may not be a job, but there are things that I also have to do.]

In a whispered voice, Subaru answered Rem, pointing his fingers together in front of his chest. Rem’s pale-blue eyes turned stern at his attitude, and Subaru’s courage waned more and more.

Then, as if reaching out a helping hand to Subaru―― nay, simply to express her displeasure at the sight, Priscilla sighed,

Priscilla: [It is no great matter. As you can see, his arms and legs are slightly longer than what they were in the form of a child. Because of this, it is difficult for him to face those whom he was involved with as a child.]

Subaru: [It’s redundant for my legs to still be short after I got bigger! You’re right about both things, though!]

When Priscilla nonchalantly expressed those sentiments, Subaru bit his sleeve and sounded a “Gaa!”.

Subaru had an important task ahead of him―― to tell everyone in the Pleiades Battalion that he had returned to his original form, just as Priscilla had said.

Although Subaru’s comrades had been with him since his stay at Gladiator Island, he had never once confided to them that he had been in a shrunken form. In fact, he had never revealed the truth about being the illegitimate child of Abel, the Emperor, which meant that he had been lying all this time.

Subaru: [If I reveal it and everyone despises me, I’ll never recover… I’d rather Natsuki Schwartz to have died an honorable death in battle…!]

Rem: [If you tell a lie like that, I will despise you. Are you fine with being despised by me?]

Subaru: [I’d hate that as well. I wouldn’t be able to live if you hated me, Rem…!]

His heart battered with Rem at the front gate and his Battalion at the rear gate, Subaru whined. Rem sighed at the situation and suddenly noticed Priscilla’s gaze on her.

Priscilla, with arms crossed to emphasize her breasts, called out “Rem” to her,

Priscilla: [Your expression has changed during our time apart. The healing magic that had caused you such anguish seems to be of some use.]

Rem: [Yes, I have had many opportunities to practice what you told me, Priscilla-san… Also, thank you. That gentle fire that shared your strength with all of us after the star was shot down… that was something from Priscilla-san, right?]

Priscilla: [Hmm. What makes you believe that?]

Rem: [――. It’s intuition. Maybe it’s because of the time I spent with you, Priscilla-san, even if it was only for a short time.]

Pulling the water pail closer to her chest, Rem replied to Priscilla.

Despite her words, Rem’s smile was full of confidence, bringing a selfsame smile to Priscilla upon sighting it.

Priscilla: [Very well. It seems that your heart of diamond has been pierced. I deliver mine praise.]

Subaru: [Um, well, Rem, actually, when the city was in danger, that star thing, it was me and Beako who shot it down, what do you think about that? Well?]

Rem: [Hah?]

Subaru: [I’m sorry for butting in I apologize so please just praise Beako later.]

Wanting to be praised as much as Priscilla did, Rem gave him a scornful glare. Subaru was reluctant to back down, but Priscilla had a point.

Rem seemed to stand tall now, to the point that the expression “heart of diamond” was apt. He thought that her reunion with Ram, Petra, and everyone else, coupled with the presence of her friend Katya, had had a big part in that.

Subaru: [Besides that, you can tell me more about what you and Priscilla were doing while I was gone.]

Rem: […More or less, once everything is taken care of.]

Subaru: [Ah, in that case, I’ll help you treat the injured and anything else. You can let me carry that, too.]

It was not his intention to put off talking to everyone in the Battalion, but it would be unthinkable to leave the busy Rem alone, even if he were tired.

When Subaru offered, Rem said, “In that case”, and offered him the pail of water.


Rem: [――No. It’s fine after all.]

Subaru: [Huh!? D-did I do something to offend you!? Am I being too considerate, am I being unpleasant!?]

Rem: [It’s not quite that. Not that, but… it’s because, if you come with me, Priscilla-san will be alone.]

Subaru: [Nonono, in that case why don’t you let Priscilla help you treat the injured?]

Rem: [Are you sane?]

Subaru: [I know you’re exaggerating, but what I said wasn’t a statement of sanity!]

Subaru reflected on the unbelievable things he was seeing. However, it was strange that Rem had refused his help because of Priscilla.

In the first place, the fact that Subaru happened to be with Priscilla now was just by chance, not for any deep reason.

If Beatrice and Spica would have kept him company, his night would not have turned out like this.

Subaru: [But, Beako and Spica both got held up by experts in Spirit and Authority-related matters…]

Rem: [Then, in that case, I’ll stay with Priscilla-san――]

Priscilla: [Rem, there is no need for such idiotic consideration. I can manage to walk around with the likes of this foolish commoner.]

Subaru: [See, I know it’s weird to say this, but you’re the one who started dragging me around in the first place!]

He had been taken out to play the role of a jester, and thus ended up a certain clown exclaiming as such.

However, Rem ignored Subaru’s plea and stared directly at Priscilla. Rem was still searching for the words that were not formed even in her mind,

Rem: [I don’t want you to be alone, Priscilla-san.]

Priscilla: [――. So that was your answer that emerged after some time? You are a girl who does not understand.]

Rem: [But now, this pain in my chest, it doesn’t hurt anymore, thanks to you.]

Rem’s response was something that Subaru did not understand.

Perhaps it was part of an exchange between Rem and Priscilla that Subaru did not know about. Upon receiving it, Priscilla paused for a beat, gave a small snort, and,

Priscilla: [Strive well, Rem. O daughter of the Oni. ――For there are roles that only you can carry out, wishes that only you can grant, and a future that only you can achieve.]

Rem: [――. Priscilla-san?]

Priscilla: [Come, foolish commoner. Since Rem requested it, I shall take you with me especially.]

Subaru: [I’m not really satisfied with that, but, where to?]

Ignoring Subaru’s convenience with dignity, Priscilla indicated the outside of the corridor with her fan. It was not the view below that Subaru had seen, nor the starry night sky, but something in between―― the walls.

The city walls had all been damaged in the siege, though fortunately, they had retained their original form. However, they did not seem to be a place where anyone or anything was to be found.

Priscilla: [Rem, follow thy own heart. For although your heart may ripple, those ripples shall never be unseemly.]

Rem: [――Thank you.]

After indicating their destination, Rem and Priscilla once again spoke of something Subaru did not understand.

However, Rem’s calm expression gave Subaru no reason to dig any deeper.


It appeared that people had finished clearing out, as there were not even any soldiers keeping watch atop the ramparts.

Taking into account that the battle against the Great Disaster had only recently reached its finale, as well as the fact that the undead had yet to be fully exterminated, the decision seemed to be more than a tiny bit incautious――,

???: [Then, it boils down to who in the world’s got the guts to go against the Princess’s orders.]

Greeting Subaru and Princess as such, Al sat atop the empty rampart, his legs crossed. Next to him was what appeared to be an expensive bottle of alcohol, and two glasses.

Subaru: [You got drunk to celebrate us winning the war?]

Al: [Don’t be stupid, no way I’d start without the Princess. That said, I didn’t think you’d be with her, bro. Ain’t that, like, a super rare pairing?]

Subaru: [Everyone we’ve come across’s been saying that, it’s been pretty darn embarrassing this whole time.]

Al had proclaimed himself to not be inebriated; however, the tone of his voice was lively. Rather than due to the alcohol’s effects, perhaps he was slightly intoxicated due to the afterglow of their victory.

As a matter of fact, while walking around town with Priscilla, Subaru had also felt that quite keenly.

Subaru: [It’s not just that everyone’s got something to do, but they also really don’t want to let this be just a dream.]

Al: [Quite the poet now, bro. But, I guess you don’t know. It’s more like, “O morning, please don’t arrive yet”.]

Everyone, rather than harboring the negative thought of going to sleep while holding the fear that their triumph would be naught but a dream upon waking up, probably held feelings more in line with wishing for the day of the victory that all of them had come together to seize to not come to an end.

As Subaru and Al shared in that sentimentality before daybreak, the backs of their heads were suddenly tapped by a folding fan. As both screamed out “Gyan!” in unison and turned around, they crossed gazes with Priscilla’s look of dumbfoundment.

Priscilla: [A clown and a commoner have gathered, discussing naught but foolish matters. More importantly… Al, have you procured what I sought in accordance with mine instructions?]

Al: [Oh? Oh yeah, you don’t gotta worry. I requested that old Prime Minister geezer to clear the guards from the wall, and got some alcohol from the pretty High Countess. This booze man, its price’d prolly make my eyeballs pop outta my head if I happened to see what it is.]

Subaru: [I get you. The label and antiquity of the bottle give a sense of its price. I don’t drink alcohol, though.]

Al: [I get you. The box it was kept in did a really good job. I also don’t really drink, though.]

As companions in their ignorance of alcohol, Subaru and Al amused themselves by pointing several things out. At their attitude, Priscilla shrugged her shoulders, and in their stead, took the bottle and removed the cork in a gesture she was accustomed to.

Then, she slowly poured the liquid, pregnant with the sweet scent of liquor, into the two glasses.

Priscilla: [There are only two glasses. You two ought to share a single one.]

Al: [Ah, I was sorta hoping for an indirect kiss with the Princess if possible, but pardon me I apologize I’ll shut up.]

Al backed down dejectedly, but Subaru, being someone who understood the feelings of wanting to make teasing remarks, did not blame him. In any case, as Priscilla placed her own glass to her lips, Subaru, who was to her side, hesitated for a moment, and then placed his lips to the glass he had been given.

Al: [Woah, underage drinking.]

Subaru: [It’s legal in this world… Ghehough gahgk!!]

The liquor flowed onto his tongue, and the instant on which the scent passed through his nostrils and throat, Subaru choked up. As Al burst out laughing “Bwahaha” at that, he too took the glass from Subaru and sipped the alcohol.

Using the hand holding the glass to lift the jaw of the helmet, he poured the liquor in through the gap, and then――,

Al: [Ghehough gaheugh ghbleughhh!!]

Subaru: [Aren’t you choking up more than I did!? Pull yourself together, fully fledged of-age drinker!]

Priscilla: [You both are causing a racket. That defeated Witch ought to be bemoaning, you do not even know what fine liquor is.]

Subaru: [I’m getting some confusing feelings of guilt, please stop…]

There was no way Sphinx would ever say “Apology: Required” due to something like being unable to taste the high-grade alcohol of victory, but Subaru was disheartened due to feeling like she would.

In the end, as Subaru and Al shared their alcohol little-by-little, Priscilla finished emptying half of the bottle by herself. Specifically how strong it was was unknown, but for someone who had drunk that much alcohol, and alcohol that did feel quite strong at that, Priscilla’s face was as if it was nothing at all.

Al: [The Princess being a heavy drinker; right in line with her image, ain’t it?]

To the somewhat prideful Al, Subaru did not respond that such was exactly the case. And, once the glass that Subaru and Al had been responsible for was emptied, Priscilla, as if deciding that this was the time to do something,

Priscilla: [Dawn is nigh. I am a tad amused. ――Al, accompany mineself.]

Al: [Kehough… Huh? Accompany you, what do you… Uoh!]

Declaring so, Priscilla put aside the half-emptied bottle of alcohol onto the handrail, took Al’s hand to help him stand up, and beckoned him to the middle of the wall’s top.

Pulling the perplexed Al towards herself, she smiled at Subaru, who was gazing in wonder at what was happening,

Priscilla: [Natsuki Subaru, sing.]

Subaru: [That’s way too unreasonable of a request!]

Priscilla: [Your tongue ought to have been moistened by such high-quality liquor. Well, I shall just tell Rem in case you are of no use.]

Subaru: [Grrrr, damn coward…! Fine!]

Finding himself in a development against his will, Subaru folded his arms, and constructed a set list within his mind. As he did so, Al stared deeply into Priscilla’s eyes,

Al: [Princess, I’m lacking one arm, y’know?]

Priscilla: [So what of it. You have two legs and loyalty pledged to mineself. ――Let us begin.]

It was not as though that had been the signal, yet Priscilla’s words overlapped with the first bar of melody.

Subaru: [――――]

What Subaru had chosen was not a hit song hailing from his original world, but one rooted in this other world, a tune that also happened to be a favorite of Subaru’s.

The Sword Demon Love Song was a bit too long, and he would probably start crying while singing it.

So, the song Subaru had chosen was――,

Subaru: [――Sky that Transcends the Light of Dawn.]

Slowly, the night over the Vollachian Empire would come to a close, and, pushing aside a yesterday speckled with stars, a new today boisterously dawned near.

As a song that blessed that phenomenon, this was an absolute favorite of favorites among the tunes Subaru had heard in this world.

Subaru: [Fu.]

Devoid of any instrumentation, the only thing producing sound was Subaru’s a cappella singing.

When compared with the bard Liliana, who made music her livelihood, he fell well short. Yet that which served as the greatest praise towards Subaru as he sang, was Priscilla’s response of dance.

Priscilla: [There, dance your heart out, Al! Do not bore mineself!]

Al: [Ehhh, shit! Now I’m in trouble! Bro! Turn up the beat!]

――While listening to Subaru’s singing voice, Priscilla and Al danced all around the rampart.

Priscilla’s dance was gorgeous; though she would likely become incensed were Subaru to say it, her dance was selfsame to the one performed by Abel back in Guaral with the purpose of seducing Zikr. Al’s awkward moves somewhat appeared to be those of a dance one would see at a lantern festival. Though lacking skill, it was fun to watch him. [1]

More than anything, it was clear that both Priscilla and Al, that master and servant both, were enjoying themselves.

Subaru: [――――]

Subaru was supposed to have been doing this reluctantly, but before he realized, he was singing with a smile on his face.

Sky that Transcends the Light of Dawn―― a song that sang about an inevitable dawn, a blessing upon a world born anew after being scorched by its brilliance, a song that was, in a sense, quite fitting for Vollachia, a nation ruled by flame.

And, Priscilla, who lived like a flame, was a woman most alike Vollachia.

Priscilla: [――――]

Ignorant as to how to end the song, he ended up repeating it, repeating twice, thrice even. As he sang, the dance between the two began to flow smoothly, and he lost the cue to bring it to its conclusion once more. Thus it repeated.

As they were all enjoying themselves in that manner, the real morning sun began to softly illuminate the rampart.

He had some alcohol in his system, and today―― no, yesterday, he had worked far too hard. Definitely, once he did go to sleep today, he would be incapable of waking up.

Amidst the gleaming dazzle of the morning sun, Priscilla looked awfully bright as she danced with Al――.

Al: [――Princess?]

A sudden, an oh so sudden utterance came from Al.

Subaru: [――――]

Just priorly, the utterance would have been permeated with the high spirits he held no pretensions of hiding, with the yearning he held no capability of hiding. Now enlaced with a different timbre, Subaru’s singing came to an abrupt halt.

Then, Subaru blinked; many times, many times he rubbed his eyes.

And despite him rubbing his eyes――,

Priscilla: [――Albeit not on the level of that songstress, Liliana Masquerade, it was not a poor performance.]

Indeed, settled in Al’s chest while being embraced by him from behind, Priscilla voiced her praise.

――With the morning sun shining through Priscilla’s body, she was faintly fading away.


Subaru: [――――]

Aghast atop the ramparts of the Fortified City, enshrouded in the morning mist, Subaru gazed at Priscilla.

A blood-red dress, orange hair that reflected the rays of the sun, crimson eyes akin to flame―― all were things that composed the existence of Priscilla Barielle, none of those had changed, and yet.

Subaru: [Phri… ssilla…?]

Priscilla: [You too ought to know this already. In order to show me the Empire’s ruin, mine enemy, Sphinx, had imprisoned me within an alternate plane. In order to exit from therein, there was naught a choice but to reduce it to cinders.]

Subaru: [――Ah.]

Priscilla was clever. Therefore, going off of nothing but Subaru’s trembling voice, she had understood what Subaru had been thinking, what Subaru had wanted to ask, and thus presented an answer to Subaru’s query.

With that clear and concise response of hers, Subaru understood. He had ended up understanding.

Subaru: [――――]

She was the same as Eugard Vollachia, the Emperor of yore who had been accompanied by Yorna.

In exchange for her own life, Priscilla Barielle had returned from that alternate dimension.

The reason why her figure was pierced by the light of the morning sun, becoming misty as it faded away, ephemerally so, was as clear as day.

――The Priscilla Barielle present here, was already nothing more than an undead.

Al: [What… what sort of idiotic bullshit are you on about!!?]

With Subaru unable to say anything, standing stock still in a daze, Al was the one to shout in his stead.

Embracing Priscilla from behind, his voice trembling to an extent that it was clear that his face was contorting within his helmet, he tightly, tightly held onto her with his single right arm.

So as to not relinquish Priscilla, being killed by the slow, unhalted rise of the morning sun.

Al: [No, no, you’re wrong, Princess, this sorta thing… B-BRO!!]

Subaru: [――! Right. Right, you’re wrong, you’re mistaken. Just wait, Priscilla, I’ll…]

At Al’s quavering appeal, Subaru suddenly lifted his head and shifted his gaze towards the banister.

The Great Disaster having come to a close, he had ended up spitting out the package of poison which he had kept behind his molar. So if he were to choose a method to redo things immediately, jumping off of the rampart would be the fastest――,

Priscilla: [Cease.]

Subaru: [Why would I cease!? I have no reason to do that! This sort of thing, for me…!]

Priscilla: [――Cease, Natsuki Subaru.]

Just as he was about to jump over the railing, throwing himself over the edge, Subaru was held back by a voice. But, paying no heed to that, Subaru had fully settled his mind to proceed, to challenge the Great Disaster once more.

And despite that――,

Priscilla: [The Authorities held by yourself and Al may possess the power to warp even the laws of fate. But, you ought to remember this. Regardless of what use you make of your powers and prayers, there are some who desire that things remain unchanged.]

Subaru: [What… What, the hell do you think you’re saying? This… this isn’t the time for that! Right now I need to――]

Priscilla: [Natsuki Subaru.]

As Subaru grit his teeth, the nails of his hands upon the railing chipped off, blood streaming down.

He ought to just ignore everything and anything that Priscilla was saying, and jump. Indeed, having expended his life time and time again against the Great Disaster, as one who had seized victory for the Empire, Subaru’s heart was screaming.

But, perhaps he ought to be strong enough to brush that outcry to the wayside, and listen to what Priscilla had to say.

As Subaru arrested all movement due to the clash within him, his cold logic at odds with his emotions, Al screamed out with a “Bro!”. Holding onto Priscilla as to absolutely never let go, trembling like a child throwing a tantrum,

Al: [Bro! Please… Please!! Don’t listen to anything! You don’t need to listen to her! Do it! Save the Princess… SAVE PRISCILLA!!]

Priscilla: [Aldebaran.]

Al: [――Hk, stop, stop it, Priscilla! I ain’t gonna listen!]

Shrieking in sorrow, Al was called to by Priscilla as he implored Subaru, the former shaking his head in denial.

As she softly caressed his neck, Priscilla called Al by a name that Subaru was familiar with; however, this was his first time hearing it being used in regards to Al.

Being embraced tightly from behind, caressing the neck of the man behind her, it held the impression akin to that of a painting―― as something so fleeting that it would not remain a reality for long, a painting was the exact impression it gave.

Priscilla: [The two of you have saved the Empire. Of course, there were others who also fought valiantly. Yet, there exists not a single other person who has expended anything on the realm you two have. I bestow mine praise upon that.]

Thus, with a smile so beautiful as to reach unpleasantness, Priscilla continued.

Subaru’s appeals, Al’s screams, neither of them had been able to stop Priscilla’s gently recited words.

Those crimson lips, as if burning away the impressions of Priscilla that had persisted in him until now, as if to sear in that she had always been that way from the start, scorched their hearts with a flame known as convenient, rapturous beauty.

Priscilla: [The both of you have arrived at this junction by doing so many a time, this I know. Never placing yourselves above others, you have lived till today. Hence, it may be that neither of you has ever received due recompense. I shall thus bestow that upon you.]

Saying that, within Priscilla’s crimson eyes, opened anew, Subaru was reflected.


Priscilla: [――It was a great service, Natsuki Subaru. Thou art a true Knight.]

That instant he was granted that comment, strength vanished from Subaru’s knees.

Subaru: [――Ah.]

Falling to his knees, Subaru could no longer stand back up. His lips trembled all over, his mind was thrown into a disorderly state of chaos with all kinds of emotions, his understanding could not catch up.

That notwithstanding, the reason as to which strength departed his knees, was because it had been made certain to him. ――His soul, had understood.

Natsuki Subaru could not save Priscilla Barielle.

Priscilla: [Aldebaran, thou as well…]

Al: [I told you to stop! I won’t fucking back down! There’s no way I can back down! Because… because that’s how it should be, right!? If… if I back down, you’ll… Princess, you’ll…!]

Averting his gaze from Subaru, the latter having fallen to his knees, Al yet clung onto Priscilla. No longer was he turning to Subaru for help; rather, strenuously, he bellowed for her fate to be altered.

Yet, his voice gradually was bereft of its vigor, the sound of him weakly sniveling many times resounding. Gazing upon Al, unable to resume his words any further, Priscilla smiled. Akin to a loving mother.

Ironically enough, that smile was very much like Yorna’s, ergo serving as proof of their relationship as mother and daughter. Then, as if soothing her own weeping child, Priscilla spoke,

Priscilla: [Well, what am I to do about the likes of a grown man bawling at me like a child?]

Al: [――Hk.]

Priscilla: [Ha ha ha, there there, I can hear it, thy crying, groveling voice saying thou want mineself to be thy bride.]

Al: […Mhm.]

At the laughing Priscilla’s sentence, in a hoarse voice Al replied, and nodded. As he did, embracing Priscilla’s frame even more tightly, as to not let go of that which already was difficult to let go of, he confessed.

That was, undoubtedly, that was――,

Al: [Mhm, please be mine, Princess. My… Princess…]

That was, regardless of what was said by anybody else, a confession of love indisputable.

With all of the affection packed into his body, the man conveyed his love in its entirety to the woman within his arm. Receiving that, Priscilla’s crimson eyes flickered,

Priscilla: [――Look at that, it is mine victory again.] [2]

Having made him declare it, the nature of Priscilla’s smile altered, morphing into that which was habitual.

This was Priscilla Barielle; a triumphant expression brimming with confidence and pride, the lack of any hesitation to declare all things in this world as her own, a beauty who painted the very picture of arrogance.

Her radiance scorching the eyes of all, the Sun Princess whose presence could not help but make itself known to others――.

Priscilla: [You had best remember this, you who have decided to carry “heroic reveries” upon your backs, possessing the means to defy predetermined fate.]

Priscilla: [From here on, you shall bear the wounds of many, share in their pain, sniveling tears in their stead. However, many of those you are to happen across shan’t be virtuous. They shan’t even be upright. ――Nor shall they be perfect.]

Priscilla: [There shall be days upon which you shan’t be able to accept yourselves, in regret of your own actions. There shall be nights upon which you shall bend at the knee, in lament for your own decisions. There shall be mornings upon which you shan’t be able to raise your visage, in opposition to your own wishes.]

Priscilla: [The unloveable sides to those you love, the loveable sides to those you cannot love, many a time shall you witness those, and end up treading the selfsame missteps. ――And on those occasions, do remember.]

Priscilla: [That you both were praised by the perfect woman known as mineself, known as Priscilla Barielle.]

――As Priscilla voiced thus, neither Subaru nor Al could take their eyes off of her.

Atop the ramparts where none else were present, both presented as the most important individuals in the battle against the Great Disaster, they could not avert their eyes from the woman who smiled without a trace of regret as she grew ever more misty.

Since they could not avert their eyes, they witnessed it true. The sight of Priscilla’s existence dissolving into light.

And, at the terminus――,

Priscilla: [The world is truly so beautiful. Henceforth―― the world is made for mine convenience.]

No falsehood in those words, the figure of the woman who was loved by the world, and returned said love to the world to an even greater degree, faded.

Extolled as the Sun Princess, having lived her life in a manner becoming of a flame, was Priscilla Barielle. ――Amongst the candidates for the Kingdom of Lugunica’s Royal Selection to decide the next Monarch, she was the first to drop out.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Author’s Note:

After going on for a long time, the Empire Part is thus completed.

Once the aftermath is dealt with in the Vollachian Empire, the story will return to the Kingdom of Lugunica.

Natsuki Subaru, and everyone else, will now go on to face a new conflict―― leaving behind the woman who passed on in that land.

I had always wanted to write about her.

To that extent, she truly was a person as radiant as a flame.

Thank you for everything until now, Priscilla.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Translation Notes:

[1] – Bon Odori (盆踊り), meaning simply “Bon dance”, is a style of dancing performed during Obon (lantern festival).

[2] – The line here, “――そら見よ、また妾の勝ちじゃ”, is similar to the line spoken in Emilia’s third trial. However, it is not the exact same line as “ほら、見よ。また、妾の勝ちじゃ”. The version used in this chapter has a slightly more playful and less arrogant nuance. To align with this, we have slightly altered the translation of the line in accordance. For reference, the one present in Arc 4 is “Witness. It is mine victory, again.”.

167 thoughts on “Arc 8, Curtain’s Close – “Priscilla Barielle””

    1. Priscilla: [Ha ha ha, there there, I can hear it, thy crying, groveling voice saying thou want mineself to be thy bride.]

      Tappei’s foreshadowing going back years, what is crazy to me is that he already had this line prepared years ago just waiting to use it on this chapter. You crazy son of a bitch Tappei, you’ve done it again.

        1. In 2015, Tappei tweeted some other 36 future 3rd trial quotes, you can try to look them up if you want to

  1. Goodbye Priscilla, you truly were the greatest flame of passion in this story!

    It is a pity that the moment she started bonding with Subaru she was removed from the story. But she went out on her own terms, giving all of her praises to the two heroes. She knew they had authorities capable of defying fate, she truly was smart enough to figure it out so easily…

    She gave to those two fools of hers some beautiful advices and last words. It’s beautiful that she decided to spend her last moments with those two. Not her mother, sister, brother or “son”, but with those two as they were happily dancing, drinking and singing till the sunrise…

    1. Your comment is straight beautiful, now I am more sad at how you have put it in words.
      Straight fire Tappei you son of a gun, again created masterpiece.

  2. —Priscilla: [That you both were praised by the perfect woman known as mineself, known as Priscilla Barielle.]

    May those words become a light of hope for those two. A flickering flame that will always remind them that their actions were praised by the most perfect woman. Their “Heroic reveries” that Pris liked so much were praised by her.

    Elsa, Shaula, now Pris… this really is big boobed curse that keeps removing the girls from the story. Crusch should watch her back…

    1. Well, Shaula is technically still there… It’s just she lives in a terrarium and feeds on cricket now…

        1. I suspect Subaru devoured Shaula’s soul with his authority of gluttony the same way he eat meili’s soul after reading her book of death. That he heard her voice after she died and why it was her voice he heard during those 10 seconds of death. At least that is my thought on the matter.

          1. Assuming the respective archbishop has to die for Subaru to gain his authority (like it was for Invisible Providence and Cor Leonis), he couldn’t have eaten Meili’s soul then, no?

        1. She meant that she didn’t have her memories anymore, but that was shaula. why else woudl there be a scorpian and why else woul they pick it up?

  3. And thus ends the Vollachian saga and the bright flame that was Priscilla Barielle.

    Thank you for writing peak, Tappei. Arc 7 and Arc 8 have been a wild ride.

    I shall forever remember this experience as my first Web Novel experience after I joined the fandom in 2021.

    1. Honestly reading arcs 7 and 8’s chapters as they dropped one by one was a special experience , one i’m sure i and a lot of other people will never forget .

      hopefully we return to vollachia in the future .

      RIP Priscilla Barielle

  4. o7 Pris, your boobs and your feet will never be forgotten.

  5. Ubilk: [The Witch of the Kingdom, the Night Weeping of the City-States, the Collapse of the Holy Kingdom, and the Great Disaster of the Empire… The four disasters that will destroy the world. Their time draws near. Even at this very moment.]

    So next is gusteko kingdom

    1. The author’s note says that the story will return to Lugunica. Perhaps in a future arc. I don’t think the next disaster will happen immediately.

  6. Im sparking crying. Al has obtained depression. Subaru has lost a friend. Absolute cinema. Im so sad rn.

  7. Priscilla has been one of my favorite characters for years, so this chapter was as beautiful as it was painful. She truly is one of Tappei’s best written characters and there is too much to say about her.

    I am happy that her final moments are her sharing a joyful moment with Subaru and Al, and giving them advice fully aware of the struggles that they have endured.

    Thank you to the translators for your hard work over the years, and thank you to the artists for pouring your love into this series. For days when this chapter dropped I kept seeing Priscilla art pop up, so the rotating collection is a perfect way to capture the love that many fans felt for her then.

    1. I knew what was happening, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Priscilla truly shined even beyond the fourth wall….

  8. Thank you for everything, Priscilla.

    I’ll always remember you, and your beautiful way of life, like a marvelous flame. And I shall too, learn to love and be loved by the world. Because the world is in fact, beautiful.

    Rest in peace, my Sun Princess.

  9. Simply beautiful, never in my life, as I read through the WN, had I ever thought that I would cry because of Priscilla.
    She died as she lived, prideful, and beautiful.

    1. the way tappei characterised her these past 2 arcs has been absolutely phenomenal , i never thought i’d be moved by something related to Priscilla but here we are

    1. I don’t think Rem knew for sure what was happening, but she probably intuited that Priscilla was probably dying in their exchange. Priscilla said what amounted to a farewell, and turned down Rem trying to make sure she wasn’t “left alone” – which isn’t something Rem would do unless she thought it was important. Subaru probably would have realized that something was wrong based on Priscilla’s behavior, but the guy has been going through constant suffering and struggles for ages now – I can understand if he missed some cues.

  10. What an amazing chapter. Such a stellar conclusion to the arc. It mentioned so much about how everyone didn’t want today to feel like a dream, and then it almost as truly like a dream. Priscilla’s last day alive before she faded away with the rise of the morning sun. The chapter itself really did feel like a dream, and I think it was a beautiful way to close out the arc.

  11. Complete surprise for me, I was looking forward to her interacting with the others now that she is a likeable character but damn I never wished for her to die.

  12. Those who were wise preserved their flame
    They couldn’t waste the warmth to share
    They lived to see the warmer days without loss

    But you, the fool, have burned it all at once
    In a mere hour the flame that touched the sky, went out
    Yet, for an hour, everyone felt warm

    Nothing is resovled, nothing is decided
    The colors of Day hasn’t dimmed yet
    Not sparing the flame, in God we trust

    1. I’m not sure honestly. But I think she almost certainly would have to know about Al’s power after living with him for so long, and since Subaru and Al come from the same place it would be easy for her to suspect Subaru has a similar power. If I had that suspicion and then I saw what Subaru accomplished, I would know he has the power to somehow “rewrite reality” in some way. Plus Subaru basically looked like he was going to jump to his death in this chapter, so it would have been confirmed for both Priscilla and Al that his death could somehow change things.

      Her being close to Al makes her the most likely person to be suspicious of Subaru’s abilities.

      1. Another explanation as to why Rem reacted that way could be that she’s a water magic user and as we know the spell to revive the undead is a water magic spell, not Earth magic, which could mean that Rem sensed that the Priscillia in front of her is an undead(or at least not her real self).

    2. She identifies people by looking at their souls. My guess is that the way their souls look gives away their abilities.

    3. If I had to wager a guess, similar to how Vincent deduced Subaru’s ability.

      To someone as calculating as those siblings, how many instances were overturned, where the odds were infinitely low that they both managed to make the correct choice.

      I’m sure she knew this about Al the moment she added him to her group. As for Subaru, she probably started to get the hint at the Water City .

      Just a theory though.

      She specifically uses the word “authority” which i find strange. My guess there is that the power to change fate to that degree would be outside the realm of simple magic. Authority would be the most likely next guess.

      1. Maybe not outside the realm of magic, but Al doesn’t have much mana, and Subaru’s gate is broken, so if such magic were to exist, they wouldn’t be able to use it, and therefore it would have to be an authority.

  13. Very nice. I expected this arc to end Priscillas arc and for her to drop out of the royal selection but i was expecting Abel to be the one to go.

  14. She might still be in the other dimension and Al will go on a quest to save her. Obvious one to ask for help is roswall. Him, or Echidna might be able to do it.

    1. If Al doesn’t end himself there, he might join the hunt for dragon’s blood. Though I don’t think resurrection is possible from cinders.

    2. It seems she freed herself from other dimension by killing herself thus getting reborn as a zombie.
      Shes gone for good.

      1. I’m wondering if she just severed the dimension somehow, thus letting herself be reborn as zombie while the real her is trapped in the other dimension. She will then get rescued (probably by Al) at a later date. This one died but there is another.

        It’s possible she’s gone since she seemed to accept it but remember her catch phrase.

        1. Somebody help this man, he’s overdosing on copium!

          Also, that would be amazing, Priscilla is so awesome I don’t think anyone would mind.

        2. Tappei killed Prisca so Al can join Subarun.
          Actually I did expect her to die in this arc, since she kept using Yang sword and many chapters ago Siscon Emperor sounded like Yang sword has terrible price to pay.

          I wonder what happens to all the souls, now that Subarun removed Gluttony from the white room.
          Probably possible to ressurect one way or another

        3. Her final moments were too beautiful to be cheapened by a return later on. That’s solely my opinion though.

  15. I see now so that’s why she hated Emilia because she knew Aldebaran and Subaru are both the same person?..

    1. (translator) Aldebaran and Subaru are NOT the same person.
      Having similar authorities is not enough to support this theory

      1. Yes, but I think there’s been a lot recently especially with the stuff with sphinx, that alludes to Al being a clone.
        My guess is that like scarf Dona, Al was created, with no memory, to guide Subaru, who could also be a clone, with the original soul.

    2. Another thing that no one mentions is, when Al was infantilized alongside Subaru, the character design of Al was distinctly different from subaru. If they were the same person al wouldn’t cover himself with just clothes.

      1. He covered himself with bandages to hide his face. And they looked literally the same, except for the stuff that couldn’t be reversed like scares and hair.
        Also if Al was from Japan as a kid he would never have hair like that as a kid.

        1. Also Al uses earth magic, while Subaru can use only yin and as far as I know, he can’t use any other magic.

          1. Yeah, Subaru’s gate is broken (Beyond repair). He uses Yang magic through Beatrice and Yin magic through the Pleiades Battallion.

    3. That is honestly a pretty terrible theory… First of all, Al and Subaru have pretty different abilities. Al can use earth magic while Subaru can use dark. The way Al uses the authority seems inferior to Subaru too, for Al it is an ACTIVE skill, not a passive like it is for Subaru.

      Beyond that their character motivations are very different. IF Al has been Subaru this whole time then he would have been worried about Subaru’s harem.. But we haven’t seen that at all, his focus has been Priscilla. You’d also be creating a bunch of plot holes… Like Al not taking steps to prevent ‘WHO IS REM’… and why SATELLA is not obsessed with AL too.
      (1/2, 800 limit)

      1. You also have to be blatantly ignoring the details we have gained about the manipulation of souls (just a few chapters ago).. Sphinx is a replication of Echidna, not the same thing.. Even if their soul came from the same place, it was impossible for Echidna to do what she wanted, the result was her accidentally creating the ‘new’ soul Sphinx

        THAT BEING SAID… I think it is likely that Al was modified by Echidna in order to try to replicate/obtain her own ‘Subaru’.. I could see Al’s origin being a snapshot of Subaru’s soul.. BUT it seems very unlikely since the timeline doesn’t work..

        This arc has made it clear that the Al we see before us is NOT Subaru. Al/Subaru have separate souls and are thus separate entities. Just like the distinction between Sphinx and Echidna.

        1. I’ll throw my own thoughts here too. I think that there may be some constant things in re:zero universe. Earlier Ubilk said something about cycles of the world. Maybe Subaru’s soul isn’t being fully recycled in Od Lagna, but only to some extent. And Al is basically Echidnas attempt at copying soul of previous sage — Flugel and because of that they kinda similar. But there is no concrete evidence to that, because as far as I remember, Shaula never said that Subaru is similar to him in features or as a personal. Subaru being from Japan is also a problem with this theory.

          1. Adding to this: Shaula outright confirmed Subaru physically doesn’t look like flugel at all (for the web novel version of arc 6 I think she said flugel looks like the sage on luginica’s currency when she was shown) she only acknowledged they smell similar

            1. Yes, regardless I do think she pretty much confirmed Subaru is Flugel anyway.
              Shaula comes off as stupid and desperate but she’s never wrong.
              At the beginning of the arc she tells Subaru he has three authorities and is in the middle of his journey as if she knows exactly what is going on.

  16. I would like to believe that she was alive in one form or another. I understand that if important characters are not killed or constantly resurrected, then there will not be such emotional tension, but still, if this happens, it is very upsetting. It would be really interesting how character A would interact with character B, but we won’t know because he’s already dead. This deprives us of not only a pleasant and interesting character, but also an additional one. content. Yes, it’s all childish, but let’s face it, I really liked this work that I even read the webcam before going on and I wouldn’t want these characters to whom I became attached to suffer or die (except for Subaru)

  17. “Priscilla Barielle is the first to drop out of the Royal Selection”
    Me, still with tears in my eyes: ” WAIT!! There’s going to be more!?”

    1. There can only be one ruler doesn’t mean they will all die but all but one will have to drop out in some way

    2. I think Crusch is next, poor girl suffered a lot after the conquest of the whale, can”t see her winning this. She’ll most likely retire, even if Subaru helps her.

      1. i think anastasia will drop out/die next , she’s severely ill and her arc had a lot of groundwork for it done in arcs 5 and 6 ,so all that’s needed is for her to get some more characterisation and a good conclusion .

        honestly having crusch go out next would be pretty annoying , she’s taken nothing but Ls since the end of arc 3 [and if you include the side stories , she’s taken pretty much nothing but Ls since she was born] , i’d like to see her triumph at least a few more times before going out

        1. Nah, Anastasia still has a few trumps like the Scarf/Echidna and Hallibel so she can last a little longer. Quoting Al, Crusch stars were bad. The endgame it’s definitly Felt vs Emilia, and I believe that Emilia losing could still be a good ending.
          So in my opinion it goes like:
          Priscilla > death
          Crusch > retirement
          Anastasia > losing her self to Echidna
          Emilia > loses in the end
          Felt > wins

  18. A beautiful death to our milady, Priscilla Barielle..

    ..with her death, Subaru’s ability will got massive changes..
    ..cause at this point, he’ll never achieve the perfect ending for himself…

    (Thanks for the translation)

    1. Firstly I wanna say thanks to everyone from WCT for your hard work and dedication.

      Wow what a chapter, my heart sank when the twist happened. I’ll miss Priscilla, her dialogue with some of the most interesting to read and really made you think sometimes. What a final chapter.

  19. Truly, the flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long. For Priscilla their is no limit to how much of herself she used as fuel for the fire of her sun. Truly poetic.

  20. Thank you for the translation team… What a great chapter. Though I already read the japanese novel (end of the arc) a week ago. being translated in English by you – great translator, it is way muchhh better than google translator. kudos guys… Can’t help but bawling my eyes out.

  21. What a beautiful conclusion to this arc. Every part of this chapter did amazing work. From Priscilla’s walk with Subaru to meet with many others, whom Priscilla praised and honored in a way I did not expect. To Subaru’s singing as Priscilla and Al danced throughout the night. To the revelation of Priscilla already having become undead, and her death after giving her final words to Al and Subaru.

    You truly were as dazzling as the sun, Priscilla. I am looking forward to the next arc, thank you Tappei and all of you at Witch Cult Translation who have helped to bring this wonderful series to those of us who cannot read Japanese.

  22. This really give me the feel that Tappei has a dead lover… Which makes this even more sad. Still peak tho.

  23. What a beautiful and emotional chapter to conclude the Arc My personal favourite ending to any Arc so far. Priscilla has always been one of my favourite characters for a long time. What an amazing way to end her arc. She had a lot of presence whenever she was on scene, her words always carried a lot of weight and was one who acted on her words and lived how she wanted to live. Never a boring scene when she was there. She truly was like the Radiant Sun looming over everyone.
    I was always looking forward to seeing more of her interactions with Subaru and them bonding more. The trio of the Sun Princess and her two jesters was a dynamic I was very exited to see a lot more of.
    Rest in Peace Priscilla Barielle ☀️
    10/10 chapter

  24. Damn! For Subaru to hear her say that he’s a “True Knight” and not be able to save her. Must really hit him deep in his soul.

    I bet he will do everything he can to live up to it to that high praise coming from her, and keep Priscilla in his memories.

    I do wonder what Al will do now? I hope we get to see him again in the future.

  25. I started reading rezero light novel around sept last year, from arc 5. Finally caught up to the story today.

    What a beautiful chapter and a beautiful ending to a majestic arc of this series. Arc 6 has its own charm, but you can’t deny this arc its praise and glory.

    There were times when I questioned some plot choices and decisions that tappei made along the way, but obviously he showed me who’s the boss here. Heck I should have learned this from arc 6..

    Thanks for the amazing translations WCT team and the beautiful illustrations in each chapter for this arc, they were so good honestly.

    Cheers to my favorite piece of fiction, and obviously a head bow to the best character of this story, Natsuki Subaru.

  26. Phenomenal ending to a Phenomenal Saga , Priscilla’s named chapter blew all my expectations out of the water . I hope we go back to Vollachia some time in the future but as for now I am beyond satisfied with this chapter and with this Saga’s conclusion .

    Priscilla Barielle lived like a star and she went out Beautifully just like one .

    RIP Priscilla Barielle , The Princess Of The Sun .

    And thank you to witchculttranslations and the translators for their phenomenal work

  27. Wait, how did she know about Subaru’s RBD? I think that Ala and Subaru were called by Satella, but in the end she chose Subaru as her “lover”. And another theory is that maybe Ala was called by Pandora.

    1. I think it was mentioned before that she doesn’t actually see people like how others do, she can only identify people based on what their souls(or aura’s) look like. It could mean that Subaru’s and Al’s souls looked different to her every time they died and this might be why she had a hard time remembering Subaru on multiple occasions(because his soul looked different than it had before.) I think with this and everything she knows about her mom she could figure it out.

      1. If that’s how she sees then fair, I would be confused to if the person in front of me suddenly had 17 hours more worth of memory (or if u wanna consider the memory’s a mark on the soul marks) than he had 2 seconds ago multiple times in one day


    Gosh I was just loving how friendly Priscilla was with Emt and Anastasia, her smiling and giggling more…her development all this time is amazing.

    I should have knew this wasn’t going to end all happily, so much for that swimsuit vacation with all three!

    What a wonderful arc this has been, and finally they are going back home!

    I got one question for Rem Fan boys/girls, after both Arc 7 and 8…Do you guys still REALLLLY (Yes in Emilia words), love Rem? Do you still consider her as amazing as she was before she went into a coma?

    1. I prefer this Rem over the old one, although i would like her to gain back her memories and see what kind of personality will the combination of the 2 produce.
      Emilia is my favourite ever since that chapter in Arc 6.

  29. Thank you for the amazing job you guys do, I hated Pricilla un the first arcs but after arc 5 I started liking her more and more.
    I can’t believe that she made me ugly cry as soon as I read that she was pretty much death and did not let Subaru save her :(.
    I will have to be patient and wait to see what happens in arc 9.

  30. I didn’t expect at all to end it like this. Wtf, I was actually starting to like Priscilla, and Tappei killed her 🙁
    Well, someone important had to die I guess.

  31. I thank a lot to WCT for this… its been a couple years since i started reading on this place, even in hard times this place was like a home, all can i say is thanks… another Arc finished with tears. And i hope this keeps going like this …
    Until the end of his life in another world.

      1. Yeah man, im surprised, most novels/manga and so, stops being translated mid way because some issue. This is not the case.
        Anyway, gonna keep waiting then for arc IX.

  32. That was easily one of the most, if not the most beautiful death I have ever seeing in fiction. She spent her final moments sympathizing with and encouraging Al and Subaru, even though neither had said a word about it to her she understood just how painful, nightmarish, lonely and exhausting their situations were in amazing detail and did her best to both praise and recognize their sufferings and achievements as well as encourage them in their darkest moments in the future. All while fading into the sunrise.

    Priscilla Barielle is irreplaceable.

    Thanks for the translations!

  33. This is subarus first perma death friend, right? Man, that’s gotta be just the fucking worst feeling ever knowing that it’s against her very wishes to turn back time has to be one of the most heartbreaking things someone with those abilities can go through. Poor Subaru and al it will be interesting to see how they mentally handle this. They are incredibly strong-willed and they are mental giants. Even so, there are cracks in their iron mental walls. I’m just curious as to how they cope with the permanent loss of a friend. I know friends die in real life and it is a life long battle with loss. To be able to stop it but that being against what they want has to be a different type of anguish.

  34. Thank you guys so much for the chapter! The translation was wonderful, I’m glad I didn’t read spoilers. I cried 3 times in the span of a few minutes. 3 TIMES. Best ending to an arc ever, MAN Tappei can write!

    R.I.P Priscilla, one of the best damn characters in this story

  35. RIP Sun Princess.

    I should have figured it out right away when she congratulated Vincent for ascending to the throne.

  36. I wasn’t expecting this outcome at all . Like a lots of us I wasn’t very found of her Luka at all . But the way her end was being up was unexpected and truly sad.


    What a master piece, author actually made me care about Priscilla…

    Although i feel drastically worse by comparison for AL.. He just lost everything despite suffering just like Subaru has.. Unlike Rem, I don’t see Priscilla returning…

    RiP AL, whats he gonna do now?

  38. With that, the Imperial Selection is officially over, and His Excellency Vincent truly is the new Emperor of Vollachia.

    1. I didn’t even realize that’s what Priscilla was foreshadowing when she was congratulating Vincent on ascending to the throne. I can’t believe how many hints there were.

  39. Okay, despite hating this Arc for “this isn’t even my final form” and “How convinient that this person came here at this very time” plot twists, but…

    This one chapter felt good. It explained the “I just burned the dimension” stuff in the most correct way. It made the main plot move forward. Despite being carefree till the last part, it had some foreshadowing since the beggining, when Priscilla congratulated Abel for finally claiming the throne, and all her unusual interactions in general, appraising everyone.

    So, despite every shitshow that happened through this Arc, this here is how you actually write a chapter

    1. Actually about “How convenient”, it’s because Subaru basically was using RBD nonstop. Before he sent everyone on their positions in Capital Roswaal said to him that he fully trusts him because he knows that it’s the best possible scenario.
      Also, same thing said Cecilus — that he will shine and fullfil his role of main actor without fear when Subaru is hear. Basically meaning that he knows that everything will go according to plan.
      So there is some amount of RBDs skipped, or else arc would be even more bloated. But I think this kinda moves narrative, that Subaru more and more becomes Archbishop — his way of thinking changes from normal human one.

  40. i guess vincent will get a nice powerup to his yang sword now that he is his the last of his generation.

  41. I can’t believe the arc is finally over. RIP Priscilla
    This arc / these arcs were amazing (albeit long)
    How long are the breaks between arcs usually?

  42. oh my god this is the greatest piece of writing in history of fiction i am crying myself to bed today.

    Rest in piece Priscilla Barrielle may the morning sunshine never leave without greeting you.

  43. Thank you Tappei for a beautiful end to a fantastic character, and thanks WCT for another great translation.

  44. I guess everyone speculating that Beakos Shamak effected her dimension prison was dead wrong.

    Honestly I had a feeling Priscilla wouldn’t make it to the end because I’d fully expect her to win the monarch selection if she were still alive.

    Wonder if Al is gonna swap to the Emilia camp he’s still very vital to the main plot afterall

  45. So i play music in the background to read re zero , ok
    and the bgm is usually made to fit the mood
    for some reason i started playing Спокойная ночь(Spokoynaya Noch) once subaru started singing and i think i just got the best experience reading a novel so far in my life

  46. for the 1st time in my life i’m gonna write a fan letter and i’m like 30….
    This butchered me …the loss of love…Al sees Priscilla just like Subaru sees Emilia ….man that hurts …

    Priscilla Barrielle you truly lived up to the “Sun princess” so dazzling and warm overlooking the world in all it’s beauty …ahh it truly was in your convenience

  47. Re putas!!! How dare you killing Priscilla Barielle?? I trusted you!! One of the most amazing character development and you’re killing her?? Also what about Al and Subaru brotherhood? Subaru will try to accept Priscillas wishes (meaning that she was the only critical person that died) and Al will be like: die so we can save her. You’re ruining a strong friendship between 2 people that holds the same fate(both transferred to another world). Oh well, that’s all i wanted to say (little bit late though) and i hope that in the next chapter we’ll get at least a Subaru trying to save her scenario (as bad as it sounds)

    1. He will kill anybody he wants. Your taste is revolting, and being so oppressive is rude and shows your character. Please stay away from your keyboard because your toxicity is dangerous.

      1. What did you say to me you little pipsqueak? I’ll have you know that i know martial arts that can kill you in 47 different ways and that just using my feet. And i have rabbies and several different STDs and IBS!! When I’m done with you, you will be like mincemeat with five different colours!!

        1. Oh you little boy, you’re so done for if you dare come close to me, i will make you swallow your tiny balls with strawberry milkshake. Then i will tear your skin and use it in my car seats.

          1. You guys are like children and quarrelling. There is no reason to fight over an ending. Tappei hurts us with this but we still respect him and wait for him to upload more!!

  48. Finally caught up. Was rather surprised when I found out about this.
    I honestly didn’t like her character just a couple arcs ago, but Priscilla grew on me a bit.

  49. Tappei is a genius of writing. This was without a doubt one of the best chapters in all of Re:Zero. The flame of Priscilla Barielle was like a beautiful flame; fleeting and glorious. The whole scene in this chapter was absolutely amazing and heartwrenching.

    For Vollachia, For Priscilla, for this wonderful series.

    Thank you to the WCT Team as well. We appreciate how hard you work.

  50. Good Chapter and conclusion to a long drawn out arc. Like many have said before, there were a couple high’s and lows, and a bit too much conveniently placed Dues Ex machina’s written in for my taste, but I’m glad one of the allied main characters bit the dust reminding us the reality of this being a Re:Zero dark fiction.

    More should continue to die from here out to up the stakes, and permadeath not just ambiguous stuff like we’ll pretend happened to Todd Fang last Arc.

    Lastly, just wanted to ask why no one is talking about Priscilla not using the Yang sword as intended to “Burn what it wants to burn” annihilating the dimension but holding of her soul or body in the process?

    Thanks WCT and Tappei. Love and appreciate you guys from the bottom of our hearts

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